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Marble Hill press. (Marbel [sic] Hill, Mo.) 1881-1923, November 25, 1920, Image 4

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Lutesvilie News
Mr. II. K. Sheata vuited her
raster. Mm. Kltth lUdlinger. of
Mr and Mr. Louis l!uiitilirvx of
Blytheville. Ark Other rt- Rev.
Mini Mr N li Henry v:i mil Mr.
George H Su kiu mi. i .i ll Me
Ht n n Aw IV I
TlIK M.VItlll.K llll.l. lMtMH
I'ulillnheJ avety T'lUi.it.iy hy
Dm . Hill, Euiltr d ats.r
!!AlAr4 Bt aha Marhk Hill niinj.MM
Mm F..'.l M.r.ti-e.j .eo.id ela. msuer.
ner Scopu the last wrti or ten i Jess H l.uim. Mr
day. . jly. Mr hihI
Mr. Corn L 0.it ual daughter j Mine. J J. iu.l S I. I I r, K d-j
Sural., ..f (,-r.irm, i,.i.i.nliaiiir-'frt Drum. KoUn hi. 1, H'.ch. ,,;,,,,,,. A,urwrta Pt,.
ley Dunn. and f.imily of Aurora. Ill Pliclp ami hoi of I'm .liiMowti., , j,u, j.v
havm l.ii visimiLi i irir father. IVrrv r.ibcr. W i lli.im Lin. .Vex .N.'tuvn oi Mian-nonier wwi
i i ix i.. li . .. in . ii . i... u i c i.. i. i.....! iiig
tiire j.r.iuiiu.iiiiHriniMw 11.....1. . . . , . , ... .
am nfiilit.rhnitt t .e lust three Lute. Mim 1) ttie Henley. Au-.tni tl,.im-nt Notice .Voo
wrikt. Lutea. Mr. 0.irtit Al.m i;nd ', l' Stati-menu $5.00
MrMarvHS,,!,,.ul..,nl.l,.li:h. CW. Mr ... Mr. John M...,.y . " M "
icr. Frni. rrturii.il from Sikruton The eviMiiii. wh Mid i. .! .
1. 1 .; ..... 1 .
MoildtlV i COllxcrsmion wn.. 11 was rnjoxeu ly
"Uiifli France" M Cole U in e y
xr health "T ' ' J " '' 'he Northrwt cor-
Have S.t tt nnl J.ike liiuhuiigh
of hue Hill were hi-rc Situr l iv.
John hihI Je Mil' of Frederick
town p,ied tliru lure Sun-lay oil
their way to lower couiiti. looking
for mm.
Mr and Mr .lohuSi.irkey. 1ise
Flora M.ir-diid ami Belle Sliell of
Pat ton p.is..d thru here Moiidiy on
thrir Wiy to Ker.tiett to nl a few
il.iy visiting .!.' t Riding.
Mr ami Mr John Henley hi:iI
daughter. Mi A-iuif. and Mi
all. A nW luii.M w,s ierv.Nl. loo .. l-"ee .Norm with th
I kil.l ! lukllll.l I ' xk m IB .a
A II ...... .w .n l... "- -J ..... ....
kiic wIeiU'e or the rt III .t ill a lew n,.r f lU, north h.f of
da "Unt ie hli" anl i Ale e .nf .n,l S. i-ti..t :ti! frri.l, ihence
to ! to I'.ih uiiii , ii li..;' IM. ir W' t with the Svtion line
hum limy U .a, m ,..-. ....! p are Ut '",, n U"n W
. tin t(iuithi mill rnK foreii
t j in eh.iini and US link to the
TKl'STI.I. S SAI.I-. j ,mv of U-itininu e.ntining &.
WIIKIJIIAS. J.im' K. Ki'iilei etr. more r li'.
nii.l iVrdrlu 1.. Kimler. In ife. I Ali .rt f the Soiithwrnt
l thi-ir evitjim I..-.I of ti .it j lrter of the Nrthweiit .urter
illi-.-il the J'uli .Isv ..f .Wu.-t. A. I "f A-etM-n .di. Town. hip North
I). Jul'., an I iieor.l.d 111 the . liiee 1 K'n'i-e i K.t-ttn.l K.und.-d n fo.
.f tin- K.vi.r.li r of IW.I. for the I !: IViiinmnir t l'int on
.onnli ..f r.oI nit'ir t M.tlli 1 w' rs-ruon imi- i'iirn .-"llioni
Hill, in the StMte of Mi..urt, lit
,Vi mill .'1 i liiiri. nn.l 13 link
1 oYloek nn. I ."Ml
on S'l'temU-r 12.
111 mu tie. a. in..
Sou'h of the orthwet corner f
I) l'O'.t iii i "I Nuthwel oimrter 01 the
Pearl VanciMer attended the ftinei- jmmi ;tt .,M(,t, j( t.nv,.v,., to N.nthwe.t .ii.irti-r. thence- Suth
1). X. Stiitr.ird. Trutie. the f..l- I with u S-.tion line I chain
h.wi ie .ii i-ril-l rt'.tl i.t.Ue. hit- ! ' h"k to the NorthweM
iiate. hinv : nd In-inu in the cun- : l-i.ndar line ( the Kri.co Rail-
t of t..!i!ik:i r iin.l t.1te of Mm- HKht-..i -ay. in.-n.-e .-orin
11 ee. (ifit Nihil
witl. Vr. II ihu'niiar-
ouri, lo-s 11 :
All of the 11-t hi!f of tie
M'Uthui Kt 1 : .1 1 T r of eetion .'I.
toMn.l-.ip . north - f rante !
i .'. 1. containinu " .i A!-e
all of the we.t half of :!. ti.Tth-e.-.t
iii liter of M i-t.i.n tn
i.hl "J" i.orth. ..f LilU-" '' e..t. i-.i".
iHinini; N acres. AN; all "f the
Kotlthe.l.t iinr!iT of the .ollth-
M-t nuarter of section toun-
rt h of irttik;''
tHiiiirni 10 aiTe.. A!
tln-iii.t h.iif of tl.i
Itiaiter of M-etion '
'2, rar.e 1 n.t . Ii l'l
. ii.iuhk ai
1 HI.", i I.
, I
of ti
r in.-
. .
.-.nn I-
lllli' '
t 1 1
i-.. ! 1
imi, con
it I 'Hit of
II' 'I tiiea.t
tow nhii
... . .1. ,1 1..
tie ( t I. HI
y. V. an. I
, h a n.l
',.1 n. v.il
I r i't . .!
.',"1 t ul I!'.
:.i -if. -re-rk
. ; ,. .- nr I. .
.1 r i 1
1 1 . 1 eit ion.
t'.w n.-hi. a: .! 1 .
f.'. :-. Hi-., -h a hli
,i . in ili.imi ti r Ih,.j. M.nth
.... w,-.t. link., thinec
"iii ilej:r.i- we.t I
,i i-ppi ii 1 .
1:1 ilrivi-t.
1.. wet i
link. I
s !t,-N-
','1 ile-
su h 'J" ilen i' i - 1
ami M' link, t" the
-n.-r 'ft tie nolt Ilea. t
U ae.'i
o ut h-nuar-
al of Jo n Johnson Sund.i. Ale
Bi fnru .I.1 the conveyance.
Miss- H'-it-ii V.i hi nnl In
Coliti iMie.l fri. n.i. nt t'.ipi- (iir.n
deau Sm d t
Ale Hen of Cine creek i taknu'
out Imilihlii! in.itcri il to mid nmie
room to In. lUeliii huii.e.
Mr. ami Mr Lmu llahn ai d
in Marhie Dili
ent. Mr ic.'l Mi Je..e J.ickn
Mr Icy MmiMT and iter i..ited
their tiiiiii.er. Cli.;ric forlnn. the
first of lat week.
Mrs Kinder of near Buchanan i
viniiii h r dauchft-r, Mr I). J
Conrad and family here
Mrs 'A ' r 1 ""
try i. w 1 r . lor u.i.i...!i. Mi.
M. Welker. thi week
Mr and Mrs Hay lleyile jifUMit
Sun'ay with rclat i.e .1:1 1 frieinl
at Jackson
Mr, li. W V.ip.AiiiIhiu reM rne-l
from Nfw Mailn.t Knd c . wh.-.e M,e
hhd leen at th- Iwdtdde ol her
mother. Mr, l-e
Mr. Hutlh Plielps iiml h.ihe. Anne
Louise, are vi.itini( iter .arein-in-law.
'r and Mr Kotxrt Plains a
few wet-k.
Quite a few irom Line.ilie at
tended the liirN' ri.isket hail t ime at
the W M. College uroimds last Sot
urday aftermon, lieiween Marvin
college girls and Will May field jiirN.
The score wa" 1 1 to ! in favor of
Will May field tollctfe.
Mr. and Mrs Under Bur ford of
Jackson, who have lieen visiting rel
atives and friends here the last two
weeks, returned home Saturday.
Misses Molly and Dolly Zimmer
man visited Miss Alpha Lntflehart
Saturday and Sunday.
Dr. Wm. Utfcs. Henry Shell, Rob
ert Francis and Troy Mouser and
their families attended the services
at Cane Creek Methodist church
Sunday and reported a fine time. ,
Robert Bennett of the Kinder
chapel neighborhood was here last
week and reports that they have a
fine com crop in his . part of the
Oscar Hahs. who has employ
ment at Flat River, visited his fam
ily here over Sunday.
John Johnson died at the home of thence South 52 degrees West 1
his son Jesse E, at Chatsworth. III., chain .and 36H links to a corner
N..mbe, I8. im - 1t:s;h:t,aioSkir;,"uLs
1 month and 12 days. The remains 82h jegrees East 80 links distance,
were brought here and taken to the thence South 27'4 decrees East
Mansker cemetery near Dongola for along the middle of the public
"!' decree Kat With id North
not Inui!hUi line of aid rail
r.'.i-I lifcht-ef wav 2 chain and 20 !
Imk. t.. a ii.riier, tfenee Xorth 3 1
ihain to a corner, thence- Went I
link, to the Ix'ifinmnK corner,
r.mtaminK Kl acre nmre or
To my many friends
and customers:
I have a small stock of Furniture and am of
fering it at some very low prices. My line of
heaters aro also goin&fast, come in and buy your
needs at once while the stock is complete. My
lines of granite, tin and aluminum ware are com
plete at the lowest market prices. Guns and
shells, in fact everything that is carried in the
Hdw. line can be found at my store, at the lowest
prices. I have no clerk hire or any other expense
to take my profits, therefore they are small.
The building season is now on. Cet your cement, windows, doors tnd
roofing at once. If ycu want a cream separator get a OeLaval. or a
farm wagon get a Lang. I can furnish you with Flashlights. Bnlbs ind
Batteries. Phone No. 21
J. L. ESTES, l.larblo Hill, Mo.
, of liie northi.i.t nuarter
section r,."i of the town.hi a
e ii HI . aid. thi ". ."Ilth
i-hai:;. and V hr.k. ! a corner on .
he iiortliwe.t 1'i.und.iry line i
t'ne Fn.io i.iilrnad. thiT.ee Mit.tn j
ill tiiiv. we.t with the north-
et -unitary line of said rail-
Mad. 1 chains to the sou I. J
;..,n!iilar line of the Mtuthea.t
nuarter of the iiorthe.i.t quarter
i i .-in! ... clion :Ci in ti u-n.liiii and
and rank.'e aforesaid, thence wet
wnh said Uiundary line 2 chains
r.nd M links to the vnithwost
corner of the Southwest ij.-irter ..f
th- Northeast nuarter of said sec
tion 35. thence North 10 chains
to the Northwest corner of the
Northeast quarter of the North
east innr'.er of aid se';n 3"i,
thi nee Kast 20 chains to the place
of U'lfinnini; containing .V acres,
more or less.
Also a part of the North half
of the Northwest quarter of Sec
tion 3ri. Township 2s North of
Ranwe I' east, and hounded ns fol
lows: IlcKinnintr at the Section
corner of Sections 2.5, 26, 3o, and
:i in Township 28 North of Rani.ce
!l East, thence South 7 chains and
38 links to a corner on the Section
line between Sections 35 and 3(5 of
Township and Rantre aforesaid
from which a black walnut b
inches in diameter bears South
17 degrees West OH links distance,
'o the Northea.t . larter of
the N.-ithea.t nuarti r of S-ctinn
'. Towtihi ' K.: 1 Hant,
lontaining l acre, and contain
ing in the act rebate 3k1 i0 acre,
rtiore or les.
which eiMM- :mi e was made to
the said D. N. Stafford in trunt,
to veure the j.amcnt of certain
n..ti in said deed of trust eci
t'i.. and. wl.er.--i., one of Raid
"- ital no'.-, i. r,.-w ...t due
mi.! remains unpaid: and
Wherea. the said !. X Staf
' ,1 i- ai... r.l fr.on thl utate
, I a p-i h'nt of the utate of
Ari7.on.i. and rvfue to act a such
Trust.-e. and und.-r the term, of
said deed of trust in run' of D N
Stafford's iil..e'iee. deith. refu.ai
to act, or divihility in any wis.-,
the (then) acting sheriff of ltd-l-.n
i r CoMnty. V'-tri. the
e.Ui ' "f 'he leI holder of ald
r.otes m:i the proTty in
.iid di-ed of tru.t dc. cnlied. or
- . ,.- 1 1.-, rt thereof, at puMic en
i I ,'i e to the hiirhe.t holder for
I . . -II I . L" . I
cih. i! the .am ,niw I. rvmoei
and t'ordelia Kinder, or an one
fur them shall not pay otf and di
charge the deht and in'ere.t n
ieed in aid notes and eei
pait thereof, when the same !
com.-s due and paaM or if t hex
fail or rcfu.c to ,ay the notes or
the interest or any part thereof.
hen the same or any part there
of .hill lieeomc due and payahle
riccordinir to the true tenor, date
and I'ths-t of said notes, then the
whole shall liecom due and pay- j
N'osv, therefore, at the rcue.t
of the h val holder of said notes,
and in pursuance of the conditions
i i i . . i i -
in sai.l oeeo or trust, ine unoer
21. A. IV, llVJO. UlUiTIl the heiim
of ! n'clwk a in., and . o'clock
I p 111 . fol the puf..e of Ktlf-
mi; sanl inilcMeiinr.s ano Ine cost
of executing thin trust.
Sulwtituted Trustee and Acting
ShentT of ItolliriKcr Co., Miori.
Kecutor' Notice
Notice l hereh turn, that let
t f "f trtamrntar on the estate
of Henry I'eitman, d.-craed. mere
granted to the undermined, on
tlie th d of IK toU r. l:0. hy
tie I'rohate court of ll.illmi.i-r
i- n . Mi'- i
Ml -rons hating cUinis md
e' .. remiip-d to r X hll.lt t hem
f. i allowance t the ev,-tit..r
x-.itf.m i months after ill of
..ii. I letter., or they in a y ! pre
i hided from ar. loii fit of nuh
estate: and if such clmnx ) not
(o;ioin ean.
Kljur up what machine lfi.i
uuli be worth uu. ton oil
your lumlof Jealer, Couritjr aient,
or aricu.lural rollee on tr.e Je-
in anJ ct t( machin Aheti.
lo it U.iay imI your Tnacrkairry
coat xx ill cum l-ark to fiuiiuai.
piBir si r
I x ill wll t , "i'ic an o.i
Wedncdax. W. 1. I3.l
on m farm .t S. :.,
highest l.id.le', j," ni . ,ei.'i.i
irort. fiininl iii ..f I Lr . .
marr. from -- t r-, ii. )ji
ihlted Wit'
in one xer
fr. in
. l
the d-ite of ;t in rtl.oi of this
pul.hcat ion, thex will ( forexrr
laired J'iIIN KKITM N.
Heat the Hish
Cost of Machinery
I)o yx-u hax any machinrry rul
in thi weather? ...
Inip th work you ha.1 iian
ncJ for Kll) and put xt - unoer
cox. Thia part ol the equipment
for (armin coata mom tojay than
lli-iioko Klliu.a, one of the
clever lii-olHild inrchanta, vxaa in
li.sn I ui-viii) and in ! tlir print
er :i i--i. i il.-i xiil and tool
In hjI.ik i iplion i..fnr. up, iol
i.-tt a no-.- oiii.-r I t taiionriy
with u.. He taii.r in to p hi
The M KKI.I. llll.l. KAICKI K
Will hr open fur tuirw from
I P. M. ! i V. M. Monday la
1 hur.dax,
I I'. M. to 9 V. M. I rid).
K A. M. la 9 V. M. Saturday rarh
nk until furthrr noiue.
('. S. lUmruk. Kaihsi.
N J xuerxri anil fam.i)
ol rv.l ol tuAii . 1 1 .1 ', t.i
home of I i hiot tier in ia , N I.
i Imfcir.-.ii.i; (.. in Nun . Iti.i un-iii
.1 .
' old, tram i f
hand hikh
: of niiil.-a, i
i hands hih. i.
f.-r u.-, jark - '
, rrady for rri.t. 1 1 1 ;.
. while fare ca'.tV. .
! txo calxen. .! i '. I , .
hojft, purr I r l
!2 hlcrk f. . I .
Uk. v. r-:k,xi
llir.tl W po-I jij.
J hinder, nvwet, i,
row i orn pi'.t. r
i tn drill . .oi I i
w h. : .In ! .- . .
harrow. il..uf..-
I rrsk irh- plow i .' n.
d.c h.eak-nk- !. a w.
ne, whrt
pair of wire
oii r. M-t if
.1 X
I I.
I i
1 1 ir.1
I x.1 .1
i.: is.
ii .-
I .... v. , ,.,
ll . - -.. .
'Til it ..'t
, .'.ilnM 'Ii,
r -. ? ,.,r
' if, u. .1
1. 2 ;xx f
i Mi hi r.
I. m 'lift..-
- I
. f ,
in, '
.f c
' lily'irx i
C'srs, I 'i
!. ? In
..i?.e h. fi
r-.d litrh-i
ot hi r art f'
n I"
A S' lit ndrr.'.r. came in Mua-
ua) ami niaile lie lies, a hort , mriUH,
. . .. ii i l J i !
.n. ii .in .ir.. i leniierwon ; lerm On
wire on their wax tack to their j u n ,lt.r r .
farm op in I rookcil t iti k town
ship, wheie Mr. Ileniia-raou M-enxtl
p .1 "I
I.I- .ris
f ' I .!. .1
' e v i.'.
f .ir itere ,x v
' I r i-iwi.
siuned. suh.tituteil trustee and ! property carea for, xa - cry con
act inir sherilT of H-dlinifiT county, ar-ativo etimate.
Missouri, will sell the proi-rty ; The aJded ttafacUm ata aiv
a hove desrrilwd at public vendue, inf in opwatin tight dlttiru.
to the hichest hidder for cash, nt mooth-runntn machinery nee at
the north front door of the court- no argument for it. prool. So ma-
house in the City of Marhie Hill. hlne can ttaoJ out n the "weath-.
in Hollintrer county, nnd state of rr ani then operate efficiently the
Missouri, on Tuesday, D"cniber j
.xer before in h.atory. ''hia make, lo th,nk they will enjoy life more
nefcaaary greater care ll i
avoid eiceasive cot. The mchine
which we buy tolay are 1 much
more intrxate an J comHcatea ana
thus more iamaeu by weathcrmi
than thoae of previoua year. tre
eihth of the total ttivcrtmruiaav
eJ eeh year your machitm-ry m
road 12.73 chainii to the Northwest
corner of Jesse Kinder' slot, thence
North 6t decrees East 2 chains
and 24 link to the Northeast cor
ner of aforesaid lot, thence South
25 degrees East 1 chain and bl
links to the South boundary line
of the said North half of the
burial the 21st. Rev. Sam Virgin
conducted the funeral. Jesse E
Johnson and his brother Sidney nnd
John Baker, all of Chatsworth, tic
' panied the remains. Mr. Johnson
was formerly a resident of the vi
cinity of Dongola, and a member Northwest quarter of Section 36,
Of the Little V3 ley Ueneral Baptist thence South 89H decrees Last
church thirty-four years. His corn- 6.35 chains and 35 links to .the
panion preceded him to the great Northwest boundary line of the
hevonri few vears Fnsco Ra,Iroad f K"t-of-way.
teyond a lew years. 'thence North 51 Vt dejrrees East
The social given fit the home of with the anid Northwest boundary
"Uncle Eli" Lotes last Friday even- line of aaid railroad riht-of-way
Ingwasa most enjoyable occasion. charts to fc , Jwu"df
a. f a a H"P 11 tilts ntu lu um v
His children present were Mist Alice. Northwe8t qMlirtir of 8aid tion
iiaiuu ijuict w i- nusoci-, v,aiu. nj tr)e iownsnip ana rwane
than the) do iu tow n
t.Srsved White Mcvr with aonie
red ists, red neck, mule), wal
lovx Jiirk in rijiht ear Two yeari
old. J. K. Un-k. Hahn. Mo 31-at
For Sale Two Ford cars. l'.MiJ
and niiMlel. W.J.Jamea.
Lutesxille, Mo.
Reductions on rubber footwear
are tome HOT SHOTS that are
Iwinj,' offered this week.
Iid you notice the MoT SHOTS
last vxck? What did they do for
the weather when the aprrn
came out?
.! nf i'l Sir
n so. vr iC a
rrht of 3 'tin.it hi w -.l 1 1 rixvit
on approxl ,iot,- U-arin s tier
j cent interent fr.-.e ..tur,- V .or
! per cent discount fr cash on
i sum oxer 110 J N. IHKIK.
I . ...L- ft ..
x . x. nans ami enrj .xji'ler,
Auctit n.i
In cae of ram . ml rw hl
foloxsine dy. t.onrS op the"
ground. Sale esr H (
Boiler Llill
Deposit your wheat for your
year's bread with the old reliable
water mill at
Hour guaranteed to Jive satis
faction. YOUR P3TR0NAGC SO
LICITED. Hugh Roberts,
Reductions on Hall Hrand and
Goodrich rubber footwear price
are the latet in "draping price'".
We want your trade, let us prr-e
Have you planned to keep jour
I f.t dry thi xvinter? Why not
buy Hall Hrand and (rtiodrieh rub
j ls-r f mit wear at HOTSHOT price?
"I s k aed rBn-oa."
r!at Vlrt Tula iMroMt, ot
Oatlua. 0 -I t iMa aa4
Just frit tird. all lh Urea.
I didtit r! veil xt-aaot
x-r huntry. I knew, by
tills. I needed a tonic, and
at tt.nrt la none fotitr than
Stiarrd Way nm-e, brnndH D
A. Biy, ringbone hte. Wm Niew
ohner, R. I, Bus 10. ElMiiore, Mo,
leon Cli-vnrd. cn.hier of the bunk
f at Advance, visited at the htne of
his sister. Mrs. L, J. Griin.sley. in this
city last Suiidny.
N. J. Wicvcnrver aixl family of
near town moved to the Cape this
week. We are sorry to lime tlice
good people from our Cxiiiiiuiinity.
Misses Cecil Myers anil Delva
Ahernathy of Lutesvilie made this
office a pleasant visit Monday afternoon.
TL. III... I. T..!. M
niii nuiuaiis iuuic v
... I hso using Cardnl,"
enUna Mr. narnttt.
"Artar my first botUe, I alrpt
Wcer and aU better. I took
lour Utile. Now I'm wait,
rl Just tin, eat and ale p.
my skin ft dear and I turn 5
galnd na ssra r uuii
Cardul Sa th btat tonto iwr
Ttwutands of ether vouta
bar found Cardul Jtut as
Mrs. Burnett did. It Ueuld
ael yon.
At all druggists.
tL3 I

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