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The Farmington times. (Farmington, St. Francois County, Mo.) 1905-1926, October 17, 1912, Image 7

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But a Symptom, a Danger Si g
sal Which Every Woman
Should Heed.
flip Hepubllenn National Committee In
PfUtptflty NW1 Item
Would Correct Them by Cuttlnn Off
the Vicious Tariff Favors Which
Have Built Up Monopolies and
Gov. Wilson Is tho apostle of roform,
not of revolution
Gov. Wilson believes Unit the con
stitution of UU lulled States KM bMB
rniseoiiMtrued und perverted, not out
Gov. Wilson Is the only Can dl data
before the people today who at oner
reallifB that reforms arc necessary
and who propoaes rationai and eonsti
tutional mc-ana for effeclrtiK these re
Thero are great, there fire inonstrosrs
abuses, even In thlB fron land
The government of tho T'nUsnd
Htntna has Ocmo many things rbett It I
ought not u? have dune; and has left
undone many things which It Bhnuld
have straiood every nerve to to.
Tho government of the United
States has built up bloated fortunes,
and granted to favfrred manufacturers
the power to tux the people; and at
tho same lime, the government has
failed as every government always
fallsto fceop In proper subjection the
monopolies it has created
What r.hall be done to got rid of
these abuses?
I'resldt tit Tatt says In nuhstance
thai nothing muihi need be tone, and
that whatever b. done necf not be
done in a hurry. Next cen.ury will
do quite as well as now.
Mr H'xisovolt says In substance
that everything must be done, and
that the 'only wa; to do It is to throw
the constitution in the scrap-Leap; and
make htm practical dictator.- of the
land, with tho trusts and monopolies
aB his a sorbite und counselors
Gov llson ira-kes neither of these
Gov. Wilson siiys that file llrst
thing to he done In correction, abuses
its to cut()ff the Tuvors which nourish
those abuues the vicious tartftf favors
-which hare built up monopa'les and
There Is nothing revolutionary
.about that Hut Irom the way every
trust In UaO land Is rallying torthe sup
port of eit lcr Tat', or lioosowolt, you
eun see that the tmiBt mugnatea think
QoW. Wilson's plan Is likely ta .bo ef
;fitlvo. Jov. Wilson sayi. that comiwtltlon
fat a better regululsrr of prlcfrB than
a loJn government nurenua. Bo pro
poues to rests re connetltlon by tarnish
inr tbe lllcgvl conKbinutions which
have stilled cS'inpetltaon.
Aatuis. here Is nothing revolutionary
bt listen to 'the wajr the sugar trust,
and tbo steel trust, asud tho .
trust, and all the othar tri:sts tire
screaming against WIIhoci!
Got. Wilson known it . the genal
form erf our go eminent needs sjsj
changing. The igencles ,of govern
ment need to be changed In spirrt
They need to be taken out rf the hands
of the Interests atd put In tbo hand
erf tho people.
Gov. Wilson offers hlmtlf as the
people's agent
Gov. Wllnon tias proven In lfw Jer
sey that an earnest, elear-headsd man
Progressive Robbery.
There Is some eool air left In Kan
sas yet. Mr. Harlan saH In Topekn:
"The crook who steals your watch
while he sings 'Onward. Christian
Soldier.' does not represent the Kan
as Idea of progress. Kooaevolt bat
tles for the Lord at Armageddon, and
'or tho devil In Kansas and California
He preaches h'.t.eBty nnd slncerjty,
and practices the' methods of Fin
Uriah Meep and BUI Sykes. He wool 1
rob the Republicans pf Kansas of
ph..e to exnress their choice at UN
How Tuft Brought
nt the hund of a government can got
reforms v. Ithout upsetting btislni'ss or
destroyliiK constitutions.
Gov. Wilson la the bearer of reforms
which make revolution needles and
impossible Elect Gov. Wilson.
Consumers Are Forced to Pay Fully
Two Thousand Million Dollars
Yearly to Truats.
Hyron W. Holt, n r foiled ..-ithor-lty
on economics, osiint . - 'hat the
lurlfrtruHl tax on tin pt of this
country amounts to MI per family
per year.
These figures huvo never boon sue
cessfully challenged. If they aru cor
rect they mean that the consumers
ot the United States are forced by the
tariff to pay fully two thousand mil
Hon dollars per year to trusts.
In the debates In congress a some
what smaller figure Is given. There
UM total coat of the tariff Is fixed at
about two billions of dollars per year,
of which the government gets u little
over $300,000,000.
This leaves tho tariff trust tax oa
the people at tho modest figure of
HJOO.OogOO per year!
Tbls 1 almost twice tlie amount v:
thw FYaairo-PruBslan wT Indemnity
They extort from the people of e.ho
I'nlted States every year a Bum aviir
ly twkvi as great as fhat which -was
levied on France by Germany at the
close -of a bitter aoti successful war.
Krery dollar uddtod to the coffers of
the trusts Is paid try an lucreaae In
the cost of living
Ttoe only way v abolish tbe trust
tax Ib to give Governor Wilson nnd
the Democratic party a commission
to 3evlso the tariff.
Hovernor Wlbion has wnrlsed to se
rure the "social and Industrial Jus
Uofl" which Theodore Roosevelt
merely talks attout.
During Governor Wilson's adminis
tration in New .lersey, the IfoUoWtag
laws have been placed on the statute
beoks of that mtata:
A law providing for fire escapes
and amending 'he factory laws of
New Jersey SI further protect the
A law providing for sanllatlon in
laike shops, and licensing the name.
A law to protect the Mlttjr and
health of foundry workers
A law Increasing the number of fac
trrry inspectors tor tho better en
forcement of ithoT factory li.ws.
A law prohibiting the employment
of children in moi-eantil" establish
BMOtl during nchool hours, nnd
hfbKIng night -work for children.
A law prohibiting the emifioyment
of young boys ns telephone and tole
gniph moBBongerH nt night li. large
cities. The minimum age for night
messengers In cities of the P.rat class
Is flxed at twenty-one years, BB cities
of the -ueeond cIbb at eighteen years.
An employer's liability onl eonnpon
satkon law.
A law regulatlroj; and licensing em
ployment agencies.
A taw providing tor tin oighttenur
day on sjtetei county anrl municipal
Thla 1s only a partial record of the
achievements of the Woodrow Wil
son administration 1 New Jersey 1a
the line of enclologlcal progress alone.
In leee than two yearn as governor,
Woodrow Wilson accomplished tea
times more actual reform than Theo
dore nooseye4t put Into effect during
more than eeren years as president,
Chicago Journal.
I polls. He calls It progress. I call It
stealing. What do you call ItT"
"Stealing!" shouted MOO Hansons,
I according to the press reports.
Podng as Providence.
The full page advertlaements In the
niognzlnea by the Republican national
committee Attribute the present pros
perity "tc tho careful nursing of
President Taft " And Vet some Ig
norant people h-p In the west had
been attributing t to the fgrtrabl-..-.father
and tho hue crops
Backache la a symptom of organic
weakness or derangement. If you have
backache don't neglect It To get per
manent relief you must reach the root
of the trouble. Read about lira. Wood
all's experience.
Morton's Gop.Kontucky. "I suffered j
two years with female disorders, my
health wan very naxi
and I had continual
jackacho which was !
aimplyawfuL I could
not stand on my feet !
long enough to cook
a meal's victual!
without my back
nearly killing rue,
and I would havs
such dragging sensa
tions I could hardly
bear it I had sore
ness in each side, could not stand tight
clothing, and was Irregular. I was com
pletely run down. On advice I took
Lydia E. I'inkham's Vegetable Com
pound and am enjoying good health. It
Is now more than two years and I have
not hod an ache or pain sinco. I do all
my own work, washing and everything,
and never havo backache uny more
think your medicine Is grand and I pruisa
it to all mynclghbors. If you think my
testimony will holp others you may pub
lish it-"-Mrs. Ollie Woouall, Mor
ton's Gap, Kentucky
If vou have the slightest flonlit
that lytlla i:. lMiikhitm'H VeM'la-;
Me (iiiinuiiiMl vr 111 liolpvoti, write
lo Lydia K.Phiklmni MetllclneOo.
(confidential) Lynn, Mnss., for ul
vlre. Vonr letter will heopem-d,
rend ntid iinswercU by a woman,
and held In btrlot confidence.
Little Comfort for Candidate In Rea
son Assigned by Wife for Her
Being Confident.
Mr. Williams, one of five candidates
for the ofllco of sheriff In one of the
northern counties of Wisconsin, was
making a house-to-house canvass of
rural districts soliciting votes. Com
lag l othe houso of Knruier Thompson,
he was met at tho door by the good
housewife, and tbe following dialogue
ensued :
"li Mr. ThompBon at homo?"
"No, ho haa gone to town."
"I am very sorry, as 1 would have
liked to talk to htm "
"U there anything I can tell him for
"My name Is Williams, candidate for
iheriff, and I wanted to exact a prom
ise from klni to vote for mo at the
coining election."
"O. that will be all right. 1 know
he will promise, for he has already
promise four other c.andldatea tbe
same thing " -Normaa B. Mack's Na
tional Monthly.
Eggs Ctetworthy AU.
Han-y Cloiworlliy. who 1b an expert
on adlltary affairs, entered the
dining room of tbe National Press
ulub ono morning and carried with
, him a raveuoua appetite. Having
eaOE one brnakfust, whlct consisted
lurgcly of eggs. !' ordered another
broakfiiBt, wl tsJb consisted even lnore
larg'ly of eggs. After his repast he
went to the wrltlag room to get off
I sonxi letters. Half an hotr later the
stna,ard of ttie club found the colored
wa'ter loallng nleiut the entrance of
tin writing room and asked htm what
ho meant b? being absent from bis
! "5 got a gnnd exoise," eselalmed the
I wulter. exhibiting the chok for (tie
I egg breakfast "Mr ClotwDrthy done
oat V- worth of eggs and I ain't goto'
lo Hat him git away from hu e without
payin' for them, tilgh as eggs ii
Proteoted Bath Wayt.
Two conservutlvo ladius of old-
' fashioned notirins wore trailing !
the ..rfi arm. Bonomuug inicn-stea in
a young girl or the train, finally asked
why he was making ao long a Jour
ney afonc They wero greatly shocked
at her blithe exvlunatloB:
"Ws'l, you see, my mother and atop
father live at oue end of the Journey,
and niv father and atepraother llv at
tbe other. They send mo to each
other twice a year, so thero Isn't a
bit of danger with four paronts all
on the lookout!"
Wlae Young Man.
That waa a very wise Cambridge
student of whom the London story
tellers were talking soma time ago.
One of his college friends finding him
self without funds, went to this Sol
omon of students to borrow. He found
him In bed. Seizing him by the shoul
der, be shook him.
"I say," he said, "are you aBleep?"
"Why do you ask?" queried the
other, sleepily.
"I wont to borrow a sovereign."
yes." said the other, turning over
and closing hie eyes. "I'm asleep."
Big Difference.
"Did you hove any osculutory enter
lalnment at your party!"
"No: r.nly some klaslng gomes."
aaaSEEr 1
Dinks--Do you bellevo that animals
Winks- Certainly. Doesn't tho car
hog who takes up all tho scat thluk
be owns the cur?
A While for a Time.
A Cleveland achool teacher wrltea
that she asked her class what was
tho difference between the expres
sions, "a while," and "a time," says
the Cleveland Plain Dealer Nobody
seemed to have any Ideas on tho sub
ject. Finally tho light of intelligence
was seen to shlnn In tho eyes of one
little boy. and the teacher called upon
him to save tho Intellectual honor of
the clasa.
"1 know, teacher!" ho cried eager
ly. ' When papa aayB he's going out
I for a while, tuamma says she knows
he's Rolng out for o time!"
That's ono way of looking at It
A college professor noted for his
concentration of thought, returned
iu)me from a scientific meeting one
ul(!U stm nmderlng deeply upon the
subject that had boon discussed, as
be entered his room he beard a noise
that seemed to como from under tho
"Is there someono there?" ho asked,
"No. professor." answered tho In
truder, who knew his peculiarities.
"That's strange," muttered the pro
fessor "I was almost sure I heard
someone under tho bed."
Awful to Look At, Realnol Cured In
Leaa Than Two Weeke.
BL Louis, Mo "At about 11 year
of ago my face waa covered with a
mass of scabby euro, awful to look at.
and my sleep was broken up by the In
tense Itching, and then after scratch
ing, tho sores would pain me lust
iomethlng; awful. My mother got
salves and soaps to use, but all to no
purpose. A friend of mine who wau
Physical Director at the T. M. 0. A.
at that time, told me It waa a bad
case, and would spread all over tho
hodv If something wero not done. He
gave mo some Reslnol Soap and Res
lnol Ointment, and In less than two
weeks I was cured, without leaving
any marks or scars whatever.
(Signed) Ernest Lo Pique. Jr., 3021
IlMlnol Bop ana omtmiit wp Itching Iniuuitlr.
ma quirk i t.l "". iha. rlnswonn and
facial erapUnns. M veil M boll. oWrt
hum, icalil. a'luws, nt usauaat m""""' '"1
blfvdlncvlUt. Tonrdrajiltit rromtnnl nri Mill
Uirm (Huaii, '! rMtilment. 10c, alio SIi1hb Hllek.
Vl. orlitbrll."ir"-,II'' Prt' b' Ulaul
Ch'.mleal OompftBr. lUlUnwir. Md. Adv.
Call to Arms.
went the rifles at the mu
a nlou.
creamed tho pretty girl
decorous, surprised little
She stepped backward Into
the surprised arms of a young man.
"Oh," aald ahe, blushing, "I waB fright
ened by tho rllles I beg your par
"Not at all." Bald the young man.
Let's go over und watch tho artil
lery." Heredity.
"Miss Comcup la now In tho awlm."
"8ho ought to take naturally to 1L
Her father was a milkman."
Hvory time you tell
yu are wasting tho
your troubles
other fellow'B
Color more good. bitgMerand faster colors than any other IflvtoljB paciujiccolor. all jlbtrs. Thardya In cold water better than any other dye. You can
drVaay garment without ripping apart. rjorjrbaoju B?idHixCeimJ Oslaey. IU.
Reason Waa Plain.
"My husband has dcacrted me and
I want a warrant," announced the
large lady.
"What reason did be give for de
aertlng you?" asked the prosecutor.
"I don't w-nnt. nny Hp from you. I
want a warrant I don't know what
reaaon he had."
"I think I understand hU reason,"
said tho official feebly, as he proceed
ed to draw up a warrant
No Such Aspersion,
"no you get a stipend for your
weekly work?"
"N'otbln' like that. 1 git reg'Jar
Oola'a CarbollMln atopi Itching and
aud cuiea piles. Alldruagtsta. 25 and 50c.
Accounted For.
"Tho piece wob very row."
"Then It deserved o roasting."
Uooauso of thoaa ugly, grluly, gray holra. Use "
Every Boy
AWante a
We want every pipe nnd cigarette smoker
in this country to know how good Duke's
Mixture is.
We want you to know that every fmln ta that big
one and a half ounce 5o sack I pure, clean tobacco
a delightful smoke.
And you should know, too, that with each sack you
now get a book of cigarette papers and
A Free Present Coupon
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ents, such as watches, toilet articles, silverware, furni
ture, and doxens of other articles suitable for every member
of the family.
You will surely like Duke's Mixture, made by Liggett
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WI1 7'
Jut smr ff 8
7.w v m
Hr. Monkey Yea, my dear; I or
dered the latest thing In fig leaves
Imported direct from I'JIJI for bath
ing suits for you and Jocko.
Kra. Monkey Oh, you dear, sweet
thlngl How lovely! Oh, won't I cut
a figure on the Congo thla season!
Official Scoring.
"Should Illuchcr got tbo credit for
wtnnlnf Wuterloo?"
"No; that victory Is properly cred
ited to Wellington. Dlucher didn't re
Uove him until about the eighth ln-
i nlng "
'3.00 '3.50 '4.00 '4.50 AND '6.00
Sours wwaw W. L. Dauwtmm 93.00, ts.ao a M.O0 aVasssrf
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If Ira mf ordinary , aaass SUJ th ftl'm aneaa.
W.LDougUs makaa and asll. more $3.00,13.50 4 $4.00 ahoss
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The workmanship which haa mads W. L, Douglaa ahoss famous ths world
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i -r fro"! Duit'l Mittvrt mar
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Sinn.' J.T..TIN3LF.Y'S NA1UR
LEAF. (iKANtitlR TVVBT, co- i
frcm FOUR ROSES (lOt tm de mf
RETTES, ami olur las' f JGA,
ut ma tt xmu
Premium IJepl.
1 wsjanaii toh ir
y oitrc, Swollen Glands,
jysts. Varicose Veins
Varicosities anywhere
It allitvs win and ladkau
" iflnmmation promptly. A
icnling, soothing, antiseptrc
iant to use quickly absorbed
skin. Powerfullv Danatratino
t docs not bliater under buildups
ot cause any unplcasantm
l7cw drops only required at ea !
i application. AtfstlK 1JINE, JR.
i.oo and Ji2.oo a buttle at dni(j
cists or delivered. Book2Gfree.
i.F.young,P.0.F..310TemplaSI .SpringfleW.Mata
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OS TtSI. 1 " -Ark" t'0 '" "I lr.Cjm ,.,,
abnu. Short wtntir for tutck. li hrvtu.nf HU l,uU.
I""! ui. nwiur till. It LlwllW,,,, 14
W. N
U., ST. LOUIS, NO. 42-1912.
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