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The Farmington times. (Farmington, St. Francois County, Mo.) 1905-1926, April 17, 1908, Image 6

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Sir 31a
Sjnhl Jflrrk
in Sum?
'-fUundrrful Ivtshr Jsrruirrs
41rlH in CMri St. TVUr's
jflnr.t vfivrrnuu-11 'flklElicsrtr
InfxIi.iM.'-iilili' In I'd myslir eiitnifl
rue', ih'' llnlj Week in Hume, In w
ever la:;.:liai' Id the ini'iiMri nr fin
aln:iinn. tliiH alw.na a renewed
wnnil'T in lIniK'i wli.i witness li
At, mo nil i'Ikv Kiiiiii; Ik ;i rlly of
Tni'inertes Tin1 walls ittiil urelii'it of
1mM'i:iii days, llm Itonuhisitnei' pal
P"s, and 1 1 1 rhtirrhcH whirh mnrlc
t'vfiy slip in tin' limn iimri'h from
iriniii;vo CliiiHllin ily Id papai mi
prenm;;. these stamp themselves on
the niii.il. The iii(-niii;niotis inndt'ni
"Olrnii'iiis me hh lianKltiuy In their
impit KhK'll IIS Is till- Willi lillK dll.lt
from inciior car blown pent tin?
tombs on the Appian Wily.
Tbo walU of AurHian, Ih" Mtatue of
MorriiH Auri'ilu. oeniiinant on the
capltnl, tin1 HUKUst dibarr.iv of the
fbmm IIiohh ari! iu-lual ami imperiali
able. So, too, Ir the KparimiH splen
dor of SI. Ivier'a, with Hh soli'mn
eqwnre of rlluul, lu Willi li, an (hi
Holy Work advancer, so mjcilc and
Hupcrh a drama of divinity Is en
There are many iikhicIb In which
Ko approach the Rreiit Master wi'Vlces
l!n the great papal clly. from that of
iho devote to whom the evn hunilni;
".amp round the npoRthVa lonil) mar
a spot only less sacred than that of
the holy Hcpnh her Itself. ti thnt of
the caKiinl nlnht-p'-i r. who flutters his
Itaedelier unabashed through tin aw
ful mystery of the mass. lVrhaps
those do not nee leant of the slKiiifl
srant'o who look on the inaKtillleont
-eremimli's with a hauntlns conscious
neas of Homo's twofold Kreattu'SB, and
who never quite lone HlRht of the clly
at the (.'uinars In tho city of the
It Is Impossible even to approach
flt. IVtcr'H, where tnoat of ns choose
ito stse the aervlrua. In Hplle of the ri
val claims of the I-aternn, mother of
hill-Chen It 1b ImpoBHlble to reach
the curving colonnade and' mighty
front without passlDK by meinorlalH of
.an earlier, hostile life and creed. Per.
tiaps In drl'ln! thither the. .wanderer
may catch a glimpse of the .Immortal
pair, the Great Twin Htntrlren, who
,-gitxrd In stone the atuira to the eapl-
itiil. Or, It may ho. tbo Hhattorod. rap
Jettie ciiluiiHiB of the temple of Mill's
iTJUor have .'lht"d fpr a motneiif thoir ,
tern memorial of Caer&r's d'-nfii anu
Augustus' vengeance.
Nut ifirrr; Sir 31b 2Usmt
Once within SI IVIer'a, however,
conlllcflni; iiii'tiiurlcH fall away, Inst,
an Is all sense of minor faults in the
liiilMinu its -If, In the Impression of
vasiin'ss. of nr. till etifoldinir and all
i I'futii liitic hospitality That hospital
Ity K tai-d liy the crowds whlra
nallier for the services of Holy Week.
I'.ilni Sunday Initiates the series of
elaborate ceremonies with Its beauti
ful rlt" of lilessitu: the palniH. A nioi
lev tin "iii; ll is which streams up the
steps n : 1 1 1 Katlieis about the altar
above which nlows In a golden halo
tlu holy dove. There are the foreign
slghi -seers, of course, made evident
by their camp stools and red Kiilde
books, hut there are also soldiers In
plct iiri'Sipie variety of uniform, priest
weariim their black drapeih s In the
classic folds which recall the toga,
shepherds from the Campagna, beard
ed and wild-eyed in their sheepskins;
pilgrims from far coimtri's with the
fixed visionary gaze of those who look
on their sacred places after lonn de
sire Sacred Indeed Is the spot to those
w!io hold i he fnilh of Home In front
ill the high altar with lis baldacchlno
th' twisted bronze columns tower
ing up superbly, yet dwarfed by the
lirmainelit of tiie dome above burn
the golden. tii'Vi'i-dyliig lamps which
mark the resting place, so tradition
says, of the apostle.
Hut on I'.ijiu Sunday the attention
Is fixed on the nllnr In the Cappella
Ciliiliu. and the pressure of the eag.T
people Increases en-y r.s the lias
kets of palms are set down by the
Charles Eugrrtc Unnks
Upon a circle o" the tandt
Chat front the round, dcriring tea,
T tit alone u'lih folded hand
Chinking on Rim of Galilee.
Row like a perfect Illy grow
Bis love in this o'er-telflth worldi
lit glory no distinction knowt
But It for all alike unfurled.
Yon trustful gull thai rocking tlecpt
Upon the heaving ocean' t bread,
At closely In Hit heart fie kecpt
Jit we who have filt Mint confettcl
Cht tiger In the lunate tvewet
Jt per.'ect ronUure on bit coat,
And clear among the budding Icavet
Cht wild bird tpherct Ms liquid note.
Che curving mountain ranget grace
Cht arching aiurt t magic rim(
Jlnd In the deu'dropt form 1 tract
Cht tame perfection bora of film.
Enwrapped within its teed the rott
flwalit the wort unqucttioning
CHI tvtrvwhert the tombt anclote
Tn rcturrcction of the tprlng.
In film it a!! the oy wt know,
Cht way. the lite, the final goal,
Cht fount 07 Covt whott outward flow
It never-trJing birth of Soul
altar stairs and th" canons slowly
move to their places. The priests are
In violet, the Lenten color. The. deep
hue brightened by wonderful Inter
weaving of gold and silver, and th
crucifix on the altar is also violet
veiled. There is no organ music, and
tho deep notes of the chanting swell
with a strange solemnity through the
echoing vaults.
At last the solemn final word anj
gesture of blessing have been given,
and one by one tbo priests lift and
bear away the palm branches. Then
the olive, which is given In (heir
stead to the people. Is brought for
ward In great sheaves, and a pries! in
gold -embroidered violet robe holds out
tho silvery branches to the hands
which reach and clutch Mr them, till
all the nearest of the throng have, re
inlved their portion nnd pass on twlg'i
to those behind. Peace and blessing
la that olive to bring to those who
reverenly receive the gleaming leaves
The distribution completed, the cardi
nal and canons with their attendant
train move in stately procession down
Iho church, out Into the portico, and
so back to the altar. They besr aloft,
wllh the tall inpers nnd the shrouded
crucifix, tho golden palm branches;
not simple boughs such as wore cast
before Christ by the people of Jerusa
lem. These are fantastically dipped
and twisted till they look more Ilka
furled standards, a significant touch
In that church which Is so ready to
turn tho martyr symbol Into the con
quering banner.
Judge Woodson Poisoned.
!Min Citv-.Indae A. M. Wood
SOl: ol
the .Missouri supi'-ni" rourt. Is
I to Ills home, suffering from
I'i:.. of poisoned iy. wh!-'.i he
;n i ontact with while wot king In
li. I loth of his eyes are bad
"!l- n. and !e Is forn -l to l-.m-p
loom. Jt I, thought thai he
out in i' few d.iy.-i. The J:i-lge
lii!ii-olf on ewnit. g the 1,'ii'St
e ga: den in Jefferson. He does
'!-.' the labor liiciiletit to a gar
i a hired man. hut performs all
"lli ll'lnsell'.
iho i
came his .:.
ly s'.
to h,
will 1
pri'. ii
not I
den i
the v
Asks Picture of Fine Hen.
ii, -;i- City The Missouri stale
I of agriculture has written I"
1 Kellerslrass. 'he poultry fan
a.kni' him for a poitrai' of
I'Miiou.- jr. intK le n Tin--, por-i-
to b" hung in the Ml.-si'uri
' nl'ural college peg is the h"ll
fa.l.'t ews,. recntly . .T. f.-t
( : .ias I.'i.ihhi fm. w hich p: ic he
- 1 bu sold h'-r live cliici."tis
h '1 tf'm In r e- for Jl'.iH)
c K' ll' is'iass I:', row o iking
a portrait pain', i w ho i an pr p.
I .lidle the subject. II'.' il.'fer!
i .. !.! art is.
eici .
I rait
Ki r
a M
Fok Makes Appointiier.ts.
J'-.i -' ! t'i': i '1'iii' t !.' I.' . w ore
liunp '.' ' i 1'oiK a-- i'uI' iw'i : ('. A.
Caiv I j i ii. -i .'i i.ii i' oiis for i he
c:ty ..i I'iiinia. bu a orbi ot two
year 1 10:11 I eb Ju. 1 ; At 'hut
(iint - '-Us la.,' 1 for city ol
' lil" 'l 1 1 I 1 1 . l .1 I 1,1! 'pi'l'. jlflge of
lie-; el,.)', en:' ol ( li t i . 1 1 :i n con 'it ,
vice I .loltiison, dei -iis"d.
Denies Asking Road Fund.
: . lii'.llle- Tin metlll" I - of the
-oust of t'.ish county il' i'.y tl.a:
1 1: b : ei juij ,-epr. si-utat Ives to
! ffe-iin Ci". aa 1 dematnl fans
.. -li ire of I iii- eooil rotols fituil
.111 reci'ti: l tn Mill' 11 trip to ,ef
: City and applied to the state
it'er for $i;.uiiii, clalinitig that
t:t a-, the county'-; share. They
lefii-ieil. and deilared that they
I --' elt to cotupi I the treasurer
ll lil' colitis to 111:1 i;i the p;y
go i'
Latttr Day Saints Meet.
In i' i' ini nee--The world's con'er
I'tice of ih" Kent ganized " h 1 1 r-li of
lesu- riirl.it of Latter Hay S '.ltits con
wiled at Independence. Sever. ; hull
(!tei iel"i'.a'es were present. Kor
th lii-t time in many yars lie com
pli te ro.ei-r of the twelve, represent.
lug th" apostles, was In attendance,
.los'-jili Sinlih, one of the members of
the presidency of the reorganized
chiii' h. who resides In Independence,
I presiding.
Asks Writ to Test Law.
,!efferon City Attorney Joseph
Jamison of St, iuis. representing tlm
llepubljcan central committee of that
cit. tiled a writ of miiiulaiiius against
the election commissioners to compel
f If -in to accept and approve a call for
an official primary and delegate con
vention to nominate officers to ho
voted upon at the November general
election. Judge Ciiiiit said that as
nearly nil the judges an1 away, the
matter can not be taken up for a week
at leasl, The mandamus is a test of
the geiie;.i! pihnary law enacted hy
Hi l ist legislature.
' Judge Frink, Shot, Dies.
Springfield Judge Janes A Frfnk.
till attorney and past grand chancel
lor of the Knights of Pythias of M s
Bouri, was shot through the temple
nnd died There is no clew to the
identity of tlie slayer. The police
found til r 1 lying 011 Iho street an hour
after the shoo: nig within a block of
his home. An empty purse, which had
contained Jllli), was found near tho
Ix id v.
New Missouri Electric.
Ava Surveys have been mad" for
tho proposed electric railway from
Kva, north to Cedar (lap, where a
connection will be made wltn the S;.
Iiuls & San I'rancisco. Tho line will
be l.'i miles long. Grading will be
started about April l.'i. I'onlriicls for
rails, ties, steel, waterpower plant,
auxiliary sieatn plant, grading, etc.,
will be let within the next 30 days.
Killed by Fall on Knife.
Sarcoxle riavhi Campbell, f. year
old grandson of V. C. Campbell, was
stabbed to death by falling on a pock
et knife wllh which ho was playing at
his grandfather')! home. 'it went
plumb In, grandpa " Din id said. In
five minutes he was dead. Thn knife
penetrated the heart.
5,000 8oldiers to Meet at St. Joseph.
St. Joseph Klvo thousand fulled
States soldiers from forts thrie:h
out the west will lake part in the
military tournament hero durlnt; tho
week beginning Sept. 21. Airship ex
periments will also be conducted.
Joplin to Issue School Bonds.
Joplln A proposition to Issue 105,.
fino school bonds carried hero practi
cally without opposition. The ques
tion was submitted on recommenda
tion of tho school board, with a view
especially to providing for tho creator
safety of pupils In Its care.
Callaway County to Hold Fair.
New Hloomllelil For the first time
In many years, Callaway county Is to
have a rounty fair. A company lias
been organized and will be Incorpo
rated with a capital stock of 7.000,
I cl
Pe-ru-na Pre-Si l
venta Catching.
-itit-sv-a ' ' j rii v1-?
Miny people persist in riding on the street cam, insufficiently protected by
They itart nut perhaps in the heat of the day and do nut feel the need of
The rapid nioiuig "f the enr ro.il the lii'dv unilulv. When they lmnrd the
car perhaps they on- nlmliily pel 'piruik'. V Inn the l"ly i in this condition it h
vasllv clnlli-d. Tins is e- i.iilv till'' w lien 11 pi1..' n ! mUllls".
fti'iiiniiiug n 'irret i-.o- rule in tin1 inid'Hi' i f the d.iv and ending it in tho
evening nltnust inv.niil.ly re-pnri's extra Wfips, hut people du not obncrve these
pri-t'.uitimiH, lii'liii tln c.ilrh cold.
t nlii are very (leipieiit in the Spring nn thin seceunt. nnd as the Summer
n'iniircs, tlii-y do ii"t l"i-ic.i'i-. HiintiK ilie Spring incutlis, no une sle nir,l
think of riding nn the cir weli"iit ln-mg pnni'lcil with a wrap.
A cold caught in the Spring is liable to last thriuinh the entire Summer,
lin-nt ciiiiti'in sli'iulil he obi tvcl at this se.-isnn iigamst exjinsilre to cnld. Huruii;
Uie first few pli isant il.os nf piu.i:. the Inlnlity "t citi-bnirf cnld in great.
No viiii'ler mi tinny people di'iuire niUM-ular rheumatism and cal.irrli.il din
cases duritai this siM-un.
Howcicr, 111 null' i.f the gri'iti-st jirrrniit ieris, colds will lie c.nii;ht.
At tin' appi'iii':iii''e "f the tn-t sMuptimi. 1'rriiiiii photild be t.il.i-n necnrdiiiK
to d;;'i,-it!'ins on 1 lie bottle, mid i'ihi'uiU','1 uji'iI I'very Mtnpt.iin di-.i'peai s.
i" Im' put it i.f1. w p it w nine by t ikmg olln-r ii-tii..b'. Ilegin nt
' Ti'-e tn t.ilo' I'.'illlii ami t (.11 inni- t,ii:il:L' It until V u arc I"S-:tlV0 that the roll
Ins etitiieli diMii'i'ian-d. Tins ui'iv save
later on.
find rifects From ( old.
Mr. M. .!. Di'Utsi'h, Seeretarv lluiblint'
Mat. rial Trades Council, l.M WaMiiti
ton t.. Chteai'o. 111., writes:
i have foiiii'l your im-dielno to lie
uniisiially etlii aeioits in gettinir rid nf
liail effects frttm cold, and more cspe
ciallv in driving away ail symptoms uf
ctarrh, Willi which 1 uiu freiuciitlv
"The relief Peruna gives in catarrhal
troubles alone is well worth the priec
per hot tie. 1 have used the remedy for
several years now."
Spiil of Couqhinq.
Mrs. C. i'.. l.oii(r, writes from Atwood,
( olo'-iulo, as follows:
"When I wrote von for advice mv
little tbr year-old (firl had n cough
that had been troubling her for four
months. Sin: molt cold easily, and
End ar.d Aim of Woman's Life, as Un
derstood by Rosie's Mother.
In one of the Philadelphia public
schools Ifl a little girl pupil whose an
cestors and coreligionists have ever
held that the principal end and aim of
the life of a woman Is marriage. This
little ftlrl Is well up in must of her
studies, hut she has an Inveterate tils
,Iike of geography and It seems Impos
sible to leach tho study to her. The
other' day her teacher, made Impatient
by her seeming unwillingness to learn
her geography lesson, sent to Kosle's
mother a note requesting her to see
thnt the girl studied ber lesson. The
next day showed no Improvement,
however, and the teacher asked Kosle
whr'ther she had delivered the note.
' Yea. ma'am," was the reply.
"And did your mother read the
n te, Hosle," suld the teacher.
"Yes, main."
"What did ahe say?"
"My mother said that Bhe didn't
know geography, an' Bho got married,
an' my aunt didn't know geography,
an' she pot married, an' you know
geography, an' you didn't get mar
'led." A Counter Stroke.
A stylishly dressed woman entered
1 Chinese laundry and paid for a
laundered shirt.
"Why do you wear those 'rata,' I
think you call them, in your hair?" In
quired the Chinaman, who had an In
quisitive turn of mind.
"Tue-h. Mr. John," replied his cus
tomer. "I always thought It was Chi
nese etiquette not to talk about the
things they like best."
The Oriental blinked his eyea as the
lady passed out.
Important to Mothers.
Examine carefully every bottle of
CA3TOP.IA a safe and sure remedy for
Infants and children, and see that It
Signature ottC"
In I'so For Over HO Years.
The Kind You Have Always nought.
His Great Fault.
"Yea," said the would-be author, "I've
taken a home In the country, but It
will ho necessary for mo to engage
a gardener. There's quite a plot of
ground around tho house; too much
for mo to' handle."
"Yes," replied Crlttlck, "you never
could handle a plot, could you?"
Catholic Standard and Times.
Pettlt's Eye Salve for 25c
relieves tired, overworked eyes, stops eye
aches, coiiiicslt'd, iiitliiineil or sure eyes. All
ilrUiiKi't 01 Ho'.vurd llrus., HulTalo. N. V.
Men have no rights in the world;
they have only duties. George Meredith.
Thsra Im Only One
"Bromo Qui nl no 9 9
Thai la
Laxative Bromo Quinine
Always remember the full name. Look
tar this signature on every -box. 16o.
r0ZM14k!iSA One Dose in
lime, Save
"ti a long and tu-iliaps siiiduh illti---
i would whee.e anil have spells of cou:,di
! uz that would sometimes last for a
half h'Hir.
I "Now veccan never thaiiU vou enough
for Lhe cliangv vou have niade in our
little one's health. Hefore she beg-an
taking your I'eiuna she sulfercl eicry
thing in the way of cough, colds nnd
croup, hut now she lias taken not quite
a In it 1 Icof Periiiia.iiiiil is well and strong
as she has ever been in her life."
Po-ru-na for Colds.
Mr. James Morrison, os Kost tilth St.,
Paterson, N. J., writes:
"I have given l'eruna a fair trial, and
I find it to bo just what you claim i
to be. I cannot praise it too bigrhly. I
have used two bottles in my family for
colds, and ovcr.vtliinp; imaginable- I
can safely say that your medicine is that
best 1 have ever iihud."i
Cut the cost V2
You caa decorate yoor home with
Alabastine year after year at one
half the cost of tuiDg either wall
paper or kaJaomioe.
The SanitaryWall Coaling
comes In 1(1 beautiful tints and
white that combine into an endless
variety of soft, velvety Alabastins
shades which will make any home
hriKhter and more unitary.
Sample tint cards free at dealers.
Write us for free color plans tor
decorating your home.
Sold W Paint. Dnie. Hirnwir anit Om-
eilSl"TMin-rlu:lr J niulprotwilr
Ulnieil pa. kafrs, at b"c iii pacsiiae luf
lute anil lt P" We nr turn. See
lli'lih-tianie"Alji'itiiic"tnocai:hiiai k
w l-el-re 11 is oiKU'U culler by jruuncll
or tile wiilkmeQ.
The Alabastlns Company
Eastern Office. I1K1 Water SI., N Y. Cllr
nnsti im! tws.ni rw hth.
t'rultfiitM ft Itia.i riant amerUi.
W-vnr I'sUIt to llMtor Ott
"ir vi 1 lsi mimtui voiOTi
CVrtl Klp diaAax A baff (aiillTaK,
b sVicund f l ui u l)rucirlu
rrllff. I a HIM 11. K i I hit
II At OniKiflHi or by nia.lL
Hinil rutK Aa1mw,
Trtbun Bldn.. timw ox.
liiTiintinn unI I will Htlvta
jftnt M tThtMit rhitrKi h
Ks-nd fur tur trn lxMikle,
Oiru fa I U ton. WsMsUskfVssss, tt. &
fc.dgr M. Ikllotllu. Ovrat fa I U ton
KtUH M. fvlasaM, Pttflt Allnfw
nj . Wrilngtn. l. (). Advirtj
trw. lernu low. UtbMtrL
"il.'aiiiThompioii'i Eye Wator
A. N. K. B (190816) 2226T"
asiasslaHSMIIIIIlll llSsaaMassMai
made ev 'SfcJr

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