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the jfarmtngton Zimcs
Pvbluumd Evert Thursday bt
the farmington times printing company
thos. h. st a m , j.. k. peers, phiup s. cole,
President. Vict President. ieC'j anil Trens.
THBO, 1). FISHER, Kilitor ami business Manager.
I nMM) ai aerood ilas Mattel m III
Tlie Democrats of the Fourteenth
Unngresaional district arc srrang"
ing tor b Folk boom dinner it Iop
lin on tbe 2tfa inst, Among the
speakers who have been invited to
address tbe banqueters are W. J
Bryan, Senator Reed, Mareenus
K Hetltoti ut Neosho. W. II.
Phelps of Carthage, Mr Folk and
others Tbc affair ii to be giveu
under the aaapieai if the 'Folk
f ir Preiideol Ulub" "i Jopliu.
According to Congressman Henry
nt Texas, ranking member "t tbe
Honse tlndieiar) Committee, trnal
legislation "ill be given consider
able ittention at the approaching
session of Congress, Hesaystbal
one thing tlmt will i- pnshed in
earnest is tbe amending of tbe
Sherman anti-trust law with a view
to eliminating the Supreme Court's
"rule ut reason" interpretation of
the law. It is tin' opinion ol man)
leading publicists and lawyers that
tbe court transcended its authority
in practioally writing the word
"unreasonable" into that elause of
the law prohibiting the restraint of
trade, thus virtually weakening
tbe criminal elause it not to all in
tent anil purpose annulling- it.
New Mexico, one ol the new
States, whs relied upon by the Re
publicans, and not without reason,
DRt at its first election as h !ate
last week the Democrats elected
their Ooveroor by majority of
2,000 and the entire State ticket,
betides two Congressmen , The
Republicans will have a majority
of about ten on joint ballot in the
Legislature, owing to the Republi
can gerrymandering of the Repre
sentative districts. This will give
then the two United states Sena
tors lrom that state. The Su
preme Court will consist of two
Democrats and one progressive Ke
pnblican. It locks as i( New Mi x
ico may give its electoral vote to
the Democrats in 1912, as well as
Arizona, which was admitted with
New Mexico.
PfllK more on considers tbe re-
Vg suits of tbe recent election
in i ihlo, the liirRer its s:;-
nifioanoe appears, obio is Mr,
Taft's State, ami he went home to
Cincinnati to vote and give the
prestige ol ins presence to the Re
publican ticket in a municipal elec
tion. Two years und a half of his
administration as President bad
passed, und it Ins record wore one
that met the approval of the conn
try, how quickly the people, espe
cially those of Ins own State, would
have responded, But his home
city. Cincinnati, normally Repub
lican by 10,000 or 1 ."i ,(M NJ, went
Democratic by 5,000, in spite of
ttie prestige of Ins presence and in
dorsement Ol the
U nl li , , ,1.
et. Not only Cincinnati, but
lumbua, Cleveland, aud tbe other
important cities of the state went
Democratic . Nor was the revul
sion against Mr. Taft's adminis
tration aud policy in the cities
alone the same feeling existed in
the country districts as tbe result
of the election of delegates to a
i (institutional Convention show.
One hundred and nineteen of these
were elected, aud of the numlier 70
were Democrats, giving them a
clear working majority of 19 over
Keputjlicans, Independents and So
cialist, in a body that has to deal
with the organic law of tbe State.
Among the Independents and So
cialists arc a number of progres
sives, so that the basic law of
State which this body will offer toiK"v"n" o political campaign
the people for ratification promises
to he a decidedly progressive docu
ment. President Taft and his
staudpHt bucking nre rebuked by
Mr. Taft's own State. Ohio is re
garded as one of the pivotal States
in a presidental election, and the
friends of Governor Harmon, to
whose administration much credit
is given for the change of senti
ment thete, regurd tbe results as
favorable to bis nomination by the
Democrats for President.
I"-; OIBeeal for luln irt, ,n, MIteuurl
NoVKMHKU 16, 1911.
cepts it. The Queen "i the falrlei
' appears anil sink's the prophesy of
PREDICTS DEMOCRATIC I mother and each daughter, In tin
PRESIDENT IN 1912 j uniinie Widow 1'roiidheart, for
Kansas City, Ho., Nev, II "lflwhom Widow- Bverhearty used to
you want to find mil what Is golllR I knit Stockings, expresses in gong
on In this country travel and talk to I her sentiments about a marriage
tbe people." Without money.
That is what Francis J. Heney, But the fairy's prophesy l bains
progressive Republican, graft light-1 fulfilled, Rosalind marries the
er and all-around enemy of special king and n es (ueeu f At-
privilege, has been doing, and that Iferlno, while Blanche marries s
is why he able to say at the Sa
o Hotel tins morning)
"li a presidential primary could
be In-Ill in tin- Republican party
Senator I. a Follettc would bee)
President Taft for iho nomination
bends down."
Such a primary is uoi going in be
held not ihis year anyway and so
Mr. Heney had another conclusion
lo offer ami it was this:
"President 1 aft will be renomi
nated by a parly convention and
beaten by the i pie at the polls."
li it should he urged that Presi
dent l aft had been doing some trav
eling himself, ami doubtless has
learned of some things, it should be
remembered that President Taft
isn't ing about the things In-
learned, and Mr Heney is. Besides,
Mr Heney was not traveling as
President of the United Btates, and
fancies he got a little closer to tin
people than the President,
"i do not base my conclusions on
what i learned In the progressive
States of the West," Mr. Heney
said. "I have been making speech
es in New York and Pennsylvania
as well. 1 have been to the small
towns and in tin country districts,
and everywhere I found tbe name
sentiment. There is a political rev
olution going on throughout the
country, and tl nly persons who
do not seeln to he aware of i, are
the so-called leaders of the Kepubli
can and Democratic partlea.
"Leaders, they were left behind
long ago. The people are doing, the
leading this year, In New York
and Pennsylvania there is n dis
tinct a movement toward progres
sive Ideas as there is in the West.
I, a Kollette would carry a primary
against Taft in those State-, and the
iieopie would received with cheers."
Mr. Heney is tbe Ban Francisco
graft prosecutor, whom the gratters
ot that city shot and name very
near assassinating because of IiIb
vigorous, determined prosecution
ainl laying bare ol their corruption.
Democracy or an
Oligarchy of QoldP
Former Senator Aldrlch is still mi
the job. He's on it more than ever.
The job Is different ; that 's all.
Delivering both ends of Congress
and both parties to the money trust
is no small task, hut that's what
Aldrlch seems to be trying to do.
The "Aldrich hank plan" is a
scheme to "reform" ojjr hanking
and currency laws, and thereby cre
ate a government-authorised trust
for the exclusive control of the na
tion's credits.
Huch control Is at present nearly
an accomplished fact. The Morgan
group is practically without compe
tition In the financial world to-day.
i here in no man, Ducinoss or cor
poration big enough to defy "IT."
The example of Helnseand Morse,
the spectacle of the absorption of
I LVHUMNV mil lion, ine MiaKlllg
down of the Knickerbocker Trust
are warnings sufficient to oonvlnm
ine mis man who is sane.
Standard OH Is now in the Mor
gan partnei ship. Kallmads, insur
ance companies and industrial con
cerns, the heart and arteries of tin
commercial body of the lulled
States, are in the grip of the 'un
crowned king." The hanks of tht
country look to it as the governing
Hut why not give all this a legal
form .' V by 1101 charter this mo
nopoly? Why not turn all the gov
srnment's fiscal operations over ti
the gigantic trust so chartered'
Why not transfer the money-Issuing
function from tlie treasury depart
ment'.' Why not make this money
trust the recipient of all government
deposits without Interest? Why not
concentrate In the bands of a few
financiers who now control the Mor
gan concerns all the power in tlie
'business and financial world? Why
I not give the power to make prosper
ity or to break prosperity into these
power would then he the
i iniiu oe nimie iiKiiiiisi 11 iveiorm
would mean "hard times.'' Tlx
credit trust would give the order to
curtail. Money would be scarce.
Loans would he difficult; banks
would get their orders to hold their
cash reserves. The country would
be helpless.
The creutlon of this money trust;
the chartering by Congress of this
monster fiscal holding company, Is
the task to which former Senator
Aldrich has dedicated his rime and
He calls it "currency reform."
Wichita (Kan. 1 Heacon.
THE u i; J.I.N OF A 1 I I III NO
The above is the name of the op
ers produced at the opera bouse
lust Friday night by the Ladles Aid
ut tbe M, B, Church. The story is
M follows:
Mrs. Bverhearty discovers after
her husband's death, that his deiit.
exceeded hli wealth. The wido
p teds to pay all tier late hus-
I baud's debts. One daughter, Rosa
, Und, resents this Impoverishes con
: dltlon, while Blanche, tlie other, uc
humble farmer. Rosalind is not
contented as ipieen, because she i
forced to Ignore In r family. At tic
iUeen's grand reception her mot he i
appears, but the proud qUOSO doc
mil dan- acknowledge her.
The widow I'roudbeart purloins n
letter by which sin- persuades th
king that the q i is in love wit1
another. At a critical time dUrihl
the queen's reception, the fair
queen, as a page, appears to ai
nnunce that the queen, because ni
her duplicity, is banished be tic
Jklng. Mother and daughter ai
later united Whereupon the crown i
reatored lo the queen,
it must he remembered that opera
1 1 probably the most difficult of pub
in performances to prepare ami
stage. Kut the performance of la;
Friday night was splendidly execut
ed. The part" taken by Miss Hoi
rls aud Miss Schafer are worthy of
speeial mention, Mrs Francisco,
who directed the work from begin
nlng to end, is to be congratulated
liver forty ladies took part, but tin
principal characters were Miss Btel
la Schafer as "Widow Bverhearty,"
Miss Wlllua Deninan and Mrs. Ada
Wood Mitchell as her daughters,
Miss Delia Hess as "Widow Proud
heart," Mrs. llattie K. Francisco
as "Jain-, the Maid," and Mi--Morris
as "Kairy liueeii."
Developoment of Opera.
Opera is new. To he sure this
pleasing effect of combining poetrj
with music was tried as long ago as
tOSSJ by Pureed. But Puree!) s i
found out that be was ahead of his
time and quit, in the first half of
the eighteenth century, however,
peoppi wearied of just plain drama
and tragedy, so when Biekerstafl
ami Beggars nod Debdin, between
17-s and 1780, produced Snusical
dramas, tin- populace rallied. It
was something new and It pleased
them. Since then the opera has en
joyed a steady growth It gave a
new impulse to vocalisation j it
prompted emotional singing: it
started the tremulo, and gjve a new
field for expression ill music never
before thought ot. Sunny ami emo
tional Italy has set the pace in op
era, and so distant is her lead thai
the rest of the otvlllsed world is
now wondering whether or not an
opera rendered in any tongue but
the Italian can be as effecllvi aud
musical. Among the greatest up-
eractic stars of to-day an- Caruso,
Campanani, NordiCB, Calve. Melha,
Tetrasinnl and others.
Two things we alwayg
have in the Drug line.
If anything is sold or
called i". around here,
you van surely find it at
Drug Store
Opposite The Times Office
m. 11 M.I a n
IT.' I. 1,1, hi .
w. it. Lasts),
Surplus and profit 130,000.90
Uotm gencrml Hanking and Ki-
change bSSlSSS
jf Interval pal. in time SepeSlSS,
Insure, I agalnut burglary In un
Fldelltr and Caanaltr 00., of N.T
fytpstitary of Gaunty fund.
- - DIKKCTOBS - . .
Peter Gieaaing, J. E. Klein,
W. F. Doss, M. P. Cayce.
W. R. Lang, A. J. Zwart,
W. M. Harlac.
I nstructor of Modern Dancing
Farmington, Mo. Box 347.
Circuit Court Proceedings
Circuit Court enlivened Monday,
November 13, Judge Peter H. Huck
un the bench, and other officers pres-
eut. The following disposition was
made ol cases up to Wednesday
evening :
Civil Caaei.
State ex rel Win. Terry vs. ( lias.
Hover et al., bond; dismissed for
failure to secure costs.
Miners Lumber Co.,
J. H.
A Sons, mechanic's
stricken from docket,
K. D. Anthony vs
lien ;
josie Vates,
title; leave granted defendant until
Nov. Jll to answer.
Independent Breweries vs. B. P,
retley, account; leave granted till
Nov . M to plead.
Dallas T. McAllister vs. Doe Hun
Lead Co., damages; by leave ot
court plaintiff file amended petition)
defendant to plead or answer on 1st
day of May term, P.HJ.
state ex rel J . L. Kesbler vs. J.
S. Bhannon et. al., leave to plain
tiffs to file reply Nov. 111.
Obas, M. Loher vs, Joseph (ioiild
and Joseph Smith, injunction; tem
porary order made permanent and
Judgment for one cent damages.
Thus H. Vance vs. St. I. I M. x
S. By; appeal from J P, judgment
by oonsent for fju ud costs.
In the following suits against St.
I.. I. M. A S. Kv for damages, mo
tion for security of costs were filed:
.1 . P, COX, S M. Cox, Joseph ban
ders, Joseph Krown and Joseph
Landers; and S. M. and J. 1'. Cox
file answers.
Kelix Ulnuaky vs. Federal Lead
Co., damages) defendant files peti
tion for removal to Federal court
and petition granted; bond for t:nt
filed and approved.
Hank of F'rederlcktown vs. J. V.
and H. Whltener, note; judgment
by default for 11,030.04 and 8 pet cent
I he following parties in suit for
da mages against St . L. I . M . A S. Hy .,
tiled motions to sue as poor persons; i
J. I'. Cox
M. Cox, and Joseph
W. li. Adb r vs
dry, damages; C.
into recognizance
pearance on Dec.
Witness in case;
ji t white Laun-
A. Curry entered
ol 1100 for his ap
5 at thin court as
plaintiff in cause
amended petition.
1 oeinan vs. I . Mills
from J. I'
peal filed.
partition ;
j motion to dismiss ap
Spurks s. Laura Sparks,
demurrer Hied,
State Caae.
Craig, carrying concealed
plea of guilty and fine of
Arthur Craig et al., assault with
intent to kill ; plea of guilty to com
mon assault as to Craig and line of
The following parties on parole
reported and parole continued! Ze
no Gibson, ('has. Ramsey, Sher
man Clark, Elmer Woodson, Kent
Madison, Mike Kalko, Gottfried
Win. Under, carnal knowledge;
amended information tiled with
leave of court.
James Hosing, assault to kill;
plea of guilty and punishment as
sessed at three years in peniten
tiary; paroled and bond fixed al 1500.
1'. K. Rhodes e al., gaming; K.
H. Noltkemper pleads guilty and
fine ol 3fi imposed, dismissed as to
St. L., 1. M. A 1.. Hy. and J. II.
Jennings, labor on Sunday; plea ui
guilty as to oompany and fine of
f26; dismissed as to Jennings,
Win. Montgomery, carnal knowl
edge; trial hy jury and verdict of
guilty; line assessed at J'JoU.
Hichard Newman, flourishing
capon; order staying execution re
newed. T. L. I'igg, i eealed weapons;
plea of guilty, tine of tflllO and three
months in jail; paroled as to jail
Sentense lor two years and bond
fixed at .'SK).
Ployed Ltrapangh, forgery; pica
of guilty aud sentenced to two years
in penitentiary.
Ira Lincoln, bigamy; plea of guil
ty and punishment assessed at two
years In penitentiary.
Cora Turnhaugh, bigamy; State
enters molle prosequi,
John Thurston, concealed weap
ons; pleu of guilty, fine of Ifllld and
three months imprisonment in jail;
paroled as to jail sentense for two
years on .'i00.
"i am pleased to recommend
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as
the best thing 1 know of and safest
remedy for coughs, colds and bron
chial trouble," writes Mrs. L. R.
Arnold of Denver, Colo. "We have
used it repeatedly and It has never
failed to give relief." For sale by
City Drug Store.
Phone 17. Farmington, Mo.
A complete stock of Drugs, Patent
Medicines, Stationery, Cigars, Per
fumes and Toilet Articles.
If We Havn't What You Want We
Will Get It.
See Our Display of Holiday Goods
About November 20th.
Wide-Spread Blizzard.
The storm which struck tbe Cen
tral States last Saturday swept
through six States to the gulf, leav
ing destruction in its wake from
Canada to tin- uuif of Mexico, and
occasioning much suffering. The
loss of life is estimated at l'S und
. the injured ut Hi'-'. The property
1 loss will reach siiuNNj.unn. The ther
mometer fell from BO to 60 degrees
in many places in a few hours.
( 'hambei luin's Stomach and Liver
Tablets do not sicken or gripe, and
, may be taken with perfect safety by
j the most delieate woman or the
: youngest child. The old and feeble
will also find them a most suitable
remedy for aiding and strengthening
their weakened digestion aud for
regulating the bowels. For sale by
City Drug Store.
And you will not find a bet
ter article nor a better place
to get one than at
Ozark Gold Strike.
Jopltn, Mo., Nov. to. Assay J
statements given out here to-day
verify reports of a gold und silver
strike In tlie Oiturk Mountains, two
miles from Hidden, Harry county,
Mo., two weeks ago.
The strike was made by Henry
Clary, a Civil War veteran, who
has prospcteed there at Intervals for
fifteen years. One was discovered
at a depth of PMI feet, ill a mine situ
ated in a basin between two moun
tains, Specimens of the ore were exam
ined hy R. 1). Lee, a (ioverninent
assayer. His report shows the ore
niiisS4'-'l silver and (320 gold per toll.
All assay of other specimens made
at the Missouri School of Mines, at
bulla, produced figures similar to
I hose of Lee.
There is little danger from a cold
or from an attack of the grip except
when followed by pneumonia, and
this never happens when Chamber-
Iain's Cough Remedy is used. This
remedy lias won its great reputation
and extensive sale by its remarkable
cures of colds and grip and can be
relied upon with implicit confidence.
For sale by City Ilrug Store.
'HANKSGIVING is near and we
are in the market for all the
We can get. Bring them in right
along and get the highest market price.
Farmington Merc. Co.
Bryan's Income.
"What la the chief source of your
lucomef " a reporter asked Mi . Bry
an when he was in Kansas recently.
"My lectures and the Coiiiinoner,
the weekly paper I own,'' said he.
"The most I ever took in tor a lec
ture was at Wichita, where the eon
tract was that I should have a cer
tain precentage of the gate receipts.
My part was about l,A00. Oeuer
ally, however. I get from RgSJ to
1600. I must add. though, that
much of my speaking and lecturing
Is done free. I'm political speaking
I have always paid my own ex
penses. Charity lectures are num
erous and those for patriotic pur
poses Counting political speeches,
lectures for charity, for libraries,
for patriotic purposes and the like,
over one-third of my addresses are
made without price."
DeSoto has a special stovepipe or
dinance by which many Ores may be
Dry Wood for Sale
Cord wood, heating; stove
wood and cook stove wood
delivered on short notice.
Telephone orders to No. 71,
or see me.
J. W. Buck.
Boy Homeless in Blizzard
si Joseph, Mo., Nov. lit. After
walking to Ht. Joseph from St.
Mary, Bte. Genevieve county, Mo.,
Clarence Motitroy, 13 years Old, ap
plied to the police for shelter to-day.
"My mother is dead," the bo'y
said. "I don 't know where my fath
er is, hut I don't care."
Herat, Rhea referred him to Arch
ibald Wright, superintendent of the
City Oospel Mission, und he was
eared for there. He will be provid
ed with lodging until he obtains

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