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Making Extraordinary
Mileage a Certainty-
Car Owners want more rubber on the tread where the wear is
hardest; more gum between cord plies to perfect a reilient and
powerful carcass. And they want a scientifically constructed Nun
Skid tread with all angle and contacts to resit skidding and give
sure traction. Firestone Cord Tires have met these demands of
the car owners.
Read Letter Below
Records from 29,000 to 57,000 Milet
i j
CorJ Tiret built the Fitetone
way could not fail to produce
mileage Every day. from a!l over
the ourtrv. comet the word that
10.000. 20.000 or 30.000 rm!e ire
frequent and conitent record.
it, it: i
F iwxi Tut twaUr Cav.
taka'''t lf.. s,
). Iwai,.l( f i C4
C f.amaa
I a ti-i . rha k ttar af a Ma Pii
I" tea m l
Ta a'Mt
aiMia C"ln lira I ' a t.ra taa
I Kim riint'ii aaaa eata
a -ta i . s 'oa4-
1M4 a atovt s 1
ti aa t .1 4-.t
I, a ft a ft
It .a ,,;a. . , -r - J
I a -t " .
h a , (
e sa 1 ta ' e
r.. ..t . t nif
IP 1 I. ' rat
'I ttt a a
a rv - . s. 4
t .e-, t-o 't a-e.-et
.ftl 1 a
r a n- f, a
eat a;-'a-, a-.-
C V I a- a.
30 X 3Vi2
$ 13 95
la f-'.a later b'f aa la aur arl wra
I if -ia rea-... i r i
a t ai ii4a ia tt.ita .a
Now and then they are empha
tiied by unuual Lnttancft tucb
at quoted below. Performances
like thete demonitratt, the ulti
mate postibilitiet vl KuMtons
Cord under careful driving.
tan 1 IUI
T Harm t Mart
1 r-aa-m t MwtM ravr,
at aaa.a
Caat .met
li aita aa a raa axgat a l.ttraata
I aa)ea ifatt ia aw
aa r " Tt
ta t.a aa. It
rat ax.laa Pm aa.4
tita ra ad a a
I I Ma ,
raw nava ka4 kaa
a a I n-nn i aa
(ka.aa Tt
1 aa - aa'iar
ftaa II a hJ
at a f i4t.4 I
aaat ' m
aa eat a .aa u . k -4
aa I aval -
av taai ta I faaa
ImI w a. Ma
Wa tha t ' a
:i Lai, 'a Hk .
Kiinit aa
ia av.iaaaa thai
)aala Ca4 Wat
TP 'j
Al iik'dlttKU.. M;irhlc Mill I...
Prooose to Reduce Wages and
Return All the Saving by
Reduction in Charges.
6i.-""t v Tt-fj"-! Of W.tt Cujr'f.
Cli" e I1, t to'lan of
(1 r.rlva. t-t
S tu'l on.
ff", a r"l' In "( (V
.- p-' .f h f-a-i'ita
-! al! ..f i' Jo- fi-...la In
. , "v t. 7hntt.a t W "M
l i1 "fln i.f li a' n
I ' tfa.a .V ihr M
I r tlK'm-nl
M n(rit of ?a t.. St'i-n
i' lic'air Ma I '
,' i...ti. h r .- r !' i p.' "
1 i -.1 !l'a I,. r-. In t r tlx' It
.1ii lion in pr t. at r.li1 "
a' S lr mliiTrnn.t
Pf i!.a pr-rnl ralra
An apiJii ation 1 r'r
. itr! to lHa tmt "ill Ka'l
ra1 t-al"r iirt for a ir.i nlion 'i
aarra pt train aa-a craplort
pufl. in.l li iroi It a m'r.lr
rf I'.n t)irtt tl d I "a j'-f
J -il a ,J i.i.i if J t'r :r !:'.
a'.! h aoiiH ln.i! a fuiir.a r
i' i i..n of app'" I' I'" r' ra'it
..) f,r a rril'.'i'f I- r ,-'
i.Oi.r rlt." ! ralli. aj .a r l.
r f. 'nf rata mi S !-t..r It.
. .: tor Mlorlr. al.a'a tl.a iarrl rp.
Te rUf R wact & fn.
T I. rrfnir .'t .i I. iifoli lfa
Hi t I'm iiinin"'tll!t m
. r. .) j. I'f ia tla l'i.(l!
a !'. f..'ntion Ikoa ,.!.! lna-1 ha!l
ri ttii n.i"f'fli' f tn rt-'t
, ,. i', wrl'U'ii, paaar.J nfl
t., j ' !n rtl ranlu' linn ff
;! C ' ' 't'l "" 1 l' I1 ' 'f
.. . r.ili'l.t aha,;!,J.r
I j 'f :i I'.i ilTia
- ... . ' I- 1
. . i. .!'. In a t f V r
, ,'i, t , f f I II. at " !
, - . .!.?, ,1 I i - l, n i ! t
f II I I I' ' 1- "
-, .t! -.- . !. mlira rvU
i .! 'i"i,f v ' 4-na to
I !. . i ln in rr"' -fn
.( .; , . r.la la
, ', .'r-; it' l T'a
a ! 1 ' "' ! .lt
THE A-iiiLE :IILL Tuh. :
IV:! ,.,. ,i i . i Th ir-.l !-y
Dran H. 1 1 'It. I ititor and Manager
Knti r i tl i M irl'i- li.:! j .-t-
it!ii a- !,...' r
Korminp ;d Kcadine Hahit.
A I.;
must '
.lvi -s.
ti On
- of
it: ti..';;
i.-.K f..r
r;o l iTi'
Vu:th' t"
nr.lv i..-
- t:
- "a'
' r
... . al.'.- l i-f ' (
., v ! r 1 1 ', ..
... . .. .
:. .. ti , ...... . i
N t
i ! lup' ii rr
'U I. a.'-!, a.o
M. tt)a .1 ! p'
k t.t
. r .t t ' . ii
a . : i hal
t.-., ,.r-
I nr
. fl. . . I.IK
w '.. .alt
.... fttV i
Pr or
II ;. ah.
rf lJ .il
t n f 1
! .1
, w 7it
. f ' .l
r t
f I
t ri
r:n !.
a: 1:1 1 ; '
and it'i-' in th-ir
t--n.. a.- it r.air.e s'snn'ts. Liu
thi-rc i.- n.-t a 1 .if in it that par-i-nts
can ia i.r uitii iriiiitfer-
(41 Co.
TV- 2 is.su. of l.f.'-J iU U-
1 her home 1:1
The M.-thi..ft r
.vi;r. IIj
Ti a Th.ur.lay
p f ! ,r'ie.i ! 1
n.Ti:- Ti.urs.iay r. k'ht jut hv
:'..r.. 'ru-r nti-rtn.a! urol '.-ft niary
sutista'i'mi Vur..!!- a it ti.kt n of
their jr.md for Fie v. iK.herty nml
fumily. You ?h.uM have seen the
prHiher when they all msirhed in.
t e"
.r t.f
. I'm
M and
r. the
1. and
crow.lo.l with serial stories. sf.-Tt V,.U, the other preacheri who have
.stories, editorials, H-try, farts . he.-n tt'-ung the line know how he
and fun. Sultscril now and re-, t,,,,' an,j uniit he said. We re
coive: 'iuj f have I'm 1. hi rty wi'h u
1. The Couth's Companion "2 ic.-nn.
issues in l'.t'J'J. Sam a",d Alf Your.t have return-
2. All the remain in ir issues of .)' from a v;nit with their iter at
I'ril the Cape.
3. The Companion Home Cal
t-ndar for 1H22. All for $2..V).
4. Or incl'ide McCall's Maga
zine, the monthly authority on
Klovd White and fatn.H- cf Knd
jrrirktown, per,t Sunday with re'a
:tive here.
si Jessie hiter.iT and nephew.
Both publications, only l'n'01 M "-M,n aM' '-'K
1 tive5 t Ioe fiun.
The stnrk maile a visit til Mr and
Commonwealth Ave. and St, Taul
.St.. lioston, Mass.
Now subscriptions received
this office.
Mrs. Kd Stanf'ill last Wednesday and
left twin?, a hoy and ktI. The cirl
jonly lived a short time The funeral
at 1 win held Friday at the Mouse r eem
;etery, conducted by Rev. poherty.
1 The following Sunday the hoy died
and the funeral wan conducted at
j the Mouer cemetery by Rev. Ik.her-
Medford Robins ia suffering with ty. The your. couple have the ym-
,t ;.
rt :..:. ! . t:. n ar. f.t
li.i.r, who t..k.- hi !.. I IP
p r p, read the item of '
V r " and i ts hi n.ind
... k to tve day when h k
"Mr ar d N! 1 " in kr.re pn
ha:S we say, ' -hort -knt"
It' the home town pun-r where
the real "Mr and Mrs." news tr."
oKUr -ari reteive the Home
Town Taper week in and eek - ut i
to kn.-.w 1 he I'tiinaU- hap per . of
f.e l.-ca! world, the doii.r -f "Vr.
:.r,i Mrs"
"Sui.sc nt.e f..r Your Hum.- Town
I'uper Wetk" is the seiond tick in'
..emher- -7th to Uth. If you dont
lake the Home Town Taper. tub
scribe then If you already take
your local paper, renew your tub- j
script ion then, for this type of pub- i
liration is most intimately related to
farm and country life betterment
the true friend of more pro: table
a broken leg.
pathy of many friends in their
Rev. Doherty and wife visited at , doubie bereavement.
Charlie Dees Wednesday.
Fktyd, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. V.
Kstes, has been very aick with
throat trouble for a week.
The stork made a visit to Jess
Corman and wife and Itft a fine
Kirl. We are sorry to report that
Mrs. Corman is not getting along
xtry welL
Mr. and Mra. Henry Corman, of
Glen Allen are visiting relatives at
this place.
Mr. Ode Barker, who has been
Frank Stanfill and family and W.
A. Venable motored to Des Arc Sat
urday, and were gueMs of Mr. and
Mrs. John Lloyd.
Janice Sities visited her sister,
Mr lster Henderson at Mt. Car
niel Sunday.
Some of Marquand'f folks went
on a fishing expetlitioa to Mingo
On account of some aore throat
in town, Sunday School was not
very well attended Sundav.
The I-opold Young Mens S n-iety j
of Leopold, will give the Comedy
Drama, "Deacon Dubbs" at their
hall in Iopold Sunday evening,
November 13, which promises to be '
one of the mot entertaining plajrs 1
ever given in the hall. The yo'.ing
people of Iopold take a pride in
bringing up their parts, and - tre
characters are so well assijfned that
every play we have had the treas
ure of witnessing at that place hat '
been excellent. Don't mfcs it. !
Farm for Sale 230-acre farm,
180 acres in cultivation, twi sets
buildinpn; easy term. Writ or
call op D. J. Conrad, Marbla Hill,
nr , fcis a"
...i .i . , t r-., : , ,
- . , t f -on: I
r, .'f ' ' I
' r : . It1
a ;..t l . i, ...'.
1u! d''lt -'na r-tVifc
!, s-ra f - r.th " it !
1 hr r, t. I n i-'to M
, n , a ; ' - i.i t . . ' P. tl'1
:! !'. ' i.ti.'1 . ! he
rt. - , .1 ' r I' ; : e,
;..". t'tlea r 41' .' !
f.i.- f.'.lir, . " m I'.' . Ti I''."!-
n-.t.-t For T C-e'rr t
I- thla a'tnali.-e a K':lo tf I'm
r . ',( !.- ! f p ; -i"
a.. I .ulti-r t. tl- lore lh Sf.'?
rf I'opertlea a tl ptaol t lha
r.-.l i i- "I i i' i tti. t -
rf tiek-t. .'ff.r !t 'r
tire wo'k aM. h ir.isl hrfa?'.r anl
ai the retr f-i-f i1."a a-4 raid
f - Tt l la 1'l.ltt'a'e.J . I'.e 'i'l
( . j t aa ef Septen.t-er IS 1?1. i Iff
It per cent or 3?4 41 in ra-n'r of
the freltht cart of the rarriara aere
In bad or.ler art aee,'rf repalra a
att'nat a hrrrr.al rt ha.1 ernier can of
nol more linn l'..''.. and a l
further !!!utrtel v l-.e d.'e:rl
and iradetiaie malr.lenama of fti-r
equipment and .f roailaar ar.d ttrn.--ture
t"'en uridiT Ihoae londltli.n, and
with thla larre I i!l iharred up araintt
the future - hi. h mtat ,wm t pr-
tided far and paid If tv.r rrrfr. r
to perform am let'tuHr. Iheir Irnna
portal ton dftlet- the reautl of opera
llont for the- flrtl eiirhl month of
thla er. the lateat atallable fturea.
hat teen a a rate of net rultar
pperatlnt Income, befora protidlr. for
Intereat or dividend, amountlnn In
onl 2 t per cent, per annum on lha
valuation of the larr'r properties
made by Ilia Interstate ('(immrfft
Commission In In re-cent rate c an,
tji amount not sb!B lent to pay the
Uilorett on their outstanding boo it
Read Etrenlnga Far Baltm
Reaaonabl Rttuma.
tt la manifest, from tblt showtng. j
that the rata of return of Sv, or
per rent for lb flrtt twt yean after
March 1. i:o. fixed In tha t nun porta
Latton art aa a minimum reaaonabla
return opon railroad !ae4menl, bat
not bn aren appromled maeb
les reached : and that the present
blah rates accordingly art not t)u
to any statutory cuaraM erf aarn
lnt, for there Is no sura guiraatae
la analyiln- tha expantaa wbtrh
have largely hrouiht about this sit
uation, it become evident that by far
tbe lariest antrfbutlng eauaa Is tk
labor cost
To-day th railroads pay ant to
Itbor approximately te on th dol
lar they receive for transportation
arvlrt, whereat In 11S. 40c, oa the
dollar went to labor.
On tbe first day of January. 1917.
when tha government took rkatf
ert wag through tha Atnnn art.
ah labor rost of tha rlllraadt bid
Dot exceeded th tarn of about II,
4 0O.O00 annually In mo when
goveanmenUI aattiorfty made the last
wata Incraase, the labor coat of tha
railroad was a boot $l.t J.000.o aa
noalir, or. If on tin tied throughout
thn rear Instead of tor tha eight
ni'.titht during wwlcb ths wag to
cawaaes wer in eflacf tha labor coal.
17 inter Is Coining On
Sclicdulo Tim
Wc are (IxeJ. are you? NVe ha cheater from
$1.50 up. Our buer, who U nlway.i on the
ground floor, picked up a few real bar gain in
cant Hangc while they last
An 580.00 Rane for $52.00
A 570.00 Mimzc for 545.00
Now is the time to look after our rrxf. We
can furnUh .u at the old price. It ha Atartetl
s kward naln.
Turniture I at the limc.t. Wc carry a well
aborted Atink and can pleae in kind and price.
Uallicr & Sons llilu.
and Furn. Co.
Phone No. fa
l.utesx ille! ,llouri
Litesviie mum
.M VM.T.XCIl Wl k or
That nnir fail to .ilif"
"Snow lrop" C;tn you
'Comfort" heat 'cm?
N'ourCirnccr Can Supply N'ou
Duk -l1 Need lhe Ooutfh.
Sa.: Will l umish thcgualit."
Of all descriptions and at lowest prices. S it.
Fresh car of cement.
Windows, doors, roofing, painta and oils.
Bed springs, mattresses and nifs and a com
plete line of heaters and ranees.
Se me for anything in the hardware line.
J. I.. I:STI:5
Phone No. 21
Farmers Please Take
In order to raise the quality of wheat, we offer
you for fall seeding,
at our contract price.
We list a few
16 per cent Phosphate $24.50 per Ton Delivered
20 per cent Phosphate. . . . 27.80 per Ten Delivered
2-12-2 35.50 per Ton Delivered
Call and see us for a complete list.
Get yeur order to us early.

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