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Mrs. J. V. Sebastian celebrated
her Mtltli birthday last Sunday.
Evangelist Ktiwaril Clutter is
holding revival services ut Him La
Henry McKen.ie mid sister, Miss
LotliM, who attended M. C. J., re
turned Imine lant week.
Mr. and Mrs. I). K. Mnran and
little daughter Helen are visiting
relatives here thin week.
It Ih reported that there were two
Wadding! near here Sunday, hut we
have nn! learned the particulars
Lahau Halm, an old and Napaetad
citir.en of Liberty township, WM
huried at Wesley Chapel Sundny.
Miss Mildred Keith has gone to
Cape Girardeau, and will take the
summer course at the State Normal.
Kaymund Graham and silisrs.
Minxes Mahel and Grace, attended a
basket dinner at the Christian
Church t Mine La Motte Sunday.
"Uaeia" Johnnie Moran happened
to a eerloiis accident last Monday
evening. He we iii the upper part
of his ham, and a plank slipped off
the joist with him, causing him to
fall ahout Bight feet to the finer he
low, cutting a Rash ahout an inch
inch long in the hack part of his
head and otherwise bruising him
up. Dr. Fleming examined him and
aid no hones were broken except
one rib, which was fractured. Dnets
Johnnie is getting old, hut is very
active for one of his age. He said
tlie fall stunned hint and he was un
conscious for some time, and when
he came to himself lie could not gat
out of the barn and remained there
thirty or forty minutes before being
discovered. His many friends hope
tliat he may soon recover from this
unfortunate accident .
Mr. Lynch visited Chicago Sun
day. Herbert Lucy is spending tills
week in Chicago.
The little child of K. N. St. Clair i
is rapidly Improving.
Mrs. 0. v. Saunaey has in
quite sick the past Week.
Mrs John Kolh died hare Monday ;
morning, J ana Tth, after a prolonged
c. c. Sansoueie purchased three
lots this week from Judge C. T.
In. J. L. Baton purchased the
livery ham property Monday front
M . J . Kdison and wife.
Frank tfaull, 13 years old, eras
run over by a loaded wagon here
Friday and seriously Injured. Bit
home is at Iron Mountain.
A number of the ultra wets anil
drys left here on the local freight
train Monday morning to appear
before the county court at Farming
ton Monday.
Town Marshal HulT captured an
insane man four miles south of here
on the main line of the railroad on
Monday evening. He had just es
caped Irom Hospital No. 4.
Apparently reliable authority re
ports here to-day that a Kansas City
physician will he formally elected
next Monday in; Superintendent of
No. 4. a Pennington M. I), will be
first assistant and a Flat Itlver phy
sician will he tendered the I'd place.
If You are Worth $50,000 Don't
Read This.
This will not interest you if you
are worth ITIty thouand dollars, hut il
you are u man of moderate mean I
and cannot afford t nploy a
physician when you have an attack
of diarrhoea, you will be pleased to
know that one or two doses of
Chamberlain Colic, cholera and
and Diarrhoea Heuiedv will cure it.
This remedy has been in use for
many years and Is thoroughly re
liable. Price i'i cents. For sale by
K. M . Laakman.
At One Shot.
a" sportsman of great imaginative
gifts anil fond of telling his exploits,
related thai al one shut he had brought
down two partridges ami a hare. His
explanation was thai although he hail
only lilt olio partridge the bird In fall
ing hail clutched at another partridge
anil brought that to earth entangled
In lis claws, "lint how about the
hare?" he was asked. "Oh!" wai the
calm reply, "my gun kicked and
knocked me backward and I fell on
the hare as h ran past ." The Sketch.
Miss TcsHle Hunt mid Mr. Kavis
passed their second shorthand tests
last Tuesday.
Miss Marie Smith enrolled in the
shorthand and typewriting depart
ment Monday.
Miss Myrtle Menedict has accepted
a stenographic position in the otltce
of I). L. Klvers, at F.lvlns.
Mlai Myrtle Jackson ami F.ilward
Bevotr are doing the most of Prae
Ideal Mootbart'i privates work at
present .
Miss Beeale Brady, who is doing
some special abstract work for Court
Reporter Kim, at Perryvllle, spent
a few days with home folks this
Clarence Kavis left Tuesday of
this week to accept a position ns
stenographer and bookkeeper for
the Brown-Crenshaw Drain Co.,
Charleston, Mo.
Our Summer School will continue
right through to the first of August.
Any others wanting to begin any of
the subjects taught by us will be ac
commodated now or later. Specie!
summer rates.
Miss Hallie Anthony graduated in
our shorthand and typewriting de
partment work this week. Miss An
thony will spend the summer at her
home near Anthony's Mills, Wash
ington county, and accept an ottos
position in the fall.
We have just received a call for a
young man stenographer at the
Frisco car shops, Cape Qtrardeau,
Our supply of young men graduates
Is at this lime exahUlted, another
evidence that we an- constantly, as
lit were, r Ivlng more culls for
high-class stenographers and book
keepers than we can possible sup
One of the talented writers on the
Philadelphia North American con
ducts a department in that newspaper
which he styles "The Optimist."
The real name of "The optimist" is
Lee Mitchell Hodges. It is Mr.
Hodges' huslncMS to tell the readers
of the North American who are liv
ing just now under republican ad
ministration to cheer up. A Phila
delphia reader writes to Mr. Hodges
this interesting letter:
"I am an optimist. For years I
have read optimism and preached
uptimiam, and prided myaetfou hav
ing been abb. to point out to many
people the illver lining to their
cloud-. Itut now I am in a quand-
lary, and I come to you for help, in
tin- leel b w areeki something haa
St. Louis Mo. June K, 1H(W-The
first annual meeting of the Missouri
Constitutional Amendment Associa
tion Is hereby called to meet at
Sedalia, Missouri, Thursday and
Friday, June 24 and ML, 1 tHK. The
first jtoHaion to convene at Li 80
o'clock p. m., June 24th.
This meeting is called for the par
pus,, of electing otllccrs, perfecting
the organization, taking Immediate
tape to bring about u vote on state
prohibition at the general election
in 1010 through the Initiative and
Referendum and transacting such
Other business as may he deemed
necesaary .
All persons who are agreed with
the purposes of the Association
and are ready to co-operate with It
to bring about the end sought, re
gardless of party affiliation orchurch
t n i nbe ra h i p , men and women, are
earnestly and cordially requested to
attend and lake part In the delibera
tions of the convention.
W. H. Palmukk, Prea.
Katk F. Nkwton, Sec'y.
The cause is growing. Oknhnma,
Nebraska and Texas now have com
pulsory systems for theprotection of
depositors in state banks. In Texas
the state hank can choose between
joining the compulsory system and
giving Individual security, but so
fur every bank that has acted has
decided upon the guaranty system.
In Kansas and Smith Dakota volun
tary systems have been adopted,
While in Colorado, Arkansas and
I n, liana tin- guaranty bill passed
one branch of the legislature.
Attorney Heiieral Wickershnm
lias delivered nn opinion tothe effaol I
that national banks are at liberty to I
insure tlieir depositors, and insur
ance companies are already being
organized for that purpose. The
light made last year has had its In
thienee, and ill spite of Republican
opposition to the plan, the protec
tion of depositors is comi.ig. The
Republican lenders hade taken the
I side of the big Bnanelera, but even
I the big financiers will in the end be
I compelled to yield to the just de-
maud of the depositors for security.
And s,i another Democratic doc
trine is being vindicated. The Dem
ocratic party has something to be
proud of when It can. even in defeat,
Control public sentiment and force
Mts ideaaupon areluetaut oppoaltlon.
! Tin-1 (ommoner,
French Story of Note In Bouquet That
Wii for Year Unanswered.
One of the longest delayed proposals
on record Is related in a French story
of a shy v. mug subaltern who was or
dered away to the wars. Not daring
to speuk. ha sent a nosegay of yellow
roses In the girl he loved, with a little
note Inside begging her, If she re
turned his love, to wear one of the
flowers lu her hreasi thai night at the
hall. She appeared without It. and he
went away broken-hearted.
Years afterward, when he wag a
lame old general, he again met his
old love, now a white-haired widow
One day his old sweetheart gently
asked lilm why b had never married
Madam," he answered somewhai
sternly, "you ought to know best. If
you had not refused to auswer that
note lu the bouquet of yellow roses 1
nils ii have been a happier man " "TJi"
note In the bouquet?" she repeated,
growing pale.
She opened an old cabinet and took
out from t drawer a shriveled bouquet
of what had been yellow roses, among
whose leafless stalks lurked a scrap of
paper yellow wltb age. "See! I never
had your note." she said, holdlug the
bouquet up "If I bad I would not have
answered It as you fancied." "Then
newer it now," said the gallant old
oidlri And the long delayed pro
jwsal was accepted at last.
Without His Retaining Fee Young
Lawyer Could Not Act.
An Impel unions young lawyer re
cently received the following letter
from a tailor to whom he was In
debted :
"Dear Sir - Kindly aihlse me by re
turn mai! VbOT I BMJ egpecl I remit
tancc from you lu settlement of my
account .mii iruh. I Snippein "
The follower of lllackstoue Inline
dlately replied:
"Dear Sir I have your request for
advice of a recent data, and beg leave
to say tluii not having received any
retainer Irani you 1 cannot net in the
premise- Upon receipt of your check
for IZull I shall be very glad to look
the Matter up for you and to acquaint
yon Willi the results of my Investlga
thins. I urn. sir. with great respect,
your nmsi obedient servant. Barclay
It. Coke Success Magazine.
"Real Estate
Flat Rix)er Realty Co.
B. B. Huff, Manager.
Hoy Grocery Co.
Staple EE Fanc Groceries
Farmington, Ho.
Phone No. 95.
The Jew In History.
Long before Socrates taught philnso
phy, or before Herodotus wrote his
tory, Israel had an organized clvlllza
tlon. It has literature before moat na
tlons had letters, and art while other
nations knew only war and savagery.
Draper says that "they (the Jews)
were our factors and bankers before
we knew how to read."
1 11 happening to my opttmlam. 1
am beginning to doubt, Lei me ex
I know a young lady who lives in
the mill district. She worked in the
mills sccr:d yenrs, contracted 1 11 -berenloala,
as so many others do,
mill Uraa compelled tO stop. She is
almost well now, but must not go
back to work, so she keeps house for
the rest of the family, in place of
her invalid mother. An elder slater
also worked lu the mills, was seized
with consumption uud had to stop
work. She Is still suffering, and this
young lady takes care of her. She
has two younger sisters who are
working in the mills now. If yon
could see with what anxiety she
watches their luces, day after day,
as they conic Home; how she bark
ens for the sound of that dreaded
cough which she knows must come
I you would realize wnv 1 write, mil
there is no help fur it. I bey must
work if they are to live. There are
two little girls of eleven and seven,
glowing up, to enter the mills as
soon as they are old enough. Now ,
trhal shall I tell this y g lady
when 1 meet her again'.' What ray
of sunlight can I bring into her life?
Iloiv may 1 point out tin- silver lin
ing to her cloud? Is there a silver
lining? Perhaps not.
Perhaps our optimism-yours and
mine- comes from three hearty
meals a day, plenty of fresh air and
a congenial upation. Perhaps if
we-you ami I nursing one con
sumptive, saw the white plague
reaohlng out for four other sisters,
anil Wi le powerless to stop it, We,
too, would fall to see the sun' If
you uud I and tin- other optimists
had to tramp the streets day after
day, in search of a chance to work,
we, too, might not be optimists. If
you and I and tin- others had to
stand in that long miserable line be
fore the door of the 'Sunday Break
fast Association" to get a cup of
'coffee1 mid a roll in return for a
prayer to Josus, perhaps we would
not be optimists! Tell me, my denr
Mr. Hodges, or some of your 'Op
timist' readers, is there anything in
optimism? I shall watch for a reply
Till then, 1 am, yours In doubt."
Keep Honey In Dark.
Keep honey In the dark, as It quick
ly granula es If allowed to atand In
the llRht. Also keep It In a covered
dish, as Its sticky surface attracts
and holda dust In the air.
Kuril in the morning of Memorial
Day .1 delegation from Mr. James
Bads lion s organization of the un
employed vialtad tin last potter's
lb Id ul the city on Hurl a Island, to
pui a lew (lowers on the graves of
the natneleai poor.
II was an act full of noble and
pathetic suggestion. Memorial Day
has b dedicated to the fame and
the affection w hich the nation cher
ishes for those who liai B 1 oliintarily
suffered for It.
Hut there is something which
touches the heart of religion In this
homage done to those who have suf
fered in broken neaa of spirit this 1
humble tribute paid by poor and tils- j
oourageu men to proverty ami de
feat. In 110 more touching and poetic
way could the reminder be brought
to us that life as it is acually lived
in our modern social and Industrial
conditions is Rawed with cruelty
(iial the 1 ttomic struggle which so
preoccupies our minds is, in some of
its aspects, a pitiless warfare.
One lu ton of those who die on
Manhattan Island la buried on Hart's
Island at public expense. And In I
I he last forty years the bodies of I
iuo,msi persons now oeeo mruwu in
to (In, si- I relic hes of oblivion and lie-
Surely this awful toll of human
disappointment and heartbreak la
not wholly inevitable. And the tin- I
employed men who have taken pains j
to remind us of the tribute line to
l,lu 11. .1.1 ..f nHkiMfuJ .I....II.
have for a day been very well em- j
ployed. New York American .
The Conjurer Confesses.
That do band is quicker than the
eye" Is one of those accepted SBytBgS I
Invented In someone who knew until !
Ing of con luring--or. as is more likely,
by some miming conjurer who aimed ,
still furihei to hoodwink a gullible I
public. The fact Is thai the best con
ysrer seldom makes h rapid motion,
for that attracts attention, even
though 'j ii,. nn 1 understood. The
true artist In this line is ilellh.-raie in
every noveatent, and It is mslnli b
his ncllons thui he leads his audience
(o look not where the) ought, hut In
an entirely different dlresttaa Mr
David levant, who for a number of
OOneecuMve icars has entertained
bOBdoa with all Ingenious tricks, has
said "The conjurei musl bean actor
111 the expression of his face, by hli
gestures, by the torn- of his voice, in
short, by his acting, be moot produce
bis effects."--St Nicholas.
Farmino-ton, Missouri.
PHONE NO. 219.
I ra, Tornado. Plate Glass and Accident
Rents and Accounts Collected.
: Capital $30,000
Surplus $10,000
Eve Wat
Mini still earnes
ber of ribs, but he
lobe Where did 111
1 Lunger.
tin- original num
is short Df 11 lung
lose If Bee got
It. Man's rich I lung today consists
of three lobe man's left lung today
consists of two loboH. Let u: consider
the missing lobe on (lip left. The
lungs mhi, I ion. are th' life. Eve
was made out of Adam's third lung
lobe on the left, tile lobe nearest tile
beaii Ms was constructed out of
wind MOStl) Thai Is she took iart
of Alain's urea til awav Adam's mis
lerit) of tlie male persuasion in these
latter dais can count on only five
lobes to bold lungs, while Kve's
daughters can count 011 seven; which
ne, mints for Woman Inning the last
word in a controversy. Nee York
Farmington, Mo.
General Banking business. Safe and conserva
tive liankinr" nutlmils. Every facility possible for
the accommodation oi its patrons. ' Time deposits
with interest. Excellent facilities for handling
foreign exchange, We solicit your business.
j I
Insurance against Burglary, Fire,
Accident or other disaster.
THOS. B. STAM, I'reshlcnt
K, B. SWINK, Vice I'res't
J j. B. COVBB, Cashier
Ass't Cashier
J. at. MORKIS.
y. T. HAILE.
s. j. rSTUCY,
reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee e
Life's Mistakes.
How shortsighted we are In life,
often letting friendships drop for the
sake of. say, an occasional friendly
Tribute to California Cherries.
A prominent French manufacturer
of glace fruit admits tbat tbe cher
ries of California are at least as good
in quality ao tbe French varieties.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy the
Best On The Market.
"I have used Chamberlain
Cough Remedy ami
best on the market
Tardy, otlitor of
Ualushoi'o, Tumi
several colds the past winter and
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy ui-
There Is a little shop In Park place
before the door of which is a small
box The top Is lastenetl by a padlock.
, The key is kepi in a hiding place
! known only to tbe num who keeps the
1 bop, and to the postmen, tVben the
postman has a letter tor tbat number
he unlocks tbe little box, drops in the
! mall llnds a cigar, locks the box and
1 proceeds on his nay This has bsSW
i going on a long time. The man who
keeps the shop lives over 011 Long
Island lie has no clerk and conn s 10
business whenever the spirit SsOVSS
him. New York Times
find it to lie (he
" says EC. W.
'I he Sentinel,
Our bgby had
the past winter
Cough Remedy
ways gave it relief at once ami cured
it in a short time. I always recom
mend it when opportunity presents
itself." For sale by K. M. Laak
man. Cynicism.
Cynicism Is the Ideal overturned. It
Is the parody of physical and moral
beauty. It Is the crime of the mind.
It Is the brutalizing of Imagination.
Few women are more badly fooled
him those who believe tbey regulate
he habits of their husbands
The 8tock Gambler's Voice.
As a rule, great manipulators hnve
high thin voices and take a distrust
ful view iff securities. Their vocal
peculiarity must be left as an arbl
trerj (act; as to tnetr bearish slant of
mind, it is easily accounted for. It
conies of the fact that their services
are more often sollcllud by men hav
ing something 10 sell than by men
rilblng to buy 111 the ratio of about
tlve to one. Nevertheless there is no
Instance of a bear manipulator's bal
ing died rich. It Is a bull's country.
Kverybody's Magazine.
Makes Old Things New
Laakman's Drug Store.
Properly Graded Tax Rates.
Tax rales are so graded In Holland
that the heaviest burdens fa!i USn
those who have the most property or
Ryer Why so sad. old man?
Dyer Somebody promised to loaa
me $10 to-day and I've forgotten wee
it was.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
Silver and Plated Ware,
Organs, Musical Instruments,
Sewing; Machines and Attachments.
Watehtt and Clocks Cleinid ail Rapairil. i

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