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REV II. ADAMS, Publisher.
VOL. XV.-NO. 43.
Offlc- it (tor, oa Uirmony 9-rMt,
Pfiyslcian and Surgeon
Offl 'n tear of Trfrke-'a Urcg Store, corner
Sf lalp(i.i.;nrf nJ Spani-iti Street. Cap
'f.irar-toau. tVSpcjal s'.v.nttoa givea te
.turner and D.srases of Fem-ik.
gscieUtj Building sod Loan Avtodttloa.
Heeretary 8outna-trn M-trict Agric-nJ-Saral
Society. OAce. Court-boa.
Do Tour Insurance Business
"Ins ro nptny whow record In the pi(to
.guarantee for tiie future. Insure in ia
L.EO DOYLE. Agent,
-i K Sort Mala Street, Cap GlrarrtM
Caps Girardeau, - Mo.
Aent lor i foliowinj
Reliable Companies :
. "Frank! ta Miitual. or St. Lout.
ViUn-un ti-tirnnee Oimpany. St. Lonlt.
SrTnr-!i Insurance Company, prJng
neid, M.ets.
TIi1 ir -M.rrof thr b-tsnd moft reMattn
rtomjmni.-s in tlie coutiiry. dec 61.
Dealer ia
Nc ron1 n-eelve-l weekly, frroeeries ml-wnvsfie-h
store 0ncr of rountwln and
Harmony Sir';!n. noy.i.
Shof, on Main tret, one dKr south of th
tres-ot HfHM''.
A. I kind- ot Frsh M'vit nn-l Saus-iga at
way n hand. l-livvi v waon run everf
auurtiiu. July.".
Iealr In
Millinery, Dry Ms
No. Mu Harmon? Street,
Dealers In
Independ'-nc: Street.
Cap ft Girardeau,
Fntlre new tork. the Infest improved and
tet t o utng anl Hea'n t ivo4 In the mar
ket. All kimUof Jnh Work doae tn the heft
manner anl at ino-terate prie s.
A specialty and work guarant-i-ed first-class.
adolph ta&t,
Macbanieal and Surgical
to ail kfnia of work to bU line, and
smees ail w m none
Ofllee at resilience, corner Ilanr.ooy and
Loriniier Street.
DMlen Is
Iron and Steel,
taiciltnral Implemsals, Elc, Etc.
Acent of til.
Dealer, .applied at Wboleaa.e Price..
37 and 39 Slain Street,
North Main Strret.
A full aad couplet, Una at
Drags', Patent Medicine,
Perfumery , Toilet Article.
StAtlonery, Notion, EUs,
A sf.w ifc-partnre in cn-mation ia re
purtwl. A patent has bran taken out in
r'ranrr for an electric furnace for the
rapid iiH'im-rHt'rn ff 'iinan remaiaa.
Ivfant mortality in Etilaixl and
YVaI. during thr- rar )S!io wu nntiv
larjre. The deaths were regis
tered of over 1 TO. 000 children nnder ii
months of aire.
Ax official rve shows that Rhode
Island's nearest approach to a moun
tain is an eminence in locester. which
rises M." feet above sea level, and to
whu-h the name Irnrfee hill has bees
Hki.kx P. 'i.akk, an lmlian rirl and
'teacher in the Carlisle l'a.) Indian
schiol. has lieen appiHnted special
allotment aent ly the I'nited States
jrverninent and haa frone lo Mfmtana
to assume the dnties of her office.
liKoKEit Kohkbt II. rnVm(. of
Philadelphia, is the nnlv nirairlnn
clerk of the ..Id I nited States bank.
Me is sj rears old. and was emnh.reH
in the bank from !: to ls:a, wb'da
.Nicholas Ciddle was president of it
fl:. (ii.AHsioxE has three hats and
three only. Im is black and very old;
the second is white and Is nsed only in
summer: the third is soft felt and' his
constant travel intf eompanion. its ae
is unknown, but it is many years old.
tv lltt.w vK K. a faith curist and in
flfntally a teacher of music in the
Itethany home at Pittsburgh, is said to
have finished a sii-cessful forty davs'
fast, iler fast differed from all others
in that she attended to her reeiilar
duties as teacher and keeper of rooms
in the home.
Axf.roMtviA has piven birth to a
new fad. which is quite as silly as its
.thcrpnvny. This is the custom of
addressing local letters town" Instead
of "v-ity." in imitation of the practice
observed in Kn'laml. The most im
mediate and impressive effect of this
innovation is to secure to the missive a
I ivo weeks sojourn at the letter more-ue
t ashimrtori.
TlIK ncimle of St 1'ctefs.l.tircr u....
i'ct a ifissl deal of fun out of the lonir.
cold winters. At recent aristocratic
balls i-e statues of celebrities have lieen
the fashionable flccorations. Kamotis
sculpt. rs did not dislain to try their
skill in this line, ami the fifrnres were
nost effective when pl:ued among;
hnilis and plants anil liL'hteil tin bv
many clored lamps.
Ix a hinese smii-c-linjf rase at I'tica,
. V.. it was argued that ( hinamen
:nay is. me fmm I'anaila .o this country
n rowlmats. such crafts not beinir
T.-ssck" within the meaning of the
statute. I'nited States llistrict .llldre
(ox li. l.l that "the law was broad
noiich to -over comintf to this country
lv whatever means," but promised to
u'ive the oucstion further consideration.
Tin: dispatches have told of a woman
who was for eight days buried in a
-now bank and came out alii'e. The
rabbit. i is said, is the only animal that
an ltcat this rceonL A Paris professor
Las been making a nnmler of exs'ri
mi'iits and has reached the conclusion
that this little animal can withstand
the lowest temperature. The r'rench-
man inclosed a nihl.it in a Mock of ice
and found it in the full enjoyment of
life twenty-four hours afterwards and
ciiiinj.'ly unaware of anything ptscul-
lar in its circumstances.
Mn. Fri xi ii-Siiki.imix. the wealthy
Wfman whose propiscd daring attempt
to emulate II. M. Stanley's recent feats
in mid-Africa has attracted much gen
."ral attention, resides with her hus
band, a well-known author, in a lican
liful retreat by the Thames at Hamp
ton. She is of tine physique, lithe and
supple, with piercing eyes, very hand
some, of exceptional conversational
powers, and one who appears to te re
gardless of fear. She is a granddaughter
f Sir Isaac Newton, comparatively
you.ig. ami of American birth.
forRTF.sv generally pays large re
turns ami the lack of it often entails
serious loss. The will of Jonathan
Seoville. reently ihsccased. licnurathed
si'..(KKi to the liuffalo academy of fine
arts, but in a codicil revokes the lie
(jucst. Last January Mr. Seoville sent
to the academy present of several
handsome pieces of statnary. which was
not acknow ledged. He waited a month,
and then, angered by the silence of the
academy officials, made the codicil. In
this case a letter of thanks would have
lieen a vainaMf letter of credit.
Ir "Cap- Hatfield keeps his promise,
a family feud more fatal than the fa
mous strife between the Montagues and
the t'apulets and more savage than any
t'orsican vendetta has come to a final
end. "Cap is the present head of the
house of Hatfield. Iictween whom and
the MH'oys a deadly war has existed
since the early sixties. The hostifltie.
have kept the lxmlers of Kentucky and
West Virginia in bloody turmoil. They
began with a wedding and are to end
as they began, in a wedding. Aaron
Hatfield is to marry McCoy maiden
erly in May. and is to lie the occasion
for a general reconciliation.
The time was when Americans could
lioast of the greatest inland lakes of the
wu'ld. but the African explorers now
say that Superior is smaller even than
Lake Tchad, not to mention Victoria
Xyanzaor Tanganyika. And now Ni
agara falls is menaced with retirement
from a proud position as the world's
greatest cataract, although the rival in
this instance is on this continent. Ru
mor comes from the nnexplored wilds
of Labrador of wonderful cataract
sitnated 1(10 miles inland from Hamilton
inlet, where the I 'rand river empties
into the Atlantic ocean. These falls
are said to be 2.000 feet high.
The Rothschilds are believed to have
&0.000.000 invested in American securi
ties. Only the Rothschilds themselves
know what they are worth, and they
never tell family secrets. One of their
mottoes is: "t'old never repeats what
it sees." and another: "A man will not
tell what he has not heard:" bnt some
idea of their riches can be had from the
fact that since 1815 they have raised for
(irrat Itritain alone more than $1,000.
000.000: for Austria, g-.50.000.000; foi
Ftnssia, -'00,000,000; for France, 8400,.
000.000: for Italy, nearly SlOO.OoO.OOO: fot
Russia. li-..000.000; for Brazil. $70,000,
000; for smallerstates. SS00. 000,000 more.
Jakes Oai lt, a stock dealer of West
Middlesex, Pa., received an order some
time ago for a carload of savage bulls
for the New York market. He was
somewhat surprised to learn since that
they were intended for shipment to
Spain to be used in boll fights.
Epitome of the Week.
Is the wettt the total number f hntr
pwUed ilunn the year ended March 1 Kanh.v has reci-ived it. share of the
was 17.713.0J0. against i:.74,0'JO the : ,i;r,v.t tax fund, amonntin to -fw.iw
preceding rear. 0lim hlls nppiied for her share of the
The business failures fn the fnitd ttireet 1as. sl.'.ztiAfcX
Statea durinsr th wetetl dajs erded oil I N a theater at Spokane Falls, Wash.,
the 27th numbered a'iist th ; rhnrlen KUiott who m-cnpvmjr a
preceding wrelt and v1 for the corre- j mix (in.,v a (vt,,;,- Bnfi fip.;i -.ev-Kpondin?nee:c1aKl(.A!'.
, pra, httt. aL iw p.rfnat.rs. kii;;
Tnnoi iioiT the cotintrv busiht ; VaU l IN-Imbian and arr,e Smith, ami
WasKiid l be quiet, but crops were re tIlt.n shot l.imsclf. .Ical.mv was the
ported to be in art excfptionallv ginid caHSi.
condition. i,v t?lt. rheN.-intakeA- Ohio rnad a
TllK exchange- at the leading rleaP-
in-hmses in the I'nited States during
the week ended on the 2Mb aRTegated
fS7rt.0.l.::r,fl, against SI.0:.4--'M.rU) the
previous week. As compared with the
eorrvspondinjf week of 1VJ0 the decrease
amounted to 10.2.
The p;itent medicine manufaotur.r?
in the conntry were said to le c.mhni- vcr a ftMlt tf saoW feu on the
njy V advance the prices from 2T to 40 a;th.
perepnt. j J. fmisvillf the first annivTsarv of
At the treasury department a sensa- the prPal ,.V(.im. i that v'Ar. hv whi;h
t';on was caused by the discovery of a ! seventv-six lives wen: lost andpn;H-rtv
c mnterfeit two-dollar silver certificate j valueil at J-.!.V.(o i was ilestroveil. was
so nearly p.rfVet in all its parts as to be 0SsiTvd -n the J7th.
almt impossildc of detection. ! n.Iii1v 14 th National E iir .rial as-
KortTER, special envoy of the s,M.jati.n will im et in St. Paul.
I nited States to Spain, is confident that i rp the eoa-t of Virginia the Nop
he will succeed in negotiating a favor- j WOjri:in liark Ii- tator was wree.:cd and
able recipnn-ity treaty. ! eijrht ylvVH W(.n. i,,,t
The director of the mint said that- Kiikokokk Thomas will In- musical
after July next it was probable no more Hlnvt'T ami William I- ToniLns cnoral
silver dillars wonld bi coined, but ail- : fi;r..i.i- .f tli i- i.ri.r- Mr
ver certificates printed instead.
It was said that Eva Ilrannoek. a
.'aith curer of Pittsburgh. I'a., had lin
Uheil a fast of forty day, having dur
ing that tiaie conii:u-il nothing1 b;it
The summer residence of .1. M. 'un
stable at Orient a. N. t -. with its eon
tents, was lmrn'-d. the loss Ik-iii
The legislature f Maine parsed a
bill providing for ?.V;i fine or two year
impri-Mmment for pnventin? by intirni
iation or fonv any person from nter
inir or remaining in any man's employ.
Ceoik.e W. Moss was handed at
Wilkesbarre. Pa., for murdering his
wife; and at Munch 'lmnk. Pa., Oliver
W. Stanley was rxeuted ftr killing
his landlady. Mrs. Sybilia Walbert.
The reports that Italians employed
cm the Pittsburgh. Ohio Valley V Cin
cinnati rail n khI were drilling under
arms were fully verified.
The death of Peter Parker, ajred
rear.-. cetirred at the home of his
LTandson at Marilwne. N. .1. He -,"a
the oldest freemason in New Jersey.
Mil. i. ie a t't'.fv.. a J-year-id rirl at
HaIetoti. Pa., shot herelf through the
heart with a revolver rather than
marry an old man. the choice of her
J ack Kennedy, a milkman at Elir.a
beth. N. J.. devoure fifty frieI effs in
Len minutes fur a let f f JO.
The death of Charles A i1 buckle, tlie
millionaire effee merchant. Nenrreil at
his home in Hr-Ntklyn. N. Y-. in his.Vth
rear. He was known s "l.aby Punt
injf" bv reason f a famous breach of
promise case.
On Anjrust -7 last Miss Zm iiayb n.
the actress, left San Francisco to walk
to New York inside of mZ-M days on a
w; jrer of ?;.''. and she arrived there
r. the tITth. She accomplished the dis
tance in JI-t days.
I;t a tire in a hotel at Air-tin. Pa.,
two men and a woman were burned to
On the Heading nuid a wreck c-curr-
d near Alilatnl. Pa . and thr-
men were killed ami three in lured.
The death of Iter. Ir. llow-ird "ns
by occurred at his home in New York
-rity of pneumonia, aired 6" year.-. Ib
was one of the most prominent Presby- 1
terian ministers in this country.
A Fit:K at Camden. N. J.. dt-tryetl
the depot, ferry slips and houses and
eighteen passenger cars of the Phila
delphia road, causing a loss of SHM.tHm.
ON a wajjer Leslie Ellis, of llanjror.
Me., drained a quart Iwittle f w hiky
without taking the lole from his lips
ind died in a short time.
IIanhehs of Indiana met at Indianap
olis and fonneil a state association,
electing Thomas W. Woollen, of Frank
lin, president.
Iim" Minm.EToN. who claimed to1e
the noted outlaw, and Mayor Pey-M.n
fatally shot each other during a tijrht in
a fMmbliny house at Covintm. Neb.
The Warren (Tex.) LnrnfxT (. failed
for S."kmho.
At Khkosh Mrs. Ellen Euey. the
oldest woman in Wisconsin and perhaps
in the Fnited States, died at the afe of
IIS years.
Ix (Jrecnville county. S. C. T. It.
Ponder, a farmer, found a rich rein of
gold on his farm.
In Nebraska snow fell on the 25th to
the depth of twenty inches on the leve
and railroad tratlie was greatly im
n.ulul .iran. wr. lU-ktirtnv n'tn aluB
n-ported fnun Kansas. I ' am.h.p had on , n ah-m 0.-
ON the ea.stof North Carolina the j 0 M tt.m. It is tlin-.it the
Kritish steamship Straithairlv was W1 W a tot;i1 I,,ss
wreeketi and nineteen of the crew were The annual meeting of the New
dnwi eL f York branch of the Woman's Home
At Indianapolissteps hare Wn taken j Missionary society of the Methoilist
by the planing mill employes to start a
cooperative mill, with $100,000 enpital.
Thomas ItEAni. Nelson Van Itrock
lin. Thomas McCandless and Fred Miil
er ftdl down a coal shaft a distance of
--OOfeet at 1, vol is. Kan., and were killed.
A company at St. Louis has begun queens husband. John Domuus. and
the erection of the first tin plate works j aUmt forty other prominent men of the
in this eonntrv. The capacity will lie kingdom.
Iictween 400 and 500 boxes a day. I The press of llerlin dismisses the re-
Haniei. !)i:ew. of Lafayette, Ind.. on j ported interview alleged by the Mar
ios second trial for the murder of John . qnis de Villenevue to have taken place
Mackessy. was acquittal. j in WW Ix'twwn Prince P.ismarck and
The Arkansas legislature passed a the late Prince Napoleon as mere ro-
bill to pension confederate, disabled
soldiers and the indigent widowsof eon
federate veterans.
The death of Norman T. Cassette, an
old citizen of Chicago, and well known ;
in masonic circles throughout the coun- ;
try. occurrctl at liis home at the age of j
.Vi years. t
In Chicago John Hazel and his 14- j
year-old son while crossing the 1 rand
Trunk track w ere struck by an engine j
and killed.
FnoM Con. Merritts headquarters at .
St. Louts orders were issued to liegln
enlisting Indians in the regular army.
The Indians are to be enlisted for five
A mob took Thomas Hunter, who
shot J. A. Burke at Cumberland (tap.
Ky.. from the authorities and hanged
him to a tree.
Three sharpers bnnkoed W. 1 1.
Powell, state treasurer of the Arkan
sas Farmers Alliance, out of $3,000 at
Fayette ville.
Flames on the lumber docks of
Horey & Mct'raeken at Muskegon,
Mich., consnmed 1.500.000 feet of white
pine lumber.
I In Wallace enmitf, Kan.. niut n
; half of th'-24.r people wiriv sail to Le
j in a (lc.itat condition.
I In jmavrr ft r at Mailwm
j rilln. Ky.. a k.r of powUr t p..l .-,1,
j am! .1. Ii. Stewart, a rlt-rk. ami I). A.
iti,-1,inrr.tl( Mr-., f-.t-.tl-r i-r,irT-.Mi
M.nvr train was cf.num.-.l bv fire re-
snitinp from a wreck at Charleston,
W. Va. Several pcrxms were lifrhtly
At Paris Tex.. Hill Hu'lins. acd
'Z'l years, wa- charged with four mur
der? cfnnmittt-41 ,nr;n? the last var.
In portions of Maryland ami Vir-
! A r Newbiim. Mo., liei-re Harris.
I who fa-ted thirty-three days, has lieen
' adjudged insane.
The legislature of California has a b
. j turned sine die. lf.nre adjtitirnment
li'Il. w. r.' fiass -fl by Uith bruneh.-s
and M-nt to the jrov-rnor.
The world's fair li.:ird of directors
have completed the term of olii'-e for
which they were eleeted. In his vale
dietory add;-.'-.s President ia'!e re
viewed the work acco!np!.hed by the
iM-ar.. rav- a synopK if the tinarie::il
status of the eMi-sition aad dr.-w a pic
tnr. f tie future .-iroit- with as
surance of Sll' VC-.N..
I'ii:e destroyed the i liar'es llolir
Cnnpany"s pae!;iiir-h"use at Haltituore.
Md.. cau-tii- a tft,s- of .1ih.0.ij.
Jiik Ii-moi:e anil Elrml Hnd-on.
two neirr h'-j who burned a portion of
Itiisseliville. Ala., were taken from ja'.I
by a mob and handed.
A ktei: a short illness John P!an!:in
ton. ajfed 70 year., the iiiillionaire pack
er, filed of pneumonia at his home in
;ei:.e Hathaway, convicted in
i liiea-oof the iiiur li-r r ex-A Merman
h-lan and sentem-eil to imprint timi-nt
for life, ha b -en "minted a new trial.
A voi'N', s m of A. Nicker-on. of
Prairie du hiea. and a son of Mr.
Haret. each a-d 14. died smidcnlvof
nhtine poi-onin;r after smoking ei-
an-ttes to exec..
Fi.Avrs at Kittle Itoek. .Ark., wiped
out some of the mo-t inipo-inj' bull 1
inirs on the principal lm-.ines strecw
Loss. s-lO'MtiHI.
On the lia!t:e s a seore--. of -!i:pw iV.-k
attended by irreat h- of life have -hi:
nd a the result of rec nt heavy
ales and snowstorms.
i;:i:.T l.i::TAfx and Sp:rn have ac
cepted the invitation t- make a dl-plar
at the World's Coluiniian e:noiion.
At Koine. Italy, the Pank of
horn suspended, with liahiliticsamoimt
injrto .u.(mi i.ima francs.
Evai.ine Neae. a handsome English
woman, has I en arrested in Paris for
marriage frauds. Sh. indu'd frty
threeinento marry her by advertising'
herself as a wealthy widow.
In case of a European war England
has agreed to protect lielgimn.
At Vienna Count Arthur Kesselstat
and Countess Annie Freis were eanirht
in a storm in a pleasure lnat and were
It ai.v will aec-pt the invitation of the
1'niti d States totake part in the wrld"s
The firm of John llirrell A Co.,
wholesale dealers in dry gods at Lon
don, ont.. failed for t-r.u.O-Mi.
ii. . Puii.i.H-s livery -stable at Mon
tnal was turned and si tocn horses
perished in the tla'ites.
At the carM'iiters di trict coun--:J
held in lloston. on theJ-th. repn-enta-tivesfroai
twenty-five local unions stat
eiltliat they had U'en ins? met d ttirirc
the council to continue the eigli-hr
agitation, and to leae nthin undone
which might enalile the carenters to
iret the etght-hour rule established.
On July is next will U- cehdrated
the th anniversary of the lantlimr on
the island of Montreal. Can., of .Mais
sonave. the founder of the city. Pre
parations are under way for making it
the occasion of a prut id demonstration
The ISritish steamship lEcatifort wen
ashore near Wilmington. N. C., n the
-th The crew was landed in safetr.
Episcipal idiurch was h-hl on the ::th
The reports fmrn the various churches
were all encouraging.
The qm-en of the Hawaiian islands
has announced the mem tiers of her
privr council. Among them are the
A it i m. has been introduced into the
Jamaica legislature to increase the
militia force to ll.MMi men, make it
compulsory and provide for itseiliciemy
at a cost of .Vooo a year,
On April C the annnal conference of
the Latter Iay Saints will tie held at
Kirtland. in Lake county. O. Kirtland
was the first home of -the Mormon
church in America.
It is reported that a note has lieen is-
sued bv M. IkKJiers, the Russian minis-
ter of state for foreign affairs, forerun
ning the intention of Russia to inter
vene in the Balkans.
On the noth the president a pointed
Thomas II. Carter, of Helena, Mont.,
commissioner of the general land office,
vice Lewis A. inff. resigned.
The trial of the New York excise
commissioners Meakin. Fitzpatriek ami
Koch, was begun on the :wth.
TnR Chilian premier. Scnor Vicuana.
has resigned, and will enter the coate-t
for the presidency.
ARCliRisiior Ciiai:i:onxeu formerly
bishop of Toront . diel in France oa
the 29th-
Missouri state news.
frflrnum Itavin Gift to lit 4.od-wrt.
A reminiscence of the late war devel
oped at Sedalia the other dav when
Jefferson Iavis Smith, a namesake and
great-grand v n of the late president of
the southern confederacy, received from
the executors of the Davis estate a solid
silver gold-lined sugar-bowl and a silver
knife and fork, whteh were presented
to Mr. Smith at Hurricane farm in Mis
sissippi in ISttl. The leader of th
lost cause stood as ifodfather for"
young Smith, and his parents were pre
sen ted with the bowl and knife and
fork, all suitably engraved, to be given
to the lioy when of suitable age. When
the federals raided that portion of Mis
sissippi all the silverware of the Davis
household was huned for safe keeping.
the gifts tL young Smith being among
the article It was several rears after
the war before the valuables were re
covered, and Jefferson Oavis became the
custodian of them. When Mr. Iavis'
estate was administered upon it was
found that the sugar-boivl and knife
and fork were the property of Mr. Smith,
but not until a short time ago was he
located in Sedalia and received the arti
cles. Fonrtb ICeteiment. f. N. 41.
AdjtMJen. J. A. Uiekham has issuec
special orders No. 3. as follows:
Tit. Fourt.lt r-Kit"it infantry, national
fruunl of M 4Miri. is h rel.y or.tniZ'-l, and
will eui-4i-t of llrmiklb-l'l rifl.-. Co. A;
Mound Citr kuat1. Co. It; Litint nt euarril-,
Co. ;ethiiy rides, i'o I; K rlennnd
rifles. Co. E; !. Joepli lilit jrinr i-". Cut v
and tlie SdV.inn:ili yuar-J-, .. ii. The com
tit : siof id olll -rt f dtr al tVf-n imeil eoin-panie-n
will meet in t. Jo-septa .n TliursU-iy,
April 2. for thf purp-e of elect iiiff a mi
otic), liruten.tnt-citlttnel uti I in if ir, n 1 will
report the n;w!t of nueli election to toe
aiijtit.mt K-m tmi.
Alnont A phy slated.
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Harl narrowly
escaped asphyxiation by escaping gas
at St. Joseph, while a-deep in their
bed-room. Mr. Ilarl. who is a promi
nent attorney, was awakened by a
sense of suffocation. He dragged him
self to a window anil threw it open.
After partially recovering his strength
be returned to the lied and raised his
wife, who was in a death-like stupor.
The gas leaked from a pip' which was
laid under thebedroom thior.
Hitaonri Airiraltnral Kshihlta.
The state lioard of agriculture, at a
recent meeting, unanimously passed the
following resolution:
r ---(. Tlint th-ot.ite !x:irl of airrfctilture
hcartilv approves f Hie ;ietion of the Tmr-
tv si.tth xener.il :esa'nitlv In fnlUtwiiiff tint
tli - r -com men I at lt.it of ttv. Fnnri in mak-
iiii an iipproprtittion of iV,1r a Mi--niri
et(i:lit :it the Coliniilii-Jii exhilut tin in ivrt.
fttel the Iwanl exp-e-M-s the hope that the
f-irtm-r unu st.M-li-mi--r- f the t;ite will
, ;ike wh:iti-v. r fitep- are iieees- iry to in-Mire
a proper Ui-p!av ot the affrieultur.il intrreatf
of Missouri.
-pp'lel thr M itilHtone.
John Holt en. of Lake Cn-ek town-
Miip, Pettis county, whose two children
were bitten in the face br a ralud dog.
accompanied them home from Kansas
City, where a madstone was applied to
the wounds. The stone adhered for
three hours to the pi aces bitten, and
the doctor in charge is positive that all
the poison was extracted
Want- ff-ravr OamacM.
Miss T. J. More. by her attorneys,
has filed suit in the Vernon county cir
cuit court against the citv of Nevada
for 61. tMio for injuries sustained by
Wing thrown from a wagon while it
was crossing a street railway track.
The fall for which Miss Moore btings
suit occurred several months ago.
Itrlctit I'roKpeeta.
From a recent report of the Missouri
state Imard of agriculture it is learned
that the prospects fora good wheat crop
are excellent. The condition of small
fruit is encouraging. Stx-k ia in a
healthy condition.
A I! iff Pile of Money.
The cash in the sub-treasury at St
Louis is twin? connted. preparatory to
turning the otiice over to the new sub
treasurer. There is in the neighborhood
of $il,000.000 cash on hand.
Quarantine Ag-iin-t Txa Fever.
Oov. Francis after due delilieration
with the state hoard of agriculture, has
issued a proclamation establishing strict
quarantine against cattle suffering or
expiscd to Texas fever.
A PI nek y Woman.
A tramp snatched a pair of rubbers
from a shop in Kansas City. He was
pursued by the owner, a little Jewess,
who eapttircd him and turned him orer
to the Mil ice.
Kememlter Wathlncton.
Peter MctJiveny. of St. Louis, is 107
years oUL He was liorn in New York,
and remembers Washington, who pur
chased fine stock from MctJiveny't
The Can Work-rft.
A stranger, aged aliout 3., was shot
anil killed by a gun set for chicken
thieves the other night by a farmer
living near West port, Jackson county.
For the Indies.
Xfrf St. Louis conference, in session at
Springfield, voted on the proposition to
admit women to the general conference.
The vote resulted: Yeas, 63; nays 33,
Ar-rlf lent all j Killed.
A child of J. I). McCarty, a postal
clerk running from St. I .on is to Kansas
City, was killed at St. Joseph by the ac
cidental discharge of a pistol.
Myaterioa-vly Murdered.
Patrick Horen. an ex-policeman and
a well-known character of Kansas City,
was mysteriously murdered by tin
known assassins.
Kdltora to Meet.
The Southwest Missouri Press asso
ciation will hold its annual convention
at I-banon May til, 22 and 23. A good
attendance is expected.
A Bad Accident.
William Kriner, aged 28 and single,
met with a bad accident in a St. Louis
planing miiL ISoth hands were badly
mashed in a set of rolls.
mil Erret a dob Hoom.
The Sedalia commercial club will
erect a 923.000 club house. It will con
tain a hall large enough to accommo
date st&te conventions.
Canned bj Jealousy.
Mrs- Nellie Day. a grass widow, aged
2-1. and a beautiful blonde, suicided by
shooting, in St Louis, because she wac
jealous of her lover.
Large Omalgia meats of Sugar.
Collector Churchill at St. Louis hah
taken measures that will result in the
prompt release of large consignments o?
sugar in that city.
Why a Chinaman was Mobbed
A Chinaman had a narrow escape
from oeath at the hands of a mob in St
Louis, lie shot at a negro whom h ai
bad" robbed him.
Syaopals of the Proceedings ot the Thirty
Mith lieoerwl Aaaembly.
fn ATE The customary resolution rem
plime.iiing the ifflcrrof the aenate were
ailoptetl. linage bill reapportion ins the
rrprt nt-itiTe diatrirt m read a third
time ami Hrfeatc-i. The remainder of the
on-noon e-tioi was devoted to reading en
rolled bill.
HoroE senate bill Increasing the snlaryof
the secretary of the board of nilro id enm
m - inner to t2tw per annum was read
third time and defeated. Sir. tymaa Intro
duced a rt-nrution disproving the action of
thr house in ref ntinc to return to the senate
.he KcikcI merchants license bill and con
demning the senate for in-troctin-f the pre
siding officer to withhold his signature from
the act. After an hour's debate ther solu
tion was tabled. The usual complimentary
r solutions were adopted.
The last d.iyof the Thirty sixth general
assembly was a d y of nproar, of rattling
i-npidor. of lions resolutions and sky
lark. ng in tlirho im. The more sedate senate
trnacti da little routine business, but the
object of the morning session was simply to
pertn.t the signing of bill-. Kane, of Jt
mis county, amused the hous.! with a reci
tation. Parker, of St. Inis. lel a rattling
chorus and sedate oM farmer alliance nera
1m r threw --pit-balls, and the rejoicing over
the Htlj4.nrniiici-tc.tn not be greater ttiroush
out the nta e tliiin to all appearances it was
upon the Roor. The clocks wereturued. a:td
'.t was after 1 o'clock when ligtits out" wag
dually soumted.
Appointment by the 4'HTfraor.
Just before the adjournment of the
legislature tlov. Francis went the fol
lowing appointments to the senate;
and they were confirmed:
Jith'i I IlariiHin. of Johnston eonnty.mem
her of the state Itoard of health, vice Wm.
entry. U eeasefl. for a term ending July 2,
1. Hr. tt. Aikin-Mtn. of St. Itois. mrm
berwf the -tate lioard of h alth, vice James
B. lYather. dccea-ed, for a term ending July
2. W. Meintiers of the Board of Kegeiits of
Lincoln Inititute . ii. Kurt-h.of C.ile coun
ty; J. W. Henry, of Cole county, and I. B.
Veascy, .f J( QerMine-iiunty. for terms expir
im; January I. lKf7,fnrtltetwoflrstnaiiietl,and
the latter fir term expiring January I. IVJ.
Me-nr lier-a of the Board of Managers of Lun itie
Asvi-n No. 3, at Nevada Ir. Jo-eph K.
Kob nton. of Henry, fur a tenn ending Feb
ruary 1, is jr.; Ir Win If. Jones, of Dade,
for a term ending Fehruarv 1,
laitie. IV Kennedy, of tireen. for
terui f-nding February 1, l.t; II. C.
MHire. nf Vernon, for a term ending Febru
ary 1, 1- 9t; J. W. Lattnner. of Vernon, for a
term ending February 1. I'O:; Mi. ton Moore,
of Jackson county, at present colonel Third
regimen- infantry. X. ii. M .. to lie brigdier
general of the national guard of Missouri.
ot. Francis Signing Bills.
JFFFKfiSox City, Mo., March 2.K The
Thirty-sixth general assembly passed
Hi bills and five resolutions, of which
forty-seven bills and two resolutions
have lieen signed by the governor. The
bulk of the legislation lies npon his
desk, ami he has thirty days time after
adjournment to examine the various
measures and express his approval or
disappn-val. The gorernor is at
work t;-day upon the big pile of bills
before him. The appropriation bills
leing the most important are the first
under consideration, and he will get
through with these and sign them by
to-morrow night A few of the senators
and mem tiers are yet in the city, ami
nearly all of them to-day expressed the
wish that the gorernor, in calling the
special session, designate January next
instead of (Ktoler. The feeling is also
prevalent that he should include a num-
Ut of subjects for legislation in the
call It-sides redistrieting the congres
sional and judicial circnits, and the most
important of these is the matter of call
ing a convention to construct a new
Bills Signed by ;. Francis.
Jfftkrson City, Mo., March 2.
(iov. Francis has signed joint and con
current resolution No. U, authorizing
cities to pension disabled firemen; joint
and concurrent resolution No. 7, me
morializing congress to appropriate
KtO.ooo for bridging the north fork of
White river, in Ozark county; house bill
No. IM. ndating to duties of the com p-
troler of St. Joseph: house bills41!, i:i0.
. vi:;. los, 327, is7, and 711, and sen
ate bills Nos. 240. 113 and 263; also, the
St Louis boidevand hill and two bills
introduced by Senator Cochrane, one
authorizing street railways to carry
L nited States mail and the other re
quiring employers of female help to
provide suitable seats for them; also.
Mr. Dal ton's house bill to protect hotel-
keepers from dead-beats, and senate
bills 175, 121. 297,110. .Vf, 90, 229. and
substitute bills 144, .'H0 and 4. and house
bills Nos.. ft.".7, 329, 21, 206, 172, 442, 227,
5.Y.I and 120.
The Direct-Tax Money Received.
Jkfferhon City, Mo., March 27.
hot. rrancis nas receivea a unuea
iaies treasury warrant nr pi.w.s.j:j.
the amount due the state under the
provisions of the direct-tax bill. He
signed the endowment act and the
money was passed to the credit of the
seminary fund. This makes the uni
versity endowment safe.
In Williamstown, Mass., lives a
negro whose claim to be 101 yea1? old
docs not constitute the whole of bis
right to fame. He was born with an
etra hard head and a horn over an
inch in length on the frontal bone, and
unremitting practice boon made his
brain-box a terrible weapon. During
the course of his long life he has killed
rams, broken doors, smashed grind
stones and murdered bulls by simply
bntting them with his awful head.
Not Ts. but !s. Plumber "Did
Mr. Hanque ask any questions when
you gave him his bill?" Iloy "No, he
didn't ask anything, but he exclaimed
good deal." i ankee Blade.
Itrigg "Hello, old mzjt'. I haven't
seen yon for a dog's age On a vaca
tion? tirip- "No. Cricket match."
Tire bodvgnard of Queen Victoria la
called Keefeaters.
The king of Spain is a very strung
boy, ugly, but bright and good tern
F BEDEBicn Wiutelm, the present heir
apparent to the German throne, is a
boy of 0 years.
Leo aIIL is no advocate for ventila
tion and will never allow an open win
dow where he is.
The main marble staircase alone in
Mrs. Mack ay's new London residence
cost over $100,000.
The empress of Austria, who suffers
much from rheumatism, has a lady doc
tor in attendance.
Lord Randolph CuuBcmixnaa grown
a beard since his last appearance in the
house of commons.
A son of flenrr Irving, J. Irving, is
about to play "David Garrkk' M an
amateur in St Petersburg.
1H8MABCK is the name given to a
mixture of beef and champagne. The
iron chancellor is said to be very fond
of it
Of all the kings of European eoon-
tries the steadiest opponent to capital
punishment fr been the kimr of the
H-stooa Mffrrls, th Chlcag paeker. Is
Pleased with the New Meat In pert Ion
Law. and Makes Application for mm In.
splQM He will heartily 4 w-4perate ia
Having It rally Carried 4 Hit. Kellevng
the Result will Redone d tw the tlenebl
wf Oar Meat Trade.
Washington, March 30. An applica
tion was received by Secretary Kusk,
yesterday, from Nelson Morris, of Chi
cago, for inspection nnder the law of
March 4, 1$91, of hogs and hog products
designed by him for export abroad.
The regulations for such inspection are
already drawn np so far as necessary
for compliance with the requirements
of the law. In some details these reg
ulations may be modi fie I as experience
indicates to be necessary so as to mini
mize as much as possible any incon
venience or expense entailed upon the
trade, keeping in view, however, the
secretary's determination to carry out
to the fnll the powers given him under
the law to secure su.h an inspection as
will absolutely forbid on the part of
any foreign government suspicion or
accusation regarding the healthfulness
oNnr animal food products.
So far as Mr. Morris is concerned he
expresses the utmost confidence in th-j
good results of the law and every will
ingness toco-operate in fully carrying it
ont Keferring to this law anil to that
which provides for the regulation by
the secretary of agriculture of the con
dition of cattle-carrying vessels, he de
clares his conviction that these laws
will help the farming and cattle-raising
interests beyond anything now possible
to estimate. Foreign countries, he
says, will not takeonr animal pmdncts
for human food without inspection, and
he is persuaded that by these two bills
becoming a law millions will lie saved to
this country. He believesanotherresnlt
will be, by securing a foreign
export demand as an escape valve for
our export products, to greatly mini
mize gambling in hog products, hereto
fore so prevalent As to the cattle-carrying
vessel inspection bill, he gives it
as his experience as one of the largest
cattle-shippers in this county, that
heretofore the captain of the vessel has
been absolute master on the ocean with
the result that the poor dumb beasts
have been liable to ill treatment, an
evil which will be fully remedied nnder
the provisions of the bill in question.
He adds that whereas he is now killing
2.500 hogs per day and hopes to soon
increase that number to .-"-.00 , he would
Dot have killed any had not the in
spection bill become a law.
rnoswal and Significant Activity ia the
4.eraa War Department The Idea
Prevalent that Homelhing Important la
ow the Tapis The Fntrnte (' rdiale
Between Riusia and France I'ndoahtedly
a Disturbing Faction TheSoeialist Prop
aganda la the Armies or fcnrope.
London, March 30. Last erening's
advices from llerlin state that unusual
activity has prevailed for the past three
days in the war office, and that an un
usual number of employes were bnsy at
the office yesterday. The emperor had
a long audience with Chancellor Ca
pri vi, and the high officials generally
look as if something important was on
the tapis. There is no doubt that the
movements of Russian troops n ar the
German frontier and the evidence of
cordial intimacy between Russia anil
France have caused much anxiety in
Berlin, and it is possible that the
alarm caused by the apprehension
of war may lead to important military
changes. Itcside the thought that Rus
sia and France may be preparing for
war, the German government is said to
be very much stirred up over startling
facts that have been disclosed in regard
to the socialistic propaganda in the
army. The military authorities have
come into possession, through a recent
arrest of evidence going to show that
the social democracy has been spread
ing its doctrines through the ranks of
the army and navy, and has made nu
merous proselytes, and that the
propagation of socialism among
the troops is not confined to
Germany, but is systematical ly
carried on throughout Europe, with the
exception of Russia, and that all the
armies of western Europe are honey
combed with the subrersire ideas of
pledged enemies of established institu
tions. The kaiser, it is stated, has
given directions that the evil should lie
dealt with most radically, so far as
Germany is concerned, ami any fiieer
or soldier detected in propagating the
prohibited opinions shall be punished
with the utmost severity.
The Dominion Government lias Received
No Not 1 Heat loo In Reference to Free
Bait for American Fishermen.
Ottawa, Ont. March 29. A Glou
cester (Mass.) telegram states that
C nited States Consul Maloney at St
Johns, N. F., had stated that bait li
cense this season for United States ves
sels will be free. The Dominion gov
ernment has received no official infor
mation in reference to the Newfound
land fishery regulations for next season
beyond the intimation that the bait act
of last year is likely to lie renewed.
Members of government here are un
willing to believe that the Newfound
landers, even in a fit of exasperation at
the home government would go to the
length of surrendering their only hold
on Washington authorities, especially
in view of the strong probability of the
Atlantic fisheries coming up for settle
ment as a question in which Canada
and Newfoundland are jointly inter
ested. A Scheme to Get Speaker fclder or the
Nebraska House tint or the Hay.
Lincoln. Neb.. March SO. It is al
leged that an attempt was made Friday
night to spirit Speaker Elder away to
prevent him from signing the maximum
freight bill, but it was unsuccessful. A
dispatch from his home in Clay Center
was handed to him saying: "Come home
qnick; I am sick. It was signed M. A.
Elder. That Is his wife's name, bnt as
she always signs her name Maggie A.
Elder, he thought it fishy, t'pon in
vestigation it was found that though
she was sick she had not sent adisoatch
nor authorized one.
The Japaaran Ooverament May Tender as
Escort to Mr. Swift s Remains.
San Francisco, March 29. Con
gressman Morrow says that the dis
patch to the state department announc
ing the funeral of John F. Swift the
late minister to Japan, will probably
be followed by a letter from the Japan
ese government tendering an escort of
a war vessel to this country. For this
reason it is not likely that the remains
will arrive on the next steamer from
Japan, bnt a letter from the Japanese
department of foreign affairs addressed
to the secretary of state will omfcablj
ajrtve on that i" -
Celebration la Washington of the Naptlals
i Miss l.rae Faller. Cldest Daughter
mt Chier-Jnstlea Feller of the I sited
States Supreme Conrt aad Archibald
Lapnam Krusa. mt Chios go Th Fawple
will Spend Several Months in Kara as.
Washington. March 31. The mar
riage of Miss Grace Fuller, the eldest
daughter of Chief-Justice Fuller, to
Archibald Lapham Brown, of Chicago,
took place last night at St John's Epis
copal church. Justices llradley. Harlan
Lamar, lire we r and Brow a. of the su
preme court: SenatorsCullom and Cock
rell. Representatives Gibson ami Mil li
ken. Sir Julian Paunccfote. the British
minister; the Corean minister, repre
sentatives of the Chinese legation, the
Niearaguan minister. Postmaster-General
Wanamaker. and many others
prominent in society and official lifa
were present
Rev. Geo. W. Douglass tied the nup
tial knot The flora) decorations in the
church, consisted of buncl.es of Easter
lilies against a background of potted
Shortly after 8 o'clock the bridal
party entered the church. The ushers,
C. C. Manning, of Sonth Carolina; Mr.
Mendonca. of the Brazilian legation;
Chas. L. Frailey. of Washington, and
Lieut Aglar. of the navy, headed the
procession. Following, came the maid
of honor. Miss Janie Fuller, and her
father. At the altar the bride was mft
by the groom and his best man. Albert
Barn urn. of Chicago.
After the marriage ceremony a re
ception was held at the Fuller resi
dence. The decorations in the house
were of the same simple character that
marked those in the church.
After the reception Mr. and Mi
lteown left Washington on a late train
foe New York, where they will take a
steamer for Europe to spend several
mouths abroad
F--ts for Contemplation by Those whs
Purchase Hand-ne-lwn Clothing ns
Revealed by nn Investigation oT tho
-sweating" System ia New York Crying
Need for Reform.
Boston, March 31. The legislative
committee on public health began a
hearing on the "sweating system of
manufacturing clothing in New York,
which was made the subject of a re
cent special message by Ihiv. Russell.
John Crowley, of Boston, general sec
retary of the Clothing Operatives Na
tional nnion. testified that he had been
to New York and found that several
prominent dealers of Boston had their
goods manufactunsl in New York
tenement houses under ntiw'iolesime
conditions. The surroundings were ex
tremely filthy. In one mom measuring
twelve by nine feet there were thirty
people of both sexes. Theair was fool.
I'p stairs were a n um tier of children
the eldest 10 years of age, entirely
nnde. playing about the floors.
I'n wholesome sweating establish
ments were found at 2S Attorney
street M Christie street 13 Division
street, and ItH Division street This
was in Novemlter last Isaac Mullen,
the inspector of factories in Massachu
setts, hail been sent to New York to
examine the system. He testified that
at 97 Reade street buckets of skips
were standing about ami the rooms
were crowded with people. At HS
Reade strvet the operatives were Poles,
who received six cents for making a
pair of pantaloons. The goods were
shipped direct from the big clothing
houses in lEoston.
The committee then adjourned to 11
a m. to-day.
The Priest Wounded nt Pine Ridge I tters
Another Warning In Regard to the In
dians. Providence. R. L, March 31. Some
time before the outbreak at Pine Ridge
agency a letter was received here from
Rev. Father Francis M.. J. Craft the
Indian missionary, predicting the dis
turbance. Sunday a letter was re
ceived in this city by Mr. Engenc T.
MeAuIiffe from Father Craft who is
his personal friend, predicting another
disastrous outbreak among the Indians
at the agency unless the manairement
of the Indian troubles is at once trans
ferred to the war department He says
the canses of the trouble still exist
and the Indians are at the mercy of
any rascal who finds it to his interest
to annoy them. The only thing that
hinders a speedy and permanent settle
ment of all difficulties Iry an immedi
ate transfer of the Indians to the war
department, is the desire of politicians
to retain the plunder. The American
people should turn their politicians out
of office, and not allow them to return.
A Bad Smash-I n, bat. Wit boat Loss ot
Cleveland, O., March 31. An Akron
special says: A bad smash-up and a
very remarkable wreck occurred on the
Erie mad at Wadsworth at 10 o'clock
yesterday morning. The west-bound
accommodation. No. M. had stopped at
the depot and before the switching
was completed a heavy freight train
approached from the east The heavy
down grade made it impossible to stop
and it crashed with terrific force into
the passenger coach in the rear of the
accommodation. The coach was fairly
lifted into the air. and before the
freight train was at a standstill the
passenger coach was teleseope-d. Five
freight cars were almost completely
wrecked. Not a passenger was killed,
and bnt a few slightly bm:sd. The
engineer and fireman of the freight
train jompc! Loss considerable.
Teitlle Workers Meet to Organlxe.
Lowell, Mass., March 31. A meet
ing of textile workers was called to
oder at noon yesterday to form a na
tional association. The report of the
committee on credentials showed dele
gates present from the cotton weavers,
woolen spinners and cotton dressers
associations of Lowell; Knights of La
bor Association of Textile Workers"
and the Warp Ih-essers association of
Lawrence: the Textile Workers asso
ciation of Dover. N. II.. and the Nashua
Cotton Wearers Association. Dele
gates from Fall River, New Bedford,
and other places are expected.
The Work of Demons.
Cleveland, O., March 31. A Syca
more (O.) special says: Sunday morn
ing at 1 o'clock the people of this vicin
ity were awakened from their slnmbers
by a terrific explosion. H was discov
ered that the residence of John Ankney
was almoet completely destroyed by an
attempt to blow it np with dynamite.
The dwelling was occupied by Mr. Ank
ney. h"' wife nd child, who were vi-o-lently
..irown from their beds. Mr.
Ankney being found in an unconscious
condition. There is not the slightest
suspicion ss to who was the instigator
of the attempt
tf :
' i
-Jr m
!1 i
. -A

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