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XLhc jfarmington fttmcs
IYhmshkd Every Friday by
THOS. II. STAM. I.. K. ri-l-KS. l'lULIl' S. COM-.
l'resiilcnt. Vice rrrsiilcnt. Sec'y ami Trras.
TU !:.. I). l'lSHKR, lulitor and lliisiuos Maimer.
The jury for liny wood's trial,
lioRini on the i'tli at I'.oi.M', Idulio,
lias not yet been i-oinpli'U'il. ill
llioiit;li ovi'f 11 Ir.itiilivd vciim-men
Iniw lu't'ii cxiiiiiini il. It is pru
ilii'lnl linwevi-r. llml the liitlli'lil-
in K
of talesmen will I"! Iitnslieil i
Saturday and that t!
sworn Monday.
jury will In-
A story was recently seiint out
trom Lincoln, NelunsKa, to the
effect that Mr. Itryiin informed his
friends that he would decline the
Democratic nomination for I'resi
dent if Mr. ltoosevelt were the
Republican Doniiiii-e; that Mr.
ICoosevelt more neiirly represented
the policies he had stood for than
anv other man. The slorv wns nli-
Mird on its face, Imt Mr. Bryan
telt impelled in an i.iithoiied in-
terview to deny the anonymous
lubrication. While Mr. Uoostvelt
has in a half-way measure stood
lor some of the reforms advocated
by Mr. Bryiin and set forth in the
Democratic platform, the two men
are as wide apart in the essential
principles of government as the
Senator Philander Knox, former
Attorney (icueral of President
Roosevelt, now comes forward as
Pennsylvania's favorite son for the
Republican nomination for Presi
dent, and Mr. Roosevelt is patting
him on the back. The supporter
of Secretary Tuft, whom Mr.
Roosevelt has led the country to
believe is the one man whom he
would have for his successor, don't
know what to make of the Presi
dent's flirtation. As Senator Pen
rose, the man whom the President
accused of being the principal pro
moter of the alleged ..",0(MI,(KI(
conspiracyto thv art his plans, is
backing up the Knox movement,
the apparent friendliness of the
President towurd his candidacy is
till the more puzzling. Is he mak
ing termB with the "live-million
The newjprimary law, by which
all candidates for State and district
offices in Missouri will be nomi
nated by the several parties on the
same day, will create a novel polit
ical condition in this State. No
more conventions; no more county
mass meetings, packed and other
wise, to name delegates to divers
conventions; no more trades and
combinations, but a direct vote of
the people for the candidates as
piring for the several offices. It
will be a big undertaking for the
candidates to get over the State
and makejtheinselves known to all
the voters. Heretofore they could
visit the counties, enlist the servi
ces of affew active local manipu
lators of county conventions or
moss meetings to get out their
friends and look after the selection
of delegates, secure instructions,
et cetera; they could take to the
conventions with them a lot of
"fuub" to circulate utnong other
delegates and waft their superior
qualifications or claims upon the
party, create sentiment and do a
little trading and fixing here and
there when necessary. But all
this and the little tricks and se
ductive ways kuown to the expe
rienced convention eoer must now
retire t "innocuous desuetude"
and give place to other and less
i'umiliur devices. The voters as
individuals are to be reckoned with;
aud the tickets of the several par
ties are to be nominated on the
same day and at the same election
The first crucial primary under
the new law will be held on the
second Tuesday of August, 1908.
There is no doubt that it will prove
interesting because of its newness
and strangeness in the matter of
nominating candidates for State
offices," but whether it will prove
more satisfactory than the State
convention plan remains to be
At tlii' regular session of the
Iji'Cislntuif ii joint a 11 il coniMirri'iit
resolution whs uisscd submit! inn
to tin; people tor ratification or re
iMi-tifin ill flu, iii'Vt m.itiiful i.li.otii.n
a constitutional amendment known
as the "Initiative mid Kefereii
duni." It is a uestioii of much
interest to the people, and they
should begin lit onee to btudy and
inform themselves of the meaning
and working of the initiative and
referendum principle in the making
of laws for their government. It
is a cluck upon corrupt mid venal
enactments, and is in the nature of
direct legislation by the people
when the representatives who have
lieeti elected to make their laws
fail to carry out their will,
simple mid easily understood
It is
1'ndcr the Initiative feature, if
the representatives refuse or fail
to pass any law demanded .by the
people, the hitter may enact such
law by a direr) t vole of the electors,
provided there is u sufficient de
mand tor the law to cause a certain
percentage of the iiulilied voters
to petition for its submission. Then
if u majority of the electors of the
State vote for the measure, it be
comes n law.
But probubly the most important
feature is the Referendum. Jf the
Legislature passes a bill that is ob
noxious to the people, they may
within a certain time, before the
date when the law would go into
efTect, by the petition of a certain
per centage of the electors have it
submitted to a vote of the people,
and if it fails to receive a majority
vote of the i-lectors, the law is
killed; that is, it is vetoed by the
This is a plain, Rimple statement
of the working of the initiative
and referendum. Not every law
passed by the Legislature is re
ferred to the people for their op
proval; only such as the people
mav petition to have referred. It
gives them a check on bad legisla
tion, and is a wholesome principle,
fully in accord with our system of
government. Several States have
the initiative and referendum, aud
it works well. We shall publish
articles from time to time on this
subject, and help the readers of
The Timks as much as we can to
become acquainted with the work
ings of the system.
Miss Clarkson of Charleston visited
Mis Urace High Icy last week.
ltov. Kuffner was the guest of Mr.
anil Mrs. J. B. Ilighlcy vu Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Waters are
spending their vacations at New
Dr. Kuh.' will aihlresi tho
Kond Y. M. C. A. at DuSoto
Sunday afternoon.
Mr. nnil Mrs. tico. Wood, attend
ants, have moved lu Deslogo, where
.Mr. Wood lias accepted a posilion.
Kev. Oweta conducted lliu service
last Sunday. The choir with a cornet,
piano and clarionet furnished excellent
Mrs. Cray, Matron, has giina on a
two week's vacation. Sho will visit
her daughter1, Miss (Gladys, at Sikeslon,
and her home in New Madrid.
The Hoard at the Inst monthly meet
ing directed the Steward to purcliaso
tbruo females ami one male of the
World's Fair prize-winning Holstcin
frlesscr herd from the cclcbiulcd Hill
crest farm, (ireenwood, Mo.
Wouldn't it he a great convenience
to know the exact lime at any time
during the day without referring to
your watch or clock? The town
clock would keep you posted, Who
will be the first to send in a foO check,
or bow many will send in $25 checks?
All speak at once.
Tbere seemed to be an cpidctuio of
jail deliveries In Southeast Missouri
last week. The Wayne county jail
bad three prisoners escape on the 14 th,
and it Is evident that several new jails
are oeedod In this section.
Jim Harris of the Oooley-Harris Feud
Episode Shot Through the Body
by Joe Gould.
I.ust Saiiiiilny night Jim Hutiis,
who figurcii in the DohI). Harris fued
ut Hop Kun seve'ul years ago, entered
North's suluon ill Klvins mix bci!:in
disturbance. ,lou (iotilil. who wn
leudiiig bai, advised him lo deil and
finally ordered him out of the liuu-e,
lulling liim if he liidu't Innve he wool,
pill Inui nut. Iln nilvuiieed Unnuil
Harris, who st-ulcd In ilnw his gun,
but i i u lil gut hit in anion lust ami
shot Harris llimugli llo- lid arm. Har
ris iiiriii"! to gi't nut ol tiie door, uhen
Could tired a second shot, the ball sti is.
ing Harris just ubnve the right hip and
passing through bis bowels. it is -aid
thai (inuld emptied bis revolver, when
Karris turned uu him and fired billing
Gould in the rigln hip. It is ihmight
inui Harris' bowels weie perfnratd by
the ball thill passed through bis body,
and thai he will die, although he was
still alive Thursday morning. He is
now under indictment for killing Dan
iel Sparks in l'.'Ui, and is considered
a bad man.
At the adjourned term of CoiiiHy
Court May lii-17. the following busi
ness was transacted :
Dramshop liceusi;
John Craft.
was granleil to
W. M. Smith presented receipt o
County Treasurer fnrS'lOS contributed
by himself and others for improve
ment of Wesley (.'Impel road, and the
court appropriated a like amount out
of the county' rond fund for same pur
pose, and appointed Judge Smith us
supervisor iu the expenditure of said
money, lie gave bond ns such supei
visor fur tOOO.
Assessment of real cstato of J. Hoss
was changed from 81.12 acres to
(M l 2 acres, section 18, township 84,
range i, account of sales from original
The court corrected its order of
May 11th in regard to appropriations
for road improvement to read as fol
lows: For Flat Itlver road between
Ihc Inliiinary and Flat Kiver, $l,.'i(j(';
for iiurnhuuj ford road south of river,
if 200; for sumo north of river, SI 00:
for fionno Terra road between Dig
river and the overhead bridge, :uiO;
for Jackson road vast of Farniitigioii,
S2UU, unil same near ltuek creek
bridge, $100.
Court awarded contract to Joseph
Mueller for placing 225 yards nf
macadam on Jackson road cusi of
Furniington at $l.'Ju per cubic yard,
to be completed on or before August
The court loaned J. C. Williams
Jti,200 belonging to county school
fund and HU0 belonging to school
fund of school township No. Ill, with
real estate and personal security, at
live per cent Interest.
Louis J. Couch, constable of Itig
Kiver township, tiled' bis bond, which
was approved.
George F. Wcstover was appointed
superintendent of rock roads at com
pensation of $3.00 per day.
K. K. Hawn filed bond as superin
tendent of expenditure of appropria
tion tor Flat Kiver road between In
firmary and Flat Kiver, which was ap
proved. Petition of It. C. l'igg and others
for new road was continued to June
V. M. Smith, sunt, roada f jio oo
Mrs, V. I. Moore, support of
Nannie Clnv ,c on
FarmiiiL'ton Mercantile Co 10 oo
J, J. Crokc, transporting Arthur
1 hotupsoii trout St. Louis i.-til ii so
Dr. W. 1 Kuhn, Supt. State
Hospital No. 4. 65 oo
A. . Altera, County School Com. 40 70
J. S. Jnruagiu, support of Mrs.
Rock i s 00
D. Mitchell, judge 40 00
. W, Covington, Judge 42 00
C. M. lleitmnii, judce 42 00
J.J. Cruke, sheriff 16 00
Part of the' ten new calcines are
being tested and put into opera
tion and tie company will soon
have twenty calcine furniieee in full
blast here. The completion of
these furnaces means, of course,
the employment of nn additional
large number of men, and the op
eration of twenty furnuces should
give outsiders some idea of the
development of the great Lead-
wood district. Lead wood ISanner.
There Is a movemeut ou foot to In
duce the St. Louis Young Women's
Christian Association to locate in Farru
ington for the summer if suitable
quarter? cau be secured. The mem
bers will visit here in sections (or a
week or two of rest from work.
Carleton College and the president's
bouse are being considered, and. we
hope that the Association will be able
to make suitable terms.
The Illoomficld Vindicator says It
wants to put the number 23 00 the
Hidden Hand show which appeared
there last week, sod says It is the
worst that ever struck that town. .
To Give i Musicals
The ladies of the Itupiist Church as
listed by oilier local talent, are prepar
ing to give a musicals Home lime in
Juno, ft is the intention to make this
one of the most enjoyable nflairs of lli
summer season in Kariningtoti, and to
this end local musicians have promised
to lend their assistance to the ladies"
and co-operate iu making the affair n
Definite announcement of the dale
will be made ns soon as possible.
Watch fur it, secure your tickets early,
and in i aiigo to attend. Theie w ill be
voeul and instrumental solus, violin
solos, quartettes, duels, readings, drills,
and ntber pit asing features. I he pro
gram, now in process ol pi e at . it ion,
will be varied and pleasing, having
I .something of e-peciiil interest to each
ouu who attends. Watch for tin date.
Band Concert
Those who went to the Opcis House
Tuesday night expecting to enjoy a
musical treal were not disappointed by
the J. II. Craves Military lland ot Due
Kun. Kucli number was given in I he
most perfect manner and several were
most hvartily encored. The soloists
were the Harrow brothers on Ibo trom
bone and Karl lliigermiiu on the clar
inet, and they wero nil artists. Dr.
(Jraves is justly very proud of every
one of bis members, and the band is
rapidly iicqiiiriug a wide lepulittion.
Helen, the little livc-year-old daughter
of Dr. Craves, recited two little child
ish selections iu a most charming man
ner, uud was heartily applauded 'The
concert wits a social and liiiiincinl suc
cess, as there was a very large crowd
New Madrid Delegation.
The following persons went to New
Madrid Wednesday with the primary
object of bringing the Drummers Con
vention lo Kariningtoti in l'.'oH, ind
the secondary one ot having a barrel
of fun. They were Misses Mary and
Margaret Noland, Messrs. Ed Nolnnd,
(icorge Wilson, Willurd ltyiugton,
frank Uyinglon, Phil Shaw, Harry
Shaw, A, J. Leathers, lias Moore, J.
II. Jones, Dave Heidelberg, Philip
(iood, Gus l'elty, Judgo Mayberry,
Judge Tullocb of llisuuirck, John Cleve
of Hat Kiver, and Tom Masterson of
Doc Kun. Tho button worn was in
the drummers' colors, red and green,
carrying the inscription "Farniingtoii
wants you iu l'JUH."
The DcSoto public school pupils
study literature by the aid of a store
opticon and pictures are given from
lliu b inks under discussion. The re
cent bonks wero "Cricket ou the
Hearth" and "Kvangcline." It is a
method worthy of imitation, for then
is no better way of impressing a story
on the minds of children than by pic
tures of events.
Voting K.mmou and James L. Pritch
ell of Kipley county, who lire several
miles apart, heard a wild turkey in the
woods, and each one decided to cap-1
turo it. As they went through the I
woods each imitated the cull of the
turkey, and as they approached each '
oilier very slowly, finally Pritchetl ;
caught sight of something moving inj
tho brush and shot, fatally Injuring
Kmmons. After the body was found,
the jury exonerated Pritcbctt, consider
ing the act accidental,
Calvin Lambert of Ccuterville, while
out walking with his wife on the 12th,
pulled out his pistol for tbe purpose
of committing suicide. His wife at
tempted to take the pistol from him
and in the sc utile tho weapon was
discharged and hit her, inflicting a
wound that will probably be fatal.
The Singor Sowing Maebine Com
pany is seeking a Southeast location,
and somebody has been asking what
the people of Fredcricktown will give
for tho location. As alt the advantages
of low rent and taxes will benefit tbe
Company, they ought to be glad to
locate any place.
It does not take much to make Pop
lar llluff rejoice, A shirt factory with
ton machines, to employ fifteen peo
ple, Is to be established there by a
Springliuld firm. Stock is being sold
40 the town people to have them tako
an Interest in if.
The Only Strietly Farmers' Supply House
In St. Francois County.
Anything the Farmer Needs You Can Find -Here.
Have just received Carload of Crescent Wagonst and have on hand
full line of Cultivators (one and two-horse), Check Rowers, Corn Drills,
Breakinrr Plows, Disc Harrows, and everything he farmer may need,
even to Hardware and Ready Prepared Paints.
We Keep Repairs for Any . flower That's Made.
' Two Carloads of Fertilizer Now on Hand.
Big Clothing Sale!
We have about 200 suits in
Hen's, Boys and Children's Cloth
ing that must be closed out in
the next 60 days. And in order
to do this we have marked most
of them to about half the regular
price. This will be the greatest
sacrifice clothing sale ever held
in Farmington. For good up-to-date
clothing it will certainly pay
anyone in need of a suit to at
tend this sale. All marked in
plain figures.
St. Francois County Bank,
Farmington, Mo. Postoffice Opposite. .
CAPITAL $30,000.00. SURPLUS $10,000.00.
A conservatively managed, safe, strong bank, fully pro
tainable. Following is a condensed statement of con
dition at the close of business March 22, 1907:
Loans and Discounts.... i2i,020.S8
liank lluilditig and Fix
tures 6,650.00
Cash 011 hand and iu St.
Louis Hanks 42,100.46
Total f'"0,77i.j.
THOMAS II. STAM, President. . E. H. SWIXK, Vice-President.
J. IS. COVER. Cashier.
Complete fneilities for handling cheeking uecouuts of individmils,
firms and corporations,
Savings Accounts,
Time Deposits,
Bank Money Orders,
Foreign Exchange.
For those who find it inconvenient to come to the bank, we main
tain facilities for handling their account BY MAIL. Just as
easy, just as safe to bank by mail as to come to the bank.
Merrill Pipkin,
Real Estate,
Loan and
Ollice over St. Francois County Hunk
l'HONK No. 67.
Capital Stock paid in... f 50,000.00
Surplus and Profits io,27h.67
Individual and Time l)e-
po"'' 126,5139.)
Due Hanks 1,500.00
Cashier's Checks 3,4711.74
Total 170,771.34
lTi:i.I)ING McCORMICK, Asst. Cashier.
Dealer In all Kinds
of Farm flachinery
and Supplies.

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