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All the News
All the Time.
For Jhe People,
Town and County
$1.00 PER YEAR.
A Rpttpr Tnwi. More Hdvantancs. fomforts and fnnvpnipnrw. FsztfiHSSK'XZ Z"2St;.
.Mo..undertheActorMrchS,l:8. EDITOR AND PUBLISHER.
mm - .-7 ..w.w - - o 7 --.w-.wwj neid.l
. .
G. W. .Fbjckmak. Pk
Bank of Mansfield
Capital $25,000 Surplus and Undivided
-". Profits $6,000
Our Chiles were good for Face
Value in ;ash during panic of '07-'08
In this day and age with te
various oppinions numbering
vith the population, we hardly
jSee how we can say anything at
all without hitting someone.
.But it is not for the purpose of
hitting any one that we s,ay Any
thing. Our sole aim is to agi
tate enough to cause someone
Xo get stir enough, to make fuss
.enough, to make the outside
world notice us enough, .to send
business here enough, to keep
long enough, until we have
opportunity enough, to get good
enough, to enter the Kingdom
,of Heaven everv one of us.
We dou'Ji know anything a
.bout any old skeletons, hang
ing around' Mansfield, we have
not been here long enough and,
furthermore, we don't want to
know anything about them. If
any of you fellows haye a skel
eton In the closet, , you'd better
Jock the door apd throw the kf y
iu the well. Because gossip is
a wretchid thiug and sometimes
the newspaper is blamed for
p irf Hung which can be laid at
gossip's door. Don't say any
thing about it if you dont want
it spread to Kingdom pome,
Willow Spriugs had a masqu
erade roller skate party last Sat
urday night and had the .band
engaged to play for them. Young
people from all oyer the country
far and near came and a jolly
good time was had, It was con
ducted by men who were desir?
pus of maintaining good order
and establishing a precidant that
their town was a good place to
come to." Afterward everyone
felt better toward one another
anil loved each other better from
this gathering of themselves to
gether for each pthers wsllfare,
socially. The town will always
have a crowd to come tp it for
the pleasures derived.
J D Reynolds
Is.npw in full blast A lot of
$15.00 Suits of Clothes at $10.00
The best line of Ladies Cloaks
for the money tliat ever was
brought to Mansfield. Our stock
of Ladies Dress goods and La
dies and Gents Fine shoes is un
surpassed any where, both in
Quality and style.
All kinds ot Merchandise at
bottom prices. Do not fail
when in Manfield call and see
our big stock.
mom No. si j.d. REYNOLDS.
R. J. Fkebmav; Cashibk
We juo objects of charity
and if yon can't pay vs fair liv
ing prices for honest work re
ceived In return, we don't want
it; take it to the other fallow.
The people composing a party
are the ones to blame, individ
ually as to whether it is a decent
affair or not Be sure y.ou are
right yourselves and everything
else will come out all right, as
far as you are concerned.
We don,t like to be too critical,
but a .couple, once upon a time,
became very fast friends, and
after a time, the fridndshjp rip
ened into love and th,en, with the
inevitable following -of the old
adage which says; "True lova
neyer did run smoothly" she be
gan. to attach some importance
to the cute little smiles of other
girls toward her future, and ber
gan to complain to him, ha vaa
surprised to see her take o
much interest in that, part of the
program so h began to study
the subject. And he began to
study the subject. He began to
think that every one who smiled
on him wanted to be his sweet
heart, and he went hog wild, it
was so nice to love and be loved.
Her complainings grew mote
bitter and he was more per
plexed, H she tho't him flerting
with other girls he hud cause to
think she was flerting with other
boys. She must be a wise old
girl, to know all these things.
Then he bgan to doubt her.
Whon she thought he was dis
honest, he would think she was
a little dishonest. The final fuss
came which broke two loving
hearts: and a great gulf was es
tablished betwecuthem aud they
liyed miserable ever afterwards,
all on account of the misstrust.
So in the walks qf life among
the towns people when you bo
gin to be watched like a hawk
riammoth Big Store
Full of bargains
as being a dishonest person you
can look out for the other fel
low as being just a little bit
shady. And it will pay you to
keep an eye on the fellow who
is patching for you .to rob a
bank, blow up a depot, or some
thing else, for in most cases he
is judging you by his standard,
aud his standard is not a .very
exhauked one in sweh cases.
Here, There, Everywhere
Getting Even.
When, like the echo of a plague,
A Dure drifts Into view
And opens up his trouble list
To teJl.thesiune.to you
Tou't hit him with a railroad spike
Or cut Mm with a kuife;
Just break in on lilm aud relate
The Mory of your life. -
Cut in upon his painful talk
Oeli. re he gets a start,
No matter if he throws a fit
Or takes it quite tc heart,
Keep talking though the fidgets round
And never do get through,
Jiisi make him take the mediciue'
That he had dyed for you. t.
Start with the moment of your birth
And ltad him down along
The boyhood places that weje filled
With melody aud song,
Relate the plain aud simple tale
Of j our Jieroic deeds,
Ik may he cr.ueltv. Jut it's
Exactly what he needs.
One treatment laid on good and strong
Will make him bunt theduor,
And that wljl be the last of him;
He won't come round for more.
And, though be may be green with
He dare dot show the same,
But he'll remember you as one
Wjio U-at him at the game
Duncan Smith,
So Jong as we lova we serve; so long
as we are loved by others I would say
that we are isdespeoslblej and no
man is useless while he has a friend,
f h pedestrian of
Br r-ri Hr-r-rJ
The pedestrian paused at the Inter,
section or the two bu.sy cioms streets.
He looked about, An automobile
was rushing at him from one direc
tion, a moteicycle from another, au
auto truck was coming from behind
and a taxicab was speedily approach
ing. Zip-zlp Zing-glugl
He looked up and saw directly
above him a runaway airship iu rapid
There was but one clanpe. He was
standing upon a manhole cover,
Quickly seizing it, he lifted the lid
and Jumped lino the hole Just in time
be run over by a sub-way train Cleve
land Plain Dealer.
Here's to the woman who has a
smile for every sorrow, a consolation
for every grief, an excusa for every
fa ilt, a prayer for every misfortune,
an encouragement for every nope
Sainte Foix
The Editor s Sfrry
We appul(gige for all mistakes made
in former Issues of the yews, nd say
they were inexcusable, as all an edi
tor has to do Is to hunt news, clean
the rollers, set type, sweep the floor,
pen short Items, fold papers, write
wrappers, make the paste, mail the
papers, talk to visitors, distribute
type, carry water, saw wood, read
proof, hunt the shears to write edi
torials, do job work, build fires, read
exchanges, write letters, wash type,
cut paper, bunt the hyphen tile, dodge
the bills, dun delinquents, and take
Jawlngs from the whole force.
We say that we hare no business to
make mistakes while attending to
these matters and getting our living
on hopper tall soup, flavored with iiu
maKlnalion. and wearing old shoes
and no collar apd a patch on our pants
while the trusts are absorbing the
parili. Monon (Ind ) News, .
The In so Noble Woman.
'And gather you
Who have sought more than Is in the
rain or dew
Or In the sun and moan, nr en the
Ov 8lih amid the wandering, starrer
Or comes in laughter from the sea a
oad lips;
l ite sad, the lonely, the Insatiable.
Iu the haunting loveliness of theso
lines of Yev's lucre Is pathos thai
strikes an answering note of some
' thing lie hopelessness la uiaoy a
. It Is the desolation of he weman
who nsks too much. Sad when life
ould heera to hold only igladnessj
lonely. in the midst of friends: Insatl u
ble, not knowing why, slu spins out
the thread of her existence, unsatis
fied, seeking for trancendent In the
merely Iminan.ln the finite for Infinity
She ia scarcely to be called a selfish
wo nan. She simply asks too much,
she gives of herself vastly, with an un
measured immensity. And she exacts
a like spendthrift generosity, an unre
served devotion, and completion of
her own inarticulate longings for love
md understanding. The
things thai shears are essentially;
subjective. Vaguely, she dwells in a
starry world of dreams and shadows,
and ahe wants-oh, how she wants!
to be "understood." In her girlhood
she sought a perfect friendship,
teased those who really loved her by
intensity of her desiie for an all an
swering and all sufficing affection.
From the most casual acquainten
eesbe expects comprehension, frum
her husband aud her1 children she re
quires a devotion that shall be abso
lutely satisfying, absolutely appiJ
ciatlve,cons?ious of no other presence.
She asks nothing concrete, tangible,
possible, only a wealth of feeling so
.rare that It may well be said not to
' For she has never been able to learn
that the human soul is, in its very es
sence, an isolated thing. She refuses
to .believe that happier women accept
unoicstlonlngly that there is no
human love that satisfies, no affection
that can complement existaoce, no
passion that quite fulfills.
She has no conception of that sim
pie and awful fact of our life, the ut
ter loneliness of man's spirit.
Khe falls to realize how the soul
must meet Its Joys and sorrows, as It
must meet its crises, alone. She seeks
more than is In rain or dew, or in the
son and moon, or on the earth." She
frets ut her days and nights In tho
search for the unattainable.
. She wears out the affection of those
who love her best and It is this thai
strikes tin? keynote of ber actual
tragedy by the foolish persistency
with which she demands the impossi
ble. -From a old clipping.
The averaire man worries very little
about his character as long as his rep-
utatloj is in good repair.
A Letter Prom o Soldierboy
Indianapolis, Ind, Nov. 13 '08
Editor Mansfield Press,
Mausiiold, Mo,
Pear Sir;'
Inclosed you will cad money
order for ($1) ono dollar for
which you may send me the
Press until paid for, as I have
many acquaintences around
Mansfield. I would like to get
the news from there as I have
lots of hope for old Mansfield and
her people.
I inlisted in thetj. S. army at
fittsoure. tiansas, June tain, ,
was sent to Jefferson Barracks,
St. Louis to be assigued, when
on August 4, 1 was assigned to
the JOlh Inf. Co. D. at Port
Benjamin Harrison, Ind. I caq
say 1 like the Army fine, and I
think it is a nice place for any
young man, as the training does
him good, we have nice quarters
and plenty to eat. and only have
one hours drill a day, parade
three times a week and go on
guard every two weeks.
This regiment just arrived
from AlasKa last .July, we had
one month of Held manuvers last
September and a 200 mile prac
tice march in October which was
a nice trip. We have our regu
lar target,practice in tho spring.
But we will have some shooting
this month.
I suppose everybody knows
my pareuts who live at Beulah,
Kausas, near Pittsburg, my
father is section foreman at that
place on the Frisco system
With best wishes te the peo
ple at Mansfield, I will close.
Yours Truly,
Private. Aaron Morgan
Indianopolis. Ind,
Fort Benj. Harrison, Co. D. 10
V. S, MX
A Good Place to do Tour "Banking ISuslnewg
The Farmers and Merchants
MANSFIELD, - - . - ftb
Mayor, J. D. Reynolds
Police Judge. t.. S. S. Bertram
City Marshal ...Roe Strong
City Clerk ....John W. Brazeal
City Attorney. N.J. Craig
N. S. Miller.,,, ...City Treasurer
N. S. Mlllw, James Cnday,
VV. II. Moore, John W. Brazeal.
I. O. O. F. Lodge No. H6 meets on
2nd. and 4th Saturday nights in each
George Tripp, Noble Grand.
Eilbert Tope Vice Grand
John VV. fjrazeal Secretary
James Coday....- Treasurer
REBECCA II Lodge meets 1st. and
3rd Weduesduv nights of each month
Mrs J. D, Reynolds, Noble Grand.
Miss Maude Reynolds, Secretary,
M. W. A. Mansfield Camp No. 3148
meets 1st. and 3nd. Saturday nights
of each month.
Joe W. Brazeal , Consul
Tom Slate..., ...... . .Advisor
Henry Dennis, N. S. Miller.
Clerk. Banker
2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings of each
Maggie Reynolds, Oracle.
Laura Miller, Vice Oracle.
Grace Bonnell, Recorder.
Belle Brazeal, Receiver.
A. F. and A. M. Mansfield Lodge
No. 543 meets every Wednesday night
on or before the full moon of each
J. A. Hylton, W. M.
N. N. Nichols, Secretary.
R. A. M. Mansfield Chapter meets
2nd Saturday evening of each month.
J. A, Hylton. High l'riest.
S. N. Nichols, Secretary.
EASTERN STAR Mansfield Chap
ter No. 76 meets 1st. and 3rd. Friday
evenings cf each month.
Mrs. Nute Miller, Worthy Matron.
N. N. Nichols, Secretary.
Cant See the Point.
No. but we'll bet the chap up the stump can feel it.
And while maybe you cannot see the point of our
argument when we say that you're likely to get
6tuck unless you buy lumber just as carefully as you
would seed whea you're mighty likely to feel the
effects of careless buying, when the stuff you get be
gins to worp and shrink.
We can sell you thorough ly-dry. well-seasoned lun
ber and building material just as cheap as you cau
buy green, or half dry stuff elsewhere.
Don't take any chances. Let us "show you."
A. li. Hill Lumber Co.
services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 .p. at. -on
Fourth Sunday in each month.
Sunday School every Sunday 10 a m
J. A, Russell, Pastor.
METHODIST Church holds ser
vices at ila.ni. ana 7:30 p.m. on
j First and Third Sunday of each month
Sunday School every Sunday 10 a. m.
B. D. Jones, Pastor.
If s a funny thing to note the
numerous articles in some of the
more prominent papers on the
mysteries of tlie unseen forces of
nature, and many are striving, to
get some knowledge of the mys
terious spirit land. However
some may believe, we, also have
an opinion on the matter. It is
natural for every one to want to
know about the future, and it is
well, but many are troubled
about it and that, we will say, is
well also, every thing is well.
The history of creation witness
es that the foundation of every
thing is rested Upon love and
trust.-lie trusted Adam and Eve
to themselves to pursue their
course, they disobeyed and be
came anxious and have been
striving ever since to get back
to their proper course. The
planits are even thrown out of
their course and at once go to
pieces. Men fret and worry and
because he has failed to do his
duty he blames everybody else.
Your own evil thought draw
you a little out of plum with th
universal svstem and you at once
become feverish and fretful, you
1 then want to know what the out
come will be.andtlw farther you
stray from the proper course of
yourself the more anxious you
are to know the outcome. Not
until you get into your proper
course will you be in shapn to
know these mysteries, ,

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