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BEY If. ADAMS, Publisher.
VOL. XV.-NO.-oO.
Omc ai shr on narmunj Street,
Physician and Surgeon
Office fn ivar of Tnrkry Drug Store, cornet
rat lnl"t ml -n-f ami Spanish Street. Cap
'HiritiilHau. tT Sp-a:. ftttntma fiTCS t
.turnery anJ Ji.seiiKb of Females.
Bertflr7 Itulldinraad Loan AsMcfsUoa.
eecrctarr 8Dutna-tern Wnrict Agrical
tarsi bociety. O.Dce, Court bout.
J to.
Do Your Insurance Business
In a company whom record In th. part to
luuwniv im 'G lumre. IHBUIV in ISO
Ko. as North. x!n Street, Cape Oirarnea,
- epia.
n. wiCHTEmcn,
Gaps Girardeau, - Ma
Agent for Ih? following
UeHahle Companies :
Franklin Mutual, of Pt, Loul.
riii-ii' Jiiuirmuf Vm party. St. I,onl.
8i-r.nfi.'U I'iguronco Cuui,aoy, bpiinr
Acid, M ii
. Tliw ar'ltrccf thr b "stand most rfllRit
0omptiu in the country. decA
Dealer in
lie fr""lB rrclvM mer-kly. OrtKtrie 3-mn,-
fieh. More to. nor of Fountntn and
Uaruiuuy Sircia. nuv.4.
fhff. on Main strict, one door south of t)
AH kiii-fr-tol r'rli Menu nn'I Sana-ice hi
iij'ji on liuti'l. In-livery wiioo run ovcrf
oiornlui. , julyJft,
Dealer In
Iliieiy, Dry Goods
No. too Harmony Street,
Independent j Stitjet,
Capo Girardeau,
Kntirr new stock, the latftt tmprove.1 and
bet t 'okinir and Ifea'inu tuvo In thf niiir
kt. All kmil of Job Vo-k done in the be!
manner and at moderate pries.
A spacialtj and work guaranteed flrst-clas.
Mechanics! and Surgical
lmes ail kinds of work In his line, and f nar
Ante ail w rk dor.e.
Office at resilience, corner Hannonj and
Lfiriinier Street.
Dealer, In
Iron and Steel,
WcuM Implemsnls, E(c, Etc.
Agents of the
Dealer, rappllod at Wholeaa., Price.
37 and 39 Main Street,
North Main Strret.
A full and complete Hn. of
Draffs, Patent Medicines,
Perfumery, Toilet Article,
Stationery, Notions, EUv
reaenpttona eiumtaU i
Orop.r.E Francis Tbaih it due in New
York July 4. returning from his second
trip around the worhL
Roiikht Shaw, of Brooklyn. N. Y.,
owns the old pun witlt which Israel
i'utiiam shot the wolf.
Hon. Horack Cusiux. successor to
Senator Reagan, resigned, will lie the
first native Texan to sit in the United
States senate.
Nkxt fall a gentleman fifly-thrce
years of age will enter the class" of 94
of I'rineeton college. During the eivil
war he was a sophomore in that instttu
tion, but left it to fight for his country.
SoMKTiiixi like 200,000 oil wells have
been drilled in the I'nited States since
the discovery of petroleum, which at
an average cost of 82,000. which is very
low, gives a total expenditure of 8400,
000.000. A max in Arkansas has, after two
years of litigation, been acquitted of
the charge of killing his ncighlior's pig.
It has cost the stale 85.000, the accused
8'l.iwo ami the time of over 100 wit
nesses. The pig was valued at S3.50.
,H kks Victoria has signified hn
willingness to nav Prince Alliert
debts, amounting to 81.500.000. She,
however, stipulates that none of the
money shall pass through his hands.
However pleasing a gentleman he is,
the queen doesn't regard him a good
A nil in Kentucky has recovered five
hundred dollars damages from a steam
boat company for naming a boat after
her without asking her permission, and
they must rename the lioaL She took
offense at the marine item stating that
'Kittie Marshal took the lower chute
an:! run her nose into a plantation.
Tills is the latest opinion promul
gated by Col. Ingcrsoll: "There will
never lie a really great civilization un
til women enjoy the same rights as do
the men. The highest ambition of any
man is to win the love of some noble
girl, and the highest ambition of any
good girl must be to win the love of
some good man.
Ax American ptrl in Paris, writing
to a friend in this country, says:
penerjUy manajred to make onr French
tindoJstiHid enough to order what we
wanted. Utit the rub came when pupa
wanted some mustard. We asked for
it in r'rench, Italian anil Spanish, but
all to no pnrprs- till inamtna raid:
.Mustard, you idiot.' h, mustard,'
said the waiter in utter contempt; 'why
didn't you sav so before?"
Tiik New York Tribune says that the
forest fires raging in different parts of
the country carry a stern warning of
what may happen if we continue to
neglect measures for their prevention.
The destruction is enormous. In the
census year of ISM) more than lO.OOO.(HK)
acres were burned over in the I'nited
States and over $J."i.ooo.ooo worth of
property was consumed. With proper
precautions nearly all this might have
been saved.
Tiik internal revenue receipts of the
I'nited States for the first nine
months of the current fiscal year are
prcater by 7,000.000 than for the same
time twelve months previously, and
considerably in excess of the estimates.
If tiie same rate lie kept up to the end
the receipts of the fiscal year will ex
ceed ftiro,ooo.000 for the first time in twr
decades. For the year ended with last
.lime the total was $ 142. MiO, 000, against
ri:tO,MOO,ooo for lsi.
The greatest diving feat ever
achieved was in moving the cargo of
the ship Tape Horn, wrecked off the
coast of South America, when a diver
named Hooper made seven descents to
a depth of two hundred and one feet,
and at one time remained under water
forty-two minutes. Sielte states the
greatest depth to which a man has ever
descended to lie two hundred and font
feet, equivalent to a pressure of eighty
eight and one-half pounds per square
Prof. Joskimi Lkidv, of Philadelphia,
and his brother. Ir. Philip Leidy, be
queathed their brains to the Anthropo
metric society, of which the professor
was a founder. "The brains of the
two brothers," a Philadelphia news
paper tells ns, 'were of the same
weight to a fraction of a grain. I loth
were noticeably 1m1ow the normal size.
confirming the deiiiction of anatomists
that quality of tissues ratherdhan quan
tity distinguishes the valuable brain
from the ignorant.
Thk net profits for the last five
years of the principal firm engaged in
manufacturing chewing gum are said
to le Si.V,7:J.Y:;i. These figures do not
exactly speak for themselves but they
are uncommonly suggestive. Think ol
the miintier of human jaws that the
stuff which produced this large sum
has set in profitless motion, oft times,
too, to the annoyance of unwilling wit
nesses. The chewing-gum habit is far
from licing a survival of the fittest.
Nunc physiciai.4 claim a therapeutic
value for chewing gum, but, like the
application of a blister, its use ought
to be entirely private.
It is not surprising to find that a man
of such kind impulses as Ilishop-clect
It rooks should liecome the victim ol
misplaced benevolence. While walk
ing up Kcacon street in Jtoston one
evening he was attracted to a boy whe
was trying in vain to pull the door-bell
of a house. Advancing to the door. Dr.
It rooks seized the liell-knoo. The ur
chin, whose eves followed the move
ments of the "big man, retreated
meanwhile to the bottom of the steps.
tiiving the lieu a vigorous pull, the em
inent divine turned to the urchin, whe
shouted: "Now scoot!" and ran, leaving
him to make his escape as best he could.
Mftft. John It. ton r.H. whose deatb
was an mm need recently, was the sec
ond wife of the great temperance apos
tle. 1 hey were married at Worcester
November 24, She was a woman
of strong New England character. In
his early struggles it was her faith and
struggles that held Mr. Hough up, and
in later years her constant care and
wifely devotion had much to do with
his ability to perform his work. In the
town of ItoylUon, the home of the fam
ily for the last thirty or more years,
Mrs. iiough was held in the highest es
teem. In the church and social life of
the town bhe wielded a great influence.
Rev. James McMahox, of New York
city, who recently gave $500,000 worth
of real estate to the Roman Catholic
university at Washington, is perhaps
the richest priest in this country, his
wea.lh being the result of judicious in-
jjcetmenta in real estate
Epitome of the Week.
Comix exports from the I'nited
State durinj? April air;rrefrnted 417.171
lialfR. valued at $'.o,5tiii.j7?. against
20MiJ bales, valued at SlO,i;-,'4.:.V, in
April, lVl
A umiskix by Attitrnry Cleneral
Miller say that foreign exhibitors at
the world's fair at 'hie-ago ran bring
skilled lalNirers to Mt up and operate
machinery or exhibits.
This stati-stieian of the department of
agriculture shows in his report an in
ereaM" since April of last year of more
than UK) per cent, in the price of corn
and oats, and oO per cent, and more in
Thk total value of the exports of
domestic mineral oils from the I'nited
States during the month of April was
fci,WvJ.V.r. The value of 1 ef and hog
exports for April was P3.2iM.7tl.
Aftkk twenty-three years of life the
Evening Oitie, of Washington, has sus
pended. Till-: business failures in the I'nited
States (hiring the seven days ended on
the 1Mb numbered j:-7 against Jli the
preceding week and il for the corre
sponding week last year.
A wmr of error has teen ivsued by
Justice Itrcwer. of the I'nited States
supreme court, in th'- Nebraska contest
ed governorship case.
It was estimated by the internal
revenue department that the amount
of whisky manufactured in the I'nited
States during the present year will be
l:M.fMr0.0i0 gallons, luring -VOoimkh) gal
lons more than was produced in the
I'nited States in any previous year of
its history.
Tin: design for the new two-dollar
eertitieates prepared to prevent a repe
tition in counterfeiting the old has been
approved by Secretary Foster. The
vignette of the late Secretary Windom
adorns the center of the note.
1"i:kiih nt IIai:i:isox and his party,
who left Washington April 14. reached
home airain at f:::0 p. m. on the Kith.
The p:rty traveled over 10.000 miles
and the president delivered 140 speeches
during the tour.
Tiik exchanges at the lending clear
ing-honses in the I'nite-l Mates dtirin?
' the week ended on the lHh aggregate 1
! si.i;s.iKi.7!tii. against tl.-,'.v;.:;s.:;m the
! previous week. As compare 1 with the
corresponding week of JVJJ the decrease
amounted to 17.1.
Kl!:K destroyed the steamers to-orge
l'olicrts. Kagle and Twilight at Pitts
burgh. A tktitiox has !een prepared by the
Ni-v. York I'tiioll l.fague clu'i to be
i-.'u'ated among ri'i.ens throughout
the country. ri-g;i;i'le.-.. of part allilia
tioiis, asking eonress to pass laws that
will protect this country from the tide
of undesirable Ki T&'oean immigrants.
Fi.ami:- in the old 'Sailors ex-
: change" building in New York caused
! a loss of SIIKI.II'.IO.
Tiik American IliMn society cele
brated its seventy-fifth anniversary at
New York.
It was believe 1 that over 100 persons
had perisheri in fmvst Arcs in the vicin
ity of Austin. Pa.
Till: firm of A. Levy .- Ilroe.,
wholesale dealers in boys' clothing in
New York, has failed for S:vvi.mn.
Iv session at Phila le'phiu the su
preme council of fathMie Knights if
Ami-riea favored exclusion from mem
liership of persons addicted to ardent
Tin: wholesale drug firm of Mac
kiMwn. Tower. Kllis A ".. in Philadel
phia, has failed. The house was estate
lished in t;m
i:v an exphision of gas in a sewer in
a stn-et in New York six men were
probably fatally burned.
Anoi r loo undesirable immigrants
have been debarred from landing by
the inspectors at New York since
April I.
Tiik Hamburg-American line steamer
Knerst llismarck eclipsed all maiden
voyages and made the unsurpassed rec
ord of 0 davs 14 hours and 1 minutes
from Southampton to New Y'ork.
In a hardware store at I.inesville,
Pa., an explosion of gasoline started a
conflagration that destroyed half a
dozen stores and several dwellings.
Loss, $100,000.
I!v the capsizing of alsiat Mrs. Susan
Pasctie. aged -4 years, her infant son
fhri-.topher and .Miss Mary arr. f
Philadelphia, were drowned in the
Schuylkill river.
Tiikkk men were killed by escaping
gas in the Worcester ( Mass. I gas works.
Krar Salem. Ore., four members of
the family of Adam H. Sconce were
buried side by side, all having died of
la grippe within a few hours of each
M Ai iacF. I.OPATKC KI. a Russian exile,
now a resident of Taeoma. Wash., has
fallen heir to f 10.000,000 by the death
of an uncle in Russia.
In five counties of Michigan the loss
es by forest tires vere estimated at SJ,
OOO.noo. Hundreds of families in the
state were destitute and many persons
were suffering from severe burns.
KoitKUT IM'KI-:, a Montmorency coun
ty (Mich 1 farmer, lost his home by
Jorest fires and two of his children per
ishciL Fiftv citizens of New Orhans ap
pointed to investigate the matter of the
existence of secret societies or bands of
oath-Uuind assassins reported ninety
four assassinations by Italians and
Sicilians in the nast few years, and rec
ommended as the only remedy the en
tire prohibition of immigration from
Sicily and lower Italy to this country.
On the 15th inches 1- of snow fell at
Sherman. Wyo., the highest point on the
I'nion Pacific road.
In the wheat fields of sonth central
Kansas the Hessian fly has made its ap
pearance in great nnmliers.
Tiik death of Kev. Walter L. Huff
man occurred as Peru. Ind.. aged Tii
yerrs. lluring his ministry of fifty-four
years he officiated at 1,.'00 weddings
and 1..00 funerals.
I)K. i. 11- Homi: killed Adam and Sitt
Hatlev at Atkins, Ark., the result of a
family feud. Home said he had three
more llatleys to kill.
At Trenton. Ca., Reuben Moore, a
negro 21 years old. was hanged for the
murder of Henry Slade, a colored com
panion, on June 24 last.
Some bricks fell from a new building
at ltirmingham. Ala., among a group
of school children, killing one and in
juring four.
A gamri.kr named .Turden at Dem
ersville. Mont., who had killed a ranch
er for four dollars, was lynched by citr
At the democratic state convention
in Lout -ville John Young Ilrown was
nominated for governor of Kentucky.
The percentages of the baseball clubs
in the National league for the week
ended on the Iiith wen-: C hicago. .M6;
ltoston. 571: Philadelphia, .54-"; Pitts
burgh, ..Vj::: Cleveland. .500: iimuklyn.
.4.'4: Ne-.v York. .4-"; Cincinnati, .:;is.
The K-rceniagcs of clubs in the Ameri
can a?-Mciation were: Coston. .73:!; Ital
timore. .i'ii': St. Louis. .!;: Athletic,
.4!: Louisville. .470: Cincinnati. .424;
Columbus, ,:is7; Washington, -OX
Wiiii.k out driving tieorge Walker, of
Helena. Mont., and his wife were struck
by lightning and lith fatally hurt.
At Siol;anc. Wash., Prof. W. T.
Htmntrce. an amateur teronaut, fell
from a balloon and was killed.
Tiik mayor of New Orleans informed
some Italians engaged in a race war
that he intended to put an end to the
disturbances even if it became neces
sary to wipe every one of them from
the face of the earth.
Tiik sheriff of Valencia county. N.
M.. reports over 2.000 people homeless
in his county, their homes and crops
having lieen destroyed by floods.
In Chicago Joseph llallagan and
James Sullivan, young men, stabbed
each other fatally in a fight.
Fl.Ai:s on the 10th destroyed thirty
five squares in the heart of Muskegon,
Mich. The fire started in a livery
stable, and when at last the conflagra
tion ended projierty valued at nearly a
million dollars had vanished and hun
dreds of persons were homeless.
Tiik supreme council of the I'nited
Order of 1'ailwaj- Kmploves met in Chi
cago and did not approve the grievance
of the switchmen on the Northwestern
At San Antonio John F. Morrison,
one of the liest-known criminal law
yers of Texas, while temporarily insane
shot and killed his wifeand then killed
Tnt: three children of Abraham
Newman, of Haw-kinsville. tta.. were
drowned, Mr. Newman, while drunk,
driving over an embankment into the
At Missouri Valley. Ta., a ear loaded
with cattle took tire ami Itefore it could
be e.t jigu'.shed the animals were cre
mated. Kn::: destroyed the west side of the
public stjuarc at Princeton, Mo., five
business blocks being bnrneiL Loss,
f i oo.ii io.
1 1 KI'K a FTl'R the Stantlard Oil Com
pany will pump no Ohio wells on Sun
day! IfKoKoK .Ionks and William Panics,
two farmers living near Ardraore, 1.
T-. killed each other in a fight.
At K..Mi. N. M., artesian well liorers
encountered at a depth of IV) feet a
stratum of pure salt which proved to
v 40 feet thick.
At La Monte. Mo., an incendiary
caused th" ilest ruction of the business
portion of the town.
Thk lu.:aii government was expell
ing all the Jews living lieyond the
Caspian sea.
At Havana. Cuba, a workman rode a
horse into the bay to give him a bath,
when a shark seized the man. pulled
him from the horse's back and de
voured him.
Pi:i:un u Krwxi said in the Italian
chnmlicrof deputies that the New Or
leans affair was simply a legal ques
tion, and that the departure of Fara
from Washington had Ik-ch ordered as
a protest against the action of the
I'lrtcd stales.
Ji.uN Srixsov his two sons, his
hired man and his housekeeper have
l:een found guilty at Rochester. Out.,
of counterfeiting American silver coin.
In Terni, Italy, sixteen anarchists
were arrested who had in their posses
sion plans to pillage and destroy with
dynamite banks factories and other
In Russia nineteen workingmen were
drow ned in the Dnieper river, the boat
in which they were cmliarkcd being
run into by a steamer.
Loitsts wero again devastating Al
geria. A caravan of Morocco traversed
through swarms of locusts for thirty-
two days.
Tiik Irish National league of flreat
Pritain passed a resolution at New
castle declaring that Mr. Parnell was
morally ami jiolitically unfit for a posi
tion of trust.
Skiai.ists made an attempt to mob
Henry M. Stanley, the African explor
er, in Shcflield. Kng.
A ri: i i from Washington, of the
IMh. says the hint was aecidently
dropped by a high naval official that
ourcfforls to capture the Itata have
embittered the insurgents toward ns.
and that the American inbves!1; at
Iiiiqne. the insurgents headquarters,
are constantly in ilaiiirer. This ac
counts for the hasty inobiliz :tion of an
American fleet in that hartior.
Tiik London press make piquant
comments on the illness id Mr. l'L.ine.
The Chronicle, in diseussing the presi
dential jwissibilitie:. says: "Mr. Harri
son, as a protectionist pure and s:m le,
opposes Mr. I'luinc's policy of ree!p.-oc-ity.
and that while on his tour he en
ileavored to lake credit for the first
fruits of this policy, is mist signifi
cant." A si-kciai. from Vienna says a mar
riage has liecn arranged lietween the
czarowitz ami Princess Helen, danght r
of Prince Nicholas of Montenegro.
The correspondent says the marriai-e
will be of much political imjiortance,
and will lte welcomed by the Pan Slav
ists. Hknry Wki.ch, of New Y'ork. the
white man whretc skin had turned
black and whose ease had lw-en watched
with the greatest interest by the physi
cians at the Presbyterian hospitai.
where he had lieen since the I'.th, died
at that institution on the lsth.
Lord Eiwai:i Cavknimsh. youngest
son of the seventh duke of llovenshire,
and memlier of the house of commons
in the lilera!-iinion interest for the
western division of lierhvshire. Kn-
gland. died on the lsth. as the result of
an attack of influenza.
Iavii l.rrrs, aged 15, of Philadel
phia, was accidentally shot and killed.
Dn the lsth, by Jus. Pi'ts, who is one
year younger. The boys were warm
friends, and had just returned home
from Sundav-school.
Amkkr I!kn Am. otherwise Krenchv
No. 1," who killed old Carrie Hrown
in the East River hotel, New York city,
was indicted by the grand jury, on the
18th, for murder in the first degree.
Thk pnxif-readers of Cerman daily
papers are liable to imprisonment for
obnoxious or lilielons articles appear
ing in the papers with which they are
Thkrr is nn unconfirmed rumor in
Berlin that the German iron-clad Bre
men has seized an English vessel for
unlawful fishing in the North sea.
Thr president, on the 18th, commuted
to imprisonment for life the three Na
vassa rioters sentenced by the circuit
court of Maryland to be hanged
St. Louis Pcboola,
The report of the president of the SL
Louis school board shows:
The number of schools is 81; school
buildings, 111; rooms, 9:,-J; seats. 51.G43;
pupils enrolled, S8,:tlO; average number
of pupils belonging, 44.983; teachers,
1,154; kindergartens, 8& In 1S75 there
were 50 school houses and 0,070 seats;
to-day there are 111 bnildings
and 52.000 scats. The school year
has 200 days and 1,071 pupils
! did not fail mice in attendance.
A little over 44,000 pupils, or 70 per
cent., were not tardy a single time.
There are 8.057 children who are six
years old and 1.853 in their Kth year or
over. St. Ixrais is the native city of
45,243; 10.071 were Imrn elsewhere In
this country, and 3.41 1 abroad. The es
timated value of the ground owned by
the boardis$S52,0iH.S0: of school houses
sod furnishings 82,991. 890.30, or a
total of S3.K44. 408.10. High and normal
school maintenance and salaries aisj
89l,74.:0. (r 10 per cent, of the entire
cost of the schools, which is .527. 174. S2.
Total cost per scholar. SI7.03. and teach
ers' salaries H' 1,730. 25. The average
number of pupils to each teacher. 47.
The supervisor of kindergartens reports
210 paid teachers and 2:: volunteers. At
the close of the year 4.250 children were
in attendance. The names on the an
nual register, however, include 3.102
boys and :t,0s girls or a total of 0.S43.
Twelve kindergartners out of every
100 were alisent daily.
mown 1'p with rlvnaniite.
The house of Daniel Morgan, a quiet
and respectable citizen. 3 miles south
of Oak I'rove, Jackson county, was de
molished by an explosion of dynamite
the other night- It is not known who
perpetrated the' outrage. Mrs Mor
gan's collar-ltone was broken and she
was otherwise injured. Mr. Morgan
was badly injured, though not fatally.
His two children escaped unhurt, but
a step-son was thrown several yanls
and alighted on a fence. He was not
badly hurt.
foatlr Meat.
Meats continue high in SL Louis
The following are prices quoted in
I'nion market, that eitv, published in a
St. Louis daily the other day: Spring
latnlis are quoted at SI. 25 to ?2..'h mt
quarter; best cuts porterhouse. 20c to
2sc per pound: sirloin and tenderloin
cuts 15c to 20c: rib roasts. 15c to 20c
per pound; veal roasts and chops. 15c to
25c per pound: lamb chops and steaks
15c to 20c per pound: Hrk, all varieties
10c a pound; liccf and pork sausages 10c-
In "91, tei and D.I.
A large mass-meeting of St. Louis
business men was held a few nights
ago, and arrangements made whereby
the fall festivities for lsl. '92 ami "9:;
will lie the greatest in the history of
the city. When such men as S. M.
Kennard. Frank Gaicnne, Jerome Hill.
IE. M. Scruggs C. H. Turner and scores
and scores of other giea-head citizcm
take hold of an enterprise, it is goin!
through, and no mistake.
Nearer the (Inul.
The archaeological cabinet of Dr. Pat
rick, of llelleville. III., has lieen trans
ferred to the Historical society of St.
Louis Each aci-ession is a step nearer
the goal which since seventeen yi-ars
has lieen kept in view to establish in
St. Louis as a department of the socie
ty's work required by its charter, a
public museum of American antiquities
of real worth.
A Carelr. "flnther.
A colored woman living near Arrow
Kock, Saline county, locked two of her
children in n room and was gone sev-
eral hours. The clothing of one of the
children in some manner caught fire,
and the child was so badly burned that
it died soon after the mother returned.
Keutiv Action.
fiov. Francis has offered a reward of
8300 for tho apprehension of E. It.
Sober, who. on the night of April 21,
murdered his wife and two children in
the little town of Archie, Cass county.
The reward is ginnl for six months
llf-lil for Mnnlt-r.
James Crantz, charged with the mur
der of ("race Ellen liarlier. who was
mysteriously choked to death near Lin
denmann several weeks ago. was held
to the Clay county grand jury without
bail. He made no defense.
Southeant IliMoari.
Scarcely a week passes but some im
portant lead discovery is announced
from southeast Missouri. That portion
of the state is receiving many emi
grants MiMonri S of V.
The Sons of Veterans of Missouri
will hold their annual encampment in
SL Joseph June 10-17. There will be
a large crowd of the Iniys there,
Th. M one j THiMing.
A registered letter, supposed to con
tain 8125. upon reaching its destination
at Sedalia was found empty. It is sup
posed the money was stolen in transit.
llf-nth of a Juflire.
Judge J. L. Sutherland, a prominent
attorney, died at SL Joseph a few days
ago. The judge was in his sixy-uinth
year, and was quite popular.
Found Kalltr of Marilrr.
George Schacffer, who killed Henry
Grattan in SL Louis several months
ago, was found gfiilty of murder in the
first degree a few days ago.
Rnnnlna; a Divorce Mill.
Rabbi Shnlnm Iwoffer. who has been
divorcing Polish Jews indiscriminately
in SL Louis is in trouble, as the civL'
authorities are about to get after him
One or th. Brookfleld Rank Kohbera.
Gov. Francis has pardoned Fred II
Mason, one of the Bmokfiehl bank rob
liers who was sentenced June 10. 1882
to twenty-five years imprisonment
A Headlrm Floairr.
A female floater was found in the
Missouri river six miles tclow Roche
port. The body was entirely nnde, and
the head, arms and feet missing.
Want Fractional Silver.
The sub-treasury at SL Lonis is re
reiving nuraerons orders from country
towns for fractional silver. The de
mand for dimes is the heaviest
Th. Interest on SflMoarl'a Depoaita.
SL-tte Treasurer Lon V. Stepheni
states that the interest on the state de
posits for April was 8-, 375. 62. This it
8539.60 in excess of last ApriL
For th. Far Nortaweat.
Five hundred negro emigrants re
cently left St Louis for the state of
Washington. The men will be em
ployed in coal mines.
Fearrul Tllt or lb. Fir. Fiead t
Mnki-soo, Mle-h Twooty Blocks mi
IlunlHrs. afcj Dwelling; lloa.ea Birafd,
l.eavinc Hundred, of Teople Mnnwlrw
The Court Hoom Burned. Bat th
Krrord. Trd Nceoea and laeldenta
MrsKKoos, Mich.. May IS. Twenty
nlocks of business houses and dwellings
of this city are smoldering ruins The
total nuuilier of dwellings burned
was 350. The total loss is 8500.000.
The total insurance is unobtainable.
Many of the burned plaeo, have no in
surance. Hundreds of families ar
thrust upon their 'riends for accommo
The fire startc nt 0:30 o'clock Satu-
day evening in the Langakell hotel
barns, just off Pine street, from some
unknown cause, and aided by a strong;
wind swept away ten blocks up Pine
street one of the chief business streets
of the city. Then, by a sudden shift in
the wind, the flames were driven to
ward Terrace avenue, one of the finest
rcsiik-nce streets in the city, where it
burned many houses
By 9 o'clock the fire had reached the
outer district of the city where there
was more space lietween the houses
and the firemen succeeded in consider
ably reducing the progress of the flames.
As the high buildings burned there was
great danger from flying firebrands and
the firemen were obliged continually
to shift their positions The Grand
Rapids engines were put to work as
soon as they arrived.
The scene during the progress of the
fire was one never to be forgotten. Men
in broadcloth labored side by side with
workingmen in overalls and women in
silks with diamonds in their ears
clutched at their treasares and dropped
them in heaping armfuls from their
palatial houses while women in rags
rushed frantically from their humble
dwellings with what poor treasures
their slender means had afforded.
Crowds lined the streets Women
wept, children cried bitterly and sweat
ing men with grim faces rushed to and
fro, doing what they could to aid the
The prisoners in the county jail,
which occupied the basement of the
court house, (which was burned, there
conlslieing saved) were lilicrated. Sev
eral cows and horses were burned, and a
little child, who was sleeping in the
Loiinkewcll hotel barns where the fire
started, is missing.
Among the sad incidents connected
with the fire was the death of Harry
Stevens assistant postmaster, the son
of Postmaster Stevens He was very
ill with pneumonia, and the flames
made it necessary to remove him to a
place of safety, and he died while being
carried through the streets
The Knlelita of Labor to Vote on the
Ones! inn of the Continuance of the
IVniiK.vlvnnta f uker' Strike.
Scottdai.k. Pa., Jlay 17. A call for
a district meeting of the Knights of
Lalior was issued yesterday for the pur
pose of having an expression by secret
ballot of the rank and file on the ques
tion of continuing or discontinuing the
coke strike, and to adopt measures
tvlicrcby the will of the majority can
1h suicessfully executed. The call
asks the local assemblies to inform the
district officials of the condition of the
strikers: how many evictions haveoc
cnm il: how many are depending upon
support: how many ovens are running,
etc. The district meeting will be held
in Scottdale Tuesday.
Two special car-loads of foreiga
workmen arrived at FVick's Redstone
works last evening. This plant is
guarded by alxtnt fifty deputies An
effort will lie made to start the Red
stone and the Valley works tcemorrowr.
These works are central points for both
strikers and operators andthe outcome
of the effort to start is extremely doubt
Two Children Mo-allow It One Dead, the
Other Dring.
Sr. Loris May 16. Walter and Ma
ion Rayot. aged 3 and 5 years respect
ively, the children of Mrs L. W.
Rayot. in some w-ay obtained a package
of roach powder while playing at their
home, and swallowed a quan
tity of the poison. As soon as they be
came sick their mother questioned the
older child and divined their danger.
She at onee called in Dr. W. E. Saun
ders 1520 Mississippi avenue, who ap
lied emetics with some hopes of
saving the children, but the poison had
lw-en absorbed by the system, and this
morning Marion died. Walter is not
expected to recover.
Foreign Agent, of the World's Colaaibtaa
Wasiiixoton. May 17. Director-General
Davis of the World's Columbian
commission has asked the secretary of
the treasury to permit the payment of
the expenses of certain persons to go
abroad in the interest of the exposition
out of the 820.000 appropriated by con
gress to lie used in connection with tho
admission of foreign exhibits
The department decides that not ex
ceeding three persons to lie suggested
by the director general, may lie desig
nated by the secretary of the treasury
to act under the provision of law above
mentioned, to be paid from the appro
priation mentioned. These persons will
co-oierate with such representatives of
the treasury department as may be sent
by the secretary directly bi furnish in
formation in foreign countries as to the
methods of admitting foreign exhibits
flharpuburg (ra.)leople Foinoaed oa Cheap
PirrsBt Roii. Pa.. May 17. About
eighty people in Sharpsbnrg. a suburb
of this city, were poisoned by eating
smoked sturgeon and many of them
are dangerously sick. On Thcrsday
last a Pittsburgh fish dealer visited
Sharpsbnrg and sold a large quantity
of smoked sturgeon at four cents be
low the market price and succeeded in
disposing of a large amount of fish.
About twenty-five or thirty people are
sick in bed from eating the sturgeon.
A half dozen physicians are kept in
constant attendance upon the patients.
A Ie.perate Borglar.
YorsnsTowN. O., May 17. Friday
night a man giving the name of Win.
Sherman, and his occupation as a tele
graph operator, was caught in the act
of burglarizing the residence of John
McCnrdy. Police Officer Jacob Petrie
started after Sherman, who turned and
shot at the officer, inflicting a serious
wound. Sherman then ran down the
railroad track pursued by Officer Wm.
Freed. Sherman Bred a shot at Freed,
ml the latter fell fatally wounded.
Sherman fired as he ran and took refuge
under a platform, where he was re
loading his reiolver when eaottued
fa miser Cbarlaataa Bcarbea Aeaoaloaa
Mexico. Without Having Overhauled tho
Itata Tho laaarccat Craiaer Biaii lalda
There, However, and Hr FoaaamaM
latiawtta that th. Eaanralda will Ban
to ho Snak Befor the Itata Can
WAsiirxoTox, May 17. The navy de
partment yesterday afternoon received
a dispatch announcing the arrival of
the I'nited States steamer Charleston at
Acapnlco. The dispatch stated that the
insurgent man-of-war. Esmeralda, was
also in that port, but gave no informa
tion as to the wherealiouts of the Itata.
The Esmeralda, it is stated, is badly in
-need of coal, and it is understood that
the Mexican government has refused to
allow her to procure it at any of their
ports Her only object in remaining in
the neighborhood of Acaptteo now
seems to be to connect with the Itata
and relieve her of bcr cargo.
No information can be obtained at
the navy department in regard to the
future movements-frf the Charleston.
She will, it is thought remain in the vi
cinity of Acapulco and will wait for the
Itata to make her appearance. Consid
erable speculation is also going on as to
what action the Esmeralda will take in
case the Itata makes her appearance
and the Charleston endeavors to cap
ture her. Some say that the Esmeralda
is in no condition to fight and will not
attempt it It is claimed by others
however, that it is a case of life and
death with the Esmeralda, and that she
will surely fight in case the Charleston
tries to capture the Itata. Further de
velopments in the case are daily looked
forward to by state and naval officials
A cablegram was also received at the
navy department yesterday afternoon
annonncing the arrival of the cruisers
San Francisco and Baltimore at IqmV
Capt. Rem? Will Fight.
SA.f Francisco, May 16. A telegram
from nn officer on the Charleston at
Acapulco says that the Itata had not
been seen or heard from at 3 a. m.
When the Charleston entered the har
bor she passed near the Chilian war
vessel Esmeralda. The Charleston
went to quarters and loaded her bat
tery for an emergency. The Esmer
alda speaks all vessels she meets Two
days ago she attempted to buy coal at
Acapulco, but failed to get any because
of a lack of coin.
Soon after the Charleston anchored
the Esmeralda steamed into port and
Capt Uemy had an interview with her
commander. The latter said frankly
that the Charleston would never take
the Itata until the Esmeralda was
sunk. Capt Remy replied that his or
ders were to take the Itata, and it
would make no difference whether the
Esmeralda was in Acapnlo or not The
Charleston is ready for action, as every
one expects a fight if the Itata appears
It is rumored that the Esmeralda had
communication at sea with the Itata
yesterday, and that the latter steamed
south after receiving provisions from
' he Itats
Arrived From the Weat Indies.
Nkw Y'ork. May 17. The United
States cruiser Philadelphia, with Ad
miral Gherardi on board, arrived in the
liarlmr yesterday morning, having come
from St Thomas During the trip,
Flag-Lient Alan G. Paul died. His re
mains were brought here for inter
ment The dead officer was a brother
of Mrs William Waldroff Astor.
While at Port au Prince President
Hippolrte paid the Philadelphia an offi
cial visit An episode of the visit was
the action of the commanding officer of
the British war-ship Pleiades W'ho took
his vessel to sea to avoid saluting the
president. The Philadelphia fired a
salute and its officers received their
guest with great honors
The Itata Thought to Have Iamed Ara
pnleo. City OF Mkxico, May 16. The pub
lished rumors to the effect that the Es
meralda succeeded in buying a limited
supply of coal at Acapulco are denied
by the government The officials says
she was ordered out of port and now
lies in neutral waters The Esmer
alda's steam launch was patrolling all
Friday night
The impression prevails at Acapulco
that the Itata has passed that place and
;rone south, and that the Esmeralda is
waiting for the Charleston. The tele
graph at Acapulo has been freely used
by the officers of the Chilian warship.
ta Allezed Caae or Violation of the F.x
traditloa Law by Canada.
Washington, May 17. Barrister J.
II. Pillct of Montreal, was at the state
department yesterday in conference
with Assistant Secretary Moore on a
very peculiar extradition case. Some
time ago thr husband of Led a La Mon
taigne was murdered by her brother,
and Led a was an eyewitness of the
crime. When her brother was on trial
Ida refused to testify. Lena was ac
quitted of any complicity in the crime
and went to Boston, where she secured
Last August a warrant for arson
was issued against Led a, under whieb
she was extradited and placed in jail at
Sherbrooke, Can. The brother will
) convicted without the woman's evi
dence and will be hanged. The lawyer
claims that the woman, instead of be
ing tried for arson was sentenced to a
year's imprisonment for contempt of
court in refusing to testify against her
brother, and therefore ber imprison
ment is illegal and that she should be
Cea. Grant's Log Cabin Plot ta Co ta
St. Loris May 17. The log cabin
that was built by and for Ulysses S.
Grant will not be moved to Chicago
from its present site near Webster
Groves Mo. It was sold on Thursday
by its owner. Butler H. Conn, to Mr. E.
Joy. The price paid by Mr. Joy was
H.000. He will, in the course of a week
or two, move the cabin to Old Orchard,
about three and one-half miles from its
present location, and set it down in Old
Orchard park on aa nearly perfect a
reproduction of its original site as it is
possible to construct.
4 DtvMoa of Opinion Apparent ea th.
Coming Cincinnati Confereare.
Kansas Crrr. Ma, May 17. The
Jackson county Farmers' Alliance had
a lively meeting at Alliance Friday.
The object of the meeting was to select
delegates to the Cincinnati conference.
About thirty of the sub-alliances refused
to be represented at the meeting. The
farmers of this county are strongly op
posed to the Cincinnati conference, aa
they consider it a third party more.
The county ia entitled to eight dele
gates bnt so strong was the opposition
that the meeting adjourned after selectr
ing one.
lateratlag Taellaaoaj in the Robert saw
Mlnale Caae Takea Before the tiraad
Jory at Los Aagrtra, Cat-The rer
OSWera oT 8aa Diego wore Completely
Hoodwinked aa to the Character of the
Itate The Latter Happened to Have
Goae Direct to Iqnlqoe.
Sat Francisco, Msy 19. It is said
that two deserters from the steamship
Itata have given some interesting testi
mony in regard to that vessel befon,
the grand jury at Los Angeles whi -b,
is investigating the Robert and Minnio
case. These men, it is said, testified
that when the Itata started north she
had on board a number of rifles four
6-pounders and a crew of seamen
and soldiers Two days before tho
vessel steamed into San Diego all the
munitions of war and the soldiers were
stowed away in the forward hold and -ather
changes were made which made
her look like a first-class merchantman.
The programme was for the Itata to
jet munitions of war from the Robert
and Minnie, it being no understood by
all nn board, and everybody was on the
sutlook for the schooner. It is also
brought out that it was the intention of
the Itata to transfer her cargo to Urn
Esmeralda at Pichiluque on the caste
ast of Lower California.
Snbpcenas hare been issued by Solicitor-General
Taft who is conducting
the investigation on behalf of the
government for the superintendento. of
the Western I'nion and Postal tele
graph companies They will be ex
pected to produce the telegrams that
have been passed over their lines in the
past month relating to Chilian affairs.
The Peruvian consul in this city, Mr.
Holloway, contends that the Itata had
an ample snpply of fuel when leaving
San Diego to allow her to steam to
Iquique without stopping, and he is of
the opinion that the vessel has gone di
rect to that point
The Esmeralda was to escort the
Itata to Iquique. If the trip was mado
without interference, well and good;
but if not the Esmeralda, proposed to
give battle. The Esmeralda and Itata
were commanded from Iquique by each
others' masters who exchanged to their
rightful commands at San Lucas
The Blanco Encalada wna Forred to
Apologise Before Bciug sank.
Sax. Francisco, May 19. The
steamer San Bias arrived here y c-.-:
day with Chilian newspapers ino
Chilian Times says that an agreement
was made between Germany and Great
Britain whereby the latter is to tako
German interests in Chili under protec
tion until the arrival of the three Ger
man war ships which are now en route.
The Times says the ship Warsprite
forced the insurgent man-of-war Blanco
Encalada to apologize jest liefore she
was snnk by the torpedo lioats The
Blanco was engaged in blockading
Iquique when she ran out of coal. Two
German and English merchantmen were
lying side by side,' both coal-laden,
when the rebel fleet towed them out to
sea on the pretense that they were in.
range of firing. The rebels forced them
to sell their coal, despite the protests of
the captains The British admiral
gave the Blanco the optionof apologiz
ing or fighting inside of twenty-four
hours Shortly afterwanls the Blanco
ran up the British and German flags
above the rebel standard nnd fired a
royal salute. The coal would have
been replaced and the ships towed back
to their former anchorage but for the
fact that most of the ccal had been
The Itata May be OIT the Coast of Central
Citt of Mkxico, May 19. The offi
cials at Acapulco have telegraphed the
war department in answer to a ques
tion, that there is no proliability of a
conflict lietween the Charleston and the
Esmeralda. Nothing has been seen at
Acapulco of the Itata. and it is believed
that she is now off the coast of Central
America, having lieen supplied by the
Esmeralda with fuel.
General Pedro Ilinajosa. secretary of
war, declared to the I'nited Press cor
respondent that Mexico only insists
that her neutrality must be respected.
He says his orders are not to sell coal
to the insurgent vessels nor to allow
them to load arms in Mexican territory.
In an interview at Acapulco, Sunday.
an officer of the Esmeralda said: "We
will -try to get coal here, but if this is
impossible, we are sure of getting it
within a few hours sail. We are not
afraid of a conflict with the Charleston,
but our orders are to be prudent and
not provoke a conflict "
He did not know whether the hs
meralda wonld now go to Chili, bnt
said the captain of the vessel had re
ceived a long cipher dispatch on Sat
urday which would probably direct
their future movements
la aa fnreported Railroad Accident oa
the Santa Fe.
Kansas Crrr, Ma, May 19. Mrs A.
A. Center, of Pottsdam. N. Y.. who
has been visiting at the home of W. W.
Morgan, says that a bridge nn thn
Atchison, Topeka St Santa Fe railroad
near Albuquerque fell last Friday, car
rying with it a passceiger train which
was two hours in advance of the train
by which she was traveling. The lat
ter train was flagged and the passen
gers were obliged to cross the cut
which the bridge spanned and meet a
train on the other side. Mrs Center
says that it was reported that twelve
or fourteen people were killed. No
telegraphic report of such a wreck has
been received.
A Fit Bahjeet for a Oraad Historic Paint
ing. Washington, May 19. The Mexican
papers report that Senor Natal Pesado
is now in the City of Mexico collecting
material for a grand historical picture,
which the city of Vera Cruz has com
missioned him to paint for the WorM's
Columbian exposition. It is proposed
to represent one of the most interesting
scenes in Mexican history, the act of
Gen. Nicolas Bravo magnanimously
giving amnesty to a large detachment
of Spanish soldiers instead of execu
ting them in reprisal for the murder of
his illustrious father.
Corporal Cartls Harriaon Awarded a surer
LUe-smving atraai.
WijuusnTox. Mar 19. Secretary
Fn.i.r hu awarded a silver medal to
Corporal Crlstis Harrison. Troop D, Fifth
United States cavalry, in recognition
of his bravery oa November 23, 1890, in
rescuing from drowning, while crossing
. t f the Red river in Texas Capt
Schuyler.of the Fifth cavalry, and Mrs.
. D. Thomas ana Miss .-eiue i nomas
wife and daughter of Capt Thomas of
the Fifth eavalrr. Secretary Foster
declares his conduct deserves the "on-
qualified commendation of the wax ler

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