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The Farmington times. (Farmington, St. Francois County, Mo.) 1905-1926, October 19, 1906, Image 6

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Or. Wll lams' Pink Pills Have Curat
Thin Form of Debility In
Hundreds of Cases.
"Four ypius njto," w Mr. V. Mor.
riMin, of Kn. 'ar"i nr.' !, Smth.
Kulo, l'llUlmrtf, I'n., "I ( lc :i cm Id
which turned luto tlm gi ip. Tin i rouble
left mo nil run down. 1 whs turn, had
lKi"U:u:lm mnt li of tlio tini'-, h.ni no np-petite-,
my utoma h wns out nl order and
1 frit, nervous mid uiitriui!.
"Whilo I hud tin: i 1 bud a dnotni
but. I really sulTeicd mme fi hi the coil
rlltioii in li i ll tint iiillu.-nzn lift nil
than I diil from tlm ili"'.i.-i' it-clf. I fell
(,'cnoi ally wri'l' ln d unit niisi rnbhi nnd
tbo lexst eiHi-in ti ful 1 1 1 1 1 1 inakt
mo wurw. I couldn't sc, m In ir-t nnj
bettor until I li' pm lo tuki' Dr. Williams'
I'iuk l'illn. 1 very ui' kly noticed
Ihmu'IH after I kiiu tnkinj; tin in und
they restored inn t (r mil health und
Hlivn;;ili. I)r. Wilhimo.' I'iuk I'lll nru
a wonderfully pood mi dieiuc. Tlmnlci
to tlii'iu I um now in line lnuhli und
have had iinrotin u of in v loi nn r tro::':i.
I rccouiuu ml tln niin to everyone who
in inline unit tul;n every 0iKirtuinty
lot X'nio kllOW llow (ro.nl tin y Hir."
Dr. Williams I'lnk 1'ilU cured Mrs.
KlniTisiin bccniiM) they netinillv luakr
Rood, red blood. Wiioii I hi' blood is ri'd
Hint healthy thorn ( ail he mi ill lulny.
Tho relation between tlio blood mid
iutvoiih system is Mich tlint tlm pills
lmvu u very d'TnliMt uctniu upnu the
norvoH and I hey have cim-d muiiv severe
nervous disorder, mi -It as pariinl ;jt.
rulvKiH, livMiumtor ntuxia and St. Vitus'
ilitnoo, that have not yielded to niiliuury
I rcutinetit. Their double ii-tnii, on tlio
lil'Kid nud on th" ni-rves, makes tnrm uti
ideal tonic.
All dniKuiKK sell Dr. Williams' I'ink
Pills, c;' th.y M ill In-sent y luiiil ikisi.
fund, on rei ripi of pin e. I'l rent jk t
lnc, hi Imx.-s f a .Ml, In- the lir. Wil
liams -Mi dn ino On., tjchcii. study, N.V.
Kept Tax Receipts Long.
Charlna Kinc, of Kast Liberty,
suburb of Pittsburg, in liat mlitht ba
termed a careful man. Iln has been a
voter In the Kast Liberty district Bliice
1S."7 und when asked on tlm lust rer;
Islratlon day If he had a tax receipt
he pulled from a pocket tax receipts
for the last 41 years. When asked by
the ri'Kistrar If he had any nioio be
replied that If ho went down deep In
to bin " tuning box" at home he mlRht
possibly find a tew dating long back
lieforo the oldest meinhci of the board
wan born. Mr. King is now 78 yean
old. limine been born In Iliiltlmnre In
1R1IS, removing to Kant Liberty In
1857. IIIh first presidential vote was
ca.it for John C. Fremont and his last
for Theodore. Iloosevelt. He la
stanch Itepiibllcan and as a contractor
and brick manufacturer for half a cen
tury has contributed much to tlio up
building and growth of Kast Liberty.
6nakes Roasted and Eaten,
In Australia several kinds of snakes
aro eaten roastod. They are said to
bo equal In delicacy and flavor to the
Gnoat stewed eola. A traveler declares
the steam from tlio roasting reptiles
Is by no means uuaavorv.
L it J
3.5O&'3.O0 Shoes
W.LDouglw $4 Gilt iCg$ lino
T Ato ttaltrt:
W. I oiiglnc' Jrilv
bttitt HotiM it thA limrt
uuuipktn in IhU count r f
A'fn.iur Catalog
Mn'a BboM. SS to SI. BO. JtofT Um, Ss
toSl.SO. W'imtn'a 6ncx. tj CO to J l.BO.
Try W, L. tlouslu Wuuiv-i'a. HIimw mnm
Chlldran's iliorn fur !;!, Bt and ml
they etil oilier umkn.
If I could tak you Into my brg
factories at Brockton, Mass., and ahow
you how carefully W.L. UouglaAahoea
re made, you would then understand
why thev bold their shape, fit better,
wear longer, and are of greater value
than any other make.
Wherever yoa live, oa can oMeta W. L.
Dour las ehoes. Mil name and price it etaintwa
n tit bellom, wnfch proUcli youaealiut hifh
rices mo Inlertor thot. Takm no
uf. Ash yeor dealer lo W.IDoglesaeS
nil Insist upon hvln them,
foil Ceer ffi ufd; lt trll ml wtar brail
Write for fllustreted CateJocaf Pell Mylee.
W, 1. IXICULAiS l(lt. 14. ttreckleo. Meet,
En Route from Oklahoma City ta
Cartersville, Ga, to Celebrate
59th Anniversary with
Family Reunion,
Lie is Hock. Ark. llev. Sam P.
Joui'S the famuli v.tnxelixt, ili' I on
Hock Island tra.O No -I. i astl iui l,
lit I'i-iry. Ark., pn siiiuably ol u-srt
f ill I u i
The evangelist was en route hnuio
to c- P liiaiu the j'.'th annlvci sai i of
his birth with u family reunion. ll-
retired in the best of In aith and -turns.
Ilo arose IbiMiil; 11 tie- uli'l 'aik-d
with nii iiihcts of his party for s i:im
time r Ka: ilini; plans for tile fu ino
and of tht: most. sncc.'.,sfiil niitthu; m
Ol.laaoma City, ukla
Shortly after he spoke of fei lito; lad
and Ills il. unlit-'! Iirouitlit liltn hot
water ami In- apparent v renin i id.
Then In- n lapscd and In a nhort tim"
it was appai 'iil that li" was Mi'. Ill
and all possible was done to re!:.-o
Wiien I'i-i ry was reached. r'rl!nitit
In the anus of his co-worker. H"i.
Wall lloleonih, and. suiroiiii.ini by
t hi members of his Immediate fam
ily In- peacefully and ijulctly jk-sm
away, as If falliiiK Into a lefnsliin
sleep. 1 leiith was due to heart failure.
Mrs, .loiies, hut wife, and Mrs. An
nie 1'iron and Miss Julia Jones. Ins
daughter, weru with him at the tnno
of death.
Toe body was hroiiKht lo L:t'lo
Kock, when- It was piepareil for bur
ial. Mrs. .lones will continue east, ,ic
companylii the body.
Hev. Mr llolcoinb went lo Memph's
to make arrangements for a special
train to convey the body lo Cart t.s
vllle, (ia., where biiilal w ill occur
Itev. Cuorp" Stuart, an old time as
sociate; Hev. Walt Holcomb anil Her.
.1 A. Bow-en. of Mississippi, will rati
luct the denies. Hev. K. O. Kic-ll,
tho noted sinner, will render old limo
kivorltos of the nod d evanip'lls!
Evangelist Jones died, as lie cfun
faid he desired lo. "In the harm ss,
workliiK for the Master whom u
icrved for :ia years.
Sam Jones' Career.
Samuel I'or rr Jones, the most fa
mous evangelist of his time, wa born
In Chambers roiin'y, Alabama Oct
18-17. Ho was tho son of ( apt John
.1. and Jennie (I'oi-terl Jnno
When he was 12 years old he w.ia
removed to Cartersville. (ia , where ho
was educated under private tutors aud
at boardliiK schools
After the civil war no Ktudicl law,
was admitted to the bar In 1 Si;;, und
heftan to practice his prof s-lon with
bripht hop. a of success, but his In
temperate habits ruined his health
and terminal, d his career as u law
yer After the death of his father in 1S72,
he reformed and, havinc professed re
ligion, became u cli-riryinan of tho
Methodist Hplscopal church, siitrli.
Hi! had various charges in the north
fieorKla conference dnrinn 1S72 S.I, and
for the followinK 12 ars served as)
ai;ent for tne lecalur orphans' homo,
which ho helped to estnbll h
Mr. Jones devoted a ttn at deal of
his time to evangelistic work over
the country. Since 1SU2 he had held
remarkably siiccestful revival noet.
Iiirs In most of the lurnor cities of tho
United States, lecturing; In the sum
mer monthn from the platforms of tiio
leading Chautauqua assemblies
Sam Jones was famed for his pun
Kent wit, drollory and fearlessness of
expression. No apoaker of his tini(
was capable of Inventing trite subjects
with such new moaning or of maklm;
his addresses striking picturesque. Ills
sayings and aphorisms, crisp and
pointed, were widely quoted and grow
to bn household words.
As a political campaigner, when he
chose to take the stump In tne prose
cution of a crusade or defense of a
principle, he was n most formldahla
adversary, his biting rallies provoking
ridicule, which proved most effectlvo
in overcoming his opponents.
Gas Company Without a Franchise.
Lincoln, Neb. Tne Lincoln city
council adopted the. report of a com
mittee, declarlns the Lincoln (las Co.
without n franchise, nnd instructed
tho city attorney to begin suit of oust
er. Company has capital of 13.750.000.
Life Imprisonment for Negro.
Lemars. Ia.-Judge Hutchinson seu
fenced Tom Davis, a negro, to life Im
prisonment at the Anamosa penitenti
ary. Davis was a circus hand and on
tho night of June 8 assaulted .Mias
Josephine WHImes, of Lemars.
Burton Refused a Rehearing.
WaBhlngton The United States su
preme court haB refused a rehearing
In tho case of former United States
Senator Iliirion, found Rtillty of ac
cepting a fee In a case in which the
government was Interested.
They Trust the Autocracy.
Kiev. Russia Tne first action taken
by the congress of tho League of the
Russian People was to dispatch a tele
gram to Emperor Nicholas, declaring
that the autocracy alone was able to
consolidate the empire.
Missouri Gleanings, f
...iB.'"0"''" a).i. 1 1
Strange Fatal Accident.
Rolls In a baseball k.iuu near the
Maries cimnty line, two young men
named Clark and .McKee, belonging
to the Mime team, collided v.lih ter
.ifle force while trying lo catch u ball
McKee being killed almoni instantly
and Clink being rend d uuconscioiij
lor some time Claik was the tallul
of ihe two. and It t reported that
ills upper teeth stunk McKee In Ui"
forehead and were Imbedded In Ui
joiing man's skull and bioken off
Ho'li )oung tin-ii were hurried to a
physician not far away in the hope
thai lhe might be revived, but yiiLua
McKte was pasi medical aid.
An Aeronaut's Narrow Escape.
Sp: uu-held liti-rge IHHinger, ol
Kana.. Ci'j. an aeronaut, wlio made
an ascension m n hot air balloon at
( en'rjl park here a! night in the
present u of D.uoo people, came vory
near being dashed to death, when the
balloon rapidly descended from 1
a height of : :s. ooo fit and collapsed on
ii private residence. Inlliiiger wa(
nimbi.- lo ut loose from tho para
eliipe v.hen the balloon hud leached a
certain highi, ami hot air was fairly
sticke Iriiiu the balloon, llilllngei s
leti leg was crushed mid lie Is be
I Imw i lo have uiistultied Internal iu
)"l; ;e.-
Woman Shoots Herself.
Hichmond -Mrs. I). T. Nance com
milted i-ulcl'lo by shooting as she
stood before a mirror In her bedroom
She hail put her font months old baby
to sleep on ihe bed, where It was
louiid lying within a lew feet of the
body ol '.ts mother. The woman's
maiden name was l.iura Oorge, ,
I (Ter son City She was about LO
years of age. Her hiisb.mil Is an
ag'-nl of an Industrial Insurance com
pHny. A tew days ago she is said to
hae made remarks that suggested
that her mill. I was unbalanced.
i Aggie Myers Refused New Trial.
Jefferson l i'y- Mrs Aggie Myers
application lor a writ of error to en
able her to take her case before Ihe
Culled States supreme court was over
ruled by Division No. 2 of the Mis
soin I -pipreino court, sitting en chain
te r Mrs. Myers is under sentence ol
.Path for cohipllciiy in the murder ol
lor husband. Apparently, all ttiatnow
s anrts between her and tic gallows
Is tiov Folk (ir. at pressure has been
brought to bear upon the mnernor to
induce hluiMo commute the woman's
I". Ilteliee.
Woman Dies of Grief.
St. Louis .Mrs. Lillian It Smith. 4j
)ears old, was reunited ,, HP ,..y
hospital, where she died In-fore bet
:-ase coiiid he diagnosed. l' ople w lie
knew hei ktiitcd that the woman had
bein gtieving since the diath of ner
bro her, r. newspaper report, r In ('In
intiall. two weeks ago.
A Bold Robbery.
Ilnntsville -Two masked men. nrmec
wilh iistuls, f-iiiereit Hie r.iilrond ta
lion In broad daylight, and after lock
ing the operator and other employes In
l freight car, blew open the s.ife, se.
curing $200, and escaped. 'Ihe explo
sion almost destroyed the station.
An Aeronaut Seriously Hurt.
Springfield -(ieorge Dlllnger. of
Kansas City, an aeionam, who made
an ascension In an ordinary balloon
bete In thu presence of SUU people,
was seriously hurt when tlis balloon
rapidly descended from a height uf
B.OOO feet.
Millionaire Dies in a Caboose.
Kansas City - Christian K. Schoel
kopf, of this city, who possessed
property worth $1,000.01)0. died In the
caboose of a Missouri Pacific freight
train at Yates ('outer. Kas., from a
full in attempting to board t.ie train.
The Aggie Myers Case.
Kansas City ABgie Meyers' attor
ney will appeal to highest court unil
Oov. Kolk may bn asked for addition
respite Bl'.e Is under sentence lc
hang for killing her husband.
Diphtheria Epidemic in Oregon.
Oregon Diphtheria Is epldemle
here, and the lower-grade rooms ol
school hove been almost withom. at
tendance. Several bouses have been
"Fired" Thirteen Deputies.
EW. Louis Sheriff Patrick Clark
falling to receive rcnoinlnatlon at thu
republican convention, dismissed 1.1
deputies. They went against him In
Necre Shot Over Quarrel.
Itovler In a dlagreement over IS
cents in a crap game nruce (Jorhn,
colored, was mortally shot by anothsi
negro la a mining camp near here.
Buried a HatcheMn His Head.
St. IxmlB Thomas W. Morgan, I
nurss, killed Henry Dines, burying
hatchet In his head, lie alleges Dlnei
called him an ofTonslve name.
A Postal Clerk Arrested.
St. Joseph Wesley Israel, agad 21.
a postal clerk at Chllllcothe, was ar
retted on charge of cthez.llne ten
totters. He la out on bond.
Tony Faust'r Remains.
St. Louis The remains of Tonj
Faust, Br., well-known rcsLaiirnnter,
who died la Germany, will be Interred
lc th's clly about October 2$.
Shaw Tries to Induce Young Men to
Support Rotten Policies.
As the star It. 'publican spellbimlei
Secii'iary Shaw is, as Ait. liiua Ward
would sac, "an ainiisiu' cuss." The
tumble wilh Shaw is that his partisan
philosophy is out of gear and will not
stand the t. -st of application to pur
iriilnr I'a'ii s. Shatv iu a speech at
St Louis, said: "I advise young men
lo vote l-ir pat ties anil not men. for
parlies stand for principles und m"ti
lo not always do so." Hip If the party
is corrupt and Its principles rotten,
what is the young man to do ihen?
And as unfortunately, the llepublicun
muchiiii' politicians in St. Louis, and
nearly everywhere else, ure under u
cloud anil itepulillcati reformers are
declaring that i-tf publican politicians
are rotten to the core, and In many
states have proved that contention,
wliaot would Shaw advise his young
Itepiiblican friends to do under such
Does he advise the young Repub
licans of Iowa to vole the whole lt'
publlciu ticket, or would he say. If
bis iil vie e could he tendered privately.
tote tho Republican ticket, but
. latch Cummins'.'"
All the corrupt rings advise the
young voter to support the whole
lo-kel and pay no attention to the
cl.araeter or corrupt doings of tho
b a. b is or camlldaies.
The Republican parly In I'liiladel
I Ida and I'eniist Ivanla, In New Jersey,
in New Hampshire, In New York, and
other states, will forever be wallowing
in the mire of Penmselsni, of linden
co! rtiptinn, of (iu'.linger and lloslon H
Maine lailroad ilollillialli.il. and of
most disreputable machine politics In
the empire stale, if Shaw's udvice is
followed. The Republican party has
come to a sorry plight even with tho
iitiuos; I bat the reformers In its ranks
can do. but when lis young and en
thusiastic volers are advised to shut
their eyes and vote blindly for all the
lascals and slaudpiil policies and all
the foolish old schemers of the Shaw
lypc who are labeled Republican, no
wonder the young men balk. Shaw's
advice would not only make the parly
a stench In the nostrils uf decent peo
ple, but u political cadaver thai every
one would lie anxious to bury.
The Democracy Is dlffi rent from
Republicanism, the independence of
'he young Democrat and Ills ut trait Ion
io the honest and able leaders of the
party, has been, and will forever be.
the salvation of the party of the peo
ple. The independence of Democrats
makes plnl forma Unit will stand ap
proval and candidates that will hear
the investigation Hint is Hie sole safe
guard of the volers. The Democracy
Invites the young voter to study the
loriner ami present policies of the
party, to probe ihe cliiiructer of Its
candidates and uld In the nomination
of uble nnd honest ones und vole ac
Roosevelt Reforms.
Railroad rule legislation and other
reforms could not have been enacted
without Hi" voles of Democratic con
gressmen, unless Republicans hud
been united for them In both branches
of congress It Is certain that at least
Micro would have been no Republican
majority for the rate hill In tho sen
ale If Ihe DcmocraU had opposed It.
When the railroads and their congres
sional friends saw that there were
enough Republicans who would vote
with the Democrats to pass the hill,
they at once decided lo make the best
of a bad bargain and accept conditions
they coiiid not overcome. Their ef
forts were then turned to amending
the bill so that If not rendering It un
constitutional. It would do the least
possible damage lo tin- corporations.
The appeal of President Roosevelt to
Senators Itnilcy aud Tillman for nld
to pass the rate bill, before he had
been able to make the deal for the
Allison amendment, when he then
threw his allies overboard, proves thnt
Ihe bill could not have passed with
aut Democratic votes.
Senator Foraker names a number of
members of congress from Ohio who
opposed President Roosevelt's policies,
and others might be named from near
ly every slate who were ulso known
to be opposed, until the fact was
shown Unit enough Republicans would
vote with the Democrats to pass soma
of the measures.
Tho statehood bill was first pnssert
through the house, with the Demo
crats opposing it. It was then a party
and partisan measure, hut when the
Democrats, senators and some Repuh
llcans adopted tho Koraker amend
ment, giving the people of Arizona
tho right to vote on Joint stutehooil.
The Republican partisans of the house
held up thu bill until Mr. Williams,
the Democratic leader, filibustered
nnd compelled the Republican major
ity to accept the referendum amend
ment. Mr. Roosevelt found hlnmelf
helpless to prevent this, because he
was not backed by the Democrats, and
has since advised the Republicans ol
Arizona to vole for joint statehood,
threatening them tlmt without they
succeeded they would not get admitted
for years.
The defeat of the Santo Domingo
treaty Is another Instance whero Mr.
Roosevelt was defeated beruuso his
policy did not appeal to tho Demo
crats. There was no "fouetlk fule spellng"
In liryunt's address at Madison gar
den. It was In the old-fashioned lan
guage of the constitulon and the
Declaration of Independence. It was
a good expression of American
thought In pure Kngllsh words. There
was nothing radical either In the
thoufht or the expression.
How a Veteran Was Saved tho Am
putation of a Limb.
B. Frank Doremus, veteran, of
Roosevelt Ave., Indiunapolls, Ind.,
says; 1 had been
showing symptoms of
kidney trouble from
tho tlmo I was mus
tered out of the
army, hut iu nil my
life I never suffered
us In 1S!I7. llead
urbes, dizziness und
sleeplessness, fl r s t ,
und then dropsy. I
was weak and help
less, having run down from 1X0 to 126
pounds. 1 was having terrible pain In '
tho kidneys, and the secretions passed I
almost Involuntarily. My left leg i
Dwelled until It was 34 Inches around,
aud the doctor tapped It night and
morning until 1 could no longer stund
It, and then he advised amputation. I
refused, and began using Doan'B Kid
ney Pills. The swelling subsided
gradually, the urine became natural,
and ull my pains and aches disap
peared. 1 have been well now for nine .
years since using Doan'B Kidney Pills.
For sale by nil dealers. 0 cents a
box. Foaler-.Mllbui n Co., llulTalo, N. Y.
Marvelous Delicacy of Hearing Pos
sessed by Milner James.
"Mllner .lames was the most artistic
safe-breaker in the business," said
I.ecocq the detective "lie Is dead
now. He opened in his time over 700
safes without tools or gunpowder
Bolclv by working out the combination
with his delicate and patient fingers.
" 'It took ino a year,' ho once Raid,
'to learn the trick of picking combina
tions. I studied all the locks there
were and 1 had three safes of different
makes to practice on. The ear la the
most Important factor in my method
and It must be held tight against the
safe door on a line with the tumblers.
When the knob of thu lock is turned
slowly and one of (he tumblers reach
es the notch corresponding to tho first
number of the combination tho tum
bler will fall with a little click. Csre
must be taken not to displace thla
tumbler. You keep on trying tho knob
back and forth gently till each of the
ttimblerB drops. Then tho door opens.
Hardly one man In a thousand bus an
ear delicate enough for this work and
to bo a success at It you've got to give
up tobu.xo and alcohol.' "
Brushed Scales from Face Like Pow
der Under Physicians Grew Worse
Cuticura Works Wonders.
"I suffered with eczema six months.
I bad tried three doctors, but did not
get any better. It was on my body
and on my feet so thick that I could
hardly put a pin on mo without touch
ing eczema. My face was covered,
my eyebrows came out, and then It
got In my eye. I then went to anoth
er doctor. He asked mo what I was
taking fur It, and 1 told him Cuticura
Ho said that was a vory good thing,
but that bo thought my faco would
be marked for life. Hut Cuticura
did Its work, and my faco Is now
Just as clear as It over was. I told
all my friends about my remarkable
euro. I feel bo thankful I want ev
erybody far and wldo to know what
Cuticura can do. It Is n sure cure
tor eczema. Mrs. Kmma White, 641
Cbx-rrler Place, Camden, N. J., April
25, 1905."
Some people even covet the gold In
their neighbor's teeth.
&1 ,.ySV??VXery-i
For Infant and Children ltsf
Tl -J -T m w I SIJIS-
I JAP" w
For Emergencies at Home
For the Stock on the Farm
Sloaovs Liixiirvervt
Isawhole medicine chest
Price 25c 50c 6 1.00
5and For Free Booklet- on Horses. Cottle. Hogs & Poultry.
Address Dr. Earl S. Sloan Boston, Mass.
l-gJaee-aaeleJ PR3. TBOCIITOS t Mi0-Ku0A Jt.KV
Positively cured by
these Little IMIs. I
Tlicy also relieve ma
trons from DyrpcrBta. In
digestion and Too lleirty
Bating. A perfect rem
rdy for Dizziness. lioases.
Drowsiness. Dad, Taste
lo the Mouth. Coated
Tongue, FUa In the Bide.
regulate the Bowels, purely Vegetable.
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Similo Signatura
"When you buy
you want
and long
These and many
other good points
ere combined In
You cant afford
try any other
A Positive
Ely's Cream Balm
It flulckb biorbtd.
Civet Rebel st Ones.
It rleanws, soothes jpi
ncam nnu protects t
tho discnsi-d mem-1
bruno. It cures Ca-1
turrh and drives!
swnv a (told in tho I
Head quicklv. Ke
nt ores the Somes of
Taste and Kinell. Full size CO eta. , at Drug
gluts or by mail ; Trial Kize 10 ct. by mail,
'ly Hrothcr,.riU Warrou Ktroet. New York.
It took 20 y;ar3 to be able to
build automobiles that are rec
ognized as standard in quality,
reliability and workmanship.
Oldsmobiles are known all over
the world as the standard not
excelled In the qualities that make
an automcblle durable, satisfac
tory and economical to own.
A purchaser c( an Oldsmobile
knows he is getting a big dollar's
worth for every dollar ha invents.
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Over Thirty Years
The Kind Yoa Have Always Bought
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