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The Farmington times. (Farmington, St. Francois County, Mo.) 1905-1926, October 24, 1912, Image 7

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An RlchMt In Curative Quahttea
MOlMpMll 110 UiMOper a. Com xtm
10 tm. a. HKi.fi winter fm nuii'i
r.r.BaiT unaa-Wr-l for List. IJ.UapMl
Willi a nominal amount m -an join ua to
develop a moot prt.iiilalnit ;oi.l MINC Will
tand Investigation, AddCM m ae. .r-aaa
Valley. Calif.
"Was your aviation moot a suc
cess?" "No, not much of a one. There
were only three ucctdents and no
Important to Mother.
Examine carefully every bottle of
CA8TORIA. a tafe and aure remedy for
Infanta and children, and aee that It
Dears the
Blgnature 0f (Jffl&Z&U
in use ror liver 30 Yeara.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Caatoria
The Only Way.
"No uae to woo that girl. She baa
a heart of marble."
"Tbon loavo It lu statu quo."
Comparative Luxury.
"My father has a horBo and buggy "
"Yea, but my brother waa run over
by au automobile."
Will Soon Wake Up.
Cincinnati woman declares she haa
discovered a man without a fault.
Walt till they're been married ten
ream -Milwaukee Sentinel.
At a Diatance.
"She certainly tries to obey her
cottier's Injunction not to let the
roung men get too near."
"Why. I aaw a young man with his
irtn around her last night."
"I know, but aha had a faraway look
n her eyes."
Jackson Relief.
Wilson (who has met his friend
whom he hasn't seen for Borne tlmel
Iet me see, you knew poor old Jack
aon, didn't you?
Johnson Yon. 1 knew him well.
Wilson Then you will be pleased
to hear he Ib out of his misery at but
Johnson-Ynu don't say so. Poor
old fellow; but I always thought he
would pop off suddenly. When did
he die?
Wilson -Oh. he's not dead; It's his
Heigh of Assurance.
A man v as charged with stealing a
horse, and after a long trial the Jury
acquitted him Later In the day the
man came buck and asked the Judge
for a warrant against the lawyer who
had HUcecBBfully defended him
"What's the charge?" Inquired the
"Why, your honor, " replied the man,
"you gee, I didn't have the money to
pay him his fee, so he look the horao
I stole ," LlpptBCOtt'l Magazine
Open Air Schools Grow In Favor.
With the opening of the fall school
term, over "00 open ulr schools and
fresh air classes for tuberculous, and
inaemlo children, and also for all chll
Ires In certain rooms and grades, will
be in operation lu various parts of the
I'nlted States, according to the Nation
si Association for the Study and Pre
rentlon of Tuberculosis. All of these
schools have been eslabllsbed Blnce
January, 1!", when the first Institu
tion of this cherarlcr was opened In
Providence, R. 1 On January 1st.
1910. there were only II open air
schools In this country and a year
loiter the number had Increased only
I 20. Thus, the real growth In this
novement has been wtihln the last
JWO years Massachusetts now leads
lie ststes with 80 fresh nlr schools
Hid classes for tuberculous, anaemic
snd other school children, floston
llone having over SO. New York comes
text with It, nnd Ohio Is third with
I'.. Open air schools have now been
established In nenrly CO cities In 19
different states
A Million
Breakfast every morn
ing on
Suppose you try the
food with cream and
Sugar, as part of break
fast or supper.
You may be sure it
will be a delicious part
"The Memory Linger"
Poalura Cml Cumpanr. Ltd.
H.ui,.- Urek, Mich.
Proper Method of Making Noodlec
Calves' Brj'ns With Eq Recipo
for Orange Cream Pudding
Mushrooms and Macaroni.
Rolling Out Noodlen Heat up one
egg. add n little salt, red pepper and
grated nntmsg, and enough slfti-d
Hour to make a stiff dough. Knead
on a floured baking hoard until
smooth and elastic. Roll out as thin
as a wafer, and cut with a noodle cut
ter" then cook In boiling Baited water
or soup stock for twenty minutes
Borve hot In soups. This paste
may be spread on the bottom of In
verted dripping pans and baked In a
hiit oven. Crease before removing
from the pan.
Calves' Drains With Eggs - Soak
one calf's brain In salted water, wash
It well and remove the veins. Then
blanch It and drain and chop It small
Melt one hesplng tablospoonful of
butter In a Baucepan: when hot add
four well-beaten eggs, the calf's
hniiiiB and Beaconing of salt, pepper
and paprika Now add one tablespoon
ful of cream and cook for five min
utes, stirring nil the time Serve with
fingers of toasted bread.
Making Orange Cream Pudding
Dissolve two heaping tahlflspooufuls
of powdered gelatin In one cupful of
boiling water, then add two rupfuls
of sugar, two rupfuls of strained
orange Juice and the yolks of three
eggs. Heat all well together, then add
two cupfuls of whipped cream, pour
Into a wet mold and turn out when
Serve with stewed fruit.
MushrooniB and Macaroni - Heat
half a cupful of cream or milk In the
chafing dish, add two heaping table
spoonfuls of butter, half a cupful of
chopped canned mushrooms, one rtip
fu' of cold boiled macaroni and four
well beaten eggB Stir over boiling
water for ten minutes and season to
taste with salt, pepper and grated
Orange Puffs.
Cream one third cup butter, add nno
cup Bugar. gradually, and two eggs,
well beaten Mix and sift one nnd
three-fourths cups Boar with three
teaspoons baking powder nnd salt.
Add alternately w ith one half cup milk
to first mixture Bake In Individual
tins. Serve with orange sauce.
Orange Sauce One fourth cup but
ter. Ilrown butter, then add one
fourth cup flour with a few grains
cayenne nnd one-half teaspoon salt,
and stir until well browned. Add nno
and one-third cups brown stock grad
ually, and Just before serving ndd JulcS
of two oranges, wo tablespoons
Bherry wine and rind of oue orange,
cut In fancy shapes.
Fewer Pans.
Cooking In casseroles or other
esfthenwefe dishes Is growing more
popular each year. It Is Indeed a sav
ing of time, for the foodstuffs mny
be served In the dishes In which they
are cooked, thus materially lessening
the number of pots nnd pans to be
washed Among the most gem tally
used rooking utensils of curthenwnre,
aside from casseroles, are the pie
plates, pudding dlsluis. ahlrred erg
dishes, bakers, au gratln dishes, bean
pot marmites or bean pots with cov
ers, tea pots, hot water Jugs, individ
ual ramekins anil custard cups.
Tempting Club Side Dish.
Take the skin, Juice and seeds from
nice, fresh tomatoes, chop what re
malni with celery and add this dreak- i
Ing: Yolks of two hard-boiled eggs,
rubbed fine and smooth, otie teaspoon
of English muBtard, one of salt, the
yolks of two raw eggs beaten Into the
other, dessert spoot. of fine sugar
Add very fresh IWOOt oil. pour In by
very small quantities, and beat until
iiulte thick, then add vinegar till as
thin as desired If uot hot enough
with mustard, add a little Cayenne
Cottage Soup, Baked.
One pound of meat, two onions, tnt
carrots, two ounces of rice, a pint of
whole peas, pepper anil Bait, gallon ol
water Hllee the meat and lay one ot
two slices at the bottom of an earth
OB ware Jar or pan: lay on It the on
Ions sliced, then the meat again, that
the carrots sliced and the pens, pre
vloualy soaked all night, and the gal
Ion of water. Tie down the Jar, put
It Into a hot oven for three or foui
hours. Time, three nnd a half hours
Sufficient for five or six persons
Apple Sauce Cake.
One cup of sugar, one-half of shor
tenlng. Cream together Plncb ot
salt and a little nutmeg, about five
times over the grater, one teaspoon ol
cassia, one-half teaspoon of cloves
Then the cup of unsweetened apple
sauce hot, In which a teaspoon of sods
previously dissolved In a little hot wa
ter and after It Is done foaming, haa
been added; one and three-quarten
cups of sifted flour over one cup ol
seeded ralslus and stir well. Bake
forty five minutes.
Beefsteak Pis.
One and one-half pounds of beef
stesk cut Into smalt plecea. Put Intc
boiling water and cook until tender
Remove any fat or gristle; add a piece
of butter and thicken the gravy with
cornstarch. Salt and pepper to taste
Line a deep pie plate with plain paste
l ut In meat, which must be cold, cor
cr with a top crust snd bake. Bervc
Stops dandruff
and loss of hair
FREQUENT ahainpooe with Kestnol
Soap stop scalp itching and dUpcl
dandruff, thus promoting- acalp health
and preventing loss of hair. In severe
esses of dandruff and falling hair, a
little Resinol Ointment should be oc
casionally massaged into thu scalp.
Bold by all druggist (Stoop SSc, Ointment
BOe), or Mat by mall on receipt of price by
lUslnol rbemlcal Co., Ileltlroore, MA.
Accelerated Brain Activity.
In the early days of Wisconsin, two ,
of the most prominent lawyers of the
state were Oeorge B. Smith and I. 8
Sloan, the latter of whom had a habit
of Injecting Into Mb remarks to the
court the expression, "Your honor. 1
have an Idea " A certain case bad
been dragging along through a hot
summer day when Sloan sprang to his I
feet, with hlB remark. "Your honor, I
have an Idea."
Smith Immediately bounded up. as-
Burned an impressive attitude, and In
gresU solemnity said:
"May It please the court. 1 move
that a writ of habeas corpus be Is- j
no d by this court Immediately to tuke
the leane d gentleman's Idea out of
solitary confinement." Popular Mnga
Diplomacy In Small Things.
Little Klolse Cave, aged seven Tears,
was visiting her grandmother In Madi
son. Va , and was sent to carry Ik
saucer of Ice creutu to a neighbor By
the exercise of Infinite care she con
veyed her burden safely to the tolled
snd gave It Into the hands, of the lady
for whom It was Intended The lady,
however, was Icbs careful than Klolse
had been, aud dropped the saucer and
broke It.
"You needn't ED. lad about thnt." said
tin- little diplomat, without an Instant's
hesitation "I don't think grandma
has a cup to match the saucer. If she
has I will go right home and break it
myself."- Popular Magazine.
Serious Lack.
An old Kngllshwoman, who was ex
tremely stout, was making vain efforts
to enter the rear door ot an omnibus
The driver leaned over good-naturedly
and cried:
"Try sideways, mother, try side
ways! "
The old woman looked tip breath
lessly. and replied:
"Why, bless ye. James. I ain't got
no sideways t M Tooth's companion.
I took ubout (i boxes of Dodds Kid- !
ney Pills for Heart Trouble from
wbiel! I had suffered for G years. I
bad di.zy spells, my eyes purred, j
my breath was
short and I had
chills and back
ache. I tool; tho
pills about a year
ago and have had
no return of the
palpitations. Am
now Ci3 yenrs old.
able to do lots of
manual labor, am
und weigh ubout
Judge Miller,
well and hearty
2U0 pounds. I feel very grateful thnt
1 found Dodds Kidney Pills und you
may publish this letter If you wish. I
am Bcrvlng my third term as Probate
Judge of Oral CO. Yours truly,
PHILIP Ml 1,1, I'll, Cimarron, Kan.
Correspond with Judge Miller about
this wonderful remedy.
Dodds Kidney Pills, !0c. per box at
your dealer or Dodds Medicine Co.,
Iiuffalo. N. Y. Write for Houf hold
Hints, also music of National Anlliem
I English and German words) and re
cipes for dainty dishes. All 3 sent free.
The Farmer's 8earch.
While plowing, a Crawford county
farmer near Helper had the misfor
tune to lose a small part from IiIb cul
tivator In the plowed ground. Soon
a neighbor came by. "Lost some
thing?" he asked Soon another came
by and asked the same question And
then unother Pretty soon a man he
didn't like anyhow approached. "Lost
something?" he asked. The farmer
looked up lu supremo disgust "Oh.
no; Just digging worms for my pet
buzzard," he replied Kansas City
For the Sake of Variety.
Customer This, I suppose Is s fold
ing bed.
Merchsnt No, sir; we call this an
unfolding bed. I'll show you . (Un
folds It).
Cola's Carbnltaalr stow It-Mi ana makss
the um smooth. All druggist. 25andoUc. Adv.
Kindred Association.
"Do you want this role?"
"Much dough In It?"
Professor Imagined Appeal Wss From
Fldo, and the Situation Bscsme
A great lover of animals. Professor
Dryasdust was much given to having
his pet dog sitting brslde him at meal
times eating tidbits from his own lit
tie plate.
The other evening he was at a din
ner party, and his partner was a very
great iudy. who was proud of her
Hut the proft Bsur paid absolutely no
sttentlon to her. Ills mind had
switched off on to some abstruse point
and he was lost to the world over the
The ducheSB did not approve of this,
and presently, to attract his attention,
she pulled him gently by the sleeve
Then the professor woke up. Grab
blug a half-picked chicken bone from
hlB plate, he thrust It under ber
startled nose
"Don't bother Just now. PldoV he
said curtly. "Mere, take this and go
and eat It on the mat. like a good dog
For non-committal brevity of speech
commend us to the Yankee lord of the
soil. One such, who was obliged to
make a physician dally visits, hud an
unvarying answer to the quoBtloi..
"How do you feel today'" "Well."
he would reply, showing as little In
tereat In the subject aa possible, "1
ain't no wuss " Further than that he
wished to Bay nothing, and It took
the cunning of a serpent to discover
hlB real feelings. A man who was
knocked down In the street b a snow
slide was assailed by a Sympathising
crowd with condolence and question.
"Did It hurt you?" Inquired one of
his rescuers as he brushed the snow
from the clothes of the well powdered
victim. "Well," was the ruutlous an
SWOT, "It uln't done KM no good."
Tuberculosis Day Oct. 27.
Cordial approval and Indorsement
of Tuberculosis day which will be ob
served by the churches of the country
on October 27, Is expressed by Prcsl
dent I'aft In a letter to Homer Folks
of New York, president of the Nntionul
Association for the Htudy and l'reven
tloti of Tuberculosis. From present
indications. Tuberculosis day will be
observed by almost every religious
denomination In the I'nlted States and
not less than 50.000 sermons on tuber
cuIobIs will be preacned on October
27. or In the weeks preceding or fol
lowlnn that date.
Dick I told her that I loved her
that I wan even willing to worship
her at a distance.
Tom What did she do?
Dick Said she'd supply the dis
tance. Steamboat Memories.
Loudon Opinion, commenting on
tho recent celebration of the centen
ary of the steamboat, remarks that
It Is Interesting to note that the Brit
ish admiralty of that period rejected
the Invention with the declaration
that "a paddle wheel steamboat could
be of no use In navigation." and that
a Dr. Lardnsr, a pundit of that day
who proved that "no steam vessel
could ever cross tho Atlantic, lived
long enough to bolt to America In a
steamer along with another nun.
Knew s Poet's Troubles.
"Had a queer experience recently,"
ssld the BflMlle poet. "Robber held
me up on the highway Didn't have
cent In my pocket only a poem which
I was takln' to the editor."
"Didn't take the poem, did he?"
"No. Read three lines of It, handed
It back to me and said: 'Friend, here's
3- You need It worse than I do.' "
- Atlanta Constitution.
For the Csr.
"Sho worries every tlmo ho takes
tho cur out."
"Yes, 1 don't blame her. They had
to save a long tlmo to get that car."
Bad Luck.
"They oughtn't to call that railroad
special the Comet."
"Why not?"
"Becauso comots nearly always
have their trains telescoped."
lira. Wluatow'it Soothing eyrup for rhildrva
NSthsagi SSftsaeas geSBS, rdues lnnnai
lloa, l :y. pain, cum wibS eolle, SSr butt).
One great value of Initiative Is the
conquering of fear. Blanche Blesalng.
fli is
- f T '
" f
"ill, Kddlul Come an' help mo se
lect a cent's worth of candy, an' Ml
let you stsnd by and watch me eat It."
Rese Matllds's Sprinter
"All's got a sprinter fm dat of wln
i der sill in man flnge' Mis' Oreene,"
i announred Hobo Matilda, who had
been scrubbing window sills, exhibit
' Ing the Injured member. "Is yo' got s
! pin or some secb sharp ting yo' cayn
git It out wl'f? Ah don' Jes' wan' to
leave It In, 'ca'se dem sprinters aln'
; to be trifle wlf. Oh, dem'a do t'lng'll
do de business," as Mrs. Ureene at
tacked the splinter with a pair of
' tweezers and triumphantly drew It out.
"Tank yo' Mis Oreene. Dem leasers
Is de lies' t'lng to exkrack sprinters
; wit"
Ahbotsford. Wis "My son had eon-ma
on his hands for about one year.
The eczema Blurted with a raBh. His
hands were sore so he could not close
them, and when ho wet ltli bands they
hurt him so he could hardly wash. Hie
hands Itched and burned Just terrible
I and If he would scratch them, thoy
would break out Into sores. He could
' not get any rest or sleep, and his
hands looked quite hnd.
"We had medicine and salve and It
kept getting worse all the time I got
pome Cutlcura Soap nnd Ointment,
nnd after washing his hands with the
, Cutlcura Soap nnd putting sumo of the
! Cutlcura Ointment on two times a day
; and tying cloths on them for about six
months they got well and have not
broken out since Cutlcura Soap and
Ointment cured him entirely." (Sign
iedl Mrs Lawrence Klehl, Feb. 13,
Cutlcura P-ap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
I free, with 32 p. Skin Hook. Address
poet card "Cutlcura, Dept. L, Boston."
Part of the Truth.
"""Hobort, dear, how do ynu puppiipo
thorn' docMH and dozciiH of empty
bottlcH ever got Into our cellar?"
"Why, I don't know, my ik 1
never luunrht an empty bottle In my
life."- Fun.
LEWIS' Sinnte Btlktor trninlit Be rinar.
You pity 10c (or ciit-irs not o gttod. Adv.
IllesHlnRfl often come dlMKulrtcd, but
the wolf at your door never docH.
Faultless Starch Twin Dolls
Kiss Lilly White ud Mils Psocb Prism.
If tm arlU a tha wmt - it nisutn both nf r
raa d"He, aarh 'it Im-Iim high an J ry tn rut oak
ant) saliitT, nil I ami Q an atMrnaa. tHest'iaid, on ra
colpki f all fftmUof litrint Kaultloaa hi nn It j" i -
cr twulvn ifmU of 6 rrnl raultlrsM Hlari-h a kra
ai.il h omi!.ii i n at mt.i t r.., rr Matjjjkga: sand pi kkua
Jr olthor doll will txt acoton n i if thraw I'icrnk
ronU Off al I rant f ronta and rout In amaipa. Out
out till ad. It will ba atv-rptdKl la ylaoautuuob)
cant fnmt. or two boaat frunu. Oaij oua ail will
I -a acitaq with aaoa applet kfa.
and all nitiora. x not depend uimn; powder lii lb ih
of n i ttr iii par. Iloukirt. "liiicniif. aiiaca, i tirr - and rrrTrniiofi. freo. lirugglaU an 1 llarnaaa
HJjopa m'II Hpohti'a Oara tsj cbuu, im a dotn, 11.00, 1U.W a duaen,
SPOHN MEDICAL CO., Bacteriologists, GOSHEN, IND.
3.00 3.S0 M.00 M.50 AND '6.00
sura snsae W. L. Oot 2.0O, tz.KU a $3.00 MohaalU
Sssss, msssss on pnlr mill ttomHIrmly dmbw In
pmlru mf ortSlnmry nhumm. mmmt mm thm mmn'm mhoa
W i-DougU. makes and sell mar $3.00.
than anv other mnufcturr in the
The workmanship which ha made W L. Douglas shoes famous the world
ear U asaintainad la every pair.
Ask your dealer to show you W. L. Dougbu latxt fashions for fall and winter
seaar, aotico the thort vampM which mtlu the foot look smaller, point in a
She particularly dird by young men. Also tho eontmrvatium styles which
Itaea aaede W. L. DougU shoo a household word crvorywhar.
If yea could visit W. L. Doughu hug factories jt Brocktc a. Mass., ma mm
Jar yours If how carefully W. L Douglas shoo are made, you would -n t un
derstand why they are warranted to tit better, look bettor, hold heir shape aad
wear longer than an y other make for lh price. mtt Celerf geJsts.
CAimON.-Te prelect ree esM taserler sksea, S.LDeealea stSSSSS MMSSM .., th .t
. Leek fer Ike staasp. Beware sfBsSMsa, W. L. Deeslas shoes ere sold ia 7S mnr
asses en gass assasss every sssssss rse
It's hard enough to keep house If
In perfect health, but a woman who
la weak, tired and Buffering all of
the time with an aching back haa a
heavy burden to carry. Any woman
in this condition has good cause to
suspect kidney trouble, especially if
the kidney action seems disordered
at all Doan's Kidney Pills have
cured thousands of women suffering
tn this way. It Is the boat -recommended
special kidney remedy.
-rcry lfr
Tills a Sfery.
Mm Mar, A
RitJsTkin. Homb
Kmtmiln sue"),
l'i o i LMod. lad-.
a7- "1 l!lrr
(toana K1ii
I'lltA BRTfMl tn?
Ufa. 1 wan In r
DM with
ad mis csa
ftiiad to id I
lifca.nn to bad)
taal I wan nt l
psM-ted lo llYO
through Ifaa
n i g b t. On a
f rl-nd'tsadjfjaa
i1 hi, 1 utadj
i -nil Ki '
I'ILIji and la a
bnn tim taa?
cured ine.l liar
nol bud aar ills'
lorn of kldntfT ironM during the past If 7 ear."
Get Doan's at any Drug Store, 50c. a Box
Doan's "JSfir
KOSTRR-MlLHltHN CO.. Buffalo. N. Y.
Fre7 ionir!cin1
In tho lew Jtstflr; of
aan and Alixirta thura
nr tlK-uaandi ot Kraa
HottHt'isds) loft, wtilf-a
i.i ili man ut'tk.1 titf entry
In I tear ilrao alii ba
wortti from r- lo I ir
utffi. Tlnvif lunrti Ufa
wrtl ntuitt-d to errata
growiim and cattle railing
i virniM i; 1 1 : ' i t wkwsmm
In man rutc thti railway la
Canada bavr lon built In ad
vanra of irultnnt and In a
stunt Umi Itirru will not bn a
hcMlerwho baad b irora tbaa
im i.riaf itp mil". frtn a Hut
fnillaar tUllwir ItalM art
n 'fiilatf! ly liostnunout (m
UjIPMoU. hoctat CticvMUnna
Tbf American H-ttl-riai hotaa
tn Wtirrn t inada l 1 i t
atranjjh-rlnafttriinsfr' land, ha
liisi iifattir a iniiii-in f hid una
li- i t . : sUl- Ihrrti If
Jfi'U drtre lo know w U thr oa
aillun of r I,- i n - . ti r la
nrHiiMroii writ to in? of I ha
famadian Aata
aiulat ri'l for lllrralnra tatre.vt
lot aeadlssit.et"rwe I Si-rat utasWrwee
lipl of Isaaala-reOen, Ottawa, aaasla
135 W fin STfiFt I IAISAS CUT, Mft-
Mliirtii.4.7Mfedlil AI iMl.tknajt
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief -Permanent Cure
; fail. I'urely vecta-
I Die - act surely
Put scnlly on
I the liver.
, Stop alter
dinner dis-tre--
, improve the complexion, brighten thceyesv
Genuine must bear Signature
w. N. U., ST. LOUIS, NO. 43-1912.
-sHaWtUW wm itt i
4r. nasaAl I
Kill Gorms
of Distemper, Pink Eye, Epizootic,
Catarrhal I c - r aod Icilurnzu, uaJci the mlcroacopo.
Glfn on tha !!orarsi Tonkin, it nnli wiih 1 h" fli1rls of Ttist allroMjiary
tJUWli Ihrnwii Into tha tHMd paaaci llirointh tt Klaiids an I ritrt-la tOa
(rriiiH of Dlaf iter A tisul n It' , i au f n nil iu ft' f or Jin , v i i ut
ciunN of I il senitei. QlTO H ii i' rood ourcii In tiruaa
$3. S t) & $4.00 shoe I
ssssg waese res its,, mmm are SBSSSa sees rosea
Aisarrs1' 4
wm v wsm
s. wtsseeweel SB leelerr fer catele sSMSwlae hew
s. deli.ei, ike.,., ereoeiet. W.UDewkts,BreckUus.
If Veure le fluttering or
Fries 91.00

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