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" Consulted Several Physicians, tut
they Did Me No Good. l'e-ru-na
and Man-a-lin Helped Me."
is: w . $ i
Mm. Aline IWame, 770 E. ltBtb. Bu,
Rcw York, N. Y.. writ:
"It pivcs mo iili'imuro to tc-stlfy to the
curative qualities of i'cruiia untl Muna
lin. "I win uffllctcil for over acvon jcum with
catarrh of the head, throat anil digest
lie organs. 1 cmiKultcil many phyaidaus,
but they (tul mo no irnod.
"Ono duy 1 huppcidl to rc.nl aomo tcs
t irnon iikl n In your I'cruim ulin.timc. 1
dcculcil to try I'oriiim iiml Muuiilin. 1
hiiunlit u boil I" of each, mid ufU'i' Inking
them for a wo k I untied u I'luiifc fur
tho belter, rio I kept it up, nml niter
uimif? twelve bottled 1 wua perfectly
"I tilo rnvo tlio medicine to my chl!
dren uuil tlicy hail tlm mime lieurti.-l.il
ri'Milt. I would never be without these
reuieilles in trie hoime.
"1 hirhly nu n n, mend l'eruna riml
Manulln to all my friends, und lu fact
to even liodv."
Miss Mildred (trey, 110 M'cimur pt.,
Appleton, Wis, ivri'cs:
"It plv(?H too pleusuro to reconiniciul
rvrimii for eutiinli of the stMn:u-li. I
bad this din-tiie for u number of years,
and toiild nut enjoy a inouthlnl ot lood
11. at 1 lite. It wan indeed u crcui relief
when I hit upon l'eruiiu. nud nlituincd
Ueenled r"ult from Mio llrst. I took six
bottlei. b( loro I leit eutirciy cured of tuy
trouolo, but I had an uitrruvatcj case."
Pure White Lead
is the Natural
Paint Pigment
Co in pou ndf
arc being
ottered to take
the place of
white Irid as
a paint, but no
real substitute
for it hat yet
Iwen found.
Pure White
Lead hat a
property of
with the wood
upon which it Is used added to (hit
it hat an elaiticity which permit the
paint to follow the natural expansion
and contraction of the wood. Pure
White Lead (with it full natural te.
nacity and elasticity, unimpaired by
adulterants, alone fulfills all the re
quirements of the ideal paint. Iwery
keg whit h Ixars the Hub h Hoy trade
mark is poiitivcly guaranteed to lie ab
solutely Pure
White Lead
made by the Old
Dutch I'rocesi.
1yw v.ln.l.it, InO'r-
SM Umrt (At. Mrs, upm imjbm.
n whlehtrtr o rk folio
4mg ttlut u nianit yomt
IfowTnrl, Dorton. BuS.lo, Clmlnd,
CinoltiDjll. (InloMO. Hi. Iinli. I'hll.
t.ll,bi. I.lohn T Lent, a Bn. Cv.li flu.
Imrsk th.Uoul Lc& a oil Qo.
Corned Bee!
Is R mild etired and perfectly
cooked corned Beef, and carefully
packed in Llbby's Great White
Kitchcna. It is prepared aa care
fully aa you would make it in
your own kitchen.
It has the charactcriatlca and
delicious flavor of the right kind
of corned beef.
For Oulek Bervtae. Llbby's Corned
Beef, cut into tlun alK'e. arranged on a
(f plattsr sod i'armthed with Libia's Chow
fc Chow makes a tempt.
r.r, Ji -tacuCwrt Ing dish lor luncheon,
rlji, - - d dinner or supper.
Aatl 7 ariose for
l.lokrs tut
mp siu Likkr
It removM th rmaM.
ool he t ha mtrwtn mua
cclMTvm tb3 ache and
tlM. 1 1
aMirra all
hdachea and f.vurato'fa alao - No bad
efUua. 10o( dSc n4 fide bottle. (UOlTi.)
t live : 5TorK and ri CPTDnTVDCC
fl In trmt mttof fnr pal at tha tnwa-t prffM Ity
nnmi starch
Derar aMek
la lit Irwu
clnanciert. and Politicians of To-Day
Differ Little in Character from
Thcae Who were Prominent In
Andrew Jacktcn'a Time.
In lodlilitr; baric nt our Industrial
and fln.iml;il bli(,iy It is lntc:f st tiq
and niiiy lu prulltablo to know thai In
tlii'tu was Kicat ln'oajHTity, f.ipo
fially In New York city. Tile diary
lf Philips liicio. who was luaynr of
New Yoi-k In IM'rt, (leni-iibi-s thai pros
pority as ln-liiu bcyoiul all funiior i
limplcS. l(l'(-(l!lip;illo.l by lilj;!! ,,.).;
ss;-Ih !t.nli (lintlile. ;uod prift-.i !.
a:ii; lc croia, lu fact, p'in:i prci.ror
tty. Two years later I'ri.wdctit .lack-(!-iii
was In I he midst of bin viKnr.ms
war nsraltist :o 1'nltcil Stales bank
;ii(iiiMily. Nicholas lildiilc, the pici
(tent of that bank, was the cnir
llnancici" of his day, and lie nut mil.
aimed to control the financial aftai.s
of tin- country, but its politics al. n,
for be attempted to defeat the retinci
Illation of (len Jackson In lSIia mil
Hie nomination of .Martin. Van llii!.;i
to be bis BiicceBHor. In 1S3S. 11. ;h
niieaks of lll-itilviKi'd action of
picslflent In reniovlnr; the Bovcrntn nt
tlcpoHlfH from the I'nlted States bank,
which lio sultl prodtirod un uwf.
scarcity of nioncy, stocks declined
Kreatly In value, p . n December of
that year he upeai.. of n panic pn
vailltiK and as times helim "gravely
ha:d." Ciamblinp In storks, he sas.
"has been carried on by brokers to n:i
extent (ilspraceful to the character of
the city." He speaks of speculators
hcIIIiir stocks "to the amount of mil
lions without omtiiiK a dollar of the
stocks, betting It v.-ould fall and th -:i
Inking pains by every kind of lyln.!
mid chicanery to Injure tin; reputatioa
of the stock that he may win." The
bears of the Wall street of those days
eiilinty hail the bulls by the thu-at
and were making thetn bellow for the
tltnp belnt;.
flllt In tile In InnltiK of 1 S 5 the
bill" Were on top a;;aln and there wis
reicwed piosperlly and Hpertilation
In proKi'i'Ks. Hone speaks of the hlith
prices prevalliiiK for rents utul oni
lunrlilles ami the Increased cost of liv
lm:. "The raw lor siieeulatlon In
binds In Look Island," be says, "Is onr
:-f the bubbles of the day." lie triU
us of Abraham Heliermet born ns hav
ing n fnnn of 17o acres, three tulles
from Itrooklyn, which he bad offered
for f IS.fMK) four years before and Ii(v
sold for $Il!,(tun. Two years later, in
1S37, however, the boom burst and
lots which sold at 1480 were then
worth but ISO. That was In April, and
on May 10 tho New York banks had
suspended specie payments.
There Is a grout similarity between
those times and now. Andrew Jack
son was somewhat a prototype of The
odore Koosevolt, they are both of the
strenuous type and President lloose
vent, like Gen. Jackson, Is hardly sat
isfied without having a light, on hand
with some one. The parallel Is com
plete enough even to the fact that
both were mixed up In a controversy
with Indies of great political ambition,
for while (Jen. Jackson had his Pegty
O'Nell. President Koosevelt has had
his Maria In the Ktorer episode, only
there Is this great difference, for while
the chivalrous Jackson stood by the
woman In the case, even to the point
of disrupting his cabinet, President
Koosevolt felt compelled to denounce
the political activities of Mrs. Storer.
Will the parallel hold good In the
collapse of the boom and a resulting
depression In the price of real er.tnte?
Will President noosevelt bo nble to
name his successor to the presidency,
ns Juckson did with Van Huron, after
he had broken down the polltlml ma
chine of his pnrly and created n icr
sonal machine that he was able to tie
qucath to Ills successor? Will Presi
dent Roosevelt prevail, ns Get Jack
son did, or will the palnllel be Incom
plete by the stalwart wing of the Ile
piibllcnn party controlling the next Re
publican national convention?
Whether poor cropu and tight money
will cause a collapse of the present
boom Is Impossible to say until the
crop (luestron Is settled. We are now
doing business on a ten to one basis
that is the banks of the country only
hold one dolinr in cash for ever $10
they owe their depositors. It will not
take much to upset such an Inverted
pyramid and a grent many more things
may happen nowadays than In (len.
Jackson's time. There are Indications
that the far-seeing frenled financiers
have sold or are selling their specula
tive holdings and the retirement from
active business of such masters of
finance as J. P. Morgan and Rocke
feller and Rogers and Stlllmnn looks
to be a warning for other people to
take heed before the next financial
eruption occurs. Of course, when a
boom collnpses somebody holds the
bag ar these Bee their property melt
away In falling pi Ices for lack of buy
ers. Those who are out of debt will
weather the storm, If they can pay
taxes and get along with reduced In
comes for a while. Hut those who are
In debt when the pinch comes will
suffer great losses and many will lose
their all.
We do not know that Nicholas Did
dle brought on the panic of 18.13 to
Injure the prestige of Gen. Jackson,
but we can well Imagine the present
disgruntled frenzied financiers allow
ing tho speculative markets to sag,
and the Republican machine politi
cians aiding them to defeat the Dem
ocrats as they have done on former
occasions. It Is comparatively easy
to produco a "rich man's panic" to
frighten the voters by an appeal to
their Dockets.
Cets Sentry Call Twisted When Dia
lled by Commander.
A drummer sometimes rets his or
dcts twisted, but never quite so badly
as tho "rookey" I saw down at Chick
arituiiga when the troops were being
mastered In for tho Spanish-American
war. Buys a traveling man In the BL
Louis I'ost-Dlspatch.
This boy. freib from St. Louis, was
on the way to the front und proud of
It. He hud his first assignment to
guard duty and lie had been carefully
Instructed ua to calling "Who goes
The officer In command of tho dl
vl.foii wan a dl .iillied martinet. The
"rookey" had never seen him. About
ml'lnllit the generul came homo from
S reception In town. He was all fixed
up In bin di ss ti gs and he was the
rswilli.-t thing the new guard ever
Fiiv.-. As the i-'riinal passed his post
the buy gazed tit him open-mouthed.
Just In time he remembered he was
exported to say something- So ha
jasi -eel:
"There goes who?"
Hands Cracked and Bleeding Nail
Came Off of Finger Cutlcura Rem
edies Drought Prompt Relief.
"I had eczema on my hands for
sbcut eleven cars. The hands crack
ed open In inuiiy Places und bled (ine
of my fltiHcru was En bad that the nail
camo off. I had tried so many rem
edies, und they ull had failed to cure
mo. I had seen three doctors, but got
no relief. Finally I got a cake of Cutl
cura Soap, a box of Cutlcura Ointment
and two In tth's of Cutlcura Ketulvent
Pilla. Of eniiise 1 keep Cutlcura Soap
all tho time fur my hands, but the one
cake of Snap and half a box of Cuti-
emu Oititniet.t cured them. I recom
mend the Cutlcura Keni'dies to all
suffering with eczema. Mrs. VMr.a A.
I Wilpv. It F. U. No. 2, Llscomu, la,,
Oct. IS, UHiO."
Minister's Fall Significant In View of
Previous Words.
In n ni:':ill Hunch in one of the min
im; towns of P. ntisylvania was a pul
pit both ntitlvi i' and utiliile. It was
about the sl.e and shape of a flour
barrel, was elevated from the floor
about four fee, and wus fastened to
the wall. The ascent was by narrow
winding steps.
A minister from a neighboring town,
a man of great vigor and vehemence,
preached there one Sunday. Whlls
preaching he bent forward and Bhout
ed out with great force the words of
his Jrxt:
"The righteous shall stand, but the
wicked shall fall."
Just us these words escaped from
his lips, the pulpit broke from Its
fastening, and he fell out and rolled
over on the floor before his congre
gation. In an instant be was on his
feet iignln und said:
"Hrethren, I am not hurt, and I
don't mind the fall much, but I dc
hate tho touuectiou."
The Untold Agonies of Neglected Kid
ney Troubles.
Mrs. James French, CT. AVelr Street,
Tuuntuu, Mass., says: "When I began
using Itonu's Kid
ney Pills 1 was so
run down und mis
erable that I could
hardly endure It.
Terrible pulns In
the buck attacked
me frequently and
the kidney secre
tions wero much
disordered. I was a
nervous wreck and
there seemed no hope. Deny 'a Kid
ney Pills brought my first relief and
six boxes l ave so thoroughly cured
and regulated my kidneys that there
bus beeSi no return of my old trouble."
Si. hi by all dealers. !0 cents a box.
Foster Mllburn Co., Iluffulo, N. Y.
Buildings for Canal Workers.
The federal government has put up
four buildings on the canal zone and
put ietn In clojirge of tho Young
Men's Christian Rssc.-latlon. They
will he used as men's clubs for the
workmen on the Panama canal. Four
other similar buildings are to go up in
tho near future.
Py following tho directions, which
are plainly printed on each package of
Delianco Starch, Mn's Collars and
Cuffs can be made Just as stiff as de
sired, with either gloss or domestic
finish. Try It, 1C oi. for 10c, sold by
all good grocers.
A Success.
"Do you think airships will ever ha
a success?"
"They're a success now. A Toledo
man made 180,000 out of them last
year without taking the ship out of
ths tenL" Detroit Free Press.
Lewis' Single Binder costs mora than
other 5c cigars. Srnnkcra know why.
Your dealer or Lewis' Factory, Peoria, 111.
Porta of the Human Skin.
Every Inch of the human akin con
Ulna 3,000 perspiration pores.
Save the Babies.
INFAjTT MORTALITY is something frightful. We can hardly realize that of
all the children horn in civilized countries, twentytwo per cent., or nearly
one-qnarter, die hefore they reach one year; thirtyseven per cent., or more
than one-third, before they are five, and one-half before thoy are fifteen
We do not hesitate to say that a timely use of Castoria would save a ma
jority of theso precious lives. Neither do we hesitate to say that many of these
infantilo deaths are occasioned by the use of narcotic preparations. Drops, tinctures
and soothing syrups sold for children's complaints contain moro or less opium, or
morphine. They are, in considerable quantities, deadly poisons. ' In any quantity
they stupefy, retard circulation and lead to congestions, sickness, death. Castoria
operates exactly the reverse, but you must sco that it bears tho signaturo of
Chas. H. Fletcher. Castoria causes tho blood to circulate properly, opens the
pores of the skin and alays fever.
Letters from Prominent Physicians
tf 4 st A m- mtt
addressed to thas. II. rletchcr.
Dr. A. F. Pooler, of BL Louis, Mo., says: "I have prescribed your Cactorla
In many cnttcs and have always found It an efficient and speedy remedy."'
Dr. E. Down, of Philadelphia, Pa., nays: "I havo prescribed your Cac
torla In my practice for many years with great Batlsfactloa to myself anil
benefit to my patients."
Dr. Edward Tarrkh, of Brooklyn, N. T., says: "I have used your Cas
toria In my own household with good results, and have advised several
patients to use it for Its mild laxatlvo effect and freedom from harm."
Dr. J. D. Elliott, of New York City, says: "Having during the past six
years prescribed your Castoria for ir.fantlio stomach disorders, I most
heartily commend Its use Tho formula contains nothing deleterious
to tho moat delicate of children."
Dr. C. C. Errnmie. of Omaha, Neb., says: 'Tour Cantor!.- Is an Ideal
medicine for children, and I frequently prescribe It Vhilo I do not advo
cate tho Indiscriminate use of proprietary medicines, yet Castoria Is un
exception for conditions which arlso In tho caro of chlidrcn."
Dr. J. A. rarkcr, of Kansas City, Mo., says: "Your Castoria holds the
esteem of the medical profession in a manner held by no other proprie
tary preparation, li Is a suro and reliable medicine for infants and chil
dren. In fact, it is the universal household remedy for lufantllo nilmenta."
Dr. II. F. Merrill, of Augusta, Mo., says: "Castoria is ouo of tho very
finest ond most remnrkablo remedies for infauts and children. In my
opinion your Castoria has snved thousands from an curly crave. I can
furnish hundreds of testimonials from this locality as to Ua efficiency
ond merits."
Dr. Norman M. Ceer, of Cleveland, Ohio, sriyn: "Dtirlnff tho last twelve
years I Lava frequently recommended your Castoria as ono of tho best
preparations of Hie kind, bestig safo In tho hands of parents rtnd very ef
fective In relieving children's disorders, while tho taco with which such
a pleasant preparation can bo administered is a great advantage."
1 Ewi
ALt-OilOL 3 PEH Cl'vr
(tiifj llic Siomaxiis ainlUodsof
ncss and IVsi.Coni.iins npiitw
Opium.Morplunc nor Mineral.!
rsoT Narcotic.
dir.rntfiuMUfeWLUijuai .
. - . 1
ApcnVct Remetly forConslljn
lion . Sour SIomach.!)tarrlca
ncss and Loss OFSLEiP.
Facsimile Signarorr of
Bears the Signature of
ttxoct Copy of Wrapper.
The Kind You Ha?e Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
A Positive
Ely's Cream Balm
is oulcklr sbiorbed.
Gives Relief st Ones. 60c.
Kit Ur B.,MWrrtn St., N. r.
Describing Weather Conditions.
The weutber Is called calm If the
air Is not moving- at more than threo
miles an hour; 34 miles is a strong
breeze, 40 a gule, 7D a storm, and 9
a hurricane.
Shake Into Your Shoes
Allen's Foot-Knur. It cures painful. swollen,
smarting, sweni inc fret. Make new shoes
easy. Sold by nil firunista nml Shoe Mores.
Don't accept suy substitute. Sample Kit KK.
Address A. S. Olmsted, 1 Hoy, N'. V.
To watch tho corn grow or the blos
soms set; to draw hard breath over
ploughshare or spade; to read, to
think, to love these are the things to
ma, men happy. John Russia.
Lewis' Sinsle Minder atraipht Sc. You
pay 10c for ciiini not an Rood. Your deal
er or Lewis' Factory, Peoria, III.
Grass Is green, but an encounter
with a grass widow is apt to render a
man color blind.
Wlnalow'a Sothtnr Hfrsip.
For ebtldrw vmimbs. so'uas tbs fins, rodacar t
flsra git uo.siU7Spla. cams wuUaauu, aaoakuiua.
Once In while the vott.-s get busy
and elect an bonest man. .
" - W"fi '"J:- T'liiiimaMiiSfi a IT "r nil muff
Is Blanke's Name Printed Over the Retail Price on the Face
of Every Package.
np In ulr light, germ-proof packages, all for your protec
tion. Don't buy any old coffee when you rnn buy a paokace
of coffee with the Retail Price printed under IILAN'KE'S
name. Insist on your dealer selling It to you. If ho won't,
write us.
Our TJ. S. Pure Food Law Kuarnntee Is Serial Xo. C409.
C. F. DLAN'KE TEA & COFFEE CO.. St. Louis, Mo.
Branches: New York, Chicago, Kansas City, Minne
apolis and Dallas.
Positively cured by
tbeae Little Pi II a.
They also tpIItb pin
treanfrom PyHprrw-in, In
tl t trrtit ion n ud Too Uir I jr
Eating. A jwrfeet rem
rty fur Dlzzineu, Nu
neat ZuwnlnrM, II ad
Taut in the Mouth,' Cant
Tonpue, i'nin In tua
The regulate, tha owela. Pure I Vegetable.
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Simile Signature
avsasaasasM wi
Pslaal Attn
LO. Ad. In.
A. N. KB : (1907 27)
'd.il. -a i.i
rosiTiva cpsk fo
At very small nprnse you can cure
your work horses' sore shoulders, sore nerkf
or sore barks and not lose a single day's
work. Security Qa II Salvs will do it,,
and after the first application he will ba
out of pain. This ia also (rood policy,,
for he will aurely do more work withous
running; down. If your stork pets cull
from barb wire, or anything else, be sure
and use Security Antiseptic HesJsr. It will
cure a cutrrry quickly. Dealers everywhere.
Security Remedy Co, M-nnaapolis, Minn,
SMd for FtlER BOOKLET asd ssara hr.
mu nariivims oo.,sco uu ai.w.4.
lursnn. II. O- HtSMhsa at ctuasgo. C3sTl.a4
IMtrolt. (XT A blltS SU U44.
caua of tttoM ugly, grlKly, gray hair.. Um "la cAKOLK" HAIR RESTORER. PRICE, tM, retail.

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