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The Farmington times. (Farmington, St. Francois County, Mo.) 1905-1926, March 24, 1910, Image 8

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Henry Buyer ol Washington in-
ij was oonvletsd of murder in Hie
Hist degree in a trial that elosud In
Hi" i ilreuil 'mirt at I'ot. .si on tin
12th, .Hid santaiiced to lii- Imprison,
meiit, for the klliliiu o( Thomas 'I ne
key al t!de( in I HOT ,
Mis Mernli Pipkin, P'tcs Cupt
utiee i- lo r. i Ki V ii Unit an an
ill eleptlmi will I" I ;.! in the I ii v
: i .
y of April. IH10, ai the pree It el -the
Wards in hhIiI elty, for tl
" iv( : itiiiiud' mi) uond rortiuic
hi '
Mr. I I'-ii iv Wati'raiiii, the veteran
idttur il ili'' Louisville Courier
liiurual. lias tlii" i" a$ 'n Hi" '
I j li
v. .0 A
Tl.lnl -Ciilihvell.IleKiilli, Daviess, 1
(letttrv 1 1 'i son V liny ttlid I aillHIII, iv'i", iii Hit e..urse ill '::i-
Worth, Hire, had mil limit tu stay, ami the
, rth Audi w, Ateliisoii mid I election ol a Democratic President
Holt h. una, rviitaiiytliliiKaarellk.l
Si.tii r. il ir, luU . II' ii r , Jrdm- ,' ,, ,,
Kcvnntri Hlcknrj . Polk and Ha
Biithth II ie, i lattidi a and Mil
In (he Hi al place n U yel i" hi
seen how far the Itiaiiricenta will l"
aloni! with ii h. Ii they are to maki
I'relMIII'tH uh i..ii., ;
Klrai Ward, al 1 It) Hall, Colnio-
hia and Henry Htr t.
He il Ward, al Circuit Court
rooln. Court II on He,
Third ward, al Hchmltl Hros, I4h,
Harrison r4l reel
Konrtli ani, at Henry MaiihM '
Shop, Henry Htri
Ul i n under my hand this 17th
VM. It'. TAYLOR, Mayor i
lt. M :
s. I,, asm u v. ity Clerk
V i, .11. .1 'nil ii iii noil I . i 1 1 1 . ,1 1 1 .
Thlrteeiitii llolllimer, Rey , a urapegoal ol i'nele Joe, redress " fc-f
Madis i
iron , Oai
and NN ay no. their tinea and elaitn for a Repuhl
Dolluiiia, I ran merit a I"
w. II. I. AM. ;
- U m I 1 Willi 1 I
ami 'I ane .
PHteeutli Barton, Lawrei , Me
Donald and Newton.
Sixteenth Irawlord, Da 1 1 a
Dent, Laelede, Pulaski, Texas,
Webster, WrlRht and Shannon.
With Texan pounty Jual added to
the above Hal with a splendid ma
jority of WO,
Remember thai St. Francois coun
ty Ik in all Juatloe "dry" county,
and keep your "riffttt eye" on thoae
who rat aside our electlni a teeh-
nioality, for some f them may lie
around shaking hands with the
'deal people" attain soon.
Henceforth drunkenness in the
District of Columbia will i treated
as, u misdemeanor, if a bill Intro
duced In the Semite l mes a law.
The bill provides for Rites of !no or
incarceration for two years In homes
for Inebriates,
Prohibition prohibits In Missis
sippi, in addition to the closing of
the saloons, gambling is disappear
ing, pool halls are shut up and the
Sunday law is being enforced in
many counties,
In the whole country there was a
decrease in the conaumptloit of beer
amountinii to J.-m.K". barrels in the
last twelve months. .t the same
time th. ro was an Increase In popu
lation ol something like a million,
Thirty Bounties in Michigan are
"dry," and every branch nfbllslliess
shows the good effects ol the mi
loon's suppression. Manufacturers
say their men give better service,
and iiioruliants reiiuii an Increase n
in thoae counties in Ohio whicl
have abolished the saloon there hai
been a rauiarkahli Increase in uv'
tags bank deposits, Over fifty huuki
united in reporting an Increasi
which is definitely traceable to tin
spread of temperance.
i of an
I sr.'
I Afrl
lit. If the
loan from
ami reooi er tl
in by t lie casehardened 'an
nun and the ironclad Aldrich, to saj
nothing about tic lilunderliig 'la ft .
the country ili again be fooled to
Hi.- to "t its i. mi and Democracy
tin- vlotl n ot what the gamblers call
the double-cross, That Theodore
Roosevelt w as able to stcul so much .
of the Democratic apparel hh suited
his fum y and seemed likely to at
tract the voters, Hiid to foist such
a man as hlseucceaeor upon us, isj
alike discreditable to him and the
people, i im in- do it again?
The plot thiekens, At least al
Democratic House seems now as-
sored. Alter tliat We shall see what ;
we shall see hut f i ixii now onward,
with Democratic newspapers and!
Democratic party leaders, the word
should be, closer ranks and down
with doctrinalrs and theorlaers.
Surplus and profit
aSO 000 DO
Tube K
l, ill.'
Is hrotln
the Utl
r I Im
Dr and Mr
ertcktown w
surprise on 1 1
The s.
former it
- Wm. if.
gre wim-ii
I Itli in In
nry of tin II
en of W. !
al ol i lurda
.t !'
. pi.
nor i
.f .1
Oeneral Prederlek D. Urant,
whose participation lit the prohobt
lion parad.' in Chicago caUaod a
protest to the War Department that
Secretary Dickenson pronounced
unworthy of consideration, declared
in an Interview in ('hicagi, Oetober
2d, that he was mil only a teetotaler
and a prohthltloiilat, bill Unit it is
his desire that the Whole world
i niii Id adopt tin theories and prac
i Ice of prohlhltl in
"lieeallse i i.o.iw that Strong
drink has hec i the rntlse of untold
misery In nnliv duals, to families
and t immunities, I helleve thai
prohibition would he of inestimable
In n. lit to this country ami to the
world," said Uoiieral urant. "I am
ennvinead thai Its honest en for
in. ot would solve many of the SO
elsl problems of the land.
'1 have faMired the cause of pro
hibition all my lite. Not that I have
always been a total abstainer, for I
have not I ii, although I am one
now, hut I have believed consis
tently i hnt the liquor traffic was a
source of evil. As m) belief was
strengthened by my own observa
tions I decided that ti suse de
manded more than passive acknowl
edgement of tin truth. So I am an
out-and-out prohibitionist.
"Where prohibition hns been hon
estly enforced the cause of law ami
order lias advanced, In those dis
tricts of the South Where the laws
havo been oarrlod out in regard to
the regulation of the liquor traffic
I observed Improvemcnl in general
Nothing in General Frederick D.
Orant's life does him mora credit
than this declaration, in which In
proves httliadf to he the hrave sioi -.i
of a brave father. It frequently re-1 P1
quires more heroism to face a popu
lar Wl till than i! docs to face a can
non's mouth, hut General Uruut has ;
ooti ruga enough to confront both.
Tl e Null ii al Advocate.
; years in the penile
i charge id uiauslaughte
degree for the klllluu
I Leitwlch In IIKW, has b
I by the Supreme t 'our I .
i What do von think
acre? This Is ail nhsoh
Last yeat a Mr. I'm.. I
the Albert Carter place,
Dexter, set a measured eeri
potatoes. Alter gathering
on a,
d n
Doss a geaersl nnnitinn kioi k,
saaaas I. u h i mm .
latsrestpsl stlmr .iuiiu
tmiiri-.l SgSlBSI liiiriehirr lo the
Filled r , saA CSSSSltV l"i. . of N N
coLUMsnom a iraoiAirr.
- - - Diaacxoas - - -
IVier ('.itssiii, J. R, Klctti,
W, f. iios, m. p. Cayeti
W. K. Laag, A. J. wart,
W. M. Ilnrhui.
Notary Public
Real Estate
Yout 8us nes3 's RsspiCtfully Soltcite"
Parmtngton, Mo.. Phone 71.
.Vlerriil PipKin,
irfeal Estate.
Loan and
Paints and Finishes
for Your Home
home to be painted, enameled,
ii -1 : . L-LI r
1 1 mm' ia a siianny sunacc in your
stained, varnished or finished in any way, we have just what you need
for producing the exact finish desired in the line of
Lei Ol shew you colon for painting your house or barn, samples of finishes
for flours, woodwork, walls, ceiling or furniture. Let us help you make shabby
surface., look new and attractive.
tiuau' tlu:
ACME QUAIJ TV PAINTING GUIDE Book. It tclli irhst Aems Ouslltv
wi, . tain ot vsmisli to uss, ho aiaeh will W rsauiied and how it laeald ba put on. Ii not onlj ena bin m.u tn
m ni deranttor r. tU wlut yo.i warn, but ii mskM it ca-y for YOI' n. irl:ii IM rnsoy Mrfses) shoul the
' not rtquire the iLdl of ths easert kt jobs dstt s psintsi would not bathst with. Ad bra com IT'S FMEB
E. H. LAAKMAN, Druggist,
Farmington, - - . riiasourl.
ill them
-old Hu ll
Iii had ;i
iM-r hu
until I
for HO im
. r
id at
: LMBoe over Si.
i !onatf Baal
Order of Publication.
Annual School Election.
Not hv i- hereby ..!:. . the vot.
n ol "Mehwiil Dlsl i If l d I iinniiiK
n," also known a lilstrh't N'n.lM
,,iishiis ICi and :n, rani .mil U
tin- ( 'limit ot st. h'raiieuix, rttaii
1 1
-iavors oi
ol tn the
strh-t, thai
I said
l'i K8DAY,
sueh mi' I I district, t
iiualliled v .iters ot said cl
the aiitmal sehotil eleeti
distil, I will he held nil
APKII. "'III. 1910, at tie
places in the City of I
.Mo., to wn :
Kirsl Waul, t'itv Hull, i
Henry and t inlitmhia st t
Si ml W ard, ( irenit u
nt C.inrt House.
Third Ward, Schtnitl Bros
Harrison Htreet.
Fnit rth Ward, Henry Maul
on Heur street.
The polls will he upon
eh ctloll at ' o'f ho k a. in..
clock p. iii. oi i!:;ii day.
i Directors tn l elected
d t hree iii years, mnl ni
to he .defied Im a term .
at. Also there will hi Kit
r tl... purpose of t
proiMisition, prop ised l;
i ..f 1)1 rectors oi sani in
To authorise the Bo
lot's to levy a ln rate
on the one hundred dullul
I valuation for school
i ilo) - Hi.- ilan.itt h.
met and Mm llr petition
llesins. Biiuinuotliei tiling- i
snuonl i Kaser. Is not n t
-lull- ot Missouri wlierelll
ii iioriti reil io Hie i' ik ..I tin- fouri
va .oi"M. ttisi -aid .ii i. mlsnl n.- notlflei
piihl itlon in. it iilulntlfl lis iimeni
-no ussinst litis in no- court, ths oti
unit sussrsl nuiurv ot w hlcii t un setion
illvorfH, upon the srounili of desertion
sisiniionineiit toi more tasu one year
Hi. it null'-- sal.l il-li-iiitiiiif In- and Si
ai this i 'ourl at tin1 nssi term thermit,
iieuuii nnil bolden si i Uc ourl llouss in
I'ltr of sratlnstnn Insald t'oanty. on
-iii dayotllsy, neat. and on me Rrsl
olsalu I in . or betorn the la-t daj .1
ii'iin. snswer oi plsad to the psttttoi
aid cauw., the miiuc will bs taken a- i
tniswl, mid Jll.lL'lllMll will lie ivndeie.i
IP Vl.l
d i-h
it I
trn t) from the record
tvttnefi no hand . and -si.
l ; I lie Circuit loan ol st. tt.m
County, ttili -tn d.ii ot M i
d ol
if 7i
I t II h'iS. 'ireuii i lerk,
Order of Publication.
. HI Ul-slll in, .
y lit st r run' '!. i '
let'imill t oart, Msy term, Ittlti
Mill, pialatIV,
w ii lain tun
im a till'
to Iter nil..: i
Oiler of the Boa
"Hchool Dlatrlci
.f Id'
lid tills he
. sntnns oil
in inn. i
J, P. UAYCK, Sec
Final Settlement.
Notles is
dlllled. I li
steoa thai the
it ii- sstateol
M Mil II v A lUUHLRt . I d.
will lank.' ii nnal setth'inent of 411. d sstate
st the next tern of ths Probate nourl ol St.
rrurmoti countj . Missouri, n. be bsaun unit
held in Farmlnston, n laid eouatyi oa the
iscoiid Noaaaj in sprti.isai
11 tun I 1 110,01.1.1, 1 . 3,1-l tO
I .'i.i nary I-, mio.
Final Settlement.
Snttee Is heretiy L-lvea tlnit the under
Isasd, sdatlalstratoi ot tliesstateoi
Jlt.KS I. tint I.I.I V , ller'rt,
will make final settlement ol sslft -slat:- at
Hie next term of the Probats (.'ourl of st,
Prsncols rounty . Missouri, i" i..-uun ana
held la the loan llotine tn Karmtnaton, In
-aid couatr, "a tli.' Recond Mon. 111, in
Apili. lid".
aimi 1 1: uucv, utm'r.
Moreli 1. 1
Final Settlement.
Piece Goods and Samples
PrieesRiRht and Good Fit and Satisfa ction Guaranteed
i-tvhv stven mat 1 in unaei
itor ot the sstats ol
ii im ink IIiiskn 1:. Dse'd .
M'lll make Nnal settle I of said sstats n
tii, 11, -st term of tl- t'roli.o,. i oiirt ot st
Kruncolti county. Mlsstmrl, to be besan and 1 1
it.'i'i at tin-1 mirt house in r'Arinlnaton
aid countj on the second Momtaj in At
1 1: s 1 11. VI I'.
ItllN. I.XI
Final Sattlement.
kollce is hereby alvsa Hint the under
slwai d , adinlnlst rafor of the SStatS of
.liHIN T, vv li t iavis. sr.,
win uiskeo Bnel settlement of said sstats
at tin' uex term of tbs Probate Uourt or St.
Prancols county 1 Missouri, to be iM-minnad
in-id at the court iious,' in PardBlnaton, la
said county on the secoad Mondai in
pril. 1010,
.mils UtlltHII 1 . kitm'r.
Union-Made Suits
'hut is
what you sel when you ordei your suits from
I For Coughs and Colds
Tioublcd with a coujjh? A hard cold, bronchitis, or sonic
chronic lung trouble? There is a medicine made for just
. Aycr's Cherry Pectoral. Your doctor knows
all about i. As1: him what Ii 2 thinks of it. No medicine
can ever take the place of yfuir doctor Keep in close
1 with him, consult him frequently, trust him iully.
i , alcohol 111 th! cou;h nvti;Mie. J. c AytrCoTJToucll
A PlBi. Sn M'-fo tl ti. AUvc -'tanlc. Act directly on tne liver. Ofimi uta
i; .. out jiill. SjIJ (or ncstr!" My year. Aik your iloctor iiVuui them.
1 Haiti ilt'fwiiiloiii unl 11 y (war ;it thit cuurt
I ill llt ihxl ttllll t In-1 '1, In Im- lifftiii t ml
liolden m tli) (loufl Houm In Hie i it nt
! Partntnirton, in n -ounty, n the wh w
nt Mity Hi-it . iii. 'I on tln llritt dS) ol MUH
term, or bfroit iht itivi iiuy or a"ii it rm,
hmswfi' or plead to the petition in au
cauve, (lie fitiHii- m til in-1 it keti ai eonfeMad.
1 and Judgment win be randered accord
Otoe punitltlMl, m-iMnlliiir in law, in The
Kurnilii atoii Tluiei, a newr4ptMr j i iinhod
m -"till nountj t "i. Kraucola, lor row
ri'r.s.Mii'.i.ivii. puhlitltedai i'ii-t .nri
a week, tin Ittft lntor Ion tobem li i i tit-
tfn tlayi bi t m ilrttt il.iy ol lalil noM
May term ol tul - COtlfl
, true OO0 frmn tin- rtcttrd.
WltiUMt but bandj and neai of
8BAL I Micrirralt lourl of at. Fi iicoli
Minly, 1 liirj ih daj t l.itch,
t. r. w ihka
Final Settlement.
Kotlre 11 hurenf fiwwti that the under
laned adminUirotrotoreoj the tetnte of
M.i.K t MclUCNin . Ilec'd,
veil niuki u iiuai rwttiement "t mI1 ettnte
ut the nrxt term ol (In PTOUflte Court ol t.
Krnncoti county, Ulevonrt, tobebeinn nod
iu'l'i at th" court hOttte Iii r.irmiiiL'ton, In
s;im rountr. the leeond Hondny in
inriii itio, w. v, till uy it
m xiiministraior.s
1 ubruory M, rfio,
Administratrex'a Notice.
ottri e hereby iteen thnl letten ol nt
iiiinlftrntlon were aTanted t th'- uAdnr
ned nj tia- lYobnteOouri r m rmncoii
i-ount7i afleeourl, the e 1 1 iiuy of
tri ll. 1910, on tin tut" ot
I'.m a RHnt'llN, Dee'd.
ii pereoni hnetnji einimi ngninei Mid oh
late art required i exhibit them to too
ndmlnlftrutrix for nllowenee within one I
. .-ar fmm the dote of satil h'ttrs or titer
iiiiiv tv iri'Clinl"l from 'tiv mmiHII of itl !
. m j-f, aiul li r.vt fXl'H'Mi-.l f ir tillinvnnctt .
within two years from ttu dnte of enid lot I
tersther will be fnreeer burred
sak.UI AMim itN. Adminlntrair'-;.
March 1;. ww
No matter how simple
a monument you wish
we can offer you an
assortment of distinc
tive designs and su- r
perior workmanship Jat a moderate price.
Farmington Marble Works,
Mrs. E. L. Spauj;h, Proprietor.
. ,v.a. w'a ,'i'.-sVi.-t"a''V'."W'',i a,-
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
Silvsr and Plnted Ware,
Executor'B Notice.
NotlCt Is Tisrslr iiIvhii unit letters tSStS '
,,,', ,i;,rv wra vranted In the iinilei'ilrneit
liy ttie lTotiatsCbuitof St. Praocoli ooaatir, '
'. Iitourl, ilateii January i". isiv, t"" m
tats ol . M
Ml neroiu hsvlni; claims hkhIih' saM V
pstatsarsrsqatrsd t" ssalbll iiim to tiie . x
I x.M-utor fur SllOWS OOS within one i
ii ar from tbls ilaie, or IbST may l) pre i r
ptudsd trom any !nnt of said rintp. and st
. - ........ I rnr .11 ..... . uvlthln fn-
,M llll I, ijI". '
Orprr.np, Musical Inatrnments,
SewinK Machines aud Attachments.
Watches an1 Clocks Cleaned and Repaired.

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