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BEX II. ADAMS, Publisher.
VOL. XV.-NO. 49.
TmorEMiow OKPfc
I ' Office at it or on Harmony Street,
Physician and Surgeon
Office In irr of Trirkfy'g Vruw Store, eornei
r lDdfptndnrf mod Spanish streets. Cap
tjirardeau. 5Spec:al -ttcrUioa fivem U
SurKerj and D.seaes of Fem Uc.
8ecrtpy Buildinf and Loan Association.
Secretary Boutnatern PI t riot AgTinar
turs. Society. Oihce, C-mrc-houM.
Do Your Insurance Business
In a company whose record In the past la
uarantee for Uis future. Insure la the
Ko. Si North Mela Street, Cape Glrard.
Mhveuri. spin.
Cape Girardeau. - Ma
Agent Tor ihi following
Reliable Companies :
Franklin Mutual, of St. Louis.
t'itiziMin' I.-i-tiranct C'rt'iipjinjr, Pt. Louie.
Spr.n ftel 1 Insurance C-miMr, Spring
Held, Mu-t.
' n.rw arc three of thr- betand most rellaMe
eomjmiiit-s in tlie country. dec.ft.
Dealer to
Ne (rnodn recIve'l weekly, Groceriee e
rnvefie-h. Mora co ner of fountain and
Harmony Streets. nov.2.
Shoft m Main street, one loor south of tl.t
Pn-woit llmi-.--.
AH km Is oi r rosh Merit nnd 8ansr.a at
ruvH-n hau l. Ix-.ivery waon run cwr
mom I u. JtilyjeV
Dealer In
Iliieir, Dry (Ms
No. XJ Harmony Street,
r. W. VOGT.
Dealers in
Independi-i e
Cnpft CZIrardoan,
TKntlrc now Block, the latest tmproTod and
best i n 'in(f an. I 1b-a -ne ' t ve In the mar
ket. All kinds of. Job o k done in the bet
manner and at moderate pric
A 9(ecia!ty and work f.iarant-cJ first -claa.
Mechanical and Surftlcal
tones ail Mais of work In hit line, and g oar
ante ail w irk dore
Ofllee at n-sidi-nrc, corner Harmooy and
Lnrtm-cr Streets.
Dsu'eri la
Iron and Steel,
ApiiM Implemsnls, Etc., Elc.
Agent! or the .
Dealera supplied at Wholesale Price.
37 and 39 Main Street,
North Main Strret,
A full ana eompieta Una of
Draffs. Patent Medicine,
Pertumery, Toilet Article,
StftUonery, Notions, EU
In Crrmanjr more than i:i.000 mar
ried women nrk in shops and factories.
IritiN last year l.tVOO.OOO miles of
postal servi.-v were aidctl to the general
M'sti-m in this euntrv.
Unci.e Sam. who ivports -v.onjMm.000
invcvlt-U in fltftrieal mju-hin-ry,
tshouM ncithiT sit in darkness nr have
IIukat Kuitain's national debt
amounts at prcsri.t to SJ. MjO.0j. It
is more than four times as lare as the
debt of the I'liitic) States.
iKi.An'Ai:K stimats her peaeh crop
at 7.K)U.fKtn l.nvUets. The .at.- fn st
may ileen-:i the sijv of the ItasUel,
but the i:umitr will remain the same.
Is Atlanta Mary .lane h n"y .Inlia
Ann Ade!i.i ."rune s Fedora E'ia Maria
Quit Tut It I-'ant Morrison t!ie abbreri
ated apiH'llation of one of the colured
Thk :i;;rrrr,r.iti wealth of the I'nited
States i nearly sixty times what it was
sixty years uo. when the figures were
Sl.inHijKm.iHH,. ou- they are SYV200,
QW.HW. It is rather funny that the govern
ments of Knrope have stn-nt so mtieh
money preparing for war. that not um
of them is now able financially to enter
ujoii active hostilities.
In the MK'iety of the lied Cross a spe
cial arelneohi-ieal department is form
ing, the mission of which will tie to
prevent the vandal'istic destruction of
old monuments ami works of art in
time of war.
1 k H m A N v has stnnethinr a trrvat deal
worse than American pork. It is the
faet that at least two million of her
husbands and fathers are working? for
w aj?es which average less than ?l.'tj
per year, and wajfes nr. ffUix ilm'D in
stead of tip
Mies. Ai.mika t.iM'KK. mother of It-arid
1;. Loeke . .Ytrttlt'iiiii V. Nashyh who
has .,.. l:vin? in jwiverty and iiiisvry
in a small bouse in Wheeling?. V. Va..
has lHHn grranted a (-iision on account
of her late husband. Nathan. ! Locke,
bavin-? served in the war of Is pi,
In a house in Law rence. Mass,, are a
mtmlier nf interest in? relics of a;i old-
time Itostonian. with several year-
re-on!s of the Koston ptst olliee. The
latter date back to lsn-j. and show the
enriiiiis fact that lbcii ten letters ns
cciveil in a single day was t rMM, Mail.
w hile cm some days but one incoming?
letter was recorded.
The entire pnJ action of the precious.
s-mi-preios stones and rua.iH-ntal
minerals in the I'nuVd States during?
the year I was l-s.M7. Of this
amount sr:;.K." was ag?uti.cd and
perized wood, 'i.'o't turijUois stones,
and ?lt.(MMt uart l:amoiids to the
value of .l.MV,.7I'i were cut chirin:? the
vcar in the tajndarv works in New York
and Massachusetts.
It is little thing? of life th:t tax
one's nerves tin st. as a stalwart youth
of Leavenworth. Kan., found when he
accepted a wa?er that lie eoiiid not
stand a ipiart of water dropped ititohis
open hanl tlrop by drop from a heigrht
of thnf fvt. liefore live hundrctl drops
had fallen into his hand he almost cried
with pain and said he hail enoitgrh.
After a little wati r liad fall.-n each
drop seemed t crush his hand, and a
blister in the center of it was the re
sult. KkI'I.ky. the tin-tor man. explains the
latest cause of delay, as follows: I
am making? a syn:path:-t:e harness for
the polar terrestrial force lirst. by
exciting? the sympathetic concordant
force that exists in the corpuscular
interstitial domain, which is concord
ant to it: and. second, after the con
cordance is established, by neg?ati.ing
the thirds, sixths anil ninths of this
concordance, thereby inducing? hij?h
velocities with g?reat power ly inter
mittent negration. as associated w ith
the dominant thirds '
A c-oiiK saw. intended for lioringrout
barrels from solid loys. was recently
romnlettHl at Taunton. Mass.. for a
I enmnaiiv in Lacrosse. !.: 'I'he s.nr is
made of wroug?ht iron, cylindrical in
shape, and i-tcel cutter teeth arc dis
tributed about itsedj?e. It was expected
that the saw would cut a barrel per
minute, and during? a trial of the lirst
machine a core 1U'4 inches in diameter
and:!.1 inches bmg? was liorcd out in
thirty seconds. A mill for the manu
facture of barrels by these machines is
to Ik built in Louisiana.
A nkw pedairo-ical imliistry has
arisen. In San Kranei-eo. according? to
the Alta. then an a numlier of teach
ors of American who command (?hhI
prices. Koreig?ners who have lteen
tang?ht Kn?lish in the schools of their
native land find themselves completely
at sea on their arrival hen, and many
of them who can afford it employ teach
ers to instruct them in learning? the
peeudar idioms employed by the Amer
icans. The localisms, especially, they
find most perplexing? to master, and
the teacher must le well up on all the
mannerisms and slang expressions ol
the clay.
An interesting? incident in connection
with President Harrison's visit to At
lanta was his meeting? with Mr. tieore
Cook, an elderly gentleman and a well
known piano manufacturer of I lost on.
The frramlfather of Mr. t ook was the
('apt. Cook who saved the life of (ten.
William Henry Harrison fnun the In
dians at the battle of Tippecanoe. Mr.
Cook and Mrs..Cook had lccn spending;
a few days with Cov. KtiUock, and on
invitation of Mayor Hemphill went up
the mad to meet the president. The
meeting? of the two g?ray-haired g?rand
sons was very cordial, and they en
joyed a pleasant chut.
In a little lo;? house near Weasncrs
ville. Pa., live four wealthy and aped
bachelor brothers who are veritable
women-haters. They an ltcnjamin,
Michael. Nathan ami Samuel Knnkcl,
respectively eig?hty, seventy-one, seven
ty and sixty-one years old. They own a
valuable farm and have $4(i.0:H) out at
interest, but still they do all their own
farm work and housework unaided, and
will not consent to employ a woman in
any capacity or have any association
whatever with the g?entlcrsex. Two sis
ters formerly lived with them, but are
now dead. They shunned mob as their
brothers do women, and never married.
Gbatifikii with the success of the
London-Paris telephone, the London
electrical papers are talking of a tele
phone between the I'nited States and
Great Britain. It is believed that the
mechanical difficulties may be overcome.
Epitome of the eek.
Tun troaty between Spain am! the
T'nittsl Statvs stipulates that nal.
pi'troh'iiru and machinery shall be ail
niittctl free into Cuba anl Pnrto Kieii.
awl that the present luty on Hour be
retluee I one-half in exchange for the
free admission into the I'nited States
of sugar, coffee and eoeoa.
Tiik vice president of I'em has ar
rived in Washinjjton to ne?tiate for
closer trade relations In-twet-n the
I'nited States and his country.
Tiik rn-nsion ofiici' statement shows
that durintf the month of April there
v.-ere issued .M.41.' insion eertilieates.
the lirst payments on whirh ajrre
piteil SS.N74.si:..
Anoi ii::i: lett-r on the IJelirin sa
question has licen written to Sir Julian
1'anneefote by Secretary l:laine in
whteh the claims of Knrland are r
uteil. ami Mr. I'.lainc wants to know if
Kntfland t':;n exercise exclusive control
in an open sea- why the I'nited States
cannot do the same.
At the annual incetin;? of the Ameii
can Medical association in Washinrton
Ir. f. II. Mary, of Uoston, was elected
jiresiilcnt. The assteiation .titiuned
coii-rss to create a new cabinet oflieer
t U' called the secretary of public
Tiik business failure in the I'nited
States iluriiir the seven days ended on
the sth numbered J4-; ajfainst J.V the
precetliiijy week and 'Jr.t for the ctn-re-spondin
week last year.
Tiik exchansres at the leading clear-inr-hir.ses
in the I'nited States dur hi?
the week ended on the Mth a'tfi-ejrate!!
1.2.v..:;is.:i4(i. ajramst l.i.vv.iiTi"l:i the
previmis w-k. As compared with the
corresponding week of li-. tiie decrease
amounted to 4.W.
1'i.asiks b'stroyeil the entire lumber
district of Niw Vork. covering seven
acn's. eausi!ir a loss of Sl.oou::.
A i: nk namcH harles.l. P'ckinvu.
of Tnel lo. ol.. who said he had a mis
sion to kill .lay tloulil. was arrested in
.New Vork.
At its mcctiiiff in Pittsburgh. I "a.,
the National assciation of muchitiKts
decided to exclude ueifrm's from the
A iiKKii::xry of ST.'i.fMto was found in
the accounts of the late liiifus Prince,
of Turner. Me. He was the trustee of
ninety-live states
ON the Ttll people were out slei'liin
:;t Norfolk. Conn.
Tiik nomination of .lames :. P.taine
for president is advocated by the New
York Herald.
Ix the treasury of the l!ay St.lte Shi.
l'asteniiijr t'ompany at Nashsia N. II..
a shortage of s47.(l U was discovered.
The board of health of Massaehns.'tts
n iHirts seventeen deaths from hydn
phobia the past year, the highest num
ber ever nvstnled.
lx Philadelphia the Spring Cardcii
national bank clos.'d its ih.trs. The
bank's deosits were ?i.lKM.lci,l.
Nkai: Austin, Pa., a fonst fir.- de
stroyed ;;.ii;Ki.onii feet of logs and lll.ll.ll
cords of bark, liesides in mi'.e. of
tram railroad.
I'iiani is II. l.KooKTr v Co.. whole
sale griKs-rs in New York, suffered a
loss of S4 :;i.i:m) by tin-.
Tiik failure was reported of thel'rcon
Pacific Tea Company of New York.
The company did business in teas, eof
ees and groceries, and had nineTy-tive
branches in different states.
At Halcton. Pa.. Mrs. Donnelly,
aged lio years, committed suicid.' by
netting lire to her lied. She fcaro 1 sh
w as to lie sent to the poorhoo-.
I Nebraska John M. Thayer has re
sumed the othce of governor and has
reapMiinted all the republican office
holders dejiosed by Mr. liovd.
C. Puuikk's four children who left
Kast Tarns. Mich., in an open liat
and who were supiosed to lie drowned
reached Port Austin in safety.
A: explosion of gas in the O-ean
mine at Clark.-sbnrg. W. Va.. kill-d four
miners and several others were badly
Passkxokr trains on the Pan-Handle
collided at Tuscarawas. O.. alii l.
l.ong-neckcr was kill-d and C. II.
lingers, i;. K. Marvin and Otto Miller
iv-re fatally injured.
Wll.l.IAM WniollTMAX. while remov
ing wheat from his barn for market
near Middletown. Ind.. found in the
grain an tdd nicketlNMik containing
H I..MI0 in gold coin ami paper citrren
ey. How the money came there wa a
W. C. Woonrouii y.ent !." hours and
45 minutes w ithout closing his eyes in
a sleep-fasting contest in San Francis
co, breaking the previous record of 114
hours anil "l minutes.
AT Marinette. Wis., the safe of the
iron works w as broken open by burg
lars and robbed of ?;.0:);l.
Ax Indian woman living in poor
county. Wis.. Mrs. Angelica Pear, is
said to 1m- I'M years old.
Tiik Chilian insurgents' vessel Itata
when she sailed from San Hiego (Cal.l
harlior carried awav Deputy Marshal
Spaulding. ivhr was put off at Pallast
point and returned to that city, lie re
ported that the vessel was a well-armed
Fl.A MKs" destroyed the planing mills,
warehouses and uiiiler yard of
Schroth .t Ahrens at Winona. Minn.
Loss, $100.0(10.
A mktkor passed over the. Victor
(Tex.) region, finally exphxling with a
noise like the report of a big cannon.
tlx the sth six persons committed sui
cide in Chicago and six others were
kilhd in accidents.
llv the burning of August Ilauntz
inan's barn at Manson. la., twenty val
uable horses were cremated.
1 x ( hieago a fire made thirteen fam
ilies homeless.
F. A. Wai.sh Jfc Co.'s tinwar.- manu
factory in Milwaukee w-a burned, the
loss lM-inp.el.-i0.00u.
Ix San Francisco a shook of earth
quake shook buildings quite severely.
Tiik railivay shops of the Santa Fe
road were burned at (Jalvcston. Tex.,
causing a loss of SI03.000.
LmiiTSixo killed two children, affed
13 and 10. of Mrs. Susan llardwick, re
siding near Little Kock, Ark.
Mrs. ;eoroe Hkxxktt. of Ottumwa,
la., was burned to death. She was
standing by a bonfire when her cloth
ing caught fire.
At scores of points in the upper pe
ninsnla of Michigan forest fires were
burning on the 8th and heavy damage
was reported. Several farmhouses and
other buildings were burned. In Wis
consin fires were raging all through
the northern portion of the state, doing
immense damage, and in Minnesota a
wide area had been burned over, te
village of St. Loois ln-iny entirely
swept a ct.
At Indianapolis. IncL. Minnift Whit
taker, agiil 15 years, committed mi:
cide liecausc her father had been :,ent
to prison.
Miss .iKxxir: Trri'Ki: was burned to
death in Chicago by a gasoline explo
sion and M iss Clara Peng met a like
fate from burning alcohol.
Tiik failure of the Western Farm
Mortgage Companj' of AlHrde'n. S. li .
with a Capital of ?::J.i)J0, was an
nouncsl. At Marshall. Mo.. William Price was
hanged for assaulting Miss Alice Ninas
who later committed suicide rather
than testify at the trial.
Ix Michigan the villages of Walker
Tille. Koxville and Murley were de
stroyed by forest tires, ami at other
points many Incises and barns were
burned and millions of feet of timber
were reduced to ashes.
Ix a quarrel with his wife James K.
Stewart, a miner at Mansfield. (..,
threw a lig'itiil lamp at her and she
was burtie-1 to death.
Ix the National league the pen-en t
agesof the baseball clus forth? week
ended on the :tli were: ( hicago. .i'ii'i'i:
1 trj . ,t, .ilia: Cleveland, .."''.i:: New
York. ..":'.:.: Pittsburgh. .4.M!: Philadel
phia, .4::-: lirooklyn. ": Cincinnati.
.::ii The percentages of cnbs in the
Aiiieri-an assfK-iation were: Coston.
.i.i."i: Kaltimore. .TiV.-: St. l.otiis. ..;;
Louisville. ..'::.: Coliuilnis, t4l: Cinciit
rati. .t.'s; Athletic, .4ii:: Washington,
The monument at the center of pop
ulation of the I'nited Stat-s SO miles
east of Columbus. linL, was unveiled
at 1 p. in. on the mth. and the event
will go into history as tin- second of the
kind in the past hundred years, the
first lieing in lsio. and the place
miles wot of Washingt n. I), t'.
A r l.ogansport. Ind.. Martin (Jriner
shot and killed his mistress. Mrs. Anna
Kcir.tcr. and then ki!l--d himself.
I-'i.amks at Manning. la., destroyed
almost the entire business portion of
the city. I.iss. S ;.'i.U.i:.
Till: loss of the steamer l.vey Lowe
in tin- straits of Juan de I'uea with
tiltv-tive coheiists on l-iKird was re
Nrteil. The party left Taeoma April
-'1 to settle on land near the Ciic-taln-a
At Ottawa. 111., Charles Ford was
hanged for the murder of Huvid Moore
in June, is'.ni.
Uoicr:i:r Knms barn was burned near
Knthven. In., and a loy and ten horses
perished ill the llames.
Iliwix llrxi AX and bis l-r-.ther Wil
liam, of I ayti.n. .. were instantly
killed by a passi ngi-r train on the "llig
Four" road at Kast Cuuiniiiisville. O.
Ox the Santa Fe road a stock train
was wrecked near Trinidad, N. M.. and
:a;ii head of cattle and four mcu w-.-ro
Ix Fl'ironee. Italy. Wiilia:u Ja-.-ques.
an American from Newton. Mass.. was
set upon l y a mob and his daughter,
win was with hial. was severely in
jured by stones thrown by tin- mob.
A i:k-, oi.i TioN i:v movement was in
progress in Costa Iliea. and the presi
dent had declared a state of siege and
suspended pi r-onal guarantees.
Ai h si.y the hilian insurgent
warship Ulan o Fncalada was blown
up in Caldera bay by two torpedo
cruiser, and Is of the crew were
In a mine explosion at Saarbruekeii.
Prussia, eig'it pen.' uis wen- killed and
seven were i;ijnre:l.
Yo!ionM. advices state that a baad
of Tonqiiin pirates were surprised oy
I reneli troops while escorting sixty-sevi-Ti
native women over the Chinese
frontier and eight of the kidnapers
were killed.
It was stated that the Italian gov
erment was aliont to addn-ss a cin-nlar
to tin- Kuropean powers submitting the
eoiMbiet of tin- 1'niteil States goyern
ment in the New Orleans affair to their
Fl.AVMS destroyed MX bliK-ks of
buildings at AMiston. ont. They con
tained six hot -Is. forty-live stores
twenty-live r.'sidehees. the post office,
market buildings and the tire hall.
I'llil: de.troved a bonded wan-house
at llott r lam! the loss being .l.-j:.!MHI0.
In France tin census shows an in
crease in popn'at ion of los.Oan yearly,
as compared with an increase of 4:;.i,0-jil
ycai-iy in Germany.
Afti i: a si rike of several weeks oura
i n at the brickyards of F. N. Davis .t
Son. of Denver. Col., the proprietors
vith live negr-s arnied wilh ilonble
barreied shotgi;ns hi-avily charged
with buckshots, started for the yards,
on the 11th. with the avowed intention
of lK-g:nn'nig work or dying in the at
tempt. 'I hey were met on the way by
a crowd of strikers who barred their
way and refused to letthein pass The
determined men c.jiencd fin- at close
range on the strikers, several of whom
were fatally and many severely in
jured, of the fatally injured one died
soon after the shooting occurred.
Tin: mangled remains of a young
man (snpiosed to have been Samuel
Itright, on his way to Herman. Mo., to
marry a Miss Wendell.) wen- found on
the New York Central railmad track a
few miles west of Sehneetady. on the
Itth. A letter was found ill his pocket
giving the willing consent of the girl's
father to the union, notwithstanding
the young suitor's poverty.
Tiik supreme court of the I'nited
States has affirmed the order of the
New York cireuit court denying writs
of haln-as corpus in the cases of the
prisoners Woods and .lugigo. now- in
Sing Sing prison under sentence of
death by electrocution.
Maj. P. II. Dowxixo, collector of the
port of San Pedro, Cal . di-d on the
Ilth. Mr. Downing is the fourth col
lector under the present administration
who has tli-d when just entering upon
the duties of his ofllee.
Kioiit men were killed and twenty
five injured by an explosion in the
forchold of the P.ritish tank steamship
Tancarville, while undergoing repairs
at Newport, Kr.gland. on the Iflth.
HlxoAitiAN enip reports show that
ry. oats, barley and feedingstuffshave
suffered greatly liecause of the heat
which has recently prevailed. There is
a fair average wheat enp.
Phemifr Fiei.iiino. of Nova Scotia,
estimates the expenditures of the prov
ince at SCV7T.000. or S50.000 in excess of
the receipts. Of this expenditure S100,
000 is for interest charges.
Three men were killed and thirteen
injured in a collision letween two sec
tions of a log train at Shepherd, Slich..
on the night of the 10th.
Tiik luuilier dealers of Xew York
city declared a lockout, on the lltn,
and the men thus thrown ont of work
numlier aliont lii.00!).
Peace has been established in H3n
duras. nnj the revolutionary movem rnt
started at Amupal by Domingo Vh
qnr is St "1 T"i-
A Foal Plot DiiK-loird.
Tan Elliott, Luther Mobcrly an.)
Joseph Howard, the young men charged
with the sensational attempt on the
life of Emmet Wells, a prominent poli
tician and merchant at Rushville, lluch
anan county, on the night of April 24
last, were given a preliminary examina
tion the other day at St. Joseph, and
held to the grand jury in the sum of
S1.000 each. The testimony of the
prosecution developed a plot to kill
Wells rob his store during the excite
ment, cross the river to the Kansas side
and go to Mexico. The testimony to
this effect was a le'ter written by
young Elliott from St. Joseph to his
sweetheart, Jennie Allison, who lives
at Knshville. Wells went home earlier
than usual on the night of the shoot
ing and the plot miscarried, the fact
that he was seen at all by the young
men appearing to have been an acci
dent. -HlMoiirr. st.tr i-rbt.
The lioard of fund commissioners
which was established by an act of the
last legislature, recently purchased
SMO.0O0 Missouri state ::' ,-per-cent.
bonds. SSOO.000 of which are not due
until September and SJHUW0 not due
until Novcmlier. The treasurer for
wanled his check for same to New
York the other day. I!y this purchase
the lioaii! saved for the state aliout
imo in excess of interest that would
have lieen realized if the money had
remained in the state depositories On
January I, lsai. the bonded debt of the
state was S..V.000. On March 15
?(l"i0,000 of this was paid off, and with
the S510.000 just pnrehased leaves the
debt of the state in interest-liearing
bonds ST,:;7:i,ooo. The last report of
the treasurer showed there was on
hand to his credit. May I, over S2,.
It 'ot to Light a ilv.
The superintendent of city lightingof
St. Louis submits the following com
parative statement of the cost of light
ing the streets and alleys of that city
for the past live years:
Year mildl April. ss: SSsS.wt (is
Yeur led April. ' ' '
Year enile.1 April. Zlijit 7-i
Year railed April, is-o :s..ii:i r,l
Year ended April. P-d 211.11 41
During the year ended April, ls'Jl,
there was an increase of 11:1 miles of
streets illuminated over the mileage of
any previous year.
Hctsonrl supreme llvision 'o- 3.
The following cireular letter hat
lieen issued by Henry W. Ewing. clerk
of the supreme court:
CorKT IMvi-inn No. 2 will resume call of its
docket on Tuesday. June 1, l:il. lii-jrinnins
ilh "second call." ease V. .VI7-. or.-jinally
s. t for lr:duy. April 2s. Calling the
iloeket i sel lor each day unlil all cases ou
tile 9i com! cr.ll an- lieanl.
IlKMIV W. hw IMi, Clerk.
No WfMider lie Sans.
I'atriek McCain-, a night watchman,
was found in St. Louis early the other
morning singing an lliliemian lullaby.
He was slightly intoxicated, and. when
taken to the Third district suli-station
and searched. ?J.W0 was found on his
person. W hen sober his money was re
turned and In- was allowed to go home.
That Had I'ai-r.
The St. Louis mining exchange di
rectors have il-siidcd to swear out a
warrant charging Page McPherson
with emU-7.7.lcmeiit. McPherson was
one of the leading society young men
of St. Louis who recently skipped,
leaving many friends to mourn.
A MiirlTM- Hrntk for Mhrrtr.
At Kansas City Jeff Hughes colored,
who kicked his wife to death, was
found guilty of manslaughter and sen
tenced to five years in the penitentiary.
While on the way from tin- court house
to jail he attempted to escape, and was
shot, but not fatally.
tVH from a Train.
Philin Kamin. a butcher fnra Xew
Richmond, O., fell from a Missouri Pa
cific west-lKiund passenger train near
Dresden, Pettis county, fracturing his
right leg and wrist, shattering his left
knee cap and possibly injuring himself
A Thieving Mall Clerk.
Lew-is I.atte, a mail clerk employed
in the transfer office at the union depot,
Kansas City, was arrested a few days
ago while abstracting money from a
registered letter, lie confessed. He is
Ulieved to have stolen at least SC.iiuo.
Accidentally Killeil.
Warner Meyers, aged 1-v was accident
ally killed near Kockport. Warner anil
his cousin, (ireelj- Mann, were cleaning
a gun. when the weapon was accident
ally discharged, almost tearing the un
fortunate young man's head off.
Knd or a AYrctclieil Life.
Eliza Wells Brt years died in a cell at
the St. Louis Four courts a few night
ago. She had led a degraded life, and
when taken to prison only a few hours
liefore her death she was in a drunken
Alwaya Tarn tin" the Fire.
Mrs. Fannie Fcinla-rg. of St. Louis,
attempted to till a -rasidine stove with
one of the burners lighted. There was
an explosion, and the unfortunate
woman died in a few hours in terrible
A New Bridge.
A syndicate has lieen organized to
build a ?1,000.000 bridge across the Mis
sissippi at Canindelet. the southern
suburb of St. Louis
Failed to Agree.
At Trenton the jury in the case of
Joseph A. Howell, charged with mur
dering Mrs. Minnie Hall and four chil
dren, near Jtrookfield, failed to agree.
Appointed County Surrejor.
John C. Slavin has been appointed
surveyor of Pettis eonnty. by Gov.
Francis, to fill the vacancy caused by
the death oi James C. Johnson.
Naturalization l-apera Annuled.
The I'nited States circuit court at St.
Louis has annuled the naturalization
papers in seventy cases The franchises
were secured through fraud
Uied lum HI Injnrle.
At St. Joseph Christian Bowers
stepped in front of a street car and was
run over, being bo badly injured that In
died in a short time.
A Tearful Accident.
In St. Louis the other day a 10-year-old
son of Dr. Ilaus Bremer was run
down by an electric motor car and fear
fully injured.
Killed by a Falling l imb.
George Godfrey, aged 1, son of a
prominent farmer near Lamar, was
killed by a falling- limb, while chopping
ForeM Fire of rapreeedeated Extent mat '
le.lrnetlTenetul Raging In ortbera ,
M irbigan Million of Acre Ablaze and
the l-eople Helplesa to Star tbe Mareb
of tbe Destroyer.
Detroit, Mich., May 10. A fire is
raging in the upper central counties of '
the lower peninsula the like of which
was never before known. The flames
reach almost without a break from
Mason county, on Lake Michigan, to
Iosco county, on Lake Huron, with the
forests of Lake, Osceola, Clare, Glad
win, Ogemaw and Alcona, where Gen
eral Alger owns large interests all
A fire of scarcely less magnitude ex
ists in the upper peninsula. The in
cline of the Iluluth, South Shore A At
lantic railroad, through Marquette,
Houghton. Baraga and Ontanagon coun
ties is in the path of the flames. Two
railmad bridges have already gone on
the line, and the telegraph lines are in
bad shape.
Fears are entertained that the fire
will reach the town of Meredith in Clay
county. Tail township, in losca-ieounty,
is also in danger. Friday night the
flames swept into Oscoda and burned
out ?-.'00.000 worth of pnH-rty. Two
honses and 7,000.000 feet of lumber wera
Great apprehension is felt at An Sa
ble. An appeal for help has l-een sent
to Alpena. It is feared the city will 1
swept away if the wind shifts Mil
lions of acres of pine are burning.
Lt niNiiTox, Mich., May 11. Walker
ville. a small town in Ocean county,
the terminus of Butler ,fc Peters
logging camp, was almost totally de
stroyed by forest fires Saturday after
noon. The hotel, stores livery barn,
saloons blackmith shops and all but a
few dwellings went up in smoke. Five
hundred thousind hanlwood logs were
also burned. Fires are raging in the
woods over the country and doing in
calculable damage.
Kitziiiger's mill at Free Soil was also
destroyed by forest fires
GitANr. Kai-iiis. Mich., May 11. The
Chicago & West Michigan station at j
r-iiieios. near iniu i iimii, s or -
stmyed by forest fires Satunlay after
noon. Eighteen Chicago & West Mich
igan freight cars were burned at Lilley,
on the Chicago ,fc West M ichigan. and -J,-000.000
feet of logs owned by Dnnshern,
Bolindcr & Co., of Muskegon, were de
stmved Saturday afternoon.
The Assertion that No Sane Person Ha
F.ver Keen rnlawfullr Imprisoned in an
Insane Asylum fomliatted hy tlie Sec
retary nf the Anti-Kitiiiapiiig League of
Near York.
New York, May 10. The anti-kid-napiug
league's lawyer. Mr. Alliert
Bach, will ti-inorrow publish a canl re
plying to the statement of the national
convention of the insane asylum super
intendents at Washington, I). C, that
no sane person has ever been unlaw
fully imprisoned in an asylum. M-.
Bach denounces the statement as false
and ridiculous and cites the cases
of Mrs Clarissa C. Lathnip. au
thor of --ecret Institutions" and Miss
Anna E. Dickinson, both of whom, he
says are shown by the record, to have
Wen imprisoned without any legal au
thority, and that of Mrs Harriet E.
Beach, wife of the editor of the Scien
tific American, who has just been re
leased from Bloomingdalc asylum on a
halieas corpus obtained by the anti
kidnaping league and adjudged by the
court to lie entirely sane, as Mrs La
thnip previously was
Mr. Bach says hundn-d of such cases
are on record: that the league is in pos
session of evidence that many persons
are unlawfully confned in the very
asylums whose superintendents
deny that such a thing had
ever hapiened. and that they are
investigating these cases He states
that in another case the league has pos
itively ascertained that the physician
who consigned a lady to an asylum cer
tified that she was insane without ever
having seen her, and that the league
have called the attention of the author-
ties to flic matter anil are working to
have this physician indicted and pun
Lavtre Numlier of Chicago Firemen
Severely Injured by an Kzplosinn of
Ciiicaoo. May II. Several firemen
and memliers of the fire insurance
patrol were badly burned. Satunlay
afternoon, by au explosion of chemicals
in the basement fif a dyeing establish
ment at 4: North Clark street. An
alarm of fire was turned in. a blaze ol
a minor character having started among
the garments liNisely strewn about the
place. As soon as the firemen got tc
the scene a dozen of them descended
the stairs. Nobody warned them of the
dangerous character of the chemicals
stored there. No sooner had they all
got well into the room than a loud ex
plosion was heanl. and a moment later,
the bystanders were horrified to seethe
poor fellows run wildly for the open
air, with hairless faces blistered
features and clothes almost burned
from their bodies
The names of the fire insurance pa
trol men injured are: Frank Lit;
fatally; Capt. O'Neill, John Ruane. W.
Aekle and Geo. Fnrnal. all seriously.
The firemen injured are: Assistant
Fire Marshal Musham: Capt. James
Thorn, Lawrence Stafford. Truckman
Byan. and two firemen, and two truck
men, names not ascertained. No par
ticular damage was done to the store ot
4n Inmate or the Milwankee Soldier'
Home Found Murdered.
Milwaukee, May 11. Henry Aul
fus an iumate of the soldiers'
home, was missel from that institution
Saturday evening. Shortly after noon
yestenlay his body was found in Honey
creek, about four miles from the home.
Several deep gashes were found on his
head, and his hands and feet were tied
with a stout rope. It is supposed he
was murdered and then thrown into
the creek. He was a member of com
pany K, Twenty-eighth Ohio, and about
55 years of age. No motive for the
crime is known.
No Truth in the Report.
Mocnt Pleasant, Pa., May 10. Re
ports having reached Gov. Pattison that
the coke operators weie keeping their
men in the mines without letting them
come to the surface, and in some cases
that the men were chained to prevent
them from leaving the mines, Gov. Pat
tison yesterday morning sent Adjt
Gen. McClelland here to make an in
vestigation. In company with a numt
ber of labor officials the adjutant-general
visited the different mines, and
after a thorough investigation reported
to Gov. Pattison that there was not
word of truth iq the arDMlional r
I Rerolntlon Impending la Belgium tbat
May tira the Train Leading to I bo
Throne of Other Koropeaa Nation
The liight or Mankind a Again
rriTilrged Classen Mast be Asserted.
LoxiMix, May 11. Thirty-eight suf
frage meetings were held jiestcrday in
Brussels and other cities of Belgium,
and the attendance numbered hundreds
of thousands Many of the speeches
made were of the most violent char
acter, the speakers urging that the
working people must at any hiizard
assert their right to a share in the gov
emmenL The upper classes were
warned that their oliffan-hy was ap
proaching a close, and nothing short of
universal suffrage, pmmptly granted,
would W likely to avert a revolution.
A socialist orator in Brussels asserted
that the day was not far distant when
myalty would lie brought down as it
had lK-cn brought down by the French
revolution and that the bayonets em
ployed to prop up thrones would be
turned against those who sat on
thrones The utterances were enthusi
astically cheered.
At Ghent, where the suffrage agita
tion has heretofore lieen comparatively
undemonstrative, the people assembled
in thousands and in such a threatening
manner as to call for the interference
:if tiie military and police to prevent
rioting. In Antwerp, Ghent, Liege and
t'harleroi. as well as lirnssels the gar
risons were kept ready for instant ser
vice, and the police were reinforced by
gendarmes The miners on strike
assembled as on May-day, but without
any serious exhibition of violence.
The utmost anxiety is felt by the a-n
thorities as to the future, and it is said
that both king and cabinet favor ample
concessions on the suffrage issue as a
means of placating the working classes.
The majority of parliament is how
ever, still stubbornly opposed to the
surrender of the powers and privileges
which the upper onlers in Belgium
have so long possessed exclusively, and
the farthest they are willing to go is to
place the suffrage within reach of the
lesser tax payers still excluding the
vast majority of the workingmcn.
In England and Germany the situa
tion is viewed with equal anxiety, and
it is felt that the agitation is favorable
to Frani-e. and that the socialist ele
ment would rise en masse in behalf of
France in the event of a war.
From l-resent Indication, the World"
Fair at Chicago will F--lipse All Previous
F.thlliitlnns of Similar Character Tho
Porrign Interest in the Enterprise llotlt
VWilcMircad and Untlin-laslle Oor South
American sister Will be Well Repre
Wasiiinc-.tox. May li The World's
Columbian exposition at Chicago bids
fair to lie the greatest exhibition ever
held in any country; greater even than
the Paris exposition of ls9. Advices
already received at thebureanof Amer
ican republics here attest a remarKauie
and astonishing interest in the exposi
tion on the part, not only of the South
American republics but of continental
Europe and China and Japan as well.
Every country on this continent south
of the I'nited States from Mexico to the
Argentine republic has been heanl from,
nml are making great preparations to
place exhibits at Chicago.
In Europe. Great Britain has already
appointed a commission, with the
Prince of Wales at the head of it to
prepare a wonderful exhibit for the
fair. The linssian government has set
apart two millions and a half, and
leading merehants anil manufacturers
of Strauslierg and Moscow are pledged
for as much more, for the purpose of
sending here the greatest, most diversi
fied anil novel exhibit ever col
lected by a single government. Ger
many will lie present with a wonder
ful display, and France lias given as
surance of bringing a great exhibit
On this continent Mexico will prob
ably lead her sister republics in size
Riiii diversity of display, and has appro
priated $1,000,000 to do so. Mexico,
Colombia. Guatemala, Salvador and
Costa Kica w ill erect their own build
ings at the fair.and Barbadoes Jamaica
and the other British West India islands
propose to place their exhibit in a typi
cal building which they will erect to
la- called "The West Indian Court."
Although the oH-ning of the exposition
is two years hence, tlie assurances are
uvniplcte for one of the greatest exhi
bitions the world has ever seen.
Novel t;ronnd Set Forth for Their Fs
pnlsion from the Kealois or the Czar
- Their Fecundity I Too Creat.
Loximix, May II. A plausible state
ment has been published defending on
a novel ground Kussian persecution of
the Jews It is to the. effect that at
the rate of increase of Jewish families,
i-ompared with the increase of the Rus
sians proper, the empire, in the course
of a few generations would lie mainly
Jewish, and the orthodox subjects of
the czar would be in a hopeless minor-
I itv.
i A St. Petersburg letter says that the
' ,. A:. am ,a,ulrl,,r tin miKl oli&iinlev-
cuses everywhere for the persecution of
the .lews One of the reports sttrtetl
at Kieff .vas that there had been a
mysterious disappearance of several
Russian children, and that the children
were kidnaped by the Jews for the
punioses of sacrifice. It was even
alleged that the calcined bones of
a victim had la-en found. The stones
were readily believed by the more
ignorant, and had much to do with
the cruel treatment of emigrant Jews
by the populace.
Fifty-Five Colonist Lost oa 4 Foundered
Misneaisiijs Minn.. May 11. A spe
cial to the Tribune from Taeoma, Wash.,
says: The steamer Lucy Lowe has
foundered in the straits of Juan de
Fuca. with fifty-five colonists on board.
The part v. numbering fifty-six, left Ta
eoma April 21. to settle on land near
i the mouth of the Guestahes river, but
I were lieaten back by high seas and be
came short of food. John X. Grant of
Taeoma. tlie only survivor, returned
! here Satunlay. He believes the entire
party has been lost A search party is
being fitted out
Successful Train Knbberjr at Wharton,
Gt-THRIE, Okia.. May 11. The south
bound train on the Santa Fe road was
held up Satunlay night about 11:30
o'clock bv five masked men. The gang
is supposed to have been the notorious
Dal ton boys who have been seen in
this neighborhood recently. They
boarded the train at Wharton, and de
tached the engine and express car. and
then proceeded two miles south and
robbed the express car of all the money
it contained. It is believed tna, tno
amount stolen i not very large. Th
pt9Tj'.ri w oru not rooit4.
Bloody Fight Betweea Strikers aad !
Tnloa Btirkaaaaer at Denver, Cot One
Maa KlUed aad Several Weuded. Sev
eral Fatally storlea or the ABkdr aa
Told by Some of the Participants.
Denver, CoL, May 11 A desperate
fight took place in the City park at 10
a. m. yesterday between F. N. Davis,
and E. D. Davis (white) and John White,
Tom Davis, E. Farri, J. W. Smith and
James Blackburn (colored) on one side,
and some fifty or more strikers on the
other. Two men were fatally shot and
about twelve others wounded more or
less seriously.
The fight which was at close range,
was brought about by the brickmakers'
strike which has been in progress at tbe
Davis yanls for several weeks past
Yestenlay morning F. X. Davis and son.
the proprietors of the brick yards, and
five negroes armed with double-barreled
shotguns heavily loaded with
buckshot started for the yanls with
the avowed intention of beginning work
or dying in the attempt
As they were Bearing the yards a
party of strikers, headed by Frank
Sarber, appeared and asked that they
be allowed to talk to the men who
were going to work. Davis replied
that the men did not want to talk and
onlered the strikers to allow his men
to pass
This the strikers would not do, and
Davis and his son and five men opened
fire on the strikers. Thomas Kelly,
was shot in the small of the back and
died two hours later. The more serious
ly injured are: John Kidenour. shot in
the back.f atally wonnded;Frank Snrber
shot in the right arm. necessitating
amputation: may die: Bert Brown, shot
in the right arm; S. II. Paal. shot in the
left shoulder: Jack Garnet shot in the
side: W. J. Shamnte, shot in the fore
head and in the shoulder; Sam Farrar.
shot in the legs; Pete Nolan, shot in
the arm: B. O'Brien and William Dick
son both shot in the head and side.
A numlier of others are known to
have been hit but fled from the scene
before their names or the extent of their
injuries were learned.
Immediately after the firing began
the strikers ran. except those who were
too Wily hurt to get away, and Davis
with his men proceeded to the yards,
where they surrendered to an officer
and were locked up.
Immediately after the shooting a
I'nited lress reporter arrived on the
scene of the trouble and fonnd a large
crowd of men there, being attracted by
the shooting. A number of the strik
ers who had at first fled from the scene
hail returned, but some were away hav
ing their wounds attended to.
Thomas Kelly was lying on the
ground breathing painfully and evi
dently dying. Beside him was his sis
ter, a girl abont 14 years of age, almost
crazed with grief and moaning most
piteously. Before he was too far gone
to speak. Kelly stated that F. X. Davis
was the man who shot him. He then
fell back fainting and could say no
more in reference to the affair. Kelly
was not a striker, and only went to the
place out of mere curiosity.
John Ridenonr. who was also mor
tally wounded, was taken to the Sis
ters' hospital, where he now lies in
lying condition.
W. J. Shamnte, who was injured.
said: "We were sitting under the trees
when Davis and his men came up with
heir guns on their arms. Mr. Snrber
ail: 'Mr. Davis we would like to
talk to these men." Davis replied:
Get ont of this we want no talking;
ind immediately shouted -Fire' and
mntied his gun at the strikers. hen
poor Ridenonr fell, yonng Davis shot
urn again after he was down.
All of the men who were present at
the time corroborated the story of
F. X. Davis was seen at police head-
inarters and said: "I shot to kdl and
don't deny it This morning I goi
some men and started out to my yards.
We stopped at the gate of City park
ind loaded our guns and started across
the park to where my yanls are located.
liefore we had gone far we saw a
lot of men running across the park, and
when we got near the yards the strik
ers blocked the road. Frank Surher
was in the lead and said he would like
to talk to the men. I told him they
lid not want to talk and onlered them
to g t out of the way. Snrber then
said: '-Boys every man grab a gun.
They then rushed on ns throwing
stones and shouting. I told my men to
fire and shoot to kill.
The men abont the park say that in
addition to the men who jvere shot two
little lioys who were crossing the park
at the time were hit by a stray shot but
neither was fatally hurt
The Cashier Knocked In the Head aaa
the Kulldlag rirea.
lliou.s-c.ii.vi Ala Mat 11 C. II.
Russell, cashier of the Georgia Pacific
freight office was at worn wnn n
books last night in the office. The safe
was opened but the building was
locked. The watchman in charge
of the building was the only other per
son in the place.
Shortly liefore 11 o'clock the watch
man heard Rnssell screaming and
1-t.shed to his assistance. He found him
near the safe, robbers having knocked
him in the head, robbed the safe and
set fire to the papers. The nre naa
gained too much headway for the
watchman to successfully fight it so he
carried Russell to the street and gave
the alarm. The building was gutted
and a large amount of freight de
stroyed. Commanded t tioao Their Pool Kooams.
Covinoton, Ky., May 12. In answer
to the motion of the commonwealth for
an abatement of the pool rooms in this
city. Judge Perkins yesterday issued
the following order:
The defendant I commanded to cease bet
ting or lufleriiig or pennitting person to
aascmtile nd bet on horses In the house
named in the Indictment and proof, and h
will be committed to Jail until the order Is
obeyed. Tbeberl will execute thi order.
This applies to every pool-room pro
prietor in the city, even to McDonald,
who came into court Saturday and paid
his fine of S200. Several of them yes
terday morning gave bond for an ap-
Arrived at Their Detloatha.
Tacoha. Wash.. May 12. A report
reached here late yesterday afternoon
that the party of colonist on the
steamer Lucy Lowe, reported wnrecked
In the straits of Juan de Fuca, arrived
at their destination yesterday morning,
after many hardships.
Dr. Craves Arrive la Deaver.
Dejveb, CoL, May 19.-Dr. Thatehet
Graves arrived here Sunday night so
companied by his wife and Mr. Conrad,
son-in-law of Mrs. Barnaby. Detec
tive Hanseom also srriYetl on, the aairnj

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