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The Cape Girardeau Democrat. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1876-1909, September 10, 1898, Image 5

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JUerythln or Loci Form l
round That 1. of Intere.1.
Jackson is taikin? about Duttin r
an electric lijrbt plant. The poopfe f
.launsoii uoea a iinio more Jipht than
they have been trettin- from the moon.
Wo publish a letter to-day from
Fred Astholz to hi-, father. Voung
men who are thinking of troin- into
the army should read this "letter
Young Astholz has been to the front
and what he writes can be relied upon.
We learn that there an- twelve
vitiens of Scott county under arrest
for cattle stealing. Among the num
ber is a Justice of the ieace.
Moments are useless if trilled awav
:tnd they are dangerouslv wasted if
.-onsumed by delay in case's where One
Minute Cough Cure would brin- hn
meuiate relief. W. H. Coerver."
Charley Lewis and Ceorge Siemer9
went out to Jackson to-dav to attend
County ( purt.
The politleans all went fu Kjr.Vl't
Mills last Sunday.
Sir- the ad vuriUciuout of I J. A. Glenn
elsewhere in this paper. Nr.- Glenn
ha, -he roods and he wants the cple
to know it.
Why Or. Simmons' Cough Svrup is
the cheapen. It. U the only cou-rh
l.-m. uv giving .VI doses for Mt cents.
Money is refunded if not lienetitted or
-ati.-lied. Try it. Ask your druggist
for si sample bottle. For s.-,ie by all
The Hoard of Education is a tie on
th janitor for the public school.
I. M. Allison resigned his position
as salesman at the Bee Store and re
turned to his old oosition as clerk in
th.-store of Mr. D. A. Glenn.
The Normal School oiiencd this
morning with an attendance of about
cue hundred students and four preach
er. The preachers all talked.
Kunning sores, indolent ulcere and
simiiar troubles, even though of many
year's standing, may hecuredtiy using
DeWitfs Witch Hazel SaH'i-- ft
smithes, strengthens and heals. St is
the great pile cure. W. H. CoeTTrr.
Th.- funeral of Mrs. A. Oswald .w.k
place this afternoon and was attended
by a large circle of friends.
The steamer Grey Kagle got tluni
this morning. She had a big trip of
both freight and passengers.
The gentlemen who are he.-e to .str-
a Dent wood tactory are getting th?
materiai on the ground forth- factory
building. They are well pleased with
lie location and thev sav the timlier-
h.-iv is -he iincst in the country.
if you are bilious, try Dr. sawyer
Little Wide Awake 1'iils, you will lind
them just what you want. Try : free
sample. They do not gripe. Sold a1
M. Map'e Willson's driiir store.
I'a'ton iV Hainan arc going to opvn
a drug -tore in the room in the Stu--
divant r.ank building ia.cly vacated
by tin- Water Works Company.
Hon. L. 1'. Klostermanu and Jlr.
iVirtci-Iielii returned home from the
t-rosecuting Attorney Hines in It was too bad that the rain prevent
ive city yesterday. Mr. Hines i,- ifi ed the bicycle races from taking place
or the most popular Democrats ill th? Mordav and Tuesday,
county. He will poll the full voif' v i -
hi i , Xhe bicycle races will come off Sat-
m party and some votes out-dde of -.. t -n u .
his party ur. There will be a large number
" of iT-Vf- of national reputation in the
Small precaution", often preveut ' rac.
mat mischiefs. DeWitfs Litlie Karl vi T. ,.-,.., . . ,
losers are very small pills in si.. but ' -,,n,'1l m session last
are most effective in mvivntin,,' .L ; nig:.' rill eleven o'clock.
raw serious foi
ach muhi.w 'i-v. ' "' "icycie race will surely come
and headache :,n.r e...T...," : Saturday. Hicks, the weatlier pro-
, .. iv. mi- mm . -
CIS. m. H. (Vvituk '111..-. :ivs m-m iviiV but-. r.t.
The agent for Lemp's H,Vw.-rv who I -S;'1 m!:tJ'-
was here last week trying to e-tablish i Ti " "Hicyclist's Bert Friend" is a
an agency for the Leron beer received : -'"ar name for IX-Witt's Witch
a cool reception. He found that the I Haz-1 Salve, always ready for enter
people of this town were not looking i tfencies. While a specitur for piles, it
for outsiders to buck against our home I a'94' instantly relieves and cures cuts,
industries. ! bruises, salt rheum, eczema and nil
There are some men in this eity ! aff'tins of the skin. It never fails.
wearing a broad grin over their fa.-es i U ' "' ( oerver
because the rain kept the bicycle races j THURSDAY.
VUllllIj" till-
Ballard's Snow Liniment. There is
no pain it will not relieve, no swelling
it win not subdue, no wound it will
not heal, it will cure frost bites,
chilblains, and corns. 2." aad 5o cents.
I. Ben Miller.
The Biverview Cycle Park cost!
about three thousand dollar. It is
an attraction that will benefit the
whole city and it shonld be liberally
patronized by our people. Let every
body turn out to-morrow and see the
The bicycle boys ran a mils handi
cap on the Biverview track this fore
noon. They started in the following
order: Jack Coburn and Kd Bundle,
scratch: H. A. U pshaw, yards: B.
P. Buder. :su yards: Gus Goessling, t0
yards; Wentworth Steele, f0 yards:
D. P. Bidgley and L. O. Gilliam, 100
yards: Dick Maple and John McN'alty,
150 yards. The race was won in tw
minutes, live seconds by Cobi?m:
Goessling. 2nd: Gilliam, .'Jrd: L'pshaw.
4th: Under. 5th: Steele, nth: McXultv -
Tth: Kidjrley. Sth.
Stay that barking by using IJollard '
Hoi-ebound Syrup. It arrest the
cough, allays irritation of the throat,
and relieves conjestion of the iungs
i:; a day. It is safe and pleasant to
l take, and never disapoints. 25 and
They are both lonkin-j
Xort'i to-da
Dr. I'attou is going to mov.- his off
ice into the rooms in the Sturdivant
Hank building lately occupied by Dr.
i-rtainly yu don't want to suffer
with dyspepsia. constipation, sick
ii -ada.-he, sallow skin and ios-s of ap
petite. Vmi have never tried De
Witt's Little Kaily Kisers for these
complaints or you would have been
cured. They ;liv small pills but great
regulators. Win. H. Coerver.
Thos. W. ;.-innon arrived in the
iiy yesterday from Cairo.
The steamer Calhoun did not come
down from Grand Tower yesterday.
Virg. 1'. Adams went down to Car
nthersville yesterday.
There is still a vacant chair in the
'ouneil chamlx'r. Maybe the ( 'ouncil
can do a legal business with seven
Coiineihiien and maybe it can't.
Dr. Simmons' Sarsaparilla effect
ually aids weak, impaired and debili
atted organs of both sexes. Its action
is quick and lasting. Fifty cents and
.".II doses.
County Court is in session to-day.
The Judges of election will Ik- selected
at this term.
F. 1'. Fitgerald came up from Cairo
lo attend bicycle races.
A son of lawyer- 3iiijack, the man
r?ho was killed by John A. Cockrill,
editor of th- St. Louis IV-f-Di-patch.
was i.-i the city yesterday.
The people of Jackson, we under'
stand, are talking of having a street
Fair. They have a nice place around
the public square at Jackson for a
street Fair.
Uriah Jones, He.ekian Brown and
John Peter Smith will testify to the
wonderful curative proiierties of Dr.
Ssimmons' Cough Syrup. Sample iiot
ties free. Satisfaction or money re
linked. For sale by allduggists.
Lieutenant Tom Frissell was espect
ed to arrive home to-day but he did
not arrive. He probably stopped
over or a day or two in St. Louis.
The- Dexter Fair ojiens September
20th Hwivd continue live days. The
Dexter Fair is one of the In-st ir.
Southeast Missouri. i
Cain, illlnois, is going to have a!
street Fair.
Dt n't, forg.-t if ycu :ise Putnam
FaJelert Dyes yu don't have to send
for a jx.vi-kage for woo! and (in.- for
cotton. K-ach packagi colors all
tiix.'1-s. Sold by W. H. t'oi-rver. It
We pr-dict that the Normal will
haye :i iiii-ge attendance this year.
This is : Republican year and pros-
j crity is in trie lanu.
Prosecuting Attorm y Hines is in
t e -ity to-day. He was here to re
$ vscnt a c'ieiit in a civil case before
1 b Justice of the Peace.
. r.inglir.g Bros, show in Cairo U
v. They will not likely visit Cape
ardeau this year.
l in't forget tuat the bicycie races
wlvi, :oni'- off Saturday afternoon.
Tj: pi'.i.'.ic .-choid opened Monday
mor'.'ii nJT " ' :l fairly good attendance.
oil:'; nil's are paying sixty cents for
:::a s ("'nil Ionic is pecur.ar
ed to m r.-ot:s in enfeebled
d invalids. It assists ii -d
is a perfect stivagtheller
Satisfaction or money n-
t up in both last.-icss ami
' W -.ti
Iv ad.TDi
li"alth :i
funded. l'i
bitter styles
The Ma voi
tion calling a
a Councilman
fill the vacant,
nation of John
The Hoard of
Fair Associatioi
afternoon. This
Fairs and if our
properly advertis '
snit-ly Ik- a success;
Are you lackinj.
energ'y. Art' you ne.
irritable, biilious.
generally run down i
your liver is torjiid. .
doses of H.-rbine
Herbine has no equal
storer. I. Hen Miller.
50 -cent size.
has issued a proclama
special elii-tion to elect
for the fourth ward to
,- caused by the resig
F. Ileynolds.
Directors of the new
l held a meeting this
is a good year for
Fair managers will
e our Fair it will
iu strength and
vous. despondent,
constipated anil
n health. If so.
and. and a few
vill cure you.
as a health re-
cents. I. Ben. Miller.
K. F. Blomeyer went to St. I.oois
this morning.
The St. Charles Hotel will changr
hands on the 15th of this month.
Th-j Board of Directors of the new
I-air Association are going to adver
tise the Fair as it should be advertised.
That will make the Fair a success.
A rough is an easy thing to cure if
taken in time. It is dangerous to neg
lect vr- for any length of time. Dr.
Simmons'Cough Syrup is guaranteed.
Fifty t-nts a bottle. For sale by all
Tile feiry business is good here now.
Movers ar-s crossing the river both
ways every day.
David A. Henn has bis big- two
story store tilled with goods from the
roof to the ground floor. He has just
o))e:ied up his fall and winter purchas
es and he has more goods than he
ever before h;id in his store. Mr.
Glenn buys goods to sell and lie al
ways sells for he lets the people know
what he has to sell.
Tabler's Hue'ic-ye Pil Oinf.nen,
gives instant relief. It all-iys intlams
mal'.on and heals. It is prompt in its
action and positive in its effect. It it
the kind that cmv without pain or
discomfort. It i for piles only 50
ceiity, tulies 75 cent.. I. Ben Miller.
Poplar Bluff has voted an eighteen
years franchise for --lei-trii lights to
Simon Hart.ell and Mr. Hartzell is to
build and operate hi additi.in to the
olevtric light plant :t roller 'louring
Lieut. Tom I'riss.. il and wife arriv
ed honi" this afternoon. Lieutenant
Frissell took part in the battle at
Santiago and came out without
1: your child has thin, paie checks,
uncertain appetite and '.inre.-tfnl sleep.
it has worms, and curing with strong
medicine- only makes conditions
vvor- . 'y irritating its delecate
sto;;: .: i;. White's Cream Vermifuge
is mii :.u: certain in effect, and is a
sii!ci tonic a.- well as a positive
worm i. -'i-oyer.
if you have over seen a little child
in a paroxysm of whooping cough, or
if yon have been annoyed by a con
stant tickling in the throat, you can
appreciate the value of One Minute
Cough Cure, which gives quick relief.
Win. :T Coerver.
The ( omlL'c Wumiu
Who Hoes- to the elu t while her hus- I
fcand tend the baby, as we-H as the
good ol4-f;hioned wtnan rlu lcks
afv-r herhonK, will brth at times get
ru.'i down in health. They will be
troubled wjrk loss of .-jetiU', head
ache, sleeplessness, fa iting nr dizzy
spells. The "ost won'tie-rful rimcdy
for these -.voi.-.n is Kletrie Bitters.
Thou.-unds of" sufferers 'rom Lame
Back swid We' Kidney rise up and
call it "Messed. It is the nsdicine for
women. Female-complaint and Nerv-
' ous trollies of aJl kinds w soon ft
I lieved b the us of Klect?vc Bitters.
Delicate women should keep this
A?medy oa hand t.t build up Jio system
Only 5ik- per bottle: For s:Je by W.
C. Hainan and all Drug Stores-- I
. ,
Of the Cape Girardeau Building and Loan Association
August 31st, 1898.
Lash on hand
Loant on Ural Estate, 1st mortgage..
Ixjant on Stosk
One from Members
Real Etat?
Bills RreeiTalil
14".l ST'Dnes account, no detnctlon 8 TT Stf
nn'ProBts subject to withdrawal lavis 78
.Mio . Diflerrne in book withdrawal value .S 6
)7 ."1 AiWanre.1 pavinents -129 SS
7ml m Ime borrowers SJ 41
sam mi
; $ iow m
VJLLTJE of shares.
i I shares M011U111 suarie i"aid in .... . . . ...i Book
X Date of Issue Loaned I in !wjOulrawaldo? Total
Ion Paid. I Force Total ; Each I Tot ht I value 1
l Decrmlier isss Ts5 TTf -a 1 74 on 17.t :A ssls 1") l6 IT) 5 74
:a ltecember lsS SsV -HM7 "1" ISO 39 1.1S 7 47 Hi
i December lswi a; 4-.. '. i St M lis 14ill D145 IS
-J December lsul li SI li -H l H 0 777 ' 118 sot ."3 60
ii December ls :A'i v;7 muw SS; 9B .171 4illS 89
rl June l-fla to, si :.-. m 7 i! MX s7 7s smi IS
sj December lvCf !', ."i7 4;c(7 W 70 SO 7 T IH! tiVSo SS
il June HUH 3.V, r.l .".',! v7 7. tii 7 Sss hi 4 tH S7 61
I'll December iSM 41 f. ui 4I ir. ! Vi 2T. 4S.' SK i .'.IkO is
111 June lSiC il',' ;ei SN,. iao M 4S IT 46S7 61 47 5i i-J4 5S
lil December s!t 4: as 74 . S442 On ; S7 40 i7S7 i 4SW7 S4
la June ihhk i7 fi. ii;; i :n 2479 ft! stmj 2.V7 iw
Hi Decemlr l il. il 'il!, liils S7 ! 24 7". '7s 7Si as 4s' lUi 7
rJ June l!7 -23', ir. ; -M.'. MO i is s7 '.r.tn Sill IT.-2 liil s6
Nl December 1S7 7 -J ! 7C vi 0 So 7 St! - 9 42; 9) 10
ic June 1S..H i; :; u;, . 25 I m .hi 7.': S t5, si og
KeserTC 21:4 o
l:ao'i 727su ; ais! 14 H'iiia
Umnty of Cape liirardean s
I, .1. R. Kider, Fresideut and Henry A. Ai.thi.iz. Srcretary, each on hi rath state
that the, above and fuTexoinz statement l taie to the N-sl ot my knowledge and belief as shown
by Ow bowks and accounts of taid association. J. II. Ridkr, Prmidsnt.
Hictry A. AsTHOL7,. SMTetary
ubi.crit.ert and sworn to before use this :ipl rtav of September, 1.
Rrooi.rn IIahn, Notary Itlblic.
Mr Cemniission xf.ires October IKth, HM.
l.r.nt ot Mnll Matter
Kiriiauiinv unalled for ia the p;H c4Ece of :
C&iv llimrili-in: wranrj nf Cane (-B.raiTiieitn '
St&if of Missouri, fr the week railing
Sef. It, lslis.
Alwrnsthr, MiM AiinieSmith & Son, If
Itrvant, Mra. I.. M. St-lirader FreJ.
Marker, Miss I.isie- Schatte. wm.
svwu, Ida M.
San.h-r, W'm. A
Stevens, Dave
Sii;tii. John A
vullivan. Will
Siraih. Engine
Taylor. Jet!
Tramriiaii. Mie'-l
'V'alker. Willimi A.
White, Miss Mtniir
Wntd. Kc.I.ert I..
Wutson, llesj.it
Woods. Mrs. Harri-.t A
Warner. Miss A neliu
W l..ti-, .Mrs. Birdie
Vimxis ralliiiK k.raur tf the abin i-Ietters
will ,j!ee say AdvertiMd," j:ivin? :ioteof
the VjA. II not called for within twaweeii
they will be sent to the Dv d Letter O.llce at
WaKltitston Citv. W. r. I.EFl'H T?:.
l,A ilCllPK.
S ir La tJrlpjuj has- l-'n j!-t-il!tn.t
in tills- rounti-y, Hums. h:td bt-en 'ound
but oin- SjH.-Itlc. IV Huini5-n-ys.
,7T. For sale by all druirjrists..
ntw iip'tfiit tiinUri:i"iaht.3 cbi j'ome
lawful tthvftifian; U'-utists, mkh1. Lock
Bon.!, Ameil
IrNli. Mrs. Araiie
linuit. Miss Kite
K 11 ion. S.
H's!yi John
I.aiMAon, Miss KtUit
McijnitbT. KllhWtMth
Smith Piviiiu-T No
CkU AI.K A njw
i tvwn rit.r- IStM-n in liM nnlv aln it nnr
uicti.l anl is as itcmk! a iuw
jipl'ly at tlif Hkww bat iiic.
Fi; SALK A nli twortorv hrifk n--iiiencr,
l(Hatel oit on ii Xhv brt rehith-uce trc;tb
in the city. ftTlct title. rr hirthcr imrtic
ular call at this urtic.
FOU SAI.K Thi rnrnitrJ ut a fully vmii,ii
Hottr-liiiir Uus' t twclvp rooms centrally
Are being made tn the large store of Dv A,.
Glenn and it is for the benefit of his customers.
He has searched the markets for Fall and
Winter Goods and by the most careful buying
he has secured a stock of goods that cannot be
equaled for size, quality, beauty and newness
cannot be excelled in any store
You no doubt want Carpets, Rugs, Curtains
and Floor Oil Cloths, if so, it will pay you for
your time if you will call in aud see our stock
as the goods are as low in price as can be had
while the quality is maintained.
We cut and match every carpet and also
make it if desired. Carpet buying is made essy
if you come to us. Carpets from 20 cents and
up. Window shades from 15 cents and up.
I3rine correct measurement of rooms.
Thos. V. Cannon a
tla- City Council last ni
liril that honorable bx
Water Works Company
in its power to ivim-dy ai
tin' water supply.
The colored folk are ;joi
a campaign picnic at Coush
the candidates. Democrats ;w
licans, are exiiei-ted to Iv?
i lea red lie'ore
rht and satis
dy that the
was doin all
'1 defect- in
nz to bavi
ivill. Ali
id Kepub
heiv. of
layle will brinj a nimiU-r
.lers down from St. I.ouis
I 111.
of bicycie
Thure will lie another t.-rm if the
County Court this month. Anions
other business of this term will be the
appointment of judges of election.
Kvil after etTeots iH-vcr loll
William Keenhardt. assignee of ue of Dr. Hell's IVpiiermrni
Stein Mros.. sold a lot of notes and Tonic-. It is a pleasant liver lax
It makes rich, red blood. It n
accounts last, naturuay. iik; uiun i
brinr enough money to pay for adver
tising them.
What is it? A cure Tor Coughs,
Colds. Croup. Whoopinjr Conr"n,
Hoarseness, Sore Throat, and all
Itronchial Affections of the Throat,
'best and Lunjrs. M doses for ."id
cents. Alo.iey refunded it it tans to
yive satisfaction; we mean Dr. Sim
mons' Coujrh Syrup. For sale by all
Capt. Cauble returned home with his
little steamer Sunday from Mound
I). A. Glenn and Capt. McKea went
to Jackson this morning- to attend
County Court.
V. W. Pott is still con lined to his
stout, sound bone. It makes Heal
makes rosy chcaks. All of tbi ci
chills so they stay cured. Deal
iruarjintee it.
Kd. Johnston, of the firm of Klentg-,
Johnston & Co.. is out on the road il
the interest of his firm.
The St. I.ouis parties who ram here
to attend the bicycle races are al! nite
people. They asked for what they
wanted and paid for what they got.
Judge n. L. Wilson and family re
turned home from a visit to relatives
in Kentucky yesterday.
Don't forget if you use 1'ntna.ra
Fadeless Dyes you don't have to send
for a package for wool and one for
cotton. Each package colors all
fibers. Sold by W. H. Coerver, It
ow the
.. It
of Si
Kich, Ued and l'ui-e lilood can be
had by using Dr. Simmons" Sarsapa
rilla. Only .Hi cents H-r bottle and .Hi
full doses for an adult.
On Tuesday. Septemlier 2uth. IV-t.-r
lA.-hner will sell his -rsonal property
at Pocahontas.
Tiii: Hoard of Directors of the new
Fair Association held a nieL-tinL' on
the Fair grounds yesterday.
Hon. Linus San fort of Jackson is
in th.- city to-day.
Arbor-al and Arbor-al soap for sale
bv W. H. Coerver. W. C. Haman. I
B Milierand W. A. Trickey.
I). A. Clenn sold a nice bill of
goods to a Gordonville merchant to
day. Mr. Glenn sells goods to a
large number of country merchants
and he sells to them as cheap as the
St. Louis merchants can sell them.
Fred Astholz returned home to-day.
Fred belongs to the regular army and
he was right in the thickest of the bat
tle at Santiago. After the capture of
Santiago he took sick and he had a
hard time of it. The young man's
many friends here will be pleased to
ieet him and shake his hand.
al of all diseases. Foley's Kidney
re is a guaranteed remedy or money
I(ti-1. A j'l'ly t.i II .
WANTKO A niiil.ll.- aci-l la.ly to!i ruok
ii.jr l.r litt.-.-u ir tw-iiity rni-n. Waires.
twelve .Inllarv per itK.ntli. I.aty will have
ht-le. Apply at resi.leiu-e on o.mmI Hope -.tr.-.-t
this i-itv lii-tween 1 ati.l 7 p. in
(l-::tl.IIlell. f..r 1 HIT rflluplt'te M'tr- t4-luvenile
llooks for the hnli'lay-4. Ea.-h set lias lour tuw.ks
rraili-il fur little ihii-'s tu criiwn up ti.l'is. Kach
ik.k cliaruiiii, .U-iijrlitl'ul, .-aitivatiii:;. PrW-es
raue Jr.. in ."Jn- t S.ji. I.are h'H.icH, each
nveriliiuiii with happy 'illustration '1 rimeii-
Ui.nt seller. o..-iitiir uki- iiiein. rbiixiiiiiniiis
irol.t.'ii harvest I'.-r ener.-tii- workers. Crtilil
jiiver.. Kreiji'it paltl. nicest ciii.inii.sii.ns.
ouiiit with saiut.les ..I all lonr bo-ikt- fr.-e.
Si-ii.l Twelve i eeili stamps lor paying part o:ily
i.r the postage alu.e. Orop all trai ami clear
h'jiki a month with our exclusive .Inveniles.
ll.h OKl'I., CHICAtiO.
A Medical Hook.
A medical book with the full de
scription of all diseases ami their
treatment, by F. Humphreys. M. P..
mailed Tree on request. Humnhreys'
Medicine Co., Cor. Williams .V John
Sts., Xew York.
OK 111!
Caps QirardeanConrtof Common Pleas
Which meets on the fourth Mouilay in Septen'
I ber, ls.is, at the court house in the l ity ol cape
tiiranleaii. jimsouri. isy me ruins 01 saiu
a-otirt Mottilnv the first llav of the term ia bet
m.nrt to hear all nass on imuaie mailers ai
which time ami place execntors. a.lmiuistrainrs
anil curators uameU herein are reiuiri-.l to pre
sent all settlements aim o-.n.-r mailer re.nirea
by law t be passe.1 on ny the court
eutenant Tom Frissell and wife
ed home yasterday afternoon and
sere serenaded at the residence
it Frissell last night by the
friends of Lieutenant Frissell.
AnuKar.lt Henry
Itrooks Walter W.
Bern-, -MatlieT.
KlocV. Kleaar
llriiikr.pl. Albert
Carroll. Catharine
I'loutlclter, llarry
Foeste, Amalia
Kornkahl heirs
Hilleii. Krauk V.
Klape? heirs
Krapp heirs
Lindsay. Sa.lie
I.ipl-s. Bertha
l.vons, John M.
M'itchim. Berdie
Mever. William
MeVer, Alfre.1
Painter, John
Kafferty, James
Kolwini.'. Klizabeth
llam-y heirs
Kaver, Geo. W
Raver heirs
Schenimann, Ileury
Schlicker, Gnstav
Vorwetr, Wm
Weis. J. W.
Wilson, Ad.lie I.
.inn heirs
Adm's a i.on's
Charles Arintranlt
Sarah I., l'.rooks
H A. Astholz
Jennie O. BliM-k
Henry Brinkopf
liichapl Carroll
Gottlieb .Scback
W. U. Wilson
Herman t'onikahl
I. . G. Kitt
Anna Klairis
John Hell
A J. Lindsay
K. W. K I entire
1. A. Glenn
C. C Mitchim
Mary Mever
lohanne Clever
Sophia Painter
It. L. VilFOn
II. anil B. Kolwinjt
Geo P. McLain
I). A. Glenn
H. A. Glenn
Marv L Schenimanu
Auk. Bierwirth
K. V. Klentite
llenrv Kopper
J. H." Killer
Thomas F. Handles
' If You Keep.
If vou keep a horse, cow or dog,
send for Dr. Humphreys' Veterinary
Manual and learn about their treat
ment and cure. Mailed free. Address
Humphreys' Medicine Company, Wil
Hams & John Sts., Isew ork.
15,000 Basils
Will pay a premium of two
to five cents per bushel, accord
ing to quality.
Cape Girardeau, Mo..
StauE'Sl&' nc ' sash's jE3o,za.XiL
(Established 1866.)
CAPITAL, $50,00u
5UhPLUS, $15,000
Uobt. Stukdivant, Presideut. L. F. Kloeiebmans, Viw-l m f-cud
Leon J. Albert, Cashier.
with all the
We are now in our NEW Bl'ILDIXtt corner of Main and ThemiaStree a.
oi.vtniencea of a well equipped Banking House.
We would be pleated to receive the accounts of Merchants, Faimm, and otherr, fcU l
will iriye faithful and satisfactory care.
Collections made in all parts of the Country.
Blount's True Blue Plows Bock
Island Plows, Pony Plows
and Double Shovels.

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