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The Cape Girardeau Democrat. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1876-1909, July 18, 1891, Image 2

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Official Or.i gf tie Tai-Payers-
JULY 18. 1391.
The Democrats at Jefferson City
bad better uot press Ed. T. Xolaud
too hard. He mistht tell come tales
out of school that would get some of
the boys in trouble. Mr. Xolaud
knows a thing or two.
The longshoremen of Chicago have
organized a union, starting out with
a membership of 800. The new
organization is being backed by the
Seamen's Union. They want twenty
fire ceuts an hour.
The new law with regard to the
working of coal mines iu llliouis went
mto effect on the 1st iust. The prin
cipal features are the abolition of the
truck system, weekly pay aud pay
ment for the coal before screening.
The long sensational dispatches iu
the big I )cmocratic daily papers about
lilaiuc's serious illness are all bosh.
Mr. Blaine was suffering from pros
tration caused by over work, but he
is now last improving and bis physi
cians say be will soon be as well as
be ever was.
If the drink question could bo dis
cussed only ou Moii'liiys, there would
never be but one side to it. The Sat
urday night aud Sunday's crop of fatal
accidents and violent crimes due to
alcoholism leave not an inch ot vant
age ground for a defense of the habit.
Machinery for Sale.
One complete Thrihlnir Mnchli'r, .1 . I. fast
10 iMtrw-jNjwtT r.niri.ie. IMlfvillp t'pRvattir.
32 inrhrvliinl'T ami liit-vis' stitckt-r- ell mm
li-tt jtuit iva-iv .rruni.i:i? K.r tnns ailv to
A. II. II I.I ti n:.
iWirtiu'iville. Mo.
Kyle. Texas, was recently visited
by an electric storm, and a man was
blown out ol bed and carried two
t..in.l.l -.l. wi
........ ..Hu. ...jur,. ' uc ,iapIll.Ig t(
imuv .-iar .-iate is mil 10 ue liltitleil
out of sight by fish stories from
Itss, it is true, that the best wheat
producing county iu Southeast
Missouri is also the only l:epublic::ii
county in this section. Can onrj The Methodist Church ill Southeast
Democratic friends exnlain how this '. Missouri is now without an organ
since the MilUn,lixt Uentnl went hcr-
The Scott County rirstm; gc!s
after Judtre O'lli van because he left
Benton last week Iteforc the jury in
the Scliociihoff mse broiiglit tn a
verdict. Hentoii is a drv tow n and
a supply to run him over two days.
He should lie excused this time.
Hereafter he will go supplied.
In 1883 the IVnusylvania Kailroad
company drew a check in favor of
Kidder. IVabody & Co for more than
$14,000,000 in payment for Philadel
phia, Wilmington and Baltimore stock.
This was probably the largest check
ever drawn, and it was suliseotictitlv
framed and hung up in the general ' K1- T- '. Ex-state Treasurer,
offices of the Pennsylvania company, j was convicted lor stealing the fund-
- I of the State in the Circuit Court t
The trial of Ed. T. Xolaud. ex-State ! Jefferson City la-t Saturday and sen
Treasurer, is now going on before ; fenced to the penitentiary for a term
Sudge Burgess at Jefferson City. No-! of two years. That is rather light
land stole thirty-two thousand dollars ! punishment for stealinsr over thirty
from the State, but he will never be
convicted. He is a Democrat be
longs to one of the influential families
ot the State, was a member of the
ring that runs the Democratic parly'
and it wouldn't do to convict him.
The Democratic press will please
stand np and tell us whether or not
tiary some other officials high tip in
politics will have a good show to
continue in office, but if be escapes
through some technicality iu the law
practice the other A llows wiil be iu
a "fix." and they w ill more than likely
it is the intention ot the Democratic ' have to look around for some other
If the Scott county melon growers
get good prices for their melons this
year the devil himself cau't beat Dr.
C oilman for the legislature at the , i,.. yet its growth in favor as a
- next election, lor a large majority of , means of suicide is so marked that
It mav seem strange, but nevcrllie- , , , . . .. . ,, I .
- . ... the voters ol -cott county live in the i the art e is comui.iiidiur some attcu-
sandy Woods and cultivate melons ! t ion. Knrelv a dav passes that
for a living. onP doc
j method,
j to strike
accounts shiuiM choose rat
not clear. Il is not an easy death,
nor i- it graceful, anil, what seems
i the most objectit liable feature, it is
j bv no means certain in its work. !n
fact, so great i- its am". itiity that a
subject may feel safe ill expecting
either a mil. 1 attack of cramps or a
hnr drawn out ai.d labori m- i!i o!:t
limi. Another i-!!ially bad fiature. i-
un-et , that it au-es mu Ii exce-sive pain thai
the victim becomes aiiiinr.ted with a
dav. With field laborers an.! work- j vulgar ! sire to live. Ctile-s the In
m il iu the building trades the mm- lending seli-slayer secludes him-cit",
iiu r W wi king day begin-at t:;io or A that his family and liieiuis may not
it; the moi iiing and end- at 7 in the j tinl him. the c,i:ivu!-ive horn rs .it'
evening, two or three hours' rc-t ( tlM la..t half hour arc Very trying to
being taki u ill the middle of the day them. Thertr is nothing iliflif
In t!i.' winter flic hour- are from about such a death, and, con-'nh ri:ig
to i'.h a -hol ler interval ot response. , the- trving ami iiueertaiu nature ol'the
Eil. Xolaml goes to the peniten-j In ii.aiiufactitries the rule i.- twelve j e'o.rt it would seem that rat poison
Tlat poison is not a particularly ex
hilarating subject for felicitous roin-i)j
.,.! .., . :,..., It..
to coroners than the general pub-
Hotieo to Contractors.
X'ltirv i hrri'tfr jcire i that tlir nnii-rsif!nil
Itita't til llriile l'oninissiiiiT. ,tl I ajie .ir-anlt-an
enutity. Missouri, til let contract fr
tin r'fair nf liril'.rc on Italian I ris k, at
Ircino.i. on SMiiPtuT, July l.-Iliat t o'clock
ni .atsiteol iiritie SiimI repair? ocisist
." stringers - ti.chcs by Uc.clirs. I.y Is l,.t
if. New Tins, ai.'t" s f,-t new ltoori::r
( oiiimlssioniT iienti tin- nirht to n-M-ct a.iv
i.r.-ili I. 1. M. I'.KAN. "
July ht. Ist'l. U. 4 Ii. t orn.
Notice to Contractors.
Notice I.- Iien-tiy Kiye:i tliat the uinli-rsiu'iifl
I ICouil ai-l rritlc'Cotnnitssioiier of fat Oirar
t l'.nu coui'tv. .Niissouri. -a ill . on .Mo; lv. -lulv
some '-.-liti. l-l'i. at Jo'cl'ick j. in., nt site of liri'lire.
' l..t wl fiplh.. s.i..lp..f l.rl.l ... .... 'm..L...I
not attCIIIlt suicide by tills r.-,k. i.iarl)r...Mc.iially'sfanii. l.-.i-ir- con
. . i , " - i 1 si.-.t or ." strciir.-rs s itic;ics liv II inclii's, liv
.Ills! w llV people Who Wlsll ; ,.,.t ,mK, ,.K trfs ni .1 I'i lift ni H.-rini:.
.linal baaiieeoftl.eireartliIyii':Vi:;;,,Tri'"Tr"U,'ri
poison is: JuHltt. 1 :'l. U. II. t"ia.
Hop. and v.e think the church i- better
' off. lor while the Hci-ih J la-ted every
i little psalm-singi-r in the country a
I cul ribiuiug to its columns and iherc
: by exposing the ignorance ol the
, Methodist CliTrv IVi..o-lioor llio
the Judge evidentlv failed to Inviii!,. 1" . 7 .
. . .- 1 Methodist truth is ail ea-v job. bin
j writing lor the press i- not so easy.
j In IVrtug.d from sunrise to
; is the u-tiai length of the v
la Mill in the Km! in the line ol lry (Joods consUtiujr of
Crepe dc Chine, (Jross (Jrain, Arm are,
China and Surah Silks, Grenadines Brillan
tines and Albatros.
Chailles, the hijfjft line in town at 5c.
7c. and upwards.
White goods in plain, laee stripes and
Cross liars at 5c, 7 I -2c, 10c, 12 l-2c, 20c.
SiSS Physician and Surgeon. TI"- latest designs in Ulack Lawns to be
Trustee's Sale of Ecal Estate.
IIKIIKAS. Frai:r (oi-ra:t ol f'u cnuntv
I 4 :ii' i-rr.!i-nu. Mile if Vi.-iiiri. i.v
' lav ol
; t.ir i;. T-r-i--r ,f tiw t ,i -intri! ?.u
-'u.it r - vt ..(! .u the ui.ttt rii;H ti lru.-tf- Hi
; !V!J.'i .!M-rili '1 real tiuir t :;,:'. iiitr
p'-tl iu-i l i. :h. r,m..U ti i apt GirPifou "ai.tl
stai"'I Jiisur;. tn-w.t:
All t!:at ; iin t j ::tw i' )a; U' i-i a; l
: ir l . tN- mi . a .! Mule al-.r:i.-t.
a l i r.iH'x'P-iJ i.." tin ,:u:i tr .-i:rvf;. ih,.
it:.iH.--t ;:ihrti-r ol !it- Mihiinua j;:-tr-:
t. r I'-.', (1 .!;.! t-.-lv-r.i v ii lit-
j : .-Ult-i-ri-t i:';ir; C ' ,i i-l til- :t-i .f.iriiii r
; , . .-t . -!m.'i w ,i --I'vc.i (-Ti . a :hv t..-nli-
ur 1 i.i:;r:. r f . J tin- ,oi.::n,.-t r
tll'AHTS AXI fl.XTS.
Iiepots for the sale of the ahove:
A. A"ix(!i:i:tki:. K V. Mii.i.kk,
.. SlIIVKI.ItlXK, Cii.vs. Iiol.'KV,
W. J. M K Y Kit. Jtis. J.i:;kb.
t-5".V'-e uiir mime uud teal is
tut frt-rtf IjIIU:
u - - ... . a m m A.
!,i1"':(T?Z7'i ,'VZ V'T r,r; r louiKl anywliero in tlic city; also me iniesi
' """"iliin? of ribbons.
nar-ti-nM . s,:f. atti
T.Hi iMH'ascbet leMi:il
I i: t."r
.:i!:.rt. r i
. i
.i.i Onrti
-..rill, rn:
la. 't; :kI.:.
) ai.t-
' .-l.i'l ft .
;! .!lt:
!. i ' 1
:!:.rt.s-.. .
it :i;Ti .
L. rt
! I.1.
; ttiirf.
Hi -tt-
thotis.iuit dollars.
U hi-r-.s .
.hi- a. .1 IT-n:sl-I
J ol iru t in-
. -i t
i :t.. ::i5 l. i'i
T's' -r..l:....
.tin 'i u 1 iU
l Ii:!
r Tli
;n: t t-i ' '
.'rH.... j
!. ,-:l,. :
. , . J J 1 f A 1 . . 4 1 . 1
IVilLLLn 0 OMLuUSl!rovors,tablMlainasks, napkins, white bed
L.w.?iiM.K8,iro1rr. qu i j t s and hosiery in Southeast Missouri,
3Iain Street, Cape (iirardeau, Mo.
Wi- rs. U'-iMIiv.
7 txMJtll't.
a:-il'-s ;! t iirnrs.
k :ilH:r.Aiiti h::t.
' i I'" .iim .mi t:
l i::i rl.j..i!'iiin li.i.r;:; i,. ni
party to repeal thece "awttil" ami 'ia
iquitous" aud "onerous" pension laws.
about w hich they are making so much
fuM. There arc over a million of the
eleven million voters of the couiitry
iuterested in knowing- what the Deni
oeratic party intends to do on this
uhject -V. Y. Press.
An Iowa newspaper man writes
to the editor of the Popular Uluff
Citizen that lie would like to purchase
a llemorrntic paper in .Southeast Mis
oiiri. If he will just wait a little
while the Sheriff ot this eonnty will
have the disposal of an office iu this
city that will probably suit him. The
paper in Democratic hut tiuder its
present management it is a sorry eon
reru. aud it is sure to turn its toes to
the daisies.
Itishop Turner, of (ieorftia. colored,
has for live years been advocating the
migration of the more cnerretic and
In Xew York they send a sixteen
year old boy to the penitentiary for
four years and five mouths for inis
appropriatinr two thousand dollars,
but out here iu poor old Missouri a
Democratic Ex-Treasurer who stole
over thirty thousand dollars gets oil
with two years in the pen.
There has been, it is true, some
talk in New York of ladies ridiuj.'
horseback in regular man fashiuii. but
no one ever heard of a lady riilinir a
bicycle ill thai lashion for the simple
roast n that they the machines are
not built that wav. A ladv mav ride i
a bicycle as decorously aud prudishly j
as she mi;lit ride in a horse-car. and j
there is no reason of decorum why
women everywhere should uit take to '
the wheel for health or recreation, as
a constantly increasing number of
them are doing.
hours in summer and t'-n in winter,
uiih an hour ami a half al'ov.i i! for
American u dose and studious
examination will he found hardier.
healthier. ipiii kcr. and brtlercduippcd j
physically and iiiuitaliy than Ihc ico
plc ot most other nation-, and when
foreigners have similar opportunities
for observation as Americans to see
that tie ir own delects arise from the
prejudices or their insularity, they
will be proportionately more magnani
mous in their treatment of us and less
likely to carp at what may appear
to be defed-. hut which inti-Iiiuclitlv
view ed are not defects at all-
would lose (aver. There are many
poisons that arc much more desirable
iu every re-pect. It has not even the
ijun.ity ol being singularly clie.-ip. i
i although it i-. perhaps, convenient to
get. ii- a moriim pinmc siioiitii
give preference to this unsatisfactory
exterminator is one of the things that
keep the curious guessing.
!.. si:.r,
ii .1 n li'Ui;
N"v. t;;i r.'l-T.-. I. tie- ii 'i.r. i . i .1
:i; !h- ri -;;i. -t 1. 1. -:al i:-.-l t- r or s;.:-i !
a- ! l.y i:.i h i.: lii" i-mtrsii-'l iiullioi.i;. i.i in
i-s-..-i !n :i(.i .! -.si i.i irii.t s. t j iir t!:t I t
Ih. j riM.-in it sU:, .li-t-tl !t trj.-t. tt.h, o.i
Srdtl dav. the l ifst Dav of August
- -ltKA! .I.i
I., XT B:
Ol' AI.l. KINDS,
A. 1 1.
err . "I
r i
i If - Vt
: tin
l r- . livi
t.:.t l:tv. i r-.i . 1 1 f
T-lil f-!;it-, lit 'i.t.iif
ItiM -r. i-.r -a Um i n
a fi ii;ti r -t. i"-'t tli-
'! -:iv nf t i:r-
I' '"! .1 1 . .!! ii'i r:.
. I.." tf ! ii i l--k t i li.i
I'l. i : til- lit!. ri:iM.:i i.
II tin i I....I- ilnrl.Wil
W. 'iu.-, 11 til- ICsTl.-st
t. tn lali.lv . a.il i it-
Witli II. i-..-t.- a..ii
W ).: s;;l V.M.n- Ii .-. f...Iar.
HI 'I. W;,t; t:t. Asli I' ll I !i. I
ft. ...ri:::: it .! .-it!: -1 :,il r;.!.-s
1 sijiyi r. :.i,rli.. siii-.l.-.., ili.n.'.tu.Ks
- -" ii 'lew a :l li's.r frauii's;
, I,
.r !:
! u In v.-
Street, rape (iiia-
: all i
i ul i,Mi;a,.i:'r ttiM ! : i .!- tru. T .
h:kiki:i K W . MITT.
an. Me
Cape City Roller Mills.
Latest Impr&TCtl EcIIrr Fit cess.
I.'ltKsl K f .MNTKt:. HK' Ul: I
ii:n ami;m t. cm
..I lie:
:i: it am.
-' 1 is'
lif-t-clasjj wTk a:..l ali-!;
ambitious negroes of this country to j XIie rcMvr ,agitu,le ot America
Africa. Xow lie says he is going to I produced a corresponding sense of
Africa himself next fall. His official argOIIOss and loftiness in Americans,
errand there is to visit the mission h hc conse.iience is that the American
iiuiierine care ot Ins branch of the ' ,1,,-a .tirimiiiHii
church; his personal errand is to look
over the ground for himself and ac
quire lirst-hand information as to the
advantages offered to negro colonists
from the I'uited states, the difficulties
to be grappled with and overcome,
the most favorable localities for mak
ing a beginning. There is only one
drawback to the scheme the negroes
do not wish to go to Africa.
Kngland has reason to be ashtmed
of a good many things, but ol none
more than that Knglish law forbidding
interference with the brutal and de
grading child marriage of India. One
hundred iiii!!im- uf uiiiiirn are slaves
ill India to a degrading superstition,
and the hirth of a girl means a life of
wretchedness Ten or twelve years
of age is the limit for sin h a child to
be free. It is the most cruel of injus
tices the world ever knew. And yet
it is perpetrated tinder the protection
df tlif- l-'lll'tislt ttilir
mat narrow. tiiiiroecieii cm vi ii::i
What are the earnings of a theatri-' b loosened bv the rain and l'roi'Lh!
cal star? a I'reiich coiitenipiirarv asks. iot :i upon vour track bv the law of
! and points out that in the case of j gravity. ciiiinoii pmUj;icc an I or-j
Mine. Sara I.crtihardl the -takings'" j dinary engineerii'g skill wot:!d have!
of a tiarier of a century have prevented sin h a result. nnl we. there- j
ainoiiiitecl to (i.'iHUitlo francs, to w hiih. ! fore, hold you. and not (.oil. iv-n,!-
after her return from her present tour i sihlc." 'I his language desi ; vt . atti u-
miimi: and !.
-The act of tioil" is a phra-v cur
iously surviving iu law from media-
:il t iii.es, incaiiiiig that the act com
plained of w as the work of ,-ome un
expected accident tor which fallible
mortals cannot be held responsible.
In a recent case the Suiircmc Court !
of the I nitcd state- Used words jh:.t
seem to imply that as time goes on
this plea for escape from responsibility
is to be less and le.-s regarded. A
train on the Virgiui.t Midland ll.-iil-j 23 iJ&lllZS't fllGi-1 25
mail had been derailed in a liniTow 1 1:1
cut in con seii uclice of a laiidsiidc
w hich w a- due to a heavy fall of rain.
In deciding an action for damage in
curred in the accident the Court re
marked sienilieantlv. -Von who
know so much about the law of tiod
and the processes of nature mils! hate
foreseen that tiie cnrtli hanging over
llavi'ar .t- tt: l the ti.ll.T ITi-,-su
w .r- iari-ii I:. uk-X r. i;r el' 1 'i' li'.i -t LTait-
! A :r a; .l I'tir K -il. r t'r.-.'s Kl-'iir uill tun
: iici u tlml it is lit- li-st r'linir incii-.
llarmotiv street, near the Ijn-ra House. I
Iillt: I Ji .1 tf.f.-iti
s- STEi.N. BROS., Prop'rs.
ii&I'-KUul Si,
i-:.r.i. .
ii.Knir.ii.si r-v.st.cu.aiit, ,TTriT,
An il.-r Independence .-tr:;-It
ti-r I'tal w.i li.r .u 'i:i---r Mu:.-!
,-, U., ...
V-lti-r-cb.i-i.stc -I -' r-i: Ii. :
-it . Kiui.il!' ui.il b.-s:u-!it li.i
1- l-1-.i.: in it-1
I- W. rO'IT. Tropr.
j.V. a: ni! ti'i s. tin. iii,. .-,t :ic:rt.t rii-i-
!'r -.V!i. ,.- V- fii.i- i-r.i M,. .a a-i-:Ti -I
s-IS-.I .11. 1. ::! r i r. t:-il. 111.-!, r !i.!l
.-l.-ui tn'i:r:
: I'atint.
tlxiiu Tamcv.
:r. ill- li.iii'.-.i
I All: I! V.
M.A.SCOTT, iitKxi
ca:k ;i!:ai:!ii. r. Mn fKl.ii n. : :
.s. if-' I V.c imcVA!.! MV
KAiA Vi.l i.K, M. 19. ji :.i:Xori:ii: i At h
K. r::: -riy oi P ; : .U -. ..I.
t !.Y!Ni; .M
i, isoi,
!':i:ai inu
! l I..
: c; i;v:!. .
Kb ! -.T--.I .!
1 -.I-. :; l. .1.-
ir t i.
In order to reduce his large stock In-fore moving into his new building tintr
being constructed just south ol F.dward S. Lilly's Hardware Store, ou
Mam Street. This is no advertising dodge, but facts, as he is
n l - to open up Willi a is ear sto-k of good- iu his
The next election iu Louisiana will
hinge ujion the question of giving
constitutional and legal sanction to
the Louisiana lottery. There w ill lie
no politics outside of the lottery ques
tion, and the lottery leaders expect to
divide the vote in such a way that
tbcT ran not help but w in. The in
tention of the lottery leaders is to
simply buy the vote outright, and
they will spend $1.01HI,000 or more
rather than to be defeated. It is not
always that a great coriorat ion, doing
a business that is criminal, enters the
MIitical arena in this way. It is to
lie hojied that the result will be the
Mine as it was w hen the lottery lead
ers attempted to
And it the people
of any nation tiiuler the sun could
hastily form an intelligent jtidtiiiicnt
.liiftmr u-wL-c trill .if .motli.it ii-iltiiii
a, onc w hich, given oH'-hund. ! '" Aincr iea. another -J.oiHi.tsio francs lion, because it plainly siigg.-sts that
would be reasonably correct j I may con lidently be added. When the w ith the extension of -kill a i.l know 1-
would be. Americans because f mm ' "divine Sara"' began her eurocrat the t dge the responsibility of carriers i-
childhood tip to old are Americans ' Comedie Fram-aise. in lXt'w, it was at gradually approaching that cfabsolttte
haveoiiltortlinities of seeiu" and -an p j a very modes! .salary indeed, and even iiisiircuce. A bundled yct.rs ago the
iu 1K7J. at the Odeon, she milv earned plea ot the Virginia Midland llailioad
t ompnny
Kerail !i-:i.,-. a: .) .t-.-r, r:i..: -. : '.,
; 7"' li:n: i : - r- i-.- i:i: r
:.!: ic.-r Jlilt.r.t W .i-..;.-.s Hr.i: s;,.r,.,
cat:. i,ii:Ai:i::Ai'. y..
1P t:C PI' 1.V
s i .U;.. iL0
:: ' t:.a
eoiportiiiiilies ofseeiug and -an p
ling foreign naliitns aud jtcoplcs by the
close acquaintance which constant
immigration has provided iu their ow n
::l ;i.-h Sir--.-. -o-cl .!
I;i e ctt;;:i e-t ilu-i. I
Grrs ,-s j-
.1.- r .i t tt ;
i .u.-c!i. t r
The statesmen ami diplomats of
Eurojic seems to stand in awed silence
before an impending crisis. The
rcceut diplomatic evolutions have been
o rapid and radical that the calcula
tions ot the most astute and acute
have utterly failed, and to-day the
principal political leaders of Europe
are looking in awkward helplessness
titou the impetuous movement of the
political current, without either the
ability or inclination to arrest its
The present liilc of affairs may le
cm the flood of prosperity, or on the
ebb ot misfortune and disaster, but
m many are the rose-currents that
little opportunity is given for exact
There is one among the tiivriad
falsehoods of the frectradrrsconcern
Ing the new tariff law that has uot as
yet shown tip. so far as we can rerall.
It is, mat ii mere is any increase of
price on articles from any cause what
ever, they af once declare that it is
due to the tariff. Xow il ought to be
plain to every seiisililc mau that the
causes w hich make articles dearer and
cheaper, operate to their full effect,
whether the imported article pays
duty or whethrr it is admitted free.
A short coffee crop iu Brazil would
raise inc price in this country, al
though coffee has been on Ihc free list
fcinee IR,?. The prospect or a short
wheat crop in Europe has raised the
price all over the world, irrespective
of tariffs. It is always in order, w hen
any specific inslan. e is given by a free
trader of a rise in price, lo investigate
and see what causes operated to pro
duce it. We know of no rise in the
price of any of the necessities of life,
upon which there is a duty ou the im
ported article, that has been due to
the tariff.
A Ceorgia editor warns book
agents to keep away from his sanctum.
Here is the languages he uses:
MVe would like to inform the book
agents, male aud female, that we have
raised the war whoop, whetted the
the scalping knife and dug up the
hatchet. Wc already have more books
than breeches, more sjiring poems iu
the waste basket than shirts iu our
trunk, ami how can we regale our
selves on literary fca-ts when we are
sighing for the -hog and hoiiiinv" ot
our daddies, and forced to live oil
hard work ami ozone? If the tight
urchasc North 1 goes against us delinquent subscribers
may know it by failing to receive the
Usual dun and seeing the office towel
hanging as mourning crepe on the
When a revolt overtook Ihciiiicicnt
church, every seccder from her do
minion carried Ihc bible along as his
dearest treasure. When printing be
came the preserver and disseminator
of literature the bible liccaiue the
most popular of books. It is now.
There is every reason for believing
that it will continue to be. The re
markable fact in its progress is that il
has survived its intcrpeters. All gen
erations have charged npou the text
their own errors. Every sojihisf has
drawn from its wisdom continuation
of his sophistry. Each sect finds iu
its chapters warrants for its creed.
Every new thought in the world may
be found, directly or indirectly, ex
pressly or implicitly, within or be
tween its lines.
There was a time when men and
women ol fifty-live, ami sixty and
sixty-live years were practically laid
ou the shelf, forced into retirement
and kiieratiuatioii. for two rea-on.-.
Firl, because iu the majority oi in
stances at thai age then they were iu
fact siiperaniialed, and' second, even
w lieu the physical and mental vigor
had not abated, public sentiment w as
so universally strong against old peo
ple, people past fifty, that they were
compelled to relinquish the struggle
tti affairs and surrender it to tbo.se of
a younger generation. It L. not so, at
least not to Ihc same extent, that it
was then. Iu these (lavs a man of
-'IK francs a mouth. Eight vcars
later she made liiO.OiMl francs during
a short tour iu France, and in 1M
her lirst F.uroicau tour, during w hich
she played -Froti Froii." "Adrieune
Lecouvretir' and '-Ilernani.'" brought
her in -J.iii.oiMi francs. Then came the
tirst American tour. At hence she re
turned with a clear profit ol'the sum
of tiiKi.oi.il francs, and henceforth the
llow of the hundred thousands has
never ceased.
im: iii sit tvD i.iim: nniiMi.
The w orld of woman has no noire
vital question ou hand than. -IVhnt
shall I do iu regard to
who has gone wrong:"
would in a similar e.i.-e
doubtless been accepted, tor the r.iu
storm was unu-nal and hotie-tly uu
expected. In a hundred years from
now. perhaps, on the other hand, the
plea of the -act of (loiP will be tin
known in our courts, tor by that lime
science may be sufficiently advanc
ed to provide for every purely
material contingency.
nut i s . oi.. num.
It i- strange lo be reminded of the
fact at tin- present lime, with the very
large number of fanners in the West
li.twling aiioiit hint limes and com-
thc husband j I'l-'mit'.'r that they were never so liailty
h'lioriii" the j "" 'hut the things the fanner buys
A ltd wili pay i
lie iicils a sii.M
1 1 ii.ii
I 1:1
13 Ti
i Ai.M T -Is.
It o:i s'l'c.i! 1 ;i 1 :ii. :hi:i
tio!i"l i:;ii t-i enrly as e
ing the in iii: ii of luh.
going i.iii oi hi: ine
l.i-. s- nis m-tt.y en
s-iflic ; !u
a l!i v. av it-" Ciotiiln. Drv (Jo ids or Shoes
-. r . i iia i v. ii: :. iliiiy g a- a Iver'.ise.l dur-
'Ve il 'ii'i want it und. rslood that lie is
.but !.o!::i-iii!e removal s-;lc ai:d wants to
mi -rs a:i I tVi-'ti'ls liu benefit of buying
i good- rather lii ill move th:-ui.
'..LLC p I T.
B:tve A '.'ii'Jeii :tie
t'.'AV .'
Li n: A! fieri.
si iJU.Lj.LU L itii.
: ra:-,ik"t. t.. (.urtiir.. i ;
K)t?'js. '(Mi
. -. JtJI.l.t.i:. !T l-ri. t.T.
1'ilH.ii r MOLL.
Xo. 1 South JUiiu Slivet.
NEW PIlOUKJirv, ..., sr, , .;
;.!-. :i .-I r. 'i.i-
Atet is mivv i
-' (':. .1 It :::
..I 11 il'i '.-r I
Ju-ik" nl ii's.,1
tn- t' l C.'H
i-'ll ir
l.-Ui th.tt l
.1 k I., 11
iT on si,
1 Siii.trn, r i-ts'k
I'li.i:'! nr.til:---
s. t . .i- is - II- il i
e. . !:.!. -...in
i. i t'll. 'li I., a.i-t
Tt r.-i
i l:
vows she look upon herself nt ihc '"ve never been so cheap iu the hi
ahar -liti-belter ttr for w tir-e " is she t-try of the country as at present. The
ttt throw him over w hen the -ors-h!'!"",:1l"''s TriUmie takes the ground
materializes and her happiness is gone':
Take the case of a wile whose hus
band has deserted her. She cares for
herself and her children, perhaps, for
years by dint of hard ami long con
tinued toil. She makes a home ami
wins a competency. At la-t one day
she runs across the husb-ind ol her
youth, sick, impoverished, friendless
ami suffering. What is her duly? To
lake him into the home and care for
him, or to thrust him down still
deeper into the dust and pass on in
selfish ease to the enjoyment of the
prosperity she has earned: Iahc is
long ago dead: there remains of the
old lie scarcely so much as the per
fume that lingers about a withered
llowcr. and ct until the il.iv she dies
slit; cau never think of the lirst years
of her wedded life without the filling
of her eyes with those tears that
-raise from the depths of some divine
despair," ami crowd most thickly
when -thinking of the days that arc
no more."' The practical world scoffs
at the sentimentality ami the weak
ness of the wife who sloop., to lift
her fallen husband from flic ilu-t and
win him back his lo-l manhood. Jtut
Ihc noble army of earth's fanalics.the
cranks hi a good cause, the scutiiueut
alisls on Ihc side ol heaven, arc proud
lo bit! her wi l' time into (heir own
ranks when she iguores the jilain
that Hit; farmer of to-dav is alnio-t in
finitely better off than the larmer of
the past, and presents the following
sample lot of contrasted prices to
prove its position:
Take the staple dry goods article.
calico. In 17'-'0 it cost .IS cents a vard:
in 1. :!, -J9 cents; iu 1130, n cents; in
1HW1, .r, cents.
Take Ihc staple grocery article,
sugar. In 1 TOO it cost is I--.' cents for
cheap brown grades; in IK'to. l.'i cents:
in lm'il), 10 cents; iu 1S31, 5 1-2 cents
for granulated.
For w hat the farmer sells, take the
staiile dairy product, butter. The
prices in Massachusetts are as follows:
111 17t)li. 11 cents; in 1H30. 1 cents; in
isiiO. .'tf cent.-: in lH!ii,;st ami :.'i cents.
The staple meal product, dressed
beef, iu Massachusetts sohl in 1730 at
only :i 1-2 cents: iu 1n.H1. 7 1-2 ceuts:
iu lsijll, 12 cents: in 131, 12 to IS.
Our former fat hi rs of revolutionary
days whistled among the stones and
pumpkin vine.; of sterile New Eng
land, altired in cotton jeans ami shirt
ings that cost .'.0 rents a yard.slcpl on
ticking at 99 cents, and if rich enough
wiped the perspiration from their
brows with handkerchiefs that cost
70 cents. Their wives, it unusually
slvlish, paraded in muslin at 7i cents.
gingham at ,o ami cambric at $1.
l'ins were IS cents a paper; for
Uir.m'eaii, 5;.
it nr.'---n
s-ilfi!-. I I,
ir..w.i.': i-
vT TP "!
pani-li ii'eei. Caiic ( . ir;u ill nil. Mo
. . MtLi ustA trx i
squill u &oaa
Spring' and Srrrxcr
Slock is now
W 7 lar
Tin Txr cu 2 c
I n
Repairing Neatly Doae.
cue ai1jimc 1 : kie's,
-SSlfll A.S-
dinars. Tclacco Fine Candies
1:.i:mi:i:s. i
cki vtiiri:
i-.tttst; vitt i: i-i.iii 1 1 and
JHlM-.i'S wti:ui.
AVe sell ;tl prices that
Defy Competition.
Opposite Slurdivajit I'-Aik.
practicalities of common sense anil ""''he everybody borrowed lire. aud
tor farm implements aud machiuery
the hoc aud sc the were as all import
ant as to-day's sulky plow aud self
binder. Head the above very carefully and
sec how it was in the "good old davs"
with a divine pity seeks to save and
hie.-. Try ii, then, my dear; he may
have done everything that was cruel:
he may have dealt with you in a
measure as we all ot us deal with
I kmI; he mav have been ungrateful
fifty and fifty-five, other things being i ia,e all)i w icketl, but if you ever j so,",-, people arc so fuud of referring
equal, is regarded as lteiug just iu his I run across your husband friendless j to. There were no machines, few er
prime aim goon lor iiuiy twenty vears i ami tut tot u ami m t.o.i...., ucn nun prouuets, no railroad.-: what the t-ir-
more of active, efficient service.
age Iiup. er line of sitperanua'tiun, has
thus Iteeu sensible advanced into the
M A N I P A CI I'll K It OF
Al.si, lif.AI.KK l
IJU(i(ili:S, CARTS
Aud all oilier vcliit lc.
I pnamiiti-i- alt niy m-urk ITr-t-rlsj-s
I trices as !" ttf a :v !iii' in tin rity. I
tiT the iartr'-'t a- I N-.-t I'm? ot ' -i.ilh-
C AIM'S in itiwn, a n! aara..tt- fi-rtlii..? -! i
ly im in t'ial Xuiv. lit furt' -urrJia.-ii..c i:t m
!inr siT jp a call a:l ciinir-r j.tmv-if,
Cor icr Ilarnmriy ami (jrii;. aul trt.r Malt.
aiil liariu.iiv bUct-u.
(Si-cci-Ssoi: i.i II., rr:.i A s..;i.ti.r.)
US Till: l.fcVKK.
CAI'E ;ii:ai:i)i:ac. jiisst.ii i:i
i fi:r:.
r , .r."i. :
rli a... I c. il
it..-. I t
-'it-nii'lltliiT :
-!i 'n:
j":--! -ai 't all r"iirli l'fit.ii
tth-n- in tin- t-i:v Inii't-
z '! in- r t!.iii -r si.t.l ii
:i le.t.t y-ni K' l Tn jirici
itnu lis tm no liimtii-r.
niii i:ai:uains at
1 N
Stoves "Tinware.
I A IMi KfcT tN"k. and rhrap-tt huosc in South
Roofing and Guttering.
CAI'E OlltAliliKAl . MKSoritl
C;;p3 GirnrflLjan M Hsrtct
lii'lf-inli't.c stT.-1't. ft-pr-l f.:.p' oii ytant.
We It. - v n:.-l-Ii ! ur !:.:. a:.l t-mr hav
tltf !. n-n niark' t i.i tli- ritv . I ut-tt.nnT
itiiij v.-i a-,-iir ! iliat thv will it tW r lr!-t
tl lut i'i a'iM rrn-nf tli kn;ii-t tr a:ni-n..
J-i- ri-h Meat au't aai.rrp l all kii.dt. or.
a.nl at all tilitfh.
jr LO 3T or F AILin O HAN HOC u;
ecenU as4 HE&Y0US DEBLLTi Y;
idinnioi 3ovandKtQrL Efftctk
i trroraor Ex?? ia Old or Torn?
:- M-.lk lUtAllt-NT-BrMftj im m -at
i'r fr-: ft" fti" i I .rrlr.m t tn-ntrV. Wiit tka
liivtiis itartlnilnr attf-ntNii to tli" Jiiiti.i'it:
Tbe ' "" nwr soM brought uot more than half ?;r,TTV'f 11
ved.an.llwk to a future that lies " u:" " S uu" '" ; Z,' u.- & ,1 , ,::..ri, ..i
bevotid this batlled. thwarted and bt.uht co.-t more tliau duuble what it sra.-s nl "'.ii. r t.-M ii.- nt-, :n
struggling lile for voir reward. i doe- to-day. nu-nu u.ri w.., u,
? Boys
I tt O 1 B f a-l othr ivriaij
: O Bt J El lk" f"r 'i-ntU-mi-a.
rrj!, cl, RTi-l n :.ar.ipwi on twnm. Adirf
1 U.L. IHUI li.AJlitsKklou, Mh;. jidbj
Villi new ar.il s. .- ii.b!e ftnitls we invite evervbotlv to coiue ami giro
us a f.-dr -Imiw. and v.e will centime thcui that we not milv have the tn-1
but that we are selling at cxtr.-iordiuarv ht.v prices.
Ve show as Jar-re a line a- anyone in the city, ami for style, fit, finish
and ijuality o;:.- liii- cuitint ! excelled, aud for prices wo defy competition.
This line is so complete th:it we can not -rive you satisfaction on paper.
The only way we can tlo you justice is to come aud look at the goods;
especially our I'rcss t.nod.. We can show you a line from the cheapest to
the very nest Silk lini litd Hem ictte's. and aNo the newest novelties in Bilks.
I-adics' and (ionts' line foul wear we show in jrreat variety and only in
the best -roods. Mo tra-h st.ld by us. When cheap, no count shoes aro
wanted dou't come to us. hut if you want something that will wear, give
satisfaction for less money come and see us.
ttSWe also show a In-line of Hats,
ladii-s' and (icnts ruriiisliiuir Goods.
-Notions and (iorrrics.
Ilemeiiiber that our motto is sell goods ai cheap as possibln, and deal
honestly with customers, aud through thU method wc have established a
good trade, fiive us a call.
( oi:xi:i: iiaijmony axi sii:k;g streets.
j Iu the Use of CORA.
S we Alone own
k tor all DIs-,
.ft-yv tm - s-v mr a. .a irtia,
a 1.! i- SJ a
I Who have wtnk onHfJ
DEVELOPED. or tli.mciul9
I oc?unt, w.o are suucr-l
i'!(r ismaenmisoryount
I 3.11 anv Esccfif,,r,r ottl
.and Control, I
ordorsj of I
M If narnntee to
rt It tbef can
CcrnttrA. our
TA m-l Iw 1 snd an.
CjaUoiii attKEl
" "'re nt moutana tm. I
I VTrT.taeacorn ot tbdr I
iinmti ana IU isnn-1
lu-mpt of frienda tux) I
f rfimrxmkHM, letvH tu to I
FuU patients, I
r otvo Kicluaive I
nl ianceti will I
raThcre im, then, I
e Don't brood over ronr condition, nor rt-re np in dewwir t
CA Thoni:aa!9 c,i this Worst ( iu- i.; i..li.j .Fin71?irj
r jyictr. her. xv, onoclte L-tutbe SMtbo.lt, aprillHiicc?iiid tbipcrt I
2,053 Rar'srer.ces. Hama this pspsf wn you writ.

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