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Nominate Township
Pursuant to call a mass meet
ing was held in Mansfield last
Saturday afternoon for the pur
pose of nominating a Citizens
Ticket, under township organi
ration, for Pleasant Valley town
ship. The meeting was held in
the 6. A. R. Hall.
Meeting was called to order by
D. R. Snyder. Sam Hensley was
elected chairman of the meeting,
and Miss baran Uaskill was
elected secretary.
The following nominations
were made:
For Trustee and Treasurer,
A. W. Overholster.
Two members of Board of
Trustees and Justice of Peace,
R. D. Berry and Paul Williams.
For Township Clerk and As
sessor, R. D. Snyder.
For Constable and Collector.
Thomas Freeman.
Election is called for March
29th, 1921.
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Strawberry Association
Should Be a Winner.
Last Saturday afternoon in
the I. O. O. F. Hall in Mansfield,
a very enthusiastic strawberry
meeting was held. More than
50 farmers and husiuess men
attended this meeting, and it
seems that there is a strong
probability of sufficient acres be
ing secured to justify the organ
ization of a Strawberry Associa
tion at Mansfield. Another meet
ing will be held in the same hall
next Saturday afternoon, and it
is hoped that these committees
and "workers will have secured
sufficient acreage by this meet
date to "put the thing over".
Otherstrawberry men and straw
berry growers have been invited
to this next Saturday's meeting,
and we believe some of theiu will
lie wild us. Come out and hear
what they have to say. Mr, F.
Fa u rot, director of the Mis
souri State Fruit Experiment
Station, Mountain Grove, was
with us last Saturday, and de
livered a very interesting talk.
Mr. Faurot made a very conserv
ative talk, confined to facts in the
erowinc of strawberries. He
says strawberries are a real
"mortgage lifter" when they are
properly handled and cared for.
There are fewer things, if any,
that would be of greater benefit
to Mansiield and vicinity than a
large acreage of strawberries
But whatever is done, must be
done quickly, as the time for set
ting is NOW. The following is a
clipping from the Globe-Demo
crat, w hich shows the large ac
tivities and the "money that will
be gathered" from this year's
crop in the berry growing sec
tions of the Ozarks. Strawber
ries will do as well here as they
will anywhere in Missouri:
M9XETT, MO., March 19.
Strawberry raisers at present
are fearing a shortage in help to
harvest the immense strawberry
crop that is predicted in the
Ozirks this year. The produc
ers fear that the berries will rip
en faster than they can he gath
ered, and already are making
arrangements to get as much
early help as possible. The es
timate of the yield in this sectiou
of the state is now placed at 3000
cars, which will exceed produc
tion of former years by a wide
margin. This estimate holds
good. Lirge shipments are ex
pected to be made during the
year from Marionville, Sarcoxie,
Aurora, Pierce City, Munett,
Neosho, Liuttertield, Cassville,
Republic and Hillings in this
sate, and Farmington in Arkan
sas. Picking of the berries is
expected to begin in about six
The Mirror editor wi&hes to
call the attention of our readers
to the Flat Rock Items in this
week's paper, signed by 'Poddy'.
We feel certain that a good
strawberry acreage in the vici
nity of Mansfield would be one
of the big things that could hap
pen to this country, and would
produce' more money per acre in
cultivation than perhaps any
other crops the fanners could
engage in raising. To say the
least of it, as our friend"Poddy"
suggests, it will bring good re
turns for our labor, and will fur
nish employment to hundreds of
boys and girls, after the school
year has been closed, which will
cultivate a habit of thrift and in
dustry, among the rising gene
ration, 60 much needed just at
this time. We hope that the
farmers and producers uf this
part of the country will get be
hind this movement and put it
ove"; handle it themselves, elect.
from among themselves, their
own officers and directors, and
handle it according to their own
good judgement. Take it from
us, that the only interest the
Chamber of Commerce has in
this strawberry movement, is to
see it a "going bushiest", and
sufficient acreage to elfiect a
good strong Strawberry Asso
ciation, which will justify ship
ment in car load lots, and will be
the means of bring hundreds of
thousands of dollars into the
country. We notice a little in
difference in the strawberry
movement, among some farmers
and business men, but we ob
serve one thing which is especi
ally commendable, and that is,
among the farmers and produc
ers around Mansfield, they are,
as whole, quick to see a good
thingiHod ; are enthusiastic
workers "fur the same. We want
to congratulate "Poddy", of the
Flat Rock Items.
S. K. Seal lias gone to Califor
quire Mrs. Elizabeth Coday.
Farmers Have Big Day.
A big farmers meeting w
held in Mansfield last Friday, iu
which many of the leading far
mers around this city participa
ted. The leading feature of this
gathering was an address by D.
M. Gause, of the State Farmers
Bureau, whoso home is at Buf
falo, Mo. Mr. Clause made a very
interesting talk along the lines
of co operation and the needs of
the fanners to stand together.
Ho denounced the Board of
trade and the city grain pits as
one of the great enemies to farm
progress and farinpriees. A.J.
Clarke, of the Bank of Mansfield,
who was a member of the Chica
go Board of trade for 17 years,
was called on for a talk. He
corroborated what Mr. Gause
said, and said he was in sympa
thy with anything that would
better the conditions of tlu
farmer. Mr. W. O. Stanly, Sec
retary of the Wright county
Farm Bureau, also made a shor
talk, reviewing the work of the
farm Clubs in this county
V'. Brantlinger, Vice-President
of the Mansfield Farmers Ex
change, presided over the meet
The culminating feature of the
day was a big fanners dinner
spread in the opera house by the
farm ladies, of which more than
a hundred partook. A fine din
ner was spread which was "top
ped" by "Canova" coffee, made
and served by Harry Loavitt, a
traveling salesman, and ice
cream, compliments of the Mori
den Cream Co., of Kansas City
also served by Mr. Lcavilt,
A business meeting of tin
Club was held in the afternoon
and nil pronounced the day a
very pleasant and profitable out
"Cascarets" if
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She States it Mildly.
While suffering with a aevere
attack of the grip and thretened
with pneumonia, Mrs. Annie II
Cooley, of Middlefield, Conn., he
gan using Chamberlain's Cough
ttemody and was very much bene
fited by its use. The pains in
the chest soon disappeared, the
cough became loose, expectorati
on easy and in a short time she
was as wellasevcr. Mrs. Cooley
says she cannntspeak too highly
in praise of this remedy.
Successful Management of Craps De
pends Greatly Upon Efficiency
of Implements.
The Rticcc-ssful iniiii!ic(;ni(;nt of
murium farm largely (loin-rids upon
tli! tdlclency of tin; wjulpnient with
which th; work In licrfoniiei, special
Ists of the l.'riltod .States Di-pnrtmunt
of Agriculture point out.
The equipment of the nventKe farm
can he divided Into iihout three more
or less dlxlliirt chiNses, ns follows:
First mid most Important, ure the
huiltlliiKS, fences, Implements, machin
ery, wagons mill nit appliances used in
the more Important fanning opera
tlon.s; second, utensils and machinery
used In connect Ion with the dairy, Har
den tools, hutclierini; outfit, mid the
numerous small fMrits for general use
uhout the place; third, the tools, ma
terials, ami facilities for keeping the
first two chisscs of equipment In good
work Inff order.
In order to secure the Krontest ein
rlency, nil Implements and machinery
should he properly housed when not
In ltd mi I service, ho as lo he In good
working condition when required for
Rodents Use Surprising Ways to Get
Into Cellar and Can Be Exter.
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Itals lire the liuslest creatures on the
farm. They take surprising wnytt of
getting Into the cellar. Make n trip
nil round hefore you K to lied tonight,
and fill every hole with powdered
glass and cement. Vint traps, pdisons,
gas, cuts und terriers to jjet rid of
rats. '
The Kiml Mansfield Kalni Appre
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a medicine yun must investigate Us
work. Poan'g Kidney Pills stand this
lost., find plenty ot proof exists right
here hi this locality. People who tes
tified years ago to relief from buck-
acho. kidney mid urinary disorders.
now give confirmed testimony de
clare the results have lasted. Can
any Mansfield sufferer longer doubt
the evidence?
Mrs. Mary Rnwsom Houston. Mo..
pays: "I had rheumatic pains In my
shoulders And neck and there were
terrible pains in my back. When I
tried lo straighten nftcr stooping,
sharp twinges caught mo in my loins
and my kidneys didn't do their work
aa they should. Poan's Kidney Pills
were so highly recommended by my
neighbors that 1 tried them and they
relieved inc."
Kawson said: "My back and kidneys
have been in good condition ever
since Poan's Kidney Pills cured ma
of kidney complaint. They are cer
tainly a grand kidney medicine and
I am only too glud to again recom
mend them."
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simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Ikian's Kidney Pills the same
that Mrs. Rawson had. Foster-Mil
burn Co.. Mfgs.. Buffalo. N. Y. Adv
Congressman S. A. Shelton,
of this 16th District, announces
that there are three vacancies
to be lilted from this district, in
the Midshipmen as students of
the United States Naval Academy
at Annapolis. These positions
are. open to young men who have
finished high school, and exarni
nations will be held April 20th,
15)21. Young men in Wright
county who are desirous ot tak
ing this examination should
write Congressman Shelton, at
Marshfield, Mo., not later than
April 1st, as the nominations
must be sent to the Bureau of
Navigation by April 5th,
Give Sick, Bilious Child
"California Fig Syrup"
"California Syrup of Figs" is the
best "Inxativo physic" to piro to a
MCK, icveriwn Cllllll WHO 18 MIIOUS or
constipated. Directions for babies and
chililrun on Imllle. The." love its fruity
t;iste. Iten-aro! Say "California" or
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years. Don't risk injuring your child's
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To The Voters.
There seems to be some mis
understanding about the school
levy. According to, law if a dis
trict levies more than -10 cts. on
100 valuation, it must be voted
on at the annual school election.
This coming election the voters
are to vote on $1.50 for school
purposes. This is exactly the
same levy that the district has
this year.
Since the valuation of this dis
trict is about 400,000, the defeat
of the levy would mean about
$1000.00 of taxes to support the
school for a year. Hasing state
aid on previous years, the school
in addition would receive about
$1500.00 making a total of about
$1)0. This would not be enough
to support the grades.
Should the $1.50 levy carry
this would give the school about
$0000.00 Hasing State aid, high
school aid, and vocational aid, on
previous year, the school would
receive over $3000.00. This
will make a total of about $'.HX;0
to meet the expense of the
school. The school needs every
dollar of this to meet the cur
rent expense. It will need an
equal amount for next year.
Docs it mean anything to have
afirstclass high school? Should
the voters kill our high school,
jou deprive about 75 of your
boys and girls from any high
school course; you will lower
the value of real estate and will
keep out desirabld people from
locating in your town. You will
send the money out of your
towm to educate your boys and
girls at other places. Your
school will come underthe coun
ty unit, which has always been
controlled by a board at Hart
ville. Every voter should think
before easting a .vote against
the levy. Do L want to kill fhe
school? Do I want our school to
be governed by a board at Ilarb-
ville? If not vote for the levy.
By a voter,
Musings of a Good
Natured Grouch.
A bit of prosperity is like a
piece of money. If you take care
of it, and let it grow, you will
soon have more.
If so much time was not was
U" arguing about how it should
be done, much more work would
be accomplished.
The progressive man in a com
munity is always knocked. And
the funny part is that his knock
ers never have a different pro
gram that will work,
Of what good is it to change a
public oflicial who doe's his work,
and replace him with one whose
program is "Let Nature take her
The official who does the most
for the public usually gels the
least credit for it.
All the theorizing in the world
won't turn a stone. It takes
action.' That applies to our
local strawberry plans. If we
wait loo long, we'll wait another
whole year.
cessfully have our customers
been growing tomatoes from our
open field grown plants that we
expect to ship twenty million
this year. Any ot the varieties
we have found to be good: Acme,
Dwarf, Champion, Earlianna,
Greater Baltimore, June Pink,
Livingstons Globe, New Stone,
liedlielu Ueauty, lied Kock. Port-
derosa. Prices delivered in car
tons to your door, parcel post
paid: 100 00c, 200 $1.( 0, 500-
$1.75, 1000 $2 50. Hy express
1000-$2 00, 10,000 and over $1 50
per 1000. Parker Farms, Moul
trie, Ga. il 31
Dodson's Liver Tone
Killing Calomel Sale
Don't sicken or salivnto yourself or
paralyze your sensitive liver by taking
calomel which is quicksilver. Your
dealer sells each Initio of pleasnjit,
harmless "Dodson's Liver Tone" under
on ironclad, money-back gunriinteo
that it regulates the liver, stomach and
bowels better than calomel without mak
ing you sick IS million bottles sold.
Date re-set on
On my farm 2 miles east of
southeast of Mansfield, on,
25 head of extra good Jersey cows, some with calf
X , mi)
If you are interested in
TERMS: 9 months time, bankable note,
Col's. Dennis & Kay, Auctioneers.
Geo. B. Freeman, Clerk.
Farmers & Merchants Bank
Capital Stock $20,000.00
J. D. Reynolds, President P. W. Newton, Vice-President
N. .1. Craie. Cashier 1. E. Craig, Assistant Cashier
J. D. Reynolds, P. W. Newton, N. J. Craig, J.E. Craig and
M. E. Gorman, Directors
Vemoinil integrity of its officers and e.flicieiivij of the laws gov
erning its transactions are the best evidence of security that
my bank can olTer its patrons. Upon this basis, we invite com
parison and solicit your business.
f In Our New Quarters
We are now well located in our
.. i i j
new ijuai icis, emu mc prepared iu
serve you good and well in most
all lines ot merchandise, ijive us
a call and get our prices.
Mrs. Kate Shanks Dies.
Mrs. Kate Shanks, of Spring
field, aged 83 years, died at an
early hour here Sunday morn
ing at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. Daisy Freeman. The de
cedent had been a resident of
Springfield for more than 50
years and was Mm widow of Mm
late John Shanks, whoso home
was at 500 Monroe street.
The decedent was a well
known church worker and was a
charter member of the First
Presbyterian church, and for
many years was teaclmr of the
men's lliblo class in that church.
She was nctive up until her last
illness, which occurred early in
February. Mr and Mrs. Free
man were sojourning in Florida
at the time, being called to
Springfield, and then bringing
her to Mansfield where .she spent
her last days.
She is survived by ono son,
Oscar Shanks, who is head of an
oil company at Shrcveport, La ,
and by one daughter, Mrs. (J.W.
Freeman, wife of the president
of the Hank of Mansli. ld.
The body was act-oiiipanied to
Springfield by Mr. and Mrs.
Freeman WVdin a lay evening.
Interment wits in Maple Vnvk
account of rains
Commencing at 10 o'clock a.
real Dairy Cows, don't
f --r-l-f -f 4"l-rt-t"l"t"H"l--l"f-l"l"f-H- I
Wo have beenlooking for some
more winter which it seems is
due us but which seems to have
been postponed indefinitely.
We have never before seen the
peach and plum trees in full
bloom the middle of March.
Have- grave feeling as to the
fruit crop. We have peas almost
in bloom and potatoes are coming
Mrs. M. M. Allen who has
been spending the week with her
children and friends returned to
her home in Norwood Saturday.
For Expectant Mothers
Used By Three Generations
WMTI rot bAoiii.IT 0 MOTNIaHOOO MO AM US, ran
J. A. Williams and wife visit
ed at Nd Fagans Sunday, taking
with tltem their little niece,
llael Millsap.
Mr. Shaw and his wife attend
ed church at the Tharp Sun
day, and went home with Ed
Tharp and his family.
Mrs. S.vkcs and her daughter
went home with Mrs. Long Sun
day. and high water.
Olathe, 9 miles
by side, others to
be fresh soon. Part
of these cows are
subject to registry.
3 yearling Jersey
heifers. Twothoro
bred Holstein cows
5 years old.
fail to attend this sale.
8 per cent interest.

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