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The Farmington times. (Farmington, St. Francois County, Mo.) 1905-1926, August 24, 1911, Image 2

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The Farmington Times
In u i I
President Tail
message to congrens,
announced bis v i tu ot
wool revision bill. The president
us iiis reaaon the fun thai there
The Firmlnolon '. Imn Prtg. Co., Pub.
Do You Want
i not now any available
ihowlng bow i in- rates
chedule idiould lie redl
' I 1 i 1
I - i
Dispatches From Our Own and For
eign Countries Are Hri Given
In Short Meter for
Busy Readen.
b) tin
Unit t
1 Mil
passed Hi''
us amended
end i
'. The Mil n
t fur tlii' Mtme
Kress to override the veto
The campaign publicity bill was
signed by President Tall Its provii
Ions affect ail candidates for congres
sional seats, both In the house and
senate, ami require publlcit)
campaign funds before slectic
The petition! for the recall o
oilmen Max Wardell, E i. Ills
.1 V. ('. Kellogg, at Seat lie.
the count
ini; the
rains hml the
Indignation or
effect i
a moti
killed tine,- negroes ami burned
nerous buildings at .iai.ni.
town near Donaldsonvtlh .
result ol the killing ol Ual
berry by a negro.
The ar department Is
hal New
eiiir.il Ami
r iin. null
Two thousand fi.
ptOyOS Of the Cue, 1, P
hundred em
oilie road were
laid off at Omaha The
reduction in
forces applied to all depart nts
employes were not discharged,
were laid orr with no tune sc
R. Lyon
Kro rei;
cates of
in reset
hag July
rlt for risking their lives
a companion from drown
In Malleus bay. near Port
Ethan Allen,
Mink In It fi
Vermont The man had
t or water
Letting friemis beitovt
killed by a brother mini
tng tu seclusion while
hi' bed bl
tor nnd ke
his SUppoi
is years,
slayer was
the crime 1
of Suffolk,
ent I. yon,
term, will
sentenced t
which Rev,
'a., is nccus
. Servants, at London,
that L"-'". ' nieti, or
total employes or the
land, Ireland, Scotland
e answered their call
Managers of the rail
say these figures are
nearly hair the
railways or Km
nnd Wales, Inn
to stop work,
ways, however.
free list meant
veto failed
Seventy live
wreaking vets
Intrant and Ca
Houri, Kansas
and aanounci
"cleaning out''
ire over the president s
armed negroes, bent on
eance upon citisens ol
IdO, tiki, 1 , setz. ,1 1, Mis
k Texas freight tram
d their Intention ot
the two towns
Lincoln Beacbey, in 11 Curtlss bi
plane at Chicago, rose to 1111 altitude
nf 1 1.57S feet, or 3,52! meters These
tigtires will be subject to a slight ad
dition, as a result of the vapor pres
sure, which will be ascertained by the
weather bureau. Tin;- l.s positively a
world's record
Mrs. Allee M. Hillings, of Chicago.
R! years old, mother of C. K li. Hill
lugs, the multimillionaire bead or the
Peoples' (las i.tght company, trapped
a negro blackmailer mi the drawing
room of In-r home
Street. Pour dele
tiosslp, ever act
reliable, says Col.
at New York, has s
hu bride-elect. Mi
It is said this was
nee between .lusli
it 1134 West Lake
ttlvea aided her
ve and sometimes
John Jacob Astor,
tiled 8r000,000 on
II Madeline Puree
done ut a conier
e (illdersleeve, ror
Miss force, and lewis Cass Led yard,
representing Col. Astor.
After more than a decade of wbnt
he terms "persecution and Imprison
ment 011 perjured evidence,'' former
Captain oberiiu .i carter appeared
before the house committee on ex
penditures in the department of jus
tico to explain his part in the Savan
nah harbor improvement scandal.
Angry words, denunciations nnd
brandishing lists marked the close of
the session of the Socialist conference
ut Hlsban hall. Milwaukee, when Sen
ator OaylOTd of Milwaukee nnd Ci. W.
Boewell, a Socialist aldennan of Ma
jilewood, Alu, mel in the corndora.
The streets or Liverpool, rrngland.
wc-ro the sceni-h of tin- wl ideal diaor
d r this week, and the troops were
compelled to tire on the mobs '1 he
first of the serious troubles occurred
in VatlX ball road, when rive prison
vuna ou their way to Walton Jail were
I"' Ml hill would accomplish a prop
er reduction.
a policeman n lb 6 regular fore
of Coatcavllle, I'ii, wan tha chosen
leader or tba moo that bnrned Zai ha
rial. Walker, the negro Klnv.-r ol 10"
I Iceman Rice, according to private
evidence District Attorney Oawthrof
declares be ban in his possessli
Representatlvee of the four ot:uni
ationi comprlslnt the Amalgamated
Boclety or Railway Servants, have m
sued a urikr order at London, Eng.,
calling out tin- 100,000 memben of
their allied unions The men
naked to urn,'- "immediately
Hit hi'iiil lorn from her I
one arm severed, Mrs t'aiv,
was Killed at Kalamazoo, Mi
mysterious explosion which
in a
' ted
house ami Jarred the em
Hon or the i itj
I Tut is of hairs
! were widely seat
Dispatches rro
say that an ulmn
baa di roloped In
Morocco, ou t
the demand del
irbltnnos of
making ou
Prance as He
from Agadlr.
That Seel
pion-d aver)
I'l 11 e of hel
tary Wilson
had Bp
emplo) aver) detail of 'the
i in H H. Rushy whii
sent controversy In lb
ol agriculture, was t
it In Harve) W Wii
itinued his story In
no lit i
the pr
Brlndley, at t
from tin- grout
has ever been
world's record -
ei than
t 11,720
OltOa ed
tot mer
set a new
it Parmelee t
in. passing tie
onl, and reach ei
was foreed to t
111 the
"lean I'ei
before h
Of the
W e '(
now n ;. steep
man reversed
blew out ami :
car jumped tl,,
Andre Jrr;er
nay'.-i, wl(l
Ills oontn
track ami era. In d Into
Sinn Ii
FTem h
a Rvlni
around the world 1
Paris daily, reacln
Montreal via the
two hours too lal
m r or 1,1
the sand
Harry N
Alwnod ol IkN
ton in Ins
from t in
two hours
1 flew the 1 1 nilk
I'lkhnri. 1ml , in
eago to
sixteen minuti
completing 3&i
cross count ry
1 in New York
one Of the bit
vet marked a
11 without stop,
mih s of his I Hie
nnd Bo
ft urn St
rented by a vote n( it", ii
George U' Perkins, rerm
a: soei, ne 01 .1 i- Morxat
statement saving In- woult
associate himself with m
d n
ity of
uusiness connection
give hi- time
to the development of
operative association ti
lems or Investors, wage
President Tafl has r. r
ger 01 a Kansas city newspnpei
was convicted of using t ml
defraud in the sale or mining sic
I WO aviators. William I;
Pittsburg and St Crols Jol
Chicago, both young men,
lives at the International
meet In Chicago
ll. ulcer or
nstone of
lost their
McUavld. a
Cel., Chief
into till
detitist II
of Polif
offices of A W
il lound
nudulcd in a corner, a bub) at In-r
breast. Miss Jessie McDonald, a high
school girl, missing from her honm IK
months. The girl declared she had
been held in subjection in a bona
adjoining the dentist's office
Henry Clay Seattle, Jr. was Indict
ed at Chesterfield Courthouse, Va. on
th- charge thai In- killed his beautiful
young wife.
The Indictmeni came a
row minutes arier .
veiled 'leu larun
urv eon-
1 1.'
grano jury that returned the Indict
Mrs Jessie Weeks, postmlitroei at
Mlddleburg, Phu, was killed, her g
y ear-old son Harris, wa.-. probably fa
tally injured and W. I-' U.iiiuins, an
escaped convict, was shot to death at
burg over an ordinal clothes
line iiuariel
A resolution for a I pec is
Hon or tin- International
company along Hu- lines
Into the United States Bte
tion was Introduced by Rep
Poster (Hi, of Illinois.
Pive additional arrests i
In connection with the bun
negro W alker at Coalesviln
are held as material witm
tric-l Attorney Qnwthrop de
a more serious charge uia
against some of ibcm
if Inquiry
I corpora
eaentatlTe t re made
Ing of the
Pa. They
SUB. Dis
larcs thnt
be lodged
Following the arrest or E
dry, president of the All N
Day bank or Mempnls, on a
from Oklahoma city chars
Hendry had violated the nu
Eng laws of Oklahoma, a reci
oil-lit and
A warrant
(lag thut
ale bank
elver has
mpliis in-
lieen uppointed for the M
Armed Band Ride Into Town, O.ei
power Officer and Escape Into
Swamps Townspeople Demand
Accused Be Deported.
Picayune Miss Two motis,
with a difter, in mission, in a ri
wr. st ;
bind tl
into a
man froi
little I'll
b a fi '-'
dti il out when a hut
surged through tin.' pari
his eell empty
Juat out ol town his
lashing their horses to
fort it. ports ot courts
ulred pi
sh jail I
is ha v
is hidden
his armed
It was ,i
i the
ri scue
amps, guar
bordered ou
Uncovered U
Venters, u.
w ere arret i
ed slaver)
southern Mi
loved io tie
not ,
us w In
ami H.
i onneel urn
in tie- ml
a una jail
ttul ol the
idopted di n
- aii laavi
c virtually
liiit they be set tree
country. The meeting
them from tin- ofnelala
s'tal rearrested Moor
rha ait
sire and
hall and eat 1
hi Venters
was released
train lor Ni
left tin
to tie
R:ued by
Later a delegation
pider Moore's fate.
n again met t
Hut one
hltn in tie-
Mood guard Ore
While the discussion
a crowd of Moore n
was in progress
friends rode to
Ills eeii, overpowt
released Mm Hi
sint hurried from
News or his esc,
hall and there wu
red the Jailer nnd
was put on n horse
pe reached the 01 1)
- a 111; h. With cries
es s gainst
l an d they
tweeu one
n .Ionian,
u itnessea
in peonage
resulted from
ol his foreme
IL- claimed 1
who would lei
In tln ir camp
0 havt
tlfy the
Aeronaut Killed at Wife's Fest.
Mnrlon, Ind Prank D Cn
ord of
ic SUll-
- k-Hp,
th al-
moi.l ut tie
his Wife
Bcdies Taken From Minr
ifihhinc. Minn.--Three botliei were
recovered f mm the debris ami stones
which sw.pt down the side of fin
open pit oi tin- Buaquehanna nnd Buf
falo mine, burying the steam shovel
and some or th
the path or the
men at ,wrk in
Fire Near Yell
Livingston, Mont
fire has broken out
near Jnrdlne, on th
sione park The
wstone P..rk.
A large forest
on l'n'- cree't,
e edi;,' ol Vellow-
11 re is s; reading
rapidly ami has already
amount of damage.
dote .i larg"
Tenprrature 10C
Cbickasha, Okhv
rose to Ins degrees
scorching wind blew
doing much damagi
crops and to tin- cot
lempi rnttire
rhe t
ii Chi
ha, A
Hydrogen Explodes. Kills
Parte, Prance A hydro;:, t
tin- government plant al the
lc park In Chalais MeUdon
killing two workmen ifud
much damage
tube In
, rostat
I'loded, aiming
Girl Probably Fatally Burned,
fandalla. Ill Miss Jennli Krnst
was probably finally burned bj the ex
proaion Ol a coal oil lamp which sho
let drop.
Hot Wave 'strikes Texas.
Oaineaville, Tex. - The weather
the botte
shade at
out rain
m of tin- rammer,
showing ill degre.
S o'clock. A law di
will cause big ibt.
III tin-
ration lu cotton and growing crop:
Army Officr Kills
ed and un
Taeoma, Wash -Dlsgra, ,
dcr arrest for conduct UBbei
officer, Cant, Prank Thomi
sixty thud company of coas
niig an
of the
si urtiUary,
Wurdcu by
commuted suicide at Pon
tnklnu chloral hydrate
Twenty Two Counties in Central Dis
trict Form Association,
nedalla. Repreaentatlvs ritizcns of
22 eentnil Missouri counties met and
Organised the Central UlsSOUrl Indus
trial anil Commercial aaaoclatkML the
purpose of the organisation being to
thoroughly advertise lesoiines, ad
vantage and opportunities ol eentral
Missouri. The follow lug counties
were represented hy on, or more del-
s gates: Banton, Boone, Callaway,
Camden, cass. Cola, cooper, i-runkiin,
OaSCOnade, Henry. Hlekory, Howard.
Johnson, Lafayette, Mams. Millar,
Moniteau. Morgan, Osage Pettla, ua-
line and St. t'luir
The following officials were elected:
President, s Bpancar, ledalla;
secretary, m v. Carroll, Bedalia;
treasurer. J. Ii Stork, Ottervllle; ex-
eoutiva oommlttee, s E. Bpenear, M.
V. Carroll. J, D, Stork. K 11 Thur
man, of Windsor, J I, Buchanan of
t'aiifornia, Qeorge Qoah ol Pleaaant
Mill, l-'red Muuson or Oaceolg, vice
I residents, W K Huston ol Henry
COUDty, T. W. Jacobs or Howard. Kd-
ward Aull of Lafayette, ur a. h.
Baldwin or Cass, n it Bode of Cola,
I II Christopher ol Johnson, J. w.
Hunter of Moniteau, W P Johnson
Ol Cooper. l)r 11 (i Savage Of Den
ton. Prank Thompson
w . A. Davidson or Osage, Ft
Hlets or Qaaoonade, B,
Pranlclln, Fred Muneon o
Prank Connelly of Boone,
iVelnricb of 1'ettls.
Otto of
It, Clair,
nl E. H.
Committees Cannot Dra Pay.
Jerrerson City The senate com
mittees appointed under a resolution
b) that body last winter to make an
Investigation of employers' liability
legislation in other States and tiie
ot draw
form or government can
heir agpenaea from tha
ur any other rorru of lu-
11) 1 stupiieii ( ummiiigs. assl
lorney general This opinion Was fur
nished the State auditor, and under It
be will refuse to pay espettaes already
Incurred by members or the senate
'"mtntt Campbell imiits thut nei
ther branch of the general assembly,
without the concurrence of the other,
ma) incur auy expenses after the ad
journment of the legislature
Ret ef
Fourth His
held in con
soldiers' r
ccrs were
Cerps Names Officers.
At a meeting or the
trie! Women's llellel Corps
junction with the Interstate
union, the following offl
elected President, Mr
Hannah Snyder. Nevada, senior vice
president, Mrs Columbia lhaw, Eldo
rado Springs; Junior vice president,
Mrs. Pauline Aahbaugh, Mound vl lie;
treasurer, Mrs M. M, tiiison, Apple
ton City, ebalplala for life, Mrs. Mil
died Tlllotaon, Nevadni conductor,
Mis W A Hales, Nevada; patriotic
Instructor, Mrs Diokerson, Eldorado
Bprings; installing officer, Mrs. Nan-
ulu C Dodnougfa, Nevada
Phone Girls Wade to Desth.
Springfield Kathertne Bcarbrough
and Luis Cato. It year old telephone
Operators, employed in the O.ark Hell
the .1
, waded Into deep water In
s river, eight miles south of
Id nnd wero drowned They
tubers of a picnic parly. A
:in Companion nearly lost hla
eflort to rescue them. Doib
i-re recovered.
iir- In i
Quantrell Men Meet Again.
Blue Springs Tin- annual two
days' meeting of the survivors of the
baud of William Clark ljuauirell was
held In n grove near here. Pom
if the one hundred members said to
he still alive wen- present. Cole
Younger, who usually has been a cen
tral figure In the meeting, was unal ..
to attend
Hannibal Thai Bar! Dye is respon
sible for the death of Prunk Hummer
Held, who died within flvg minutes
after having his throat euf was the
verdict of Hie coroner's Jury. Slat"
ments as to the circumstances of the
killing are conflicting Dye claims
he ucted In self defence,
Will Fight 9-Hour Law.
St IaiuLs. The validity of the wo
man s nine hour law is to be tested
by merchants who have places of bin
mess outside tin- early closing xone.
These merc'iants say the law Inter
feres with keeping their stores open
Saturday nlghtB
Bennett Given Three Years.
Lebanon Irvin I ten net t, accused
3f killing his brother, Lllbtirn Bennett,
st a dance at Bldrtdge, last October,
was found guilt ' or manslaughter In
the third degree and was sentenced
lo serve three years in the peniteu
tlary. Mscon Bond Issus Sold.
Macon. The William R. Compton
Bond snd Mortgage company of St.
I LOUls was the successful bidder for
! the JT.'i.Oiul issue or refunding bomU
J lo tie Issued by Macon county In seU
llmcnt of Un, M. and M. debt.
Convent Elopement Denied.
Marshal! The elopement of ltoma
lOtnine with Dr. Beeceher Baldwin
rom the Notre Dame lie Lion GoOr
ent, as told in dispatches from
Jrja.hu. Neb, Is denied by the sisters
M Ida convent here.
Train Service
The Direct
The Best of
A. C.
C. A.
a 1 iaar
Mrs Jinks My husband 1b making
a collection of siclnH.
Airs iino7.. a. litt My husband is
making a colli ctlon of the contents of
Character of the Eye.
Beware of the man who does not
look you clearly In the eye He hns
possibilities of evil in his nnturo.
There are eyes which nre luminous,
others whlrh seem to bo veiled be
hind n curtain.
Men and women of the world are
accustomed to Judge human nature by
the expression of the eye Many peo
ple rend character hy the eves, and
can thus distinguish the false from the
loyal, the (rank fmm the deceitful, the
hard front the lender, the energetic
rrom 'he Indolent, tho sympathetic
from the Indirri rent
Lltt.e Pitcher.
Lady Visitor I am coming lo your
mamma's company tomorrow, Tom
my. Tommy Well, you won't get a good
Tommy's Papa Tommy, what do
you mean, talking like that?
Tommy Well, you ktiow, pn, you
fold ma you'd have to get some
chicken feed for her old hen party
I bout?"
so angry
lie's been out of work six weeks "
"I should think that would suit him
first-rate "
"That's It! He's Just got a Job."
The Supply Comes From Food.
If wo get power from fond why not
strive to get all tho power we cnn.
That is only possible by use of skil
fully selected food that exactly fits
tba requirements of the body.
Poor fuel makes a poor flro nnd n
poor fire is not a good steam producer.
"From not know ing how to select
the right food to fit my needs, I suf
fered grievously for a long time from
stomach troubles," writes a lady from
a little town In Missouri.
"Il seemed ns If I would never be
nblo to find out the sort of food that
Was beat for me hardly anything that
1 could ent would stay on my stomach.
Every attempt gavo me heartburn and
filled my stomach with gas. I got
thinner and thinner until I literally
la , aine a living skeleton, snd In tlmo
was compelled to keep to my bed.
A few months ago I wan persuaded
to try Orape-NutS food, nnd It had such
good effect from tho very beginning
thut I hnvo kept up Its use ever since.
1 was lurprteed at the ease with which
1 digesied it. It proved to bo Just
What I Heeded.
"All my unpleasant symptoms, tho
heartburn, tho Inflated feeling which
gavo me so much pain disappeared.
My weight gradually Increased from
98 to 116 pounds, my figure rounded
out, my Btr- ngth came bnek, and 1 nm
now able to do my housework nnd en
joy It. Crape Nuts food did It." Name
given by l'ostum Co., Buttle Creek, ;
A ten days' trial will show anyone i
some fncts tibnut food.
Rend tho little book, "The Road to
WellvWe," In pkga, "There's a ronson." i
Eer read the above Utter t A new
one anpenea from time te. time. Ther
are arenuiue, true, and rull of
Prices ranee from 25c to $6.00 per sere;
President Tft hat Issued a proclamation throw
ing open to settlement the Pine Ridire and
Rosebud Reservations located in Bennett and
Mellette Counties, S. D.
The land subject to entry will approximate
466,562 acres.
Points of registration are Grcg'-v, Dallas and
Rapid City, Snuth Dakota,
Tlmo ot registration, October 2nd to 21st Inclu
sive, 1911.
Drawing begins St Gregory, S. D, October
24th, 1911.
The lunds to be opened to settlement are some
ol the choicest In South Dakota.
printed matter 11111 full particular!
apply to
JOHNSON. f'uaanter Traffic Manatee
CAIRNS, Gen'l Paaa'f and Tick.t Ag.nl
Chiraxe an.l A'orM H'ultrn Railway
l.'O IT. Jmiun BculrvarJ, Cticp, III.
Avoid Disputation.
The dlspututlouH person never
makes n good friend. In friendship,
men look lor peace and concord and
some measure or content. There are
enough battles to fight outside, enough
jarring and Jostling In the street,
enough disputing In the market place,
enough discord In the workaday
World, without having to look lor con
tention In the realm ot the inner lire
alio. There, if anywhere, we ask ror
an end of nrl'e friendship Is tho
Sanctuary of the heart, and tile peace
Of the sanctuary Should brood over It.
Its Daisies! gii ry In that the dtiHl and
noise of contest are excluded Hugh
Birds of a F
"Whnt's the bill lor
enr?" asked the stru
g tny motor
,lr." replies
"Il figures up to lliu, sir,"
the garage man.
"WheW I I'll have to give
check. I bit all my BOBey
you a
In my
drug store "
"Why. arc you a druggist!"
"Yes "
"Oh. In that case the bill will be a
dollar and n quarter. We Icllows
ought to stand together.14
And a Fight Followed.
Hewitt It's a lucky thing that I'm
a believer In universal paaoc,
Jew Ht Why so?
Hewitt- -Because I can lick any man
In tho pluco.
t.Miiri ' WKAat BRom
on- lfe ,11,',.. or nflr ulr S Use'S Sja1-gSSt. MW
Atelk, !:! ,h,tlr I., t. Nh:,ken 1 nu, tie. il,,,.- a
tank. i Unlit ,.r lien SBUSS taelSSef, OIt rtStSSC
SOStfMl IteMM fSSfMSstafl, I'ur VIIKS IruO
pu,kau. SSSfSSS AllM S. UllimW-u. i IUi, A.
bargain really cut gla
It was marki d down.'
"Is tha
Lewis' Pinple Binder
quality RMst Ida enters,
Sc cig.tr equals In
How- a man docs like to have people
think he Is wealthy when be Isn't!
Cement Talk No. 2 S
Portland Cement docs
not come from Portland,
j Maine, or Portland, Orc
;Lrn, and it was not first
made at cither of these
places. It is called Portland
because it was given this name
by the Englishman who first
made it. 1 fe called it Portland
because he thought it resembled cer
tain natural deponMmtha Isle of Port
lam! in England. Portland Cem,nt
the fine powder produced by pulvcr
jting the clinker resulting from the
burning together of various eistsrsui of prop
er chemical composition. In the caw ol
f seurrM fmtand Ctnrnt, these mw auger
Wl are blast Iiirimre llag and pure linientone.
I here are many brands of inland Ltmmt
on the nurkrt, produced by different mann-f-nt'irm.
UKWfriml il One Ol the bcitluinvrn
snd highest grade VwitanJ Crmrnti. You
can aUay. tell it by the name UmvtriaUnA
the blue trade mark printed on each lack.
Forty million mcksol Vmverialtrt maileand
used yearly in thin country, if rou have an.
, rtu werlc to do, you will make nn mistake
by using ( 'nfotriaiftrtlmutCimtw. Unntrmt
iifurialc by repreaentative dealers everywhere.
Om htn of Tuit' rIU iivr minv dollar In doc
torV Mill. Cur-? dleaneg of the liver or towe1i.
I or ...tk hrudAche. tfrifMptta, inatarli, ccnifl
VmX ton uiii .illlaMincAn,MfUij;.un people endor
Tuft's Pills

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