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Zx jfarmington fttmce
I' rBMUID Kvkkv Thiksiiay hy
President. Vice fl OS 111 I Si. Scc'y and Trca.
THfiO. I). FISHKK, Hditor anil Rulings Manager.
RntSftd Ml NMMl ClftM mutter at Mit t'om ni n! rnrmltiirti-n, MUiouri
For President:
I-'or Vict President :
For Governor:
lor Lieutenant Governor:
I " it SerrctarN nl Slutc:
CORNKLItlB roach.
For Stale Amlitor:
For Attorney General:
JOHN T. kakkk
For St. ite Treasurer
Railroad and Warehouse Connaliti
Fur Supreme Court Judges.
For Congress, nth Dhtt:
Pot Count) Representstive:
Pot Coutttl fudge, 1st Dlst!
Bot County Judge, jd Dial:
For Prosecuting Attorney:
For Assessor :
F'or Treasurer:
For Surveyor:
F'or Coroner:
Kt-r ConstaiiK- St. Prancoii Tow
EltOtiOD next
erati, Hoc up h
the polll
Ye-, it looks lis if tlic Di iiiiicnits
insy win nil along the line. To
nnskc it certain is for every Demo
crat to vote
Amendments Not. G nod 7 are
the single tax amendments, Hcratofa
Tfta" Mini vote "No" on both t
these amendmente.
The staj at-bo toe Democrat next
Tuesday won't enjoy the victory.
Get out and vote mill then yon can
shout with ii cm! conscience.
The Democratic county ticket is
making a good light anil every USD
on it ought to he elected. It's a
clean ticket ol olaan uml sapablf
Hllititt w. Major Ims proven him
self to be the people's friend, and
they lire going M elect bin Gov-
ernor next 1 uesday by precedent
makiug majority.
The Tune, will doubtless he late
retting out next week, ax it will he
neiu tmcK one day at leust to get
s definite news as possible of the
raaoH of the election .
Vote for constitutional amend
ment No. B, It will improve the op
portunity of gutting at and punish
ine those guilty of election frauds,
and thai without infringing upon
tUe secrecy of the hallot. Vote
"Yes" on Amendment No. 8.
If you want to tax yourself for
tbe benefit of mnnopol) and special
interests, vote the Republican
ticket next I uesday. If you don't
want to he taxed for their benefit
vote tbe Democratic ticket from
top to bottom. That is not only
straight politics, but it's straight
There should t mch tampering
with the tax laws us will jeopardize
the prosperity of the Missouri far
mer, and It Is therefore most Impor
tant that a Democratic Legislature
lie sent to Jefferson City next win
ter. The Democratic party is com
mitted to the policy of low taxes
and the Republican party is com
mitted to tbe nollcv of hieh
Vote for tbe Democratic nominees
for Representative and Htate Sen
ntor and KBKP YOl'K TAX US
The Democratic party lowered the
Missouri tax rate thirty-five cents
on the 1100.00 valuation. Hadley
tried to Increase the taxes three
hundred per cent, aud Republican
Htate candidate are all endorsing
Hadley and bis record.
AS there ever such I
bra SCO fallacy its the
claim of Republican pro
tectionists that the tariff is a shield
and protection to American labor
against the pauper labor of Europef
The very fact that this alleged for
eign pauper labor is admitted to
the United States without restric
tion if it is not brought here under
contract to compete in our mines
and mills with American labor, dis
proves at once such a claim. The
American laborer has to compete
with it right at his own door.
Again, the tact that tbe tariff is
not bated on the difference in the I
cost of labor in Ftirope and the!
co.-t of labor in America, but is'
raised away up and beyond any
such difference, and that the Amer
ican laborer receives bo appreciable!
roportion ol the tribute thus
forced from the Amerioan oonsum
er for the benefit, of the favored
few, while it perceptibly increases
the laborer's coat of living, in an
other clear refutation that the tariff
is a benefit to labor. Also, the
fact that labor has to organize it
self Into unions and federations in I
order to maintain any sort ol dc-'
cent stardard of wages, is the most
crushing proof that the tariff is no I
protection to the American laborer.
and the man who tells him it is
presumes upon his ignorance and
insults his intelligence. If it were
not tor the labor orgaohattions in
this country, labor would be worse
enslaved than it is and its condi- j
tion more deplorabh and certain - I
ly it is deplorable enough now in 1
man) of the mills of productive in- J
dustry when- the women and chil
dren are forced to labor for the
scant wages of K) and 54.ihi or
f.'i.iMi a week stilling the mother
hood ol the women and sapping'
.1 .....i l ..: . . i i :i I
mi yuutu noil unili ol loe rnil-
dren- in older that the working
man's family may live at all.
the close ol the civil war
aud for a number of years
thereafter the "bloody
was i be Republican pari v',-
ohief campaign stock in trade, to
keep alive the sectional prejudice
against the South. In later years
the bugaboo of business depression
and threats of financial panic if a
Democratic President and Congress
were elected has been its main
shibboleth. Republican stiiutlpat
spellbinders are exploiting this
SCUe-SOrOW again in the present
campaign. Aud yet all the panics
that have occurred in this country
in the Inst fifty years have been uu-
der or had their incipieucy under
Republican administrations and
Republican high protective tariff
laws. The panic of 1H7.'I wan uu
der a Republican administration
and a high protective tariff law.
The panic of W07 was under a Re
publican administration aud tbe
Dingley tariff law, which was so
oppressive and unjust that public
opinion forced the Republican par
ty to put a tariff revision plank in
its platform, with which it fouled
the people as usual by violating its
campaign pledges and revising the
tariff up instead of down, as some
people were foolish enough to think
it meant to do. The panic of 1898
began the latter part of a Republi
can administration and reached its
climax in 1898, just after a Demo
cratic President and Congress had
been elected, and under the Mc
Kinley protective tariff law, u year
before the Democrats had an op
portunity to pass a tariff law. Af
ter the Wilson tariff law was en
acted business began to revive.
So it is clearly to be seen that those
who attribute the pauic of 1893, as
the staudpat spellbiuders are do
iug, to the change of administra
tion from Republican to Democratic
or to the Wilson tariff bill, which
was not passed until a year after
the panic had reached its worst
stage, are either ignorant or dis-honest.
The Republican Wall That the flection of Wilson Would
Cause Business Depression Met and Refuted.
In uoUKATIC National Oimmittkk,
Sew York. October IS, IWL i
M y Dear Democratic Friend and Co-worker: The sueeeee of the
Democratic ticket on Meeemb i is dependent wholly upon ths na
tivities of you loyul working Democrat. And we are depending
upon yon Willi ahsolule cooliil
tlam an- heavy hut I further k
confidence which we place in j
fective results is to have aneh
laed that every Democratic vo
election day and will vote the
are inst to the Democrats, it
vote has not been brought out
your Democrats vote this yoei
Senator tsore, who is chain
the National ' lommlttee, Is d
way the real democratic work
he feels this mum depended o
i lake the liberty of onUtag j
us that is being used by tbe 1(
guard against and to counters'
i-e. 1 kimw that the respnnslhili
ow that the results will justify this
ou. The way to attain the most ef.
t oting district so thoroughly organ
er will be brought to the polls on
Democratic ticket. When elections
generally because the Democratic
Will you surely see to It that all
an of the Organization Ituicau of
lighted aud enthusiastic about the
rs are getting Into the harness, and
not confidence in you.
olir attention to a line of attack on
liubllonni and which I urge you to
i in your district. They are raising
the falsi- mid wholly unfounded charge that Democratic sucaoac
will mean business depression. To show you one way In which
they an- attempting this line of fooling the voters, l quote a few
sentences from a letter recently gotten OUt from their Chicago
Headquarters which they are now sending the business firms:
"T he campaign now In progress bas a direct personal
interest for you. Cpon Us result depends tin- maluten
utiec of the present business prosperity which the conn
try Is enjoying. Why sacrifice present prosperity for
uncertainty and depressnm, which a tariff for revenue
Only WOOld certainly bring."
That theae suggestions are wholly false and -in- wickedly made
to fool tin- people is evidenced by the fact that, with tbe election a
very shnrt time off, and with al si i very reader ami thinker and
political observer believing thai Wilson and Marshall will he elect-
I, yet practically ever line of business is showing extremely
marked activity. The rullroiel- are placing heavy orders for new
rails and equipment , and tlieii earning ar- miming ahead ol lli.-t
year by many millions ol dollars monthly) wholesale houses are
having tremendous d -mauds for goods; tin- steel mills and factor
ies are foil of orders, bank clearings show heavy gains till over
the country. This Intense Business activity is due to the fact the)
the bualneaa world know s Uevernor Wilson will do just what lie
says he will do. His record Is one Of complete fulfilment of his
promises. All well posted bu-iness men know that Oovernor Wil
son's election will help rather than disturb business, because they
have absolute confidence that lie means every word of it when he
ley ii
"We don't want to disturb the industry of
the country. The changes I in the
tariff i which we mnke should be made only
at such a rate and in such a way as will least
interfere with the normal and healthful
course of commerce and manufacture."
I call your special attention to tin- fact of these evident condi
tions of heavy business in tin- lace of the very apparent election of
Wilson and Marshall. What does this mean" Simply that the
legitimate buaiuces world knows thai the election of the Demo.
oratle ticket means continual ami unpn denied prosperity; yet iii
spite of this the RepUbUOSB managers make tills wicked attack
which, il It has any elfeet at all. can he only to fool the voters and
to create wnrrj and hardship in the minds of some of the people
w here there Is no liasls for any feeling except thai Of happy antici
pation of better things to come when our candidates are elected
(live special attention to this line of attack in order that you
may meet it and overcome Its effects, l'liev are writing these let
ters, putting their advertisements in tin- papers aud magazines and
on the hill hoards, with tin- unholy purpose of falsely scaring pen
pb- Into voting the Republican ticket.
Please let me know al once If these attacks are having any influ
ence among the people or in any of the communities where you
have hud occasion to oliserve.
1 myself aud the National Committee want to co-operute with
you, and we want you to help us bring about the greatest Demo
B ratio victory this country lias ever seen. He do this with the ful
knowledge thut Democratic victory will mean greater business
prosperity, greater demands for wage earners, and greater oppor
tunities for every person In our Nation, with the exception of those
who are now enjoying special and unfair privileges under the law
Sincerely yours,
Chairman Democratic National Committee.
Democratic Nominee forjudge b the
First District. Favore Qood Roads
and Sale Bridges lor Rural Districts
us Well as Villages
To the voters of District Number
One, St. Francois County. Mis
In offering myself as u candidal
for the office of Judge of tin- Kirst
District of St. Francois County
Missouri, I did so at the many so
llcitotlons of my friend.
The canvass now near closed, the
campaign liar is beginning to cir
culate his venom and strain his
lungs In the effort to convince tin
voters that I am opposed 1 the
Rock Koad System.
I have alwavs been a believer In
good roads, but I do not want tin
necessary expenses on them. I
want them made with us little ex
pense us can he expended on them
and leave them in good condition. 1
do not believe in squandering money
ou them, hut in general work all
over the county where It Is needed
the must.
If elected, it will he my motto in
expending the people's money, to
give them full value for every cent
expended, aud to see that Oood
Hoads aud Safe Bridges are the rule
I think Hi- people of the rural dis
tricts are as much entitled to good
rock roads, as the people of the vil
lages. I am personally known hy nearly
all the voters of this district, and
known to be a man of econemical
habits, and not a spendthrift, thereby
insuring the tax payers that under
all conditions my habits are for
In the event of my election I shall
try to deal fairly uud squarely with
the tax payers, granting prlvli -ges
to none nor bearing down mi any.
My official policies shall lie:
"F.ipittl rights to all, and speeiul fa
vors to none," economy of the
county's resources and expended
only when necessary, aud to ad
vance the Interests ol the county
and not allow, if possible, the
connty to lag In public Improvmeuts,
thou. o. Mitch KLi.
Plain DBALIMO, La., Oct. itt,
Mr. T, D. Fisher, rarmlngton, Mo.:
Dear Sir and Friend: BnOlOSOd
please find check in your favor for
So. 00, which I desire to be used in
helping to make Missouri come
back where she belongs in the
Democratic ranks. You will place
it where you desire it to he used in
the campaign and oblige
Yours truly,
s. r. Tuaunr.
Carload of Furniture
We have just received and unloaded a
carload of Furniture. It embraces a lot of
new features which you will enjoy loojking
at. Come in and let us show you. The
prices are persuasive.
And we want you to see our full lines of
Dress Goods with all that goes with them,
our Clothing, which is the best, neatest and
most stylish. You will find our Dry Goods
Departments a delight.
See our Window Shades, Rugs, Mat
tings, Linoleums and Oil Cloths. You'll find
them just to your liking.
We Buy all Sorts of Country Produce.
Cole & Nixon IWer. Co.
Tbe Seventh grade has the best
attendance for last week. Room II
of the BoUtn Ward is aclose second.
Three other rooms have uu attend-
above 97 per cent.
Mrs J, Muff and Miss Dame Ity-
inglon were visitors lust week.
The following Pnnnlngton public
s e I I teachers attended the
Southeast Missouri Teacher's As
sociation, which met at Cape Gir
ardeau last week. Principal R. A.
Movers, Misses Susie P. WattS,
Louise II. Huff, Almu Smith, Nellie
Halter, Bertha Hull, Mistresses
Maggie Bylngton, Annie Lloyd,
Alms L. Rider, J. H. Smith and
apt. Lynch, County Supt. A. H.
Akers, and sevreal of the F'lut River
teachers who live in Fanningtoii
were present. Tbe entire number
from this county readied eighty or
above. Moth from interest and itt -tendunco,
this association was tin
greatest in its history, !Hr.' teachers
enrolled More than 1,000 were m
attendance. Only five or six of the
srite Teachers' Associations have
surpassed this meeting III numbers.
Miss Pauline Hylngton, one Of our
graduates of last vear, who is at
tending the state Normal at Cape
Girardeau, came home with her mo
ther from the Association to spend
; a day or two. Wl have most excel-
I lent reports of her work In the Bor-
; uial.
The High School Literary Society
; held Its regulur meeting hist Wed
nesday afternoon, since there was
no school Friday. A good program
was rendered and several members
wens voted Into the Boolety, The
entire student body of the high
school are members with the excen-
tion of one or two. Membership is
optional with the students, aud it
speaks well for the organization to
be able to report such a large per
cent of the students as members.
Leon Halle is president and is mak
ing a most efficient officer. Tbe
other officers are attending to their
duties diligently. It is such efforts
that is making the organization so
The High School students are now
very much Interested it- and are
freely discussing the Charter for tbe
proposed student government. It is
a healthy discussion, and even
though the plan may not be approv
ed and put Into operation, the stu
dents who have taken part in the
preparation of the Charter aud the
discussions which have developed In
Its preparation, have doubtlees been
benefited there by. If adopted, tbe
general plan will ne given lliose In
terested through these notes.
This week closes the second month
of school and the Report Cards will
be in the hands of the parents next
week. Examine these carefully ami
if the indications are that tbe work
in ,voor conn is u. u sutisiuciory the
teacher will he glad to talk the mat
ter over with you. Teacher, parent
and pupil should all he Intereet
cd in obtaining the best results for
ths pupil, and should be working to
gether. A close co-operatlou of
these three seldom fails to bring (In
most gratifying results if persisted
I'll K Si raM NTKN HUM .
Here is a woman who speaks from
personal knowledge and long experi
ence, viz , Mrs. v. h. Brogan, of
Wilson, Pa,, who says, "I know
from experience thut Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy Is far superior to
any other. For croup there Is noth
ing that excels It,'- For sab by all
deabr-. Advertisement.
Rev, Jac.
lUK s chi
li Meeker. Willi is niak-
i under the authority of
tin- Republican Stat Committee, is
also -i Singh- Taxer. Pick up any
letter from the Rqultable Taxation
League, look -in the reverse side
thole, . where the names of the Ad
visory Committee are printed, and
you will behold the name of this
"Reverend'' Jacob Meeker. And
yet tin Republicans claim they are
not responsible for the Single Tux !
But they are.
If you have young children you
have perhaps noticed that disorders
of the stomach are their most cun-
men ailment I'o correct this you
win find Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets excellent. They
! an-easy and pli-usuut to lake, si d
mild and gentle iii effect. For sale
by nil dealers ! Advertisement, j
The Republican party, throm to
Governor HasWey's veto of the big
appropriating 191,0011 for the Hteti
BnarUol immigration, suspended II
tin- activities of the Htate lu the
matter of advertising the Mate's re
sources. And the Republican tick-
Is couiinitteil tfl the Hadley policies.
With every Detnorralic candidate
committed to a policy of low taxa
tion, and every Republican candi
date committed i,i Hadley ' .urn per
cent Increase, It will not fake the
average voter very long to rent I a
proper conclusion November .".tl
Executrix's Notice.
Sunn- It hereby given tbai let ten i.t
pentufl were gninte.l i n. Un lemianeii
ii the pnweti court of St.KrancuM count
it i.-' - i.. . iiii.
Mbotill on The Ktli the
on The elUIltt- of
TIIOM . I. Wl,, DeceSMll
All perSOQS lnivlnu elm, us iii,i, ,t
emuic lire rr.iillreil i, exhibit Hi
ninan,.,. n, uie r.JeeulrlX M llliln
liner rue Hale or Mllll letters
Precluded from any ben. ni al iui i.
,.. . ' " " " 1 uinis M not elhlli i,.,
WIUIIBOOe year trom tbe outr m the Ian
insertion of the piiMiratiun ..r ink not,,-,,
they ahull lie torever burred
M taVC I.AM..
Ret, S, IMS, Kxe.il.rlz.
-ill, I
uu ui-
slx mntl! Ill
they nut v
Portrait and View Specialist
While Hadley .is going about the
: Stute attacking Major, Roach and
Gordon, be takes pains to never ex
plain, nor even mention the fact of
We immediately forwarded Friend I his vet o of tbe bill reducing express
I'urley's check and letter to Hon. ' rates. He vetoed that bill nt the
Saunders Norvell, Chairman of the dictation ofJ.L. Minnie, attorney
Finance Committee of the State ! for the express companies.
Democratic Committee, Itooms
'-'ii.- in. Leathe llldg., St. Louis, aud
It is ere now helping lu the mission
on which it was sent. Editor
James T. Mradsbaw, Democratic
nominee for railroad commissioner,
may have arouied tbe lioitility of
the corporation intereiti, but he Is
a mighty safe man for the Minouri I ev for hKh Uxt an( ha n(,Ver
farmer to tie to in mis campaign. i denied It
The vigilance of Attorney-General
Billot W. Major and his assistants
thwarted the scheme of the staudpat
Republicans to disfranchise tbe l'ro
pressive puny In this State. Pro
gressives should remember to whom
they are indebted for the freedom of
the ballot.
McKlnley still stands with Had-
FREE FROM tamjsasst I
Cf c lwelthr-lilomuktCholr.
Onof lh tx money maklns combination
you on find i a drove of hog a Uit run to
omi-Tn nua an
turn nock of the
deadly Itomaco
your nock run to

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