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The Farmington times. (Farmington, St. Francois County, Mo.) 1905-1926, October 24, 1912, Image 2

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The Farmington Times
Yh Farminglon Times Prttf. Co.. Pub.
milts news
In iabloid Form
Nearly fllo.OM in in tha Walla
ntrgo company express office wub
pjM( (i by a tubuiT who snndbasBasj1
Agent Herbert Taylor. The ..ut-r
tuuk .1 package roatalulBg IIJEOO.
A broken mil caused un excursion
train on th" llllnoll Central in leave
the track at DrtM'l Crossing, Ky.,
mid at least fifty people ware Injured,
while nil of the in aaaaengers uisiard
were badly ihakOg up
lienccla arsenal. Uta government's
principal atorabl MM (or unny supplies
on the Pacific i nam. waa deitroyai by
lire The loss ll eetlBtatad ul be
tweeu thraa ami four million dollara.
Crossed elect rh wren ih ua tgned aa
the origin of the Ira.
Tbe Atlanta, liu . Strnel railway
atrlki'. wblob baa Had up traffic in tbe
cit for more than a month, baa end'
ed and the Kinking employee accept
ed lumieailoia ranted by the com
Blgnor Marconi, wboaa right aye
was rcmov-d, It- quoted as saying
that tlx' loaa of Ihli eye will not pre
rent blm from continuing hie work,
lie will go to the United Btatea abort'
ly for the purpoae of making new
Wtrelaea eipertrm nts
Thi- typhoon wbtcb swopi leeara
islands of the Philippine (roup cauaad
many ri .'ha and beavj dantaga to
ffoperty a telegram eetlmalaa that
40d peraona ware killed and 'hat dam
air amounting to 16,000,000 wai done
in Ho- baland of Cebu
Eight butcher pleaded guilty in the
thtlted BUttei district court at Qrmnd
Kan Mn h, to Indictment! chars
ing rlolatlon f the Intaratate conv
gnercr aud pUN food law in transport
ing diseased neat until tot human
consuuipt ion
Facing the inoet MrlOUl revolt
which has menaced hie government
glaos in' became pretldenti rranolaoo
Hadero tent an urgent meeaags to
anjngress demanding authorization of
a nee loan of 110(000,000 to make war
upon tbe allied Ineurgend
Th" whole of tin Turkiah garriaoo
f Berana, oona Latins ol 1,000 ragn
Van ami 3,000 Baahtbazouka (!rre gu
inea boob Bight In the uucbi before
the (apt tire of tbe town by tbe Moniu
aagrlus, according to an official dis
patch from Cettlnja.
On racommandatlon of Secretory
Of the lnt ii r Walter I. I ishor.
President Taft ban decided la reap
point as governor of Hawaii Waiter
F. i ieai, against whom chnrgae warn
mode la: i t ring by Hawai.au Dab
gat Kalanlanole.
Another French military aviator.
Lieut Blano, was killed II" was fly
ing in hi I monoplane over I be en
trenched camp at ChnbMMi France,
whan one of tin' wings broke and ha
waa thrown from a heigbt ol 1,200
Bacretary r Agriculture Wllaoo re
ported to President Taft thai th" corn
cir.p igcaods 1,000,000,000 bnabeta, and
there has been n decrease In tbe price
f corn of 7 cents per bushel
Dr. Dual 1 1 ultng. famous as tbe
"clean up" band Ol the Louisiana state
board of health, itartled thousands
wben in declared that several bun
dreii cases of ilipbtherla in rarloua
towns were contracted from monkeys
traveling with wild west show which
patiently toured th' stnte.
Jesse It. Hewitt, the former Daptint
minister who want to New Orleans
four mouths ago to become a priest
and was arrested there on a Charge
of white slavery, for which he was
tadh ted last kugoal in Benjamin,
'Tel . waa held without ball as a fugi
tive from Justice.
The intaratate commerce com mis
aion denied the application of the rail
road! to become Interveners In the
express rate case. The commission
will complete us proposed schedule
ol rates, and after formally serving
the complete, schedule upon the com
panies. It will give thi'm thirty days
In which to make an estimate of their
effect upon the actual business of It
pecllled period and report that esti
mate to the commission.
Hit by what is thought was n tidal
wave, the steamer K. C. Pope from
ifiuQuio renamed Manltowoe, Wis., port
Badly damaged. Her bulwarks were
Arohcu te bits und her bow from the
"nteel beam up was splintered. Kven
fh eteel frame wis stove In.
Burr .Mcintosh, newspaper man,
etor. ,war correspondent und pbntog
wapher. Is in n hospital at San Fran
cisco with three broken rlba. In the
dusk be walked Into aa open elevator
haft in the building where he baa his
wtudle and fell twenty feet.
At the close of Chicago's annual tag
djey, it waa estimated that more than
B6i.e0 had been falaed.
Clerks aertltg mall in the Chicago
oteftlo dlccovered what Is believed
-te be a dynamite bemb wrapped in a
i package and addressed to a man
whoee identity was not disclosed.
Three Chinaman and a white man
were Instantly kHled, and three white
teen were seriously wounded In a
'hooting affray in New York's China
town. The Turke crusblngly defeated the
UonlupagriaB at Uaeinjc, completely
oaf urine tbatr (area.
Letters threatening to kill Jack
Johnson have been received by the
negro pugilist, charged with abduct
lng Lucille Cameron, a l!)-year-old
white girl.
The typhoon which swept over sev
ral of the I'lilllpplm Islands October
16 resulted In the death of more than
l.tiuo persons Four unidentified
Americans, threi men and a litllu gi.'L
were among those killed.
Qeorge Barnhart. who escaped from
th" hospital for tba insane at Klcb
mond, Ind.. wns probably fntuli) abot
by .Mllo Snyder of Cromwell, ten
lil ies weht of that city, iu a light with
fallowing a quarrel at tholr home
iu Pataraburg, in . the wife of Tfeoni
as Kraft of that city secured a rifle
and killed her husband She i,av her
self up to the authorities.
The Hulgarlau aud Servian troops
nre advancing on Adi lanupolls, having
captured Tzarc.n. QofBg, Dzuiuulu,
BargkOVO and I alanka
Nat Uoadwtn la named defendant la
a damage sun, said t" he for 20,000(
hied at San Diego. Cai, by C. N.
Doughty, who accuses Uondwin with
alienating his wife's affections.
Doughty is I leal estute broker
Tbe soldiers ol the Twenty first
Mexican battalion, garrisoning of Fort
CIoa. located on an Island in the Vera
Cruz harbor, have revolted and joined
i he revolutionary forces of Fella Diaz.
A balloon exploded while sall'tig
through a thunderatorm avwr Oroaaen.
helm. Qortnany. Two occupants,
Lieutenant Stitchler aud Kngiueer
Ooehrloke, were killed
Praaidenl Taft is contemplating u
trip to Panama lo Inspect the canal.
ii is probable that after th" election
he will board a battleship with Mrs.
Taft and leave the country for two
The suit of the New York Journal
of Commerce to test the validity of
the new newapapei law ranched the
supreme court The original net on
was Bind iii thi New York federal
courts October !
The ball of John BllhlgBB. charged
with attempting to kill Col. Theodore
KooHevelt on Monday night by shoot
ing, was Increased from $7.f00 to
115,000 by Judge Basing of th" mu
nicipal court In Mil.vaukoe
Tile county grand jury at Portland,
tire. Indicted eight prominent Boclai
Ists on a charge of issuing a c rculnr
attacking Col. Hooaevelt und Con
gressman LongWOrth, during th" re
cent visit of Hooaevelt lo Portland
Four persons, one girl of 10, lost
their lives when two barges went lo
the bottom of Lake Ontario near (Jul
loup islands. 2'i miles from Backl tta
Harbor, All wen Canadians
Jealous of the nthuslusm aroused
by n London weekly newspaper' pro
poial lo erect n monument iu mem
ory of S.r Fi incil Drake, it rival pa
per is urging a similar testimonial
to Noah.
The White county. Hi, grand jury
Indicted Chase llray for the murder
of John Ansel men! . his neighbor llray
shot and killed Atiselinent September
20. after calling him lo the door ut
Declaring that he assisted In dyna
miting the Los Ang'lcs limes and
was guilly of other bomb outrages,
John Cook appeared bef. re officials
in th" department of hjatlog at Chi
cago ami hecged to bi taken to In
dlauapolbj Immediately to face trial.
The eastern association of the gen
oral committee of Railroad Conductors
and Trainmen held n secret session
nt Rooheater, n y More than 100
trainmen ami conductors were in at
ti ndance.
Fight members of the QoUbM tie
life saving crew fonghl fo: their lives
in the surf at San Francisco, while a
Crowd applauded nud i beergd, suppos
ing nay were witnessing the usual
boat drill. The boat was lost, bul the
crew swam ashore.
The torpedo boat Craven, outwari
bound with the Atlantic fleeL crushed
head-on Into a lighter in the lower bay
In New York hnibor and her bow was
damaged badly She was able to pro
ceed to the New York navy yard un
der her own steam
A iiew revolution was formally
launched in Mexico when Fella Diaz,
nephew of the former president, took
command of the rata Is who have beea
operating under Qett. Aguillars, near
Vera Cruz.
Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, in a letter
to New York suflragists. declares On
gOfl will go lor woman's rights in No
Rev. J Henry While of St. Angus
tine's church, South C'reyton, England
has culled off the usual Thanksgivlni
harvest festival, on the ground that
the harvest was loo poor lo be thank
ful for.
Gen. Atlgustin tianjlnes Is the last
of the counter revolutionary triumvi
rate to be deposed by Madero. First,
fjen. Victoriunu Huerta was relieved
of his command by (ion. Joacipiiu Tel
lez. whose loyalty to tbe established
government prevented the carrying
out of the plan to have the army re
volt on Independence Day, September
The New York city budget for 1011
will probably exceed $200,000,000, the
largest in the history of the city. Lust
year's budget was 1189,000.0(0.
Walter Davidson has been appoint
ed governor of Newtoundland to suc
ceed Sir Ralph Champa Williams,
who retiree next February under ibe
age limit.
The aafe In the Citizens bank V
llutchlnr, 10 mllea south of Dallas,
Tex., was dynamited The rohberi
got about (1,000 and escaped on a
hand car.
Ueneral war In the Balkans car nc,
longer be avoided. Dispatches tell of
the Intel change ol ultimatums by Tur
key with her foes, lad by Greece, and
active hostilities In the name of foi
uial war are expected.
mm kept
Iron Wcrkcr in Indianapolis Trial
Tells of "Putting Brides Into
River" $20,000 Spent
for Explosives.
Indianapolis, Ind -Miss Mary
Dye, John J McN'amarn'a tortnei
bookkeeper, was a dynamite case w't
ness She read from 'he account books
of th. IttlarnntlOnnJ Association of
ItrirTee and Struc ural Iron Workers,
and said u dual ey-teni of accounts
was maintained This was done, the
government alleacs, to conceal Iba
pay man ti for the . hm- of lyna
Miss Dye's lootinwny was that fie
dual system which was In force pilar
to Pius, or until the executive board
derided to allow McNuuuira Sl.O'i" a
month without requiring nn account
Ing This is said to have continued
until th" los Angelea Times bttlld llf
was blown up.
Different Reports Made.
Miss Dye testified that In the Voka
available to the official! the ful!
amounts paid to McNaiiiuru, Hrs kin,
Webb and others were given, but in
the records published In the un "n
magazine leal (ban half the amounts
War charged to the Individuals, v. hi
the difference was charged to MemeT' I
gency fund" by order of the BXt eg
live board.
The witness suld that for the liscal I
yuur ending in MOt, $:!,G!ik wus paid
to Webb, while (1,671 was rOOOrdod I
In McNamara's report to the anion;
I : was paid to llorkln, while'
$2.04,1 was reported to tbe union, and
MaWT was paid to J J McNutaarn, I
while Jl.UKT was report ad to the union I
as having been paid lo him. Ibe dlf
ferenre in each case being charged to i
etnereency fund
$20,000 Spent for Dynamite.
AltOgethl r the government alleges I
that $20.1100 was reported in aggie
gata differences and was used for dy
namiting purposes.
The witness said that prior to the
monthly allowances to MeNauiara
funds were charp-d up as donations
to unions or aa advances to vat ions
officials, without any Inter showirg
as to tie disposition of the motu-v
George llugcrty. Phllllpsburg. N J.,
an Iron worker, Identified many let
ters between himself and J. J Me
Namara In one of tbe letters a ref
erence to putting the bridge at Phil
lipsburg Into the river," the govern
ment Bhargne, was made by Haperty
as a result of a labor dispute
City Wins "3 Cent Fare" Suit.
Milwaukee. Wis The local electr'c
company, subsldlarv of tin North
American company. Is directed In tell
thirteen street rur tickets for 10
cents and the city wins the socallcd
Scent fare case, in a decision re
turned by Judge E Kay BtevaBBi In
the Dane county circuit court.
Hang Effigy of Johnson.
Chicago -A dummy with a black
ened face, hanging by the neck to the
limb of a tree, caused a police riot
I call lo Montrose boulevard and Clark
; street AcrosH the breast of the dum
I my was a large lettered placard which
said: "Th a Is what we will do for
Jack Johnson."
Stabs Four Men, Is Killed.
Chicago John Pern, a mill worker,
was shot and killed by a detective in
1 Sou'h Chicago after Pera bad stabbed
' four men. three of whom were pain-
fully Injured. Pera was pursued
I through the streets by a mob nfter an
I attack on three of the men with hie
j knife.
Burning Steamer's Passengers Safe.
BeaufOTt, N, C. The Merchants'
and Miners' steamer Ilctkshire. hound
' from Savannah to Philadelphia, which
I raced Into Cape Lookout cove with
her cotton hold afire, la anchored
, within 200 yards of shore with paa
i aengers and crew aafe on board,
Diaz Revolution Is Lagging.
Mexico City.-Aftet a whirlwind
j start In which Vera Cruz, the most
Important seaport of Mexico, was cap
' tured, the Diaz revolution appears to
be at a standstill. Government otTI-
i clals refuse to discuss the revolt.
Supreme Court Meeta.
Washington. Tho supreme court of
' the United States did not render any
i decisions Monday on th" occaelon of
Its drat "ditcieton day" of the October
day Tbe sesalon waa purely formal.
Saskatchewan Town Burned.
Hanley, Sank Fire which swept a
j portion of the business district of this
j village caused a leas of $100,000.
j Hanley Is composed largely of former
' residents of the United .states, and
i these Included most ol the losera.
French Aviator Fallj 530 Feet.
Bordeaux. France A French avia
tor. Aniedce tatcour. was killed when
giving un exhibition of fancy flying
at Mussldan. A heavy gust of wine.
ovi turned his muaoplane and the
aviator fell 00 feet.
Fallacy of Republican Arguments Con
cerning the Textile Trade Is Piti
lessly Exposed by Official State Sta
tiatica Gathered in Massachusetts.
We have seen In this campnltin few
ttl'vgs moro delicious than the ltepub
llcan campaign document In which
Theodore Justice speaks of the tex
tile trade "where the protective bene
fits of the tariff nearly all go to labor."
Well, if they do. tiey are very slight
The Massachusetts bureau of statistics
has shown that while only ;,2 per cent,
of the dS.'I.OOO men, women nnd chil
dren In all the Industries get less than
$10 a week. 7& per cent of the cottou
workers get less than that amount.
More than half the wag" earners cov
ered by this report receive less than
$10 n week And they are prnctlcully
all protected. In the Massachusetts
cotton mills about half the employes
receive less than $8 a week. It was
not long ago shown that In one of the
highly protected Industrie,. 10 per
cent, of the employes did not make a
living wage
Figures might be piled liiKh but
those wa have given will serve It
may be laid down as a general prin
ciple that wages In protected Indus
tries nn almost without exception low
cr than those In unprotected Indus
tries Wages of from $7 to $10 u week
can hardly be called generous. As a
matter of fact, they ure not enough to
enable those who get them to main
tain "the American standard of liv
ing." There are certain men who talk
a gn at deal about child labor, and
who eeetn to feel that employera kid
nap the children and make them work
tn the mills The truth, of course, la
that' In our protected industries wages
aru often so low that It la necossury
for wives and children to go to work
In order to help support the family
It Is surprising that Mr Justice and
others like him should think that the
American people can longer be fooled
by the old "arguments " The figures
that disprove the theory ure within the
reach of all. It la simply absurd lo
sny that In the toMllc Industries "tho
protective benefits of the tnrlfT nearly
all go to labor" The fact Is other
wise In Mr I-nuck's Atlantic article,
entitled "A Heal Myth." Is thla:
"A yard of man's worsted suiting
was found by the tariff board to cost
an American mill $1.71 to place on the
market The rate of payment to the
weaver on this cloth was ascertained
to be only U cents a yard, but the pres
ent tariff duty Is $1.02."
11 wa credit to protection the whole
D oents which tho laborer recelv, -which
Is absurd, slnro he would get
something, tariff or no tariff we still
have !i7 centB of the tariff duty to ac
count for Manifestly It does not go
to the workman, for he gets only 5
route. We fear that it finds Its way
into the pocketB of the employer Here
Is a protective duty of $1.02 designed
to cover the difference between labor
costs here and abroad, and yet the
total labor cost Is 5 cents Mr. Justice
can hardly expect the American work
lugmen to accept this statement. If
thla Is the beat that protection can
do it la in a bad way Indianapolis
If Taft stande for the "Interest,"
Roosevelt represents the principal;
and Porklns gets the commission or,
the deal.
His Title to Fame.
Mr. Roosevelt haa a number of t
titles to distinction which his friends, j
with characterlatic modesty, are re
fraining from putting forward.
Mr. Rooaevelt Is the president who i
completed tho monopoly of tbe steel
tngt by enabling that truat, In dofl- !
ance of law, to absorb the Tonnessee
Coal and Iron company That Is quite
a feat In Itself.
Mr. Roosevelt is the preslden. who
employed the secret service of the ,
Woodrow Wilson Will Easily Have a
Majority of Voteu In the
Electoral College.
Those "worrited" gentlemen who
are wondering what will happen If no
presidential candidate gets a majority
of the electoral vntes this fn'l may
calm their troubled minds if they
possess such
The contingency that Is troubling
them will not arise.
A gentleman named Woodrow Wil
son will have a majority of tho votes
In the electoral college, with a con
siderable number to spare
He will have them becuuse he Is the
only Candidate before the country who
Is basing his campaign on the needs
and rights of the whole American peo
ple. He Is the only candidate before the
country to whom tho people ran look
for a reduction of the high cost of liv
ing. He Is the only candidal e before the
country who Is under no obligation to
about the tariff- and his mind on this
point Is the mlrd of the nation.
He Is the onlv candidate before the
routnry who Is under no obligation to
special lntematl, nnd free to give his
entire service to the people.
Mr Taft wnnts to be "vindicated "
Mr Hooaevelt wants to wear the
Jeweled crown of a king
Governor Wilson wnnts nothing but
an opportunity for public service. He
a III get It
Ten Wilson Reasons.
It Is conceded by all that the elec
tion of Governor Wlleon means an Im
mediate downward revision of the tar
Iff. This Is the cause of the wild out
j cry In certain quarters against the
j election of Governor Wilson
The wool trust Is crying out against
ihe election of Governor Wilson and
the downward revision of the tariff.
The cotton mill trust is crying out
against the election of Governor Wil
son nnd the downward revision of tho
The harvester trust Is crying out
araltiBt the election of Governor Wil
son and the downward revision of the
The augar trust la crying out
against the election of Governor Wil
son ond the downward revision of the
The steel trust Ib crying out against
the election of Governor Wilson and
the downward revision of the tariff.
The Aldrlch rubber trust Is crying
out against the election of Governor
Wilson nnd the downward revision ol
the tariff
The Guggenheim smelter trust la
t rying out against the election of Gov
crnor Wilson nnd the downward revi
sion of the tariff
Oeorge W Perkins, political agent
of the Morgan Interests and the asBO
elated trusts, Is crying out against the
election of Governor Wilson and th'
downward revision of the tariff
Prank A Munsey, press agent of the
steel trttBt. 1b crying out against the
election of Governor Wilson nnd the
downward revision of the tariff.
Theodore Hooaevelt. all things to all
trusts, the side show by which the "In
terests" hope to divert public atten
tion from the real Isaues of the cam
paign. Is crying out against the elec
tlon of Governor Wilson and the down
ward revision of the tariff.
These are ten unanswerable reasons
why Governor Wilson should be elect
ed, and the downward revision of the
tariff should begin.
Tariff Creates Trusts.
The tarlfT shuts out foreign compe
tltlon. It creates trusts It offers a
prize for the exploitation of the home
consumer and brings forth agencies
which do the exploiting.
United States to spy on congressmen
who objected to taking orders from
the White HouBe. This Is a work
aurely deaervlng of fame
Mr. Roosevelt Is the president who
created tho panic which made every
bank In the United States auspond
payment nt the same time. That If
a performance which atands unique
In tho history of the nation.
Mr. Rooacvelt'B friends ought tc
mention these things when appealing
for votes. There's no profit In being
too modest.
The story of the nig Farmer In
Western Canada, and the Immense
proflta he has made In the growing of
grain, has been told and retold. He
lias been found In all parts of tho
previa Pan of Mnnltoba, Saskatchewan
and Alberta. Ills splendid farm build
ings have been pictured, his traction
outfits described and his princely sur
roundings, resultant of his bucccbb in
growing grain, hove been portrayed by
letter, press and camera. It certainly
Is not to hla discredit that by auo
cessfully applying common sense and
up to-date methods to the conditions
that climate, a good Boll, and splendid
market have placed at hand, that ha
has made the beat ubb of them. Ho Is
not too proud to admit that he came
to the country a very few yeara ago
handicapped aa to money, leaving be
hind him unpaid mortgages In bis of!
home land (which are now wiped out),
and he la still today tbe same good
hearted fellow he was In the days that
he had to work for a neighbor, while
tho neighbor broke tho land on hi
homeatead, which' went to make up tb
settlement duties.
Then, there, too, Is the fanner and
the farmer'a eon, already wealthy, who
htiB bought large holdlnge In Western
Canada, in either Manitoba, Saskatche
wan or Alberta, who has mado forty
' to one hundred per cent, on hla inveat
ment, whoBe big grain crops and
whose ImmenBo cottlo herds are help
ing to lmprovo tho country. Health
and strength, energy and push, and
btrll dog grit are aa essential in West,
cm Canada aa In Ohio, Indiana. 111k
nolB, Iowa, or any of tho states from
which so many of these people come,
end then, when you hove added to
that a fair amount of means, wltb
which to make a start, the land which
Is only watting for the skill of thi
husbandman will quickly respond.
Hut there Is the smaller farmer, th
man who has not made sufficient Id
( four or five years, that ho might com
fortably retire If ho felt like It. There
are many of them In all tho thre
ProvlnceB. It 1b not tho less to his
credit that ho has earned his homo
', stead by the three years resldcnco
that bn Ib free from debt, und has r
reasonable bank account. He, too
enmo to the country handicapped bj
debts, and with very little means, lit
Is contented, has a good home, lan
, free of encumbrance, some stock, and
with good prospects. One of thes
writes- "I formerly lived near Day
ton, Ohio, on a rented farm, had nt
good a chance as tho average renter,
hut after ten years of hard work, satis
fied myself that If I ever eipected tc
secure a home, I would have to under
I take something else. Henrlng of West
sn Canada, I Investigated, and seven
! years ugo last 8prlng settled in a
homestead and purchased (on time)
an adjoining half Bcctton, arriving
With a cnrlond of household effects and
Tarm Implements, Including four
horses nnd three cows, and $1.S00 In
money my ten years' work In Ohio.
"Thfl first year our crops gave ua
feed, the second year 100 acres of
wheat gnvo us $1.S00; no failure of
crop since starting here. I have now
22 head of horses, 15 head of cattle,
! nnd 35 hogs. We ow n 1,120 acres of
land, and have same all under cultiva
tion. Wus offered at one time $35.00
per acre for a half section where wo
live, and ull the other land could be
Fold today on present market at $30 00
' per acre. Should wc care to dispose
of our holdings, could pay all debts
and have over $30,000 to the good, but
Ihe question is where could we go to
Invest our money and get as good re
turns as here?
"We have equally as good, If not bet
ter proBpectB for crops this year, as
i we had three years ago, when our
wheat reached from 30 to 4S bushels
per acre. I never believed such cropo
' could be raised until I saw them my-
self. I had IB acres that year that
made 50 bushels to the acre. Our har
vest will be ready by the 12th. We
have this Benson In crop 100 acres of
wheat, 12.1 of oats, iio of flax, and
run three binders, with four men to do
Ojv stooklng. a
'We certainly like this country, and
1 tht Winters, although tha winters nro
cold nt times, but we do not suffer an
one would think. What we have ac
complished here can be duplicated In
almost any of the new districts. If
i anyone doubts nnythlng I have said
In this letter, tell them to come here.
j and I can prove every word 1 hav
written "
The name of the writer can be hnd
: from the Superintendent of lmmlgra
1 tlon, Ottawa, Canada, who can give
i the names of hundreds of other
equally successful. Adv.
Out of Fashion.
' "I see where fluffy skirts saved a
i girl from drowning In the Chicago
iver recently. The old Btyles wero
the best styles after all."
"Huh. she probably tried to drown
; herself becauac she bad to wear tbo
And it might be well to take a cours
In physical training before you start
out to show a man the error of hla
The more Justice some people getS
the less they are lucllncd to boast of
The straight and narrow path does
n't look good to the roundor.
Cola'a CarhnlUalv stop Itching an.1 raakw
the ikin smooth. All druaaitta. tSandBOc. Adv.
A fool and her money Dwquantly
marry Into the nobility.

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