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The Cape Girardeau Democrat. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1876-1909, May 30, 1891, Image 3

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six mootha ...................
" " three mocUa
Invariably in Adrance.
.. AS.
bwlnAme week 9 J. Is
raeli a-llit.ntfal insertion H
Uu iiich ole riwuta ................... ST
" t'irse m:iths 4M
" sik iuo..t:ia S.f
o.-e 4ar . t
Ode q-iarttr cwla on, tunv n:iihs tvi
" " six nw'.lhj !-..
" o::e vear -
One half colon. 1, t'irt lie :tM V-
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" ' ' 1. .e rzr .'I'
OAc Nans, thrre nn-iHs 'S.'
" ci x ;rti .t'is .. .'n.n.
one vrar . 111. u
livrn notice n e -.ttJ J.' r li..i
-5 lt-a'liu:r nolle.: o 1 el.lor
per line, eaeh iitnio.i.
al nasc - cci-U
J tail way M'imo-Tuble-
Cape Girarflean Sontbws'crii Railway.
No. I. Honter rasenfn-r 6:tt A.M.
yia 3, Ifc-lta laengvr IO:tt a m.
o. j. Iiflta Passenger !:. r.a.
No 7, Williainsille Paaet,KeT CsS a. 11
AMtltKH AT (irK (.IKAMtfcAC.
No -. Hunter PaMenger 7:j r.a.
No. 4. Delta PasaeuaT r.a.
No. . Delta Passenger 3:i r.M.
No H. Wiliianistille Pasaeniter 3 .'. r.a.
8 J-Nos. 1, 2, 3. 4, 5 and ftilaily except Snnday .
Nos. 7 aud 0 Sundays only.
No. 3 makes clow connections at Delta with
north bound trains and No. 5 with south bound
trains 011 Cottou Belt and Iron Mountain K B.
IA1BXIAI.K, ;kant towkk ani
am. a.m. a ra
9 3 1
l-apr ;;ranlpau 10:2 s .'A
t;rantlloT IO:lfl 4:.' M:IW
Mnnhvi-ouro eras D ill II II
l(;imt.n 11:49
arbomlale . 7:l 7: II Kl
lct Atrrl ha.
am. p m. n m.
3 4
4 af ;irarltau. H:M 3::rt 1 :1ft
irai.d Tt.wir :4W S:-r. S IO
Mnri'lOt-noro C:lll
HnrriMMi J 4T
4.'arlNii.dalr H:Si B 4i 0:10
; -N. and 4 mil Sunilavo onl
r II. HAK'HKR. Sniit-
OtrxTT CotttT Sfbartiau Albert. Prf !d
li.R Jndm-i Ja II. Millrr. ;rs S. W ills.
Ahttoriatrit: William I'aar. 4'ltrk 4 tfTTtiR
nr-!. bnt Mondate iu rebroirt, Mayt Auut
and Norcnibcr.
i;ih 1 it tin HT H . 4J. O'Brran, Judir. II. R.
Kinrlish. I. l-rk " trrma rrH'tsoiitir)t Momlavs
in January. May and fourth Monday in Aurut.
4'tMMn Pi.k. On rt Maurice Cramer,
Jadiee. K II. Kngrlmann, Clerk 3 l-niis
rnerts 4tU Mondays io January, May and btp
tenilier. Pkohate Corirr Josih Koehler. Judge ami
4'lerk 4 terms meets secoud. Mondays in rb
ruary. May. Auarust and Novembrr. "
!ajrra Prorlaanatloai.
Siitiirday.the.Hotli day of May, being
I h-corHt ion Day, aud a national lioli
Iny si't apart by our goverunicut for
tin1 dororation ot the jtraves if those
lirriK-s. who pave 1 heir lives that c
might enjoy the blcsinos mailt" possi-
Me bv au undivided l liioii. and set j from the old original by the word
1he example of progressive enlight-! ",!,s"l,!" l,r' ' red on all car
' V. . ,it 'toons and lalM-ls. A new departure,
died humanity to all the world, by , b,lf l(, rwl ff , ,.aItl). ,.,.,.,, uiU.
cMeiuling ami showing the justice of ,
freedom to all mankind nilhin our
Therefore, I. II. I'. IViroiinet.
Mayor of Cape Girardeau. Mo., do
proclaim that to make it possible lor
all ! participate ill the exercises of
Decoration Day. all the wink shops
unci business l.oliscs close their doors
II that day Iwlweeu the hours of two '.
and live o'clock p. 1:1.
II. P. Pi:ii;iXXKT.
ritrln far Itie Prple.
Imoii Chill Tonic is more gener
ally used, is more pleasant to take and 1
more certain to cure than any -lull
tonic ou the market. The proprietors
authorize the persons, whose names
nre to this article, to guarantee each
bottle to do what is claimed for it or
rctuud the money. Instead of the
tickciifiig utiiff roti had to give your
sick child, this is so pleasant to take
that they look with pleasure to the
time lor another dose. For sale by
Miller & Wilson. Cape tiirardeau aud
lien. Schwab, Dutchtown, Missouri
Fsr DecsratiH Day.
All those having relatives or friends
buried iu Ioriinier or the New City
Cemeteries will please deliver their
flowers at the court house Saturday
morning, not later than 9 o'clock, as
the committee in charge of the flow
ers will start from the court house ai
9 o'clock to dccrorale the soldier's
graves at those two cemeteries.
Hksrv Koppkii, Chairman.
KHcaaaathnai t'arral la a Bay.
Mystic Cure" for I'hctimatisin and
Neuralgia radically cures iu 1 to 3
days. Its action upon the system is
remarkable and mysterious. It re
moves at once the cause and the dis
ease immediately disappears. The
lirst dose benefits, 75 cents. Sold bj
l.'idcr & Wichterich, Druggists, Cape
Girardeau, Mo.
The t'lrat aalloaal Raak Onanlird.
The stockholders of the new Bank
met last Saturday and organized by
electing the following named gentle
man as officers I. A. Glenn. Presi
dent; W. B. Wilson, Vice-President:
I S. Joseph, Cashier: II. P. PcironueK
U W. Miller, B. F. Davis and Wm.
11. Coerver, Directcrs. The Bank
w ill be a National Bank and w ill be
railed the First National Bank of Cape
A ajearral Taalr.
This is what Lemon Chill Tonic is:
A complete blood purifier, a certaiu
appetizer; a nerve and brain food, and
while it is as pleasant as lemonade aud
children cry for it, is so certaiu in ac
tion that everv bottle is guaranteed by
the proprietors, and who authorize
their agents, whose name arc below,
to refund the money in any case where
the medicine fails to do what is claimed
for it. Can anything be fairer than
this? Remember the merchant whose
name is to this is authorized to act for
ns iu the above guarantee. e do not
claim lo cure a whole family with one
bottle but to break the worst case ot
chills. Manufactured only by the
Lemon Chemical Co. tor sale by
Miller & Wilson, Cape Girardeau, and
Ben. Schwab, Dutchtown, Mo. 4
Thouaii MusTrampaanecrand mork.
And free traders loudly chin,
Ju the market there is stock
W bright American tin.
Memorandums Made in tho K
. porter's Wandcrfnua.
Local Kallaters.
A Urge number of the friends of
Mr. Will II. Wheeler went to the train
this morning to shake hands with
that gentleman and his family and bid
them farewell. Mr. Wheeler left on
the 6:30 train for California, where he
goes to reside permanently.
Mr. C. F. Itrcnneckc, formerly of
this city, but now a resident of Green
way. Ark, was married to Miss Itcllc
Kiisx ll. of (;mua on the 3d inst.
Mr. llrenuci-kc captured the daughter
of a prominent citizen of (ireenwar.
.'! The Courier, published in that town
shvs Miss uiiesHI was considered the
belle of the town.
The Directors of the new liank
are negotiating for a lot on which to
erect a building for the ISank. They
will build some where on Main street.
Mr. J. G. I laydot-ke has resigned
the Auditorship ot the Cape Girar
deau Southwestern Itnihvay.
Use Cheatham's Tasteless Chill
Tonic, lietler tli&u pie, but it breaks
the chills off short and no mistake.
Guaranteed to cure. 50
The employes of the Carbondale,
Grand Tower & Cape Girardeau
Kailway had au excursion to this city
yesterday. There were about sixty
people on the train, and they were ac
companied by the Murpbysboro lirass
Hand. Mr. Waguer. formerly of this
city, is leader of the Murphysboro
Baud and that fart is a guarantee that
me uaini is hrst-class. I he excur
sionists enjoyed the day here, and
many of them regretted that they
could not remain with us longer.
(Jen. .1. A. Wickhain, Adjiitant
(ieneral of Missouri, writes to Capt.
I'.ierwirth that -the entire forces of
the State will go into camp some
time iu Julv. ' Hold yourself iu
readiness lor the event."'
Father Nugent preached a very
able aud elo.pient sermon in St. Vin
cent's Catholic Church Sunday after
We pulilish elsewhere iu this
paper a eoiiiiiiuuication regarding the
price of lime. We know nothing
about the lime business and we are
therefore not prepared to say any
thing on the Mibjecl. If our lime
manufacturers desire to make any
statement, our coliims are open to
Ask your druggist for Cheatham
Tasteless Chill Tonic. Distinguished
alu experimenting. -Xocure no pay."
Take it aud be happy
Mr. and Mrs. Julius C. Fisher
reiiuests us to return Ih.inks for them
' to their kind relatives and friends fur
jliie many useful and handsome prts-
ientsihev received on the evening ot
tfie - ir mlrriaip.
The Fir.-t National Bank will oe--upy
the Harris buildii:g on Main
street. The hx-aiion is convenient for
all people who have busings with a
-lleurv Koch, the contractor, bc-
I gau the brick work yesterday 011 I).
A. Glenn's store building ou Mam
street. The building will be com
pleted ready for occupancy in about
two mouths.
Capt. John A. Snider is in attend
ance at the t ommoii 1'ieas loun.
Since Mr. Snider retired trom oflice
holdiug he is building up a good
practice, aud we arc informed that he
is very successful iu all the cases in his
The New Madrid Herord says
three thousand dollars firsclf-binders
tvent away from New Madrid this
year. The farmers down in Njw
Madrid county are raising more
wheat than they used to mise. They
liud that wheat farming pays better
than com.
The (.'ape's favorite steamer, the
Idlew ild. got in to-day at two o'clock
p. 111, with the finest trip she has had
for along time. Her cabin was over
crowded with passengers for the
Cae. Bob Taylor says this is the
largest passenger trip the Idlewild
has had this year in fact they had
about all the jicoplc they could ac
commodate. A number of.lhc jurymen for
the Common Pleas Court went on an
excursion to Commerce this after
noon on the steamer Idlewild.
At last a majority of the citizens
of Jackson have arrived at the con-
elusion that saloons are not so bad as
they have liecn lead to believe, aud
tbev have sumed a lietition for a
saloon, with the proviso, however, that
there is to be but one saloon in the
town, aud that nnrst be established in
the rfnr end of a livery stable or black
smith shop or in some other secluded
corner out of sight of the Cash-Bovk
The New Madrid Ilecvrd says
the Hon. Marshall Arnold, of Benton,
will deliverthe address 'to the gradu
ates of St. Vinceut's College, this city.
at the Anuual Commencement next
month. This is auother case of go
awav from home to learn the news.
Mr. Arnold is an able sieaker and
our people would be pleased to hear
him speak ou the occasion named,
but if bo has been invited to do so
we have not been iulormed of the
Mrs. Spann has sold her property
in this city and will move to SL Loins.
Hunt's Cure is the greatest rem
edy for skin diseases ever known.
Kingworm. itch and all kindred dis
eases positively and permanently
ured. Your money will be refunded
if it fails. I'rkc 00 cents. SO
D. A. Glenn left the city this The case of Robert T. Giboney
morning for Eddyvillc, Ky, where he ( against the German Insurance Coin
will spend a week or two vi&itiug j puny, of Freeport, Ills, occupied the
Albert Hawkins left this morning
for Los Angeles, Cal, where be goes
to seek bis fortune.
We are informed by one of our
lime manufacturers that our corres
pondent, "Competition," whose com
munication we published yesterday,
did not state facts as regarding the
price of lime. The manufacturer says
thirty cents ier bushel is the regular
price for lime, but to the mechanics
of this city a
tweutv-tive ceuts
uniform price of
is charged. The
mechanics are given a lower price
than other people for the reason that
they use large quantities of lime. Our
manufacturers say they are selling
lime as cheap as any lime mauufac-
turcrs iu the country to customers at
home and abroad.
It was reported on the streets
this morning that lleurv Mcvsteadl
had purchased the St. Charles Hotel
property, but as vet there has been
no sale made. A representative of
the IlKMiK HAT called on Mr Mee. I
steadt this afternoon to ascertain the
facts, and that gentlemau says he lias
not purchased, but he made Mr. John
Painter an offer for the St. Charles
Hotel property. He offered Mr.
Painter twelve thousand dollars for
the St. Charles Hotel and the build
ing on the Levee occupied by Conrad
Liud as a livery stable. He informs
us that Mr. Painter holds the two
buildings at fifteen thousand dollars.
Cheatham's Tasteless Chill Tonic.
Same as the old except in taste. Sweet
as honey, but gets there just the same.
The babies cry for it. Ilnv a bottle
and see them smile. Guaranteed to
cure. 50
We understand that there will be
a wedding on Spanish street next
A Cape girl has captured the
heart of a Maiden young man and
he wedding will take place next
Those who attended the colored
school exhibition say they never w it
nessed a more interesting exhibition
by school children. Prof. Cobb is
suicly a teacher whose work in the
school room cannot be overrated. He
is the right man iu the right place,
and he will be retained as Principal
of our colored public school as long
as he wants the position.
L. J. Wray Post, G. A. It., of
Kgypt Mills, will join Jusli Post of
this city ou Decoration Day and take
part iu the ceremonies.
Ed. Regenhardt began work on
a large two-story briik building at
(onion villc last Monday for G. T.
siemers. Ed. writes us that he will
be ut tiordoiiville about three weeks
and he wants the Daii.v 1kmik-uat
v. bile he i away from home.
Dr. Blomeyer has arranged an
electric bell from his office door to his
bed room. When you want the doc
tor's services during the night, after
bed time just push the little button
on Hie electric bell. This little bell is
I for t lie convenience of reffular nnlients
f , , blVs)o II10llkl.v .:,,.
Biiehrmaiiu's auction sale con-
inues right along day and night and
lots of goods are going off at remark
ably low prices.
Our restaurants were crowded
w ith business yesterday, and our ho
tels did well, too.
The Ow l Club will give a grand
excursion on the 14th of Juuc to the
St. Francis Biver.
Present this card at the church
door," is a new and novel way of in
viting friends to a wedding. It is a
Cape Girardeau invention.
Dr. ;. W. Travis has the finest
flower garden in Southeast Missouri.
The doctor aud his lady take a great
interest in the cultivation of flowers ,
and as a result of their labor they are
surrounded at their home with the
rarest and most fragrant flowers that
English Spavin Liniment re
moves all Hard, Soft or Calloused
Lumps and Blemishes from horses.
Blood Spavin Curbs. Splints Sweeney.
Uing-Boue Stifles. Sprains, all swollen
Throats, Coughs, etc. Save $50 by
use of one bottle. t arrantcd the
most Blemish cure ever kuown. Sold
by Hider & Whichtcrich. Druggists.
Cape tiirardeau Mo.
It was reported on the streets this
morning that a young man iu this city
attempted to cross over to the oilier
side last night by the morphiuc route,
but we nnderstnnd that cigarette
smoking was what ailed the fellow.
He smoked about twenty-five cigar
ettes in about that many minutes.
Only a few more weeks and all
our schools will be closed for this
season. Then we will be lonesome
for three long months.
Workmen arc at work putting a
new slate roof on St Vinceut's Church
Peter Carroll is plastering B. F.
Speak's new house ou Spanish street.
The brick work on Otto Freder
icks Good Hojie street building was
completed last week and the car
penters arc now at work ou the
Ilobbs& Son will move into their
fine new store house about the first of
That bright idea arouud on Maiu
street is blowing about scooping some
body on the Normal Carbondale ex
cursion, and iroiu what wc have
learned since his return from that
trip, we arc inclined to think that he
did sure enough make a scoop. He
is a pnshing man when it comes to
: scoops like the scoop he made over at
1 Murphysboro.
attention of the Common Pleas Court
this morning for two or three hours.
The Judge has the case under advise
ment. Mrs. W. H. Krayer, of St Iouis,
daughter of Mr. George Ilirsch, of
this city, has been here for a week or
two visiting her parents aud old
1 friends.
j Kugeuc St. Avit returned home
! from Memphis, Tenn., Wednesday
' night. He came up on the steamer
! Cherokee- Geue is one of the Cape
: bovs who has a host of frieuds and
( they were delighted to see him return
'.. home.
Maj. Brooks, Chief Engineer on
the St. I-oiiis. Cape Girardeau and
Fort Smith Railway, returned home
t)wv trom Mammoth Springs, where
he 1B bccI1 yoking over the route of
the nronoscd extension of the road.
John Broil, oue of the cleverest
drummers that visits this i-ity, is here
this week looking after the wants of
his customers. John has lots of friends
in this part ot the country, and if he
hasn't got a good trade here he ought
to have.
John II. Bremerinami. who was
here ou a visit, returned to St. Louis
this moruing. Before leaving he or
dered the Dkuoviiat seut to his ad
dress in St. Louis.
taalrldr at l asrlfslsa.
Daniel Woods, an old resident of
Mississippi county, suicided Saturday
night. Ilis body was found Sunday
morning hanging to a rafter in his
wagon shed. Woods was a farmer,
aud was highly respected by his
neighbors. The cause of his rab act
is unknown.
Oar Militia Boys.
At the meeting of the Cape City
Guards, N. G. held iu Armory
Hall Monihvr night, Tony Gockel was
elected First Licnteuaut aud Dr. W.
T. Kolstou Second Lieutenant. After
the election the bovs presented our
City Marshal, Mr. Christ Ilirx li, w ith
a handsome suit of citizens clothes as
a token of (heir high c.-tecm for him
a one member of the Company whose
popularity has placed him in the of
fice of City Marshal ami Collector.
After the ceremonies were all over
the boys had a little -fuu all by them
selves'' for a while, aud from what
we can learn, they had a pleasi n
Hell broke loose again in llaarig
Tuesdav eveuing. and for a w bile it
looked as if there would be a regular
riot, but it diil not turn out so mi.
A lot of horse traders met in thul
corner of the city and after imbibing
freely they got into a row among
themselves and soon a tierce battle
was ou. They used knives, clubs ami
nicks ami several of the combatants
were badly used up. One big fellow
was cut with a knife in more than a
dozen places, but we understand he is
not dangerously hurt. There were
three or four men fighting this big
man and he w as proving too much for
ail of them when one of them plunged
a knife into his breast. The parlies
who did the cutting left the city be
fore an officer reached the battle
ground, and no arrests were made.
llaarig has become the favorite re
sort for all the toughs in the city and
surrounding country aud some days
w hen they gather there it is dangerous
lor people to pass along the streets iu
that neighborhood. The city authori
ties should take some steps to put a
stop to the violation of the law iu
that part of the tow n, and to do that
a special police force w ill have to be
appoiuted aud put ou day aud night.
Ieearalloa Day Program ase.
rtkrs. Jisti Post.)
kit. Mo.. G. A. IL.V
r,Mo, May 2ft, '91.)
Xo. 173. DK
General Order No. 4:
I. The Memorial Committee have
arranged the following programme
for I decoration Day:
1. Assemble at Court House at 1:30
p. m, to procure flowers.
2. At 2 o'clock promptly, form line
of march in the following order:
A. Cape City Guards, N. G. M
preceeded by bands.
It. Ex-Confederalcs.
C. Grand Army llepublic.
D. Public Schools.
E. Normal Schools.
F. Citizens. j
and march to the Old City Cemetery.
8. On arrival at Old Cily Cemetery
the G. A. R. form arouud Memorial
4. Song. 'America.''
5. Distribution of flowers.
6. G. A. It. re-assembles arouud the
Memorial Altar, at roll of drum.
7. Beceivingof General Orders and
Ritualistic Service.
8. Address by Prof. R. C. Norton.
9. Address by Maj. J. B. Dennis.
10. Address by Comrade G. W.
1 1. Song, "Auld Lang Syne.
12. Prayer by Chaplain.
13. Keturn March.
II. Comrade Gustave Schlieker has
beeu appoiuted Grand Marshal ot the
Bv order of Post Commander.
Official Post Com.
ttw Caa Llae Exlalaa.
Mammoth Sprinos, Ark, May 25.
Chief Engineer Brooks and Assist
ant Mcllca, of the St. Louis, Cape
Girardeau and Fort Smith Railroad,
were in town to-day. They were tak
ing a topographical survey of a route
to this place for their road. A num
ber of citizens met them, aud appro
priate resolutions were passed. The
road is already completed to Hunter,
Married, at the residence of the
bride's father in this city. May 24th,
1891, by Kev. Flachsbart, of the ; dent, at six sharply, was delayed a
Lutheran Church, Mr. Julius C. Fisher ' short time by reason of Mrs, Norton
and Miss Martha Pott, daughter of beiug unable to start our dearPresi
Henry A. Pott. ! ,.Bt on . rlln ni,en the b(iat whistled:
The bridesmaids were Miss L. Fisher;
and Miss tmma Pott and the grooms-
men were Mr. E. Pott aud Mr. Peter
The bride was dressed in elegant
brilliante.and looked as sweet as morn-
ing roses newly washed with dew.
The groom wore the regulation black.
The wedding was attended by quite
a large number of relatives and iuti -
mate frieuds. and after the ceremony
was penormeil alt were invited to
partake ot an elegant supper which
was prepared by the bride aud her
The Dkmocuat joius the mauy
frieuds of the popular and worthy
youug couple in extending to thein
congratulatious. May their union add
o their already protitablc lives, pure
happiness and prosperity.
Follow ing is a list of the presents
received by the young couple:
Grandma Pott, ten dollars in gold:
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Fisher, Sr parents
of the groom, white bed spread: Miss
Emma Pott, laucy rocking chain Mr.
P. Maul, fancy rockiug chair Emel
and Louis Pott, fauey flour barrel
filled with flour. Mr. and Mrs. M.
Burkhardt, Peru, lud, table liueu,
napkins aud pin cushion: Mr. and Mrs.
H. Fisher, Jr, Sedalia, Mo, silver cas
ter; Mr. John Fisher, Sedalia. Mo
carving set: Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Pott,
fancy tea set: Mr. aud Sirs- F. W.
Vogt, cooking stove; Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Pott, St. Louis, iaec spreads aud
pillows: Mr. aud Mrs. A. Yaegtr.
granite teapot, dozen breakfast plates,
dozen dinner plates, white bed spread;
Mr. and Mrs. Caspar Both, plates,
cups aud saucers, butter dish, cream
pitcher and salt shaker Mr. and Mrs.
A. Huters, parlor lamp; Miss Ma
thilda Yacger, tablecloth aud fowling:
Mr. John Bremmeriiiaun, silver rake
staud; Mrs. Alvcna Brcmmermauu.
dozen desert dishes; Mr. J. A Frauk.
parlor haugiug lamp: Mrs. Frauk
Clock, .Mrs. E. Gradeu, silver syrup
staud: Mr. Wm. Vorwcg. two live
pigs: Mr. Jolinic Gradeu, fancy water
set: Mr. Katie Sherman, cake stand.
Miss Anna Frank, desert set: Miss
Emma Farhold. tea set; Mrs. Katie
Sherman, table liuenand napkins; Mr.
aud Mrs. A. Shivelbine. tauey sewiug
table: little Willie Shirclbine, break
fast caster. Mr. aud Mrs. L. W. .Miller,
white bed spread aud baby doll: Mr.
John I- Miller, carpet sweeper Mr.
D. A. Glcun, table cloth and napkins:
Mr. and Mrs. John St. Avit. fancy ice
pitcher aud haudsome bompiel: Miss
Virginia V. Cramer, handsome bou
quet; Miss H ilda Bbth. croehc t tidv:
Kev. Flachsbart. prayer book.
Many more presents were among
the above named on which the cards
of the kind sender were lost aud can
uot be given.
lie 4.ot I n.
-Is there a man iu all Ibis audience."
fiercely exclaimed a female lecturer,
-that has ever done anything to light
en the burden resting on his wifs
shoulders? What do von know of
w omau's work?."'
"Is I here a man here." sheconlimied,
folding her arms aud lookiug over her
audience with superb scorn, "that has
ever got up iu the morning, leaving
his tired worn-out wife enjoy her
slumbers, gone quietly down stairs,
made the lire, cooked his own break
fast, sewed the missiug bullous on the
children's clothes, darned the family
stockings, scoured the pots aud kettles,
cleaned and filled the lamps, swept
the kitchen, and done all this if neces
sary, day after day uncomplainingly?
If there is such amau iu this audience,
let him rise up! I shouldjikc to see
And iu the rear of the hall a mild-
looking man iu spectacles, in obedi
ence to the summons, timidly arose.
He was the husband of the eloquent
speaker. It was the first time he had
ever had a chance to assert himself.
laa.OO Cambiaaflaaa.
A new sate has beeu devised w hich
is said to be proof against any unau
thorized opeuer, even it he be. pro
vided with the proper key. The key
hole cover is made wilh a catch inside
which engages with mechanism
within the door and is held fast. The
mechauism connects with the pointers
of four dials, and the cover cannot lie
removed" to allow the door to be
opened uutil the pointers have been
set at the figures of a predetermined
cipher.- Wiien the cipher is iudirated
the handle ou the right is turned and
the kevholc thus uncovered,
Should .
the cipher lie forgotten the cover can I
lie forgotten the cover -au!a ar,re business aud U thoroughly
u and a duplicate, supplied , . . . i. .1"
fe. substituted. The safe ! Americanized. except in regard to the
be cut opeu
with the sa
is fireproof aud admits of 160,000
cipher combinations.
Jteraralioa nay.
We jrathcr where our comrade rest
In sanuuer's opening honrs.
The turf, which lies ujnmi each breast.
To strew with sweetest flowers.
Vl'on each hill their Rrares are made.
Where white the marble chines:
Where're the willow casts its thade
fr wreathe the myrtle Tines.
No sacred plot hut holds a term
That, moldertnsr now toelay.
Once drew the 6word and faei-d tha storm
Iu battle's conflict day.
Not for revenge or hate they dared.
Nor fame's allurina: quest :
They fought that freedom might be spared
To shelter souls oppressed.
These put aside the Joys of youth.
Dared struKgle, pain and tears;
Dearer to them a nation's truth
Thau eaae of aelflsh years.
And long as human hearts shall move.
Or honor crowns the brave.
So long shall fold a uattou's love
Above the soldier's grave.
And oft as time's revolving hours
This tribute day shall bring.
So on these graves with sweetest flowers
shall blossom wilh the tpring.
The Vraaml "bararl4a
This expedition which wes to meet
, on the transfer steamer, Vice-Presi-
but we backed Iron, the wharf amidst
mu,ic ami cheers and nozzled our
;WRV through a. cloud of fog to the
i Illinois hore. from whence we took
tue cars for Carboudale to visit the
normal school at that place. Mr.
; Hatcher, the superiuteudent of the
' roa,i wa vcrv attentive and watchful
of the safety ot his precious freight,
; doing all in his pow er to make the
; ,rip salc ,! pi.-aut for ,n. Between
,ll0 Cape nn.lt. rand Tower, we passed
several fiirm-gardeus where wheat
was replaced by rhubarb aud corn by
peas etc. We did not delay on our
jjuimiey but went straight to Grand
Tower w here we made a short stop to
Lee ,iic toner-rock aud objects of iu-
j terest , aI Bojourners on the river.
Starting again, our next halt was
Murphysboro. where wc saw the tall
chininev s of the mines, also the tower
of the water works, all new to us.
From this we passed through a beau-
, lih,i count rv. large fields of w heat.
COJ,v farm homesteads that betokened
peace and pleuty. Reaching our des
tination wc were met at the depot
with a warm welcome by the faculty
aud students of the normal school,
who gave us a kindly greeting and
led us to the halls of their magnificent
building. The park was beautiful
with its flowers, sparkling fountain
and lake. Alter wandering through
the park aud seeing its charms, we
were escorted back to the building
ami entered the large chapel on the
second lloor where we listened to the
moruing exercises, aud after that w c
visited the maguiliccnt reception
rooms where we rested, then wc
were led up to tin tower and looked
all over the tow n of Carbondale. Our
next visit was to the primary rooms,
thence to the library where wc found
a graud collection of liooks. The
society rooms were models of neat
ness ami taste, aud all the classes we
heard seemed lo be doing nice work.
Wc cxamiued the writiug room which
was decorated with pictures, the work
of the pupils, all of w hich was highly
creditable to them.
Noou ami dinner were announced
and w e were led to a large dining
hall where wc partook of a rich feast
of good things. It was there that Mr.
Mid bell showed his waut of gallantry,
by calling for and eating, three plates
of strawberries: making us blush for
his uugentlemanly actions.
l.e-cuteriug the chapel Prof. Norton
made us a short address thauking the
professors aud students for their lav
ish kindness, which was followed by
Prof. Mel ice and others. Theu essays
tvere read ami songs sung, closed by
music by the baud. We then went ou
a pilgrimage about the town which
we found nea. clean and w ell shaded
with trees ami parks, that lent a charm
to the place. No cows, no pigs claim
ing the sidewalks, or trap-doors and
steps to fall on. Why can't our own
tow n he as ueat as Carbondale?
An incident, Mr. Mitchell while on
Hie way up. failed to get up and give
M rs. Norton a seat while she w as stand
ing in the passageway.
After a day of real enjoyment one
that will remain green iu our mem
ories through life, we bade our new
found friends good-bye, aud 1 can as
sure them that their kindness to ns
strangers, has made a lasting impres
sion ou our uiiud.
Our journey home was both quick
and safe, thauks to the rare of Mr.
Batcher and his employers, not for
getting the captain of the Vice-President
who made ns all feel safe while
on lMiard of his steamer. Our short
run up the river was one long to be
remembered, every house, sehool and
street was packed with crowds of
people w aving us a hearty welcome
lo our homes. At the Levee the mu
sic of the band was completely
drowned by the cheers of the multi
tude that had gathered to receive ns
back to our grand State. Thus ended
oue of the most pleasant days of my
life, and I trust wc may have many
more like it w bile gathering an edu
cation at the Normal.
A Giri. Sti-hext.
Harried ta a 4'hlaaaiaa.
I'awtan, Ky, May 25. Charles
Hong, a Chinese laundryman of tlii
city, and Miss l.ula Mathis, of the
Caucasian race, were married this
evening at 8 o'clock by Judge Boone
at the residence of the bride's mother.
Hong has been in this country ten
vears. reads and writes English well.
,as cultivated a mustache, carries on
He wears that appendage
si ill. The bride is under legal age.
and her mother for some time refused
I to give her consent, but, learning that
; the couple had laid plans lor an elope-
: mcnt. she relented aud the knot was
! tied w ith her consent aud blessing.
The bride's trousseau was obtained in
Philadelphia aud w as more costly and
beautiful than ever a Padurah bride
w ore bclore. The atTair is the sensa
tion of the hour.
Leanaa rail! Taair.
Is so pleasant that children look
forward to the time to take it and yet
is certain to cure the worst case of
chills, aud is a sure blood purifier
while the appetite will improve from
the first day of its nsc. Remember
that each bottle is guaranteed to cure
the most stubborn chill and in connec
tion with Wclla I-einon Liver Pills
will cure the worst case of bilious
fever, dyspepsia or rheumatism.
Manufactured onlv bv the Lemon
Chemical Co. For sale bv Miller &
Wilson. Caiie Girardeau and Ben.
Schwab, Dutchtown, Mo. 4
Wo AVHIlt t sllOW J' Oil OUT Ciotltin
i Jv(ei) til is i II lllilld.
I ,
A. laree lino of all
niorc and worsted suits at ?!) and 10. You
are paying 12 and 15 forsuits like them.
Complete new line ol Summer light
weight goods, all sizes, for slim men, short
men and fat men.
Ihie todv of $oy Cllotlii'.
Best line of shirtsand all kinds of furn
ishing: goods in the city. A line of very lino
suits 20 and 25.
H. P.
Spxiiig: and
With new aud seasonable goods
us a fair show, and we will convince them that we not ouly have the stock
but that wc arc selling at extraordinary low prices.
Wc show as large a Hue as anyone
and quality our line canuot be excelled,
This liuc is so complete that wc
The only way we can do you justice
especially our Dress Goods. We ran
the very oe-t Silk finished Heuriette's,
Ladies' and Gents' fine footwear wc show iu great variety and only in
the best goods. Xo trash sold by us. When cheap, no count shoes aro
wauled don't come to us, but if you want something that will wear, give
satisfaction for less money come and
T&SrWe also show
Ladies' and Gents'
Notions and Goreeries.
Kcmember that our motto is sell
honestly with customers, aud through
good trade. Give us a call.
. al III. f,f MWW&I
v fTgrlHr-
si ir&i$&ptfe$&
The all steel frame No. 10 Milwaukee
Harvester. is the lightest and strongest
machine made. Seventeen sold last season
and everybody pleased. Runs like a two-
horse wagon.
There are no machines yet made that
can compete with the
Right Hand Cut I). 31.
Garr Scott Threshers and Engines and
all kinds of farm machinery. Call and be
Spanish St., Cape Girardeau, Mo.
InthoUaaof CUR A. .
I we Alone own,.
for all Dls-i
I Who have weak ortf H.H
a a. o
Soryaius wiu up i , -
i n f mm t mnas or return h
-v- ,n
fi ffuaraTitoo to
nil they can
I tnr.thnil irrl ntw
M.fn. our
lallord a IUUE1
(wmii jur
y u MwHiinn w frtv nn In dtamfr I
Thiurands o tho Worst Cases
TBFjtrir.a3Ct'crthln our
iebdecaJcd. Host paid. FHEt ,
eacetiatwfl eaip-.y. ana
$,000 nsfsrencss. Hame
- s an 1.D LP TUB W HCT.B
A. a
enacts tataarsae
avoo! cliiviots, cassi-
is iioav
wc invite everybody to come and givo
iu the city, and for style, tit, finish
aud for prices we defy competition.
can not give you satisfaction on paper.
is to come and look at the goods;
show you a line trom tho cheapest to
aud also the newest novelties in silks.
sec ns.
a hig line of Hats,
Furnishing Goods,
goods as cheap as possible, and deal
this method we have established a
Chain Power Mower
.and Control, I
orders oft
a ivl F.M e
ii,iKJW3 ana iw ou-1
fpmnt of frteDds tnd I
fcorn pan '.on, leads uto
have yk.-W.il to out HOME
fi-ra UmiUjil tun:-. 6'TIT lO-vn.
i, ... ..
this paper when you write.
s Pcdcphymn Pius-

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