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The Farmington times and herald. (Farmington, St. Francois Co., Mo.) 1902-1905, October 21, 1904, Image 2

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Partington Times
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f arming! on limes Printing Co
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PHtLtr B, ( CH.K
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HBO. i i ism KB - - -3Bui
AMI III HIM M Wli.r.ll.
FRIDAY, OCTOBBB i-'. 1904.
For Prsaldsnt,
ALTON It PMKM l New York.
Pot Vios-President,
HENRV 0. DAVIS uf Wetl V trjeinia
PrasMtfltM I Icc.lors
lector m La riff II obi ii Ktm MMon
i U 'film ii'-. It LOUli.
im nut- Ran M i ranktin Naaoa.
.I J. ic Lowstl, liandolptt.
it jain.-s i. Met us . iiuvifn.
ltd " N U, SUhUB V-,iaH
..Hi Kit fulljer KatlMtt Clt.
uiii 11 Mr. H Anthony ( Vila r.
ttli .1 ii. NMrbHI UlMMi
.Hi -..iliii lillilii Moriran.
mil Howard kiiis MontinMMrji
lmh " Jvremlnti Strain.. ,...tt. Uouli
llth " - Tlunimi m. Janklni . St. Units,
IHII" -Joseph 'l niumllli'i . .hi. IiuIh
uiii m It smith at ffiuwofci.
Illli -r It. Sharp Tunc)'.
lath , ii rtartil Vwnon.
imii " a.J Sun in ....... ....Wright.
State Dekel
Becretarr oi Bt
loaeph V. Polk.
Btnor Thos. L. Robey,
C .... S;im II. Clink.
Albarl O, Allan,
j ante! Cowgtll,
State Au'lltot
Stale Traaauret
Attorney ienern
Railroad Cotnmi
Pot CongtcM
Circuit Jnilgc
Klliott V Major,
looei U.K.' Iglcaby.
ilwarii Robh
.. Anthony
Count) iinkct
Repreaantal lv.
riiunty i ollaetot
Praaacullni vttornc)
i . oi hi v Trvosurt'i
Hbaftfl .....
i ofonat
i ounty Juitav, in nisi
i ii iiunklln,
i.i iijrinston.
1 M l arter
,n J, Hansler,
.ii H.Muiplijr.
I, rii i ilorn,
I! II .mum
i. Ktranii
Ilia J. Jonat
L walker
Slmll .Month Murph) be defeated
for Hheriff because he is honest
inn) Iiiii done liis duty! Thnt is
tin' issne.
Uovernoi Dookerj will speak in
Farmiugton Friday, October 28, at
i P
in . , and ni bonne i errs toe
lung of the sane day al T p, m
The Times certainly hit the
"bull's eve" last week trom the
way it stin ni up tin- animals in
the Bonne Terrc corporation cage.
Don't fail to read the explanation
of the initiative and referendum on
the fust page, ami don't tail to
vote "yes" on constitutional
amendment No. which is to
cary out this reform.
The county candidates n the
Democrat ic ticket arc requested In
meet the executive committee at
the place of busiuesi of the chair
man, -I. II. Tetlej . at l-'lat River,
next Monday, October 24th.
Both the Donne Terra Democrat
Register and the Bonne Terra star
rush wildly to the inOOOf ol Dell
Bvsns, chairman of the Republican
organisation, It is enough to ex
cite the risibility of the spbil
see B, A. Roy and I. L. I'age
Ing cider through Iho same
and ko lowing to the St. Joe
t lompany,
it to
-nek -itraw
The Bonne Terra star, in its
malignant effort to create local pre
judice against the people of Farm
ington, baa the brasen effrontery
to question the political sincerity
of the Democrats of tins place am
their seel for the party I L
Dage, its editor, who stood on In
couKttttitional righls ' with a $1,00(1
boodle bill in his pocket to kec
from oriminating himself, and
who was disgraeelully booted out
of the Democratic Press Associa
tion, of which be w,i correspond
ing secretary, is a sweet-scented
geranium to be censoring tin
Democrats of Farmington or any
other locality.
Under the above elegant caption
in defending Dell Evans, chairman
of the Republican county organiza
tion, from the charge ol being sub
servient to the corporations, and
the St. Joe Lead Company of the
imputation of .sending a special cat
of heelers to the Farmington Re
publican mass meeting to dominate
it, the Bonne Terre Democrat-Reg
ister says, "Mr. F'ishet knows it is
untrue." Now, Mr. Fisher doesn't
know anything of the sort. We
gathered out information and
formed our inference from the gen
eral talk, indignant and outspoken ,
of Republicans in this vicinity who
participated in that mass meeting
some of thsm life long Repnblicans
who were active party workers
long before the editor of the Dem
ocrat -Register renegaded to their
party, and who are supposed to
know something of the inside work
ings of the Republican party. Is
it Mich a ilisuriiccliil imputation to
be classed us a political corporation
aervet that mere mt-iitiotl of the fact
makes the Kiiilty "tie shrink into
UiiliiiL' Much as it protests, the
Democrat Register is perpetually
Counting its beads before the shrine
of the St. Joe Lead Company.
The Democrat Register further
says: "TBI TlMKs 'corporation
iutluetice crv is old enough to
BTOW whiskers. Vettr in and year
out Mr. Fisher continues his wail
ing, first hurling the charge al
Democrats anil then at Republic
ans." It is refreshing to have the
truth spoken about us once iu
awhile, even though couched in
eon tiiinely . We have discovered
that the corporation in politics,
leeking favors at the hands of both
State and National governments,
is not particular as to the party af
finity of the men it employs to do
its work it is after results. Hence
we find both Democrat! and Re
publican!, some for large anil oth
eri for smaller pay, willingly sacn
Being the general gootl and their
own party principles for the greed
of corporations. It is true that
Tin: Times 1ms been combatting
this baneful and corrupting influ
ence in politics for years, and has
had occasion to criticise members
of its own patty as well as Repub
licans for their subserviency. This
influence, the corporation in poli
tic, seeking special governmental
favors, is responsible for nearly all
tin corruption and boodling in our
municipal, State anil National gov
ernments. Hack of every piece of
boodling that lias been unearthed
in St. Louis and Jefferson City are
big wealthy corporations seeking
valuable franchises or legislation
Intheu interest. Tim TiMBa1 con
tinuous fight on the corporation in
politics has been fully justified,
and it expects to keep it up. The
boodlora arc on the run in this
Statt now, and their only hope lies
in flocking to the support ol Wal
bridge and the Republican State
ticket, and that is a forlorn hope.
bince the Farmington Nets
SO intensely engaged in attempting
to create lalsc impressions concern
ing the official acts of Sheriff Mur
phy, whose personal character is
above reproach and who is opposed
by certain people because he hi
faithfully anil conscientiously done
bis duty as an officer, it may not
be amiss for the people to learn
something of the Republican nom
inee tot Sheriff, whom the New
claims is such an honest ami propt
man to succeed to that office.
His name is James Croke. U
is a locomotive engineer on the M
It. Mi B, T. railroad, anil his nom
illation was made by a convention
which many Republicans declan
was dominated and controlled I
tin- corporations of the county.
In ISSfi, according to the crim
inal records of this county, one
James Croke was the principal in :
little transaction that caused him
to take a sudden notion that i
would be healthier for him in an
nihi l State than in this. For this
little transaction an indictment
charging him with lelonv was
found by the grand jury, on tin
sworn testimony of J . A. Aber
nathy, that Croke had stolen $lNi
ami other valuables from him am
skipped out. air. t roke was
brought back to this State on a le
gai requisition, ana in some way
fixed up matters with the ptosecul
ing witness, .nr. Aoernainy, bo
that when the case came to trial.
February 19, 1887, the latter's tes
timoiiy was so 'modified" from
that given before the grand jury
that Mr. Croke was acquitted,
The question might be asked
why Mr. Croke skipped out and
had to be brought back by legal
process if he had done nothing
wrong He has lived in this coun
ty ever since.
Again, on the 20th day of Feb
ruary, 1887, James Uroke appeared
before the Circuit Court under an
indictment for carrying concealed
weapons, pleaded guilty to the
charge, submitted his cause to the
mercy of the Court and wan fined
5u and costs.
Again, in 1890 he was indicted
lor gambling, and at (he fall term
of the Circuit Court of that year,
on the 1 7th day of November,
pleaded guilty to this charge also,
submitted his cause to the mercy
of the Court, and was fined $5.00
ami costs.
But his hackers for the shrievalty-
say that he has reformed. We sin
cerely hope he has, for that is to
his credit; and while we like to cn-
ouragc people who turn from the
evil of their ways, still we do not
think that his is a record to point
him out to the good people of St.
Francois county as a man to be
preferred to Monda Murphy for
Mr. Croke is said to be a good
locomotive engineer, and we be
lieve the people of the county will
vote for him to continue in that
honorable occupation.
- Oysters. -
Phone 11'.
The Farmington News, in a
brief com men) on Senator Uokrell's
speech at this place, says: "His
statement as to the difference in
the assessed valuation end tnx levy
in Missouri and the surrounding
Republican states is pretO well an
swered in our supplement." The
apple men I referred to is a promis
cuous dish tip of characteristic Re
publican campaign literature sent
out by the Republican Slate Com
mittee to count r Republican pa
pers, We turned to it to see bow
the qneatiou whs met by its cam
paign ngnrt ntortioniats.
We will first state the issue:
Missouri, a Democratic state, has
been charged by the Republican it
with discriminating in favor of
railroads and other corporations in
assessing them for taxation. Ii
has been shown, ami the Republi
cans tlo not al tempt to deny this,
that the railroads arc assessed nt
from fl2,000 to $15,000 a mile in
Missouri, wlnlc in Republican Illi
nois they arc assessed at only
$6,000 to $7,000, mid iii Republi
can Iowa ami Kansas at even less.
The tax rale in Missouri for Stale
purpose! of all k i txls is 17 cents
on the $100 assessed valuation; iu
Illinois it is 'tl cents, iu Iowa 37
cents ami iu Kansas 62 cents.
In the "supplement" article re
ferred to by the News, an attempt
is made to show (hat the taxes in
Missouri are relatively higher I ban
in either Illinois or Iowa Kansas
is left out - by reason of the mole
favorably worded revenue laws of
those states. Wr qnote from the
"The laws of Missouri raqnin proper
ly nt all claMMM to hi- saaeasad at Us act
ual rash value.
"The revenue laws of Illinois require
pro parti of all kinda to in- oaaeaaw t
one-fifth f Us caati value.
"The revenue laws of owa require
property "( all kinda to i aaaaaaeo at
one-fourth of its cash value."
The article then gm- on to ar
gue that a piece of property, the
cash or selling value of which is
if l.ooo, is assessed at $1,000 in
Missouri, in oniv .tnu in Illinois
ami at 0240 in Iowa.
Now there isn't a farmer or prop
art)' holder in this state. Republi
can Or Democrat, who, if he has
thought of the matter, doean't
know that a farm worth $1,000 is
not assessed at that sum in Mis
souri. If he does not know this,
let him think to himself what lie
regards as a fair cash price for his
farm or property what he would
be willing to take for it if he want
ed to sell--anti compare this with
what his farm or property is as
sessed at lor taxable purposes,
He will discover that his land is
assessed at about one third of its
cash value; so that, Instead of bei-
ing aaseseed $1,000 on s farm the
cash valne of whioh is $1,000, he
is assessed al only about $340, and
his horses, cuttle and other stuck
are assessed in aboiil the same pro
portion to their cash value it nut
Now, with this clear and houeal
understanding, Id us figure a little.
farm worth $1,000 in Missouri is
assessed at about p34U, the State
taxes on which at 17 cents on the
$100 valuation amounts to 58
In Illinois, a farm of the same
ash value is assessed, according
to this Republican figure twister,
at $200. The State taxes on this
at the Illinois rate of 52 cents on
the $100 valuation would amount
to $1 .04, nearly twice as much as
in Missouri.
In Iowa, a farm of the same cash
value, according to this same Re
publican authority, is assessed al
$240. The State taxes on this al
the Iowa rate of cents on the
$100 valuation would be
Another boast of the Republicans
is that Illinois receives more in Ihc
way of taxes from railroads, not
withstanding the low assessment
placed on railroad property there,
than Missouri does. That may be
true, but so do all taxpayers in Il
linois pay more Stute taxes than
the taxpayers in Missouri on prop
erty of approximately the same
value, because the State tax rate
iu Republican Illinois is three times
as much as it is in Democratic Mis
If yni diitibl the ailrantagc.i of our
direct purnliasca :t Ureas Uoods from
manufacturers, do not neglect to price
our Novelty Dress Woods.
Gkanii Lxapbr.
The attention of the laboring
men of the Lead Bell is called to
Some facts related by Prosecuting
Attorney Marbiiry, iu his speech at
Dcsloge last Saturday night, iu re
gard to Sheriff Murphy's action, in
conjunction with the Proseonting
Attorney, iu keeping the State mi
litia from being brought to this
county during the labor troubles
iu the Lead Belt. Bead the extract
from Mr. Msrbliry'l speech on the
first page, in our report of the Des
loge meeting last Saturday night,
ami :ie ii make up your niiiuls to
stand by the man who stood bj
Ball Baae-Bsll Boler k'uei-Bsll.
A physician in New Jcr-ey, WOO baa
.studied the suhji-cl carefully, siiy- that
candy eating dulls the brain ami makes
oblldroo stupid,
Hilling the past year automobile
valued al $1,600,000 bSVS been ini-
ported into iiiis country. They aver-
aged nearly $4,000 apiece in value.
Tuesday, October II, Missouri Mat
occupies the Hltfa rank in point uf at
tendance at the World's l air, 179,84.
The attendance last week on no day
tell below 168,000,
President Kiik ol the Klrksville
Normal School very sensibly says thnt
mure attention bould bo paid Iii i In
three It's than In Hie many f.iib in nt
prevalent in idocaUooal circles.
k $60,000 mausoleum i in be bnili
in Uraoeland oemetery, Chicago, iu
memory ol Potter t'almor. ii nil! be
one "f the moat beatulfol in the coun
try and will be buill entirely "f gran
ite. 'flic cook al Slate Hospital Nu. -J,
at st. Joseph, is under arrest fur
stealing supplies ol all kinds from the
Mere room. Mot only proviaioni were
stolen, but clothing and blankets were
The Indians of New Uoxioo have i
far progressed in civilization thai lliey
arc manufacturing relloi of formoi
lubes, which are supposed to be
found under ground, old war club.,
jugs end potteries Of all kiuds are
manufactured and smoked and burled
fur ! lew weeks, with the result that
they look centuries old.
The longest married nonpls in Mis.
siuiri is supposed tn be George W,
smith and his wife of Princeton, who
have been married 68 veins He is
60 ami hi- wife is 88. rin Meat
grand-oblld is 18 years old, the uldett
grcat-gi mid-child l'4 mid a g lent -great
graad-ohlld There are 88 grand
children., -to great-grand-obildren and
two gi cat-great gi ami-child I en
bast July there was wreck on the
M laaoorl Pacific near l.no's Summit,
and while the passengers (nun the
wrecked train watted fur the relief
train in the Woods, Miss Ada M. lister
came in OOBInOt with poison tvv ami
was sn seriously ill thai ihe sued the
railroad company for $6,000, and bus
UM been awarded 08,000 damages.
i flssiniy i uc largest cutniiiuuiuii ser
vice ever held w a- that in Ihe OollMOm,
St. Loals, Sunday attSTUOOn, when
about 18,000 momben of ihe Cbrlatian
chinch iu convention observed that
seitiee. Twenty-four leaves of un
leavened bread wars used and twenty,
fuiir gallons of unfel uieiileil wine. The
I hank nffeiiug follow ing the erviee
for the benefit of old ministers filled
twelve quarts, amounting tn $1,000.
The youngest murderer possibly mi
record is a boy not three years old at
Nysek, N. V. He was desperately
jealous of a little sister that had juI
Come into the household lie upset
the cradle one day and annoyed the
little baby in many ways, and (Infill
crushed III skull by striking it si
times with a bronze ornament, The
child seems perfectly happy ami con
tented since Ijic baby's death
John T. Smith, of the Hospital
Corp! of Forty-ec oond Coast Artillery,
was married last week to a negtess,
and an effort has been made to e im
pel him to resign. The girl hud
nursed him through a siege ()( yellow
fSVOr, and he decided to marry her.
He says be hns as much right to choose
a negro wife as President Roosevelt
has to choose a negro guest like Hook
er Washington.
More Perjury Informations Filed.
On Tuesday Proseonting Attorney
atarbury filed with the Circuit Clerk
his Informations against QcotgC Cor
don, Corblo Hnddleston, John (com
monly called .lack) Moore, Linni!
Moore nnd bydia Jacobs, charging
ItMMB. with perjury. This alleged of
lent! is charged to have been commit
ted on the 30th day of August, l'jiu,
during the trial of ihe McCarver mur
der case, tieurge Gordon, il will be
remembered, swore that he and Jesse
liiggs were out in front of Ityau &
Beauey'i taleon on the night hteOar
ver shut Harry belt (Nov. 14, 1908)
and saw USO Lett attempt to paSI Har
ry bett a pistol. The statu showed
to the satisfaction of the McCarver ju
ry that Gordon was at James Fields',
in Ste. 0 IBS VlSVe county, that day
and night. The other four swore at
the trial on August 80ttl that they
each saw Gordon in Farmington on
the day and night of the inurder( Nov .
H. 190;i). Thai the offense charged.
More arrests, WS understand, arc to
follow, but as ihc defendants have not
jot been apprehended their names are
withheld by the officials.
The Nebraskin Predicted Overwhelm
ing Success in His Macon Speech.
Hon. William .1 . Bryan, in his
speech al Macon, Mo., on the nth
insi., had the following to sav of
Joseph v. Polk:
"1 feel thai 1 am now in a posi
tion to devote my time to making
the government better, and I do
not know of anything that will
help iu thai direction more than the
election ol Mr. Both by so huge a
majority. Then we will have not
only less betrayal of the trust, but
moi c men who are willing to under
take the prosecution of those who
betray their trust, Unless yon re
ward men who do their duty fear
iessly in public office, unless you
bold up their bands nnd show your
appreciation, you caunot expect
public servants to do their work
and tbeir duty as they should.
Therefore the larger the majority
you give to Polk this tall Ihe great
er will be the consternation among
those who make a profit mil of iiiib-
lic offices and the more numerous!
the youug men will lie encouraged!
SB Officials to prosecute those who:
betray their trust. I learned to
know Mr, Folk before many of you I
did. I learned to know him seven
or eight years ago. He took an
interest in our campaign, Pour
years ago he was practically an un
known mini, yet in thai time thia
young man. now barely 86, lias
made a national reputation,
"M friends, lean aaytoyoul
with emphasis thai when you nom-1
muted him tin Governor he nasi
better known throughout the Uni- i
ted Stales than Ihc man whom von!
nominated for I'resideul in is;n;
was known when the oouvention
met. How did he make thiarepu
tatiout By doing bis duty, lain,
aware that in this state there are
nol quite as many Uepublicaui I
talking of Folk now as there were
before he was nominated, I know
there were some Bepublicans who
were quite loud in their praise of
him before the convention who now
have unite a had case of lock-iaw.
Hut, my friends, when these Ke
publicans gel alone iu the polling
booth with a lead pencil and their
God, I think O gn at many of tbetn
will forget the name of the Bepub-
lir-aii eiiiiilidnie for Oovernor this
Near and while thej mnv deaire to
-, , ,, in .1 ,,
UC gOOU liepiiblieaiis tliev will re-
membt r Mr.
better lllilli
Pnlk'a nam. nr. mnnli
I OIK s liatlle BO Ulllcll
(hill of (he other gen
III man that I bey will rejoice men -
i.,ii, Im miiitHH .. , ,.r... i.:..
ii) putting a cross am r ins
name. I don'l believe they will
ever Kgrel it."
Helen Keller has been boiiofsd dy
liaiino a day m hs Knlr She is consul
ered Ihe moal sroaderfol blind person
living, us with her InOrmltfes of being
blind, deaf and dnmli, she has ee
quired a olassleal sduostion.
A n in K in pie festival vrnn held it I
Longroont, Colorado, on ihc ISO)
Barbecued beef Sll served free and
everybody had i pnmpkin pie. Otbet
loeallties have during the season cclo-
bratod pCSOb, apple, uiuskmelon.
. i ... ... Ill I i
lermelon, itrawberrj and baked pou-
todays, when tin- srtlole eelebrated
eras given In
Wlwraai iInh J
RlTlOl, Ills wile, n
nt trust tlatmt ill.
IWO. lllel reeorileil
oOlec ol si . Kraneois
Us.k .hi al pan. t;t
ll ins uiui Unto
their eerlulll ileeil
trd da) ot Mm el, .
in the aworder'i
onnti . Miss, iuii. in
mwrM in the
sleilll ol st. H.oie.ils eulintv. Ml
onrl, a" truitw, the Ibllowlni d.!rlliiid
iraot or pareal ol land, tituata, lyiim ami
IWlUR In the e, unit) ol si. rone ols ami
state ol Mlssoill't, to It
TbaWMl hull (JA) ot Ihe southivesl iUlir
ter: unit tie- nortnttUM quartar ',1 ni ihe
khiUiwmI nunrter (V)l and Un south i
i1,) of the noriliM esi ,iinrler c ,1 . all of the
auovtf ilMciilMd pr Ian butng in Mctlon
thlriy two (SI). tnwnWi iliim nve nft),
ninne rtve , easi. ainl ennl.ilnlnit In nil tin,
ttundmd ISO. aeras of land.
Whlotl mid ciinvpyunee was iiunl,- in trust
loMcuratli. psrm.nl ot a certain prom-
Issoiy Hole III mid dMd ol t rust ilesri'llieil .
ami her, -as, hi-the tanaaof Mid ileeit of
inul mid not. Ti pa4tduu and remain un
paid; now, then-lure, al the rnuaat of the
ii-irai liold.r oi saiu not., ami m ronfortn
iiy niih tn,- prortttonj ot said u i ot
Unit, i th. undertianed Hbarlffof st. rean-
eols eounly , Missouri, llta-le trilslee tiy Ihe
prornttuns of mid osm of troal . w nt. mi
svri nm . Su KHttBII IS, ISM,
iietueeii the hours of nine o'clock In tn.
toi-enooii anil live o'clock In the aiternooii ol
thiit.hiy, at th,- muth ironi door Ol the
liourt House, in ii ni of rarmlnjton, in
sillil St. nancoll nountr, Missouri,
Mil at public auctloii to ihe hiKhest btdd.r
tor rush, ihe fori-nolnc ilesei il-il true! ami
parcel or land to Mtlify sain not,' umt tn.
COitl of exeeiltllll,' tills trust.
siieriir ot si . rrancoli County, Mn . i rustee,
October II, tsst,
iocs general banking mmmkvs,
wontm time nepoBtte; s i j percent on 13 Montlu tunc ovposfta,
insared aaalnit Bunflary tn tl saa SesMaat and QaanustM Oorporatlon,
II I. Mllllllls
J. M. MOKttll
LIV I . II Al 1.1
V A. A
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HI the freshest Pnll Novelties. fancy goods, and can soil
HATS AND CAPS. quality, brand and price.
We carry the best makes and SHOES. Vmi know what you want
are particular to gel the latest Men, women, boys, girls and in ( iii.ee ins. Well, wc have
nnd most popular shapes. We ''liiidrcn can here find what they 7.:
have anything yon may call for '""' Shoei are article ol .
in this line. dress thai people are particular
about, ll doesn't matter how CARPETS.
NOTIONS partioulai you are, we guarantee
TW 1 t() . bm Don i buy H Carpet until
This Department embrace you aee our stock and sam-
everything imaginable Laees, .. , , , ,, D u ,
, , . thirl, ot pies, i ni pets, Kugs. Mat
Km broideries, Buttons, liihhous,
&c., and is a veritable womans' UNDERWEAR lw' e keep them in all
paradise, is just Bne, grades
All Kinds of Produce Bought al Hiphest Market Prices.
Farmington Mercantile Co.
Until the Close of the Fair.
The M. B tV 1! T Ii I! "ill sell
looseh eseoistofl tteketsfot one faro
I fur round trip i" st Louis en all
train! up t" aad Including November
J from
" "
Tickets limited
sn davi
date id -ale.
IU villi,'- i T :l if,-Ii, Till exieullnn :- e.!.
fnrnitn.o0hJ.ol tin- t'let-k or the I limit I
il'rnirt nt SI. I i ni,-. .is euulll) . .Missouri. I
il.ilu.l llm mtli ilnv ,,r llelotii'I. ISM, unci,
1 ntUnUIUIe to the NovellilHT leriu ,,l s.11,1
,i r, ,i,u ,,. o. -u,..niT.,t si Knuieol.
unity lilf-JCfd llll'l to I lellNereil. Ill 1:1
n Kiujritt and ttarr R Knlni. I nav. ll
imii l.vwd upon .11 the nam
llll, Test mill eslllte selerulll
, ,llil ly ol tlie sillil mi II.
hniuhi hi : M.i! , It Kniuht of. in ami lotli,-
rolloUllIK lleM-rtlli-il reill l-Slllte sllllllte. I
inn uiui ileum iii ti Mjatjrof si ream-oil
and slate of .Missouri, tn wll
Lota iiuihInt three i ll . tour ill. BV.
illnl six ii.. liloeV sevenli-eli IT1 III til.
town Ol BUMMrafci also curt of out lot No.
three (S), HS IDOWn on aflMUOM I'lHt ol
lAtonrno uiiiiu ion in tin- snii tow n or ills
uiurek , ni rworil hi the Iteronler's oftli t
st KrilheoK rtiunt) , Missouri, 111 plat UOOh
j nt pies is, and i imu oh
tMtWMtl tile boon Of 1)1 lis oClin'k III tin-
fortfoooo ami nvf o'olooii iu tin- ftMnoon "i
timt tin) nt Uu Kyutti FroBi door Ol tin
touri ti mi s.- inUtvdty ol ' 1 : in i in
('unity uf st .Krani'iiis.iiiii) stmt- UlMouii,iind
rturtnytlM mtflonol thaOlrcull ( uri nt s.ti.i
("Ullty, Mil lit p'lbllc fOlldOil lO tiif llltfll'-l
hiiMtT fr cithli, nil '.'i riuht, I M I. clalin.
iiit r'st a tit) I'stutti nt tli siilu UlMliea II.
' h k II l Itlti .11,1 V II hi Kb " . Ml II l' III''
( (,KinKrt.rii..i n-ai . stute m -usi.,
ortob.1 ti, MM.
I. . if ... Ill I. I . snri III.
tiy vinti( ir it n'-nt i.i. UfcuUon, iMtiod
Hutu ttoooflkM "f tbt t iiTk of tbeCtrrull
Court uf St. Kruncols munt) . MUtourt,
fUktuC tiw wtii tttiytif Mptmbcr, MM, nwdc
rt'turnaltlt' to 'in NdvimiIi.t r- rtti uf
eouti for WH, to the ItairUI ol st. inoui
fount dlrwctffd mid to oivdellTervd, in favor
i if Tin' MtntTs Lumbor uotnpuoy atni
(tntl W . K. Nurrl-'. 1 htivc Hind
ftnd itvtod upon an Um ntit. tin.-
i-hiiiii. liiti'P st u ml r-tuti' ot Hi. salil
w . Nurrl?, of. Intodto tie- foUowlnn tie
"i i IImmI it'ti) stall', slhmtf. I iwu uiui Im-Iiik
Hi tlM'i'utinty ttt si . i-'nUlOOll unit Hints 'f
MlltOOff, to Wit :
Lot numbered flvti (& in bloch numb rod
i hreo t ii tn tin- town of i in Place, wblcli i--n
lubdlYltlon of a pan of the nortnwoii
iiunrter of tin ootbeofl qonrter, ami putt
if Hit' t-ast half lul tint- ,l) of tin- nort hM-st
iuarter ol wri '"ti fivt- ifn , in luwushii
ililnj six , rant;.' four 14' .-ant, as lully -
i e I... iijiji ,,i. ii, on on' i i hi si 1 1 is :
lUbdlYbdon, ol ramrrl in the ..flt r tin-
Keeonlel of lleeilsof I '111 SI. Krullri its enull
l . Missouri . an t I will on
hetweell Ihe hnlirs nf nine nVloek In til.
forenoon and nve o'clock In th. aft.rnoon
of umt day, at tlwaoutli rronl door of tb.
Court House. In the cllj ol Kiirinliiitton, In.
siitii st. Franco li county, HlMourl, and
ilurlnif the Hessloii of Ihe Circuit court ot j
saht county, Sail at public vemlue lo 111,, I
hlllllest hhlller, for eush. all I lie l llllll, title.
claim interest and estate ofth. sunt w. K.
Norrts nt. 111 ami lo tin- foraaolns
ilesiTIIM-ll real uslllle. In MUlsry salil ex.s-ll
Hon anil eosls
II. M. MUHPHV, siu rin-Oetohi"-
II. l'.i4 .
$30 000- SURPLUS. $7,000
M. MORRIS. Vice Prcu t J. t COVER. Cast:er
Interest nt inn- tit U per eeat on us
K. K. HM' INK.
-" m i lMt.u . w
I Headquarters j
a . '. :ii r:
uu w in uiui same ai
i v ill have
Ranjging in Price from $1 to $50.
Ranges and Cooking Stoves
Ranging in Price from $9. to $50.
All well known and RELIABLE
Stove i1 Cloth Kiis. fror . , .
Stove ( il Cloth Binding from
Stm e Boards from
Coal Hods from
Stove Shovels from
Also Stove
l .-1 1 mi. .
ulDOWBi 1 llllll Ilk
lowest prices,
inspect my line
1 on
-villi me
in regard to
Largest Assortment and at Lowest
Prices iu Town.
Also In
sure to see mv new
L , J
IC have given much
n.iiiy I com i iu- important RUbject ol Infant
tTooda to that of little Knick KnacUs to keen
the baby in food humor. Infant foods all
ol the i test kinds each one absolutely fresh that's
the important thing.
Nursing Bottles the shapes and sizes that vou
Palmer'sTalcum Powder
This is a dainty, cooling, soothing powder that
will keep baby's skin dry and smooth, preventing
rashe, chafing, prickly' heat and skin irritation.
Delicately scented.
the largest
from . . . .
50c. to 11.20
10c. to .16c.
1 56c. tn 1.1?
30c. tn ,60c,
6c to ,25c.
Dampers. I1
Pokers. -t
ipe Collars,
c. ;tt very
are cordially invited to
vmi cannot hnl mm
tin above statement.
line of LAMPS ami
just received.
attention to things for the
i i

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