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NOMICS. Would Have All Nations Buy from
U, But Sell Us Nothing Alti
tude Typical of tha
Secretary Shaw lias little mora
itlmu to serve an Hocretnry of the
trcasuiy In which to urpe IiIb pe
culiar and Ronrrully harmful Iduus
on those wIIIIiir to listen to him. As
'soon as ho retires to private life he
will be an harmless as a rurklns
.tlove or a rtioinK pl(?eon. Hut while
'he Is Heeretary or tho treasury ha
'Is certain of an aiiilienee to some ex
tent, so hia utterances have to lie
noticed, and when likely to do harm,
criticised. In a speech nt the com
mercial cmmicKB at Kansas City he
expressed his anxiety lest while wo
delay In pottiriK access to expanding
forelKii markets our surplus of jviorl
;ucts will "not hack upon us like a be
lated tide to tho inundation and
WampUm of our prosperity which if
now cur boast."
Dread of plenty and a reduction of
trust birth prices seems to welch upon
'the heart of Shaw, for his only Idea is
to pet rid of our products by export
Iiir them. He cannot see that reduced
(prices will lead to greater home con
sumption. Shaw In his economic cog
itations ban no place for lniorts, ho
wants tho pauper of Kuropo to buy,
but thinks It is Impertinence for him
to sell to lis. Hut fortunately the
Shaw Hchool of economics is scorned
.by the world's traders, and recipro
city of trade Is a necessity, except
for such raw products ns are needed,
that are not natural products of the
importing nation or that are not
raised In Bufllclent quantity to supply
the home necessities Those neces
sities, like cotton, corn and whent,
must he bounht by the nation need
ing them, and protective tariffs play
but little part In their general world
The Shaw cry Is export! expor. !
but he would prevent imports, lie
pays no attention to the fact that
KiiKland, the greatest trailing tialion,
Is always importing more than alio
Is exporting, and has become the
richest country In the world by the
profits of this trade. No tariff wall Is
raised by her to prevent free Ingress
or egress of goods or persons ex
cept a low tariff on a few urtieles for
revenue purposes. The Shaw school,
who have not yet passed through the
kindergarten stage of political econ
omy, would raise our tariff wall still
higher by the Imposition of maximum
.rates of tariff duties to force other
nations to lower their barriers ugalnst
our imports.
Show would consider a tariff for
revenue, which would vastly Increase
our foreign trade, a device of tho evil
tine. For our people to bo nolo to
buy cheap woolen goods Instead of
mercerized cotton and shoddy from
the tariff-protected woolen trust would
bo ruinous to producers and consum
ers nllko according to the perverted
theories of Shaw. To allow Iron an J
'steel nnd tools and agricultural Im
plements and building material to he
Imported under reduced duties would
Btrike down the profits of those gigan
tic corporations, the steel trust, the.
harvester trust and the lumber trust,
so that their magnates would be un
able, without a measuro of self sacri
fice, to respond to the call of Hie Re
publican campaign fund collector for
boodle- to save the country and "the
party." The specter of gaunt hunger
of tho corporations, if the spoils of
;tho trusts are reduced by tariff revis
ion, haunts the waking and sleeping
noments of trust guardians, such as
Shaw, when they think of what the
wicked Democrats would do to "the
great protected Interests of tho coun
try" If Installed In power. Tho sugar
trust would dissolve and its luscious
contributions would no longer sweeten
tho path of the politicians, hut It
would bo sweeter to tho peoplo In tho
'form of cheaper sugar. Tho Standard
OW trust, which Shaw erroneously
ihas declared Is not protected by the
tariff, would find Its enormous divi
dends of 40 per cent, go up in smoke
as sweet Incense, to those who have
icompelled Its profits to bo reasonable
instead of to bo plundered by it.
And so the list of trusts might be
gone over and tho Shaw heart riven
by the talcs of woe of trust magnates
nnd Republican leaders alike, of tho
evil days that will succeed the fat
and prosperous years for the pro
tected trusts. Tho standpatters mny
stand aghast at our surplus of prod
ucts, but tho consumers will regard
such plenty with equanimity as tho
club that will beat down monopoly.
So It comes to this, the Republican
party has created conditions that they
fear to face, for the tariff taxed peo
ple are unable to pay high trust prices
for more goods than "they are now
consuming and foreign nations have
-raised a rival tariff wall against our
surplus products. To reform the tariff
would result in reducing trust profits
and not to revise the tariff will pre
vent our "getting access to expanding
foreign markets."
What a dilemma for the standpat
ters. It never seems to occur to th?e
worshipers of protectionism that to
lower the tariff will reduce prices and
thus allow millions of our people to
buy more. They prate of "our home
market," but the result of the trust
fostering tariff Is to limit consump
tion by high prices and the surplus
created by the promise of enormous
profits is becoming a menace to the
eystora they bare built tip.
Vitality Sapped by Years of Suffering
with Kidney Trouble.
Cnpt. J. W. Tlogun, former postmas
ter of Iudlanola, now living at Austin,
Tex., writes: "I
was afflicted for
years with pains
across the loins
nnd in the hips
and shoulders. I
jJtefTZi, neanucne
-?tT iV'j! also and neural-
gin. My rltiht
I lVSsT' T eve. from pain.
was of little use
to me for years.
The constant flow of urlno kept my
system depleted, causing nervous
chills und night sweats. After trying
seven different climates nnd using all
kinds of medicine 1 hart the good for
tuno to hear of Doau's Kidney Pills.
This remedy has cured me. I am as
well to day as 1 was twenty years ac;o,
and my eyesight is perfect."
Sold by nil dealers. !0 cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co., Iluffulo, N. Y.
Lots of tho money that men marry
Is counterfeit.
Mr. Wiimliiw'H Nnothlr Nyrup.
.'or rhiitiirn l-rt tin. n..nci,- tin- t mi,, . .-n-i. e. In.
lUiulnn ana. t iiti.,-iii w.nil . . ... . Lk-a (.jtlia.
If you are a gay old dog you have
no right to whine.
Kmnnniv i t be n .id tn wealth. I't'T
N AM I ADKI.I.SS DVI-; m tho rujJ to
ri-uiiomy. 10c per jiack.ijc.
It's a wise Satan who keeps his
beard away from the candles.
ril.I ri'RED IN' TO 14 11 Al t.
VA'.n IHNTH KNT u ininraii!t-il t"-"ra ft" -ae
f In-ltinL'. lliili'l. llMftlm ir I'n-trud.ll- Cut). ID
t lu U iliira or imuii'r rvttitnleil. MJc.
The last person to forget a kindness
Is tho one who does l(.
I.owis' Sincle Tinnier tr;ti:lit fw. Yen
p:iy 10,- f.ti-r f.ir not ,i jjooit. Yourilealor
ur Li-wih' Kului-y, I'l-ona. Hi.
A man's pood Judgment usually
shows up the day after.
(i.irl'icl.l Tea plllil tin- bliml and cr.nl-
icilll't. KMM l.tl.r It I'M' roll-! Ip.lt I1.
titiaiiiiitivd tui'l. r tin- Pun- I-'o,m1 L.iw.
Kindness Is wisdom. There Is none
In life but nerds It and may learn.
flal ley.
Furs! rur3l Furs!
Write fur l'mc t inui.ir imd fliip to
M.Millan I'll i- 4. Wool I u., Jliinii-iipolin.
History, the evidence of time, tha
light of truth, the life of memory, tha
directress of life, tho herald of anti
quity, committed to Immortality.
Sheer white goods, In fact, any fine
s-ash goods when new, owe much of
(heir attractiveness to the way they
are laundered, this being done In a
manner to enhance their textile beau
ty. Home laundering would be equal
ly satisfactory If proper attention w.is
given to starching, the first essential
being good Starch, which has sufficient
strength to stiffen, without thickening
tho goods. Try Defiance Starch nnd
you will be pleasantly surprised at the
Improved appearance of your work.
German Doctor Explains Causes of
Various Formations.
At a recent convention of Oerman
naturalists and doctors Dr. Watcher,
of Stuttgart, in an Instructive paper
put forth a sensational theory to ex
plain tho formation of the shnpo of
the head of Infants. He maintained
that the head of a child could he
molded artificially. He found by ex
perience that when a medium-shaped
head Is placed In a soft cushion the
child turns on Its buck, or reBts oa the
back of Its bead, In order to free
mouth, noso and face. In this manner
the head rests smoothly, and a short
bead Is developed. Tint It the medium
shaped head of a child Is placed on a
hard under-rert, Ilka a hair mnttress
or rolled carpot, tho child's head
turns aside, as It cannot stand any
more on Its head than an egg, for the
muscle of the back Is weakened.
Therefore, with continued resting on
the side a long head Is developed. To
prove hlB assertions tho lecturer pre
sented a child whoso mother and sis
ter are short-beaded. Tho child at Its
birth had a short head, now after 38
months it Is long skulled. If the child
had been placed on its back, according
to other experiences its head would
have been short-shaped. Dr. Walcher
did not deny that tho shape of the
head was inherited, but asserted that
it could be greatly influenced by the
way tha child rested.
Heart and Nerves Fall on Coffee.
A resident of a great western state
puts the case regarding stimulants
with a comprehensive brevity that ib
admirable. Ho says:
"I am DC years old and have had con
siderable experience with stimulants.
Thoy aro all alike a mortgage cn re
served energy at ruinous Interest. As
tho whip stimulates but docs not
strengthen tho horse, se do stimulants
act upon the human f.ystem. Feeling
this way, I gavo up coffee and all
other stimulants and began the use of
Postum Food coffee some months ugo.
The beneficial results have been ap
parent from the first. Tho rheumutlBin
that I used to suffer from has left me.
I sleep sounder, my nerves are stead
ier and my brain clearer. And I bear
testimony f.lso to tho food value of
Postum Something that is lacking la
coffee." ."Namo given by Postum Co.,
Battle Cfreck, Mich. There's a reason.
Read The Road to Wellville," the
qual&l lUUe book la pkgs.
Of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, the
Great Woman's Remedy for Woman's Ills.
No other medicinj fur Womttu's ills In tho world baa received such wide
spread and unqualified endorsement.
tin other medicine has such a record of cures of female illnesses or such
hosts of grateful friends us bus Lydia K. I'liiiiliMii's Vegetable Compound.
For more tlian 3u years it has' been curing ull forms of Female Complaints,
Inflammation and Ulceration, und consequent Spinal Weakness.
It has cured more cases of liackaehe und Local WcaknchM'S than uny other
one remedy. It dissolves and expels tumors in nil early stage of development.
Irregularities and periodical puins. Weakness of the Momueli. Indigestion,
Moating. Nervous Prostration, Headache, ticncral Debility quickly yield toll;
also deranged organs, causing pain, dragging sensations und backache.
Uuder all circumstance it acts in harmony with tho female system.
It removes that weuring feeling, extreme lassitude, "don't care" nnd
"want-to-be left-ulonc" feeling, excitability, irritability, nervousness, diz
ziness, fuintness. sleeplessness, tlutolcucy. melancholy or the "blues". These
lire indications of Female Weakness, or some derangement of the organs,
which this medicine cures us well as Chronic Kidney Complaints ami
liackaehe, of either sex. , . , , . , , ,
Those women w ho refuse to accept anything else lire rewarded a hundred
thousand times, for they get what they wuul u cure. Sold by Druggists
everywhere. Refuse all substitutes.
Franch President's "Double."
M. Falllert-s was. until rerontly, be
lieved to bi- tlie only pri'siilcnl of tlie
French republic who biul no ilnulilo, j
but Ills couiiteri'iirt bus been found.
Tho man who njortt rcBcmbles him
physically Is a respectable merchant
of the Hue Saint Honors, who plays
his part with decorum and dignity. He
wears exactly the same kind of blue
butterfly necktie with nhllo dots as
the president, the siime kind of hat
und exactly so oddly rut a beard. And
on his promenades he la always ac
companied by a freud who could eas
ily be taken for the president's pri
vate hoc ret a ry. Distillled and with
measured steps, tho cnvlublo double
walks through tho Faubourg Saint
Honore and feels overjoyed at being
saluted on all sides.
Doctors and Remedies Fruitless Suf
fered 10 Years Completely
Cured by Cutlcura.
"When I was about nine years old
small Bores appeared on each of my
lower limbs. ! scratched them with a
brass pin and shortly nfterwnrds both
of thoHo limbs becamo so suro that
I could scarcely walk. When I had
been suffering for about a month
tho sores began to heal, but small
scaly eruptions appeared where tho
sores hud been. From that tlmo on
ward I was troubled by such scvero
Itching that, until I became accus
tomed to It, I would scratch tho sores
until tho blood began to flow. This
would stop tho Itching for a few
days, but scaly places would appear
again and the Itching would accom
pany them. After I suffered about
ten years I mado a renewed effort to
effect a cure. Tho eruptions by this
tlmo had appeared on every part of
my body except my face and hands.
Tho best doctors In my native coun
ty advised mo to use arsenic In small
doBes and a salve. I then used to
butho the sores In a mixture which
ft.iTO almost intolerable pain. In ad
dition I used other remedies, such
as Iodine, sulphur, zinc salvo, 's
Salve, Ointment, and In fact I
was continually giving romo romedy
a fair trial, never using less tliua
one or two boxes or bottles. All
this was fruitless. Finally my hair
began to fall out and I was rapidly
becoming bald. I used 's ,
but It did no good. A few months
after, baring used almost everything
else, I thought I would try Cutlcura
Ointment, having previously used
Cutlcura Soap and being pleased with
It After using three boxes I was
completely cured, and my hair was
restored, after fourteen years of suf
fering and an expenditure of at least
$50 or $60 In vainly endeavoring to
find a cure. I shall be glad to write
to any one who may be Interested In
my cure. II. Hiram Mattlngly, Ver
million, S. Dak., Aug. 18, 19JG."
Trads-Mark for Ireland.
Ireland now has a trade-mark with
which hor products are to bo stamped.
A penalty may bo indicted for 1U Im
proper use..
Boau of
Cn4w morn goods brighter and lailtr eolort than an
aaj garment itnoui ripomu ipiil nma r irao noun-
are strong shooters, strongly made and
so inexpensive that you won't be afraid
to use one in any kind of weather.
They are made 10, la and 16 gauge.
Sold Everywhere.
Can You Antwerf
If you have a friend who thinks he
knows It all BHk him to explain the
difference between an Alexandrine
aud a woman of Alexandria; a manlier
and a niashio; adenoids and aneroids;
six of one and a halt dozen of tlie
other; ncoplutoultsm and plntonic
friendship; macaronic, macaroni, and
Marconi; a referendum and a referee;
Irrellglon and blrrellgion; the Jungle
and Port Sunlight; Armlnlans and
Armbnluns; a carpet knlL'ht and a rug
headed kern. Chicago Tribune.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
M morrnrr win anrrtf dratrt7 lha aenie of fm.ll
ad romplatdr derail Uie a-tiulo alr-n irhnn
ODU-rlrif It ttirouab luo uiiieoua aarlace. Sura
rllclea abonld never be need eicepl on pre-K-rlp-tlooe
from rrpiuahlr phyalclana. aa Ilia demee lanf
will dole ten fold to lUe .xd you can poaallitr de
nre f roni Uiem. Ilall'a l.'aLarrn cure, maoufacturrd
by F.J. Cbener A Co., TuleOo. o.. contain! no mar
curr. and la uvea Internally, a. tlDK dlrectlr unoa
tne biuod and -ni.eoua aurracea of tlie intern, la
birflni Uall'a Catarrh i:ure lie euro you art the
renulne. It It ulcen Internal!? and made In Tuledo.
Onl.i. hyP. .1 Come d-Co. Tettlinoiilala (raa.
Hold br ll.-utfirl.u. I'rl.-e. 7Hc. nrr bottle.
take Uall'a auilly I'llla lur cuuittuaUua.
Many Peculiar Languages.
Of languages which so widely differ
among; themselves as to be Incompre
hensible without particular etudy the
number roudlly exceeds 1,000.
To recover quickly from bilious attack,
nick-hcailiK-lir, indtfrvtiun or cold, tako
(ittilii'id Tim. tlie iinlil laxative, tiuaruu
teed under tuc l'ure Food Law.
Many a citizen who trades on mar
Kln wouldn't think ot buying a gold
to ct'itE A roi.n in ore iat
Take MHATIVK llltoUiiOulnlneTableia. Ilnie
flttta refund mone l( It lalta tu cure. K. VV
o ItUV K S aiituaturo la on cacb box. Uu.
Most people find fault with their
neighbors In order to get even with
neighbors who find fault with them.
Lewi"' Pinsle Binder coats more than
other ic cigar, r-inokcru know wliv.
Your dealer or 1-ewie' Factory, l'eoris, lit
Many a man smacks of freshness,
but freshness gets no smacks.
Uiom ugly, grizzly, (ray hair., tla "
Special Trains Leave
Manitoba, Saskatchewan
and Alberta Homesteads.
Canadian Government representatives will
accompany this train through to destination.
For certificate entitling cheap rates, litera
ture and all particulars, apply to
J. S. CRAWFORD, No. 125 W. Ninth Street, Kansas City, Missouri, or
C J. BR0UGHT0N, Room 430, Quincy Building, Chicago, Illinois.
$1,000.00 REWARD ! Jr. :;;',:."i :,"""'-
in tin GULF COAST COUNTRV IN SOUTH TEXAS. . niir Kynv" ni .kj '.or cri- . .1 '.-m
. i,, .,,n.i i.rr n. :r .ml twn nr Hurt. rn! a v. ar. SUFFICIENT RAINFALL. PRODUC
TIVE SOILS. ARTtSIAN WELLS. HEALTHFUL CLIMATE. No lllirratil. in m,i l ,.ni,:tr
liter in llir Tan Ii.iihIIp. I. ami ..-li NHW II f I4.' It" lis in li I a-r r. on t-J"T l.-I Ins. UKIlh'IO
liAVtn I Kl K I.I I 1 RA I t'KK and I A I I-ST I I XAS MAI' Ailvriluini I rm I in'-nt l
ethor oa.
. One IOC BICKago COiart in nsflra. ma? o?n in coiowarar Denar man anvoiner an. Toucanow
Horn to Oif, Blotch ano Mil Color. MOM0OK Otua CO.. Unlonvtllm. mimtour.U
FotltlrrlT curril by
these Liltlo Tills.
TnrT also relicts Dis
tress from Drsprpsla. In-
dlRi-atlon aad Too Beany
Eating. A perfect rem
edy tor DUzlncss. Katiif a.
Drowsiness, Dad Taale
In tho Mouin. Coated
Ttrairua. Pain In tne side,
regulate the Bowels. IMrel; Vegetable.
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Simila Signature
A Positive
Ely's Cream Balm
la quickly abaerbatf.
fiiaa Reliel St Ones.
It clcaiws, soothes,
heals and protects
the diseased membrane. It cures Catarrh
anddriTesaway a Cold in tbolicad quickly.
Ilestores tho denies of Tonte and fcjtnull.
Fall size CI) eta. at Druggist or by mail;
Trial size 10 cts. by mail.
Ely Urothers, 5S Warren Street, Kow Tort
Headaches and
Trial aelllelSc Uanimni
other aun:tiee only U ounree eame price enil
Pll ICI1BHII Irritated Farma. Bit-new
llALIr UnnlH mi aued ran. I. Only M
t(aa ata, aiwilt law O'tarrel a , Sa Tiaanlmn,
ri -
h -jSlTTLfc
an npfcaaas
Chicago, March 19th,
in rt ..rt.IT for ..la .t lha Inwaal prl tT
a. i . iklumu rk araraa to., i aj, a.m. ii. , cakas.
of life. In girls (at about 13), or
vomen (at about 45), requires
the help of a pure, strengthening,
tonic medicine, to carry them
over the critical period and en
sure their continued strength and
for over SO years, has been a most
successful medicine for relieving
pain, strencthenlng the womanly
organs and regulating the func
tions. Purely vegetable, non-intoxicating,
harmless and reliable.
Try it.
At all Druggists c
WBITF. lor Free Advice, statins
sf and ileM-nhiiiK your symptoms, to
Ladie Advisory IVpU, CliHtlanuoss
Medicine Co.. Cballuiooga. 'lenu.
c nnn 'I'Hnnnoi
uUUU 0 Ta,iwy thi
yvmr have ornrl up a
larRCty lncrrrd lerrt
tifcv to I be t)rofCtriiv
farmrrt of V!tietn
CaniKlR Bud ttie (.Of
ernmrnt of llie I'omiw-
SIXTY ACRES FREE lo every rtllcr.
Cnal. wood and water In abundance; churches
and achiiolacnnreilient: markets eaey ol acree
taira low; climate Ihe bent intlie nnttliern tem
perate tone. Ua aiidoriler ireeailaevery where.
For advice and information addreea the
Ottawa. Canada, or any authorized Canadiaa
Government Agent.
J. S. CRAWFORD, No. 12S W. Niiilb Street,
Kaaiae City, Mi.ioari, ar C. J. BR0UG11T0N.
Room 430, Quiacy Baildmf, Cbicajo, Illinois.
B-nd lor FHKB HlKlKt.KT and learn whe.
Mll.ll II. aThVKNM A CO., KKI llth HI.. Wa.f.
liiKton. D. C Hraucbaaali-'hiuMrn.t-4Tflnd
and Ootrolt. rlTAlil.lstlKli net
i libllOIVll Wuhlngtun. 11. U
r aw Sucosssfully Froacoutea Claim.
Late Principal Kaamlner U. S. Peaalon Uoreav.
A. N. KB
tl.OO. retail.

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