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County Corcespcirtence
Mr. atonic was In st. Louis Han
day on business.
Mr. W. ti. O. Thompson m in
Die city last week.
Miss Florence i'oston In lit home
for Christmas vacation.
Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Will Gard
ner, Monday, a tine boy baby.
Rev. W. J. Talley of Frederick
town wan III Honne Terre several
da.VH laHt week.
Miss Louise POBtOU came borne
last Saturday to be at home for the i
Christmas holidays.
Mm. J. M. Wier of Springfield,
Mo., la here visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. H. M . tui' i
Tin; Woods 1'lin'ey Company gave
iiwuy M gold and silver fish to ttieir
good customers last Saturday.
Dr. ISurbei ' of Flat Kivcr U in
the qoeOO of the Lead Rett Monday
attending to Koine important busl-
Mr. Will Norwine is Bl lioine from
Western Military Academy where
hi- has I n In school to spend the
Christmas holidays.
Miss Luorstti Henry is home from
Athens, Alabama, where she Das hi
ttOtMiIng Alliens College. She will
return after holidays.
ev, and Mrs. C'oates will see that
every family In Honne Terre not
otherwise provided for shall have a
good Christmas dinner.
Holla Kerman and Virgil Pon
ton will be home Friday from Mad
ison, Wis., where tin y have been at
tending school to spend, the Christ
inas holiday.
The representatives of the High
School made very favorable report a- (
of the Fartnlnfton High School In
chapel exerclsos last week
children to bring an offering for the
Haptist Orphans Home. Fat-h child
will bring something, a can of com,
beans, pound of sugar, etc., and the
supplies will he packed and forward
ed to (he home.
Mrs. Claudia H. White, Vice
I'resident of the American Woman's
League, lectured in the OtMPU i
BOOM to the members of the Honne
Terre Chapter and their friends
Tuesday afternoon.
The Congregational Church was
dedicated Tuesday evening, Hev.
Charlea S. Mills, pastor of Pilgrim
Congregational Church, St. Louil,
p fetching the sermon, which was an
unusually strong one, and Hev. A.
H. Armstrong offering the prayei or
dedication. The pastor, Itcv. H. L
Hitrtwcll, led in the act 01 dedication.
The revival services at Centenary
Methodiet Church closed Sunday
night, and Monday morning Kvan
golist I'rlce and his assistants left
! lor their homes to mend the holi
days. The interest was sustained
to the last service and many won
deled why the services did not go
on. It was a union meeting In spir
it, though the M. F. Church, South,
was alone responsible for it. Mon
day morning the pastor turned over
to the pastors of lite other churches
the uainei, of those who desired
membership therein, as follows:
German l.ulheran. I; Church of
Christ,!; C'ongregationallst , 0: M.
K. Church, li; Disciples, li; undi
oided, 5; Baptists, SO) Methodlet
South, W, if course this includes
the returned Imckslidcn member! Ol
whom there were several. The ef
fect upon the whole town is goodi
Quite a number of men have de
clared they would never sign anoth
er saloon petition. Many of the
voung folks have announced that
The Pennington High School girls they are done
defeated the Honne Terre girls in a and the dance
warm contest here Saturday, result- a discount.
lug in a score of 1 to II. inn gins
will probably play another game af
ter Christmas.
John Millard Klikpatrick died of
pneumonia at the Bonne Terre Hos- j
pltal Thursday. The funeral ser-,
vices were held at the Honne Terre I
House, Hev H . I,. Harlwell official-1
A number of farners of this conn-1
try assembled at the Odd feilowe' j
Hall Wednesday to discuss the mat
tor of bringing suit against the Head
Company for cmptlng Wioit lltiae in
to Big Hlver.
HUM Wednesday afternoon at 4
,, clock Miss Louise Stanley teach
er of Home Koonotnlcs in the State
I'nlvereity at Columbia, Mo., gave
an interesting lecture on Sanita
tion" at the Lyceum. There was a
very good erowd and theprot ilin-'s
go to give Honne Terre a "clean up"
the canl table
profanity Is at
A Christmas present of a
six months' scholarship in the
Moothart Business College
will be one of the moBt valu
able and lasting presents any
parent can give to a son or
We desire to return our heartfelt
thanks to all our Monde who have
contributed toward the relief of our
present enbanwontont, caused by
an accident, which occurred on the
lllh Of last KfljfOh. We lOOl very
grateful to all of the contributors,
and especially to our friend, John
(lossett, who, unsolicited, gave so
freely both Of bis time and means.
WM. II. PMUUNa ASH Wil l).
When your feet BfO wet and
and vour body chilled through
The flautist Sunday School Christ
mas exercises will be held Saturday through from exposure, take a big
dose of Chamberlains I ougn item
ed y, bathe your feet in hot water be
fore going to bed, and yon are al
most certain to ward oil a severe
cold. For sale by City Drug Store.
eve. the 23rd hist. In addition to
treat for the children, the Factor,
Hev. Spence and Superintendent J.
W. Helber, aided by the officers and
teachers, have induced about IM
And Rural Route No. 3.
Mrs. Kllen Difrner is quick sick
at present.
Mm. T. A. Potter spent last Sun
day evening with Mrs. Geo. llur-
Miss Lucy Wlgger spent last Sun
day at the home of Mrs. Klza Hur-
Mrs. Amanda t rader and Miss
Ftliel Chandler called on Mrs. Car
rie Kbrecbt last Tuesday.
Miss Irene and Mr. Tom Marks
called on Misses Myra and Hiatal
Slimns last Saturday aft moon.
Mrs. Cal Siumis and her son,
John, attended the funeral of Miss
Lillie Simms last Thursday.
Mrs. Clark Powell spent last week
at the home of her father, Mr. C. C.
Simms, to assist in nursing her sis
ter, Miss Lillie Simms, who died
Wednesday morning.
Mrs. William Garrett and his
daughteHu-law, kfra, Irvln Barrett,
Of Blamarok, attended the funeral
of their grandchild and niece. Miss
l.lllle Simins, last Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Horn and
son, Charles, ami Millie O'Hryan,
Mrs. Shannon and children, Claud
and Henry, spent lasi Wednesday
at the home of Mr William PoftOt.
There is to he a Christinas tree at
Chestnut Hide.- nest Monday night,
Dec. (p. It is given by the Sunday
School, and we hope the parents
will assist by briuginggiftl lot their
children to he put on the tree.
Mrs. Minnie Hurgess and Miss
Sophie I'orter, Mr. Joda Silvey and
daughter, Flsie, and Master Walter
Shannon, called at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Climbs HUfOy Holiday
Messrs. .1 . H. Hudy, Resale Hawu,
Mnnen (May, Kverl Mono, Andrew
Lambert, Cha-les Vaughn and sons,
James and Karr, and Miss Fstelle
Bloom, spent lafct Sunday at the
home of William I'orter.
L. H. Butte has sold his home
here to Harry Grider.
Horn, to the wife of Curtis Joh'i-
oa, December 14, a girl.
Dr. J. L. Baton made a profes
sional visit to F.lvius Friday.
Mrs. Peter Devlne visited rela
tives In M Iddlebrook Sunday,
j Smith Hlghb-y ol Dcsloge was
I here a short lime Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. BOoUo will spend
the holidays at Marble Hill this
Louis Johnson of Itcltrrad
his sister, Mrs. Harger, here this
. Week.
V. G. Cvcrsnlc received several
nil olts on his stock farm from
Illinois this Week.
Win. Schull7: and W. F. Thomas
are new aspirants to serve aspnst
master bote the next four yonrs.
Mis. V. Stammer returned
home fr Knob Lick Krlday. Hoi
mother, Mrs. Preenell, was buried
there 'I hursday .
Win, Prosser of St. Louis and sis
ter, Mrs. TahaiadgOi were here Wed
nesday enrotlte to Caledonia.
Tax paying time is upon us and
the school tax on our receipts re
mind us that we are liberal indeed
in voting school taxes.
EVERY DEPARTMENT in our store is stocked up full of the
latest and most attractive goods that careful buying can ob
tain, We only mention a tew things and ask you to come in
and we will be only too glad to show our merchandise and
name you prices that will interest you.
Our showing of Gloves will sat
isfy the most exacting buyer and
particular dresser. All sites.
Put up one pair in a box. Just
the thing for a Christmas present.
Clover Brand Shoes are the
Shoes that put St. Louis on the
map. They have made Colt &
Nixon Merc. Co. famous for sell
ing the best Shoe to be had on
the globe. "Webster" School
Shoes, fit well, wear well and
last longer. The children all
want them and will not be sat
isfied with anything else.
Men's "Sir Knight" are exclu
sive, dress well, look well and
wear well. Of all the Shoes
made they just can't be beat.
Don't be satisfied with anything
We are showing something new
in India Silk Umbrellas remov
able handles and top, so that you
can just put your Umbrella in
your suit case when it is not
raimn"; $i.y to $5.00 each.
All of the new things in Hats.
Just got in a lot of the latest.
Ladies' Coats
We are going to sell every La
dies' Coat we have before our
stock taking begins, January 1.
Don't wait until they are all
gone. They are eye-openers.
Cole & Nixon Mercantile Company
The Store That Does Things
Let the World Know.
BUaafa is insulted by the Sulr.er
resolution She has been Insulting
us for years by refusing our pass
ports made in aeoordanee with a
solemn treaty, and now thai we say
"No more of that," she Is insulled.
I tinr object is not so much to arena
visited 11. e treaty as to let the world know
why we break It. she wants to
"aave her face" by having our reii
I sons omitted from the resolution.
I when the OOUid tell her own people
ilf they learned Of il at all- Hint we
'were to Mama in the matter.
The most hoped for cited of our
making plain to the world, thai we
terminated the treaty as a protest
asNkluel the Itussiau treatment of
Jews, is that It may lead to reform
in Hussin in the matter of toleration
and justice in her t real 111. oil of the
Jews at home.
That reform must come under the
compulsion of world criticism, much
us is likely to follow our abrogation
of the treaty and plain statement of
the facts which Impel us to take
such action. No nation can be en
tlrelv unsensltive to the opinion of
the civilised world. -St. Lotllf Star.
Carleton College Notes.
Bool tat lonl close Friday at noon.
Miss Fmily Herry has been serl-j
ously ill
President milllaod is still in St.
A. Treymayno was absent from
recitation! because of a weakness
of vision. He was confined the en
tire week in darkness.
The Pbiloponouu society urc to
entertain this evening at the college
with a child's party. Fveryime
wl mies, no matter how aged, is
to he dressed like a child and be
have like a child.
Miss M irris left Sunday for her
home in South Dakota. Miss
Newell will spend her vie-ation In
Columbia. Dean and Mrs. B. at.
Smith will go to Memphis, Tonn.
Prof. McFadden goes to his home
in Lebanon. Miss Schaefer goea to
her home in Melvln HI. The other
teachers will remain in Furmington.
Miss Newell entertained her
classes last Saturday evening. They
played blow -ball, which game range:
somewhere between foot bull and
soup bubbles. Then each guest
made himself a souvenir album by
culling Illustrations from niugn-
s and pasting them in blank al
bums. Miss Chandler won the prize
for having the most artistic album.
Kvcry family hns need of a good,
reliable Liniment. For sprains,
bruises, soreness of tin
and rheumatic pains then
bettor than Chamberlain 'a
City Drug Store.
is none
Sold by
By The Farmington Mercantile Company
You will find any number of articles that will delight your friends for Christmas Gifts, because
they are of that pleasing quality of which one never grows tired and are lasting. We make a
few suggestions for the mother, the wife, the daughter, the father and the son, or other
friends but come and see, there are lots of other things which it will be a pleasure to show you.
Oman came all the way from
last week to consult Mrs.
it. (he fortune teller at Taskee
Hot Water Bottles
That won't Leak.
Yon take no rlofe when v.mi
buy the "Kantleek" Hoi Wa
ter Bottle. If it shows any
imperfections In material or
workanaaahlp within two years
from the day we sell It you.
the manufacturer raaraaeftee
to give yon mother one with
out charge.
Do you know of any other
bottle sold under such a re-
mmarkaMe guarantee)
.:?: MBUH J, a
are made of the flnesl grade of
Para gum. This gum is soft
and pliable yet so lough and
strong that it will not crack or
weaken. Senilis are triply re
enforced, stopples are perfect
ly adjusted. Leakage Is Im
possible. Not only are "Kantleek"
Water Bottlee, K italn sy
ringes, etc., perfect ill quality,
hut they nre ulao full capacity.
If you buy a (imrt bottle, you
can he sure that It holds a
May we show you our fine
stock ef rubber OjOOdof We
are the eajolnalee aftonte fat
ti e "Kantleek" line.
E. iMT. 'La a km a 11
I In Wayne countyhut found that II
j was useless as Mrs. Korbeshns quit
! talking to anybody or giving advice.
"I hail 1 1
(lotion for Iw
troubled with eonetl- j
vein s and tried all of
Auction Sale
(If high class I'l.lnnd China Hogs 111
the Andrew Wihh r barn STF.
For Ladies and Misses
Elegant Table Linens
Silk and Woolen Shawls
Bead Scarfs
Table Covers and Squares
Women's Belts
Heautitul Dress Patterns
Cloaks and Coats
Kid and Silk Gloves
Silk Scarfs
Silk Stockings
Men and Boys
Men's Neat Fitting Suits
Hoys' Nobby Suits
Children's School Suits
Men ' Overcoats
Boys' Overcorts
Sweaters and Mufflers
Dainty Neckties
Boys' and Men's Gloves
Caps, Toques
Traveling Bags, (Sit-
in Our Grocery Dept
You will find everything fur the
Christmas Dinner from the Tur-
to the daintiest delicacies,
ill kinds of Fruits and Nuts
Bring us your produce, tur
keys, poultry, butter, eggs, ami
get the top price.
he best physiciansm Itislol, lenn., Cntnt01 ItAMITIhAl1 7i Ui
for I lie UUI U 1 J J fc.v.v.iv. m w , ......
and thev could do nothing
writes Thus. B, Williams, Middle
burn, Ky. "Two paoknfet Of Cham
oerlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets
cured me." For sale by City Drug
Notice is hereby given that I will,
Twenty-five head of grand Individ
unls of ftMhtonable breeding si i
rieeable young Hears, fired Sow
aud (illls, represt ntlng the best ami
most fashionable blood lines known
to tin- Poland china family, if yea
are lu need of something gnod in
the line of high class hogs, do nut
fall t attend (his ssl-. These hogs
Farmington flercantile Company,
The Store that Always Satisfies. .
at inv farm W miles northwest of ; will go to the highest l)IU(l t WltlinUI
Furmington and mile west of
County Infirmary, on
Tuesday, January 2, 1912,
at HI o'clock a. m., offer for sale
and soil at public auction to the
highest bidder, for cash in hand,
the following described personal
property: one bay horse B years
old, drives single and double; one
run-about, with single harness; one
reserve or bv-bhlilin l'h
starts ul 1 o'clock p. in. sharp.
Jackson, Mo,
Thoa, H. Stranghan,
set double harness; four tons baled
hay, and haled straw; one saddle,
good aa new; household and kitchen
furniture, and numerous small ar
ticle. Maktha Haht Okaham.
Instructor of Modern Dancing
Farming-ton, Mo. Boa 347.
Phone 306.

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