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Mansfield mirror. (Mansfield, Wright County, Mo.) 1908-1957, July 07, 1921, Image 1

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You Will MWJt Jf You Dorit Attend the Chautauqua In Mansfield July 9, lO, 11.
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(Colcmuu. mo " rra n isaa n rara h ras n n n n?
A T T A L I 0 N
9 9
0 T
A Stupenduous Production by Survivors of &fe "Lost Battalion" assisted by hundreds of others
Replete with Human Emotions -Tells More than Living' Breath
Accurate Picturization of Entrapped "Lost Battalion" in Argonne Forest
To see this picture is to appreciate the sacrifice of "Our Boys". A lasting memory you should not miss.
Tersely Told Town Tales
For Sale A good house, with
whole block of ground. See T.
B. Bell, Mansfield, Mo. 7 7
"Chautauqua is an integ
ral part pf our national de
fense. "--Wilson.
July !l. 10 iinil II arc tin-dales
of Mansfield's CJiauiauqiia.
Volma Fuge lias returned
home from Wellinuton, Kans.
For biliousness ami Hint bad
taste -in the mouth take a Divan.'s
Liver I "ill at. night it will do the
work. Fusun Drily Co. adv.
From Credit to Cash
After August 1 st we will put our business on a
strictly cash basis. By this method we will
eliminate all losses, and will be able to sell
goods at a cheaper price and a closer margin.
If you owe us, we want you to call and settle
same before this date.
f 4-
i Q
Sale Still Going On
Organdies, charming in t heir texture
40c to 65c per yard
Men's and Ladies' 1 lose, an extra
fine quality, 3 pair for 25c
Men's Work Shoes, the best brands known,
' . $2.50. $3.25 and $3.50 per pair
Men's Hats, real smart ones, $2.50
Men's Caps, including a few of the i
famous "Pep" line, $1.00 to $2.50
, Also a complete line of Trunks and Bags
These are just a few of our quality goods
that will interest you. Our line of
Dry Goods and Furnishings
is complete. Come in and see us before you buy.
You will be convinced.
We wish to announce the following reductions
Touring Cars Reduced $25; Runabout
reduced $25; Coupe Car $35; Sedan
Cars reduced $50. Give us order now.
General Repair WorK
Mansfield, Missouri
1'. I). 4utiuian spent the 4th at
Spa rta.
.lames Langley has gone to
Tulsa, Ok la. ,
Mrs. Cu rie She?ts is visiting
at Pierce City.
C. 0. Cunningham's spent, the
I tii m Cahonl.
W. II. Lav. m's spent the lth at
Willow Springs.
Mrs. Miliel Lanul-y spent the
lib at I Vive Oily.
L I'. Sohe"', of Spiingiield,
spent tl e -fill heiv.
He era I from hue celebrated
at llartville Saturday.
1 .1. IJictor, of Springfield,
was here last week..
T. R. Dean is improving his
re s i d e n ee p ro pe r't.y .
.1.1. Ward, of Jericho Spring,
was here din ing the week.
,1. S. Nmalley was here last
week from Mountain drove.
S. .1. White's, of Seymour,
were here during the week.
Some of our people attended
the singing at llartville Sunday.
T. F. Lenhart and wife have
returned from Mountain Grove.
I! F. Stone, of Lindsay. Calif.,
visited old friends here this
Cecil BrazealV, of Earlton,
Isns , have been visiting home
folks here.
"Chautauqua is the most
American institution in
America." Roosevelt.
R.H. Kogers, of St. Louis, and
Mrs. IS. A. Sisk and son Roger,
of Kansas City, visited their par
cuts, Dr. and Mrs. li M . Rogers,
of this city, the past week.
ISrnest (letting, son of I-red
Oetting, died Sunday from the
effects of injuries received the
previous Monday, when the team
he was driving ran away. Inter
ment took place Monday, Rev.
Seals preaching the fum ral.
FOR TRADE-lai'. acres lor
smaller farm. u. acres in culti
vation; pasture, eiovor, timber, li
everlasting springs; good 4 room
house, cellar, new barn. 11. IS.
Myers, U.K. 1, Mountain Grove.
Mo. r 7-7
Word has been received in
Mansfield of the death of Tra
Chester Aborn, at Shale City,
III., on June lMI.li. lie was lia
years old at the time of his
death, lie lived near Manslield
for about 11 years, going to
Shale City iwo years ago. A
brother, Chas. A. Aborn,-lives
near Bryant.
The big tent for the Chautau
,'od, an
If you don't see this entertain
ment this week, you will sure
miss a great deal. Neighboring
towns, whore this Chautauqua
Miss Opal Lewis has returned
from Biyant.
Jack lloleman ims returned to
Detroit, M icli.
Mrs. O. F. FutiklwW'r has re
turned to West Plains.
Miss Kate Holensbed is visit
ing homo I'oiks at jiora.
.1. II. Atkisson made atrip to
Webster county last week
Mrs. ISthel Ctippen, of Spring
Meld, has been visiting relatives
IYi d M.-Millian and wiTe, id'
Willow Springs, were hero last
John Carter and wife, .of
Springtielil, visited relatives here
this weelc.
O. L. Allen's aniTMrs. Joseph
Davis, of Norwood, were here
the 4th.
A. M. Turner and wife, of
Springlield, visited relatives here
thig week.
.1. Knauf received 27e for four
veal calves, which he shipped to
St. Louis.
Miss labee lilac If has been
visiting her mother, Mrs. J.T.
I rooks.
Miss Kllie Cantrell was the
guest of Miss Lois I!eaeh during
the week end.
A number of swimming parties
have been motoring to the Gas
conade of recent evenings.
Mrs.. L R Stanley, or Mont
gomery, Ala . is visiting her
father, L !'. Liv ingslon.
Mrs. Clark Thompson and
baby, of Kansas City, are visiting
her parents, D. Y. Hoover and
MissTliehna and IreneMc-
Crite are sick w it li fever. Mrs.
Rusk of Seymour, is nursing the
Lost -Solid gold bar pin, with
Ruby set. Lost on Square in
Mansfield, July I. Return to
Mirror otliee and get reward.
Farmers' Meeting at
Hartville and Ava.
William Mirth, editor of the
Missouri Farmer, and founder
of the Missouri Farmers' Asso
ciation. will bo in llartville,
Thursday, July 14th, and in Ava.
Friday, July lath. A big meet
ing is planned at both of these
towns, and any parties interested
farmers, merchants and busi
ness men -are requested to be
at this meeting. Mr. Mirth will
make an address at Hartville at
1 :o0 on the 14th, and at Ava on
the lath.
qua has nrrivod, and is being
erec ted on tin Carter-Beach lot,
Chautauqua Notes and
A number of prominent busi
ness men of our community have,
rendered a great service to their
fellow citizens by pledging their
support to the coining Chautau
qua, thus making it possible for
all of us to hear souifl of the
best talent on the American
platform. Not only have these
men pledged their loyal support,
but they have jointly sinegd a
contract to stand behind the
proposition in tha matter of fi
nance. Only public spirited fit
iz mis, meu who have the inter
est of the community at hearty
are instrumental in providing us
with recreational advantages of
this nature, and they deserve
the hearty co operation of all the
citizers in the community.
We as a community, should
pride ourselves in supportingthe
class of entertainment which
comes to us through Chautau
qua. This is the one organization
in the t-iiU-i t.iiiiuieiit world
which has the three vertices of
the human triangle primarily at
heart, mental, moral and spiril
la! developement. It is, indeed,
a privilege to support this class
of amusement.
1 1' a mi If icn I number of citizens
attend the Chuutaupua to make
the proposition a success, the
community win unu useu in po
jsitiort to l ontiiiuetlifseprograuis
Bishop Nevils. aged about M) in future years. In order to J
years, died south of town Friday, make our Chautauqua a success,
and was buried Saturday. He it will take the closest co opera
was for many years a Missionary lion on the part of all of us. Not
Baptist preacher. only is it our privilege to buy
1, it r i- season tickets, but is also our
Dr. Chas. I). Folso of Kansas ; Ml ' ', ,
City, is in Manslield for a visit at l',ul' to M" ndvortIM' 11,0 l""
thehomeof hr.and Mrs. Mack i "u:l ' tfV"r' Wil'
,, . , ,. Remember, we are notoiiTy help-
Davis, also to enjey an outing, , , ' ,,,
and fishing on the lasconade nj . B . , . ,
(ess 111 so ooinu, uut we are ui
B. Y. P. U. Program.
July 10, 1921.
Subject Bible Study Meet
ing. Leader- Sylvia Brown.
Scripture reading Psalm 100.
Elva Turner.
Introduction by leader.
1. importance or praising i.,
Ftdl in line and boost the
Christian Endeavor.
God. Inabelle Turner
11. Our obligation to prai.-e
God. Artemas Seal.
Ill Praise God for His deal
ing with Israel. (1) It is a call
to all the earth. Edna Tarbut
ton. (2) The world should praise
God with gladness. Mr. Pjpol.
IV. Praise the Lord because
of His character as revealed by
(1) The call is to the whole
world. Mr. Cantrell.
(2) Praise a duty as well as a
privilege. Walter Williams,
(3) Praise God because of
what He is. John Brazeal.
H. L. P'Pool, of Brushy Knob,
visited here this week.
The "Lost Battalion"
Will be Re-enacted by the
survivors of that valiant
bunch of "Dough-boys" in
the Argonne Ferest battle.
Can you asford to miss it?
See it Saturday night only,
at the Nugget Theatre.
Dairy Cows for Sale -Some
extra good Jersey and
Holstein cows for sale, on
terms to suit purchaser. A
good chance to buy some
cows and let them pay for
themselves. Geo. B. Free
man. 7-7
Christian Church.
Subject Serv'ce.
Leader Jessie Hoover.
Scripture reading Rom. 12: 1
Beulab Avery.
Hew can we kn:w what is our
reasonable service? Mr. Ivy.
In what way is good secular
work a model for religious work?
J. E. Craig.
How alone can we find satisfac
tion in our Christian service?
Mrs. Beach.
What characteristic of Christ's
service do you want to emulate
in your own? Marie Norcross.
Topic I. Linn Cantrell.
Topic II. Robert Craig. "
Topic III. Irene Craig.
Scrip, reading Exod. 2125.
Helen Friend. Deut. 1012. Eula
What is one hindrance in tha
way of Christian service? Eula
What is one foolish excuse for
not doing work for Christ ?
Gladys Fuson.
How is good work for Christ
rewarded? Ulis Cantrell,
Topic IV. Edna Palmer.
Topic V. Thelma McCrite.
Topic VI. Julia Divan.
Poem. Fay Yates.
. Preaching at Norwood
Christian Church.
There will be preaching at the
Norwood Christian Church next
Suuday at 11 a. in. and at 8 p.m.
Let; us be present and do our
part to keep the Lord's work go
ing. Do not let Sunday pleas
ures keep you away. Sunday
School ac 10 a.m. Be sure to
come on time. ,
L. A. Johnson, minister.
vor in the beautiful Ozarks.
The jury in VJo case of B.W.A.
llenson, at Wichita, Kas., una
clurge of murdering his wife
and stepson, Walter Sclial'er,
formerly of near Mansfield, has
been discharged, being unable
to agree';
Miss Grace Craig entertained
at her home Friday evening, in
honor of Miss Daisy Martin, of
the same time showing our loy
alty to our fellow citizens who
made the Chautauqua possible,
and we are also advertising our
town and showing our civic
Remember the dates Hth 10th
and 11th and let us all co-opor
ato with the ticket commilYee iu
order that the financial success
has already been held, say it is U;an ,,.11, L,.ona Hoover, and
Av.i. Those present were: M s- 0f the program may he assured
so Daisy Martin, Lockio and before the opening date. Ask
Pauline Cra g,- L as Beach, Kllie your neighbors if tney have pur
Momilv line the best ever wit
nessed. You had better see this,
Saturday, Sunday and Monday
ufternoon aud night.
Messrs. Snyder Craig, Jasper
Craig, 11 R. Bakoi Earl Thom
as and J. B. Crouch.
chased their tickets.
Elsewhere in the paper you
will find the three day program
iu it s complete form.
First class Tailor Shop. Altering, Cleaning and
Pressing. Goods called for and delivered.
Baker (Si Grover
First Door West of City Meat Market
! ! ! ! ! !
It Pays to Use '
Fusoti Drug Store

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