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The Farmington times. (Farmington, St. Francois County, Mo.) 1905-1926, November 28, 1912, Image 5

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WJlAjCmdF the presents you intend to give
CZZ1 c
1 C
WatcheB and Jewelry Clocks. Solid and Silver Plated
Hoys' Watches, $1 and up. (,llr 11 f Clooka if ma Table and Taa B
' Ladies' Watches, told and surpassed by any store in Berry Bpoons
Hold Btlad. tbia part of tba Btate. n Boup Bpoons
Men's Watches, gold, gold will Bud uit what j Knives and Forks
, Cake uml 11 Knives
nilad and sliest esaaa, ,,,,,, M(ii( KrkK
. , . Silver Plated Ware-. Butter Spreaders
Wsteh Fobs mints Sugar Tongs
Chains Plain ., , Pood Maeheri
nutter Dishes ,. ,
aaklanaa Sil-ih-! ,. , . Bait and Pepper Beta
Noeaiaoes signet Fruit Stand Ladles aVs
Brooches Diamond s Bread Platea
Looks Bannblre Berry Bowla , ,, ,
1 1 , A Roe aaaortuienl "i
rl"'T .r"'"""N IUkl,!gDUh.. . '"
Cuff Buttons ropaa Chsllng Dishes Hl" "'"" 0(tuM
Bracelets Opal syrup Pitchers articles tbsl wHI make
Belt Plna ivuri Manicure Beta charming Chrletma Pres.
Scurf Pins Ac AJao Choice Out mass, snta
We keep a good line of Musical Instruments, and if you would like a Piano
Player or other Kind of Piano, an Organ, Violin or other instrument, we ran
accommodate you. Also Sewing Machines and everything pertaining thereto.
( ur prices are as low as our goods are attractive.
You are cordially inviteed to come and see uss
Established 1868,
Farmington, Missouri.
Lasmlng From the Fish.
"That's the tenth can of sardines
you have ordered." said the railway
magnate. "Aren't you afraid you will
muke yourself sick?" "I'm not eating
them," replied the employee with In
ventive genlu "I think I'm on the
track of a way to get more people
into a afreet car."
- In li , I mr
We carry everything a good drug
store should.
When you have a Prescription to be filled
bring or send it to us. We specialize on pre
scription work.
Our store is the Vino store. Your sick
room wants will have our prompt attention.
Our store is a store for the well as much
as for the ill In our Toilet Goods and Per
fumery Department wc display a complete
line of goods that should appeal to you.
You can shop with us by phone or mes
senger, and we give the orders just as care
ful attention as though you came yourself.
Our store is the Nyal store in this locality.
We are agents for the well-known Nyal
family remedies, and we do not hesitate to
recommend them.
Our store is the Kant Leek Rubber Goods
store. Hot water bags guaranteed for two
Why not come in and get acquainted? We
feel sure that once you learn about the way
we do things you will be a regular patron.
Phone 126 DRUGGIST. Phone 126
Santa Claus
Ear to the 'Phone
is anxiously waiting to receive your message.
out it off to the last minute, but det iust NOW
I I ' l I ' l .1 V. I I I I .- L 111 . :s ' I 1 V . I . II V. LliV IIH ',""1 Ul.ll iiimi
articles you can think of fur Christmas jifts. There's noth
ing better than a dainty piece of jewelry and nothing that
will give more lasting pleasure. Afhandsome pave of jewelry
or silver table ware is always appropriate and then we have
an endless v ariety of appropriate articles. Below we name a
few, hut come in and see for yourself. Don't wait COMB
NOW Shop early, so you 11 not he hurried.
Eat Albatross Egos.
The natives of Iluwall are large con.
Burners of albatross eggs which are
pecured principally from the Inland of
LayeOQ, the Hawaiian group These
ckkh are so plentiful on this Island
that they are gathered In wheelbar
rows and carried to the shore In boxes
and loaded on a small Industrial rail
has His
your loved ones and
Business College Notes.
There will he no school on Friday
following Thanksgiving, students
bating VOtod same a holiday.
Kminetl Connta, who lias been ab
sent from aohool a month, owing to
Illness, has taken up the work again
tins week.
Miss Mnrv Voting lias written
President Mootharl that she has a
specially pleasant position as
stenographer in the Study f Rev.
Mr. Abbott, pastor of the lT iitun
Avenue Christian Church, St.
Miss laella McMullin successfully
passed lief third shorthand and
typewriting test last Friday, and af
ter a rest of some ten days or two
weeks will probably : to St. Louis
to sett re a position.
Elmo Mct'lintock of (Jape Ulrat
deau came over to attend the wed
ding of his sist-r, Miss Gladys,
BltUO inform us that lie is well
pleased with his position, baring re
cently received a good increase of
Prof, Mootharl divided tin- aohool
into sections One and Two in order
to have an arithmetical contest.
The "Indents took a special interest
ill tliis work, and both sections hotly
contested lor the honors, Miss
Blanche Muff and Warden Moot
bar! were the last to represent their
respective sides, and the latter was
declared the winner, giving the Hist
honor to section g, Another class
oonteat was given in the penman
ship drill last week, llrst ami sec
ond prize, being oil,. red for the host
set ol plain bnalneaa capital letter
A eommlttl f students, Messrs.
Hauuert, Hamilton and Futon,
awarded llrst prise to Charles Bundy
of Piedmont and Dottle O'Dell of
Parmington, second. First prize
consisted ol a set if or ii amen t a I
capital letters, and the second a
funcv shaded set of business letters.
both from the pen ol Prof, Moot-
! hurl
is your husband oroaaf An irrit
Bble, fault (liulim- (lls 'ositiou js of
ten due to a disordered stomach. A
man with good digestion is nearly
always imoH natured. a great many
have been permanently cured of
stomach trouble by taking Cliamher
alu's Tablets, For salt by all deal
ers. Advertisement.
I hove in city stock pound one red
cow, white spots on hack, marked
swallow fork in each ear; lias on
small hell. Owner can get same bv
paving expenses.
H. 0. ADA MR, Marshal.
Miaa Hertha Taylor of Leadwuod
wus here Friday.
Bsorge Qrovoaa ol Oyrassl city
was hers Bandar,
Win. t ide and J . P, Spenci- went
to Bistnaroa Sunday
Mrs Win. Teticy ami daughters
were here visiting Sunday.
Mis i, Ifenaon went to Farm
liigton Tuesday to visit friends
A Carnival Company urrlved in
Homo Terrs Monday for a week's
win Wheeling, who is working
in St. Lonia, was here Saturday and
Coll i Hell and Nick; Wheeling
were n I 'ui iniuutnii Saturday and
The Hon tie Terrs fool bail team
wars badly defeated In Pennington
Tile ladies of the Congregational
Church will give a hazar at the Nat-
ItOrlUtll Dec. Ii.
Mr. C. It. Parsons, who has bean
visiting with her son, (lirurd, left
Friday for St l.ouis.
The extra gang of the M. R, A H
T. railway were turned off until
further notice Saturday
Mrs. N. B, Henry went to Flat
Klvei Tuesday to attend the Lend
Kelt Mission Board meeting.
Dr. and Mrs. S. F.Woods, Ml-sos
Mattie and Roy Plrtls and Oreli
Wilcox motored to Doe Bull S1111-
The poultry show at the Natator-
lum was it success despite (lie laci
that there wen. hut !KJ coops ol
Ida May, wile ol Us
of this city, died at the
pital lien- last Saturday of itrigbt"
Mr. Wyinan llrand returned from
( OlorMO, where he has heen tor
abOUl six months. He was injured
out there, hut is looking well now.
A telegram to Mrs. Qeorge llr-
grave announces the dangerous Ill
ness ol ReV. i osephus Stephan , well
known as a former paster here and
ut Parmington.
Rev, Dr. MoCurdy, Buperintend'
rat of the Parmington District of
the M, B. Chureh, praaobed a very
Interesting sermon at tba First
Methodist Church Tuesday night.
The revival services at Centenary
Church closed Smiduy night, and
the svangellats left Monday morn
lug. Mr. Tetlev is conslderud u
very Strong preacher, and It goes
without saying here that Mr. BtOVer
Is oae of the host chorus directors
that has struck the town There
were seventeen conversions, and
twelve additions to the Church Sun
day night.
I (iarrelt Is
Mrs. C
ipilte Hick.
Rdttor Bispllngbufl lalted .1
son Olty Baturdajr.
j. it. Allen and wite of Panning
Ion spent Monday here
Winnett Flte of Caledonia visited
ft latives here this week.
Itorii, to the wife of John F.
S icy, Nov. iiOth, ahoy.
a. I. Urav is entertaining ids
brother from Spriuglield, Ohio.
Mrs K. K. Swlnk ot Parmington
visited relatives heie Wednesday.
Mrs. Bdna Bt. Clair of st Louis
is visiting relatives here this week.
Mrs. Fannie Bryan returned home
Inst week after a prolonged stay in
!r .1. a. Raton, Representative
elect from Washington county, spent
Sunday with relatives here.
John sisk was severely burned
about the face Sunday by the pre
mature explosion of powder
,i udgs Hess and family it
dunla Were here Saturday
to Hot Springs to spend
U few
w. i. steel,, of piat River and
Mis Martha Tumbleaon uf this
place were quietly married, Thurs"
day. Nov J
W. (I F.veisole and Albert Bcliel
being spent Saturday planting
bard maple shade trees on the
Rveranle farm.
Cape School as Model.
Cape Ulrardeau, Mo., Kovembei
JO, The Baltimore Commiealou, ap
pointed to anbmlt plans for a state
normal school ut Baltimore, visited
tin Cape (iirai'deau Normal School
to-day and pronounced tliobaat of
the schools visited and will recom
mend Hint It he taken as Hie model
for the Maryland school. The com
mission is composed of Congress
man Llnthleum, state Superinten
dent Stephens, Assistant Superin
tendent Pnrdntn, Senators Campbell
and Benson, Representative Cuinm
iugs and Miss Sarah Richmond,
principal of the Baltimore Normal
Few men would worry today over
the mistakes of yesterday if It were
out neceesarv to keep on paylni for
vi i
'111 r
A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder
Dr. Wm. Sedgwick Saunders, Medical Officer
erf Health of the city of London, Eng., was
good Enough to say that a long and univer
sal experience has proved a cream of tartar
powder the most efficient, safe and econ
omical, making food which could not be
deleterious to the most delicate BtOflMdk
In England the sale of baki; s er
containing alum is absolutely prohibited.
w. T. Newhy was in Parmington
tliis week attending court.
Monroe Kerlagon has his new
residence aUOUt completed.
Mr. and. Mrs. Robert Hood were
in Parmington on legul husineHs
Tit ford, son of David F. Plnkaton,
wlio has had penumonla, is con
valescent. Marvin Newhy of Dayton, Wash.,
was here last wock visiting bis
brother, W. T. Newhy.
M. A. Patterson has the founda
tion of his new harn completed. The
bam will he M by t(l feet.
Fred l.antlolt lias sold his farm to
his sou, Kd i.audolt, and intends
to move to Bonne Tana,
Van Cunningham has sold his farm
to John Ituhh, and has removed to
Farmini;tou, liuvim; hout;ht the
Johnson hoarding house.
tteorgs Richardson has sold his
farm to It. W. I'igg, and Mr. Rich
ardson has bought what is known as
the LtUrleu AuRuohou farm
"It is a pleasure to tell you thut
('bauiberlaln'a Cough Remedy Is the
liesl collltll IlleUlcllie 1 have ever
used," writes Mrs. Hugh Campbell,
ol LaOUlS( tin. "1 have used it
with all my children and (he results
hsve heen highly satisfactory."
For sale by all dealers. Advertise
incut The Use of Lemons.
It is well for people to know he
fore lyphold fever comes walking
Into their homes that Dr. Asa Fer
guson of London. Knglaud, has dis
covered that lemon Juice is a deadly
foe of typhoid bacilli, and will cause
the germs to shrivel up and die al
most immediately.
A few drops of lemon juice in a
glass of drinking water will kill any
typhoid germs that may he in the
WSter, and make the drinker Immune
from typhoid fever.
There are a :ront many t nines
that lemons are good for besides
making the refreshing lemonade.
Moat everyone knowa that to take
hot lemonade when going to bed is
good io break up a oold, Not so
many may know thut the Juice of
half a lemon In a cup of black cof
fee, without any sugar, Will cure
sick headache,
'To take a Strong, unsweetened le
monads before hrenkfiist will also
prevent uml cure a billintts attack.
To take lemon Juice mixed very
thick with sugur will relieve that
annoying, tickling cough.
II you drink a ulassof water with
lemon juice iqucaacd in ii every
morning it will keep your stomach
in good order mid prevent yon from
having dyspepsia.
When you have a hud headache
rub slices of lemon along the temple,
and it will hooii give relief.
it is good if a bee or Insect sting
you to put a few drops of lemon
Juice on the spot.
To saturate u doth with lemon
Juice and hind on a cut or wound
will stop the bleeding.
If your fruit juices, such as
cherry, strawberry, etc., do not jell
readily, add lemon juice to them,
ahd it will cause them to Jell.
Lemon juice and salt is good to
remove iron rust.
If you .have u corn that hothers
you rub It with a lemon after taking
a hot hath, and cut away the corn.
Now, if you want to have a beau
tiful complexion squeeze lemon
Juice into a quart of milk and rob it
on your face night and morning.
There are many imefnl things that
jy m
lemon t will do for you Ifynuont)
know What '.hey are and try thorn.
They should he used more freely
than they are in most homes and
they might save you doctor hills.
Philadelphia Reccrd.
One Killed Eight Injured.
A Poplar illuff dispatch of the !Bd
says that one man wbk killed and
elRht others injured, two probably
fatally, win ighty-flvo Micks of
dynamite exploded in Frank Kit
tredge's storv, five miles south of
Poplar Hltiff.
The victims of the explosion wore
employes of the Paul Lumhcr Com
pany mill and lived at a hoarding
house near the Htore. They were
awakened by the mill whistle when
the tire started, had formed a buekot
brigade, and were attempting to save
the hoarding house when the ex
plosion occurred
I nros of the i were knocked
from the roof the house uud live
hurled from i. 1 , iy the force ol
the blSSt. The store building was
J completely wrecked, uud tba board
ing house badly damaged.
j Charles Coonec woe crushed un
der wall and killed. The Injured
were: Fred Sharp, right nrm
broken, lace and limlis cut uud
bruised, John A sfahundro, nose
blown off , face and body brulaad;
probably win die. Waiter Lane,
badly out and burned. Arthur Ham
mon, bruleeti and burned, Fred Al
lison, body crushed; prohahly will
, die.
T. J. Cbaoey, agad MO years, com
mitted suicide on the 12th. Bo
lived with his son, Drew Chancy,
near Curdtotl, Stoddard county. The
Hloomfield Vindicator says he left
the supper table Wednesday hvcii
! Ing, went out into tin. yard and ly
ing down , shot himself in the hack
of the head with revolver.
Market for Broken Glut.
Broken k'us Iiks e. market. Koran
of II Is around In tine, powdsr-ltka
pari Idea und uaed for various pur
poses. At other times It is remelted
and uiude Into new glass ohjecta.
S '.Aia.A.
I li I'leni
W. P
'. 11. I. AM.,
. ves . oaahlsr,
s.iiiliis uml profit 950,000.00
Dom I. '!, rui Baaklag ami Sa
ctiKDk-e baslese.
InlerSMl pel, SO time dspOSftS,
iDftur-ul sKidnst huritlMrr In tl..-
ptdeltts uml Osaesttv 0o. of N.v
ftp::tary ol founty fundi.
: iLUaV TIOMS a hi'scialty.
- - Masosisaa - - -
I'eter 'Jiessiiig, J. K. Klciit.
'.V. F. Doss, M. p. Capet,
w. k. I.aug, a. J. fcwart,
W, M. Itnrlaii.
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