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Cbe Jarmmgton Zimcs
1'ruusnEii Eveky Tiursday by
ST A M , L. K. l'F.F.KS. rHlI.Il' B. COUP.,
President. Vies President. Sec'y and Trees.
TIIKO. D. PI8HBR1 l-ditor and Business Manager.
The hypocrisy and falsa pie
. - 1 At ! ...1...
01 pnnwHooiaw wu
claim t lint they only want a lurin
that will cover the difference in the
cost of production of articles at
linine and abroad, with a "reason
able profit" for the home producer,
lias been clearly exposed by Sena
tor Aldnch's attempt, as chairman
of the Senate Finance Committee,
to Buppress the report of wages
paid in Oeruiany. prepared by the
Herman Chamber ol Commerce.
He didn't want it translate. I and
published, for it showed an aver
age scale of wages so uear that of
the United State.', that it left too
small a difference to suit either the
claims or purposes of the tariff
robbers. Hut the special interests
have by their eumpnign OOOtribu-
lions paid for and own Congress,
so the tariff will be made what they
want it, regardless of conditions
abroad or at home, m the iojtlltioe
it indicts upon the "ultimate BOO-
tamer. ' '
The Olobe-Democrat
n short
tune since captioned an
with this itiestion, "Is
'here a
Democratic party''' Since the re
vision of the tariff law has been
under BOOeideratioiI by Congress,
mid the people have noted how
many Ifepresentatives elected on
the Democratic ticket alliglied
themaelvea and voted on the effort
m the Mouse to defeat the gag
rules of that body and tin- auto
cratic power exercised by the
Speaker under (bote rules, ami
how tbey have voted and traded
with the protectionist Republicani
in oroer to retain protective ini
tial on some special interest of,
their respective districts- thus en
couraging the cohesive powder of
plnndei the question propounded
by the ti lobe -Democrat has also
suggested itself to many Demo
crats. Dftmocratio principles arc inher
ent in the Binds of the many; they
are living principles that will con
tinue to assert themselves as long
as a love of personal liberty and
the just doctrine of "equal privi
leges to nil, special privileges to
none" remains dominant in the
human breast. Hut principles,
however just, beuilicent and ad
mirable, do not constitute a party.
A party means systematic, active
and loyal organization for the ex -position
and perpetuation of prin
ciples; but when men elected upon
a platform setting forth those prin
ciples violate then for any reason
to curry favor with powerful spe
cial privileges, for temporary per
sonal advantage or ambition, or
for other oorrupl purposes they
betraj their party, destroy the con
tidenee of the people in the sin
cerity of it.- purposes, end weaken
the efforts and the arguments of
those who are honestly trying to
uphold nnd advance its principles,
Partisans may differ as to the best
policy of strengthening and carry
ing out lbs principles of their par
ty, but wheu they deliberately vio
late the very intent and spirit
thereof, they create first distrust
then confusion and finally disente
ration, for the wisest Heiug who
ever mingled among men and dif
fused the light of truth into their
darkened minds laid that "a house
divided nguinst itself cannot stand.
And therein lies the siu of those
Senators and Representatives who,
elected as Democrats, have ignored
both their pnrty platform and the
principles to which it has ever laid
claim, iu helping to defeat the re
forming of the House rules and
voting protection to the lumber,
the iron, the hide and the cotton
interests, proclaiming by their ac
tions that the Republican doctrine
of special privileges to the few and
a tariff for protection is right, and
that the Democratic contention is
... ....,K.
ii uoesn i mallei' that a BMJOrit)
of the Democratic members liavi
stood by the principles of (hen
party and all honor is due them
for this the division is there i as n
party they failed to measure up to
their responsibility, and that too at
a time when there is a wavering
and a weakness in the Republican
ranks, many of them beginning P.
see the light of that indisputable
truth that it is wrong to tax tin
many for the benefit of the few.
Last Tuesday the Missouri Sn
prams Court decided that the mil
brought at the instance of Gover
nor Dudley by Circuit Attorney
(ones before Circuit .ludge Wil
liams ol St. Louis, to restrain the
railroads operating in this Stale
from charging three cents a mile
lor i asssnger fare, could not stand,
The Supreme Court holds in sub
stance that tin- rate question has
passed to the jurisdiction of the
federal Court; thai the State Su
preme Court will not assume juris
diction nver any suit pending in
the United states Court and over
which the latter court has assumed
jurisdiction; that the Circuit At
torney had no authority to nsK for
I a state wide writ . and that .lodge
Williams had no authority to en
tertain such proceedings, in the
I abfCn ll bond, when the Federal
Court I. ml assumed jurisdiction
over the question of railroad rates;
thai the Attorney General was the
; proper person to have Bled such
proceedings, hud the w ay been open
for then entertainment .
oovernor inum-v ignored Attor
ney Usneral Major, who opposed
proceeding, iu instigating the
restraining suit pending the ap
peal of the two-cenl rate injmie
lion proceedings from Federal
Judge Mcl'liersou's decision, and
BOW he liuds that his hasty action
in assuming the prerogatives of
the Attorney fJenertd will not
Standi but looks like a strenuous
attempt to keep himself in the lime
light iu the settlement of this rate
qneation, The decision of .ludge
McPhsrSOn and the attitude of the
railroads to immediately take ad
vantage of it and restore the old
three-cent rate were exasperating,
it is true, ami the temptation of
the popular acclaim with which he
would be hailed if he could thwart
the railroads was great, but still it
musl be admitted that he stepped
a little outside the role of his du
ties in ignoring the Attorney Gen
eral and his judgment iu the mat
ter and playing a lone hand.
The result oi the State Supreme
i nun s decision ll now seems is
that until the constitutionality of
the two -cent rate law is decided b;
the United States Supreme Court
the railroad- tuny go ahead nnd
charge an old rate of fare not in
excess of three cents a mile. Sev
ettll of the roads have already gone
back to the three-cent rate, where a
lower competitive rate does not
confront them, the St. Louis, Iron
Mountain uud Southern, which
most largely effects this section.
being one of than). Others have
rates of - cents, with slight con
cessions for 900 and 1,000-mile
transportation tickets. Whether,
as is believed by some, u uniform
rate of L".-cents will fiually pre
vail, is iu the future.
A OerUtherSYlUs jewelry store
was robbed oi sl'.ooo one day last
week in hrnad daylight. One man
had the proprietor In the back of the
store (o look at Rome postal cards,
while Ids accomplice stole the jew
elry. On the 40th u It a fourtoen-ycar.old
boy named Hammy O'Neal, of Lead-
wood, stabbed a companion, a boy
named Hryant, in the back with a
knife, making a very serloui wound.
The protective lariff dutifB have
beeu railed "the robber tariff,"
and the name is not far wrong, for
they do by a legalized process force
tribute from the manv to pile up
I fortunen for the few. Hut it ap
i pears that BOOM of the lieneficia
i ries of the protective tariff system
J are not only legalized robbers, but
I that they are thieves in a more
vulgar sense, even stealing irom a
paternal government ttiat has so
I generously conferred upon them
the legal privilege and means of
! robbmg their felh.wmen. The
Sugar Trust through a series of
years stole several millions from
the government in duties by a false
system of weighing, and when de
tected in the theft just recently,
rather than stand trial on fraud
charges, confessed guilt by paying
back 1,KK),0XI of the money they
had stolen. At the same time they
were robbing the government of
the duties that were imposed to
protect them and other tariff bar
ous agaiust "foreign pauper pro
ducts," they were stealing water
from the New York City water
works, for use iu their rellnery, by
means ot a waterpipe which it
seems the eitv authorities didn't
' L-,, ii,;.,,. i i w..i ,i
n..11" nil,, MJIIIU 1IIMIIO, lllll lllt
were finally caught at this theft
nlso, mid offered to com promise
with the city by paying $150,000
or thereabouts for the water they
hud stolen, but as that was only
about half of the amount which
the water tax at regular rates
would have amounted to, the city
very properly refused to accept it
as a settlement. A New York
paper speaking ot this latter inci
dent, remarked thai the Sugar
Trust had shown that it was not
only u robber but a sneak thief as
well. Ol course I lie high Officials
of the Trust deny uny knowledge of
these thefts, but as the mouey
"saved" by defrauding the gov
eminent of its duties and the city
of its water tax was retained in the
Trust's colters, and the underlings
w ho carried out the system of fraud
and thefl received no benefit there
from unless iu higher yyages for
their skill at this kind ol work, it
is hard to make the public believe
i hat these higher officials knew
nothing about what was going on,
and that the humbler employes of
the Trust devised nnd carried out
the system of fraud just tor the
pure fun and deviltry of stealing.
I. I in-leased M issoui scbool anil
seminary trust funds from 12,678,800
in 1H7' to 4,4(7,Hi7 ...Ii in 1H0H. The
permanent county school funds now
amount to l6,MM,lJ6,rf2; tin- perma
nent township anil siieciiil district
funds amount to M,flOB,fi01.47; total
permanent school funds of the state,
-. Established ami developed Bve
Normal Schools, Lincoln Institute
and the Teachers College of the
state University tor the education
and training of teachers. In facul
ties and equipment these iol is are
equal to the best schools of the kind
in the United States.
8. Encouraged the development
of rural, village, town and city high
schools to bring secondare educa
tion within easy reach of Die girls'
and boys who live iu the country,!
and encourage them to attend col-1
lege. There an- now more than -HHI
high schools in Missouri, nearly :ilhi
doing standard high school work,
against less Iban one-lentil this
number thirty y ears ago.
t. More than twenty years ago
the State-, under Democratic rule,
established a school for the blind
in tbeCity of St. Louis. ThlSSChool
has b.-en supported handsomely all
tin s.- years, hut within the past eight
years a handsome, modern home,
one nf the bee) in the land, has been
We attended church some time
ago and listened to a very good ser
mon, as sermons go, said n well
known Kansas editor. We enjoyed
the singing and stood up with the
brethren and sister while they sang
the gtsnd old hymn. "Shall We
Know Each Other There?" While
the hymt! was being sung wc glanced
ebOUt us and counted about a doz
en members of the congregation of
the church who do not speak to each
other when they meet on the street
or elsewhere. The thought occurred
to BS why should "they know each
other there" when they don't seem
ingly know each other here. Did it
ever happen to you?
It, D- 0. Pollock of near Camp
bell cleared $400 on bis strewberrv
crop this year.
Life's Spice i
'Variety is the spire of life.
By hV McK. p.
a. rfV A A ,'lr A ASiAA V A a&i at
Former President Bitot of Har
vard recently made. .the Interesting
announcement that all tin- literature
in tin- world worth reading could be
put on a fixe-foot shelf, and the li
hrary would consist of about li'i vol
umes, He says Americans read to .
much and too promiscuously, and
says that ten minutes a day spent
reading tin- cream of literature will
rive on.- a liberal education. This
library Is to be established at Har
vard as an object lesson, and all
the I ks are to he put iu similar
bindings. Bhakeapeara, of course,
is the leader, and Hums and a Vol
ume of old Scotch ballads will be
among tin- books selected. Not how
many, hut how good, will he the
keynote in the selection of the books.
The authorities at Philadelphia
have decided that the Liberty Hell
will never more wander from Its
own fireside. The officials of the
Seattle Exposition were so anxious
to have It as a part of their exhibit,
and promised the very best care of
ll, hut it has been discovered thai
the crack in the Hell Ik widening
and that it would be unsafe to risk
it on a long railway journey. The
las) time it was abroad was in Si.
I is In I (KM, and thousands paid
homage to it there, and an ovation
was paid it along the path of its
journey t.i and fro.
Here is a hit of the philosophy of
living and taking the "alingS and
arrow s, of outrageous fortune," as
Hatnlel says, and hearing them With
fortitude, by Edmund Va Cooke:
How Did You DieP
Did you tackle the trouble that came
your way
Willi a resolute heart and obecrfu IV
Or hide your face from the light of
With a craven soul and fearful T
t)h, a trouble's a ton, or a trouble's
an ounce,
Or a trouble is what We make it,
And il isn't the fuel that you're hurt
Unit counts,
Mut only how did you take it.
"i ou are beaten to earth? Well,
well, what's thatv
'ome up with a smiling face.
It's nothing BgnillSl you to hill
down flat,
lint to lie there that's disgrace,
Ti..- harder you're thrown, why tin
higher you bounce,
He r I of your blackened eyol
It isn't the fact that you're licked
thai counts;
li s how did yon light aodwhyV
And though you he done to death,
what thenV
If you battled the beet you could.
If yon played your port In the world
of men.
Why, the Critic will call It good.
Death cones with a crawl, or conies
With a pounce,
And whether he's slow or spry,
It Isn't the fact that you're dead
that counts,
Hut only how did you die.'
NeKt Monday, June 14th, is flag
day, so hang nut your flag and show
that you are patriotic and willing
to give the Hag a show on its own
day. It is said that Betsey Rose
finished tin- 13 tan and Stripes on the
7th of June and Congress formally
adopted it on June 14, 1777 Within
the past few years especial atten
tion has been paid to tills dav, ami
iu the public schools of the large
cities the little children have spe
cial exercises to teach them lo honor
the Mag of their country. The hoy
of to-day is flic man of to-morrow,
and what he learns to-day will help
him to-morrow.
Dr. Win. Long, tin- naturalist,
who had such a discussion with for
mer President KooMCVctt, regrets
thai the latter is now on a huge
hunting expedition, bunting simply
to kill, lie says that tin- example
of so prominent a oltlsen has u bra
tallsing effect on the young genera
tion. He calls him the game butch
er. I believe this "mighty hunter"
lias already killed a specimen of
everything found iu Africa except
an elephant, and that is due for this
w eek. Let us he thankful that Pres
ident Tuft has no more strenuous
lad than golf, which is exercise,
pure and simple.
At the recent Qeneral Assembly
of tin Presbyterian church held in
Denver, a special matter considered
w as whether church members, and
specially ministers, should use to
baOOO in any form. The discussion
w as somewhat warm, and I am un
certain as to the outcome, hut a
Presbj terlan minister in Cleveland,
Ohio, says he expects to continue
lo use tobacco and that the Assem
bly had too much important busi
ness on hand to fool away time on
such a trivial matter. He said there
was always some seeker after noto
riety who introduced measures that
did more harm than good. I re
member a similar discussion once at
this place in the Methodiet Confer
ence, and my, oh, my! didn't some
of those preachers lose their tem
pers and say unkind, sarcastic,
things In spite of all that dear old
Brother Matthews could do.
There Is scarcely a paper which
does not contain an account of the
bard feelings between neighbor
hoods iu regard to keepingehichent,
A man in Kansas City was up be
fore the court for permitting his
chickens to run at large and iu the
neighborhood, and the judge fined
htm MM, but granted a stay, pro
vided he would pen his chickens.
There ougbl to he a chicken as well
as a stock law for the protection of
I pie who d t keep chickens,
for they are broilers in a double
Laban Christian Hawn was born
in Catawba county, N. ('., June 23,
IrCT, and died at his home, four
miles east of Karmington, on June
.", 1MB, at the advanced age of Ml
years, 11 months and I : days
Brother Hawn was confirmed in
the Reformed Lutheran Church at
the age of 18. He remained in this
church Until be Cams to Missouri.
Then, during a meeting at old Hbi
lob church, he was converted while
out iu the cornfield. His conver
sion was a wonderful experience.
In bis after life "be was not diso
bedient to the heavenly vision," but
through the long years he lived the
Christ life. He joined the M . K.
Church, South, and was a most
worthy member,
Brother Hawn leaves one elster,
one brothel, fyvo children, Mrs. T.
H. Chandler of Boats No. 3, and
Mr. Nnah Hawn, besides a great
many friends who will miss him
Brother Bawn'a work is done,
but his Influence will be long fell as
a blessing to those who love higher
things; for "no life can he pure in
its purpose and strong in its strife,
..on an uie uoi ne purer ami stronger
Tin- funeral was conducted by the
w riter at the Hawn residence, after
Which tlie body was laid to rest in
Wesley Chapel cemetery.
Under the above caption the Kan
sas city Journal of May HBth edi
torially rebukes Governor Hadley
for ids abuse of tin- Democratic
Slate Senate, Like the Si. Louis
(Ilube-Denioorat, the Journal is a
stalwart Republican newspaper, but
unlike the ;.-!. the Journal is
easionally fair, even to political foes.
Tin- Journal says:
"The Missouri Senate is How get
ting all kinds of abu.-e from the
Governor and others who ought to
b. mote just and fair. Tin- Missouri
house passed everything, good, bad
ami Indifferent, Like an ostrich, it
swallowed whatever came Its way and
left tin- Senate to do tin- digestion.
Tin- Senate had no recourse. If it
tlx.-d a bill, the House promptly un
fixed it. The whole game seemed to
be, on tin- part of the House, to put
the Senate in a hole, and the Senate
could do nothing but kill tin- bills iu
self-defence and in defence of the
state. Abuse of the Senate under
the circumstances is unfair and be
neath the dignity of Republican
newspaper and Republican Isadora. "
Stomach Troubles.
Many remarkable cures of sIhiii
aeh troubles have been effected by
Chamberlain's Btomaeh and Liver
Tablets, One man who had spent
over two thousand dollars for medi
cine ami treatment was cured by a
few boxes id these tablets. Price,
'" ' ts. Samples free at K. M.
Laakman's drug store.
The Jackson Military Academy is
offered for sale to the school hoard
at Jackson far a High School for
NtflOO, and there will be a special
election held to decide whether the
people want il .
Judge and Mrs. J. M. Boas 0
Frederioktowu will oelebrate their
golden wedding anniversary on June
nth. They have
eounty sine.- ihs'j
lived in Madison
Wheat , ,5
Oats ;
Corn ,
Klour bin MM, v f nn
Ml 1 111
Shlpsiurr darked j ik-,
"n , H
Mixed Keed t m
Hay r ton n ,
lliih 1'otnloel 1
Heme a uj
Prylns-chickeni jo
hills- oox j-i
nutter e a
Means r Inubel 3 jm
llacon f a jj,.
Lard r u
Tallow r t, ni
Sorghum MOMSSSS 50
Suite Mil ! u
llaeiwax r a , .
Final Settlement.
Notice li hereby glean that the under
signed, administratrix of the estate ot
will make Hnal settlement of said eitate at
the next term ol the Probate Court or st
Francois county. Mlisourl, to lie begun and
held in tha Court House In rarmlngton. In
'".VI 2un,T- nn SSSeal Monday in
Jul J , imn1.
iitn. i-. Adm-nlstratrla,
Final Settlement
Notlc 10 hereby glean that the under
ilgned, administratrix or the eitate of
MisTgfl Mc-uukai.. Hecaased.
will make a final settlement of said estn?.
at the next term or the Probate court of St .
rvaseols sooBtj , Missouri, to lie begun end
hehl at the Court Houie In raunlnKtnn, la
until count)-, on the second Monday In
.luiv, num.
Jane I, luuv. Administratrix
Final Settlement.
Kotles is beietay siv-n that the endei
stKtn.d, Administrator of the estate of
MlIMtft'K W ILLIAMS, IMH-caaed.
will make a ntml M-ttlemeni of said estate
ut the next term of the Probata Court of m
Pranootl county, Missouri, to he iMiKunait't
held In Karmlnston.t n suld county, on the
second Monany in Jul) . iwr.
June 8, um-... Admlnlstrub r
Final Settlement.
Notice Is hervhy slven that the under
suited, HdmUifstrutrators of the estate of
aura Mint ooms, , -.
will make a final settlement of said estate
at the next lerin of the I-rohate Court of et
Krnnrols rounty, Missouri, to lie heu-un and
held ut the court hous- In Kurmliia-ton, to
said county, on the second Monday In Jul.
ifoaeS.iSW. Administrators
Final Settlement.
Notice Is tierehy alien that the under
slahed, Kxecutori of the estate ol
( linn TUIXOOK, Dee d,
will make ii final settlement of suld estat.
at the next term of i lie 1-rotatte Court ,.r m
1 ranrols county, Missouri, to lie lieuun an.i
held at the court house In Kariuliiirton In
Sllld county, on the second Moudar III lul
.1. O. M-I-As,
Jsaei, MSS. executors.
Notice of Letters of Gusrdisnship.
Not loe is hcretiy at Y aft that on May pi
Una, letters ol minrdt:oihii on the esluo
"t oi in.M ii THOMSON . u person uii
sound mind, were Kruntrd lo the under
signed lo- ih,. Probata court ,r s, irnncot.
Count, 11ssourl. All persons ImvlllK tie
ninn.li nvalnsl sntd esliile will present the
Nunc for aiionum-,- to tha Probate Moiiri
within one year mini Hie dale ol suld let
ters or they um., Is- precluded rroin ton
brawl In suld estate, ami ii -u.-h demands
tie not .-.xhllilted ulthlM year- th.-i
-Until he forever harred
II. -I I. Kill.
ouurdiiiuoi iiudl.o II. Thomson.
Iiiim- I, liar.
Order ol Publication.
county of st. Km ucols , i
In He- tantjOte court. April Term, MS.
In the pioliate i nurt nf st Kruncols conn
I) . Missouri, on Saturday, tin 7 1 1 dejro)
(prll, IMS, lieing ihestxiii ,tnt ol tha Apr),
term, the folkmliiK among ofliar iirocaed
1 1.1 s were Inn!
testate ol irn t Spraeer,ttee'di . Pettttoa i "
free m, Katseh, Attmlnlitrator, . -.-n Isealtf
Now nomas Prod M. Kxrach us udiuims.
tinier of the estule ol Ira I -pelicer de
ceased, and -hows In the court lli.it ,1 lario-
u.llnunt of trldf bl.-dllrs.. hus In., .11 itll.. .....I
nnd H now dUC uunlnst suld estate, st ii. 1
010 SI IflUillli lllipuld lot Hi, leu-en
Inst then are no personal assats whatever
led., nuing ii' suld Batata lor the luivmeni nl
-in. 1 Indebtednuas w hen-rue tin- suld
Ptm m Karncn, administrator us a fore
suid. now prays tin- Cnart for an order to
-ell tin- lollnu Inn de.'crllM-d real slllte Ik.
loiinPo.- in suld estate lor the purpe of se
curing funds wlwrevKli iopm tin. indent
anneal nr.. result!. to-Hit
lots one, two ntni three in ktoeksseea-
teen in On-toun nf -et 1 1.-1 . 111 . oe;i) Uonm
1 erra, Missouri.
Snd tha cour-. on samlnotlafl of sntd nc
iiiinn, uiei attar henrin" tin- evidence in
relation therein, doth nnd thai u aonaMar
utile amount or debts have been allowed
ami are now due aoelnai mid estate, and
Hint the mma remain unpaid foi wnnt 01
the nci-essui) niseis In III" hands of said
administrator for tha uaj mcui nf tin- tame.
It Is there!. iff ordered liy the court thai ill
jinnies Illletl-Stcd In the -aid estate of Ira
K. Sm r. ilet-eusetl, be nolined that 111.
plli'Milnii as abiresuld for the sale ol real
estnte bus been iniiib'. and thill unless the
contrary be -.bown on or baftjre the nest
malar term : 1 1 1 : coast, to be begun and
held on tha isth daj or jour, 1MB, unorder
wtll be luude tnr the -.tie of the n-ui aetata
described m said petition, or ao much titer,
of as may be necessary for the payinsat of
-itlil debts. Ami 11 is further ordered to
tin. court Unit a cup. ol this order i- pub
llstied in some newspaper published in st
Kruncols county, Missouri, for four week
prior to the next term or this court
;. 0. nations, .indue or Probate,
rimmy or st . 1 rsaeoH 1 "
I. II, 0. Nations, .luditc and ex oOlctO
Clark of the Probata court held w ithin un.i
for the count) uml state aforesaid, hereby
certify the abors ami foregoing to i- u
true copy 01 the record or the procaedlngl
or our said Probata Oourt on ihednyand
year nnd III the cause lllsive specltled lis the
saute npieors ol record In nij orflce
SKAI. hereunto set m bund uml artlxeil
the saal or mid court, at omvetn
rnrmlnnt.in, this 17th du) or April, iw
iiniKeor Probate court .
Sheriff's Sale Under Execution
y oi))c into uuiuoruv ol st en-
ernl licri fin i.is esecUtiODS issueil out
of the office ,,f the Clerk of the Circuit
Court of St. Francois COOUty, Missouri,
and nil dated April th, ivoy, mil to
BM lUrSCted, and all in favor of the St
Prancoia County Hank, g corjioration.
plaintiff, niul iiK.nnst A. V Mcl'.ahau
and Henry c MeOsluui, coBpooing
the linn of IfcOaban Mercantile Com-
pum , ikfenilunts. ami UKKrcK.itinK the
sum oi two thousand st hundred and
thirty four dollars aiel cicJityeiKlil
cents judgment, and fortv-ei;lit dollars
costs. I have levied upn DM seized as
the property ( A v. UcGuhan the iol-
lowiaS rc.il estnte situate in the cilv of
Parmington, county of st Praneois,
Slate of llissonri, lo-wit All that por
tion ol Survey No. JM. tw p. 36 north,
range .1 cast, lying within the corporate
limits of I'nriiiiiixton, and described as
follows; hKiiiiiiiig at a point in wot
line of "C" street sto)j feet north of
tin intSIteCtion oi the north line of
Doss street with said west line of "C"
street, running thence along "C" street
153 feet to Ittterseetion ol the south liiu
of Maple street; thence along Maple
street 1N0 feet to alley eight feet wide,
thence tooth along said allev 34k icct
to northwest corner of M. W. Huff lot;
thence cast with Hull line 1H1 feet to
the beginning, containing 63-100 of an
acre; and I will, on
PainSY, THK iSth Dav of Jimc, 1909,
between the hours of nine o'clock In
the forenoon and five o'clock in the
afternoon of said day, at the south
front door of the Court House, in the
city of Farmington, in the county of
St. Francois, State of Missouri, sell at
eubhc auction for cash to the higbest
idder the property above described to
satisfy the said executions and coats.
The sale ot said premises alto being
ordered by the Circuit Court of St
Francolt county, Missouri, by order of
May asth, 1909.
Karmington, Mo., May 26, 1909.
WM. LONDON, Sheriff
oi St. Francois Count

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