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The Farmington times. (Farmington, St. Francois County, Mo.) 1905-1926, December 14, 1911, Part 1, Image 2

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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The Fannington Timjs
Th t i mlnglon
i Imti Prtg Co.. Pub
eV i wen. A r
( nnstaatlnopla mi announce
thin nil- i in KiHti government baa d
clu.i to sipel most (if the lullaua
from ike Qalllnoll pMlnaula, l be tai
rltorj mound the Dardanelles and
811 ) ma.
Uclartng the Oregon recall alaotlun
law in Invalid becauaa n la nut sell
Meutlnfi Attorney Qauaral M
Crawford baa advised ths count)
clerk ut Unoola count) to refuse a
racall natulan in ciroulallon iu thai
Bounty, hii tin' question nut) be d
Iwiluad b) the atata supreme court
An UUtalda explosion ineunlUI a
-. alna Haw up the battleship
Maine in Havana harbor, ii ording
to tba (urmul report nt the i'rec iild
board ul irupory The report ill III!
board wuk praaauuid to !!
Paraia bai asked England to mod
ate in r diaputa Km ,. lib li
arose ovar tba nun I H Mm
gnu Bhuater, tba America n ireasurci
Major John K Fttaserald i !i
laid before President Tafl an al il
MilUOOlddO grub' in watering tie
atocki id tka atnamahlp Itnea lormei
ly controlled by Charles W Moi s
Al. appeal from Hie Persian pie
to the congress of the United Stales
for aid aud sympathy In He lr con
truveray with Kuaaia wai read In
the iion.se ol repreeeutatlves
Albinos Nance, gjj yean old, former
goMTnor 111 Nobmaka, died In the vu
gnatana hoapltal ui Chlcngo ut pneu
Ml Name was born in Stark
coun t y , Ul., and moved to Nebraska
in H71, after aarvlng tbrougb ibe
civil war
Ai Tripoli fourtaen Arabs couvlcl
cd of treachery by coun martial, re
m... . ii) 1 1 .mail soiulors in Hie mm
kei place in sunrise. The) were cap
tuied October II wben u nubei ol
anppoaedly nou-combetsm among
the aatlvea opened lire from ambuah
upon ihe lied truss nurses aud aur
Representative Joseph i Ranadell
of Louisiana, of ihe bonae riven and
harbors committee, waa re-elected
naanlmoualy praaldeni of the Nation
al HI van and Harbors congreaa
John ii Roefcefeiler has secured h
tie io Blsty-flfth and Blxty-elxth
atreeia from Avenue A to Ihe Last
river, from the elty of New York, and
will tiatiHfer ihe properly to in,
Roohefeller Inatltute foi Medical lie
"('he' Qomaa, whose rehellinn al
JiKiiitan naulted in a chub between
Plaaldaal Madam ami tba governor of
Oatrana, waa ibot to death al Hi neon
Ai;iomo Bight uf Oomea'a partisans
met a like late
The Fifteenth Infantry baa landed
at .Manila aud waa ordered to I 'on
William McKtnle) it is believed
their nay will in- onl) temporary.
Uen Bernardo lieyaa ha returned
to Mexico Juat Wben he la and Jum
where he croaaed ibe Internationa
boundary are net generally known,
but lhat he In m Mexican territory la
an official statement.
The International monetary com
mission decided not only to ailbnlt a
report embodying recommandattoni
baaed upon iih Lnreatlgatlona, tun to
present to OOUgl'eaS the drult ol a bill
to carry out tluiHe recom ndatioii
ladgn Hazel, in the United States
diatrict court at Baffalrl. N. Y . do
foned sentence until December 22 in
the bbm f (in Standard tin ooatpany
Of New York, found guilt) of accept
nil OOnoaaalona iroin railrouda ou
ahtpmanta of all from Oleeu, N. Y.,
to Uurllngtou. Vt
Benator Heyburn Introduoad u bill
in tba aaaata to repeal the fa nn ft Inn
reciprocity law anacted duriug the
apeciai session of oongroia. "Tba
battle ia ovar," he aald, "bot than
may be toma unagploded bombs lying
around the Held
Suit Wat Piled in lite railed Stales
olrcult court at Cincinnati, O., by
District Attorney McPhenoa against
the National fasti Register company
of Dayton, O. Charging Ii with con
aplracy In reatraint of trade.
A petition for tba Impeachment and
expulsion from the house of repre
aentativca of Martin W Littleton of
New York was presented to Speaker
Clark by Secretary Henry It Martin
of the Anti Trust League
Robert F, Bain, the first juror sworn
In the McNiiniura rase, had been
bribed to vote for an acquittal oven
before La entered the Jury box, dovel
opmenta now show.
The Oould board of directors ol the
Wabash railroad was busted upon do
maud of New York financial Interests
win n have become heavy hnldera lo
lta securities, which include the hrat
refunding and extension mortgage
bonds, amounting to 1200,000,000,
Six men were killed and seven se
liously Injured when express train
No 17 ou the Pennsylvania railroad
ran Into freight wreck ut Manor. Pu
In I y Angelea Sociallani grapplfil
in a final strugle with lta opponents
under the "tioor liovurnmeut banner
at the ballot box and was defeated.
Chairman Underwood unnounoea b
will h" ready with some of the Impoi
Lanl t.itifi revision bills Immediately
Bftl 1 Hi" holidays. He will brim
forth the wool. COttOQ and stool rc
vision hills. u the order named
Mis Louise Verinilyu. charged With
liming poisoned Policeman Arthtii
Biaaonetta and suapaotaB of having
poiaoned nine otben, was aniubiin
with paralysis, and III Thoinua Ho
1:1111, pbyalclan ut the Cook county
till.) Jail, where she Ik Imprisoned
said her condition is critical.
Tba to MeNanutN brothera were
placed at work In the jute mills 111
tba CaUfomia stale prison. "Jim'
McNaman probably will be ajlvan
work on the outside of ihe priann In
closure if 1 he doc ton tlud he ia In
dined toward Boneumption.
In bis fflftf 1 nporl to the presi
rienl S, eretary ol War Stlinaou de
clared thai the conlingsaey of war
altb a llrst class power would find
He- arm) of the United states prac
tli aii) unpraparad
'For the first lime since 183, tie
annual loueul statement ut tie
IHiatof flee dapartmettl showa a aur
plus Inatead of a deficit." This It
tie- burden ol ihe snusl report b)
Poatmaater Oeneral Hitchcovk.
Ai PortMnd, .Me, (ha Kev. Fran's
W Baodford is found guilty of man
sbtugbter in con action with the death
ol several mam ben of bis crew on
board tin- yaohl Coronal of the Hot)
Ghoel and Us society yacht. Yhc jury
v. as out ti n minutes
V'eauviui Is sgain in aruption uud
sending up large iiuuntiiies of mud
In, villages "I Roslua and Torre del
Ureco aie on naoad.
Bix ihousaud buns of mail, chiefly
1 brlstmos prtisenls, are being hrougbl
i" America aboard the Oceanic, the
largi t ronatgumi.'U! of mall ever cm -tied
by a steamer
The h i oni for aeroplane night with
was doiihli
I almost in
lack and a
in the air 4
The formal
minutes and
hours K
Kortnei Korester Oifford Ptncbol
waa Ibe central figure of Interest at
ihe National Irrigation congress in
1 lilcago and Ins advocacy of greutei
o operai ton by the government 111
home making for the cltliea was re
The estn 1 ibe hue Otto ItliiKllnt;
ol llaral Wis out' ol the live clr-
I inc. . v. ho died March 111. Hi) 1,
has I n ap sod at 4TS.4L :t'. M
cording to the inventory In the hands
of Bpecinl lohorluuMa Tax Inveell
gator John llarrlngtaav
iaslatnnl Attornay tieneral fowler
announces thai praoaatUggai will be
liled in Los Angelea agalust the West
urn Wholesale I'l'imbers' association
within ths Begl "ek, alleging a mo
nopol) in roatnlut af trade.
Chairman Bulxei of the house conv
mine,- on loreiKii anal uecrareii at
ths Wlni, House that congress would
toiie the abiohallun uf the lliisslaii
treaty of 1831, under which Amerlcau
Jews traveling in Itussiu are discriin
mated attains!
I In supreme court of the l.'nlled
Stales took under eonslderallou the
application ol counsel for the Chicago
heef packers for a stay of then trial
in the United Stat-s dhftricl cunt at
Cbleago ou ohargaa oi criminally vio
iiitin; the Bharman ami trust law a
stay end b'lll WM usked until the
court could paaa on the constitutions
aiity of the Bbsrntan ami nasi htw
as u criminal statuts.
A mob of Jim N, w York women,
survivors of the Triangle Shirt Waist
company lire, in which IP; girls lust
their lives, attacked Isaac Harris and
Mas Btanok, proprietors of ths waist
company, when the men appeared in
coin i to stand trial.
Speaker Clark of the house of r-p-
resents fives announced thai ba would
take no action uu the petition lor tho
Impeachment aud expulsion from the
house of representatives of Martin
W Littleton of New York
"Something over Si'ini.'siij was
tailed.' said Frank MotTiSOU, secre
tary ol the American Federation of
Labor ami custodian of the Mc.Nu-
Maiara defense luud "Approximately
all Was turned over to attorneys at
Indianapolis and Los Angeles
Turkey, in response to Russia's ac
tion in Patau, is preparing to send
the Sixth army corps toward thy Per
shin frontier Turkey has le-en long
sndeevorlng to establish a hold on
northwestern 1'ersia, near I'rimiah, In
ihe prvolnos of Azerbaijan, because
ol a ib slre to share iu the eventual
partition of Persia, which Hussla re
gards as a Strategic menace
The will of Kugene V Ware, the
Kansas poet. "Ironquill," v as filed In
the Wyandotte county probata court.
Mr Wan provided that ti stirs es
tate, estimated at $111)0,1100, should be
disposed of within leu years
Another conservation movement
was created when, ut the National Ir
rigation congress in Ohiearo, the del
egates interested In drainage of
swamp lands directed to form a sepa
rate organlxatlon to urge the federal
government to care for the Overflown
lands of Ihe country, as it Is doing lor
the arid lands.
Lec Smith, 4j years old; his sou,
Clyde, .1, and his mother, 75, died
within a leu hours of each Other St
their country home near Karmingion,
Chinese rebels are reported to bave
captured the city of Canton, puttlug
to death a foreign missionary who at
tempted to realst the looting of a Ger
man hospital
The Chinese regent, Prince Chun,
father of the baby emperor, Pu Yi,
abdicated. Hsu Shib Chang and Shlh
Hsu were appointed guardians of the
6-year ol ! eruperor.
Princes of India. Reaplendsnt In
Jaweli, Do Homage to Their Ruler
and Hit Conaort Grand Re
vlsw of Native Troops.
Delhi, India, Dec. 12. -Hindustan
outdid Itcelf today In thu durbar at
Which Its chief potetitatea did horn
age to King Qeorga and Queen Mary
of England as their empenir and em.
press. Never before In modern times
l.as there been seen so wonderful a
pageant of oriental splendor and
State Eicphi
wealth, and the occasion warranted
the dlnplny, for this was the first tlmo
luiiish satperor of ladta has come
to this seat of tho old kings of In
dia to assume his title as ruler of
the vnst eastern empire.
The durbar, for which elnbnrnte
preparations had been under way fur
months, took place In n great camp to
the north of the city, some flvo miles
squaro. The Ktsaporary population of
this camp Is about a o,uurtcr of a mil
lion, and It Is tarn ia bad with all the
lonvenlences of modern life, Includ
lllK .11 UOBtofllces. 10 ti lecranh of'lces
sni even slectrlc light, rnllwaya, motor
cars and taxi cabs Then the people
gathered for the durbar have been
amusliiK themselves fur several days
i.lth polo, hockey and military tourna
nienta and other festivities.
Display of Jewels Is Wonderful.
The durbur proper took place In nn
Immense seml-clroular amphitheater
on the hlatnrlc rtdgo where a few
Knglishuiiin onro made a heroic Btnit !
against the revolting natives. In the
center of ihe setnl-olrele was n throne
of gold and silver surmounted by a
copper dome. Taking his seat on
tbis, Ocorgo received the homage of
Crowds on Steps of
the rulers of the "dim millions" of his
suoiecta, about 150 ruling princes of
Hlndustau. These dusky potentates
were resplendent In the magnificent
Jewels for which they tune long been
famous. Indeed such a dlsplsy of
precious stones never before wss Besn
In modern times. The rajahs, after
A jLnaa BBflBBaflft' '3r$L "LuSSSB-itm '
BannnBanr Jb - JaMyCtjy yngp. j yr. gal
ir tilling their obelssnces. grouped
themselves about the throne, where
1, -u stood the governors of ths Asi
atic colonies of the crown, other dls
lil guisbed government ufllulala and
Invited guests.
Qussn Wears the Kohlnoor.
The king was crowned klngempor
1 r at Westminster, so he took his
t! rone already wearing a crown that
bad been made especlslly fur this 00- I
1 astoti, garbed In the royal robeB of
atata wearing the state Jewels aud j
irryiag the scepter. Ity bis side Bat I
Quean Mary, on her brow the crown
that was made for her coronation and
In the front of which blazed the great
KohtnOOT, the Indian diamond sup
poSed to bring good fortune if worn
by a woman. Her Jewels were evon
more magnificent than those she wore '
at the coronation at Westminister,
smofig hor new ornaments being a
beautiful lotus flower of diamonds. '
Bha was garbed in the white and gold
embroidered robe worti at the coronas
tlOD. I
Close beside the Imperial thrones
, In Line.
when the twentytfnur Btate trumpet
ers with tl. " tlver trumpets herald
ed the durba, were, of courBe, Iird
Hard Inge, viceroy of India, and Uidy
Most spectacular was the grand re
Siew of troops, about 110,000 In num
ber Most of these were native
Loops, and they were garbed In the
most irorgeous uniforms In the world.
The rajahs and other native princes
pn sent brought their own elephants,
the size of the animal depending on
the rank of Its owner, and tho huge
brutes, with their majrnltlcent how
dalis and other trapping.!, added much
to the oriental splendor of the scene.
Presents for Indian Subjects.
The king and queen brought from
ICngland a vast number of presents
for their Indian subjects. Including a
thousand plum puddings Bade In tho
Iluckliigh.im palace kitchens, nnd a
great number of rich cakea, York
hams and Stilton cheeses Then there
aro rolls of Kngllsh linen, piles of
Huclilnghnmslilrc, bonllOB and point
laces, Illustrated hooka, fancy leather
goods, silverware of nil kinds, Hrltlsb
sllhs and velvets, pictures and photo
graphs nnd a great variety of other
Jumms JusJId Mosqus.
artlolea, while there la quite a menag
erlo of lulTinlnfl lr1ttn mnA ennasfaa
Queen Mary, 'moreover, employed a
large number of painters of mlnla,
turea to rproduc favorite lvorUa ol
these are being presented 'x favored ,
Indian subjects.
Brattice, Erected After Explosion,
Kept Out the Deadly Black
Damp Three Othert Be
lieved Living.
Hrlcevllle, TeM. FiVS men have
been brought alive from tho Cross
Mountain mine and rescuers are mak
ng strong eHurts to reach at least
three more whom they believe are
lUU alive.
The Bten have been prisoners In the
workings three days, since an explo-
iloii entombed more than 100 men.
bona for whom had been abandoned
whan five men alive and well wore
omul behind a brattice they had
reeled to protect themselves from
lOxdoUS gases.
The rescued: William Henderson.
iged 65; Milton Henderson, aged 2:'.
lis son; Irwin Bmltb, aged U; Arthur
Scott, 30; Dove Irish, aged ;10. They
ire till murrleil and their wives had
tlmost given up hope or ever seeing
my of them ti II vi
Immediately after tba explosion
hey rushed to cross entry No. la,
vlnrc they quickly threw up n brat
Ice that kept out the black damp
hut killed many of their fellow wash
Ban. They took their lunch pulls
A'lth I hem and the live subsisted fur
;hree days and two nighis on what
hey expected io niuke their Saturday
icon m ini
Ropes Hold Back Watchers.
News that live miners had been
oond spread Mulckh through the
.own and rela.lves of Other men who
iud been standing vigil at the mine's
UOUth until all hope was gone, rushed
Igsln to the scene and soon ropes
stretched In hold bnoh all hut workers
igaiii wan being strained by the
hrong of snslons watobsrs.
T WOnty-t a dies had been re
moved and but :'n crops entries bad
been explored The manners are en
Mastering grant obstacles in pene
trating the cross sections and il is
feated 'hai even should more he alive
n tba far rsessass of the workings
It will be impossible to reach them
jefoie they starve.
Another rescue car srrlved from
PittsbUfg, so there are plenty uf hel
met men on the scene. Finding uf
the live men revived an aliando I
lope III the hearts of these workmen
and now (hey are pushing ahead with
ill possible speed hoping to llud murt
men alive.
Hyde Juror Is Missing.
Kansas City. Mo Marry W'aldron.
Jmor in the MOB of Iu 11 OlatlM
Hyde, on trial charged With the niur
lor of Col Thomas II Swop, , escaped
through a transom in the ceutropoiiB
hotel i where the Hyde panel has been
muttered since the murder (rial be
gan. It is feared bis disappearance
may cause a mistrial in the celebrated
uiunk-r case.
Charged With Counterfeiting.
Mount Vernon. 111. Charles Ellis
mil an 18-year-old son, who claimed
Philadelphia as their home, nnd "lied"
Clrkpalriok of Aurora, Ind., were ar
rested by Chief of Police Smith on a
charge of passing counterfeit half
dollars and nickels, both allowing ex
cellent workmanship
Two Killed In Auto Accident.
B-trh Dserflsid, Mass. Two men
Wen- killed and two women had
narrow escapes from serious in-
lurles when a front wheel of nn auto
Dtobllc collapsed, causing the machine
upset ou the main road, u mile
sou I h of here.
Fifth Twins in Fsmlly.
Show-nee. Okla The birth of the
fifth set of twins to Mr and Mrs. Ellis
Hi own of Shawnee dispels all auspl
:lott of HUM suicide Iu that family,
flu now twins are boys. The Drowns
were married seven years ago and
all ten Ol their children are living.
Unearth an Old Murder.
Roeheetur, v Y. The sbslalan of a
man washed out of the heart of a
suburban swamp by a reclamation
jompan) tilling In land here, Coroner
Klelndlnal believes marks a murder
of Dfty years ago.
Injunction Is Permanent.
Washington. The temporary in
hint non Issued In the Inti.-rmoiintaln
lung and shurt haul cases Monday
Baa made permanent by the United
Stai s commercial court.
Brookins Invents Hydro-Aeroplane.
New York. Walter Hrooklna has
ant need that he will soon fly a
hydroaeroplane of his own invention
Brookins says he has solved the prob
'-iu of his sea-going winger lu a com
binatlon motor boat and biplane.
Holdupe Pry Out HI. T.eth
Spokane, Wash -Frank (stowell. a
j ui.uin i wMB ur tu ii j i : iv uy IWU
(nen and robbed of $120. The robber
,otloed hls ld filled teeth and pried
UlU vol Ul llieni. 1 II' ) ovellilUK-'U s
roll of bills amounting to $760
1 wan! to tell you what Dr. KUmsr's
Pwamp-Itoot did for me. I was com
pletely broken down. My kidneys hurt
me so that when I was down, I could
not get up unless I took bold of some
thing to pull myself up with.
I tried different kinds of kidney
plllB, but they did me no good. Some
one told me to try Swamp-Root. I
had nn faith In It but to pleaBe my
wife, I purcbaaed one bottle and took
It. I saw It wsb beginning to help me
and kept on taking It until I had taken
six bottles and it straightened me out
nil right. jj
Swamp-Root is tho only medicine
that did me any -good. I thought I
would write this letter snd tell every
one that is afflicted as I was, to take
Hr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root. The six
bottles I took cost me Ave dollars, and
did me Ave hundred dollars worth of
Yours very truly,
Atlanta, 111.
State of Illinois I
Logan County (
I, M. M. Hoose, a Notsry Public In
nnd for the ssld county of I.. .gin:, in
the State of Illinois, do hereby certify,
that George H, Huber, known to me to
be the same person whose name Is sub
scribed to the foregoing Instrument,
appeared before mo this day In person
snd acknowledged lhat be signed
aealed and delivered the said tnstru-
I mcnt as his free snd voluntary set.
Given under my hand and Notarial
i Seal this the 12th day of July, A. D.
J 1SKW. M. M. noose,
Notary Public.
D,. k II... r Co.
Prove Whit Swamp-Ruol Will Do For Yoe
Send lo Dr. Kilmer & Co., lllngham
ton, N. Y., for n sample bottle. It will
convince anyone. You will also re
PStvs a booklet of valuable Informa
tion, telling nil about the klilne.VB and
bladder. When writing, bp sure and
mention this paper. Regular fifty-cent
linn one-dollar size bottles for sale at
oil drug storea.
Husband Was Willing.
The Scot has tin monopoly of do
ne sue felicity, us many a piquant
1 paragraph bears witness The other
day an old farmer aud his wife were
lining" the sights of a provincial
; town, snd, among other places they
Visited I panorama of South Africa
The views were extremely Interest
ing and the couple were enjoying
i (hemsolvcB to the full. As scene altar
scene passed, the woman's enthusi
asm Increased, and at length, turn
lug to her In: hand, she exclaimed:
I "Oh. Sandy, this Is really splendid.
I could Jlst sit here all ttt) days."
"Ah. weel. Jennie, woman." replied
Sandy, to the mirth of those sitting
near, "Juat sit you still there; I'll not
gt UdgS the snxpence "
Question for Question.
"I shall 'discharge out butler." aald
Mr. Cumrox
"What's the trouble?"
"He doesn't show me proper defer
ence When I am paying a man lib
erally, I consider It 1Mb duty to laugh
at my Jokes "
"And won't he?"
"I don't think he-can. He's an Eng
Msh butler. When Iu a spirit of gen
t,j and condescending badinage I said
to bin "Hawkins, can you tell me
which came first, the chicken or tba
egg? ba said, Which did you order
flrst, sir?' "
A Born Qulbblsr.
"Didn't I tell you not to shoot any
quail on this place?"
"YassiiB," replied ITncle Rasberry.
"You done tide me an' 1 done beard
you. III.- uln' no quail. Dls Is a part
ridge "
Jennie Everything be touchaa
seems to turn to gold
Jim Yes; he touched me today for
a Sovereign - London Opinion.
Will MbII Ii ill wii lillllMWsTJBBnTJJBn
Kb w&Knlfi ggy
I 9B

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