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Pvbushkd irnr fkioat
At MansCeld, Mluurl.
Xaurtl as a-cm 1 -cU m:tr Oc
tober 13, 108. al the potoffiet at
liaotCald, Mo . under Act Of lYn
freaaof Ward) J, 1ST9
H. B DAVIS. KJitor and Prop'r
lubacrlpilon Price. II 00 p?r yea r.
Local News.
Newton A Oliver have just re
ceived auuther carload of egg
cases. There were 4000 cases.
They will hold 14 k 0 egg. At
present prices this mparts $18o00.
Are there opiortuuiiics iu the
Ozarks Come and stay and ste.
Misses Alma Smedley and
Al media Dwaver were aeh suc
cessful ip. the recent teachers'
examination at Norwood Each
has a certificate,
Rheumatic poisons arc quickly and
surely driven out f the blood with
Dr. Shoup's Eheuniallc Remedy llq
uid or tablet form. Dr. Shoop's book
let on Rheumatism plainly and Inter-
A little cool for peaches! etiiity tell ji st buv this is done.
Tell some sufferer of this bonk, or bet
ter still, write Dr. Srnxp, Racine,
Don't slight the bargain col- Wis. for the book and free test samp
le, bend uo money. Just loin with
Dr. Snoop and give some sufferer a
pleasant surprise. Sold by Henry Co
A line rain Monday!
Please read the ads.
J. P. Anderson spent Sunday
in Mansfield.
J. E. Craig is assisting N, J.
at the bank this week.
Mr. and Mrs. U. C. Uogan ob
served Easter at Seymour.
James Hoover and family visit
ed his sister Mrs. E. V. Berner.
last Saturday and Sunday.
ft'rs. William Craig of Odin
started for Webb City last Fri-
V. B. Fullingtou is suffering day where she visits a daUirl,
from pleurisy. ter she was accompanied bv
Mr. N. J. Craig.
Easter at Seymour. On Easter Messrs L It. John-
W. II. Moore will unite with son, Ellia Newton. Oran Moore,
Hie M. W. A Saturday night. Hosie Newton; and Misses Opal
iinoi,:n M,.ti.. t...
Miss Hazel Barney is suffer X ' T . rV
ing from a billious attack. ;-n-
eiea :n tlie ooauties ol the scen-
T. H. R. Armstrong spent Lry along the Gasconade. "
Sunday with friends at Spring- An. ,;ldy readerof thls P(ip;r wlll
-.field, rtcelve, on request, a clever "No-
Mr. J. K. P. Coda? and his P"";
Irre. from Dr. Shoon Kae. Hp. Yi It.
daujhter Maud were in Spring- iS8llver pl4ted very pretty, and pwl-
field last Friday lively prevents all drippinpof tea or
i w n r i I coffee. The Doctor sends it. with his
i)i!W free h.mkon "Ilea L h f ntTpi.' a in
qyiteill Sunday, is reported Lly l0 introduce thl clever substlt-
much improved. ute for real coffe . Dr. Snoop's
Reynolds and family
f reeUiaU I i..o unrl Ainir cei-nnrt It. uhu.,li,fn
hxalthfulness; third, Its economy U
n. " fmirih. Its eon vpnlni'M 'n
Master Roy Bandy spent tedi()Us2u u 30 minutes bullinir "
Friday and Saturday at the Made In a mluute" suvg Dr svoop.
Try it at your grocer's, for a pleasant
surprise. Sold by all " G i ocers.
Is the question of the hour
wite us, we make it a study, and
are always williug,to dis usg the
question with you. Waggons,
Buggies, Harness, Saddles an
Stoves, and Builders Hardware
a specialty. W make pricea.to
sell the goods.
21SW ilNfi 0 CAX GO E)i
Vpeo'aily flns Una of Coffees.
corns is hard to bsat.
To Cat.
Phone 63
layByam a iraarri
I " 3
Stomad! treeble it but a trrmptota of. aol ant
In li. a tnw di. Vit think of Drrpsp.-J,
liu&nbum. wid inJif Milan ai rati dliwua, t4
Ihir an fynpitmu oulr ol a oaruln iptoiia
harr itckaMU noihtnu ).
It this fcict ttuit Ant ennxetly 1m1 Dr. Shooa
In lh cnalioD of tht now rnry popnUr Stcnca
RjtBe4j Ur. f hoop t R.onitiTe. Oolr dir
to the MOButch none. one brought tlitt iuu
nd fror to Dr. Shoop nd hii Rstortivs. W iUfc
oat that orifical ind hi;h!y Tital prtnclpl. n
Mh lattiif aeeomplishmnn wtnxtrto b hid.
Foriomfh dlitn-M. bloarint, bllioiunit. ba 1
breath and l!o eomplxioo. try Dr. (k;'
R-orU9 iblit or Dnuid and km to
tali what It an and will Ja Wa mil ami cLttta
rally r '
furniture, Iiups, Carpets. Lu-
olea;n, Wall Paper, Moukliugs,
iass. Trunks Suit Cases. Go-
A full Line of Undertakers
(Jood Customers wiil
00 will Bed our Slock
and prices Reasonable.
Dt, Sloop's fic iwrw
j il
fcr sale By (3. Coisy
0 R. J. Freeman
dined at the R. J
. 'home last Sunday.
new paternal home.
Mr. and .Mrs. W. H. Brake
of:Macomb were calling upon
friends last Sunday.
Sunday P. W. Newton and
family called on his father who
iiues on the Gasconade,
Miss Flora Rippee who has
bten in Springfield several
weeks returned Saturday
Dr Puson reports the arrival
of a new girl at the Thonm
Slate home
Will loau Money on Real Kstate
at 1 to 5 years.
Writes Insurance and makes
Office at 0
& Bank of Mansfield,
Mfals Served at All llours.
(Sl sol Birtejs tetiirlci li (itcll:s)
UpSlalrs over Ee.nolds' Store
Mrs. Bert Comstock who has
been quite ill from pneumonia
is reported much better.
Bert Ellis, Cashier of tlio
Wright County bauk, of Hait-
ville, drove to our citv Tuesdav
batuday -night the Odd Pel- evening.
lows conferred the third de- , .,
I Thp tilt ricmlnnorf wav nf n
gree upon Levi Freeman. Leak Stomach, or stimuli tha
N. S. Miller came home from Heart or Kidneys U all wrong. Dr.
L'l n A . . 1 . ...
Springfield Saturday night urj? p , uu7 "1 U,IS err"r-
VT ... , 0 , I ' it J Ilia UIC.1VI I L Wl'll Ul ,
jie win remain a lew days. sllu0D., RfcSt(iri., ,
ve Ik flirerterl f n
1 r.. 1 Inll.. ......... .9 4 I. - .. 1 1 .. - .
Miss Alta Freeman of Gass.- tl). ,,,, nr.nn,mllitur nB1.
" "" '" -aiiru iu iwaiia- ll ISirl SO (lltliCUlt, snys Dr. Snoop, to
field by the illness of her moth- strengthen a weak Stomach, Heart o
I IV inili'VS I r lino trrhuu i r. tr. nnmt v
i i .1 . . . . ,.
mcu iii!iue oran imx im com .roiling
Col. L:0 XeidT -came home "'de nerve. When the.so nerves
from West Plains Saturday 1411 inn orjrai. must suroiy fai-
. , . , 'er inesevitbi trutlis are lea.iini;
..uuu uuutun, w iii.vb ,F' druififlst everywhere to dispense and
Monday morning. recomnund Dr. Sboo)' Restorative,
TPKt. if. fpitf Hnvu BnH gad' Tmnrr.ua
AlU-t,LT II J '' ",v-
rviii,-..a..iwiCii iriTuaeuiuiK mnt will proinntlv and surelv follow
the A. J. Walters Candy Co. of Sold byllenry Uody
St. Louis was calling upon our . , . ,
m.- DraNairand W.. fiitc-hcock
111 4 t J StlU (T 1 . 1, ,
JU3U AUbUiltTU 11UUI ail A-
Oscur Coday has been promo- tended tour through Dallas
ted to Freight Clerk at the Fris- Hickory and Toik counties.
-co Station and is making good They drove some eighly-flve
progress in his work. miles and sa-v some good laud
.I . . . . . but fonnd prices high.-rant.ing
Tordland by a vole of 05 to 14 ds fro!n $ 3 per ac'r , T1,'ejr
iciuiuuu luuy jersuaunu iuai
Wright county is not surpassed
as a place for safe7 investment.
Wrllia-m Kurr of Idumoa start- m, c,. r;:
, , r.. , , , . "e Seymour Citizen says
ed for Shoshone.Idaho Tuesday ,, n ..... ,l4 : , .
r . ' that the tomato canning factory
-evening He will spend th sum- of U)at litce be .
rner prospecting ,n the great lhe present soasou wilh
es ' up-to-date m.i:hinery,and' they
Misa Violet Craig is home hoPe to can thirty carloa-Js this
from St Louis for the unmmpr, reason. Tliis means employ
uringthis vacrt'on she will mut ot thirty peaaons for
oeenpy tho position of hook- sixty daya and the payment of
Fou Sale
Pure Blood Rhodk Island
Red Eggs :;.
75c per setting of 1".
Ctarnice W. Hanks
Phone 81. .
MAFtFinLn,- - MiesocRt
ah lutinicb iiirustd to my o
will raoln pruenpt attaatloa.
We Are Laying ror You.
"We waut to sell you thatbill of lumber yOU are
flguriug or f getting. No matter how much or how
little it may be that you want, of course youwant
the best and tho most that your money can buy.
We've told you so of ten that, we can. save you
money on lumber and building material that it nuy
be gettiug u little chestuutty to you. Bjt we are
oing to keep hammering away on quality and price
will we convince you that it will b to your advautage
to buy your lumber here.
A. H. Hill Lumber Co.
city Baiter Siicp
Fir J.I class work
r.nd prompt service
at all times.
North pirt of the Square
I do a general Real Estate. Fa.2.i Loan and Insurance
Duaiot'ss Your patronage will b iitirri.ed. Cil
or write me Offica over Fusous Drug S or.'.
MB 5. HITCfiCGfli, : : KSKSfiCLD. mo.
A Good Place to do Vour Banking Buslnnaa
it. -viF
cided to invest $4000 in a new
school building.
We Have li
Come And Seel
We also have' a lew hundred
suits of clothes, and a tew other
articles to show you when you
These Goods were bought
And We will sell them
In Grand Army - Guiding.
The farmers ixA Kerclttnfs
i ' v ai ti m.
' mXrZZllYl ?L:,?.l Pdcirra sea m
Mayer's Anch or Brand Fertilizers
TD6 arc jtrlotiy OROANSC f.rtUIi nii of arT03rl4 hnna mA ink..... j .
For Sado Cy FREEMAN M. 'XER HDW. CO. Mantfldd! Mol
u Him
!- V "" 'V. -i.ji 1 ';t a
ithM la .11 imlv r rwa. 11
keeper at the Frisco Station
ttpadfh pain formula nn t boi
Of Pink Pain Tahlnts. Then ak
your Poctdr If tlier Is a better on.
Pain meana onifpMwn.blotid pri
ore somewhere. Dr. Snoop's Pink
some $ CCKH) for tomatoes.
A. J. tiles a protest' against elnn
placed la tb bartfaiu colamn. We a
puloKlze most abjectly., It was an
ark of iuadverunre, yir., Irmdver
tance. The who rotk-s ur tlie
bargain column had be n imd to
TM .u . MW-.H
. . .. v.... Ur., aj..n, w... . U)tB ,her) UlH brhu n !ini be8,
anlypaln palo anywhere. Tr, on,, .,,. v y iulu
aim nrc. 4 inr . yt. rjoiu uy ,'nrT,ii ,,
! (iid ai he did. Attain we
MM, Htt ar ratM, fir arat
3raL M4
ttv.rl aa pMMtkuir. L
kiiwtt. oariaiMTiaL. fi
ailmMTir. H ai aii. ii I rttmn
Wtaatvftto latmm i4 fc. aar kat.
Vm m Sw M . Mais aai aaS nM, w kat la.
0. SWIFT & GO.
The Bonk' of lionsfield
is the old reliable Bank, and
is a safe place to do your Bank FICON'S DRUQ STORE
ing. This Bank paid all of its
chocks in currency duriog panic Uru9 and MJ'Clu. fSpon
ges, Syringes, Hoapa- Combi
Brushes. Oils. Paint. Parfn
ITml hrulsd I'rnHta . . '
A pniti'Sslonal baseball umpire
roltfht be able to jrlve some vood ad
vice uu tbe way tw bxln (JcU.le to
We pay inleiest ou time depnulu.
G.W. Frueniaa, It. J. Freeman,
1'iijcs. Cash
9tmmA in 2D mlnulM
run with fcr. Mump T
roup ntmmj. Uli.
tort will ureiy prtno.
Nn vomiting, imi ilia.
, ttsM. A Mia and iiluanltiK fjr r u jiic tmiKeUtii.
ricHMc. MuNicfll Iiistruinenta
Uook. Fancy aud Toilet Arti
cles and all Goods usually sold
by Druggists.
Prescriptions carefully oom
We solicit your tradt.
Office over rrmp-. Miller
Store. Office PJione 52.
Flrat class and Prompt 8evloc
blinp In r-pence building op Stairs
N.N. Nichols
Notary Pubic and
One Jou west of O A II UalL

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