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The Farmington times. (Farmington, St. Francois County, Mo.) 1905-1926, December 02, 1909, Image 5

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(Sf'N selecting Christmas Gifts for your friends, quality us well as appropriate
fJI ncss should be considered, and the gift should be one thai will frequently
o remind the recipient ol the (fiver. What will serve this purpose better than
a dtUnt) piece of jewelry? We have an unusually brilliant line of goods
from which ou may select, and c cordially invite you to call and sec it. Don't
wait until the day before Christmas, but come to-dav any da v. Yc name a few
suggestive articles below.
Hnya' WntcliPH H.IKI mid ii
Lsdles' Watches
filled I'HHHB. I
Menu' Wetohei, in
(diver mill
(gold mid kkM
Id. gold Ailed and
Watch KnliK Rings
Chain Plain
NaokUtOM Blgnet
Broochoi Diamond
Lncketa Sapphire
Cbsrmi Tnrquoii
CnfT Muttons TopM
Braceleta Opal
Bolt PlM IVnrl
Scurf Plnn &c.
Our line nf Clocks ll varied, and
vim will find anything in thll line
tlmi von muv deelre.
r. I i i nzn
I 1 1 I
an i i r- i
r- i r i
czzi i 1 rzzD
i 1 1 i
TabU and Tea Bpooni
Bony Bpooni
Bouu Bpooni
Knlvei and Knrks
( like and Pla Knives
Cold Meat Porki
Butter Bpresden
Bogar Tonga
Kood Mashers
Salt and Pepper Bota
1, adieu, Ac.
Silver Plated Ware
Tea Sets Water Sets
Butter Dishes I Baking Dishes
Fruit stands Chafing Diihei
Broad Platea Byrup Pltehan
Barry Howls Manicure Sets.
Alio ionic Choice Cut (Has Piece!
a fine aiiorttnenl of Pountain
Pona, Toilet Sets, Hut Tins, and
many other articles that will make
nice Christinas present.
We keep a nice line of Musical Instruments, and if you would like a piano
player or any other kind of piano, an organ, violin, or other instrument, we can
accommodate yoa. Also sewing machines and everything pertaining thereto.
Our prices on these articles are the very lowest. Again we invite you to come anil
see us.
Established 1868.
I citllLllI
is the best
omyin it. Good
paint saves the pain
ter's time by spread- v,
injr easy; it saves in cost
of material by covering
most surface to the gallon; It
saves in final cost of the job
by wearing longest.
The Sherwin-Williams Paint
is good paiut. It is made from the best materials so
thoroughly incorporated that they are inseparable and
hold together against the weather for the longest time.
Full color card shows 48 handsome shades.
Doaler In
Guardian s Notice ol Appointment
Notice i barehf Kiven thai letters of,
laaroianiblp were granted by the Probate
1 -ant ot 11 franco!! county, MiMourii on
October SKS, lam, to the nndeieumctt, on
the estate el
Wat. 11 viicsii,
n ,erson of iiiisoiinil inlii'l. All pei-fons hav
in'.- claims esalnsl raw estate must present
t Mmu for allowance bs the Probate
t; mrt wtttoln one year from lae date of this
n it ice. orthei mai be precluded from any
11 nejn In said estate, ami IT not pr nteil
within two yean the will be foresee barred.
maiiv t. vousu. unaralan,
antabw i Me,
h. b. ledbetter
Attorney -at-law
Fahmingon Miaaouai.
. 1 nti'Mitiiui 1 ruinate ind IniurenOf
0 lluslnrf-
unicorn Hani r Parmlnstos nnu
I-'aiiminoton, MlMOUIJ
VU ILL practice la 011 the courts of Mir.
oiin. as-Offlcs in Bealtr Dulidlni
'Trnet-Uncle' Joe is a mere fiu-n r -hesd
untbing mora than acting
ohalrrnaii for the Intoreiti, who in
eugu rated the system ami made ih
rales under which the Intereiti nl
loi the iee to net . I f is not in
tin leant Indispensable to the ,vh
teii); hut the error has gone mil thai
h.. if, thai he is reaminslble for this
virions and deatrnotlvo ayatem which
ronderi the home powarloii before
that privile.'e which plunders the
country. When Reed deviled the
yitem, he made ii mil perpetuating
and most automatic, The real feat
fa- to set np hla system and silence
the hnuae in the beginning. Hlncc
than it has I n easy. liiven nrhi-
traty power, with u bludgeon in oni
hand and a hunch of rewards In tin
other, the inline is exactly like the
tariff, Kvety attempt to reform ii
makes it worse. With a speaker
with power in ttieflral place to make
any certain member the moat fa
oreii ami Influential representative
of the session, or reduce him to all-
sointe nothinmteai without the now-
1 1 to say a half dozen words during
iIih session, as the speakerwlll, ii is
easy to understand whence comes
tlie authority to ( tinue mob 1
vicioiiH system. As Cannon is hut
tlie figurehead of the lyitem, would
it not he 11 stroke of good politics
for the interests to w ish his defeat ,
01 if nut that, to remain paailvcf
1 1 would allay agitation anil divert
public attention from a government
rotten with wrong. The word would
go out that Cannonlam w as crushed,
and It would take the public, In Its
itupld romplaoi y, a year or two
lo find mil thill the interests hail
plaoad another man in Cannon's
place, and that the system had g
right on without a bobble. St.
Lou ll Censor.
Keital Hall Coffee, sold in homes
where ipiullty counts.
The irreiitcHl issue that will ho de
cided hy the people of Missouri at
tin- general election in 1910 will he
thai if itate wlde prohibition. On
dr Hie Initiative ami referendum,
laas than 26.090 petitioners can
ubiuli to the voters tills great
lajaeatlon, Petitions for this pur
poii are now in the hands of the
peoph- In all parts of the Stale and
thniiMinds of signatures hnc nl-
I rildt 1 11 secured. In a very few
I Week- (he requisite petitions will
I ill II " hands of the secretary of
slat. lie will then have no choice
hul to place the issue on the Official
ballot llllll sill I till 1 1 It til the vote ol
tile people.
The aubmlaalon of the itteet!oii,
therefore, in the next general elec
tion is Inevitable whether we be
lave in the wisdom of siihinission
or imt. The only alternative thai
now remains open to any citizen is
las to which side of the issue he will
support with his vote and influence.
i in November, lull), about .'iIVi.ikki
I Christian voters will answer this
Imomentoui question, The state
committee of the const it ut ional
amendment association awaits with
confidence the enlightened verdict
of the people.
This mighty conflict will decide
tin- future of the great Imperial
stale that lies In the very heart of
the Republic and forms the greet
commercial gate wuy to the West.
Tin most itupendoui brewing inter
ests iii the world are located in the
met ropolll of this state
The entire Mississippi baetn and
the West are under tribute I" these
breweries, and are pouring into their
coffers inorc than 180,000,000 every
year Liquor forces driven from
other Itatll hy the march of the
temperance cause are swarming into
Missouri to augment the strength of
our opponents, in view of the gi
gantic Itmggle with which wi are
confronted, it is confidently hoped
thai every citizen who is opposed lo
the devastation that is being
Wrought h the liquor traffic w ill en
list w ithout debty in the active pros
eoution of this great movement to
the end thai Missouri muy he re
deemed. (I. o. Natiomb.
Commenting on a Washington dis
patch io the New Vork Tribune,
Which purport! tn give details ol "a
far-reaching and shrewdly organised
movement which has for for its pur
posethe nomination ot Theodore
I K 1 ell in the u at in mil con, cut ion
nf 11112," the New Vork World says:
I "There is such a movement. Mr.
Taft'i friends have known aboul it
I for months. Itul ll is not far-reach"
: lllg mid it is mil shrewdly organised.
, For the moil pari It is kindergarten
'politic- played hv a small enteric
of Mr. Roosevelt's Intimate personal
I friends, abetted by a handful nl Re
publican Insurgents in the Middle
West. I'nr weeks various Western
newspaper- have been discussing
tin- political poaiibllltleeof a three!
rical Roosevell 'return from Elba,'
, as it is frequently called. They
have explained in detail how, if he
were to land iii San Francisco and
croaa the continent to New 'ork,
he 'would burn up the country like
II praire Are,' umi nothing ild pre-
vedi his renomiuatlon.
) "AH ttie far-haired hoys nl the
Kooaevell administration Whose
vanity has been humped since Mr.
Taft became President are yeamiug
j for the political restoration ot the
great faunai naturaliat. The in
Slirgents are naturally in favor ol
his candidacy, because it gives them !
a weapon to use again at Mr. Taft,
and the administration, Mr. Roose
volt is still very popular in the
West, where his cow hoy methods I
were regarded as the supreme
achievement ol American stales-;
there is no question
ave your time, your temper and your monc) .Ml
kindsofg I things here to make the Christmas
dinner better ami tin- other meala, too. For
Pies, Cakes. Fruit Cakes, Cbarlotte
Riisssc, Cream Puff. Cream Rolls,
Macaroons, Angel Food, and
New Home Made Bread.
To get the greatest satisfaction. At the "last
ute" you can depend upon ua for things you
Sixteen yean em the northern
branch "f the Methodist f'hurch!
granted women the rights of the
laity. The question la being favor
ably considered hy the Woslcyun ;
stetbodlil Church of England.
At the October meet I m of thel
Oeneral Board of Home Mlaaioni, I
the Southern Methodist Churcli, in'
.Savannah, (in., a memorial was,
sent to the "fathers and breth
ren" of the q rni Confer ,
which meets in tin- ipring Baking
lor this snuiH riifht.
They say that women ate strong
as stewards and Sunday school su
perintendent! in many placea, "while
the legal right is vested solely j '
tbe mule membership." They ask
for the right (o have 11 nice, not
niaushin, him
llholtl Hie fuel llllll II
thlrdtorm inovemonl is causing
mm nl Mr. TaTt'i friends a great
deal of anxiety, Mm there are n
few obstacles tn Mr. Roosevelt's
nomination in 1012, unless the Tafl
administration sees fit to abdicate."
For eaema, latter umi Suit Rheum.
The intense Itching characteristic
of these ailments is almost instantly
allayed by Chamberlain's Salve
Many severe cases have been cured
by It. Por sale by E. M. I.nakimin
only in the lower conferences, but
als 1 the floor of the General on-
Thli request has created much in
terest umi it is generally believed
that the leaders of the church will
be liberal enough to grant it.
The women nf tliis church have
developed some Influential women
in Hi" thirty-one years since they
arere first organised Into a foreign
Missionary Bociety, The Dome
Mission Society is an outgrowth of
this, And Hie two societies have
handled Ihnually more than $l(MI,0U(l,
Which is more than two-thirds of
tl mtributloni of the entire mem
bership oi ti huri-lt. - iContri-
If you ne PUTNAM I'ADK
I.KSf? DYKS mid are not sntm-
tied.Mc uiii refund your money
or live yon free enough dye to
make your dyeing satisfactory.
Mossos inn ii Co.,Quiaey,IU,
Little ( hurley RadgMVe of Jack
son, went to the Jackson Methodist
Church to hear the orchestra prac
tice and fell asleep, one evening last
week, nnd he woke lip about ten
o'clock in tin- dark church. He
aroused a passerby by ins soreatr.i
and was soon rescued from bis for
lorn condition .
Order of Publication.
STATU til'' MISHOt'RJ, ,
Counii of Si. Knuoon,. 1'
in tin- Probate Court , October Term, toou
In the Probate Court held within and
for si. Prancoii eouaty, Minoari, on
Brturday, atovember jo. igoo, hcinj; thi
ighth day of tin- October term, -.lie
following asMaaj other proceed I ugj
wne had:
Mstiiic of Kittie Sutherland, ilt
Wlllian N. Pleming, Admiuiitrstor,
Publication to sell realty.
William N. Klemidg, as administrator
of the eatate of Kittle Butkerleud, de
ceased. nsv files ins petition fm .hi
order (or the sale ol real estate ol said
deceased lor the payment ol debts, and
tiles his accounts, lists and inventories
ns required by law, showing that de
mands Aggregating more th in one hun
dred and twenty-two dollars have been
allowed b) this (court against said es
tate, and tll.lt tbe Mne ire now due
and remain unpaid lucauac there are
no personal isset in tbe hinds of this
dwiniatralor belonging to ssid eatate
wherewith said demands may be paid
when fore, said sdmiuistratoi pravs the
Court foi tbe sale of the following di
scribed teal estste belonging to -..nil es
tate, for the payment of the debts, to
wit: Lota Twelve and Pourteen of John
C. Alexander's Subdivision of east ol
Bnrvc) So. jy.i. in St, Pranc Is coast j
Missouri; .in. I the Court after bearing
sdid petition and tlie evidence in rels
Moa thereto, onlcrt that .ill parties in
terested in said estate be notified that
pptication ns aforesaid lor the sale ol
s.ml real estate has been made, and thai
unless the contrary he shown on or lie
lore tin- litst day of thejanusr) term of
tins eouri, 10 he begun and held on ilu
second Monday in January 1910, an
order will he made for the sale of said
renl estate, or so much thereof .is uia
lie necessary lor the payment of tin
debts, and it is further ordered that .1
copy of this order be published in some
newspaper published in St PaaSCois
Const) lor four weeks prior to the said
January term of this Court.
; O. NATIONS, Indue of Pi (bate,
STATE OP Missorni, 1
County of st. Prancoii, 1
I. 0, (i. Nationi, Judge oftheProbati
Court held within and lor the Count)
of St. Praecoii and state of Missouri,
hereby certify that the lbo"l ind ( n
e.oitin is .1 true and complete COP of
the record of the proceedings or out
lid Probate Court on Hie day and year
iiiiil in relation to the matters therein
hereunto set my hand and
SI.AI.; aflitrd the seal Ol sain Court
.it 1 iii '1 iii Parmlsgton this
Mth dav "f October. 1000.
The Prices
5G 25C Finn
The Prices
hong Felt Want Supplied
I lave lrascil the rooms next to tla- Markcrt Hotel, for
merly occupied as a saloon, and have opened a second
Cash paid for second-hand furniture, or furniture will
taken and sold on commission at their salesrooms either
at public auction or by private sale.
Reliable labor will lie furnished to stretch carpels,
put up stoves, clean out flues, or do any of the things
so necessary in house-cleaning.
A first-class upholsterer will soon be here, and all
repairing promptly attended to. All orders will be
promptly filled.
TMiono TVo. 28.
Mr. W. A. Kennedy will remove his real estate
office to the store rooms, and will continue to conduct
his business in that line. He has a large number of
good farms now listed for sale. Call and see him.

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