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Cured by Lydia E. Pink
ham'sVegetableCompound MlmnVu TTJa "T.vrHa T. TfnV.
barn's Vegetable Compound has made
me a wtu woman.
ana x wouia uko uj
tell the whole world
of it. I suffered
fromfemale trouble
and fearful painsin
my back. I had the
best doctors and
they all decided
that T had a tumor
in addition to mt
female trouble, and
adrised an opera.
tinn T.vriia. U.
luikliani'a Vegetable Compound made
ma a well woman and I have no more
backache, I hope I can helpothers by
telling them what Lydia E. Pinkham's.
Vegetable Compound has done for
me." Mas. E30UlsisE,833rirstStt
Milwaukee, Wis.
The above Is only one of the thou
sands of grateful letters which are
constantly being received by the
linkham Medicine Company of Lynn,
Mass.,which prove beyond a doubt that
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, made from roots and herbs,
actually does cure these obstinate dis
eases of women after all other means
have failed, and that every such Ent
ering woman owes it to herself to at
least give Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound a trial before submit
ting to an operation, or giving up
hope of recovery.
Mrs. Pinkham, of Lynn. Mass
Invites all sick women to write
her for advice. She haa jruided
thousands to health and her
advice is free.
:n n.
A Resemblance.
Canon Ilensley Henson, at a dinner
in New Haven during his Yale lec
tures, condemned the ugliness of the
English archbishop's attire.
"One of our archbishops," he said,
"preached in a Kansas church in his
panoply of knee breeches, gaiters and
apron, and the leading paper of the
town concluded an admirable report of
his sermon with the words:
"'The archbishop wore Highland
dress.' "
Ladles Can Wear Shoes
One sire BinalTir utter ubIiir Allen' Foot
Kase, the antiseptic powder. It makei
tight or new hoes easy. Cures iwollen,
hot, aweating, aching feet. Ingrowing
nalU. Always use ft to Break In new
Bhoes. At all Dntgsrlsts. 25c. Don't accept
any substitute. Trial package FREE by
mall. Address Allen S.Oliiisted.LeRoy.N.Y.
The Reason Why.
"I wonder why men don't take more
interest in the primary!"
"Possibly because It Is a secondary
consideration." Baltimore American.
Pettlt's Eye Salve Restores.
No matter how badly the eyes may be
dixeaFPd or injured. All druggists or How
ard Bros., IlulTalo, N. Y.
Ever hear of a man getting rich by
following the advice given In books on
the subject?
Use Red Cross Ball Blue. It makes clothes
clean and sweet as when new. Ail grocers.
It 'we all had our own way other
people would quickly get out of It.
AimnnfMir kn niHffic under tiiH hoalinir tnnrh of
Ferry imvt' Painkiller. During thin Icy winiher no
Duusenoia .noma tie wuuuut it. iu wu
The man who has been down can
appreciate being up In the world.
Constipation cnnw many wrlons (lleiw. It
In thoruuiililf cured h Imrlor I'lorn-'. t'lraant
Pellets. One a laxative, tbrvu lor catnarlle.
Boarding house coffee, is one of the
things that are well roasted.
Lewis' Single Binder cigar. Original in Tin
Toil Smoker Package. Take no substitute.
When duty calls on a man he is apt
to be out.
Apartment House M?scot and His Job
Positively cured by
tbca Little Pills.
Tory alae relieve Ols
MMfrw Dypepl,ln
dlrtkaoU Tooja.arty
Eating. A perfeql rem
edy for IMaalneae, Ku
wa. Drowalneaa, Bad
Tulf la t he Houtb.-CoaV
ed TongiM, Pala la the
NEW YORK. There Is a man in a
big real estate Arm In the Wall
street district of New York city who
has not paid a penny of house rent for
the last ten years, although he has
lived during all that time in hand
some apartments in the most fashion
able part of town; the smallest of
which never is leased for less than
f2,&00 a year. Among the very few
who know the secret of how he is
able to occupy such expensive quar
ters free of charge he is the most en
vied man. Yet he himself finds his
good fortune something of a trial.
He does not know from one month
to the next where he will have to
move. He always is the first tenant
of all to move into the house, and
when the house begins to fill up he
knows he must prepare to get out
Then this man who lives rent free be
gins to wonder where he will have
to move to next No sooner has his
family made a circle of pleasant ac
quaintances among the other newcom
ers in a big apartment house than
they have to make some excuse, tele
phone for the moving vans, and have
their furniture taken to a new place
of abode.
his nomadic New Yorker's re
moval from one place to another does
not cost him anything, except the
wear and tear on his furniture, and
the labor of getting settled in each
new apartment His changing about
is part of his day's work and arises
solely from the fact that he is consid
ered as a mascot or a forerunner of
good fortune for a certain rich man.
who owns a great deal of Manhattan
real estate, and who Is continually im
proving It by putting up large apart
ment houses.
One of the crucial periods tn the
life of an apartment house is when
It just has been completed, and it Is
desired to fill it with tenants. All the
apartment houses owned by this rich
man are managed by the firm of
agents In whose employ Is this mascot
who never pays rent Just how the
superstition started Is not linown. but
that the man who believes in it has
grounds for such belief that are sat
Isfactoroy to himself is evident from
its long continuancee.
When a new apartment house be
longing to this great landlord is fin
ished, the lucky clerk in the agent's
office Is notified that his quarters will
be ready for him on such and such
a day. His apartment Is the first to
be completed. The other apartments
may be still In the hands of painters
and decorators and the halls may be
littered with shavings and broken
plaster. But this professional first
tenant has to have his household be
longings moved in and get them ar
ranged as artistically as possible with
Sexton Finds Ghosts in a Church
THERE are the "ghosts" in the his
torical old Chapel of the Comfort
er at 10 Horatio street, near Jackson
square, In New York City! Soren
Lindgren, who until recently was sex
ton of the little mission supported by
Ascension parish, of which the Rev.
Dr. Percy Grant is rector, has not
only seen the spirits, but he has taken
photographs of two of them.
These strange, mysterious figures,
according to Mr. Lindgren, congregate
every evening at the foot of the altar.
It is a weird story Mr. Lindgren tells
of his experiences In the church,
where he and bis' wife, who frankly
confesses that none of the "ghosts"
have been visible to her, had their
living apartments.
So Interested did the sexton be
come in the movements of the de
parted spirits that he purchased a
camera and lay awake at night to
take snapshot pictures of them. The
LIndgrens took up their residence on
an upper floor of the church last No
vember, and the presence of the
"ghosts" was revealed to Mr. Lindgren
the first night he slept there.
" 'Be not afraid,' he assured ma
'This building was once a dance haP,
and It was here that I wasted a for
tune which had been left to me by
my father, who was an Italian noble
man. I killed a man in this very
room. Yes, I stabbed him in the back,
I stole the money to buy rum, and
her I am a physical wreck.'
"Early the next night," he said, "as
the old man approached the altar I
fixed my camera in position and gave
the picture a long exposure. Mrs.
Lindgren was with me and we went
directly to our apartment and devel
oped the picture. Only the white out
lines of the man's face, head and
beard were shown In the photograph,
but by using a pencil on one of the
negatives, I succeeded in drawing an
excellent likeness of the mysterious
Elephant Collects Pennies in Zoo
rICK" RICHARDS, keeper at the
U Bronx Zoo, in New York city, be
lieved until a few days ago that the
high road to riches lay in simply
catching an elephant, hanging a tin
bank on the animal and then teaching
him to beg money from the public and
ring a bell whensoever he put a pen
ny in the bank.
Richard's faith In the Integrity of
elephants was a sublime thing, but
now 'he holds elephants to be not only
immoral, but capable of almost human
In short. It was Richards who a
year ago taught the Bronx elephant
Congo to beg pennies and put them In
a bank, for which the huge beast baa
been famous ever since. It was the
keeper's practice when the bank was
full to take Congo across to the soda
fountain nearby and buy him a quart
of Ice cream out of the day's receipts.
At this rate Congo soon learned the
value of money, and also began to
love it not for Its own sake, but for
what it brought him. When Richards
went for his luncheon a few days ago
he carefully emptied the bank, leaving
Congo with a vacant tin box.
When the keeper had finished his
meal he hastened back to the faithful
Congo, but on the way met four Ju
bilant urchins, who were dividing 60
There stood Congo, swaying mourn
fully. Beside him Sultana and Khar
toum, two other elephants, were hold
ing up their educated fellow, who
seemed 111.
A seedy man standing at the rail ex
plained the case:
"Some boys were Just In here with
some apples they'd stole, and every
time they gave the elephant with the
bank an apple he gave them a cent
an' as soon as they got bis last cent
they beat It"
Mock Court Ends in Real Court Trial
They regulate tbe Bowels. Purair Vegetable.
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Simile Signtturt
THE Yemassie Haymakers, a West
Bide organization In New York
city, whose members say they are
henchmen of Leader 'The" McManus,
had an outing at College Point and
the last installment came home by
way of the East Thirty-fourth street
ferry at 1:30 o'clock in the morning.
They Jammed the ferryboat. Manhat
tan Beacti, and there were also aboard
a number of outsiders returning to
their homes.
As soon as the boat atarted Charles
Ammon, 30 years old, 67 Tenth ave
nue, called some of the picnickers to
gether nod announced in no soft tones
that ha was going to opes court and
that a Judge he would sentence every
one brought be lor him for disorder
ly conduct
Tbe idea was taken up readily and
soon severs I of the "officers" appoint
ed by Ammon dragged a mucb-fright-ened
negro before htm.
"This man spit on the deck." said
one of the gang.
"Make him stand on his head,'' or
dered tbe court
The negro made a feeble effort to
put his feet In the air and when he
was unable to do so he was made to
drink five glasses of water. He be
came ill suddenly and his tormentors
let him go.
It happened that Sergt. Irwin and
six patrolmen, all traffic men in citi
zens' dress, were aboard the boat, and
as soon as they heard of the court
they started a mock fight so they
could get arrested and see how the
"court" was working.
Patrolman Frltsch was promptly
nabbed as a disorderly person and
was hurried to where Ammon was
holding forth and was charged with
"Let him turn a few handsprings,"
shouted Ammon, but Frltsch, who la a
powerful fellow, burled two of the
men aside and walked away. Next
day In a real court tbe rowdies paid
flnei for their fun.
For the Best Ear of Corn
To be Known as the JkjttfiMv National CornTrophy
To be Awarded at the
National Corn Exposition, Omaha,
rw.. Vn.ilMul tinnaanl millnv. flM SOS tM Ntl eara of Bora wpm tmn la tha Fnlted States last rrar. On
a billion dollars wer paid for them. Mora than a million sod a anartor extra doliaro went into the pocket of tha
farmers for oora this roar than they received for the previous year crop.
Tha reason for this mar be found In tha fact that tha people of tha United State are beciaaiac to learn how deltotoo
corn la and to realize its full food value.
Helloes' Toasted Corn Flake has placed oora amonc tha indispensable Items of dailr fare.
The makers, therefor, are interested tn tha development of the Kmc of Cereals, and have deolded to award a beautiful
trophy for the man. woman or child who can produce tha best ear of corn tn two d liferent season,
rirfsnsi HoUea, of tha Iowa State Collere. the createst authority on corn la tha world, will award tha arlie at tha
Rational Corn Eupositton. to be held at Omaha, Keb..Deoembriu to Uth. 190ft. Two sinale rules will eovern the plan,
and they are: that you send your best ear of corn to the National Corn Exposition. Omaha. Neb., before November
17. lSWIr and that rou are a member of the National Corn Association. Full particulars rerardinc which can be had br
writing to National Corn Bxpoiitioa. Omaha. Neb. Tie a U securely to rour specimen and word It. 'For the
Kellosc Trophr Contest." and writ rour name and address plainly. If ronrs Is Judged the best, rou will let the
trophr for IBID. If rou succeed again next rear or the rear following, tha trophr will become rour properlr for
ail tuna, fn outer worua. rou must proauca iaa pet ear ui sura two uuireii rcara.
There will be no restrictions. Anr mn. woman or child belonging to the Association eaa enter. Itwtll be open
to every state In tha Union. PrafeaMr Hold am will judge tbe com particularly on the basis of quality. Tbe growing
ol mora corn per acre 1 one object oi we awara, put ine mam purixw m m louuuur w w wvw ui
Increasing the Quality of Corn Used in Making Kellogg's
Com Bakes
has ihis
fvar people think we have reached the point of perfection In Toasted Corn Flake as it
remaps we nave. II rou oaven t vrieu it, uvtm your euuoauuu ui auuu uiuisa w
now Is.
eat" today
All grocers have it.
Mrs. Bauer Tell my son-in-law that
I thank him for bis invitation, but am
unable to accept it
Servant Good. He promised me
half a dollar If you weren't able to
Try This In November.
Thousands upon thousands of fam
ilies who have not been regular eaters
of Quaker Scotch Oats will begin on
the first of November and eat Quaker
Scotch Oats once or twice every day
for thirty days of this month; the re
Bult In good health and more strength
and vigor will mean that every other
month in the year will find them doing
the same thing.
Try it! Serve Quaker Scotch Oats
plentifully and frequently for the thirty
days of November, and leave off a cor
responding amount of meat and greasy
foods. You'll get more health, more
vigor and strength than you ever got
In thirty days of any other kind of
While you are trying this see that
the children get a full share.
Quaker Scotch Oats Is packed In
regular size packages nai large size
family packages. 7
Government Sanatoria.
The United States government op
erates three tuberculosis sanatoria,
one for soldiers and officers of the
regular army at Fort Bayard, N. M.;
one for seamen In the merchant ma
rine, and others employed In coast
service of the government, not In tbe
navy, located at Fort Stanton, N. M.,
and one for officers and enlisted men
In the navy at Las Animas, Col. The
first hospital is conducted by the de
partment of war, the second by the
United States public health and ma
rine hospital service and the latter by
the navy department.
Is the best remedy for
stubborn skin and scalp
troubles, bum, stings,
bruls?, boils, and !l
eruptions. It soothes pais,
stops Itching and Is a certain cur for Itching piles. 50 cent3 a
Jar, all druggists or sent direct on receipt of price. (
"I consider RESINOL OINTMENT Indispensable. I hive never nsed snythln
that gave me so much comfort" W. C Starbuck, Jamaica Plains, Mass.
Th Wiiard of Horticulture
Hon. Luther Burbank
says: "Delicious is a gem the finest
apple in all the world. It is the best in
quality of any apple I have to far tested."
And Mr. Burbank knows.
Delicioui ii but one of the hundreds
of good thingi in Stark Trees the good
things you should know about before you
plant this fall or next spring.
Let ui tell you about them by writing
to-day for our complete, illustrated price
list -catalogue which describes our corn-
A Bright, Capable Man
in each county of this state to sell Stark
Trees on commission. No previous ex
perience necessary. The work is pleasant,
clean work, highly profitable; and the po
sitions are permanent to the right men.
Many of our salesmen are earning $SO
to $80 per month and expenses; some are
making more. You can do as well or
better if you're a hustler and trying to,
No investment called for; we furnish
complete order-getting outfit freeand the
most liberal contract.
plete line of fruit trees, ornamentals, etc.
For complete information address the Sales Manager of
Stark Bros., N. & O. Co., Louisiana, Mo.
Mrs. Smith's Housekeeping.
GrowelU Smith's wife must be a
poor housekeeper.
Mrs. Growells Why do you think
Growells He declares he's perfect
ly comfortable at home every day In
the year. Boston Herald.
There to mor Catarrh Si tt.!. section of th romrtrf
than all otbpr dlnraoc. put Uwrtlirr. and until trie but
tew yean waa luppcwd to b. Inrurabla. For a ana',
many ysara doctor, pronounced It a local alum and
pmrrlbcd local rrmnlM. and by conMantly tailing
U cur. with local treatment, pronounced It torurabla,
Jclenw ha proven Catarrh to be ronatltutlonal 1
aie, and therefore require, constitutional trratment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by '. J. Chenry
t Co.. Toledo, Ohio, Is th. only Constitutional cure on
the market. It la token Internally In dowt from 10
drop, to a teiwpoonlul. It acta directly on the blood
and mucoua nurture, of the y.tcrn. They offer on.
hundred dollar, lor any mm It fain to cure. Ueno
lor circular, and telnionlala,
Addrew: r. J. CHK.NKV CO.. Toledo. Ohio.
Sold by rruKltt. 7W.
Take Hall. Family Pub tor constipation.
In Confidence.
"Do your cows give much milk?"
queried the fair summer boarder.
"Do they?" echoed the old farmer.
"Say, Jlst atwecn yew an' me, they
give so all-fired much that we dlloot
th well water we sell tew tW campers
with It" Chicsgo Dally News.
Th t!. S. Government haa bought 25
GroM (3.60(1 boxes) of Hough on Hats to
send to the Pannma Canal Zone, bee line it
doe the work. The old reliable that never
fails. The unbeatable exterminator. 15c,
23c, 73c.
Nature helps every man to become
that which he desires to become. If
he put forth no effort Nature assumes
he wishes to be a nobody, and grants
his prayer. Elbert Hubbard.
Pton srueswini! Trv the heat and most
pertain remedy for all painful ailrnenta
Hamlin Wizard Oil. The way it re
lieve all Bureneaa from iprain. cut,
wound, burns, acaldi, etc., is wonderful
Don't think that because a man Is
willing to lend you a helping hand
he'll stand for touch.
With a smooth Iron and Defiance
Starch, you can launder your shirt
waist ust as well at home as the
steam laundry can; It will have the
proper stiffness and finish, there will
be less wear and tear of the goods,
and it will be a positive pleasure to
use a Starch that does not stick to the
The rule of three Is fully recognized
by the man who lives with his mother-in-law,
his wife- and his first baby.
through a nninrintf courliorlrrii;iied throat. Allen'.
l.unn llatNaui win ncm tm nnecuon iiuk-kit ana
banulvMly. All druinilsta 2!u.tiUeandi.U0botUva.
Only a disinterested third party is
able to realize that there are two sides
to a question.
Mr. Wlnalow' Soothing Hrrnp,
f or children teethlnir, softens the jcums, reduce. h
amaiatlou,allayspala,curc.wladcuUu. ascabottla.
A man Isn't necessarily hot-headed
because he wears a stove-pipe hat
Mary T. Goldman'
ray Hair Reatorar
rtwtori'fioriginrU color In
milO, IIOWiTUilli BlrUlDffr
n iron l to 14 dnvn, fa
ire lv dlffiuent from avnv.
ihintf elM. Its effect is
pertuavunit. Doeanot
wwn on nor hn m unnmi-
arL Eft no rdlmen. so U't ntthr atirkv mat
nn'My il'i m rur una clear m wur. lion t ei
pvrlaient ewhst thoaMtvlaof oihfrpiikT fcind
mfe nd Ml i "factory. For mmnlo Kn1n)Dh atw
lutetlylnw, write toMAHT T. tiOLDMAS, 4 TOO-44-ift
JMft?., ft. Paml, Jfn. vurwto Knt or if
tnal tjol.rr of foar hair. Poll ia bottle for ) by til itlwu.
The Modern Razor
CIcaUWM nd brut.ilei th htte
Protnotat hmmatit frruwth.
NfviW rallf to fieetor Gray
Hair to it Youthful Color.
Cum tcalp diMtM a hir UUixia.
VV. N. U Kansas City, No. 44-1909.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
I the beat of all medicines for the cure of diseases,
disorders and weakneaaet peculiar to women. It is tha
only preparation of its kind devised by a regularly gradu
ated physician aa experienced and skilled (peculiat in
the diseases of women.
It is a safe medicine la may oondition of tha syateos.
THE ONE REMEDY which eontains ao alcohol
and ao injuriou habit-forming' drag aad which
creates bo craving for each stimnlnnta.
THE ONE REMEDY so good that ka makers
ewe aot afraid to print its every iatradieat oa
aeh oatside bottl wrapper and atteet to tha
truth fulness of tha Bans aadar oath.
It k sold by medicine dealers everywhere, and any dealer who hasn't tt eaav
let it. Don't take a substitute of unknown oompoaitioa for this atadioina or
shown composition. No counterfeit is at good as the genuine and tha drujtfist
who say something else is "juat as good at Dr. Pierce's" is either aaiatakea
or b trying to deceive yon for his own selftth benefit. Such a man is aot to ha
trusted. Ha i trifling with your moat prioelcts powattioa your health
may ha your life itself. St nW ytm gtt what yea att ftr.

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