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The Farmington times. (Farmington, St. Francois County, Mo.) 1905-1926, September 20, 1907, Image 8

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W ill Kiiikvml went lo Hut Kiv i
i. N. IS.ik.rr .i ' t c n l i' . I ti. l.ii-'in'-- :il
liiunl;i!i' 1 li 'fil tv.
Klinii llu-l,. u( H:il Unci visili'il
Imilll' f jl k- liu-t Suniliiv .
Koy I'n - .i-.l .1 ll.it liiwi v.:i- Link
ing nllrr In- Iiii i iii in- i mil -; - Ihii
Miinliiy. Ml-- ItlJtl'C lilitlritll I- -JH'Inlill :i
lew weeks W illi irhiiiiis II icn.l-
111 I .It Inillliill,
Mi-- Me. Mil) liiul.i-.il! iriiiniiil
Nnni.iv tti'in r .11 njiii'Miii., iv 1 . i r . - -In
,-ili'll li'llllll.'- H Jew In- :i-t Week
i i:inl. ( i ti -n- .it I. if t't.i. 1 1 I-.
i- v i-n n. I... iii 1 1 in' i , Mi-. M 1 1 y I '-.-
'I'll-, 111. 'I h.- -i-ti'l. Mi- .1 I. llll-
M i . an. I All- I; I- M . i li'iiiiin' -unl
il.'iiilii 'i -, Mi--.-- Ill In'! im! K ill", I
I- Clll'l il-ktnlV M, vi-lll-ll .1. W. Ilu
nun fmitiiy Niinil.iy
Si cii-r- nl lilionl 1 1- . I in l.ilirriy
v ill- nl (i !- nl , ami M:-. .I.ihii (iiL-nii
i- -I'liuii-I ill vvi:ii (Jiulii'ti-, mitl ii'it
i-v j ei-l c I I') ui'i'i .
luiliu W. M. Sinilli i- d ung sonic
exi'iillrut wmk mi tlir 1'iail Iroiu Wes
ley (li.iii'l In I lit St Maty's mail.
When I In' .linljo' wuik- a iicio of
Tlirill II j- ll'ltlllll Ul III! llnlll! light.
We Mifjiio-t llmt if Kariuiti'jtnn lia
.iiiiidii'C stork show that thry pri'piirr
belief Ul'l-i lll 111 ill Ml loll - fi.l' till! people.
We ultiMiilml mil! iluy last week ami
stnoil on i li ilumy xli eel until we were
tn. tiri!l In rest, Kt.l.ix
Sudden Attack of Dysentery Cured.
A prominent laily ul llmoklyn, N.
V., unit's In intuitu where she, cnn
uhtaiii C hn.ni Ijit lain 'h l.'ulie, ('Imlciii
ami Oinirlni'i lietneily She snys:
" Wliil..' stopping al a ranch in Smith
I'akniu I hiii taken ill ul what -rrini'il
tu lie rlinli'l a. They gave me stititi u(
lln- 1 1 j 1 1 1 1 1 1 iinil il eiiri'il mi! 1
bnnihij a Lntile home ami have j 1 1 -I
u-i il the la-l lit il tn-ilay. Mnlher whs
liikeu ill nl ilysenlrry ami it hclpcil
her iiiinieiliatelv," For -aln liy K
M l.uaknian.
School upeneil at G'tu li'tiin Ciillcj;
on Mninlay, Sepleinlicr i1, anil thuucli
I lit weather wa- e.vueuilingiy iiicleiiient
the enrollment was in cocss ol the
enrollment lor the llrnl day Inst year
in every ilepai ineiit. The eniollinenl
i- n.it yet complete, inn the fnlhiHintr
posi ollices ure already represented :
i sriuingtuu, .Mulitli'bruuk, Dcl.asiiu,
Flat Kiver, liYlf!iitie, Licking, I'.illon,
Kl. iL l.ii'k, Avon, Illation, c'aliiljhiii,
Hoiinf Torre, Weil Plains, Allunton,
Poe Klin, Leslie. (Ark ). I.ihertyviile,
ironilale, anil H-nrli Vol ijre Sev
eral new sluilcnn u ill te u within ine
next couple ol 'lays
The apt'cial deparluienla under Mn
Woodwell and I'ml. McKerrin ate
ittartin; out ilh the promise ol gen
eral utlvaiieeiiicnl over the work ol
the preceding yea''. .Miss Woiitlwvll i
hus introduced a number of new
tontines that arc of inlt'sest to all the I
school (Icni'iiil physical culliiie in:
the chapel work and geneial chorus
ork fur : he en! ire school are among
the features that are of geneial inter- j
est intetest. j
Tho lollowiug ate among the mote)
idvanced classes that were organized j
nl the beginning ul the vein: lust,
Second Third mid ' Fourth year Latin
clauses, First and Second year (truck,
Firit year lieiuian, Knglish Literature,
(ieomelry. College Algebra and
rhysic.!. All these classes are larger
than usual, and aie exceedingly inter
esting. The Athelelic Association elected
the following uftioera: Henry L. ior
duu. Manager; William 1.. Hunt,
Captain of Football Uud, and Arthur
Huckwoml, Treasurer.
Mist Woodwell is organiiing several
ipecial linen of wuik. Among thee
will bo a male iuartette or two anil
alto a ladies' ijuartctlo.
l'ruf. McFcrrin is arranging for the
organization ol a College orchestra
The first meeting will be held some'
time this week.
The classes in coniuiou branches
are as follows: Arithmetic, Kngli.-h
Grammar, I". S. History, and Ceng
Cures Blood, Skin Uiseases, Cancer,
lireateat diooo runner rree.
If your blood in impure, thin, diit
eed, hoi or full of humors, If you
kave blood poison, cancer, carouiicioc,
estine aores, scrofula, eczema, itching,
finings and bumpn, scabby, pimply
sklu, bone pains, catarrh, rheumatism,
or any blood or skin disease, take Ho
tauio Ulood Balm (li. Ii. I! ) Soon
all sores heal, aches and pain stop
ad the blood is made pure and rich.
IWogglsts or by express $1 per large
kettle. Sample free by writing Blood
Bain Co., Atlanta, Ga. B. B. B. U
specially advised lor chronio, deep
Mated cases, w it cures after all else
The Song
TIktc arc four verses. Verse 1.
Aver's Hair Vigor stops falling
hair. Verse 2. Ayer's Hair
Vigor makes the hair crow.
Verse 3. Ayer's Hair Vigor
cures dandruff. Verse 4.
Ayer's Hair Vigor makes the
sealp healthy, and keeps it so.
It is a regular hair-food ; this
is the real secret of its won
derful success.
The 'ooit kind of a Instimonnil
"Sokl for over nixtv yearn. "
Mdl by J.C Ayr Co., Lowell, Mmh.
a.io mtnuiHiumi or
1 PVQ phis.
If I O Clll.llSV PKTDCAI..
Have yon visiled unr schnoly If
nut, vmi have mil hud th" privilege
ami plra-nie ol seeing an lip tii-ilate
lin-ine-H college in (nil ipernt lull.
( lor entolluient is increasing inpid
ly. The fiillowing liuve unrolled in
the (lav -cli'iul this week: Stanley
Maxwell of llelgisde, Mi-s I'levic
lliiws, 'hii (loud, Clarence Young
and .Mai tin I.alimer ol Funiiiiiglon,
i'.ihI Miss Ida Hand of Flat Kiver.
Others aie expected next vvrk.
Young men a. id young women who
liml it necessary to labor throughout
the ilnv should not forget that we are
conducting a night school on Monday,
Wednesday and Fiiday evenings. The
rale of tuition is very reasonable, and
the same teachers and subjects as in
day school.
Clarence Fairehilds, who was book
keeper for the Schramm Ice Co., re
signed recently to accept a lucialive
position as bookkeeper for the I.iggeti
Meycrs Co. of St. I.oui-.
Mis-es Ine. Sprott mid Minnie (iies
sing, two of ia-l year's graduate-,
were welcome and iiiliie-ied vi-it n
Tuesday ol till- week.
Wendall Hennl, w ho bus been bunk
keeper for the Mat Kiver h'Oliiil Cnhl
Storage Co., Ini- resigned and returned
to school io coiiiplcto his stenographic
com -e.
Licensed to Marry.
Sept. 1 lj: Ii, I hnmns F. Tow iison of
H ii' leire mid Miss Millie Slay
Miupliy ol Valies .Mines.
Huh, I, H Walk!! olid Mi-B Floi
euce I.. SHiuk ol i ai nilligliiii.
loth, l.iiiineit inyard of Hesloge
ami ,Mis I'nima SlcCaiihy of Hull.
lllh. Win K'lininc and Miss Klva
i'r it:c ol I inn-' I'iuii.
1 1th, .lulin W, Cook and Miss Kuiilv
I'ratle ol lloune Terrc.
1 1th, Frank Furs lice of Flat Kiver
and Miss ISirdie l.iichance of Hon Kun.
I'.'ih, Fllis C. Heiihaii) and Miss
Sii.ii! M. Myeis of I.eadwood.
ll'tli, Hen Wuiidruff and .Miss Hob
liie Convvay of I.eadwoijd.
lllh. Fled llighiey and Mi-h (ieilie
Hell ul De-Inge.
liilh, Olio Long and Miss Stella
llenhaiii ol Hoiiiii' Tcrrc.
lith, .lull n Hu-lun of I'. -th it mid
Mi-s Myrtle Huigess of Faruiiiigion.
17lh, Hint Sikes uml Miss i'heresa
.M. Jones of Knob l.ick.
lTih, Willie Feezor and Miss Mag
gie I'utlou of K-ther.
Klb, K K. Hunt and Miss Fihel
l.angley of Doe Kun.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy One of
the Best on the Market
For many years Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy has constantly gained
in favor and popularity until it is now
one of Iho most staple medicines in
use and has an enormous talc. It is
intended especially for .acute throat
and lung diseases, such as coughs,
colds and croup, and can always he
depended upon. It Is picasunl and
sufc lo take and is undoubtedly the
best in the market for the put poses
for which it is intended. bold by IC.
M. I.iiukoian.
Notice Is hereby Klvn that at a meetinK
of Hie I'ouniy lioanl or t-:iutillKiitlnn r st.
Kraueols county, Missouri, for the purpose
of eiiiiultrliiK the assessment of Merchants
uml sluiiuliieturers for Hie purpose of tux
alton tor the year HM7, helil al ihe orMce of
i lie County clerk of the county anil Mate
aforesuitt, on Monilay. sepiemler inrt, lui7,
there was luilile Hie followlntf Inereasu or
raise In the valuation as lonows. lo-wu
Klein (.mcer Co., from W.imi to H.isin
hursi'h Mux Co., ' S.MU " 4,l
slinins h McKnrland, ' l,4 " s.4iu
Klclinrils liorilon, " l.nin " a.msi
Miners l.umlier Co., '
(Honne Terre) s.Wl " 4, mm
II. Tucker. ' a.wm ' a,i
Tin New Kra " a.Ksi " 8,!Ki
W. V.. Norwln. " S.uuu B,
And Inurhlltlnn nth aliorn Increase or
raise the. Hoard orders a rurttier level or
horliontul Increase or l.v xtr cent on all val
uation on tlis Merchants and Manufacturers
Assessment Hook for the year 19i7. same as
was aiiullod to th real estate and pxraonal
Assessment Hooks, and that there will be a
meet Inn of said Board of Equalisation on
Monday, Hepiember iiad , 1807, to hear rea
sons. If any be rlven, why such increase or
raise should not be made.
liy order ol the lioanl.
Attest: J. A. tiWRKNCK.
Clark, St. Francois County Court.
It is True in Many Instances
Our Stock Is
( tur pharmacy contains every article pertaining to an
"Up-to-Pate" Drug Store.
The Purest and Best DruRs
and Pharinaceutical Preparations
The Finest Perfumes
The Most Modern Toilet Preparations
Sole Agent
E. fA. Laakman
Farmington, Mo.
'i t wIiimv tlicy shiiulcl liavc their iresri j tic ms ami
family ivcipc in.'iarcd.
'JMiey arc mi lunger in tlmilit after tlu v liavc I'licc pa
trimi.cd our pliannacv.
that a cheap article is in the end a very exjK'nsive one; hut
necr is it mure true than in the purchase of medicines. A
cheap drtijr is always expensive, because' you cannot jct
results from medicines that have lost their medicinal prop
erties from old aye.
and in prime condition. You can rest assured that any
prescription or recipe dispensed by us contains the best
and purest druys that the market affords and at prices
that are "down-to-date." Trv us.
An Immense Stock of Toilet Soaps
and Toilet Requisites
A Full Line of Paint, Oils and Glass.
Headquarters for Trusses
for the Smith and
AkronJTruss gpj
Trustee's Gale.
Whereas Kilvvanl A. Imlle ami .Mill Helm
hl wile, hy their rcnnln ilwl of trut
itllO-il the l.'llh ilnv of Mill', liml, mi.l -,..
coiiliil in tin- fi- iil-i'min, im. Kran
i-i.U eiiuniy. vi,,miiiI. In in .in. i;i:it me ;,ia.
iinviy.il in l In- ho i, iiKii,ii inil, ,;
rnlli'Ullli! lli'S'TilKI I..,, I .-'i.. ,,,,,1 ,,.
Iiioveini-nii., hiiuiu... o int. ,U ii,.nK in tin.
eolllity ol hi. t Illin ois mill MiiIh n lt .
siillll, to wit :
Lot iliiinlii r nl.i. i, (!:i, n lii.wk iuimiIh i'
ten ilil. Kill' hill In i I' .1 1 hlilnl . - In In.
nil Inn of lot mill t 1 ..-K . , .. e iUt "I curve v or
i lilt Klv.-r. Ml.aoiul.
VV hleh said eoiivi viii wns iniuli- In trust
lo Recur. 1 1 in li.iin..oi nl ii e.riiiui iniul
.urv niilH In mi,,, ,..., , ,,.,, ,i,.,,.,ii.l;
Iinl u lii reio III l li. I, I ,,,, ,, ;,( ,,.,., ,,,
linn siiiil n h .ovi , M, 1',-innin-i un-
iill. lm'. lliei'.-lnii-. ul tin. n-.ii...si ol il,..
Ii'iml liuiiliT in t-n l.i nut', uml in conformity
v llh Hie prov isions of Mil. I il I ,, n,,,,
Hie llluli'l'sliriieil ll uslee. Hill on
l-ATI ItllAV, Ol TlllihllS, 1'J.lT.
Iii-lvvii-n the hoiii'H nt nil,,, n'clncl; In the
ton-noon uml nve o'eim-k Iii the itMcrnoon
i.t Hint iluy iii the son 1 1, in, m ,i,r oni.
ciiiiil liuiui'. m tin. i'ii , ii l.iniiliiu'iiiii. in
-ii I , J . in n l ill m. (.'riini-nis, Missouri, i-ll
ul imlille miction t - iii.- hn-hi-Bt ouiiicr lor
I'llsll, III.- foii'liOllIK .M-Ill,. (Hi HslHti.
uml liiiiiiiv'i'inciils i. sntlsiv snlil note ami
111- cunt i,r cxi-clltlni; this trust .
Ml.lt III I.I. I'lI'MS. Trustif.
si'lili-illher I... IisiT.
A3mini8trator's Notice.
Notice H hereliy Klven thill letters of nil
ministration were xruliteii to the iimicr
sli'lleil ti) the I'rolinle Court of M . fr.lll
I'lils i'liunt)', MlsSiilll'l . ilnteil IheUlh iluy of
Ainriisi. i'.i;,on the e.stuie cf
Jri.KKl.. IIHI'I.I.I.V V, llei-il.
All persons liavlnit chilnis uuuinst sunt es
lllle me ri'iUlreil lo l-xlolill I In in to the ail
iiilnlsli'iitoi lor ullovviilico wllhlnone year
from tile iliitn ill sillil lettils or tiny
iiiny he preclinleil from any liem ni of simi
-suite, uml li not -xlillill. il tur allowum-e
vvlihln two years from the mile of mini
letters Ihey will lie lorever hurred.
AIMK I, lint i.i;t i;v, Ailin r.
-'pi-ino-r in, inn,.
Final Settlement
Votlce Is herehv Klven Hint tin uniler
slglleil, sxecutrix or t .e eslaleot-
will niiiketl nnilt settlement nffliilil n.lnii.
ul the next term of the I'rolmte court of M
r rnneoiii county. .Missouri, lo lie li. Kiin ami
helil at the court Iiouh. Ill Vurmllitrtnn In
snlil county, on the second Monilay In or
litM'r, Hm;.
A.NMK M.M'HK HKNT, Kxeeutrlx.
Septllllltier l.i, I'JI7.
Final Settlement.
Not Ire Is hereliy irtven tlint the uniler
llllleil, AitlllllllHtriltorof the estate of
w ill iniike u mini settlement or wild estate nt
tlie next term of the i'roliate Court of isl .
Kriincolri county. .Missouri, lo he heirun anil
llelit Ul tile Court lloiiiie In Fitrmlnirliin In
wtlil rounty.oii the serunil Momluy In rtr
tulier, I'm;.
IlKOItliK T. llllKVINKIt. Aillll'r.
M'Picintter, um;.
Final Settlement.
Nntlt'e Is herehv ulvioi thnl the nnrli.r
sltineil, exn-iltrlx of the estllle ot
.lllll.V II Alt'l I IN, llci'i'lise.l.
will ninke a nnnl settlement of sunt es
intent Ihen-xt termor tlie I'rohuie Court
in si. rrnnrols county. Missouri, to 1m. lie
unn uml helil ut th. court hiiune in I-nrni
Iiihioii, In un I1 rouniy. on the m-eonil lion
f'.iij In oetoiier, i:si7.
ItllKsA IIAIlTllN, Kxeeutrlx.
.-epteiiilier ii, um;.
Final Settlement.
Snllee Is hershy ulvi-n that Ihe unilei-
slitne!. Ailmlnlssriltorof the estllle of
VV. Ii. UAusll.M.K, Ueeeused,
will inuken nnnl seitl enf of snlu i.tni
nt the next term of the 1'iobnte Court of M .
KruncoiH county. .Missouri, to Ite ts-min and
Ii lit ut tliel oiirt House III Kurinlioilnn . In
stilil evuuty.on the second Monilay In iic
loher, II;.
. II. viil Nii, Aiim'r.
septc mlier tl, linii.
Final Settlement.
Notice Is hereliy irlven that the under-
slitneii, ailnilnlstratmtoi'of the eslute of
KMITII II. llltll'KKV, llec'd.
wilt make a nnnl seitlement of mi lit estat
at the next term of the I'rolmte Court of si .
t runcols county. .Missouri, lo lie dentin and
held at the court house in Karnttinrton, tn
said county, on the second .Momluy in orto-lH-r,
KI1ANKI.IN W. llltll'KKV, Aillll'r.
.Septeinher ti, i'jiit.
Final Settlement.
Nottre Is hereto Klven that the under
felKiietl. nuiiilnlstrutor of tlieeatuteof
AM.VMlAC. IIAIUtlH, llii' il,
will make nnnl setllement orsnlil estute nt
the next term of Hie I'rolmte Court of Ht.
t'rnnrols rounty, Missouri, to he heirun nnl
helil In tliel'ourt House In KilrinliiKton. In
said county, on thu second Moiutny In
ortnher. llnji.
II. M, TAI.HKIIT, Ailiu r.
Septeinher ii, llsiT.
Final Settlement.
Notice I hereliy Klven that the under
sluueil, Ailmlnlstrittor of Hie estate of
KliVV villi J. I'l.V.NN, Ix.oeasvd,
will ninke a nnnl settlement of uihl estate
at ttie next term of the I'rolmtu Court of St.
I rnncois County. Missouri, to lie lieirun ani
li-lil ut tlie Court House In Karmlmiion, In
sunt rounty, on t he second Momluy In Or
toiler, Ilsi7.
8eptoniliorJ, li)7.
Final Settlement.
Notice l hereby (riven that the under
slKiieil, Kxeeutrlx nf tlie estate of
will make a final sertlnment nf said estnte
at the next term of the I'rolmte court of pit .
r'ranmis county, Missouri, to lielieKunand
held at tlie court House In rnrniliiKton, In
said county, tin ihesecond Mondiy In tlc-
tOlKT, IDU7.
MAItV K. UI KN, Kxeeutrlx-
Heptemlieril, ni7.
Curator's Notice of Resignation.
Notice Is hereliy Klven Hint I will, on Or
tnher 14, nf)7, and durltiK the session of the
I'rolmte I'mui of si. r'ranrols county. Mis
sourl, tender my reslKnatloii as rurutornf
the estate of Kthul yjlmun, l.eo Muxson and
Hirdle Muxson.
Kl.l.VIIKTII C. MAXSON, Curator,
aepteinlters, li7.
Final Settlement.
Notice Is hereliy Klven Hint tne under
tKnod, Atlmiiilstrator of the estate of
WILLIAM r. HOItN. Her d,
will make a final settlement of said estate
at the next term of the I'roliate Court of sr.
r-'nuieols county, Missouri, to he liegun and
held In KurmliiKton, In suit! rounty, on the
second Monday In llrtolier, l'Ji7.
Kl.llltlliiiH: iioun, Adm'r.
SeptomtMrO. IW7.
Final Settlement.
Notice Is hereby Klven that the under
lined, executor of the estate of
will make a nnnl settlement of saU1 estate
at the next term of the t'rntiate (urt of tit .
Kranroli county, Missouri, tn bebeKunand
held at the Court House In Karmlnaton, In
said county, on the second Monday In Oe
toiier, W07.
September 6, itsn.

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