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Wmt Cramp tm tka ngfc f tu Ittn
"I was troubled with cramps in the
stomach for six years. I tried nan;
kinds of medicine, also was treated
by three doctors.
"They said that I had nervous dys
pepsia. I took the medicine for two
years, then I got sick again and (av
tip all hopes of getting cured.
"I saw a testimonial of a man whose
case was similar to mine, being cured
by Peruna, so thought I would give it
a trial. I procured a bottle at once,
and commenced taking it.
"I have taken nineteen bottles, and
am entirely cured. I believe Peruna
is all that is claimed for it." Mrs. J.
C. Jamison, 0 1 Marchant St., Watson
villa, Cal.
He Before Jones got married he
used to command a large salary.
She And now?
He Now he only earns It. His wife
semmanda it!
Spread Whole Box of It on Crackers
Not the Least Injury Resulted.
Cutlcura Thus Proven Pure and Sweet
A New York friend of Cutlcura
"My three year old son and heir,
after being put to bed on a trip across
the Atlantic, Investigated the state
room and located a box of graham
crackers and a box of Cutlcura Oint
ment When a search was made for
the box, It was found empty and the
kid admitted that he had eaten the
contents of the entire box spread on
the crackers. It cured him of a bad
cold and I don't know what else."
No more conclusive evidence could
be offered that every Ingredient of Cu
tlcura Ointment is absolutely pure,
iweet and harmless. If it may be
safely eaten by a young child, none but
the most beneficial results can be ex
pected to attend its application to
pected to attend its application to even
the tenderest skin or youngest infant
FoUor Drug A Cham. Corp, Sol Pros. Boatoa.
From Plutarch.
Neither rich furniture nor abun
dance of gold, nor a descent from an
illustrious family, nor greatness of
authority, nor eloquence and all the
charms of speaking, can produce so
Kreat a serenity of life as a mind free
from guilt, kept untainted, not only
from actions, 'but purposes that are
wicked. Pi ut arch.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
ty (oral application aa ther cannot Dwell Um dS)
lased portion o( the ear. There la only one way fc,
lure deafness, and that I. by constitutional remedlca
Deafness la eausetl by an Inflamed condition ol thf
siueous lining- of the Kustacblan Tube. When thlf
tuba la Inflamed you have a rumbling Bound or lm
perfect hearing, and when It la entirely clotted, Deaf
tee la the result, and unleaa the Innammatlon can be
taken out and thia tube restored to Its normal condi
tion, hearing will be destroyed forever; nine caaai
Mil of ten are caused hy catarrh, which at nothing
9ut an Inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case ol
L ashless (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Wend for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY a CO- Toledo, a
Bold hy Druggists, 7Se.
Take Hall's family Pills for eontttpatloa.
Give Him Tims.
"Do you cultivate the muses?"
"No I'm a stranger In town, and
only know a few people, to far."
Vas so W assistant, to xuftvrce
may be rxAi &spetise& wVK
ukivtvQ longer tietdci.as Wveksl cj
vuftrfy wotvTcper TvounswveTv,
Fic Syrup Co.
MC fczr.om.v- (trauma pwee SO sib. bottiC
You Are In Danger
if you let that cold ton on. Neg
lected colds cause incurable dis
eases. Don't risk your health.
Keep a bottle of
ta Tonr boms. It's the safest, rarest
and quickest remedy for colds ever
compounded. For Coughs, Bron
chitis, Pleurisy, Inflammation of the
Langs, in fact, ail diseases caused
by neglected colds. It has bo equal.
Keeotnmended sad sold by drug
gists everywhere.
7Vw U ioMea, $1.00, 50c 25c
NSW irR0K3
Warn) Weather Cos
lurries Will Be Elab
orately Orna
mented. la the new summer frocks of heayy
linen, oversleeve and sba nder
aleeve effects are considerably used,
but one finds, too, long, moderately
close sleeves of the linen, trimmed up
the- outside and at the wrist, or trim
med in cuff fashion half way to the el
bow. The Dutch neck fitted with such low,
broad collars of finely hand embroid
ered batiste or lawn as are in vogue
this winter will surely be popular for
simple summer frocks with women
who can successfully adopt these girl
ish modes, but the high transparent
collar or high stock shows no sign of
losing prestige.
Hand embroidery is as much in de
mand as ever, and the new showing of
band flouncing, allover and motif em
broideries is surpassingly beautiful
English eyelet wore is greatly In evi
dence among the choloest of the early
showings, but It Is of fine lacy charac
ter and frequently combined with other
embroidery or lace. Wide bands of
this openwork embroidery in exquisite
ly intricate and fine design are dis
played in soft ecru as well as in white,
and lovely effects are obtained with
Intermixture of delicate coloring a
groundwork of the fine openwork done
in white, with scattered design of soft
blue, rose, green or lavender thrown
over it, or the eyelet work in color,
with the other embroidery in white.
The new bordered materials of the
lingerie and linen classes make fre
quent use of these embroidery combi
nations, and many of the chic bordure
effects have plain wide borders of deli
cate color joining the sheer white ma
terial under trailing embroidery de
signs. One charming line xl boMure
batistes has a white ground over
which at wide intervals are scattered
small embroidered dots of color, say of
pink. There is a nix-Inch border of
plain pink headed by embroidery in
soft pastel shades running up into the
white and down into the pink.
Linens, too, as has been indicated,
have border effect similar to that just
described, only on linen the embroid
ery designs are bolder and heavier.
Lovely batistes and mulls with ail
ever embroidery design are numerous
and some of these suggest delightful
blouses demanding little time and ef
fort on the part of the maker. For In
stance, there is a sheer, silky white
batiste which has clusters of very tiny
tucks, three in a group, set at two-Inch
Intervals, and between these groups of
tucks are lines or large embroidered
dots tn delicate color light blue, pink,
green or lilac.
Another beautiful white batiste has
little English eyelets embroidered in
pink scattered all over its surface, and
at intervals of about three or four
Inches a stripe of little pink embroid
ered rosebuds, clustered gracefully together.
OressSmig! labile
to. m .
T 'r-.fi' I'LEr
A Packing Case Covered with Cretonne.
The center of interest in a young
girl's bedroom Is, without doubt, the
dressing table. This is always made
as attractive as possible with a pretty
cover, dainty cushions and little pin
trays. .
Now one does not have to go Into
the shops and pay a high price for a
dressing table, for often the home
made affairs are quite as satisfactory
and a bit daintier. The dressing table
in the sketch Is made of a wooden
packing case. Tbe case cost 25 cents,
and the cretonne to cover it was 30
cents a yard. Sometimes one finds
very pretty cretonnes for lees per
haps IS or 20 cents a yard. These are
not as fine, but are quite as effective.
The packing case may be bought at
any small shop. Paint the case with a
white enamel paint inside and oat
Stand it so that the opening is at the
front. Tack the cretonne on across
the sides and slip a brass rod through
the top of the front breadths. This
will allow the curtains being pushed
aside, and boxes may be kept under
the table if desired.
The cretonne cover for the top ol
Sorrjt Advice for Hornt
Nurse; Who Have
Invalids in Tbtir
Many devoted and well-meaning
home nurses wonder why their pa
tlents do not Improve or have such
tedious convalescence. The fault often
lies with trifling errors in nursing
which they think do not matter, yet
which drive the sick one half tc
Here are a few hints that may mak
illness more bearable for the long Buf
fering invalid.
See that the doors do not creak.
Hinges should be rubbed with soap oi
oiled at the beginning of an illness. It
is maddening to be wakened from
fitful sleep by an unnecessary noise.
Do not bang doors nor yet open
them with such ostentatious silence as
to make the patient think he Is at
death's door.
Never talk in brawling tones In a
sickroom; on the other hand do not
whisper. Anything the patient should
not hear should not be discussed in his
presence. A butzlng horsefly is no
more annoying than tbe sickroom con
versation in hissing whispers.
Walk lightly and uncreaklngly. If
you cannot cultivate a light step, take
to felt slippers or rubber soles. A
nervous temperament is often injuri
ously affefcted by slight sounds that no
one else would notice.
Sit as quietly as possible; rocking
back and forth, tapping the floor,
swinging the leg or even nervous
movements of the hands or face, often
gets unbearably on the nerves of the
Never ask an invalid what she wants
to eat. The capricious appetite must
be tempted, not consulted.
Don't groan over the hard work you
have to go or the gayetles you are miss
ing. It is hard enough on the sensa
tlve nature to feal herself a burden
without having her obligation rubbed
Do not get depressed yourself, or at
least keep lt.from your patient There
Is small use for medlclnea if their ef
fect is counteracted by friends looking
and talking like a bird of ill omen.
Keep the patient cheerful. Remem
ber that the power to look on the
bright Bide has saved many a life.
Do not encourage too much company.
Until one is well on the way to recov
ery, indiscriminate visitors are equiv
alent to a backset. Most invalids are
weaker than they realize and the ef
fort to entertain friends or even to
listen to them. Is a tax on strength.
Reading aloud, in the same way,
should be sparingly indulged in. No
matter how fond of books the invalid
may be, when well, during an illness
the effort to listen is fatiguing. Watch
the patient for signs of restlessness.
Study the sick one's peculiarities,
and humor them tts far as possible.
There is ho more fatal mistake In
nursing than to argue or fret an in
valid. Avoid issues.
the table is made of a piece of the ma
terial edged with cluny lace. The
lace In the sketch was only five cents
a yard. The mirror over the dressing
table is one of the inexpensive oak
framed sort. These mirrors usually
come to hang vertically, but the screw
eyes may be changed so that they
may be placed horizontally. It is
daintier if the mirror has a white
frame. Tbe wood may be sandpapered
or an opaque varnish stain may be
' The dressing table is now ready for
the pretty little furnishings, and no
one would ever guess how absurdly in.
expensive it was. Girls who live in
furnished rooms might fix oni up for
themselves, for the average furnished
room rarely boasts a dressing table.
Then a summer house needs just sucb
things to make it look artistic and
yet cool and comfortable. The cover
may be made so that It w.'U slip off
easily, then the packing case may
take np its original role, and the
household goods may be parked in it
to carry back and forth from city to
When the announcement was made
several months ago that Mr. Taft
would use an automobile during his
term as President, much rivalry de
veloped among the leading manufac
turers for the honor of selling him a
car and the public watched with In
terest to see what Mr. Taft's choice
would be. The knowing ones predicted
that the White Steamer would be se
lected and they pointed out that Presi
dent Roosevelt had used White Steam
ers for two years at his summer home
at Oyster Bay and bad recommended
this make to Mr. Taft aa the most de
sirable. This prediction proved correct, al
though Mr. Taft did not rely solely
on Mr. Roosevelt's recommendation,
but, with his usual thoroughness, de
termined to have an investigation
made of all the principal makes. Ac
cordingly, he aked several officers of
tho War Department to look into the
matter for him, and they tested many
makes of cars, visited a number of
factories so that they might see what
materials were used, and, finally, they
investigated the records of the differ
ent types of cars In public contests
and in private service.
Hope Springs Eternal.
He was addressing a crowd one Sun
day morning on the quay at Newcastle.
"I can safely say that no man ever
attempted to bribe me, gentlemen,"
aid the speaker.
"Don't be down-hearted, old chap,
your luck may change," shouted a man
tn the crowd. Tit-Bits.
important to Mothers.
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA a safe and sure remedy for
Infants and children, and see that it
ftonra rin
Signature otj&XS&ffiZzfat
In Use For Over 30 Years.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Their Ins and Outs.
Mrs. Plumpton (with fashion paper)
Oh, Paul, this Is Indeed good news!
Thank, thank heaven, hips are coming
in again!
Mr. Plumpton In? You mean burst
ing out, don't you? Puck.
For Red, Weak, Weary, Watnry Eyes. 1
Uompounded by Experienced I'Hystelitna.
Conforms to tlie Pure Food and DriiKS
.aw. Murine Doesn't Smart. Bonthos )y
Pain. Try Murine for Your Kyei.
Wasted Years.
Nan So, after six years' courtship,
all Is off between Tim and Tiny.
Fan Yes; they loved not wisely,
but too platonlcally.
Wise people use Hamlin Wizard Oil
to stop pain because they know it always
makes good. Foolish people try experi
ments. Ask your druggist about it.
True friendship can afford true
knowledge. A want of discernment
cannot be an Ingredient in it Thor
eau. Lewis' Single Binder straight 5c cigar.
Made of extra quality tobacco. Your
dealer or Lewis' Factory, Peoria, 111.
From the blackmailer's viewpoint,
keeping secrets Is a paying business.
Dyspepsia and constipation are avoidable
miseries tuke Garfield Tea, Nature's Herb
Women like to talk of the days
they were single and had a good time.
This wealth that btowi from the nevet
the "Inner Business Circle" oi Seattle, utterly indifferent to weAther, seasons or whims
oi men, producing tVi addition its unfailing crop of rents, regardless of frosts or
floods or drouths ot Insects 1 HO wealth, as SUKt as time, as BArc, as urth, my
Company through its system of UNIT OWNERSHIP makes it possible for YOU to Oft
r children and
.. vour carjital.
If you have any surplus financial seed,
others will till lot you, then write to me
for ntVTVTvr lnrn nnimti
Casar mere asies Mghtse end latter eelors thsa sat other ere. One 10c eaeksee eelsts in Ikers. They to I
I m jsrnsejertiwat tsjalrai sssrt, HfrtU tor tree SooUet-Mea to Ore, Bleach an. Hu Colors. MO0KOC
Taft's White Steamer
When their labors were completed.
the officials reported unanimously to
Mr. Taft in favor of the White, and.
accordingly, a car of this make was
immediately ordered from the manu
facturers, The White Company of
The new car was delivered to Mr.
Taft in Washington a few days be
fore his inauguration and since that
time it has been in almost constant
use. There baa not been a day when
the President or some member of
his family have not been seen riding
around the National Capital in the
new car. It Is hinted that Mr. Taft
likes fast traveling and that when
he rides out into tbe open country, he
does not always insist that the speed
of the car be kept within the legal
W. J. TJrquhart, manager of the west
ern branch of the White Company, 239
Michigan Ave., Chicago, III., said re
cently to a correspondent of this
parser: ' "We are receiving many In
quiries each day asking for full de
tails regarding the construction of
Mr. Taft's car and In reply we are
sending copies of our catalog. Mr.
Taft's car is exactly like any other
Model M' 40 horse-power White
At the Butcher's.
"Is this meat dear?"
"No, ma'am, sheep!"
Oet Red Cross Ball Blue, the best Ball
lilue. Large 2 ox. package only 8 cents.
It's difficult to get a crooked man
Interested in tbe scenery along the
straight and narrow path.
That Is I.AXA'NVU llltuMO VllMNK. lok for
the sliinsiure i.f K. W. t.KoVli. VwnX Um Wurul
uvur lo Curu u Culd tn One Sto.
When a man gives more than a dol
lar to charity he usually manages to
gut caught in the act.
Positively cared by
these Little Pills.
T'aejr also rellera Dla
trHH from Dyspepsia. In
il location and Too Uearty
Entlnir. A perfect rem
edy for Plziiness, Nau
sea, Drown! neM, Bad
Taste In the Mouth, Coat
ed Touirue, Tain In th
They regulate the Dowels. Purely Vegetable.
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Simi!e Signature
A flavoring that la nseil tne same na lemon
or vanilla. BxillKsolTinggrnnula'.eil sugar
In wuteratid striding Maplelne, a ilellciuua
syrup Is tunde and a syrup belter than maple
Maplelne Is sold ty grocers. If rot m-nd Sle for
Sua. but and reel pobuok. Irtttsaiarg. t.,tuu.
idle I
- ceasino increase in the value of the ground in
your children s children, no matter w HUc.
much or little, to plant in fertile soil which
and let me send you the facts NOW.
FRANK T. HUNTER, President,
Cures the sick and acta aa a preventive for others. Mqnld given on
the tongne. Hale for brood mare and all other. Bent kidney remedy ; M
cents a ml II Ou a bottle: l&.U) and IIUiU th dozen. Hold by alldruggtata
utl horse good, house, or sent cxpreas paid, by Ui. manufavtuivrs,
Steamer, except that his ear has the
United States coat-of-arms painted
on either door. In other words.
when we make a car for the Presi
dent of the United States there Is no
way In which we can make it any
better than the car which you, or
anybody else, can purchase from us.
"Some of those writing to mo
about Mr. Taft's car say that, al
though they are very desirous ot
having a car like Mr. Taft's, they,
are afraid that such a car is some
what larger and more expensive than
they desire. In reply to such letters.
1 point out that our Model 0' 20
horse-power car is exactly like our
40 horse-power model, except as re
gards the size of tbe different parts.
The principle of construction is ex
actly the same and the smaller car
possesses 'all the desirable qualities
of our larger model. In other words,
one can secure an exact duplicate of
Mr. Taft's car for $4,000, or a car ot
the same qualities, but of smaller di
mensions, for only 92,000. Judging by
the demand for White cars, a good pro
portion of those desiring to purchase
automobiles are quite content to trust
President Taft's Judgment as to the
best and most desirable make."
Western Canada th Pennant Winner
"TheLast Best West"
The government cV
Canada now gives
to every actual set
tlerlbU acres of
land frt and an
additional 160 acre
at $3.00 an acre. The 300.000 contented
American settlers making their home in
Western Canada is the best evidence oi
the superiority of that country. They are
becoming rich, growing from 25 to 50
bushels wheat to the acre; 60 to 110 bush
els oats and 45 to 60 bushels barley, be
sides having splendid herds of cattle rained
on the prairie grass. Dairying is an im
portant industry.
The crop of 1908 still keep. Western Canada
In tlis lead. The world will soon look to it aa
'is fsod.producer.
The thing which most Impressed n was tha
nmufutiultt of the country Hint Is available lor
aitrM-tlltunil purpose." Aullvftui IMtfuriol
CVrrupuMUcHcs. iita.
Low railway rates, good schools and church
Markets convenient, pries, tru highest, clinutta
Tinds are for sale hv Railway an1 litnd Cons-
PinW's. lNriitlvo puniMhletWnd maps sent f rea.
nr itttlwiiy rates and othr.inforniAtWin apply to
HupertnteiKtent of Immigration, iltlnwa, Canada, of
tho authorized Canadian. Cuvuruiuvot Agont:
j. s. CBAwroro.
Re, 123 W. Klath Street. Isnsss City. MUwsrt.
TLIC TFJTU P3"' excel any dentifrice)
I Isssi I LLC I II in cleansing, whitening and
removing tartar from the teeth, besides destroying
all germs of decay and disease which ordinary
tooth preparations cannot do.
TUC M rt I ITU ' Pat;ne used a a mouth.
I lit IWIUU I n wash disinfects the mouth,
and throat, purifies the breath, and kills the germs
which collect in the mouth, causing sore throat
Lad teeth, bad breath, grippe, and much sickneav
TUF CVCQ whtn inflamed, tired, ache
I fit LI tO and bum, m.-iy be mttanlly
relieved and strengthened by Putine.
P ATAHRU ftxae wu' destroy the germs
VH I Asinn thai cause catarrh, heal the nv
fUmmatioa and stop the discharge, h is a sum
remedy for uterine catarrh.
Paxtine is a harmless yet powerful
ermicide,distnieclant and deodorizer. (
Used in bathing a destroys odors and
eaves the body antiKptically clean.
"Casts rets are certainly fine. I gave a friend
One when the doctor waa treating him for cancer
ot the stomach. The neat morning he passed
four pieces of a tape worm. He then got a boa
and in three davs he passed a taps-worm 4S fwae
loag. It was Mr. Matt Freeh, of Millers burg,
lMuphln Co.. Pa. I am quite a worker for Case,
rets. I use them myself and find them beneficial
for most any disease caused by impure blood.''
Cbaa. B. Condon, Iwulon, fa., (MitSia Co.)
Fie as ant. Palatable, Potent, Taste Good.
Do Itood. Newr Sicken, Weaken or Unpav
lot. 25c, 50c. Never sold fa balk. The oa
tne tablet .tamped C C C. Guaranteed to
care or your money back. 9ZL
W. N. U.. Kansas City, No. 15, 1909.
eats' aster setter thsa lay sttiee fea. Testes
ORUtt CO , QmUtcy, HUmclm.
nv if I

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