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Volume 3 !
Published Every Fn'day'by The Farmington Times Pointing Company.
Number 9
Luakimin's fur drugs.
(Irneorles at Klein's.
Ornoeries ut Sprott'H.
Subo Colloo at Sprntt'H.
' "It 'H fresh lit Klein's."
Muson's Iirciu! lit Spruit's.
H. & K. Coffee lit Sprott's.
iarili'ii seed in hulk ut Klein's.
Kruit and vegetables at Spmtt'H.
Purity how and entile f''''1'
Attend KarBch'B Sonii-Annu-
al Shoo Sale
Miss F.thol K.lliott i.f Honne Torre
Ik visiting Mrs. J. M. Junes.
MiHK Mary Webb of Knoli I. irk
visited In Fnriningtnii lust Monday.
Hit ft Orpington eggs f"r netting
of fifteen, l.uU Apply to Mr. Fn-
Mm. M. H. Topping of Flat Kiver
visited Iiit mother, MrH. Blue, this
Miss Irene Nixon spent several
days this week visiting friends in
Mr. J. W. Moom of Marion town
ship iH here under treatment of Dr.
Smith for hi eyes.
Huff Hock chicken eggs t
per setting of l'i. Apply to T. F.
Lnckridge, Furiiiingtoii, Mo.
J. ('. l'i'pin, builder and enntruc
tor, Kariuinirton. Mo., will undertake
contracts for all kinds of building.
Watch the shoes in our win
dow and note the price-Karsch
Shoe Co.
Mr. T. II. Darnell, f
good runner citizens of Kute No.
J, wus trimsiii-t tiiR business in town
WliiH-V.viiiil.ttfH, I ewcy' strain
(direct i. Milium stock. Fertile eggs.
$1,110 per 1.1 Mrs. Jennie Hoidleburg,
iMirmlngton, Mo.
Mr. Robert Hiirron, a prominent
young Ilemocrnt of Cross U'micIm,
l.ihcrtv toWllsllill. was In town 011
business Monday and Tuesday of
thin week.
Ladles, Mr. Melirydc (loon nil
kinds of dressmaking. Vour pat
ronage solicted; satisfaction guar
anteed. Residence hy tho Hock
church. IM
Men's and boys' high-top
boots at prices that equal a
raise in wages at Karsch's
Shoe Sale.
Tho children In the vurloiiH rooms
of the public school observed Wash
ington'!! birthday last Friday with
appropriate exercises, making flairs,
locked huts and hatchets.
The Volley Forgo whiml will give
a box supper nnd entertainment ut
the Old Colony Church tomorrow
(Saturday) night, February lth.
Everybody is cordially Invited, and
the ladles am mcpiested to bring
J. August luesnell and Miss
Edith May Canada of Farrnlngton
were married at the Cutholie Church
Wednesday, February MUli, Father
Collins officiating. The nttendants
wero Ooorgo Ebrecht and Miss
Anna Ney.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ward of HIs
tiiurek were In Farnilngton Tuesday
in business. They recently removed
from Minn La Motto, have bought a
home in Rismarok, and will muko
that wide-awake town their homo
Mr. Ward will enframe in blacksmlth
lnjf. Miss Vlrgie Conway went to Chi
cago lust Friday to visit her mother,
Mrs. Cora Conway, for a few dnys.
Harnev Poltv Is ut French Lick
Springs, Ind., whero tho Browns
take a preliminary course lii-Toro go
ing Into active training at Khrevo
rmrt, La. It Is mild that Harney
will have an Increased sulary for tho
neasnn's work.
Bananas, oranges brond, apples
and cake at Sprott'H.
Evaporated Peaches,
Evaported Apples
A (.'real union mooting w ill lc liclilj
in the Opera House In l'n mi i n r l n I
Sunday night, March 1st, at 7::tll I
o'clock. Judge II. I) Urecn, the
"Mark Twain" of the Ozurks, will j
spriik on Local Option.
Mr. Bon). H. Marbury
Will deliver un address ut the South
ern Methodist Church next Thurs
day evening, March ,'itb, mi local op
tion. Those who attend arc sure to
hear u (rood speech.
Union Prayer Meeting.
There will be u union prayer incct
liiK of 11II the churches ut the South
ern Methodist Church next Wed
nesday evening, March 4th, in the
interest of local option. Everybody
Is invited.
Leap Year Purty,
A number of Hie young ladies of
town have arranged for u leap year
purty at the Opera House tin's i Fri
day) evening, and have sent out in
vitations to their tr 1 1 1 1 1 1 n -1 1 friends,
re;iiest ing the pleasure of escorting
them to the scene of the pleasure.
It promises to lie the event of the
English Services ut Luthern Church,
Services at the Lutheran church
next Sunday evening will be con
ducted in F.nglish. Itcv. I'. King
willl preui h on the theme: "Cluist
Who Came Into a Sinladeii World,
SulTeriiiir and Siivini;." The prev
iously announced theme will not lie
ucd this time. Services hcirin at
7::i() o'clock, and everybody is in
Ladies' tan shoes at Karsch's
Shoe Sale.
w. c. T. u.
There will be a called meeting of
the W C. T. C. at the home of Mrs.
H. M. Talbert this (Friday I after
noon ut three o'clock. All members
are urgently requested to In- present.
The W. C. T. F. will meet lit the
homo of Mrs. W. W. Waters next
Monday afternoon, March '.'d, at '.i
o'clock. Work of especial impor
tance is to be considered, and every
member Is requested to he present.
Robin Does Meets With Accidont.
Last Wednesday luoriiiiiK, while
Itoiiin Doss, son of Mr. J. W. Doss,
who lives about II miles southeast of
town, was cutting down a tree, tho
axe slipped and cut a biir trash in his
left rnikle, luylliK bum the bone.
Dr. English wus culled and dressed
the wound, It being necessHry to
take six Htitcbes. At last accounts
Robin is getting nloiig all right.
Money-saving opportunities
at Karsch's Shoe Sale.
On the Light Question.
Pretty durk ti.eso nights. Over a
month has passed since tho vote for
a municipal plant wax taken and
there sceiiiH no evidence of any start
In tho matter, ho that a grout many
months may elapse before thoro are
any street lights. In the meantime
thoro is said to bo a strong proba
bility that the present plant will bo
obliged to close down, because the
residence lights do not pay the run
ning expenses. This will entail grout
hardship, especially on tho churches
and public (IiuI1h, which will ho
obliged to put In a large number of
coul oil lamps to secure any light
at all. Tills is a phase of tho ques
tion that has not boon considered,
and it seems there ought to ho an
ollort made on the part of the
property holders to Hecure some
street lights for tho next your dur-
lug the building of the plant.
Save money; buy good shoes
cheap at Karsch's Shoe Sale.
City Collector Oscar L. Hallo an
nounces this week as a candidate
for re-eloction to a second term.
j Mr. Haile lias mude an efficient col
, lector, and under tho usual custom
Is deserving of tho endorsement
which a second term implies.
IS lbs. granulated sugar for $1.00
ut Sprott's.
Two gallons coal oil 20c at Sprott's.
1 Ask That Order of County Court for
j Special Election Under Local
I Option Law be Set Aside
The local option contest In this
county took u new turn last Friday,
when Messrs. W. S. Anthony and
E. A. Kozier, as 'ittorneys for C. F'.
Itickiis, Sain 'I Porringer and Ueorgo
M. Wilson as relators or plaintilfs,
prepared u petition for a writ of pro
hibition by which they are striving
to prevent the local option election
from being held. The first two re
lators are saloon keepers and the
latter Mayor ol tlie City of Farm
ingloii. Hy their petition the relators claim
that the County Court called the
election throughout the comity, and
by so doing judicially determined
that the City of Farmington did not
ut the time have ',."itMI or more in
habitants, whereas in truth and in
fact, as was subsequently shown,
the city had something over l7lMl
The petition further declares that
tin" order n' the County Court cull
ing the election is "all wrong" from
start to lluish, void and of no legal
The petitun further relates that
the notice is wholly defective for
seven or eight material reasons.
It is furlliei related that the pe
tition llled is whollv iiisutllcient in
law, because it recites that there is
no incorporated town in the county
having inhabitants.
Judge Killiau granted the relators
leave to (lie their petition and caused
notices to be issued and served on
each individual justice of the ( utility
Court to show cause, on Thursday,
February -ith, why they should not
be forever prohibited from holding
or causing to he held the local option
The Court room was crowded yes
terday morning with men and wom
en, all intensely interested, when
Court was called to order, and the
proceedings were entered Into with
out delay. The principal contention
wus that the County Court should
have taken act mil noth f the fact
that the City of Furmingtoii luid ut
the time the order of election was
made '',.'ilK) or more inhabitants.
Judge Killiau held that the last legal
census of Farmington, taken Feliru
ury 4th, 1!H, shows thut the City of
Furiuiugtou had only 'J, l.VS inhabi
tants, and in passing upon the sub
mission of the Local Option ques
tion to a vote, the 'utility Court was
bound by the lust census. Therefore
us a mutter of law the City of Fanii
Ingtou did not have 'J,."km or more
Inhabitants, and must vote with the
county. Tho Court thereupon de
clined to prohibit the carrying on of
the election, thus sustaining the Lo
cal Option people.
Tho attorneys for the relators
gave Informal notice that they
would or might take an appeal. The
case was closed ut 4 p. in.
Quito a largo crowd of people came
from lioiine Torre and F'lut Klver to
attend tho case and they wore enter
tained in the Hrothorhood rooms by
tho Aids of the dilfemnt churches.
A delicious luncheon was served at
noon to all those who wore interest
ed in the matter.
A Substantial Valentine.
The Times has one good friend
who never fails to remember It on
St. Valentine's day Mr. J. L.
Counts. This year was no excep
tion to the rule, and he called nnd
paid for Tho Times for five of his
family, himself, three sons and
daughter. Mr. Counts is one of our
very best citizens, and The Times
certainly appreciates bis friendship
and tho substantlol way In which he
expresses it.
Manufacturers of
Farm Implements,
Lumber and
Building Material
Also Undertakers of Funerals.
W. W. Holly While Down and Being
Assuulted by John Evans Shoots
and Kills Latter.
Doe Hnn was the scene of nnother
manslaughter lust Saturday night,
in which W. V. Holly, u restaurnt
keeper, killed John I'.vanh. From
the evidence adduced at the Coro
ner's inquest on Sunday, it seems j
that Evans, while under the inllii-1
ence of liquor, went into the restau
rant conducted hy Holly, near the
saloon building, Mini became quite j
noisy and abusive, used obscene !
language and struck Holly In the
face w ith his open hand. Holly or
dered Evans out of his house, but
instead of going out lie started
iiround behind the counter. As he
did so, Holly threw an empty soda
bottle at It i in ; X va. is kept going to
ward Holly and overtook nnd threw
him dow n, jumped on him and w as
striking and clinking him, when
Holly fired two shot into Evans,
each proving fatal wounds. The
Coroner's jury simply found hy their
verdict tluit Evans came to his
death hy being fatally shot by
John Evans, the deceased, was
iinuiairiee, about Jii years old, and
when not under the influence of
lipll'H W HS quiet ami ilMitl.-IIMS e,
hut when intoxicated .e is said to
have been quarrelsome and abusive.
W W. Holly has only lived at
Hoe Kun about three months, is
munn d and about A years old. He
is addicted to the use of liquor,
and is said to lie a quiet "easy go
ing" man.
Tli" preliminary examination will
he held In fore Justice .1. I', Zoluiuii
ill Farmington next Monilav.
lur stock Is complete
-Sprott A-
When your clock strikes 13 It
Is time to have It fixed
After Taps.
Some of the students of the Jack
son Military Academy came up lust
Friday and presented the above
play at the Opera House, before a
very good audience. The oust in
cluded severul of the Furmingtoii
boys who are attending school there,
Frank High ley having a very prom
inent purl, In which he acquitted
himself admirably, us did Ed Swink
in the old darky woman. Thoro was
a rifle drill by six boys, Including
Forster Colo, Lee Mitchell, Frank
Highley nnd Linn Kurldcn, which
was exceedingly well done. F'.lmore
Mason's orcliestru made Its first
public appearance and received many
hearty encores, which were deserved.
The indications are that Farining
ton will soon have an orchestra with
a fine reputation for good work.
The members are Ed Kurrnll, Paul
Jones, Johnny Robinson, Alf Miller,
Chiis. McCurthyund Dave Doughty.
Codfish, mackerel and herring at
An unusual amount of sickness is
reported by every paper throughout
tho Southeast.
Cash paid for country produce at
" CHEER UP"' -
Does not 1'urRo or Orlpo, hut
gently stimulates the stomach,
liver and bowels to nuiirul ae
tlon. 25 CASCARAMELS 26c
rui x-urpoBH ui vuuiiig vuumy v;on- , Bj
1? T . 1 - 1 1 .
volition to Elect Delegates to
State Convention, &c.
Honne Torre, Mo., Feb. L'I).
To the members of I he St. Francois
County Democrat.' Committee:
A meeting is hereby culled by the
undersigned, in the absence of the
Chairman, for the purpose of elect
ing u chairman, calling a county
convention to select delegates to the
State convention mid such other
business as may conic before It.
Said n ting to he held at Flat
Klver, Saturday at eleven o'clock,
February L':i, puis.
J. 11. MAI.C'iEN, Sec'y.
Don't let your clock or watch
stay out of fix.
I. ct Steinberg lix 'cm.
The Jewelsr,
Editor Times: 1 will ask sutll
clout spine in your valuable col
umns to inform your readers and to
ease the minds of some as to the
author of the iuloriuiit ion contained
in n circular that was distributed in
the Lead licit last week and which
i was dubbed as an "orohan circular"
I from the fact that no inline was sub
scribed to it . I will stand sponsor
for the information contained there
in, and in doing so will say that if
all the slalcmciiW that will be made
on both sides of the question at
issue, whether orally or those that
may unpear in print, will be as
truthful as the information given in
l this circular for the informal ion of
'the voters, no one will then have
any cause for complaint over the re.
jsultoftbis election, let the result
be wl t ". ...ay. I did not think
that it wus in ssary in giving the
j information to say to the parties
; having same published to use my
, name, but hud I had reason to be
lieve that so much unfavorable com
incut would have been made on ac
count of it not being signed, I most
assuredly would have permitted the
use of my name, as my view s on
this question are well known. The
county olUcial of Madison County
witli whom had the conversation
is Mr. J. M. White, County Clerk.
Building of permanent rock roads
wus begun in this county in Is.'.l7,
mid not ut the time of the orgaui.u
of the county, in IS'.'I, us the editor
of the Loud Kelt News would have
it; hut while Judge Sleoth wus Pre
siding Judge of the County Court
the work wus begun on the Flat
Kiver road (old Potosi roudi, and
the mileage of rock road bus been
increased in the county from year to
year until wo now have upw ard of ;t(l
miles, besides the appropriations by
the County Courts during that time
on Improvements on other than rock
roads amounting to severul thoiisuud
dollars, as during l!N)7 to reiuiild the
main street in the town of Flat
Kiver an appropriation of l,0"J!i.."i)
was mude In June, nnd one of .fsiKl
wus mude in October, every cent of
which wus derived from druin-Hliop
revenue, tho citizens of that place
having subscribed a like sum to
meet the upproprirtioiiH asked for.
As to the tlxahlo wealth of Madi
son County us compared with St.
Francois, or the comp'irison of pop
ulation UH to poll tuxes collected,
will suy for the Information of those
who are either misinformed or are
trying to misleud the voters, that
no property or poll tux is used to
build rock roads; this is expended
under the direction of the road over
seers or road boards of the respec
tive road districts. Dram-shop li
cense revenue only is used for
building rock roads or mooting sub
erlptlons for road improvements.
Without having been requested to
do so by anyone 1 did, as much for
my own information as anything
else, dig up from the records In my
office some statisfics of the state
laud county criminal costs during
I the past five yours and tho receipts
from dram- shop licenses during
jthut time, and cheerfully gave each
I side a copy, that there should not
bo any necessity for any iinfulr
statements by either side. The pub
lie is entitled to the facts and the
voter can vote ns ho thinks best.
100$ GOOD
Just the best bread it's possible
to hake the maximum of sheer
Mi Value
Always a ITI.L pound loaf of
IIKIiAU. The entire worth of
vour nickel i: IvkV TIME.
That is two of the reasons why
Always satisfies, is the most eivi
mimical for "dailv bread," and
why our customers "keep coining
hack for more." Machine-made
bread is cleaner, finer, sweeter
slid belter every way. Our baker
doesn't do a tiling hut HAKE. De
votes his whole time to making
McKimiey bread lil-.TTKK.
Six full pound
loaves for 25c
Phone 119
For City Collector.
Oscar I,. Haile authorizes us to
announce him as a candidate for re
election l second terini for City Col
lector lit the 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' i ; ; I i election on
April 7th.
Try our Sabo Colic..-, '.'lie per lb-
Sprout! Co.
1 OUR 20c
Important Notice.
The undersigned desire !o un
nounee Hint they will discontinue
the free use of sucks to the furm
ers, us practical heretofore, hut will
sell their bags and also always have
on hand bugs for sale at actual cost
price. First come will have first
Notice is herein' Ifvn tnnf nil In
terest beuriliir Count v UiirpnN u-tll
be paid by me on preseiiiation. No
oiiercm win oe pain on same utter
fl.U .1..... All ' I
mo. i ,,.,-. nil I M.lll rilllllidl
costs and Iiioiiest foi.u IiIIIm u-lll i,
paid on and after March 10, 11KW.
V4 . I . 11 Al l.f,,
follntv Tr.i.ullr..r
Farmington, Mo., Fell. 11, l'.MJN.
Strayed Sunday. Feb. Hi. 1!MW. one
gray horse, about I'J years old, about
l.V, bunds high, with hob tail; also
hay bronco mure, (I yours old, about
n nanus titgn, Maze face and
lame in left hip. A liberal reward
will be paid for information us to
their whereabouts.
H. M. KONO, Doe Run, Mo.
The First Dose
will ease
Balsam of Honey and Tar
The Guaranteed Cure for
Hoarseness, and all in
flammations of the lungs,
throat and bronchial tubes
25 DOSES 25C

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