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The Farmington times. (Farmington, St. Francois County, Mo.) 1905-1926, December 14, 1911, Part 1, Image 3

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ft! PEftGE WITH ftLL fiftllS
President Taf t Sends in Special Message
Reviewing Our Relations With
Other Countries.
Important General Movement for Broader Arbitration On
Part of Powers is Noted Mexican War Dis
cussedMerchant Marine Needed
SfMbtnften, T'fC. 7.-The nmt of prrtl
fStnt Tuft' pritmUert ipcUl BIHIfH
wan rrad In coiurwMNi today, it Omui
tlrt-ly with fonlfn Affair. Th BMMMMPt
In pari follow :
Tin ralaUont Oi tlu t'nltM Rtat-fi with
other eotinlrlw hav continued (lurlnit '
paat twrlve. nionthi upon u bail of th
uarial food will and friendly InUroOttfM.
Tli yt-ir JuHt paused mark an im
portant K ftctal movement on the part of
ha powin for bruutifr arbitration. In
th recoKtiltlon of th tiuuilfold benefit
to mankind In th- axtanatotl of the policy
of ihf acttwmant of intTimtionui oia-
puteH by arhltratlon ratinr ttlM bv wur,
and in rttponM a wldaapraad oamand
nr an itd ftlMt In that dtrastlOfl " thu
part of the pe(pb of th- t'tdied Htnte
and nf (Ireui llriu-n and of Krame, nw
rMtraUofi traatlaa wara neKotiatei last
apritiK with 'lien I Hi Hat n and Train
tin- lafaai of Which fr drslnned. aa
xprfii'd In Ihe prf-urnhle of ihew- tr,nt
1m. to extend the wcopo mid obllK'itlnnM Of
UM policy of arbitration adopted In our
pr.'B-ni traatlaa with thoaa irovcrnrneniH
To pavp the wav fm this tr.-aty with the
Vnlted Htatew, ;rrut Hrltaln ucicotlaled
an Imiiurtant mndlnVntlon In 't alUan'
anth Japan and tin French Knvrrnment
also i-xprditnd the nagottattona with
nnl (fond will Th. n.w treutlt- have
In-m submit bd to the mrmte and nre
awaiting It advtca and MfMMt to their
ratin.-mion. All the laawntlak of waaa
important tratle have lonj: twen known,
and It my enrnrnt hopt thai they will
racelv prompt and favorable afllnn.
Claim of Aliop & Co. Settled.
I urn Kind to rvport that on July 5 InM
Ihe Aniftioatl rlatrn of Aluop A
caitiHt tha fovarnmanl f ' Jimmi aaa
ftnalh dihpofii-fl of bv the dt-clflon of Mm
Ilrttannh tnajMty (leorge V., t" whom,
aa amlHbb- compoaltaur, the mutter had
been refi-rril tor d'trinlnHtlon His
majenty mada an award of in'nrly f 1.00',
000 tu the i-lalmant. which wua promptly
paid by Chile. The nettlement of thlM
controversy hit happll eliminated froin
the n Intloni be itW n tha republic of
Cntta and the U nl tad Itatai th.- aw
queNtlon wlilrh for two dcUM had Btv
n the two foreign office any erlou
concern and muti polble the unob
structed developmanl of the rrutiun or
friendship which It hn been the aim of
thin government In -er ponalhla way to
further and cultivate.
In further illustration of th- practical
ami beneficent application of the princi
ple of arbitration and the underlying
broad spirit of ion. Illation. 1 am haM)
to advert to the part of the " nlted Htate
In faclllatlng amicable settlement of dis
putes which menaced Hi pear, between
.Panama and t'osUi Una and MtWMIl
Halt! and the Dominican rufiubllc
Blnce the date of their ind-pendence,
ColornMa and cost a Suea had mm s-ek-ItiR
a dution of a boundary dispute,
which cum- us a heritage from Colombia
to the new republic of I'aoama. upon its
beglnnluK Hf a at) independent nn
tlon In January. at the mine:., r
both governments the agents represent
ing Usaao atat in eonfaranoa at the dspart
ment of tate and n.ilmeo.ueiilly con. hid
ed a protocol submitting ihlt long pend
ing controversy to the arbitral Judgment
of the chief justice f tha United Statea,
who consented to a- t In this capacity. A
boundary commission, according to the
International uKteement. hus now been
appointed, and it i aspactad that the ar
Ktiments will shortly proceed and that
this tons-standing dispute will Ix- houor-
abiv and aattafaetorily terminated
Agnln s few months ago It appeared
that the Dominican republic and Haiti
were about to enter upon hostilities be
cause of complications growing out of an
acrimonious laiundarv dispute which th
efforts of many years had talk d to solve.
The government of the United Htatea. bv
m ftlendlv inteiposltlon of good office,
succeeded In prevailing upon the parties
to place their reliance upon some form of
pacific settlement.
The recent political events In Mexico
received attention from thla government
because of the exceedingly delh ate and
difficult situation created along our south
ern border and the necessity for taking
measure prope-.ly to safeguard Amerl
aan Interest The government of the
tTnlted Htales. In Its desire to secure a
roper observance and enforcement or
he so-called neutrality statutes of the
federal government. Issued directions to
the appropriate officers to exercise a 111
Vent and vigilant regard for the rem. re
ments of such rules and law Although
condition of actual "ned conflict ex
isted there was no official recognition of
belligerency involving the technical neu
trality obligations of International law
On the th of March last, In the ab
sence of the secretary of stste. I had a
personal interview with Mr W llaon. the
ambassador of the United State to M
tn tn which he reported to me that the
condition in Mexico were much more
critical than the press dispatches flts
eloaed thst President Ilai was on a vol
cano of popular uprising; that the small
outbreaks which had occurred were only
symptomatic of the whole condition; that
very large per cent, of the people were
In sympathy with the Insurrection, that a
reneral r xphmlon was probable at any
time In which cae he feared that the
440 oro or more American resident In
Mexico might be assailed, and that the
very large American Investment might
be injured ST destroyed.
After a conference with the secretary
of war snd the secretary of the navy 1
thought It wise to assemble an army
division of full strength at Ran Antonio.
Tex a brigade ot three regiment at
Oalveeton. a brigade of infantry In the
Ixwt Angeles district of southern t all
fornia together with a squadron of bat
tleships and cruisers and transport at
fjdlveston and a small squadron of ship
at Ban Diego. At the aama time, through
oar representative at the City of Mexico
J expressed tn President Dies the hope
that no apprehensions might result from
unfounded conjecture na to these mili
tary maneuvers, and assured him that
they had no significance which should
cause conc-rn to his government.
I nm more than nappy to here record
ths faM that all apprehensions as to the
effect of ths presence of so large a mili
tary force In Texas provsd groundlesa;
no disturbances occurred.
From time to time communication
were received from Ambassador Wilson,
who had returned to Mexico, conflimlng
the view that the massing of American
troops In ths neighborhood bad had good
The inaurrectlon continued and resulted
en engsgements bstween the regular
Mexican troops and the insurgents, snd
this along the border, so that In several
Instances bullets from th contending
forces struck American cltliens engaged
tn their lawful occupatlona on American
proper protest were mad against
theee Invasions of American rlghta to th
Mexican authorities.
The presence of a large military and
naval force available for prompt action,
near the Mexican border, proved to be.
the most fortunate under fhe somewhat
trying conditions presented by this Inva
sion of American rights.
The policy and action of ,hla govern
ment were baesd upon an earnest friend
liness for the Mexican people a a whole,
and It Is a matter of gratification to nots
that this attitude of strict Impartiality as
to all factions In Maxlco and of sincere
friendship for the neighboring nation,
without regard for party allegiance, ha
been generally recognised and has re
sulted lu art even eraser and inure sym
pathetic understanding between the two
republics and a warmer regard one for
tha other. Action to suppress violence
and restore tranquility throughout the
Mxlcun republic was of peculiar Inter
est to this government, in that It eon
cerned the safeguarding of American life
and property in that country m M if
1911. President Dial resigned Senor
de In Ilnrra was chosen provisional preal
dent. Flections for president atid v Ice
preldent wre thereafter held through
out the republic, end Henor Fruncls'n I
Mudern in fortnullv declared elected on
October is, tu it,,, chief magistracy. On
November i Prealdcnt Madero entered
upon the dulb-H of hi office
Honduras and Nicaragua Treaties
As to the nltuatlnn In Central America.
I have taken OCQSntOfl In the pat In em
phasise rnoel atfonalir the importance that
should be attrll.uti d to fhe consumma
tion of the conventional between the r
publics of Nicaragua snd of Honduras
and this country i and I again earnestly
recommend that the necessary advice and
consent of the senate be accorded 10
theHe treatlea, which will make It possi
ble for these t 'etitr.il American repub
lic to ebter upon an era of genuine eco
nomic nat' i'ial development
Our relutlon with the RtOUMIe of
Panama peculiarh Important. BUS I" mu
tual nhllgattoua and the vast llttorsata
created hy the 0OJMU have continued in
the usual friendly manner, and we have
leen glad to make appropriate expres
sion of -ur uttl tude nf sympathetic In
terest In the endeavor of our neighbor
In undertaking ths development uf the
rich resource of the country
The Chinese Loans.
The psst veer lias been marked In our
relations with China by the conclusion
of two Important International loans, one
for the eonatructlon of the ltukuang rall
wava. the other for the carrying out of
the currency reform to which '',m was
pledged, by treaties with tha Uniteo
Htatea. tireat ftrltaln and Japan, of
which mention am made In my last an
nual message
KspedaJh important at the present,
when the ancient Chinese empire is shak
en bv civil war Incidental to It swaken-
Ing to the many Influence and activity
nf moderlxatton. are the co-operative p l
Icy of good understanding which has been
fostered by the international projsctl re
ferred to above and the general sym
pathy of view among all ths pora In
terested In the far east.
New Japanese Treaty.
The treaty of commerce and navigation
bet ween the United S tales and Japan,
signed In ISM. would by 0 strict Inter
nretatl.iri of It iuoislons have terminat
ed on July IT. MS. Japan's general
treaties with the other power, however,
terminated in 1911. ami the Japanese gov
ernment expressed an earnest QOetf to
conduct the negotiation for a nOAW treaty
with the United Htatea simultaneously
with Its negotiations with the other pow
ers .There were a number of Important
question Involved In the treaty. ln lug
log the Immigration of laborers, revision
of the cuMtoni tariff and the right of
Americans to hold real etate In Japan
The United Rtate consent. -1 to UnuVO all
technicalities and to enter at once upon
negotiations for a BOO tr-alv on the un
derstanding that there shOUid ho s con
tinuance throughout the life of the treity
of the aama effeellvs tnaaatirai for the
restriction of Immigration nf lab'-rers to
Arnerlran territory which bad been In
operation with entire satisfaction to both
governments since nmi The .inpanco-
government acrepted this basis of nego
tiation, and a new trentv was qulcklv
concluded resulting in a highly satisfac
tory settlement of the othet ijuestlon re
ferred to
Europe and the Near East.
In Burop? aftd the near east, during the
past twelve mouth, there has boaO at
1 1 time considerable political unreat. The
Moroccan mieatlnn, whlcli for some
month was the- cause of great anxiety,
happily s pilars to have ren. lied a stae
at winch it need no longer he reg;i rded
with concern The Ottoman empire was
occupied for a period by strife In Al
bania and Is now at war with Italy In
Qresca and the Flalkan countries the
dlaipibtlng potentialities of this sltuntlon
have been mora or leas felt, Persia has
been the soens of a UstiM internal strug
gle. These conditions have been the
cause of uneaalnea tn Kurupean diplo
macy, but thus far without direct politi
cal concern to the Pnlted Htatea.
In the war which unhappily exists be
tween Italy and Turkey Ibis government
ha no direct political In tercet, Bud I
took occanlon at the suitable time to Is
sue, n proclamation of neutrality in that
conflict At the same time all necessary
steps hsve been t ak ti to safeguard the
personal interest oi American mi n
and orgs nliat Ion In o far as affected
by the war.
In spite of the attendant economic un
certainties and detriments to commerce,
the T'nlted Btates has gained markedly in
It commercial standing with certain of
the nations of the near Cajft
Coronation of King George V.
The 2M of June of th present yenr
marked the coronation of hi Hrttanntc
rnajeaty. King Oe.-rg V In honor of
tills auspicious occasion 1 aent a special
embassy to Ixmdnn. The courteous and
cordial welcome extended to this gov
ernment's representatives by his majest;
and the people of (ireat Hrltaln has fur
ther emphaelned ths strong bond of
friendship happily existing between the
two nation.
Settlement of Differences With Great
Aa tli raillt nf a dlrm ned effort on
i lie part of both tireat Detain and the
I'nltd Htntes tn aetlle all of tholr out
standing dlfforerieea a nunibr ef treat
ies have been entered Into between tbn
two lountrlea In recent years, bv which
nesriv all of the un'lld Questlona be
tween them nf any Importance hnve been
.idjuateii by aarement or arrnnaementa
made for tnelr settlement by arbitration
Recognition of Portuguese Republic.
The Nsttonal Constituent naaemhly. res--utarly
eUc'.ed by the vole of the Portu
guese people, havlne on June 19 lust
unanimously proclaimed n republirAn gov
ernment, the official recognition of the
tovernment of the rnlteu Slates wan
liven to the new republic In the sfler
noon of the same day.
International Conventions and Confer
ences. The supplementary protocol to The
Hague oonventlnn for Ihe establishment
of sn International prise court, mentioned
In my last annual message, embodying;
stipulations providing for an alternative
procudure which would remove the con
stitutional objection to that part of The
Hague convention which provides thai
there may be an sppeal lo the proposed
court from tho decisions of national
courts, has received the signature of
the governments parties tu In original
convention and has been ratified by the
government of the United Htate-.. tugeth
er with th prta court convention.
Th deposit of the ratifications with
the government of the Netherlands
awaits sctlon by the powers on the dec
laration, signed at Uonlon on February
use. or the rules of international la
be recognised within the meaning of
article vri of The lle.gue convention
ro.- the tenllehment nf an lntcrnawo
price court
Fur-Seat Treaty,
The fur-s"ii controversy, which fai
nearly twent.v-flv yean has bern th
aor rce of serlo us f rl c t ion but ween the
Vnltrd Htnte an,i the power bordering
upon the north Pacific ocean, whose aute
Jects have been permitted to engage Is
pelagic seal'ng against the fur-seal herd
bavin their breeding grounds within the
Jurisdiction of the United Slates, has at
last been saiurfaclortly adjusted by the
conclusion of ths North Pacific sealing
con enlhui ent rfd into bM ween the
I'nited States Great Hrltaln. Japan and
Kusala on the seventh of July lest
The attention or congress i eanooiwlf
'ailed tn the necessity for legislation on
the pnrt of the 1'nHed State for the pur
pose of fultllllng the obligations assumed
under this convention, to which the sen
ate gave it advice ami consent on the
twenty-fourth day of July last
International Opium Commission.
In a special maSSSUSS transmitted to the
congress on the a vent h of January. 1111.
In which I concurred In the recommenda
tions made hy the secretary of stale In
rearard to certain needful lf.llntlon for
the control of our Interstate and foreign
traffic tn opium and other menacing
drugs. I quoted from mv annual me
asute of December 7. I!, in which 1 an
nounced that tha results of the Interna
I tonal opium commission held at Hhsng
ha! In Febrnarv. pt, nt the Invitation of
the I 'n 1 11.1 HlHf t. Inr1 lu.i.11 Uld l-ef.r-
this government: that the report of that j
i uniiiup nn TIUU I nHSa WltW MIW
tng remarkable proarroaa and admirable
effortu toward the etadlofttton of the
opium ev; tbnt tlie intereated govern
ment hsd not permitted 'heir commer
cial Interest?) to prevent their aO-OUafA.
linn In this reform and. a a result Of
collateral Investigation of the opium
nueatlon in this country. I recommended
that the manufacttira. sale and use of
opium In the t'nlted States uld he
more rigorously tontrolled bv legislation
Trior to that time and In continuation
of the policy of thi government to se
cure the i o on- ration of the Interested
nation, the united Rtatoa aeopoged M
international opium conference with full
powers for the purpose of clothing with
ihe force of International law the reo
I nt b. ns adopt eif be t be above-mentioned
eommlsalon, together with their saaen
tie corolrotif The other powers con
eerned cordially respr-nded to the nro
Massd of thin government, nnd I am glad
t" be ab'e to Htltlour.ce, r'presen a t Ives
of all the powers assembled In conference
at The Rag n the nrst of ibis month
Foreign Trde Relation of the United
In mv lnt unminl .timnc T rf'-rr
to tr tnrtrf neitotlatlOM of tli n--prt-mtnt
of wtat wtih foricn MMWtfMI tn
roimeetten srltti th applleatlen, bv a ia
rtn of proclamstlofis of 1 1 lemltnutn
i :.rirr "f th I'nltM nates to iminrt
tionn frim th several countries unit i
t,'itrt tlint in ii irnriii npsratlon. "r
tior ; nt Hi new mrifr law infl provsi
s RnarHTitv of eontlnu4 eommefnal
i;ii-. ntlhoiiKl' there wr. unfortunut ,
lv lntnn.- whr forlfn sovrnmnl
liiii trMtrarlly with Ainerlean latereah
wllhln llilr hirlesiletlon In ni'innr In
jortoos and inrquitnw During ih nt
vrnr pom Inataneee of rtl.-rlnilnntorv
trniinrt have beMi lemeved. nut I re
irri to fnv tlmt lhr rmiln s M
enure nf differential treatmenl advetes la
tli eommeree nf Hi United Htntc while
non of th- Inataneee now nppr le
nnmunt to undue dlserlmlnatlnn in Ihe
ene of peril. m 7 nt Ih Inrlff Inw of
Aiisupt WM. ihrv nr all eseentlona to
thnt eemphKe .l.-er.- nf .-.ni iiity of tnr
ifr trimni ii-nt ih deiMsrlmenl of
pint hm mnp1pTnllv p.metit tn nbt'n
for Anir1opn fommerr nhrond
While III double InrlfT f Set UTS of Ih
tnrirf Inw of 19ns hep hen amply luetl
flert hv th ritlte eeMeved In rmovlne
f..rinr snd preventing new, utidu dip
i i" m I n it t Ion p nen'npt Amrl'-nn rommerr
it I believed thai th tlm 'mi mm for
th Bfnendmenl of this fntur of th inw
In pllih wnv ne to provide h erpdunleit
mrene of ineetlne varvtna deareee of
dlPTlnilnnfni v lrMtm'nt of Arnrlran
roniier in for.-in eeuntrlee well
to proterl tli flnHnelnl 1nlretp sbread
of Amrtnn . Itlaene r.iinpi arMlrary
un.l leJureJUS trnlmnt on Ih pnrt of
fnrHjrn rnmnlp through ltl-r leir
lalaUva or admlnlatratlvs m-apure.
It wnnlo N-rni rt.-plr-ihl fht the nwl
mum tariff nl Ihe t'nlted Blute ehould
eabraea wiiMn tn purview iim fres net,
srnlrh la nnl the caea nt ih prep.-ni Urn.
In ordr Hint II mlffht have rrnao".hle
stvnlfleenee to th eToverrmnta of itmp
eounirlep from enten me irrmnne
Ini" the Untied Htatp nr eondned vir
tually lo nr'lelep on Ih fr Hat
Th Daeal rear ended .tun v lti
hows er.Mii pr'.rrae In th development
of American Iradr. It wee noteworthy I
n o.t.H.Im Ihe hlrltPt re.-or.l of i-vp "P '
of Amerh-an produeta to foteisr eoim-
Trlra roe ir oeinv III e. i-ff -. i
tj rrti fen e-e T)ia xrirt phow.-d a
e-nln over the preeedlns: year of in-.r
than f 3rm nnf. nnfl.
Crying Need for American Merchant
I need hardly reiterate the rnnvl'-tlnn
tnat there should aiei1llv be hull! up an
American no rehant marine Thlp Ip nei
eaaary ' netture favorable transports
lion faclltllep to otir great nran-h"rn
commerce hp well ss to aupplenieril the
nnvv with tin ade.tuale reeerve nf Ships
and men II would have the eeenomlr wl
vatuase nf keeping at hnme nnrt nf the
vast sump now paid foreign shipping for
carrying American goods All in rr-at
commercial nations pay heavy subsidies
to their merchunt innrlne. eo thin II la
obvious thai without eome wlae hM from
the congress the t'nlted Htatea mint lag
behind In the niatter of tnerrhant marine
in lie pn-aenl nnomalnoa position
Legislation to facilitate the extension
Baaeetean Icinka to foreign cnitnleli- N
another mutter In which our foreign
trade needs saplatnnc.
With these factors snd the BOnttnuan
of the foreign service established (ds
tocntsl. dlplomnth and conaularl upon
Ui high plane where II bits hern placed
bv the recent r'-nrogn tilxatlnn this gov
ernment would he nbrcaat or the tliin-a
In fnaterlng the Itllerepts of Its foreign
Irnde. and lb real mupl be left lo th
energy snd enterprise of our business
Improvement of the Foreign ServLe
The entire foreign-service organism! n
1p being Improved and developed wlto
especial regard to the requires otp of
the commercial Intereala of the century
The rapid growth of our foreign tt id
tnakep It of the utmost Importance that
go ernnientsl agencies through whl-h
thnt trade la to be aided and prot. o.i
should poaaeaa a high degrea of . rn
clency Not only- should the forc'im rep
rcpenlallv lev mnlnlalned upon s gen.
roua sitals In so fur aa sslarli IS ml s
tnbllshmenla are concerned, but th h4
lei-tlon nnd ndvnncetnent of ofrl--ers
should t definitely and permanently r. g
tilnted by law. o lhal the service phutl
not fall to attract men ot high chsrn t-i
nnd sblllty. The experlenc of Ihe past
few years with a partial application ol
civil service rules to the dlpulomath- and
consular service leaves no doubt In my
mind of the wisdom of a wider and m 're
permanent extension of those principle!
to both hruttrhes of Ihe foreign sen I. .
1 therefore again commend lo ih fa
VOrsbkt aettOB of the congress the ,na-'t-menl
of a luw apptytnc to tho diplomatic
and consular service Ihe principles em
bodied In section 176J of ths Revised Stal
utes of the trulted Btates. In '.he civil
service set of January 18, 1W3. snd the
executive orders of Juns H, 19! and of
Novointier 26. Wft. In Its consideration of
this Important subject I deelre to re. -all
to the sttentlon of th congreea '.hn very
favorable report made on the Lowdsa
bill for the Improvement of the
foreign service by the forslca
affalrp committee of the house of repre
aentatlvea Available statistics show lhat
ths strictness with which tha merit pvs
tem has brn applied to the foreign sorv
1c during recant yars and the absoluts
non-partisan selection of cunsula snd
diplomatic service secretaries who Indeed
far from bring selected with stn view
to political consideration have actoull
been chosen to a disproportion - ext, nl
from states which would have hen nn
represented lu the foreign service i.iulct
the system wihch II Is to be hoped li nop
permanently obsolete. Home legll olon
for the perpetuation of the present sys
tem of examinations and promotion upoa
merit and efficiency would be of Briefest
vnlus to our commercial and Internation
al Interests.
? n
University ot Missouri to Gitf tn
(truction in Domestic Economy.
Columbia Kor the tlrst time in lu
histdr; the l nhiTsiiy of Mipsouri will
oi: i ,m eight wi-ekn short aQttfM (or
MlHOUrl fm in K flH lu liomc I'Cimoiii
lei The course btHrm Juuuuiy .;, uud
huti eight neeln. and the total coit,
lui lulling IoUbIuus auil inciiloutal Mr
tiM;. . ., ! ( Btliuutfd ut Auy MIh-
oun trantf! tluut;liter 1U yt)Ufl o(
Bis1 li eligible to uttvnd.
The couro will tcuch the furni t;rrl
Lir.v to cut out uut terns, bow, cook,
due for the sick, Ike elemeutary yriu
Blplei of lindeOBpe gardening, aud
hoin.' nwiiiuKeiueiii
Branch chort ooureee to be deliv
ered by the lecture iu"lliod are part
ol the tilan. Lecturera from the t'ol-
of Agriculture will be aent to
eucii place in Mlaaour deeignated aa
an exlenaiOO center and uiK npend a
Week ai each plgM, tMOMU Kulmlati
Uallj the prlnnlplai to be taught lu
the Miort course here, without lahora
tor; equipment.
Lead Mines Polluting Big Rivera.
Lie Soto. Suit was tiled In the cir
cuit court of Jefferson county by K.
11 II Steintnelz unalnst the Federal
Lead company, St Joaeph Lead coin-
pany, Hoe Hun l.uil company, Des
loge I'onsolldalecl Lead company uud
the St. I.ouls ImelUPg and Hclluing
company. Mr KteinrAeti owns ami
but; foi many years resided on a large
tract of laud adjacent to Dig river.
'Ihe petition slates thut the defeud
ani companies are discharging ground
roik. slime and poisonous suhstauces
i their in ami mills Into Ulg
rivef, thereby poUttUag the stream,
rendering Its water Impure tor use
I and injuring the laud in Dig river val
ley hy depositing said subBtaucne
I therein, anil prays that each and all
,,! unlit .li r..nfl!ititu It, fori. vi r ntilnlned
from diaoharaina such slime and pot-
sonous matter into Ulg river. The
Big Hirer Farmers' association la be-
bind the suit.
Deer Breaks Into Bank.
Maiden. The oldesi Inhabitant wna
nstonlahed when a wounded deer, a
huge buck, bounded down the princi
pal street Suddenly he the buok
awervtd and plunged through the
glass front of the Hank of Maiden.
Caahiei Rayburn, for fear the deer
Mould demolish Ihe inlerlor. opened
(he door anil lei him out. tin deer ee
capiug to Hie bottom! ol New Madtld.
Knocks Out Anti-Trust Law.
Jefferson city, one feature of the
Lew liie Insurance rale law whit li la
not generally known is thut it strikca
down the aitll-trust slntutes of .Mis-
paSri la ao tar aa they are applloabla
to Insiiraiiei
oiupanies. rraiik iiiaao,
rtate superintendent of Insurance,
said when the new rate Inw goes Into
cffttcl only the stale department ot
Insurance will stund between the peo
ple and Ihe companies lu Ihe securing
uf fair anil egaitnMa rules on their
1 properly
There is nothing in ihe law
Prohibiting lire companies from en
tering into agreements In the fixing
of rales The only safeguard for the
people is tile slate HUpol'lnlchdclU of
Wcmen Suffrage Postponed.
Hannibal. The Missouri Slate
Grange discussed women suffrage,
1 end although ihe members did not go
on record the grange favorably con
sidered a resolution asking for the
Hiibmtstdoh ot a constitutional amend
taent providing for equal suffrage for
women. The mailer was referred to
the Pomona grangee, but Baal action
will hot be taken until next year'n
Roster of Confederates.
Jefferson city -Former se
of State M. K. McLirath of St
wan appointed by Adjutant tieneral V.
M. fluznbold lo aid him tn compiling
uud codifying the records and rosier
of the Confederate army of Missouri.
The last legislature appropriated
$5,000 for tbil purpose, to be expend
ed by tbe adjutant general
Boy Accidentally Kills Brother.
Huntavllle. The 8-year-old sou of
wuiiam Riohardaon eraa Moid en tally
ahot and killed by his 11 year old
brother while driving lata town lu a
wugon with their falher The elder
boy while lowering the hammer of a
rifle allowed It to slip, discharging t tie
weapon. The bullet uutered the boy'g
Cattle Champ Gets Ovation.
Tipton. When John W e. sen ar
rived home from Chicago be was giv.
en an oration, Mr Weeaen wan
awarded ihe gweepatahea premium at
the International Stock show in Chi
cago on a car load of H year-old uteera
In the clans of nny age or breed.
Corn Exhibit at Teachers' Meeting.
Fultou. The meeting of the Calla
way County Teachers' association
rraa featured by u corn exhibit of Ibe
students from the rural schools uud a
primitive art exhibit by the grado
Undent of tie Fulton city schools.
Widow Killed in Runaway.
Carthage. Mrs. Anna Warren, M
reara old, wus killed In a runaway.
while driving u team of horses
skull was crushed. She was a widow
a - i - i i..,ia.
IrsJ acreB weal of Carthage.
Ptdtmaater Genera! Kltcbcook pur
chased a) i cr two $H)0 registered poe
tal skvhiks bonds. Some tlmu age Mr.
lutein ( b annminond that no bcMM
of these bonds would have to sell
them beloe par and Mint UM board of
tFMtees of the postal savings system
stood ready at ell llmi'S to take up
bends when the holders wished to
diapose of Ihem The bnuds pur
chaseii w.-re Nos 2 11 and 212 and
were forwarded by Ihe National Park
bnnk nl New York, belr.g lu the name
of Ullie May young anil assigned to
thai bank.
At a meeting of ihe house commit
tee on expenditures in the agricul
tural department, a subcommittee,
made up ol rlepfeee&tAtlvea Moss It
Indiana, Floyd of Arkansas aud Sloan
of Nebraska, was appointed to draft
the oommtttae'l report on the Inquiry
Into I he aiieged conspiracy against
)"r. Harvey V. VIIy, ihe govern
ment's chief chemist, which resulted
in the reeo iinneiidal ion for the re
in " ii ! "f ir Wiley and some of his
Tlie commerce court dismissed the
petition of the Paanaylvaaia railroad
which appealed from a decision of ih
laterstBte commerac commission in
the case originally brought by the
Hillsdale Coal and Coke company and
saveral other MtanwAua coal poatpa
Hies of Ihe riltsburg dislrlet. altaek-
lug the reaaonablfejaaaa of pertain reg
ulations made by the I'ennsj Ivania
railroad as to car distribution.
A tentative bill abolishing Die pres
ent conn, mi law nnd statutory liabil
ity for persona Injury and dealh of
employee In the service of Interstate
rntlroadi and labatitutlat diftmie
nompensaiion, Irreapaotlve of negii
ger.ee was completed by Ihe Federal
pimple ors' Liability and Workmen's
COtttpensatiOn commission The com-
agiaaien intenda to raoommead this
maaaitrr to congress.
Benulor HituhOOeh of Nebraska,
' Demoerai
offered a resolution calling
on the postofflce department lo in
I form oongrew of the BVaUtf of rail
I wu ' lerks who have been de-
i moled Since January 1. Mil, and Ihe
loss tn i hem In salary by such demo
ting. This was referred to Ihe com
mutes en poatoffleaa aad post roads
Naraxanaetl Hay, 11 I , has been
ielecled as the site of one of the
three great Atlantic coust navy yards
proposed b Secretary of Ihe Navy
Mcer in ho i' organization plans, the
others being al Norfolk and QHJWt
nil). This will mean the ellmlnarion
of the Ne York, the lloslou and the
I'orisiuo ii li. N 11 , yards.
Kepre- ntatlva Lltllelon. on point
uf personal pri ilege. answered aU
taeka on him chargiag bin with be
ing a "steel truM attorney." A reso-
(uUoii of Hepiiblle.in fn-atler Mann ap-
I pointing a committee to Investigate
ihe attack on Mr UttletOO was ro-
ferred n the rules committee.
"There Is no foundation whatever
for the Btorloe to tha effect that a
rious oiaahea hgva occurred between
nn tubers of the national monetary
commission, which Is holding two sea
lona dnlly in this city," aahl Kepre
si illative PrbSOO of Illinois, a member
i 'I (tie commission.
Iht interstate commerce coimuln
i ion declared Its assumption of Juris
diction over tho prut lu es of a rail
mail, or railroads, constituting a
th rottgh route, "affecting the right of
the shipper to safe and speedy trans
portation of his freight "
The states of Oklnhoma and Minne
sota Joined hands in asking the su
preme court of the Culled States for
the second time this term to deter
mine at an early date the conatitu
llonallty of thu gross revenue tax of
the respective stales.
A resolution was offered hy Senator
Works of California directing the
committee on military affairs to In
M hllgate the alleged mismanagement
of the soldiers' home nl Santa Mon
ica, Cal.
Ceorge W. Harris of Cincinnati, be
fore the senate committee on Inter
state commerce, urged Ihe enactment
of a federal law limiting the amount
of profits of big corporations
The supreme court of the United
Slates refused to grunt it stay of pro
ceedings, pending appeal, to ten mil
lionaire packers of Chicago.
II. B. Martin of American Anti
Trust league prenenteil a memorial
asking Impeachment and expulsion
nf Representative Littleton,
A resolution of condolence on the
deaths of Representative Madison of
Kansas and I.atla of Nobraaka were
Representative Sulzor iutroduced a
Joint resolution providing for the ab
rogullon of the 1131 treaty with Kua
aia. Katlmatee amounting to 1710.834,
; 6fi3 for the fiscal year ere submit
ted for Approval In the house.
Senator 1'olndexter (Uep.l, Wneh
l Inglon, Introduced hill to abolish
Ihe commerce court.
Hearings were begun by the judl
i olary committee on the bill of Chair
' man Clayton to define, und punish con
tempts of court. Direct and indirect
contempts are defined In the meaa
ure. Al'irneya throughout thu ooun
iry hare bueu invited to appear and
give their vIbwb
A resolution otterod by Senator
Brlatow of Kansas, Insurgent, was
adopted, calling for a report from th
I aecrotary of tho treasury ot the sum
H money expeuueu on r.u. u.tu ...
bor Improvement work, grouping it
by atatea tor purposea of compariaon.
The Farmer's Son's
Great Opportunity
Wbr11 t"r the old f.imi t,i beei nii.
your lliJuTtluni.- nvmnw in
i imrii lor your imnrc,
; ' i" ; Uu1''.-n-il,-:irn.
A a'eat eppur-
ti.niir svpiip yii in
or Al'ie.14, where Seal
ran ssesfe a rntl !Ion.
il.dnrlj . ..I., ii
...njble Sf'cea.
1 not n in' f- . ' -WksSJ
Unl ill tie hinii-
I frni Hio Hboodnnt m.,,s uf
nliml, Outs anil lli.rlrr.
ati rattte raihiiiK, aim
i. a a vit uf In
ariee. u mmai ni nuurnn abow
that Im niiulHr ft biiits
tn t)Sti rii i horiIh fnini
ilia t'a H. wan IO pit rnt
Ursrr lo i 'Mi tliaa ttia
pn-vlriltS r .
nilllll '..Mliors 1 1 M e- ymt't
tint their IhikI out uf the)
I BMSSdsdl Ot DSwS 'rp.
If.. llolne.leuiU nf lllO
I grrra Rtnl re-fmutlnn uf
I I " S' r'" Hi Hi.v it an arrr,
I in.- 4-lltiirtl. l I l IkkiU,
I aaaittlti tit rullititv furl 1 1 1 Ira.
M at biw fri'lcbt rnlM wimmI. wa
,1 tsf aiul luiulMir eaally ub-
p ..r (innipniri . -i . ff rv rmi,
psrtlnilgmus to lultahlo lix-ftUun
snd low m'HIith' nite, mvyif U
Htipt of biiiiiigrmUon, (ntaws,
Can., or to Uioadiui (io 't int.
ff. I. lira Itl . 4t St. Una Ob.
UIrat3M lt!lmltsL4T.tst..aiat'
ii .ri ' jm
Itiftt msli Ih.O" WhCfSt)
Hoar, hav TuM lad or
t bokn-down, can ) r-
DloTf'l with
alio nr Itn rich tir Ht Kg No
bllstar, no bnlr gottv, nnd
horss srpt st wnri, ti jwrbt.t-
U, H'MlrrreNi ii.m.m ;i , rrr.
AltsllKIIINi;, .III,. Itiiitiorit for ui irifclDd.
RmliM-f. Uottre, Tnnnra, vfpsa, fstnftil. Kn.ttt
Vsrlcos rljaa I lf r f. 1 i.n.l j n boltln st
Una I art or dtllvriMi. Htatk wltb teMUmonluUi fraa
W.F.YOUfhG.P D.F..3IOTmpleSt.fSor1ncfleld.llM,
You Cttn Save Money by buying
direr! from farlory al ,laH-e erta. feels.
erpealS. to rour saseael railroad luwn. 1st anuara
feet II lb, till- OUASAMTHKD.
aallt and cement tnrtiiild - ready lo laf. WRITB
T00AY (nr free unplM and prleat that wUl eoeeleea.
BUCK aooeleci CO.. Dee. SI . et. teala. ISa.
bitter than cure. Tutt'a Pflla If taken In tlsn
re net only a rcnMxly lor, but Ml prevent
blllouaneae.conatlpetktnsnd kindred dlaeaaea.
Tuff's Pills
I for Couchs h Colds
Above Him.
"You say lhat Bhe nmrrlcd beneath
"Bhe certainly did; her falher ..an
an aviator and her husband a chauf
feur." Particular Woman.
"Bhe Inalsled on having a woman
lawyer secure her divoroe."
"Why ii i- ilio sn particular?'
"She did not want to go contrary to
thut portion of the marriage ceremony
that reads, 'Let no man put asun
der." Judge.
Left Him Thinking.
"I promised my wife a half-crown
to put hi a home safe every time I
kissed her. Later, when ghe opened
, the safe, there were a lot of sovereign
i and half sovereigns in It I asked her
where she got them.
I "'Kw-rybody la not an stingy aa
, you,' Bhe replied." London Tit Hits.
The proofreader on n small middle
western dally was a woman of great
precision and extreme propriety. One
day a reporter succeeded In getting
Into type nn Item about "Willie Drown,
tho boy who was burned In thu West
end hy a live wire."
On the following day tho reporter
found on his desk a frigid note ask
Ing, "Which la tbe weat end of a
boy? '
"It took only an Instant to reply
"Tho end the son Bets on, of courae."
Ijidlcs' Homo Journal.
A Mighty Good Sort of Neighbor to
"A little widow, a neighbor of mlna,
per nailed mo lo try Crape Nuts when
my stomach was ao weak that It
would not rctuln food of any other
kind," writes a grateful woman, from
San rieriiardlno Co., Cal.
"1 hud been 111 and confined to my
bed with fever und nervous prostra
tion for tbreo long months after the
birth of my second boy. Wo were In
deipalr until thu Utile widow's advice
brought relief.
I "I liked Crape-Nuts food from the
beginning, ami In an Incredibly ehort
' tlmo u gave mo euch Btrcngth that I
was ablo to leave my bed and enjoy
1 my threo good meals a dny. In 3
monthfl my weight Increased from 95
to 1111 pounds, my nerves hud steadied
down and I felt ready for anything.
My neighbors were Lmuzed to see me
gain bo rapidly, and still more ao
when tbey heard that UrupeuNuta
alone bad brought tbe change.
"My 4-year-old boy had eczema very
bad last spring and lost bin appetlta
entirely, which made him ctobb and
pecvlab. 1 put him on a diet of Grape
Nuts, which be relished at once. Ha
Improved from tho beginning, the eo
rema disappeared and now be la fat
and rooy, with a delightfully soft, clear
Bkln. The Grape NutB diet did It. I will
willingly answer all lnqulrlea. Name
given by Postum Co., Hattle Creek.
Head tbe llttlu book, "Tbe Road to
Wellville," lnpkgs. "There's a reason."
Ever read the akev lettevT A am
eae appear trosa lime t time. Thr
re gfaiilse, true, ami lull el
i mStfL7E3

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