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The Farmington times and herald. (Farmington, St. Francois Co., Mo.) 1902-1905, October 21, 1904, Image 3

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Famiington Tiffies
I 1 ; 1 1 1 A V , OCTOBEK 2, 1804.
Itate --.-nator
VresldlBa JihIk Do. c
ionny JuilKe I"
L unity .lii'lifi- second
i mi "i WotnU....
Berk I Irentl ( ". .
Vlwk count i .iurt...
Mcutlni Attornej
.nut) Mirvjror
lotiool i odUDlMtonvr.
J . I.. lUOMI
joe iiusbli
iurt ,.C. T. TCIXOOS
itrlct .. .i a Brnoi t
lilstrlct .KIM III' I
ii. (I. gATtOBS
. J. I Wll.t.HMH
J A. LM iif-!"
.11. t Ml lil'HT
it it Maui bi
M ft, I.. AHIU ItT
... M, A i L IV AMI
M R 1 B T. R. R.
Trains connecting at Meetein with
lruii Mountain K'y:
Uav A'rive.
Rock Spring: 8.
,,,...10. .S:45m.
a m. ' ikiii. in.
c.VI p. til .
Bt. Uouii:
Htuo .i. Bt,
; IS p.
gock Bpriafii
1 1 40 h. in.
s JS
H;$4 p. ni.
r.n p. to.
5:30 p. to.
Ilu) drugs ol Laaktnao
i ranbcrrtci ' Klein's.
Hwcot poUtoei ni Klein'.
1 1. . - -in. i Orand Leader.
I nl hi made ihoos :ii Hwsof'a.
M.-. ii (iroooi Co, want yoni picked
I nil trrivalu all klndka Orand
Carpel lacks and stove pollah i
II it.! co l bao bnrnori lo lie had at
I., i '. i Iroloek'.
Iion'i mi- teeing nnr store.
Umud leader.
Mr .1 .i' Park i- In lown lot n lew
Mi Alice c)cc iii- returned front
a rUii in St. Until.
Da noi lurgei lhal Ik Orand Leader
i- ihu plaee lot loe,
Mi. i , T Hunt ui Blanarek waa in
ion n .ni business Tuesday.
Poi .. ii i .: books and sohool mppliea
go i.i ivitv'- Ncwe Stand.
Mi I M family arc
inking iii ilu Pair iiii- weak.
i 'i .1. Kendall ol Oesloge arai in
(own mi business las) Monday.
Von will always Bnd a tall line ol the
boil inaki .( Shoes ai Horaog's,
Time In buy thai Kail Bolt. Hie
lino u olotbing at (Irand Leader.
! imiii t- Lang ami daughter, M its
Kmnia, an' in Bt. I nuls thht week.
Mi-, a Kelili at Bonne Terra Is
m ,ft he iM. i-.'i.. Keith.
v,iu . in buj sawing aiaeblaas
nbunimi at Pet ley' than any phtee.
tint Boys' shoos are unexoelled.
This Mm iil admit, Grand Leader.
Mi W. T. Hailoand wite will spend
tin. latter pan ol tin- weak at the fair.
II .in. W.'.li !. Onto bet IB, 1904,
i.i tiir ife ui Peiai llerbet, i ilaugb
tar, ,
Mr. (J N Bakor, the enterprielng
loekman ..I Libortyyllla, was in town
Tot ley has lust reoelred new line
uf walolios, chains ami all kinds o(
Judge .i.iIiii A. Murphy lias gone to
Tayloi Plaee I igago in the grocery
Hooking Ohalra Rstremely haw
prion to redune the iiu' iuick!
Orand Ijeadei
Boya1 Knoe Paula regular ":
aenti value, ean sell at 58 eenis.
i ; rami Leader,
Extras in boys' Knee pan U. High
grade Tfi-oonts punt go for 65 oenti
nt Orand Leader.
Mr, ii a Cronahaw, mother of
Prosecuting Attorney B. H. Marfaary,
is here visiting hw sun.
wi; reoeive Iresh Vegetables soil
Fruits uacli Tuesday and Friday, ('nil
op i B, Mi'Kinm v's.
Tho little ion of 8. H. Myers nml
wile died el the Sanitarium Tuesday,
aged uiic weok.
Born, to the wife "f tieurge lng
Itsh, Dot, 10, girl, whioh ooly lived
n ie moments.
Men's Clothing tt-bnttOB, iloiiljle
breasted, military out, all up-to-date,
nt Orand Loader.
Joseph A ftwari and family ipenl a
week in St. I.ouhi visiting relatives and
attending the Fair.
Mi Cbai Sobaper, one of Bh
marek'i popular yoong bosinoti men,
w is in town Monday.
Order taken (or engraved visiting
cards at Tnr Timn oiliec. Call and
hcc ityles and samples.
Boys' knee pants nl our store have
always been attractive to purchasers.
Call now Brand Leader.
If you waut wedding or birthday
presents, be sure and call at Tel ley's
Jewelry Store before buying elsewhere.
Fine line ol young inch'- swell
8Ults not a carload, but beautiful as
sortment while they last. firand
Dr. and Mrs. (i. W. Williams, Miss
Alico While and Mrs. George J. Cole
have been visiting the World's Fair
this week.
litre vou get servioeit of an expert
tractor mid title examiner.
Young men's olotbing tbil is the
place Orand Leader.
The M. ft. and II. T will soli daily
round trip tickets, with seven days
limit, to St. Louis, until close of
ui Id's Fair.
I. W. ('. Crenshaw, half brother
of rrosecuting Attorney B. H. Mar
bury, was here la-i Thursday on a
visit to his brother.
Mr. Louis L. Bean of Oaledola was
here tho latter part ui last week on
prubaie bueinaei in oonnaotloii with
the CotombOl llean estate
The Ladies' Aid of the Southern
Methodist Church will give a llnzaiir
and Luncheon on the day and evening
of November 10th. Further notice
will Id! given later.
Barton Boyer, the popular young
lawyer ol the Lead Belt District, who
recently removed to Washington
county, has been Dominated fur Pros
ecuting Attorney by the Hepublioans
uf (hat oouoty.
Young persons DOW in the public
ebooll should begin making plan- fur
entering I he Spi inglield Normal School
as soon as the public schools close.
Bludaatl may eutei any time and con
tinue tbeli work, or take a commercial,
-hurt hand or telegraphic course
Mrs. llavid lllaek received s tele
gram Monday annonnoing the sad In
telligenee of the death of her liater,
Mrs. Ariiuhl Koaentbal. which occur-
red at her homo iii Pueblo, Colo., on
Sunday. The body was brosght to St
Louis fur interment, and the funeral
look place yesterday. Mr. and Mrs.
Black want to St. Louis Tuesday.
Prosecuting Attorney II H. Mat bury
on last Wednesday liled his informa
tion againat Lin and Fred Mueller with
the Circuit Clerk, charging murder in
the first degree The Muellers are
charged in the information with hav
ing killed Jake Wuolem St Hesloge on
September !li last at the Labor Hay
picnic Linn Mueller was OOtnmittCd
without bond by Justice J. C. Junes,
and Fred Mueller was surrendered by
Ins father last week.
Marriage Licenses.
( led. her 1Mb, Milton I'urley ol
Crook, Wyoming, and Miss Sallie
Hughes of Mill, sic (lonovievo ooonty.
I Slh, William Lackey of Hoc BlIO
and Miss Mattd Mathews of DeelogO.
don't get alarmed We have a most
complete line ol ' 'Beady-for-lbe-
l alilc" delicacies Mi Kism v's.
Birthday Party.
Little Miss Pearl Murphy, daughter
ol Sheriff II. M. Murphy, gave a parly
last Saturday afternnoii in boflat of
her eighth birthday anniversary. Pearl
is a bright child and loved by her
many yonng friends, Among those
preeeol were Myrtle Nations, Lura
Lee Morrill, Gertrude MoCormloki
Ueael Counts, Helen alurrlll, BatksH
I'ainok, Koae Taylor, Mattia Cunning
ham, Annie Count- and lie-sic Hitter.
I'rfieshinciits were served ami Ihe
children ipeot a dellghtlul afternoon.
Peat I extendi hot thanks to her litile
friends fur the presents they brought,
w hich arc very much appreciated.
The Farmington Coal Company will
sell you coal. Leave orders at the stn-
oies of Mayberry A High ley, phone i,
ui Byington Urns , phone 188.
In staple dry goods our slock was
never ninrii Complete, and at very
much reduced priOCS.
(Irand Liadm
Men's Clothing Dig line at tlrand
Carpotl ami mailing al Orand Lead
Klein Qro. Co.
William West was a visitor here
las( Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs Win. Bitter were
trading in Rlvlai Tuesday,
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Veates made a
a trip to Blvina one day last week.
Newton MoFeriatH Ol Deslogo ac
companied by some friends ipanl .Sun
day here w ith the former's parens, Mr.
and Mrs J. P, McKarland.
Mr. and Mis. Q raves Blankenshii
and daughter, Miss Mamie, of Heihl
stadt, MO. i spent a few days of last
week here with relatives.
Mrs. Mlata Kendall ami Miss Klvira
Veatci made a trip to FanuiDgt on
Mr. ami Mrs. A Kirkcndall of Bel
grade spout several days here last
woek with relatives.
Is guaranteed to cure piles, tetter,
eczema, nasal catarrh, pimple-, sores
and eruptions of any kind. 2fjc per
box. Manufactured solely by
K. M. Laakman, Druggist,
Farmington, Mo.
Options 326 Acres.
Mr George J Cole has secured au
opliou on F E. Clay's JlfC-acre tract,
which joins the Hoffman tract on
which is the new shaft and 1,000-ton
mill of the St. Joseph Lead Company,
and will begiu prospectant it at once.
Mr. Cole hati several valuable tracts,
including the Anaconda Lead Comp
any's lands. Mr. Albert B. Walker
of New York was here to see him the
fust uf (he week on mining business.
sho never made such bread as is to be
had at M KiNShV'S.
Model Restaurant
1 have leased and fitted tip the large
room cast side of the Court HoUSO,
formerly occupied by " The Fair," and
have removed my reutauraiil into It. I
am prepared (o belter serve my old
customers and solicit others who want
tho best service to call and sco me.
They will find everything served to
their taste and courteous attention.
W. J. But KTT.
Our Press (ioodsshow latest fabrics.
Bought direct from manufacturer",
hence show an astonishing reduction
in prices.
Grajid Leader.
W. T. Blsnkeiiship anal in Farm
ington last Saturday.
Bar, shannon of Frederlcktowo is
holding a revival meeting here with
good attendance.
A good many of nur pcuple spent
last week at the Fair.
Quito s lot of cattle, hogs and sheep
is being shipped from here almost dai-
Dr. Shannon ami wife are boBM
from (be World's Fair report a pleas
ant time.
This is drummers' week, lint town
is full of them.
OCt. IK.
Fall Press Uoodl, Iteautiful Line.
Now and up-to-date at (Irand Leader.
Christian Convention of 12,000
Elder P. s. Hllmao, pastor of the
Christian chinch at this place, who at
thc World's Fair contention of the
Christian Church, which wai held in
St. Louis last week, writes:
"Our convention here is undoubted
ly thn great convention ol the World'i
Fair period. Evary other ooaveailorj
is said to have been a complete failure
for various reasons. Ours has IhoUl
snds of delegates ami much spir
itual enthusiasm. The seciloni are at
tended hy enormous crowd"
"The great communion service of
Lord's Hay last filled to overflowing
the greal coliseum, main auditorium
it being a known fact thai nrcr 13,000
Christians were present. It the
largest Convention in the world's his
tory. "I shall preach sboof the great con
vention next Bnaday morning. Ser
vices iii the evening also.
"Yours in Christ,
"P. s. Hillman."
The I Inest I vcr Brought
to Farmington v
Brussels, 1
Axminster j uares
ilxlli leot.
$16 TO $25.
Full Ijine (if
RUGS and
me the proper thiug.
PoCt PI eater Bryan Vial tad the World's
Fair last week.
Hr J. L. Katun visited Potoei pro
fessionally last Monday.
Totlcy & Hots succeod Ldisou A
llouck in the saloon business here.
C. II. Leggct is reported .piile sick,
boing confined to his room from an in
jury 10 his loot.
Tho ruck road being built hy Mr.
Divine south of town i greatly im
proving that thoroughfare.
Messrs. Anthony nnd Abernathy
were here Sunday en route to Potosi to
attend au adjourned term of Circuit
Mr. Acrofl pud family left last week
for Sto. Oenevieve. where they w ill
iiiiikti their home, and resume Ihe gro
cery business.
Our genial groceryman l'irlle, while
stepping from a moving train recently,
severely injured one of his limbs, nnd
in conciuoncc thereof is confined to
his room.
'The remains of John Shaw, who
died in PloC Bluff, Ark., arrived licie
Friday evening and were interred Sa;
nrday. Father Toomcy of Farming
Ion ofl'.cialeil at the funeral.
Just received a fine line of lamps,
beauties, to Ire sold at phenotnennlly
low pr cos. Come early and avoid the
rush. f:. C, QtOtOOK.
"A Family Album."
Last i n. lay evening Mr. sod Mrs.
Oeorge W. Orover eotertained with n
"family Album" party a number of
young people in honor ol their nephew,
Horsce Shaw, ol Birmingham, Ala.,
who is here on s visit, and their niece
Miss Alice Blore ol Railway, N. J.,
who has come here to attend Elmwood
Weil Attended and Fine Display of
St. Francois County Fruit.
Tho one-day's session of the Farm
ers' Institute ut Farmington last Satur
day was well attended, and the exhibit
car of the Iron Mountain railroad,
-bowing products of Southeast Mis
souri, artistically and beautifully ar
ranged, wss visited by nearly every
one in town,
A BjM display of fruits was brought
in by the farmers of the county, and
tables reaching once and a half across
Ihe court room were literally filled with
plates of delicious apples, pears,
grapes, com, sweet and Irish potatoes,
peppers, tlowers, etc. The Iruils were
afterwards placed in the exhibit car,
and will go over the entire lino of the
Missouri I'acilic system, about K,000
miles, and will he displayed at more
than a hundred meetings over the line.
The inoeting here was largely attended,
and we arc informed that about 2,500
passed through the industrial or ex
hibit uur.
The persons making displays hero
wero :
John B. HiOjJe, Bismarck, one plate
each ol Ishmaelitc, Ben Davis, Jona
than, Qoldaa Busset and King apples-,
large plump kciffcr and Japan pears.
A. S. If ratal , one plate each of
Jonathan, Arkansas Beauty, (iritucs
Golden Qaldec Busset, Wine Sap,
Law vet and one lot Sweel potatoes and
one lot Irish potatoes, and two plates
of October peaches, very hue
Mrs. W. T. Ilailc, one plate of Or
ange qoinoe.
T. .1 llighlcv, one plate each of
Jonathan, Lady Favorite, Ben Davis,
Munis Bigbtey, one lot ol fine yel
low corn.
W. F. Hoy ami son, one plain each
ol Grimes' Golden, Ben Davis, York,
Imperial . Large Bomaiiilc, a large red
apple, name unknown, and a very
large head of cabbage.
Mr. Miller, one large cluster of lien
Davis apple- and Kciffer pears.
Bulk) Klein, one basket of grapes in
line condition. These grapes had
been sacked while small, showing that
wo can have grapes until winter by
aoklngl also one plate of Shannon
Pippin applae.
J VV. DoM, one plate each of Usui
bo, Bed Soman Ita, linn Davis and W.
w. Pearmaia,
B. i . Tucker, one very large gourd,
which WM sent direct to the W orld's
Fair (mm here.
Maa Freeman, two plates each of
Koine Beauty and W ine Sap
Zimmerman a Hope, one plate each
of Gano, Missouri i'ippiu, Arkansas
Beauty, Boman Beauty, Jonathan, and
one lut ol corn.
Fred Schaffcr of Doe Bun, a very
line oolleotlon of of apples.
Mi Doughty and son, one large lot
of Boone county white corn. Ttua
com is Ihe eipia! of any lhal has been
shown or collected from Southcnsl
Missouri; also a large lot of yellow and
mixed corn and some very line Irish
.1 II. Davis, a tine lot of yellow
M BoltOtftokl) one plate each of
Huntsman, Grime' Oohleu, Boyal
Bed. Hume Beauty, Missouri Pippin,
Ingram, three plates ol sweet pep peri.
Mr. Butterdeld also furnished the flow
ers for decorating the tables on w hich
(be fruit was displayed, ami for the
cat .
There was no secretary of the meet
ing and no list of the exhibitors kept
Mr. Butterfleld gaea ui the foregoing
Ironi memory, and if any names have
been omitted wc would be pleased to
have them sent in with a list of frulta
furnished fur the display.
The addresses ami papers read and
Ihe lecture in the evening with sterc
optloan illustrations were all lino and
greatly enjoyed by those present. The
following paper by Mr. .Butterfleld,
which is a brief summary of his experi
mental work in the horticultural line,
may prove of special interest to our
readers, aud especially those who con
template engaging in fruit growing:
The season of 1 1 4 was on the whole
a gnud averugc season tor fruits. The
winter was cold enough to kill all the
peach buds of tho more louder sorts or
leave only a few just to remind you ol
wbat they look like; in other words,
it gave me a chance to weed out the
mors tender sorls Owing to a late
cold spell, rain and sleot, it was very
hard on the psar and cherry and our
pear ornp was very light. To coni
uenea with, and bo as brief as pos
sible, I will only name such varieties
as in my opinion nro worthy of culti
vation. Strawberries Of fifty-four varieties
(rulted, I will name only those which
have proven to be the most profitable:
Lxcclsior, Crescent, Warfiold, Oard
ncr, Splondid, Bismarck, Clyde, Ar
otnn, Candy and Ituby. 'The best six
varieties uamml, in order of ripening,
arc Lxcolsior, Splendid, Clyde, Bis
marck, Baby and Aroma.
Gooseberries I would reoommond
Ithubarb Large Mammoth.
Cherries l-.nrly Kichmond, Largo
Mnntinurcncy, English Murello.
Baspberrie Black Cap, Cumber
land and Kansas. Bed varieties, Mil
lers Bed; purple varieties, Cardinal.
(Iiapc- Black, Warden, Moor's
Barly, Concord. While varieties.
Mom's Diamond, Niagara, and Oruen
Mountain. Bed varieties, Htighton,
Lucille, Large Delaware. For laic va
rieties, Coetha. W'ino grapes, Nor
ton's Virginia.
Pears The most profitable peat
thai WE have, as far as my experience
and observation go, 1 will name the
Kicffer. For family use plant the Bart
lott, Hutche-s, Seckle, Burro He Anjou
nnd Butter Kdmonds
l'eacbcs Ureensboro, Ford No. 1,
or Mamie Boss, Cannlan, New Pro
lific, Capt. Flades, Champion, Flberta,
t). M. Free, Stump, F. Favorite,
Smock Free. Clings, R. V.. I.ee, Ev
ans Cling, Heath Cling. I will make
a short list of uioney-tuakoi OreeDS
boro, Fordo or Mamie Boss, Cham
pion, New I'roliflc, Cpt. F-ds, Klbcr
ta. For large commercial orohsrds
plant FClberta.
Apples Only a few varieties are In
bearing. Yellow Transparent, Bed
I June, Dutchess, Missouri Pippin, Ga
no, Ingram .and lied Limber lwig.
From OBaatratloo foi a commercial ot
obard In Southeast Missouri I would
roootumead plaatlag the Yellow Trans
parent Apple, and for winter varieties
the Win gap, Gano, Ingram ami these
only on our strongest land.
Vegetable For Irish Potatoes,
would recommend fall plowing and
early in the spring furrow out tho
ground and scatter well rotted manure
In the bottom of (he furrows and plant
Ihe Bed Triumph potato and you will
always say Southeast Missouri is good
for potatoos. I have followed this
plan for four years and have never
failed to raise a big crop. This is an
ideal Sweet polaly country; they are
one of our easiest crops to grow and '
with ordinary care will yield liOu bush
els to the acre. We lind the real ear
ly Cabbage and Tomato crop very sure
and profitable.
1 do not wish to close without say
ing a word fur lluwcrs. We have an
ideal climate, and with a little atten
tion we can beautify out homes and
make ihem more aldaclive. I think
they arc both elevating and refining.
PlBUt in tin fall a bed ol mixed tulips
for your early spring blossoms. Would
recommend preparing yuur bed well
and plant deep, say 8 inches below the
orfaee; they will last (or years. Aftei
they aio done blooming do not disturb
the bulbs, but plant the bod In some
good annual, like verbenas, vinous,
Ooliaa, or other plants you may choose,
riant a few OBOBai aud dahlias, and
by saving the bulbs over winter like
you do yuur potatoes you will always
have a supply A few vines about the
house oftentimes keep out the sun in
the best of rammer. We have a moon
vine climbing up above (he MOond
story porch and have e united nt one
time over i0( blooms. Where you
have a suitable place, I he privet makes
a bountiful hedge. Do not neglect the
shade trees, which will add to the ap-
pears noe of all
We want lo sell you a stove.
(irand Leader
Rooking chair- ami general line of
furniture. The place to buy Grand
Farmington Sanitarium Notes.
Bei. Win M Bodolph of (Iran,
Mo , conducted a must graeloUO pravei
service ai the Farmington Sanitarium
isst Sunday afternoon, Brother Bu
dolph ipoke vary touobiogly of the op
portunity to do good in the 8anitariutn
work. His dksOOUtae was very much
enjoyed by all p recant. By request
Mis. L. T Shaw sang the "Holy City"
and Mr. and Mis l'resgruvc. Mrs. V.
T. Shaw and Mr. Shaw sang a quartet,
w hich was very much enjoyed by all
'The Ladies' Aid uf the Baptist
Chinch will bare au all-day quilling
session at ihe Farmington Sanitarium
Thursday of this week
Mi-ses Laura an I Mulley DoUtOU of
Poplar Bluff are visiting their sister,
Mr. s. ii. Myeri, at the Farmington
The little treasured blossom that
came a week ago lost Tuesday tu glad
den Ihe parent heails uf Mr. ami Mis
g. II. Myers w as gathered in by ike
silent "reaper'' to adorn the garden
when the chilling winds do not blow,
to put a FINF. flnkdl on a COL' BSE
dinner. MiKinsiv's.
At Cost or Less.
In order to make room for a large
siock of Holiday Goods w hich will be
gin to at rive iboul NoVCUlboi li, I
will sell at actual oust ur less a lol of
odd picMM s uf cluna, glail and qUsMBe.
ware left oyer from formor stuck.
Come and take them at your own
price. A L. I fKTEJf,
Notice To Teichers!
The St. Francois County Teachers'
Aeeooletion will be in session in Bonne
Teire on the Hd, lib and .rith ol No
vember The law makes it the duty
of all tceobcrs employed In the public
schools to attend (he-e meetings.
A II. Ah r Its,
Count! School Commissioner.
Ho 1 tor the St. Louis World's Fair.
DeLeeeue, Mo., Sept. 20, 1B04.
From now until Dec. 2nd, ticket
will be 00 sale, Do Lassus, Mo., to Bt,
Louis, Mo., and return; good I days
frum dale ol sale ( not including date ol
sale) at the very low rale of one fare
foi the round trip.
s. it. Allison, Agent.
Annual Meeting.
The memberi ol the Farmers' Mutu
al Fire Insurance Co of St. Francois
County, Mo., will meet al the Court
House In Farmington on Friday, Octo
ber ISthi 1904, t 9 o'cluck a. in.,
for the purpose uf electing three direct
ors to seive a tarn of three yean, and
to transajt any other business thai may
come before Ihem.
P, V . Asimi its, l'res.
Attest : .1 B. PRATT, Secy.
v v
M I. S. CLAY, J. IV.
At turner nt I.nw.
4 building. INSURANCE and
Te..pboBNo.7.. LOAN AGENTS,
4 Farmington, St. Francois Oounty, Mo.
If baby's health is dear to you,
Then let me tell you wbst to do
lire pain has lacked ils leader frame,
JOSI let TF.KTHINA ease the same
TEKTHINA" Allays Irritati.in,
Aids Digestion, overcomes and couu
leracts the effects of the Summer's
Heat, Kegulates the Bowels, and
makes teething easy, and costs only
'.'.'i cents.
Home Karket.
Wheat 1
nour e 100 :'
liar r ton to
Itlsts Potato is
BWeel Potatoes
unions I
Med Apples
I III. kell., v a
ETtlBI t hickens
Kinfs w uos
pris. rtrartsi
Battel ir a
Ileum r imsiiel NMM
Baaen v M
baMV a
Iiuiuw n
lorghttn Mulassea
aalt V libl I
Ih-eiwux S I
Notice is hereby given that the follow
luring proposition will be submitted to
the qualified voters of St. Prancoie Coun
ty, Missouri, Section vA. K. S.. 1H99:
To Restrain Swine, Sheep aid Goats
from Running at Large.
A petition signed by one hundred
householder and more, residents
of the County, as required by Sec
tion 4764 K S. uf 1899 having been pre
sented tu ths County court, praying that
a propooltion be submitted to ths quaii
lied voters at the neit general election
to be hold Nov. Kth. 1904, to restrain
Swine. Sheep and (ioats from running
at large
It is therefore ordered smt adjudged
by the Court, thut said proposition be
submitter as prayed fur. and that the
form of ballot be as follows:
POB enforcing the law restraining
Swine, Sheep anil Coals from run
niug at large.
AGAINST enforcing the law restraining
Swine. Sheep and Coats from
running at large.
County of St. l'rancois. i
1, J A Lawrence, Clerk ufthcCuunty
Court of St Francois County, hereby
certify the above and foregoing to be a
true record of the proceedings of our
said County Court, on Tuesday, Octobai
lib, lo4.
I TEaTIMONV WiiKKiMI'. 1 have here
. untu set my hand and affiled
MAE the se.il of laid Court, at mv
office in l-'ariuiugton. Mo..
this sth day of October, 1904,
J. A. LAWRBNCB, Clerk.
Notice is hereby glyen that the Co
partnership heretofore existing between
the Undersigned, under the name and
style ol Clin well ft Bradley, was on Sep
tem bet . 1904, dissolved b mutual
content, J. T. Claywell buying out all
interest of K M. Ilrudlev ill tin- business.
All bill ar to be paid to J. T. Claywell,
who will continue tllS business and who
assumes all liabilities of tho lirm.
j. T. Claywell.
E. M. Beadlev.
THUS. flUTSEN, Prop.
Best moats always
tin band. 2 per
cent, discount on
cash sales. All or
ders by 'phone
promptly attend
ed to.
PHONE No. 140.
Merrill Pipkin,
Real Estate,
Loan and
(Mice over Bt. Francois County Itank
THONK No. 07.
vT v v v 1v v o v v v v v v 1
Deser&l Contractor I Builder, j
flans and Specifications
(jtrulabed when Hesired.
phone ee
Notary I'nblie. a
Will Nik! mv Condition
Powders honest inedi
cines, and appropriate to
tbodisoaBos of horses :mI
Dattle, : : : : : : :
Not a Food, But a Medicine.
A 2 ID Box 25 Cents.
K. M. J, A A K M A X-
Ihe Man thai MuKes
Faint jgi Oil
Giente announccK the arrival of
the newest f;tll fahricn for snit.
pants and overcoats. All the
latest brown effects, in medium
and heav) weight. Each nit
guaranteed to lit. : :
Suits $18 to $35.
(i I E R S E,
i noi i .iti.it
Farmington garble Works,
MRS. E. L. SPAUGH, Proprietor.
All work done by nml under
mill lirst-class nini lilc cni vcr.
Good Clothes Wearers
Good Clothes Makers
In miikr t lie i i clothes for them Voa will And them, ss well
us un excellent lint- nf tin- finest piece missis add s;itiiilcs to
ordei from ;it
Merchnnl Tailor Psrmington, Mo.
1. F. HIGGIMBOTHAM a SONS, Proprietors,
()ur Ilcnl Hull, fertile Archer I".7(i2(; i- a .laik ml, wiiKhing in n
dlnan Mesh 2,cio His. H is ol the sum- fatnlls as Cersrmonlou Archer,
recently sulil by 1". V. Harding of Waukesha. Wla., to P. O. London of
Oregon i ill . for g,ooo,
Wc linvc jrOBSSJ Btoeh Of both sexes for sale it all tinea, our hcnl now
Bumborinsj rj head of registered snimals,
We hay some heifers for sale that are bred to a bull which is ont of
the Orange Bloeeow cow we old some time i to Mr. W. a. Batteridge
of Cooper county, Mo., for 550. Visitors are welcome. Otn farm is lo
cated 4 miles west of Hlackwcll.
Willow Lawn Short Horn Herd.
-i .tsal fBSBawlaMlai
if MS
flBSSS Hulls r eholrely bruit anil of kooiI iiuallly anil will lileast- any ono look
Ing for snmtbln( Kooil.. TI1KV w Il.l. MK I'llfi'Kli KKasiin Alll.b; Correspondenc
and Inspection InvfttMl. farm t miles from nsSBsm N'lllaBTt 15 utiles uorlli ot
N. A. AuBUCHON. French Village. Mo.
Ihe Clothes, thai Fit .
I .11 III ill t Oil
superviiion of nu experienced
Scotch and Scotch Topped,
Headed by Nonpareil
Karl I9I8M.
The beaedlllg Cows in this hrnl
represent liie proiluctioUH of
BeoUand'e and America's (Net
eel bread era, anil are the get of
the greatest Scotch sires of eith
er country.
iFw tr w-sr v "B W o W '

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