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' --. y.s v-f;v-'r
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i -f
Ff of Hood's :
b and two box
PUls, lame
2' terrible dine
I mm glad to recofc
mend, Hood's Sarsapv
rills and Hood's puis. I
have suffered very mucT
with severe -
Sick Headache.
After taking six bottle i
I s Sarsaparlllt
boxes ot Hood
im cured of thft
terrible diseniuL I biuw
Hood s Sarsaparflla ts the best medicine Ienr
""- mks. li. M. Lattim, Pine Valley, N. T.
Hood's Pllla care liver Ills. Sc. per bo.'.
the Greatest Medical Discover
- of the Age.
Has discovered in one of our common
Easture weeds a remedy that cures every
ind of Humof, from the worst Scrofula
' down to a common Pimple.
: He has tried it in over eleven hundred
cases, and never failed except in two cases
(both thunder humor). He has now in his
possession over two hundred certificates
of its value, all within twenty miles of
A benefit is always experienced from
the first bottle, and a'perfect cure is war
ranted wiien the right quantity is taken.
When the lungs are affected it causes
shooting pains, like needles passing
through them; the same with the Liver or
Bowels. This is caused by the ducts being
stopped, and always disappears in a week
after taking it.
If the stomach Is foui or bilious it will
cause squeamish feelings at first.
Io change of diet ever necessary. Eat
the best you can pet, and enough of it.
Dose, one t.iblespnonful in water at bed
time. Read the Label. Send for Book.
I have been troubled with dyspep
sia, but after a fair trial of August
Flower, am freed from the vexatious
trouble J. B. Young, Daughters
College, Harrodsburp, Ky. I had
headache one year steady. One bottle
of August Flower cured me. It was
positively worth one hundred dollars
tome J. W. Smith, P.M. and Gen.
Merchant, Townsend, Ont. I have
used it myself for constipation and
dyspepsia and it cured me, It is the
lest seller I ever handled C. Rugh,
Druggist, Mechauicsburg, Pa. S
Unlike the Dutch Process
No Alkalies
Other Chemicals
a2f are ttrd In the
preparation o
I J pnre and molubie.
U It ha more than three times
im:u bi.irch. Arrowroot or
'Suear, and is far more eco
nomical, curting lc.-s than one cent a cup.
Iti drlu tuns, ouuristiltig, -uiii Easilt
Sold bCrorrr. terjmhn.
W. BAKES & CO.. Bornhester, Haas,
Cures Scrofula
Mn. E. J. Rowell, Meilfnrd, Miw sav ber
TnottM-r Iu4 ln-eni-nrpildf Si-rufnla liy thcu5ef
fH.r In.um of PSaH aftr navinc liat
murh other tre ImKb atment,anl being
roilueeil t qui awMfcsS to a low cnnaitn,u
of health, as it iras thought she cuuld nut live.
SCV?3 S- P'tula, whl. h apprarril al,g
FV i ita Ijh lac. Kir s year J hays 0
up all hope of hi recorerv, wbea fjfIEr.
i:i.lnccil to f.sc -VvUlciUss.
curril him, anil gffy-H.;!-, .
the disease rcmAiiH Vic Co.. almu, Ga.
( in the arnih'des are very
-rul are usually two or three in
.vr. each iilut four inches deep
top, tapcriiifr t nothing under the
arm. Shoulih-r frills arc not ahan
ihmeil, Lut arc variol, some havinp; all
their fulness in a box plait at the top
of each blecre, others consisting of a
sin-cession of bias folds rather than
ruffles. Kevers are pointed sharply,
and arc very broad in Rohesnicrre
lasnion. a smfle lonp; leaf-shaped
point falling fiver the top of a full
sleeve from arinliolc to elliew is verv
eiTeetivc. Crosswise bands of inser
tion of velvet, siitin. or passementerie.
or else of fabrics of bavadcre weavine,
are the trimminis for round vraists.
Of course such waists fasten invisibly
on the left side, and are alike in front
and back. The collar and belt are
soft," that is, a Iurk stock and pirdle
fastened at the back with meeting
inns or cnoux, precisely as they lire
now worn, or else they have a bow of
upright loois and lonf hanging ends
i riuiKin. Harpers llazar.
Thotiek the rears be Bed. sad tbe pals is dead,
Aad the rrtet Is over kmc.
Vet m aresamsod track doth the soot go back,
Andlol the sound of a soaic
That rises from a (lade where the trees are
Where the wind of sorrow never tuih betnl
And oat of the abrht eotae back to sight
The forms sod faces of Tore.
The old love wakes, sod the old joj takes
Color sad light once mora;
There sounds a votes we eaa never hear,
A step that has left as for many a year.
The sunbeams creen over eyes that sleep.
And we wake with a start to know
That in fsfr dream-land we have clasped s hand
Which held ours torn? ago!
And we thrill to a touch that Is lingering yet
To a passion of love, and of vain regret.
And for many a day we wend our way
The unseen world around us.
For the soul hss supped the chain that
Tbe earthly links that bound us.
And the workaday world around us seems
Less real by far than the land of dreams.
Mary (ioryrm In Chambers' Journal.
It Ended in
The Emma
There was a breezy crowd over in the
Emma saloon one night less than a year
ago, and every man was well heeled,
carrying his revolver handy, and wore
his shirt open at the neck. As for the
women there was only one, and she
rejoiced in the soubriquet of "Scarred
Emma," and yon only had to look at
her hands to know why. They had
been burned to the bone, and, although
she wore diamond rings to the first
joint of every finger, they didn't dis
guise the horrid scars, seamed and livid,
and of these Emma was prouder than
of the rings. Well she might be. Had
she not saved the lives of men and
women bearing them in her arms from
a burning building? And these scars
were her medals of honor for her
bravery. .
Some of the gang were playing draw
poker, others engaged in a game of
seven up. Some drank and loafed,
loafed and drank again, and chaffed
with the landlady, who was about as
amiable f,s a tiger.
On the night here alluded to, "Scarred
Emma" was busy handing out the min
ers poison in copious doses, and listen
ing to such cheap compliments as were
not t-o suggestive of revolvers and
free fights, when the door opened, and
the deputy sheriff entered the place.
Everybody rose up, and a shout of
welcome greeted the newcomer.
"Hello, Hill, glad to see yer. Hiring
in any new uns?"
"Xawl Evenin", Em. About two fin
gers straight, seein' I jest got in. Iieen
to Omaha for a pesky hoss thief.
Tried to get away, out here, and we
was goin' to let him have it, but there
wuz a lectle weazened parson on the
stage an' he interfered and prayed off
so fluid like we weakened, an' let the
feller go with nary a bullet in his
carcass. Here's to ye. Era, for the
fairest of yer sex Come on, boys, an'
fill up at my expense."
He tossed off the dram and set the
tumbler down to be refilled.
"Where's the parson?" asked the land
lady, smiling on the deputy as she
measured the fiery fluid with a liberal
"lie's stopped over to preach at Hell's
Delight, but he'll be at the (iulch to
morroy, an' doan yer forget it, less he
dies afore morn in' kind o sudden from
a dose of cold lead. An' I'd advise the
Ikivs to grease their boots and be ready,
for he's a buster, the parson is."
"Say, Bill." remarked Emma, stirring
his whisky by shaking it in the glass.
"is he a young feller?
"Aw, an' sickly. Lord, yer
darlight through him."
"An' takes sugar in bfma's wit, and
"l ou oet: for them herself.
The crowd ere really eomin' here to
this time s
"ar here, Em. You're talkin'
Pttlffh your bonnit Come here he
her eves. Another touch ot rougs to
repair the ravage, and she was ready
"to go to church," as she phrased it to
herself. A determined, aggressive fig
ure, dressed in a smart black satin,
wearing a bow of pink ribbon at the
throat It seemed as if the incongruity
of her attire struck her at the last
moment, for on the threshold of her
room she stopped, went back, and
threw a lace shawl around her shoul
ders. Then she made her way to the
front room, just as the noise of clatter
ing boots and grating chairs was
hushed, and the minister bowed hi
head in prayer.
A dozen men made room for her.
Their faces brightened as she entered,
hut she did not look at one of them.
Like one walking in sleep she moved,
and never took her eyes from the thin,
meager form of the man who stood in
the impromptu pulpit, pouring out his
soul in prayer.
It was not nntil the petition was
ended, and the oppressed listeners had
relaxed with a sigh, that she sat down
among the men, where she could sea
without being seen.
The minister then chose a hymn anc?
lined it out:
"I heard the voice of Jesus say"
He was interrupted by Deputy Kill.
"We can't sing that, pard I mean
parson. Give us something we know."
They compromised on "A land that
is fairer than day." The parson heard
the sweet treble of a woman's voice,
and wondered much whence it came.
He looked troubled, and the cough that
shook him with its paroxysm brought
out bottles and glasses, but he put
aside all offers with a shaking hand.
"Hearken to me, my friends," he be
gan, solemnly, "and know that you are
listening to a dying man."
He had not time to announce the
text, the words of life were hovering
upon his lips, when there rang through
the room a woman's frenzied cry:
"Oh! Jimmy, Jimmy!"
"Who spoke, who called me?" asked
the parson, with white lips, clinging to
the table before him.
"Oh! Jimmy, you're too late and
you're killing yourself, and it's for me,
and I'm not worth it I'm-not-worth-it!"
She was making her way to him now,
and as his eyes lit up his dcath-palu
features he prayed:
"At last." he murmured, "at last,
and now I'm willing to die! Lord, I
thank Thee."
His head fell forward. A dozen stal
wart men jumped to his side, but when
he was laid on the nearest bench it
was ".Scarred Emma" who held his dy
ing head on her arm, and it was into
her face he looked when he opened his
eyes for a brief coming back to life.
"Don't cry," he said, tenderly, "don't
cry, Slolly at least not for me but
promise me quick, I'm going soon
promise me to quit this place now
"Oh, Jimmy, I can't You've seen
them all tell me, Jimmie. are they
well do they ever speak of me?"
"They are all well dear.and safu
over there! The dear old mother and
the little sister. And I promised them
I'd bring vou and tow I'm going
without vou!"
After her conversion Engenie Foa
asked of the Abbe Rati bonne: "Is it
sin to be pleased when men aay that
one is pretty?" "Certainly," he re
plied; "one must never encourage
Dr. Pierre Emile Mignault and hit
wife of Actonvale, Ont, celebrated
their golden wedding the other day,
and had among their guests the bride
maid and groomsman who attended
them at their marriage fifty years ago.
Miss Edith Carrington, author of a
volume on all sorts of animals (includ
ing the earwig) entitled Workers With
out Wage, has been asked by the En
glish Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals to write another
volume, to be published officially by the
Santiago Imaliell, who was born in
the Philippine islands ninety-nine
years ago, was married lately in Coat
zacoalcos, Mexico, to a rich and good
looking girl of sixteen, belonging to
one of the first families of Minatitlan.
The frisky old lover was baptized a
half hour before the wedding.
Gov. William E. Russell of Massa
chusetts was somewhat surprised the
other day to receive, among his mail
packages, a cigar sixteen inches long
and two inches in diameter, with an
ancient steel and flint for lighting pur
poses. They came as a present from
the I'niled States consul at Costa Rica.
The sultan of Dioclokata is men
tioned as a probable visitor to the fair.
His lowness is about tour feet in what
is commonly called height, but there i
nothing short aliout his full name,
which is llainankoewonsenopatiinga-logonabgumtchtnansaydiniipnotogora-ode.
His name is just "pi" for the com
positor. Roliert IEuhanan. in a communica
tion to the London Chronicle, remarks
"It is not for my pen to proclaim what
the hand which holds it has done, but
1 could stake my oath that I have fed
more mouths an 1 helped more strug
gling comrades than all the socities of
authors put together. I care little for
fame, and less for money-"
Sir Samuel Lewis who has just
been raised by IJucen Victoria to the
dignity of a "knight of the most dis
tinguished order of St .Michael and St
George." is a full-blooded, coal-black
negro, who. having taken his degree at
the Iindon university, is now a mem
lier of the legislative council of Sierra
lA-one. It is the first time that a Brit
ish order of knighthood has ever been
conferred upon an African.
fine day on leaving the stage. Au
gustine Itrohan happened to hear two
fellow-art istsdiscussinga subject which
seemed to be extremely engrossing.
On questioning them as to the topic of
conversation: "We are speaking of the
creation." they said. "I was not living
at that time," she answered, smiling.
And then added, with a serious nut
"You hail better ask Mme. AU' rivals
it" This lady was one
on the stage. ., women at pres-
One of the v' Senora Eva t'anel,
ent in Chie commissioned by the
who ha" commerce of Cuba to make
chare o' the exposition for its use.
who is, besides, the World's fair
Fig Pudding: Mix one-half pound
of figs, one-half pound of bread crumbs,
one-fourth pound of beef suet, minced
fine with the figs, one cupful of sugar,
two eggs and one cupful of milk. Boil
three hours. Housekeeper.
Always keep a slice of lemon and a
bottle of glycerine to use when wash
ing your handa The lemon will take
off stains, and the glycerine used when
the hands are wet and wiped off will
soften and whiten the skin.
Potato An Gratin: Slice cold boiled
potato, stew in broth or milk, season
with salt and pepper, sprinkle with
grated cheese and bread enfrabs mixed
and brown in oven, and it becomes po
tato au gratin. Detroit Free Press.
Caper: Melt a tablespoonful each
of butter and flour together: add a cup
ful of milk or cream; another table
spoonful of butter cut in bite and one
of capers; season to taste and send to
tabic in a boat, or if the fish is bone
less pour it over. Country Gentleman.
Poulet a la Marengo: Fry jointed
fowl with a bruised clove of garlic.
pepper, salt and bouquet of sweet
herbs. Remove chicken, add minced !
mushrooms chopped parsley and shal- I
lot, one glass each of white wine and
stock. l-'t sauce boil up. strain and i
terve. Good Housekeeping. '
Hop Ros: This is a very pleasant !
and wholesome temperance beverage. !
Two ounces of good hops, one ounce !
bruised, not powdered ginger, two
pounds brown sugar. Boil the hops !
and ginger in half a gallon of water for '
half an hour. Add the sugar, boil ten
minutes longer, and put into a pan j
with two and one-half gallons of lioil- I
ing water. Itottle when cold; it is then !
ready for use. X. Y. Ledger. t . j
Peach Pie: Pare, halve and pit ripe j
soft peaches. Line a deep pie plate
with rich crust; fill with peaches, sift ;
sugar over, add a little water and ar- I
range cross bars of crust over the top. j
Set in a quick oven invert a large pan j
over the pie, bake imtil the peaches j
are soft; then remove the cover, brown ;
the crust slightly and remove from the j
oven. Serve very cold with sweetened
whipped cream. Ohio Farmer.
Saratoga Pudding: Make a pint of
lemon gelatine jelly, pour in a -small
border mold; whip half a pint of cream
to which has leen added a tea-spoonful
of dissolved gelatine. When solid
stir in one ounce of cherries one ounce
of strawlicrries anil one ounce of red
currants cooked in thick sirup.
A Scoria Chata That Is zpoetod s
Lower fterwrda.
The illustration of a new trotting
track herewith presented will prove of
absorbing interest to the tens of thou
sands engaged in the breeding, train
ing and racing of trotters and pacers.
Several tracks throughout tbe country
are claimed to be the "fastest in exist
ence" by the respective associations
owning them, but the evidence of the
fastest performances points to the
Terre Haute (Ind.) track as the "Ktng
Bee" of them alL Over this track Queen
Nancy trotted to her record of 2:04,
which time is also the pacing record
for pacers in harness, and Champion
Mascot made this record in a race over
the Terre Haute track. Records count
with trotting tracks as well as with
trotting horses.
The track illustrated is virtually the
Terre Haute track, with the addition
Judges' Stand.
Starter's Stand.
Timer's Stand.
Starting Wire.
Finishing Wire.
! - - . c i
! ' i a villi.. . . 1 1 mil ... mull I
win at once perceive me immense mantc religious belief still counts
r.nK.iii t Vi i. ..lilitmn Niv-i-tenins ......
1 of the accidental collision-11 th "'
! fashioned elliptical tr--KS fcur wh'!
. Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest TJ. & Gov't Report
Aatoama Modes
For dressy dinner-gown come most
gorgeously striped silks and satins in
autumnal colors, of which the favorite
trimming is still the black silk muslin
ruches and the lace ruffles. Such a
gown, with a stripe of the red seen in
the cardinal is flower has muslin rnch
ings on the skirt. The yoke is made of
cardinal satin puffs set into black in
sertions and is finished with plailings
of the muslin edged with lace. The
yoke, ent after the latest models is so
deep on tbe shoulder that the plaitings
fall over the arm, and the sleeve.
plaited down flat on the top,
flows ont broadly at the elbow
and Is finished in a puff of lace and
muslin. An odd whim of the moment
is for the spiral flouncing of skirts,
which are flounced, as well, in festoons
and Vandykes, and all manner of odd
arrangements. This spiral, which may
be a flounce or a ruche, begins with a
bow on one side, and in passing around
the skirt is gradually lowered nntil it
passes the point where it starts much
lower down, and enfls witn a now on
the other side. Ruches of black silk,
muslin, either edged with lace or plain,
are much employed in this way, and
form the decoration of the primrose
silk. The waist of toe dress is formed
almost entirely ot the lace, and has a
fold scarf of black satin for a belt N.
Y. Post
Wl are told that the auadrllle is coma' ont
of fashion. For all its reverses tte walla
will now have its tarn at tba toa PhUadalr
phia Times.
Oxa of the differences between a sievclo
and a unicycie is that the wheelbarrow is
much the harder ot the two to puakv ttoawa
vilie Journal.
Whoa Nature' . '
Needs assistance it nay be best to reader
it promptly, but ooe should remember to uso
even tne most perfect remedies only when
needed. The best and mostaimnleand ven
ue remeay is tne eyruo ot rigs man
tured by the California Fig Syrup Co.
A woA!t in Ohio has just received her de
cree as an electrical rofrineer. the ought,
bv mere force of instinct to know bow to
manage the sparka Baltimore Amencaa.
Lost-An Appetttat
If you have lost your appetite it will re
turn to you if you apply to adruir&istor gen
eral dealer who sells Hosteller's Siomarn
Bitters. When you are in possession of this
helpful tonic, you have a restorer of appe
tite which is unfailing and prompt. More
over, it restores digestion as well as ap-
t elite, and reeulntes the bowels liver and
idneya, and protects you from malaria and
wHk's a verv modest Toons' man. Isn't
her "Modest ata burglar: he doesn't even
rant the credit of bis own work." Phil
delphia Record.
rounding the first,-.' . " "-'n is
obvious The " w.w per
haps ten ned UD across he
track '"'re the? fet fairly settled in
. .. .'tride they are obliged to swing
'"flic left, like a rtlatoon of oldi..r
Set. It is here that the utmost skill of the
on ice half an hour, turn out the jji'Nj
nil the center with the crea;,r t,e
fruit and pile whipped crea"
top -Home (Jueen. tIlIW cneum.
Cucumlx r SoupAprinkle with salt
bers after rx-elHi two nlatex
and put lwrT the juice and put them i they are askei to negotiate the first
houndnire with two quarts of white ' V"""'. B-v tl,e time il is reached the
most experienced drivers is frequently
lusuincieui. to Keep tne horses from
breaking and swerving, and collision is
inevitable. With the track illustrated
the horses have nearly a full quarter
mile after receiving the won! before
In British India the ancient Ilrah-
000.000 in itsdifferent sects The Budd
hist form of belief is held by 7,000.000
Albsbt BracH. West Toledo. Ohio, savsj
"Had'a Catarrh Cure saved mv lire." Writs
him for particulars. Sold by Drusgists. 75c
"Tin does Hand look so melancholvt
Has she experienced a deep irriefr' "Yes
poor trirl; she has finished her bos of cara
mels." Chicago News.
How Mr Throat Hems ! Why don't you
use Hale's Honev nt HnPRhnnnH Hurt Ta.l
in r artner innia (iturmah), not in In-1 nite s toothache Drops Cure in one minute.
dia proper. The ancient faith of Zo-
"Don't go, Jimmy. I'll do anything j
y a a . . hh Z. eve- "rrespondent of several Spanish and
ways and do just as yon bid me. ere j,,, Amoriean perodica,!L
I Cnred mv llttlo boy of hcrrdltirv '"ay- but preach ho! ho! I guess not
-no says -no? asked the woman,
and this time the tiger showed itself :n
her eves
"I do we all do!" roared the crowd
in a rude chorus
"And I say he shall."
And she folded her scarred hands
across her bosom so that all present
could see them. That one motion had
a strange effect upon those human
coyotes who would have knifed a man
in the back and made no account of it
It is true that even desperadoes have
tneir sort moments This woman
standing before them had one claim on
their respect and as their eyes followed
that movement and fell on the scarred
and cicatrized hands the dumb appeal
moved them as nothing else could have
done. Off went every hat bearded lips
trembled, then, as there was danger of
too much sentiment there went up a
cheer from twenty hoarse throats and
as Emma turned to set up again for
them, she dashed something from her
eyes that might have been a tear.
So it happened that when Rev. James
Forsyth reacsed i)ead Man's Gulch, he
learned that the principal saloon was
prepared to receive him, being turned
for the time into a meeting house. All
through the little town and far into
the surrounding country these placards
were amxea to walls and trees:
How to Dust Dmara.
A bit of old crepe is a useful imple
ment, tor tne necessary process of dust
ing the gown. 1 lie ordinarv brush
means destruction to silk, passemen
terie, pretty trimmings and embroid-
cries Every speck of dust mav be re
moved with the crepe the corruirated
surface of which makes the job not
difficult If much heading is used in
the trimming place between sheets of
tissue paper, where nothing will rub
against it: ft passementerie with some
of the lieads missing or with the gloss
gone is a mostdetressing spectacle. If
a brush must lie used get a soft camel's
hiii one and use it with a light quick
motion, as sparingly as possible. Chi
cago Mail.
The late Col. Jerome Bonaparte
was so thoroughly a Bonaparte in ap
pearance ar. to startle many who sud
denly confronted him for a first time
nt Washington cntertiinmont 11
was tall, well built, with a military
air. The strong Napoleonic counte
nance and figure marked him in any
assemblage, and he was never seen
without a boutonnicre of violets This
grandson of Betsy Patterson was
West Point graduate, and was tried in
frontier Indian fighting before he en
tered the army of his cousin, Xapolcon
in., ano serve.1 in the Crimean. Al
gcrian and Italo-Austrian wars With
thofall of the empire he returned to
America, and made his home first at
iiaitimore. and then in Washington
where Colonel and Madame Bonaparte
were social icaaers
to tnrnincr mv back on friends - '
have been good to me. lint oh J lat'
I'm not worth dying for-
for that" mother anc
"Xot to meet tjru ,l ,s n"t tK;
- . , die in peace if vou
little sister! . " .
.a ' ..nil. child it is not yours to
J0"0. as you please, but is bought
'Sfa price. Take those off" look
ing with wide strange eyes at the germ
on her hands
She obeyed him. In a moment shj
had stripped every ring from her fingers
and then he gathered the two poot
scarred hands in his cold ones and held
them to his pale lips
"Saved," he murmured, then he
smiled as if in answer to something ho
saw, and a moment later he fell asleep,
and the woman kneeling by hissido
reverently closed his eyes sobbing, bu;
not as one without hope.
Iess than a year ago, and to-day the
quiet, respectable woman who is post
mistress in one of our small western
towns has the good will of every
citizen. They can see nothinir in com
mon with her and the terrible woman
of Dead Man's Gulch except the scarred
hands from which thev receive their
daily mail. And they know the hon.
orable history of those scars Mrs M
L. Ray ne, in Detroit Free Press
siiuiniT iorxy minutes season
fith salt and cayenne, thicken slichtlr
with fine flour, add a pint of milk anil
the yolks of two eggs well beaten.
Milk may lie used instead of stock, add
ding an ounce of butter, to make it
richer. American Agriculturist
-To prepare a dressing for cold- i a V"."?'" :""le ca w
slaw, beat the yolks of three eggs with ! des,red The horses
two tablespoonfnls of white sugar, add
nve talilespoonfuls
Canel is a novelist and essayist of dis
tinguished merit, and has the distinc
tion of being the first Spanish woman
who has ever edited a political paper.
having established, a few years ago, in i
Havana, and edited with marked abili
ty up to the time of her departure from
Havana for Chicago, La Cotorra, a sa-lirico-political
: IN
All Are Invited to Attend EveniDg Serv
ices it I p. a
Please Leave Your Guns with the
Prof- Max Mnllerand his wife haTO
lately been o a visit to Constantinople,
where they seem to have won the heart
of the sultan. They were invited to
partake of a farewell lnncheon, during
'hich various scientific matters were
ully diciLsseiL Before parting with
his guests the sniian gave Prof. Mnller
the go!dcn med the order of merit
and his wife also received an honorary
ordar.-N. y. Evaning Pobt
When the stage reached the Gulch.
the parson who bad come on from
Devils Delight was in it, bait, he
stopped at the tavern until it was time
to go to meeting. It meant nothing to
mm that be was taking his life in his
hands to preach the Gospel of Christ
crucihed to these men. W hat was his
poor, miserable gift of a dying life.
compared with these lost souls? Be
sidesthen he coughed terribly, closed
his eyes and wiped the cold sweat of
mortal illness from his face. Ah,
specious human nature! Sophistries
that keep it from the debasement of
overnghteousness! It was of one
precious sin-sick soul he was thinking,
and that he hoped to reach through
tins zeal for tbe brotherhood.
Poor scarred Emma! She had given
her influence and I have shown that it
was great she had given her saloon.
which was also her throne, and now
she was shnt up in a miserable, tawdry
room, partitioned off from the rest.
dressed in her Sunday finery, waiting
nntil all the gang had assembled, when
she would walk in boldly and take her
seat with the rest W ell she knew that
no woman would be there. No other
woman would sit under the same roof
with her, and then she looked down on
her diamond-bedecked hands "I can
bny and sell them alL I am no man's
slave and my word is law, but" And
then a whole flood of tears came. But
uoa she dashed tbtm awav 4 dried
Home of the More Keaaarkahle Kevsera of
tb Tellowatone Park.
From the porch of the little lunch-
house the tourist sees a stranire sitrht
To the right and front of the house,
across a little interval of verdure and
pine-trees there is a great plain of
formation which is seemingly covered
with active geysers From one end to
the other are waving fen there of steam,
while now and then one of the hot
fonntains'shoots its column of water
high in the air. There are twenty-six
geysers and four hundred hot springs
in the basin. It is a wonderful place.
Vegetation has ceased to exist The
barren contents of the earth's interior
have been spurted out and have covered
and killed the soil. It is a great extent
of white, brown and black desolation.
Here and there are skeleton trees dead
and hanlened with the deposits that
cover the surrounding country. Lord
Duffenn has said that the place gave
mm the impression of some modern eity
that had been Overwhelmed and "had
so lately sunk amid flames into the
bowels of the earth that the smoke of
its ruins was still ascendinir through
heaps of smouldering ashes;" and Prof.
Whitwell has said: "Nowhere else, I
believe, can be seen on so irrand a scale
snch clear evidence of dying volcanic
action. We seem to witness the death
throes of some great American Encela-
The geyser that is of most interest to
the tourist is naturally that whose
eruptions are most regular, and can
therefore be depended on. This is Old
r aithf ul, that beginning after the man
ner of the Fountain Geyser, throws a
column of water straight into the air
to a height of about one hundred and
fifty feet The most noteworthy attri
bute of this geyser is its regularity. By
actual and careful observation it has
been fonnd that the eruptions occur at
an average interval of sixty-five min
This geyser is on the left bank of the
Fire-hole. On the opposite bank is the
Beehive, which throws a stream more
than two hundred feet high. This is
one of the few geysers that do not
throw out any rocks while the water is
so hot that it evaporates in the air. It
is safe, therefore, to observe it close at
hand, while the absence of overflow
leaves it without terraces at its base,
which are characteristic of Old Faithful
and other geysers. The Giantess.
which is very near the Beehive, is
Tery powerful geyser. Its eruptions oc
cur after intervals of abont fourteen
days and continue with slight inter
ruptions for abont twelve hours. Rum
blings roarings, and earthquake shocks
accompany its breakings ont while the
Beehive, three hundred feet distant ia
affected by .v activity. Harper'
Why is summer the pride of the
year? Why, tiecause it goeth licfore a
fall. Minneapolis Tribune.
"She's engaged to him, isn't she?"
"No; she doesn't put it that way.
She siys he's one of her gentlemen in
Burglar "Your money or your
life." Head of Family "For God's
sake don t shoot 1 nu ll wake the
baby." Detroit Tribune.
He "Don't you think Miss High
heels is a perfect dream of beauty."
She "Oh, yes: a perfect dream, which
never comes true." Vogue.
ne Couldn't Say. "I ate a piece
of mince pie last night." "How did
yon feel when yon awoke, this morn
ing?" "I haven't leen asleep yet"
What Is It? l)aughtcr-"Mamma,
what is parvenne?" Mamma "Really.
daughter, I don't know. It's something
or otiier. tnongn. that never had a
grandmother." Detroit Free Press
He "Wifey, love, I am taking part
in a balloon ascent to-morrow." She
"I have no objection, love, only don't
forget to bring me something nice when
you come back." Flicgende Blatter.
One of Them. Stranger "Do you
suppose I can gel any whisky in that
drugstore?" Native (prohibitionist)
"Oh, yes I presume they keep all
kindsof poisons there." Yankee Blade.
A Narrow Escape. Parker "Are
yon enjoying your rest at the seaside?"
Robbins "les, immensely. Here's a
letter I just received from mv wife sav
ing that her mother is visiting her."
A sea captain was asked by th
committee of a religions society: "He
the subjects of the king of Dahomey
keep Sunday?' "es he replied, "and
everything else they can lay theii
hands on."
Happily Averted "Will there be a
meeting between Brown and Jones?"
'No." "Isn't there a question of vera
city between them?" "No. They each
called the nthera liar, and the referees
decided both were right" Puck.
"If Mr. and Mrs Hawkins had been
poor instead of extravagantly rich,
they would have got along splendidly."
"Well, I suppose now that they have
spent all their money getting divorced,
they'll marry each other again and be
happy." Harper s Bazar.
The Police Were Not in It First
Thief "How did you succeed in steal
ing that bag unseen by the police?"
Second Thief "There wasn't any po
lic around." First Thief "Why not?"
Second Thief "There was a fio-ht near
by. See?" Yankee Blade.
Too Late. Mr. Finnigan "Yez
kin charge thot drink to me. Dennis
Finnigan." Bartender "Hold on!
(Raising his voice). Sav, is Finntiran
good for a drink?" Proprietor (from
the inside room) "Has he had it yet?"
Bartender "Yes" Proprietor (short
ly) "Hea good for it" Life.
For two hours the fashionable lady
kept the draper exhibiting his goods,
and at the end of that period she
sweetly asded: "Are you quite sure yon
have shown me everything yon have?"
"No, madam," said the draper, with an
insinuating smile. "I have yet an old
account in my ledger which I shall very
gladly show you." Tit-Bits
cider vinegar, half
a teaspoonful of mustard, mix anil set
over the hre; add half a teaspoonful of
butter, and stir until it is a smooth
paste, then sit off to cool: see that it is
cohl lHfore using. When n-ady to
serve the cold-slaw, pour over it the
dressing and mix. Hard-boiled eggs
sliced and laid on top improve the
salad. a
Preserved Plums: Pour Ixiiling
water over the egg or other Iarira
plum; then remove the skin. Make a
sirup of a pound of sugar and a teacup
oi water to each pound of fruit, and
field is more or less strung out and but
two or four are asked to make the turn
together, if that many. The turn is
short and before the horse makes up
his mind to break he is around it and
sailing down a straight stretch with
victory ahead, if he trots fast enough.
jne scoring chute can be made any
sired length. The horses are in the
care of the starter until the word "Go"
is given. From that instant they are
in the hands of the judges until the
finishing wire is reached and the
drivers have dismounted. Every foot
of the track can be seen by the judges
and the spectators in the grand stand.
The timers are in line with both the
starter and the judges also with the
quarter, half-mile and three-quarter
; poles No flag is required at the three-
quarter pole to enable them to catch
the time. If the Terre Haute track is
on account of its shape, the fastest in
the country, what will it be with tiie
- audition or the straight scoring chute?
i ne comparison
roaster, dating back to the time of
Cyrus and Darius is professed by 90,
000, who bear the name of Parsi or
Persian. The followers of Mohammed
number 57,000,000; the empress of In
dia has a far greater number of Mo
hammedan subjects than the sultan or
the shah. The ancient pagan or nature
worshipers number 9,000,000.
Closeftst "I hear vonr son is (Treat nt
contrsctingdebts" Huuks "Base fabrica
tion, f .., r-M von- 1A i. a n cntnitair
Kate Field's Washington.
BsRcntn's Pais will, m future, for th
United Slates be covered wiib a quickly
soluble, pleasant coaling. 25 cents a box.
WAiTEB-"Will you have French fried po
tatoes sir!" Herr von tVachstetler (half
rising from his chair in his indignation)
"V-a-t!" Boston Courier.
Miss Hannah K. Clapp. a teacher,
lift Michigan in May, IMS, with a
party of seven men and two women to
cross the plains to California by team.
They arrived at Placerville in Septem
ber. After a year's work there she ac
cepted a school in Washoe, now Ne
vada, and has taught there ever since.
being at this time of the state univer
sity faculty.
Nsw Youa. Sept Vi. lira
COTTON MhMllns .. .. lit f"t
,' iv oner u ut3K zv u f lo
wh-n boil; h. .i. "empanson nas Keen made with
I.-t it nuTl- Lfc. uZ ! the '"'P"1 track fr the reason that
, -, -----"-"" .-.u. tne klte track is already a
k.iim, aniiu aim pour over plums : jM,r
inciR remain in tins another day.
Then put over the fire in the sirnn.
anil boil until clear; remove with skim
mer, pack carefully in cans; boil tho
sirup until thick, anil pour over pluiur
and seal. Harper's Bazar.
already a back num-
That it is a good track for horses
to trot over is beyond a question, but
they are so far away from the irrand
Kaxcestlmia for the ihtlntjr Peroral Ions ot
Our Hitmen.
A pretty dinner table has a center of
white and silver bro-adc, with vases
and candlesticks of silver. The whole
scheme of color is in white, silver and
greeny, so flowers are excluded, and
only athery fern fronds and aspara
gus vine are disposed in the silver
vases For a luncheon table you see
nothing more cflectivc than daffodils
liending over from lonir. slender trlasses
of Niircmlx-rg green. At larger ban-.
; stand so large a part of the journey
, mat people cannot see satisfactorily.
i The idea of addinir the straight scor
ing chute is the product of the brain of
; v. I. (reveling, of St Ixmis well-
known throughout the west as "Clem'
, i reveling, one of the best trotting
horse starters in the country. It was
: while starting the horses at the late
! terre Haute meeting that he conceived
; the idea of the "chute," and all the
horsemen, as far as heard from, enter
tain a very high opinion of its useful
ness St Lotus Republic.
A I'otato Ulet-er Whl-h la Always la
nnipiiape condition.
I take the liberty of commending to
our editor lor use on his experimental
31 s
17 51) 14 17 73
quets you see a lake of mirror irlass
"' " . "."ui.n oi jet spraying farm in a dry season like this the
the flowers in the center and swa ns of : -only original" non-patented potato
.... B. ,.B ,.,ul u me digger, a drawing of which I inclose. I
surface. ,),, this on the f0n0wjng solid grounds:
(.hair cushions as well as sofa pil- i. It is self-acting, is always in gear
lows are steadily growing in favor.
Corduroy is not particularly expensive
in its first cost It comes in some bean- !
fill shades and it wears like iron. For '
all of which reasons it is much in de
mand as a cushion covering. Wicker 1
chairs are charming with seats of rich,
dark green corduroy and the onlinary '
mouse color is equally effective in a j
pile of brighter-hued pillows serving,
as it does to throw out and accentuate I
the rest J
tvery season something new and
pretty comes out for a home decora
tion, a thing of beauty and comfort
By collecting together all the rose
petals you can gather you will soon
have the envy of your neighliorsaml a
pillow you would not dispense with.
Take all the petals you can get and
put them in a case made of thin white
muslin; sprinkle them with a little
fine salt Make the outer cover of the
pillow ox delicate pink or blue snrah. ! and will begin operations as soon as
embroidered with roses Add a large i admitted to the field. 3. Its elevator
ribbon bow on one corner and yon has a double back-action, .raising the
uv loom. ; tuners and earth with perfect ease and
A pretty way to renovate a rattan separating them perfectly. S. The
cnair whicn has become soiled is to I gearing is so ingeniously covered that
. un.cn mm men var- it cannot be worn out orcloroed bv
mchnl Vtw m 1 . n. : , , , . J
.. - """"" run nooon ; gravei. weeas or vines 4. Its adiust-
of any bright shade through the open ! mcnt is automatic, and the point of the
nv. ,ni.u,i fluu uimt a cabmon OI m : aiinriv is wlT4hartwn ni, I !ll l
same suaae in tne seat Hurnt orange I low crooked rows and dig deep or
J"1 iue5 a loveiy snanow in nard-pan or sandy loam.
contrast witn tne DiacK. never missing a hilL a. It will
A man. .-- t .1 ... . .. .. .. '
.. v ,-i -on i rjpoon is in ! un tne ooiaioes earrv them lo m.u.i
ravor just now with the smart set It ! and get as much for small as for lariro
CT,iuo.,,.i; uMirii in silver or i ones
gold for a handle and is called the de- '
lirinm-tremens spoon. The ioke lio. ! . ptert,- Aawlort Vermin.
in the assertion that the handle is a .' Pnltry breeder suggests that ship
perfectly straight one and that those
who see it otherwise are suffering
from an optical delusion. f hicn.m
WIIK.VT So - Urn:
OATS Wpsh-rn Mliod"...!."
rwim-.Nci Hmi
ST. l)Uli
IIKKVKS-Shipnlnir Stoers ..
nons Falrto Select
SIIKKP Fatrlo Choira
Fanrvto Kxtra llo..
WHEAT No. s Itisl Winter. .
CCHIM-Naz Ml led
liC:lf Hurler.
ntTTTKIt-Tholcc Ikilry
KCCS Krenh
PnitK Slnndnnl Mew (new) .
BACON- 'ler 1(11.
LA It II rriroe Steam
CATTf.E Shlnplnr
llOflS Palrto riiolm
SHEKP FnlrtoOlinlc.
FLOUR Winter Piunnli
Spring I'-UmiH ..
WIIKAT No. Spring..
No. t Red-
ronv No !
PORK alom (new)
CATTtK Shipping Steers.... t m rt
HOIS All :ra.l. . I a
WHEAT No. Sited M',a
OATS Na 2 rs
COICN-No i Wi.a
made from all the diseases that com
from tainted blood if the liver is rowed to
vigorous action, the blood puriiied and the
system ontcea up witn ur. nerves uoiaen
liedical Discovery. Languor and loss of
appetite, with or without ingestion, warn
ynu that graver ills are close behind. Tho
Discovery " will sharpen tbe appetite, im
prove aigpsuon ana restore neaiut. a pos
itive cure for M Liver Complaint." Iorligps-
tion. Dyspepsia, and liiM
Mr. J. P. Mr A da us, of
EUm OMege, iV. Cwrites:
A few of my frymptome
wcrv. Heart - burn and
fullness after eating.
9 MirutiinfMa ratlin In m v
bowels, beo'iacix, poor
'npiw'titc and baa Inst
'; In njr mouth. At nistit
i w.-w u'veriMi, witn nos
tluslrca over skin. A ft or
takirnr Itr. Plt mr's Gold
en Mrdical utscoverr i
was relieved of all these
.rentnm. .iwl I W1 nswaw
J. P. McAdams, Esq. fectlj well to-daj.'
H i ft
7 t-ya
rr.orn-iiiri. ura.io
roiix No.
POItK New Hes.1
n.VON Slile
COTTON Miiklllns
WHEAT No !Re.l
COIt.M No. SMiied
OATS No. t Mixed
POItK New Men
BACON Clear Ribs -
r, a s io
im tl 4 '
01 i K'i
5 a k 4 l
10 t 3TS
130 e tan
... a e
.... k f.'li
a i i
in a iiw J ,
iooi t is i) M
ami ee n so . M
I" f si Vv
17 no atv& 1 Fviv
HH IIS Sals' 'eael
.... a VjMNJ
s n s io t5nKfcr
s 7. a us Zv 5rf7
t a 4 s VPr w
3TS S ID 7T . 11 -
is so u is . r Lmr
IAD PAT for Hi
t S asjtStmJ
vuevx TR -
Latest Styles
AU, vas latest rim asa raw
W.J. MOKKK. PaklUkrr,
a EmI laifcftl. A.w l ack.
a aro
W ! SI
.... 15 TS
.... m it -a
.... II'
? vi
tabs Baosara.saaiaaaoaiU4uiiaea..Lutlsiiaa,atC
.... a
S a
.... e i
... e
' .
Hat 500 Horsts and Mules for Salt.
AGENTS WTFD. fMaialetatalWarratl
nUkll I tl atlling the (;em N-IMor.' ebarpsrwr.
Send 2ae. for amm pie. C. II. Krm.BlxalarUord.Coiia.
sa-uaa na rawanai ii.a
It is not often a full rown fox is
eanfrht with the hands in an onen nas-
tare, bnt that is what an East Wate.
ford boy did. He saw the fox sittino
a knoll, and in his bare feet was
able to creep ap behind and crab Rer-
n rd by the tail. He swone the foa
around by the tail trying to conquer
hiin, but had to let him ao after hit
shirt was nearly torn o&-
Mistletoe (Trows more lnxnri.intir
in the swamps of Arkansas, perhaps,
than anywhere else in the conntrv. A
lady traveling on the (ionld railroad,
in the northeastern part of that stat.
eonnted fifteen clumps of mistletoe on
a single oak tree.
He Knew He Was Ont Editor--"Why
did you tell the gentleman r was
out without coming in to see? Office
Boy "Because he had a dub in his
had. 1 (rness I know when vou ar
out." Truth.
Vulcanized rubber was first made
In 1849 by a process invented by Good
year. It is now so plentiful and cheap
as to be employed in hundreds of waya
never dreamed of until tho last few
pers of fowls dust them well before
sending them away to customers. Last
year we received fowls from experi
enced breeders and shippers, and on
their arrival was not impressed that it
was necessary to search them for
stow-aways." A few weeks later.
luckily for his own coops, he took a no
tion to examine them and found them
swarming. Shippers owe it to their
customers to clear their fowls of vermin
before sending them. Here is a fact
the like of which this writer says he
has never seen in print A neighbor,
showing him the large basement room
of his barn where his hens have com
fortable quarters, pointed to the large
heap of horse manure thrown in and
scattered about by the hens scratching,
and said he had seen no lice on his
fowls or abont tbe premises since he
began to throw his. horse manure In
there. A hint for snch as keep fowls
and at the same time are so fortunate
as to possess a horse. Farmers' Voioa
sav jvm
I trD-
CBSAJC BATiW TTlMnM. tfc. 7 1 u
AUstb Fain and Inflammation. Haala the Boras. Sa
na Taats and Bin all. Tba BALK t. .nnii r-
. la anlcklw abBArrjMi T. i 11 WSkm ... .
I srafxiata ax ky aaaU. XL BSOTBEU, M Warn. M Sum XacaO
SAPOLIO SHOULD be used in every KITCHEN.
TUs Best
la tba
TbanSH BRAID RLICim b warraatrf wawr-
" rOMMEL SLICKxa li a BwkcirlalT- coat and!
vrcnllMadf.Baada. Bvwarwarimttauoaa. Don -3
tm a Beat la -In Braaa la satoan. inattnv
wunwrwnw. a. J. ttjw eb. woMoa. Mai
ss-ataa mm iuum- a.
Forall RmrlnaMarblmWi
Ta Trail, S...lvJ.
Band forwnollprieo
tut. Hijua M'roco..
BORE Vn I O " iTTTrit
vSTa mrrrii Ah it'll hr,tl,LVi
at wavau nuivui ninii: u ru i ma 1
Swar at lain I la as. .
kj w f it f mt imi
var. aaa aaosi.
kosar. l.auor AMk-w-skoaMaa
Plao'BCara for
Coaaaaiatlea. It aa awiaw
tti.iaaai, ft aas not lajar
ftioM :iwoot a4 lotas.
11 lata baatooBrr.ar
SoM avsijpwkat. ttm.
A. N. K-. B.
wain wnrrrsa tw Aavzensias plbuss
v. r

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