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All the News
All the Time.
For the People
fjvn '.ad County
1100 PER YEAR.
A Better Town, More Advantages, Comforts find Conveiences,
fcntrrtd at second cla& matter (H-tob
r 23, at the post .nic at Ma
flc!d.Mo.,under iheAct of March 3,1379.
Editor and Prop'r
The Standard Oil Company seem
to bare a pipe line running fruin. the
new Tariff bill right Into Hie money
With the worn: a and the kids ar
rayedagalnl the stocking schedule
the Payne tariff bill Is almost doomed
as It Btauds.
If there were no "joker" In the
new tariff bill Mr. Payne would not
have beeu so vigorous in I la defense
Just to think the new president has
been in office over a mouth and no-
aody called a liar yet. How times
have changed.
The season approaches when the av
erage smail boy would rather be a
pitcher than President.
Mr. Croker Is another to discover
that it is a long time between Irrlga
tions when passing through the two
W. J. Bryan Is In Texas, and In con
sequence Democratic harmony Is as
prevalent there as It is in the Douse.
The female surplus of Massacbu
setts Is a cause of worry to the deep
thinkers of that State. VVtiy not put,
a tax on epinsters?
Puff, Puff, Puff.
Tuff, puff, piff,
On thy cigarettes, O, fool!
And I would that my tongue could
How useless to thee !s school.
Puff puff, puff,
Through the golde5 days of youth
Ever learning but never coming
To a knowledge of the truth,
Oh, well for the abstaining boy!
Let blm evermore abstain;
Oh, well the penitent boy,
Who will never puff again.
Still some foolish puffers go on
Blighting and ruining their brain
Despite what Is sold unto them,
For what is said la in vain.
Puff, puff, puff,
And drive your coffin nails;
The lost vigor of thy youth
Will return to thee with walls.
M.. L, Burrls In Missouri School
I am just back from St. Louis
and see our goods and get our prices. There is no
6uv qYoccx Usl
?0 lbs. best granulatod sugar for..-. ...... .
15c Coffee per lb
20c " " '
Silk soap per bar
Good broken rice perpouud
No. 3 tomatoes per can
No. 2 Iowa corn 1
" 3 California L. C. peaches per can
I lb. can Lay ton tumber Baking Powder..
lb. Pkg. Defiance Btarch
Syrup - Gallon Can, per can
I. J. U I I I. ,.,
Good Baking soda 2 lbs. for.
Best'Nayy Beans per lb
Best Soda crackers per lb
Flour-High Patent hard and soft wheat at $3.10
per hundrod. '
Rnfus inquires whether broncho
buster is a specific fur b.onchllk It
is not generally so scheduled. Our
medical editor is nut filling thie
week, but we veutnre the opinion
that broncho busier is chiefly emytny
(d to reduce the nervous, irritable
condition of a certain species of the
equui caballus. Our office boy con
firms ua In thU opinion.
Clarrlssa writes to ak If a lambent
flame is particul trly efficient in mast
ing mutton. We never heard it so de
elan d. It is usually associated with
miraculous happenings, but we be
lieve it is generally credited w'tb
light only. You will remember that
Virvil speaks of its playing most vly
idly about the head of lulus, but not
a hair was singed. No, we do not rec
ommend It fur its heatiug quallies.
Rueben Inquires whet her kempen-
felt is largely used in the manufact
ure, of mattresses. We consider that
Rueben Is groping in utter darkness.
We do not see how the word could
suggest beds -or bedding unless it he
the fact that an English Admiral of
that name one made bis bed iu the
Atlantic, and if we remember rightly,
he took with blm a numeious crew
and the ship itself. Ask your father
to Hnd in his old reader the poem
which ends;
But Kempenfelt is gone;
His victories are o'er;
But he and his eight hundred men,
Shall plow the wave no more.
A suspicious looking epistle asks
whether salt rheum Is a speelfl'; for
rheumatism. Subscribers should un
derstand that we can not hope to sol
icit the standing cards of reputable
pbyslcans with our right hand, and
give out free medical advice with our
left. It is not from want of resource
ful knowledge, skill and wisdom that
we refuse any reasonable request, but
we must defer to professional eti
quette andwell established c istoms.
Let Us Rest
Yes rest physically and mentally.
Would that teaeh-rs, preachers, writ
ers, poets, and all others leave out a-
bout ninety per cent. It overwork?
us all to retain even ten per caul of
all the advice, warnings, promptings,
and stimulants lavished upon us. Cut
we especially plead for the worthy
farmers who are so deluged with a1
vice about what to do and how to do
It reminds us of a friend of ours,
a diet fiend, who used to overwhelm
us with advice and literature on the
subject of dietetic. One book in par
ticular, sent for our perusal, con
talned several hundred pages. Much
of It was good In its way. but It was
overloaded with useless repetition
and tiresome minulia. It might have
Urn cut down to ten pages, really,
' 7c
three words would give the substance
of the book. These were selection,
mastication, moderation. Pick out
the right food; dou't bolt it, but
chew long aud well. Don't eat too
Nine farmers out of every ten here
In the Ozarks know they are not
modeU In the management of their
farms. They know they should have
better stock, better buildings, better
f.riu impltmeuUs, but they also
well know that, under present condi
tions, t hey c in not reasonably hope
for a sudd jii realization of all their
They know their should provide a
more generous ration fur tueir dai
ries; tiicy know the binelits of a bil.
auceJ ration: they know as well as
j the nimbi wrlter.or flui ut lectnrer
the good results of many things
they would like to do It is so easy to
outline tasks for others. In ten do's
aud don't's we could reform the
world, on papei!
See how easy it is to set the whole
Ozark region humming, In theory!
Mere it Is' See how easy it sounds;
Take out the t.-eeanrt stumps. Put
in the grass and clover. Hew down
the hills, fill up i lie hollows Fertil
ize tha Mil: use barnyard manure,
commercial ferthzers, oi cultivate
leguminous plants, preferably, clo.ier.
Supply humus by plowing under
crops of rye and luck wheat.
Keep good sti ck; cos that show
a sure profit, hens that ly bountiful
ly, hogs that will not eat their heads
Aud be sure to feed generously and
wisely; use abundance uiid variety: if
possible, raise the abundance ami va
ilety on your own farm, ve havs al
ready told you how. Fonr snort
I uses tell it all: remove trees, brush,
and stumps; cultUate the solii fertil
ize: let hill and hollow cancel each
other and we shal1 ha.ie the level prai
ries of Kansas and the climate of the
And while yon are about it, fence
your farm, put a fine fence all
aiounq your Iarni, and put in all
needed cro 8 fences; it will cost a tr.
fie lu money, and the Blight exercise
will give you a splendid appetite.
Seriously, there is much to criticise
about many of the present methods
of farming in the Ozarks; and criti
cism aud udvice of the right kind,
giveu in the right spirit Is most desir
able. But w all learn most slowly.
It took 30 years for Iowa farmers to
learn that exclusive wheat-raising
meant ruin and Want. It h is taken
he people of the O, ir.ts a long lime
to learn that this is a stock and dairy
country, but must now accept that
Our difficulty is to adjust onrselves
to ttu new lequlremeuls
We have not tiie generuui soil Hut
so aided the Iowa firm r ti correct
his mistakes of thirty yeirs agj, bit
many other advantages thatwadi
possess will enable us to more easily
Come and See for Yourself
p (puvtW jfSij flDfial IfieU aij.'
with the largest
. Here we have many fine bargains. Wo have a great
variety of the standard brands including the Hamilton
Brown, Roberts-Johnson-Raud, Courtney, Friedman-Shelby,
Peters and many others. All were bought atsacrl
lice prices and you gut tho benefit of our purchase.
We include all classes of shoes from dainty slippers to
boys' and mens' brogans. If you need shoes of any kind
be sure to see some of the bargains we offer. Come aud
see the shoes, they will speak for themselves.
and rapidly adjust ourselvj to the
new conditions.
If you will consider one element
you must see one great advantage
which we of the Oxaks now possess
but which came to the beople of
Iowa only aft-r years of waitlhg. We
lefer to the qulek ready tale for every
class of farm products. Today there
is an ea'er market for every thiug the
farmers produces. And prices have
never been better than in the last
two years, and ;hls, despite the late
panic' Never was the outlook fur
the farmer brighter than it is today-
Bargain Column.
i3,uouou to loan on improved farm
from I to 5 years time. N. J. Craig.
See Fulllngton for Furniture, Wall
Paper, Carpets and Kugs.
See the big Lot of Feucs Freeman
& Miller are selling That l the alnd
of Fence tu it standi the test.
Just Received, a Que line of Mould
nirFur Pi.-.r.iiri Wti mm '
W. B. Fulhugton,
J. D. Reynolds Is selling 2ocent
dishes for 10 cents, fcee them.
The Tarmars & Merchants Bank
Of Maisficld, rto. pays interest oil
line depusits.
.See our new spring dress goods.
Cau t be beat. Come and see them.
J. I) Reynolds.
W. B Fulllngton has just reee4ved
anew line of tine Rockers.
A good flour at J. D. Reynolds for
3 10 per hundred. Try It.
G. W. Freeman a Son have receiv
ed and are showing the Largest Line
of Spring Clothing Dres Goods Shoes
and Furnishing Goods ever shown iu
Mansfield. Call and a-tk to see them.
You can get the best cultivator
plow from J. I). Reynolds.
The Farmers & Merchants Bank of
Mausfl'ld, is a good place ui do your
bulking The directors are P. W
Si v. o4, J. 1). Reynolds, Dr. F. B'
Knsoii, and N. J. Craig.
-Go to Fulllngton for your Second
hand Furniture. He carries It as a
tide line and will sell it right.
J. D. Reynolds Is selling better
clothing and shoes for the money
than anyone iu Mansfield.
A telephoue mesago from E
J. Knight reports his electiou
by 60 votes. Ho took the oath
of office, received his coin mi
sion and enterud upon the du
ties of the office, Tuesday.
The threatened three cents
per mile has not arrived; until
further notice, two cerjt per,
mile will ba enough.
Bankrupt Stock
substitute for personal inspection.
Presiding Judge
Probate Judire
Judge Ne.-th Dlst.
R. II, Hanson
J. W. Allen
Wm. Mlckle
Richard ttayburn
W. E. Long
J. A Runt II
J, T. Blackweli
N. L Klchardsou
Arthur P. Curtis.
Wm. S..Wood
Judxe South Disl.
I County C'erk
Circuit Clerk
Prosecuting Att.y
Assesor " C. A. Stephens.
Treasuerer D C, Ciller
Surveyor M. II. Williams
School Commissioner E. J Knight
PRESBYTERIAN' Church holds
services at 11 a. ui. and 7:30 p. m. on
Fourth Sunday iu eacli month.
Sunday School every Sunday 10 a m
J. A, Russell, Pastor.
METHODIST Church holds ser
vices at 11a.m. ana 7:30 p.m. on
First and Third Sunday of eich niohtu
Sunday School every Sunday 10 a. m.
B. D. Jones, Pastor.
Police J udge
City Mar.hal
City Clerk
J. D. Reynold
S. S. Bertram
Roe Strong
.John W. Brazeal
N.J. Craig
City Attorney
N. S. Miller
N. S. Miller, James Coday,
W. II. Moure, John W. Brazval.
J. B. Quiggley.'Mr. and Mrs.
A J. Wildar dioye to Hartville
We are pleased to announce,
that we have received several
cash subscriptions since our
last issue. Repetitions of this
off-iuse will be condoned at least
for a seasou.
Rev, B. D Jones who was re
ported critically ill last Friday
is slowly recovering.
The W. c. T. U. will hold a
two days' session at the M. E
church Thursday and Friday.
A dinner will be served Friday
and a declamatory contest will
be given Friday evening. Be
sure to hear th address tonight
Arthur Wallace Dunn In the
Woman.s National Daily says "The
positions now covered by the civil ser
vice are fit only for people who have
no ambition In life. No man who has
the education aud ability to pais a
ever brought to Mansfield. Come
Here we offer you the benefits of our pood success m
securing a fine bargain. You can s lect from a large
stock. See our men's atl wool suits from 2.C0 to $o; )
worth from K3 to $12.00. Mens' and boys' hats at 50c on
the $1 00. A great variety of Dress Goods of all kiuds.
You will bn sure to find some good bargains in our
Furnishing Goods.
Armstrong Building
West Side Square
I. O. O. F. Lodge No. 116 meets on
2nd. and 4th Saturday night in each"
George Tripp, Noble Grand.
Ft. K Smiley, Vice Grand
John W. Brazeal Secretary
Jamea Coday Treasurer
REBECCA II Lodge meets 1st. and
3rd WednesJav nights of each month
Mrs. Mollie Hensley, Noble Grand.
Miss Maude Reynolds, Secretary,
M W. A. MansfleM -Camp No. 3141
meets 1st. and 3ud. Saturday .nights
of each month.
J. U. Freeman.
N. S. Miller.
Tom Slate.
Henry Dennis,
2nd an I 4m Tuesday evenings of .each
Laura Miller, Oracle.
Maggie Reynolds, Vice Oracle.
Grace Bonnell, I ecorder.
Belle Brazeal, Receiver.
A. F. and A. M. MansHeld Lodge.
No 543 meets every Wednesday night
on or before the full mom of each
C. A. Stephen, W. M.
N. N. Nichols, Secretary
R. A. M. Minsfleld Chapter meets
2 i J Saiuiday evening or each month
M. W. Oliver, nigh Priest.
N. N. Nichols, Seoretary.
EASTERN STAR Mannfleld Chap
ter No. 70 meet 1st. and 3rd. Friday
evenings cf each month.
Mr. A. J. Wilder, Worthy Matron.
N. N. Nichols, Secretary
civil servlne examination ought to de
vote his time j to a government job.
There are no spendid opportunities in
the civil service. For the mast part a
man Is burled In an office In Washing
ton or elsewhere and has no opportuo"
Ity for advancement. The tempta
tion to remain in a place that pays
from $1,000 to 11,(100 a year Is so great
that a man whose education and tal
ents tit him for something better In
life remains in that position until old
age poverty overtake him. Theae are
a thousand people In the government
service in Washington now who have
lived Just that kind or life. They no
longer fitt d for the work they d and
it Is only the generosity and tender
heartedness of the heads ol depart
mcnls that save them from being
turned Into the street to shift for
themselves In their old sge.
There are no opportunity In the civ
il service, save on rare occasions. The
government service offers permanent
employment to good clerks.
1 fvzznszM
Try us for genuine bargains:

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