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The Cape Girardeau Democrat. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1876-1909, January 05, 1901, Image 4

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The VZoekly Democrat.
Published Every Saturday by
The Democrat Prlntlna Go.
Entered at the Post Offle at Cape Girardeau,
Mo., as gecoiid-class matter.
Jamei II Whiteeutton was eleett d
sieaker of the house at Jefferson City
Wednesdav hv the lohhy.
Col. Hill I'ne'ps is at Jefferson Mty
direi-liiijr legislation arid suts-t -intcnd-injr
the i-iiiiu f .a
The I ;.. an
i hipping lh- l-.ii j
every time tru-v t
-South African v.ar
the Kn-ii-h of t.i.-;
at tiiein. luis !
is a reiiiitnl'-r to :
war with 'he
.1 ..
America a-.
So far tii'' 'asii-1
lieet News ;(! tin
Soiithea-i Mi-".i
i...,ri'---.i -l':l.hii.' :
W. .1. ilr all's p. ii,.
. i u a i.ii t iie 1 '
only pap''i
ha ve
a i:
iir-ii .
Dangers of Marine I)cca.
in pe. m;t!ii:e;
the 0-e;i,l to t.ri
total bii-hic-s
its carrying trade on
p ,, !i pel- cent, of "he
of tr.n:-pollin;' all
enormous vie. vie
ports, the I ni- ;i
looked si ;: facts i
f exports and mi-Stat.-s
has over
f e,.;,t iiaporiaiie.'
iinin-eted wit!: national ue'en
Foreign shiiis handle '.tl iier eelil. of
our fore'.ei: trad . . in; the;, are manned
by forei-n s..ii ir... As a on.-, i; i; i;. e
tlnj nii-ii'ier of American sailors is
comparatively small. A the navy is
enlarged this di ' cL is seriously felt.
The people of this coan'ry pay an
average of seOH.tMO a i.ay to forei;'ii
ships to meet fix jell, bills. The money
jrocs in part to make foreign sailors
in ever increasing nundicrs. This na
tion has an eiiormcus eoast line and
it needs sailors of its own. Another
point is that foreign ships can he
withdrawn in time of war. The title
of the Frye subsidy bill speaks of
providing the United States with
"auxiliary cruisers, transports and
seamen for jrovernnient Use when ne
cessary.'" A system that creates sail
ors for other countries is manifestly
danex-rous. If the commercial ship
ping of foreign countries wciv tinsnb
sidized, the advocates of free trade in
ttie ocean carry iuu business could be
honesL. I5ut when every one of our
foreign competitors subsidizes its
shipping in some way. it is clear'y a
cjsi of humbug when their represen
tatives -o into harangues or. the sub
ject f iinpi-otec'ed ships. Tiieir prac
liee is cat. rely di ftcrvn? and they .avi
so arcu more than nine-tenths of our
ocean carr.s iiiLC trade by subsiiiiinu
their -hips. Am -rie.in seaiii-Mi receive
better wa;r s than any other, and they
are ei'iti: d to p.-olec;ive measaivs, as
are all American workmen. A ie:t.i
slii p-.!i ners ha v.; been tin orirh a battle
with eheaper labor on foreie;. s,:',,si
(!. ships, a: id th" J'orciyn ships ha vc
'i; alaios' tlie i ii'ire be-iue. s.
I 1 ! . . ,-i uie ;:ii;e ! o IV- po: 'it
and whle bt:! i- :ht ':.
Iv ti;.
s :.
r d !.v I'. .1. Ch. ray
'.. colitil !''.s no pi.:-. II ,
t. : :..i!lv. actiJ.- di-
ree: :". ie. blood ami m. icons
siirl. of the s.v-t -in. in buying
Hall'- Catarrh Cr.ro ! sure you get
he genuine. It is taken internally,
and made in Toledo. Ohio, by F. J.
Client-- .v Co. Testimonials five.
Sold by druggists.
Mall's Family Fills are the Iiesl.
The Cape Girardeau BuiUinj and l oan As
sociation F.ntered upon the nineteenth year id
its existence, lieing organized Decem
ber U. ls,i-. At the meeting of tho
board of directors on Wednesday
ni-ht tlm for.owin-:ollicei-s were elected
bv'acciamation for the ensuing year:
President ' 1'ir-
Vice-Pivsident Wm P.egenhardt.
Socit.'tary . .
Attorney. .
1). A. Glenn.
H. A. Astholz.
Ben. F. Davis
,.K. S. Lilly.
The capital stock of the association
io .i..ii.... .iti.l tlie liver.lv-
is one minion oo.v.-
third series of
issued. Shares
stock has now
can be had of the
Actor Jcffcrsoi Bus a Home.
Chicago. Jan. 3. Joseph Jefferson,
the venerable actor, has purchased a
residence winch lie win oc-
eiiiiv ilaring his future en
jagements in
the'Wes'. The deed transfers the 1
property of Frank G. iiistafson on
Lake avenue and is subject tti an in- j
cumheraiice of s.l.Ud' and wa-given !
for a consideration of s-T. "'(.
Fine building lots for sale by Henry
A.. AsthoU.
constitution undermined by ex
travagance in eating, by disre
garding the laws of nature, or
physical capital all gone, if so,
Tutt's Liver Pills will cure you.
For sick headache, dyspepsia,
sour stomach, malaria, torpid
liver, constipation, biliousness
I and all kindred diseases.
Tutt's Liver Pills
an absolute cure.
Proposed New Game La.
At: chert wjil he sua
at the eoniiii
, session of the 1' .'i.-ia'. uv to throw
' imire a fe':;:i r.i aroiiii! the jam'- of
Ml, ' s-. He. isia'e (.:i!iie WurMIi. A. -1
j i). Harford, of ( 'line G iranh-i u. uiil
! .;..-M-t:T a hill to tl.e la -ilia k 'is a nl
.';-iv i'- ' : -, J - I ' I. - The I. Ill -j, ti rafted
. wiii provide a ir" it lid c.;'!i-cs
! for tilt" a!:ie Warden. Tile V:'d"n
j .vUl have incur to appoia't a deputy
in cadi congressional distrii't. T!-
deputies may select tib-deputies in
each county. Tlie (i. putj.-s will receive
f"! 'e- day a.al traveilne; expenses, the
sub -dejmties wi'l r eejve i,ne -half of
the lines eoll. eled.
The bill will impose ;l of si on
all i-iii.eii hni ter ami s-In will lie
chared non-res'di-at hun'er-. A ii-
l-.-ll-e Wili be is-li.-il lie 11. list lie
shown to the ej,,.,. warden w hen d -
manui ii. The money so -.ecu red will
to into tiie trea-ury of the state. A
clause to prohibilthe shipment uf aine
out of the state will be inei i.led.
It is estimated that for the season
this year at least i"i.(Hii.i jiiail were
shijiped out of the state, valued at
nearly ?:l.(nh). The number of rabbits
shipped out wili be twice that of the
ijnai! shipment. From Springfield one
lirm declares it has already shipped
i",il,0iM rabbits and about .".000 "pis
sums. New Madrid Missourian.
Von WalJersee Reported killed.
1'aris. Jan. 4. 1-e Journal reports
under reserve the death of "ount von
Wahler-i-e. the rumor bein that he
was killed by an ollieer of the allied
troops, the circumstances not lieinj.'
rela. d. . It is said that the rumor is
current in Berlin, where it is not con
tinued. NOT II K.
Is hereby fiivcli, that a nni-tinu' of
stockholders of the St. fouis. Cape
i;irardeau am! Southern Kai'road
Company will take- place on Saturday.
February in the other of the
Company in the city of Ca- Girar
deau. .Mo., northeast cornc of Span
ish and 1 mlepeiidenee stf-els, between
the hours of In a m. and 4 . in. of
said dr.y. to submit to the sViekhohb-rs
propo-!'. on to uiorteaee tae iro;H.; !y
of said Company to secure to hii!!
dre.l and twenty-!! ve t'loii-.- tul dollars
' J"J."i.o''"' lirst morti'.:e-e eoa'-trur: ion
tioii! ;i nd foi siieii i 'S-r perpe as
i y it r.:e
Ui da V.
lid -'.ick'
A I.
i. .
- l 1 sit;
i s a
-) M si- : !,, 1
! i wery vV
at. I dollar..
hi. sine ;i
a in
ce I oi:i
and tot!
iy It
t o'.ue
a let.' i u j .
Wit.i.iAM I ;enh
I 'rt-rident.
K. 11. I'.Ntita.MANN, S-iMVtary.
W.M. KKCKNHAl.lfr.
tlENKY VlXiKLSAJsli. - D..--ctors.
Cltl.-lS HlKSfH.
K. 11. KNtiEIAIANV. i
Cape Girardeau. l.-c. 11. VM.
MtocKlioiilers"- Meetiua.
Xotiw is beivby e,i.v,.n that the ivg--ular
'bi-annual meesing of the stock
holders of the Cap- liirard.;an and
Scott County Maca-iamized -toad Ct.
will be held on Sa-Varday, t'le 2ith of
January, l'.H'l. at the olive, of tl
president of said company, for tie
purpose of electing a board of direc
tors. IL G. rUSXEY,
Assignee's Notice of Application for Dis
cbarge. Xotice is heivby given that on the
12th day of February, l'AH. and during
the sitting o! the CajM- Girardeau
,,, iu..,s. tho nndei-
p-""" .
signed, assignee of the estate ot rrann
11. and Mary C Dunlop. will tile his
petition with said court asking to lie
discharged as said assignee of said
estate. K. G. Kas'NEY.
It t.lrtlles tlie .lobo.
The fame of IV.icklen's Arnica Salve,
as the lx'st in the world, extends round
the earth, it's the one perfect healer
of Cuis. Corns, Hums. IJi-uises. Sores,
Scalds, lioils. Flceis. Felons, Aches,
Fains and all -Skin i'.ruptions. Only
infallible File cure. iV a box al I.
Uea Miller's.
Go to Drum's for fresh taffy. Brand
Buy yellow pine kindling.
50 double blankets worth Tac, now
jOc in order to close them out.
Farms for Sale. For terms enquire
of Henry A. Astholz.
We have a few lots of the samide
line of ladies and ;'ents underwear
left. We are seliin;.' these eoods at
one-half the regular price.
Houses for sale by Henry ..
I'ir.c kindling is safe.
I Hell Miller sell- pipes.
ilen.s culiecT.-.l and t axes paid for
-iJeiits !; Henry A. Astholz.
.;' e.ir pi'-n's overcoats worth
All .
; K, .,., f,,,- ;i.ii.
.li iHNS fcN" S.
Full S.'.i.r. I.ot bM..4J'. fet. nice
location. Anply to (ins Hanny.
Ifyouwant Fire Insuranee apply
to lleery A. li:ol.
1'iTr kilMila i- teonoiaica i.
l'ine k, riling is a wi.rld beater.
Ladies' Capes we ar: selline- ree-ani-e-s
ot cos:. Come in and price them.
You can " et a -rood lunch at Pram's
iv-tauratit at aii hours.
We have a nice line of tile lie-l ster
ling silver spoon.-, forks, knives, cof
fee sp'.ous. bon bon spoons, suear
siielis. We can ph-a-e yon in designs
and pri -es. Al. COKNL i:. Jewh r.
Write to the Moh-r llariM r Colleee.
St. Louis. Jin., for theircataloiriieex-plainiue-
linu' t;:ey teach the ti-ade in
'wo months, donate tools ami pay
juarautees v.eeklv. They warn
aOO men. new li.-ld. sph-niiid chat:ce.
We want to jet ri.l of them. lo-4 all
wool blankets for &I.U0. regular price
4.ti. Johnston's.
Nothing eiitials pine kindliu-r.
We have lots of links, and stick
pins, and bracelets, and rings, ami
chains, and charms, and stei'lin-r sil
ver novelties, and you better not wait
too long. No trouble to show our
A I. 'HEN UK. Jeweler.
hen:by given to all creditors and
others interested ill the estate of John
fainter, deceased, that the uiiib rsigi,
el admin'sH-a'rix oi said estate in
tends to make ii' al setUciacnt. thereof
at the next term of the Cape Girardeau
Court of Common Fleas of Caie Gir
ardeau county, to lie held at the court
house in tic city (,f Caj' Girardeau.
Missouri, oil Monday, January i-fh.
SoflllA I'AINTI.i:.
jan."!i-J A thni tii st rat ri:c.
hereby given to all creditors and
others interested in the estate of
Miriam Cross, deceased, that the un
dersigned a.liniiii-trator of said estate
infnds to mal:etii:a I s imntthircot
.it tie iiex! terii, if tiie ( ih. t iira r ieali
I ni!:l of t lenint-:: 1'lt as of ( apt
l ; i rardea a county, to be held a! tlr-i-n'ir!
hoiis - '., ili city of Ca)te .r
anlei i. M is-,i-iri. o i Monday. Ja"a-
.b a:
Ordrr of P.it licatioii.
s.-l' 1 1
t . i.-.t
,e Stall
. I s - I
-;. id
!:o' i!
i rii . ;i -i i . 1 iy t '
iia! said ilel'euu
p;ib'.eat!o!i ti:rt
piillll' : " : 1 ii s ci i:!i'.e:ieei,
b.-r in ii.is ntir! Lh- obj
of which is to ob!iii:i
di ,-orce from the bonds
ml against
ar.il nature
ilt-c!-ee oi
eontiHcted iH-twcen )laml!V ami iit
fendant on the grounds of abiindon
ment. atnl tint unless the said defend
ant. Lizza Ihivis lie and apiiea.- at
this t-ourt. at the next term thereof, to
lie licgun anil hohlen at the court
house. in tlie citv of Cap.- Girardeau
in said county, ou the twenty-eighth
day of January next, and on or before
the tJiird day of said term, if the term
shall so long continue and if not.
then on or before the last day of said
termanswer or plead to the petition
in said cause, lie same will be ta'ien
as confessed, and judgment rendered
And it is further ordered, that a
copy hereof be published, according
to law, iu the Cape Girardeau Dkm
(TtiT. a newspaper- published in the
county of Cape Girardeau. Missouri,
for four weeks successively, the last
insertion to be at least lifteen days
Ijefore the commencement of the next
term of this court.
F H. Knc.ei.mann. Clerk.
A true copy from tho record.
j Witness my baud, and the
- skai.. (- seal of said court this loth
' . ' day of Dwmher. I'.ino.
thH-l."in".."i Clerk.
hereby given to all creditors and j
others interested in thi; estate of the
t'o-l'artncrship Kstate of William!
Conner V Co. that the undersigned j
administrator of said estate intends to 1
make final settlement thereof at the j
next term of the Cape Girardeau 1
Court of Common I'ieas of Cajie Gir
ardeau county, to lie held at the court
house in the city of Catie Girardeau.
Missouri, or. Monday, January 2th,
iwl. William connek.
dec2!n:T Administrator.
Order of P-oucn.lon.
County of Cape Girardeau, f
In th Cape Girardeau Court of Com
mon fleas of said County, January
Term. 1901.
Frieda Obach, Plaintiff.
Fred Obach, Defendant.
At this day comes the plaintiff here
in, bv her attorney Charles H. Daues
and tiles her petition and atliuavit.
alleging, among other things, that
defendant Fred Obach is not a resident
of the State of Missouri.
Wheieupoii it is ordered, by the
clerk of said court, that defendant be
notilied by publication tha' plaintiff
iias commenced a si it against mm m
this court the object and nature of
which is to obtain a decree ot divorce
lrom the bonds of matrimony con
tracted befwi-en plaintiil ami defendant
on the roil n!s ol habit mil oru likeness
and indignities rendered plaintiff as 1 V
to rentier her condition intolerable,
and that unless the sa:a Fred Obach
be and appear at this Coin:, at ---' (!)
!i--t lel iu tliereof. tie begun andjj55!
hidden a! the co'iit house, in the city ; fSj
of Cai3 iirartieau. in said county. j.
on the -lli day of January next, ami ; (g)
on or
i....' it... -T.i i.. . .. i- ,.r s.. .i '
term, if the t "in s
mir-- .iini if iiol.
he hist tiav of sai
ha!! so long con
s', .en o-l of be! or
. l -i in- answer or
pi ad to the W it ion hi aid cause, the
-me v iil he taker, a- i oufe-sen. ami
judgment rendered accordingly.
And'it is further ortl'ieu. tnat
oOV hereo!
be )llb!i-
to law. in the (. pe . ira rta-a
t CAT. a new-spalier pubii-ne
county of ';ip..- 4;ir:iri:e.l
for f-.nir v.. - de successive
llisei'l ioll to iie at i'-ji si
lleftli e t ' e ,-, imlili-ieelilel.t
. Missouri,
iy. tie last
thirty tlay
o! the not
term of th.s court.
i: H. FN' ;r.ii n. clerk.
A true copy of tl.e record,
ss Witness my hand, and
K.vt.. - Mi- . a! of s:i:.l court mis
irjmlday of November. I'.hki.
F. i. Km.k:.man.
ii-reby given to all cn-ilitors ami
others ir.teiv.-let! n t!ie estate of ljf
llitt. deceased, that the undersigned
administrator of said estate intends
to make Una! settlement thereof at the
next term of the Cajte Girardeau Court
of Common I'ieas of Cape Girardeau
county, to lie held at the court house
in the city of Cape Girardeau. Mis
souri, on Monday. January L'sth. !Hil.
SAM 1 1 ITT.
dec2!lr.JT Administrator.
l nn -
brllJu Ulidldha
Whirh nitt ts tin the ftmrth SbimUy in Jmuary
r.i. ui the curt Iihum- ii.tiu- :ty l t
t-irnrili an. .M-swturi. I'.v tiif rnlrs ol sniil
Ltiurt. .Mtiinlity, Hit- lirst day or the tffin is net
njiurt to hear liti.l pass tn I'ruliate inaiti-rs at
wnifh tinif mill .iai f rxivutors. adisiiiiistraturs
;ii. a fi rator naintil hrr-ii. an- rt-iiiirfil to i-rt'-si-i
t all sfUnMiiriiis ami oiloT mutter Te.nireii
hv law to he i-asseil on hj- the etmrt .
Ailiert, Lett l.e
Armt'sra. Henry
Itrooks, W W
: riinkliorst. John
Ileklui.ii heirit
arroll. aihrine M
Carroll heirs
Coi.. lor ,V t.
Oniiiey. lerdelia
Keaerhaim. heirs
t rneh heirs
liillhmaiai, t.eitrntle
II. ti i:eir
1 1.-vo i .at.-It . Hiram
llitt. I
ItnlM-r. I'.'-T
II ...l. T:
1 1 a ris M iwi'i
ll:r.i--!.T. I r. -in
k s h.-irs
l "Hi i. -lose) 1) lie
lv. lis. b.nis
i.il... l., o s--..
I.i I. .lohii A lars
tl 'ii.:.ls, Kr.liiel
i-.i's IIIISN
Itiva Alltert
1 harles Ariniranlt
Sar.ih I. I'.r.Kiks
Au'-:u-t Hrunl-hir-.t
L. K. KlosIeTlliatlll
Kii-hur'l ( arroll
Thomas Power
Win t OIHter
.las-ar X InnMey
l A tilt'llli
V II l.imlelltnnu
V II llllt. Ts
V .1 11 u
A II I' -e
sain Hilt
K-t 'l Utirre
i:n...'l . Wa'.tS-r
! A lil-iii
Aut II t ll-se r
A-iiei Kla.'i-
t'.rrnliin' K r: li
I. .li.-. .li
A l I.I..OO -. -r
A l l:l"iin' i-r
I! I. I a lor
t'. iiiiinllia M -Kiiinis
Kdnanl A vi rl- -i -
l:-i I!
s,,.ti;a I'ali l. r
rharl. s I I. i
I s ( ,,!,!,
.Ias.nr N Id: io v
t A U..-t-
I i, hi: e !
II s i. i i-
i: i t..i
y.i.o-l - V. ...
: v. -1. ki v v : -r -
H V tJ Vy v . -a VL ii
ti in i '.:i:r.-i' !
I r.i iisiinrla in 11 tt AtliM 1
.! ci.tl -Mvcllnu at noao.
lii.lSlil- I KMUf. ll-SM HO " "''tSi.
S..ni.i: o SriK Kilol.liKiis
in hi ic !iot".t:e is liert liv ii that a sreeial
IW-Ueao! the stot kliohlers oi tile llli oli.tell-t-al
KaTlroa.l Company Will he In hi at theConi
eanv 's oi'ice in CUieai:o. Illim is. on Sati'.r.lay,
.laniiary -Jti. Hull, at eittveii o"cloek in the lore-
ntnin. , ....
To permit persoi alatteuilaitce at this nieetn.e.
there will he isrueil. tu earn hohler of '. or
t im.resnai.
I tllV Capital fttlCK tl UIB Illinois
j b'.)ki tll Vi,e company, ticket enahiinK him.
1 entral Kailmail ( tmiimny. as rt-KisIerr I011 the
or her. to travt4 tree over the Company ' lanes
!rom tae station on the inuitus t.enirai i.anroao
iiearest to his or ler reiristereil aittireftg to
Chicago and rvrurn, surh tickt" it, be Rootl for
the jwirnev tttChifajt umly lnrim; the rourtlav
imnietliatelv precee.litir. and ihe tlav or the
niee'i'iif. aiid Tor the return jounmy Inim Chi
ra "oouly on the ilv or the meet inn. and tlie
lounlavf. immetiiatelv lollowinic. when properly
roaiih-Tsiinied mtiti stamped dam linsines&
hours that is to soy. between a. m and S p
m in the office ol' the Assistant Serretary, Mr.
V ti I'.raen, iu Chit-airo. Mich ticket may be
oUaineti by anv ri-jrlt-ured Imhler of stork on
application, in wr ting, to the I'rvtu.l-nt of the
Coiupaiit in Chicago. Knrh appui'a'itin must
state the full name and ad-lress of the Stock
holder exaetlT as isiven in his or her CertiUcate
or stoek totfether with ihe number and tlateol
sueb rertilirate. No more than ne person will
lie rarried free in respect to any one holiliiiir of
stock as reisterelon tho hooks of theCompany.
For the i uriose or this lueetinir the stork
Transit? Hooks will he closed at three o'clock
p. 10. on Thursday. li-eeiiiter 31, I:""', and re
main closed until the morning of Monday,
January 7. l'-i'l A. b. I1A KSTAKr ,
Produce Buyers
Dressed Poultry,
Game, Furs,
Eggs and Butter.
Write for our Present Payin
Before we invoice we are jroing to make big
retluction on all winter goods. Now will be your
chance to save money on what you may want to buy
for winter use. Jackets, Capes, Blankets, Comforts,
Woolens, Heavy Underwear, Clothing, Overcoats
and in fact all winter weight goods will be sold at a
reduction in the price. Step in at the store and we
will be glad to show you all these bargains. We will
save you 25 per cent in your purchases this week.
avid A. Glenn.
Tlic UealcHl Nrwspapii
ol the World
Twice Every Week
AS A XKWSl'AH'.U, the reputation of the GLOBK-DKMOCIIAT is world
wide. It is k'lt.wn ami it circulates wherever the Knglish language is read.
Its Wctkly Kiitioti, issued in SlhMl-WiXKLY sections, at One Dollar
tier Year, is almost e.iial to a daily at the price of a Weekly. It gives
the latest tali-graphic news from all the world every Tuesday and Friday.
I'.eports r curient events are carried forward from section to section, and
the COM I'LL"!' K XKWS F THK WOULD, in full telegrams, is contain
ed in two sections.
AS A 1IOMK JOl'KXAL it has no equal. Its departments devoted to "The
Farm. Garden and Dairv," The Family Circle'' and "Tho Uonie"' are
each of the highest and most helpful character. Its market reports are cor
rect and complete in detail. An interesting story is continued from issue
to issue, and it has m my other features which combine t , furnish help,
amu-ement and instru.-iior; for pt t ple in all conditions and circiicuni
stanccs of life.
IX KACI1 DKl'AK'l -.i T. AND A:- A vVIIOLl'.. the Wet kly Gioiie-Dcmoeat,
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::i the v.orid. a:, i : ii;i,' to In: al e,, iy lii-eside tim ing the coming year.
S i..iO:ie I'ollar ; !!., l.,!iar for a year's subscription TM.Y,
or t- riie f,,r !.-: 1 ; , em.ii - '; ":"
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: i:-!H. 'an
IIA. Stoves
Visitors invited t come and see my stock before buying elsewhere.
'Phone 175. 418 BROADWAY
1 138 STRONG
vicor to the whole bin?. All drains
-V"; are properly cured, their condition often worries them into Insanity. Consumption or ueath.
Mailed sealed. Pnce i per box; 6 boxes, with iron-clad leal euarant-e to cure or refund the
fS money, $5.00. Send tor free book. Address. PEAL HEDICHWE CO.. Cleveland, 0.
For Sate y C. ILVMAN & CO.
The .reat Republican
I'aper ol America.
One Dollar a Year.
Is williotil a rival III all tlie Wt-si, n. l
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W. H.
Dealer in
Galvanized Iron
Houne Fronts anil
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HOT Allt H'ltNACF.
A si'EtlALTY.
DOUBT, IK'f Thry Iave stood the twt of year
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Debility, Pi2ziness,lrepless
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