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All the News
All the Time.
or the People
Town and , County.
A Betler Town, More Rfrantages, Comforts and Conveniences";
second class nnaUrrOrtb-
Ediur and Prop'r
at the polk oCfee ll Mm-
under the A c l ol M roh 1,18 79.
Harriet Bee'Der Stowe'e grandaugh
ter is going on tike stage, ffbtli
chance fur the "original Eve" Iu"Un
cie Tom'i taltin.
At least tite ex shah of rersla is
now relieved of the m.motony of pr-j-clainilriK
a new constitution every
day or so. ,
r'A Baltomnre woman put a bur
glar to flight with a broom' "tay the
News, of that city. I'erhaes the bur
glar thought the intended making
film asist her lu midsummer house
cUtniug. The Gulf cf .Mexico tried It on Gal
veslon aala aod round the joke was
on itself. Forewarned Ik forearmed to
If you do i't hurry sp, you will o ot
have any summer vicaiiou no spend.
The leather trust Is stretching its
Tnere is thli view of tt, however,
uipoie ao 1S suit of clothes coat 923
uuder the new tariff bill; if you can
not raise the 918 anyway, what dif
ference does It make.
"There Is something worth while
besides fliliug barrels with gold'' sayi
John D. Rockefeller. Certainly. If
other people did nut fill their barells
with kerosene oil, for lustaoce Mr.
. Rockefeller could nut fill his with
The sutton investigation will have a
wholesome influence on Annapolis
a Ml West Point. We've hid enouwh
of murderous hazing and "class cuts"
Let ua nut ab iseth mosquito be
causa It sinus. It doees but play the
oi net while we are trying to go to
The Ptmocratlc Congressional
Cmpalgn ts to be btarted t ow on the
1 heory that the early stumper gets the
f at mte.
Gblcago has reached the 2,500.000
mark la population. Now watch out
lor charges from St, Louis of grave
tnrd counting.
Nsw Biscovsre
Price 1
5Cct J..00
Free Trial.
Burnt and Quickest Cure for all
Dangers of Delay.
"DM your boy Josh's studies, help
you in running, the farm?"
"Well," answered Farmer Corntos
sel, "they'd have helped more if he'd
had his lessons by heart. I can't help
thinkln' we'd have saved more of' the
crops if Josh an' the hired men hadn't
took so much time readin' up to find
the scientific names of what was the
matter with "em."
First Strike In History, at Rome 310
Vears B. C Resulted In Vic
tory for Strikers.
While rummaging in ancient books
for some special information about
the Roman republic, I happened on a
passage from Livy which gives an ac
count of the first strike recorded In
history, as far as 1 know, writes C
W. Pafflow In Typographical Journal
The strike was engineered at Rome
S10 years B. C, and the account re
ferred to will be found in book 9,
chapter 30. The story runs as fol
lows: "The public pipers, or flutists, a part
of the religious establishment, called
a strike and then left Rome and went
to Tybur, a nearby town, because the
censor had forbidden them "to feast
and carouse in the temple of Jupiter,
which had clways been their preroga
tive. There was now nobody to fur
nish the music at the sacrifices and
"The people, with pious concern,
feared that the wrath of the gods
would fall upon them. The senate
sent messages to Tybur to prevail on
the musicians to. return. The strikers
held out Then the Tyburltes tried to
persuade them, but with no more suc
cess. 'The astute citizens, however, know
ing the weakness of the Roman pip
ers, hit on a plan. They feasted thera
and plied them with old wine until
they were drunk as lords. They then
bundled them Into carts and sent them
back to Rome.
"When they woke up next morning
they found themselves in the forum.
The people flocked around them and
welcomed them with delight; for no
pipers, no religion. The citiz?ns urge 1
them to go to their usual duties. The
pipers agreed to do so If their old priv
ileges of carousing In the temple and
masquerading cn the streets nine days
in the year were allowed them. Their
demands were granted, and the strik
ers returned to work."
The Philosophy of Greed.
Says that eminent financier and
humanitarian, John W. Gates:
"To be successful you must have
more brains than henrt."
That is the religion of the dollar,
the cardinal tenet in the creed of the
money lover. It represents the alpha
and omega of his operations in the
realm of things financial, and he cm
ploys It to bolster up his sordid be
lief that the end always Justifies the
It all depends upon what Is meant
by the word "success," however, we
think. If th mere matter of accu
mulating money is the ultima Thule
of. success, pcrlnps Mr. Gates is
right. Doubtless the maxim fits his
iwn peculiar case precisely and to an
exact dot. Happily that is not the gen
eral conception of success; we are
optimistic enough to believe it no less
than to hope it. A lot of successful
people in this world live in cottages,
and do not ride in automobiles and
take European trips. They are suc
cessful because they are contented
snd satisfied with the simpler thlngt
of life. They sleep well at ni::hf
they digest what they cat. They iool
the whole world in the face, for the;
owe not any man. They have mor
heart than brains, in Mr. dates' phi;
osophy, and hence are not successful.
Washington Herald.
A fiood Place to do Your Backing Brines
The Feiisers ei-d nercnsnls
HfiNSfiELD, " - M0.
I do a general Real Estate. Farm Loan and InWaoct
Business. Your patronage wil Ids appreciated. Call
or write me. Office over Fusop a Drat Stora.
of Cedar Gap, Missouri,
Buyers of Evaporator Apples.
Price, 40 to 50
make the Prices in , our Line
No question about
practice what we
the goods turning;
us thow you.
If (St
malic ij in p.
Furniture, Rugs, Carpets, Lin
oleum, Wall Paper, Holdings,
Glass, Trunks
A full Line of Undertakers
Itock Complete, and
I 9Ki la MMJEUMmiiHi muDaMiHnaMBB mm H
Cents Per Cwt.
that and we
preach. Keep
come in and let $ $r
Suit Cases,
Goods. Customers will Mod our
Prices Reasonable.
Lost Letter Answered,
Sprirjgtail, Mo.,
Oct 3Jlh, 1909.
My dear Cousin,
Lizzie Jane Hepmbeth,
Mansfield, Mo.
I will seat myself with pen in
hand and try and answer your
kind and welcome letter which I
received last week through the
Mansfield Presa and 1 wan so
glad that I tell you I don't know
what would a- coma ot that letter
ana you and my .friendship if it
hadn't a been for that Mansfield
Presa publishing that letter as I
never would have knew but what
you was dad as 6hure thought
that yoo was as you Maid that
you would write me oftea if you
didn't die. Yes old gal I know
what you ment about that Old
fellow down at Ava. Say old gal
by the way I laugh every time
yet that i think about that, say
soon as they got that road doue
you let me know and I will be
rite do'vn theie and we will go
over and see the lad. wont w
have a time fooling him Ha, Ha,
well that will do for that. Say I
see that you have a new editor
now Mr. Baley yes and I know
him he is a stayer he is on of
thim old settlers iu that country
mother calls theui Pie aud noars
but I dont think she knoa what
that riieans, but any way that
editor is worthy of help he has
priced the paper down to EOcta
a year and looks like everybody
would subscribe now and help
him along as it will be of lots
good to your hole couutry and
town to have a good paper, I am
not working for the paper ier
ticular but i was just savin what
a good thing it waa to hare a
paper in your own town I want
you to have that new hat bought
by the time that new R, R. ts
completed, 1 mean that one you
spoke about of going to buy
with the money that you got
Irom Newton and Oliver for
for those cull apples and say
maby you can get your dress on
time at some of the stores and
wait till your turkies get good
I and fat for it wont pay to sell
thim white they are so poor if
the merchants wont do that you
ee Newton and Oliver and see
if they want loan you enough to
get a dress and take a mortgage
on the turkiei I believe they
would aa papa always said that
they were such pleasant fellows
to deal with that if there was any
mistake that he cauld always go
back and they would corract it
without so much growling about
I forgot to tell you that we
are all well except torn he bas a
felon on his big toe and a sore on
his little one and he is a site be
just grunts and growls day and -nite
Jack calU him a croniclr
Kicker he says that is the way
they do just grunt and growl all :
hto time at every body and every
thing that is going on hopeing
these f-w lines will find yon
all well and saoy write soon.
Nellie Black.
The Oklahoma leaver is raging oa
Wolf creek, it has already called away
three families and the disease Is still
sprradlug. . .
JohnQulllen of Oklanoma ,came In
last haturday for a brief visit with his .
sou and daughter of near Uartville
lie says timet are good in Okla.
Singing every Saturday night at
wol Creeecurch John Fagan leader.
Mr. John and Ilosea Coday were
hauling uj pica lor Mrs. Shaver last
The saw mill on T. R. Lewis, farm
ts ready for business now.
Preaching the third Sunday of each
month at W jlf creek church by Rjv
Charley Findley.
James Ivy 1ms bought the farm
farm'ey owued by the widow Edward s
Quite a numbercf our young people
are attending the protracted meeting
at the Dennis church this week tbey
report a good meeting.
O'tls Coday and Harry Can started
last Monday nluht to Okla. to .visit
Mr. Coday's uncle.
ued this week to Missouri inven .
tors, reported by D. 8WtFT &
Co., Patent Lawyer Washing
ton, D.c.
H. Erie, Ltilele, Taleph o n
sold,) :M. K. Frei, Kansatcity,
Electric water-purifier, L. D.
Hsmacher, Kansas city, Looie
leaf book (sold), J. B. Lambeth,
Lebanon, Nut-lock, W. S. Liven-t,-ood,
Kansas City, Dumping
wagon sold, J. D. Pennewel, Kaa-
. , o "tit,, (a rv .cVll t T. V. ill
aa v'uui omvii M- . - ...
Kansas City, Comblued Lister
plow and Planter.
Copies of any of the above pat
ents will be sent to oar reader i
upon receipt of ten oents, b D.
Switt&co. Washiogon, D. c.our
j special patent correspondents.

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