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The Farmington times. (Farmington, St. Francois County, Mo.) 1905-1926, May 15, 1913, Image 6

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What Ails You?
"Very .'.11. Misp Clement," 1 agreed.
"1 will wall '!ii"' days. It Is now Sat
gible, i shall im' on my way to Mul
berry Btreet."
Sunday was With mo a day of Im
patience i fretted now at confine
meat, for my ankle was quit,- strong
br.i in. ami I was perfectly wet In
other reapectB, ton Bui my physician
bad sot Monday for my llrst day out,
nnd lw refused to concede even a,
twenty-four-hour change of plan. Bui
I chafed mora even at the Inactivity
to which i had agreed concerning
om no-, thaa at tbo confinement, ah
t once, i had becomt Imbued with a
rvecesslty for prompt and Strenuous
measures. Some awful tiling. I know
not wli:.'. seemed omlBOUBly imtnl-
nent, and remorse tor.; at me torment
Early Monday, i lelepbonad Mi
Cletneni for tidings of iisr progress,
tint abi' could only Implore me to wait,
he bad nothing to report, but flic
was encouraged. With my bands thus
'id diversion was my only refuge, and
,in accumulatloa of ofBoe work into
which i plunged t.' rved, in part ut
least, this purpose,
Evelyn ami Mrs Lancaster had
ifimi' in from Greenwich and opeuad
upiK'r rJlftti avenue, facing tin park;
ind ho cause tbe tin had made ma
little !-, aim When I 'ami away It
.vas with strengthened hope of speedy
It Is my habit lo gl.mce over the
sertler editions of nil the evening pa
pers before leaving my office, and lat
er, either on the train to QreenWlch
or, when In town, ut my dub, to read
more carefully the later issues or ths
Nws and Btar, On this particular
day, however, a sueresiilon of matters
of ruor Importance prevented my
looking at so much as a headline, un
til, seated at dinner, in the club res
taurant. I 8"w on window ledge be
Bldo mo one of the more sensational
of the afternoon dallies, and appro
prtatcd It in lieu of better companion-
It -aa one of those Journals Which,
In catering to tbe tastes of the prole-mi-tat,
ootsceive it wise to minimize
their reerenoes to Wall street, save
wh.es a parked slump or Vamu
at tfaoso of the misbinn ii Dander's
brokers, Hatch & Hastings, elusion
Was the keynote of tbo answers to all
"Whether Mr. Cameron !s as 111 as
Is reported, or whether he Is quits
robust, the effect of the gossip on
Crystal Consolidated was disastrous.
A slump of fifteen points In two hours,
this afternoon, wiped out many weak
I) margined sccounts, and spread ruin
among a number of sh dilators who
fondly Imagined this law-defying
trust, of which Cameron is the sup
porting Atlas, as firmly Intrenched as
Is the government Itself.
"Unless something definite is forth
coming regarding Mr. Cameron's con
dition before the market opens tomor
row, a panic in Crystal Conaolldated
Is predicted. It closed today at 10!
hid, 103 asked; the lowest liguros re
corded Ibis year."
Ii startled me. because !i allowed
that at loasl a part of tbe secret we
were guarding was a secret no longer;
BBd it perplexed me because I could
not fancy through what channel these
somewhat distorted facts had tillered
Into publicity, I had no doubt that
the ball, haying been sot lulling In
this last, inn, would gain both In vol
ume and momentum unless some ener-
getlfl measure! wcro promptly taken
lo check it. And yet, what, under the
eircutttatanoaa, oould we do? subter
fuge, I knew, would bo useless, and
the truth must prove an accelerant,
in haste and with diminished nppo-
llte I rushed through my dinner, and
a mono nl Utter was speeding up th.e
avenue as fast as a taXlcab cuuld car
ry me, with l he Cameron mansion my
destination and a consultation with
Evelyn Grayson my object.
It must not be imagined that in this
matter I cxpectuil any weighty assist
ance from a young woman of such lim
ited experience; but she was practi
cally alone in the great house and I
could well Imagine how already re
porters must bo vying one with anoth
er to wring from her admissions con
cerning her uncle.
To my Infinite relief I round that
she had returned the word, "Not at
home," to all such callers. Inquiries
from other sources had been met in
similar fushlon. Officers or the com
pany had called In person or had tel
egraphed, and Hatch ft Hastings bad
been almost acgravattngly Insistent.
"But. Evelyn," 1 Bald, "tola la ail
I , I II
it i
(be nlcii
Opposite the Cathedra'.
calitlea In New York which nre mora
widely awake at that hour than at
any other time of day, hut the high
way of fnahloa is not one of 'N-m:
and in tbe neighborhood of Fiftieth
street. Its repose Is as profound a at
any point of its long, undevintlngly
straight courae.
For over an hour 1 had waited In
that sumptuous white marble club edl
Bee of the plutocrats which oatanta
tlouBly punctuates 'be avenue til Six
tieth Btreet, and, tired of sitting, nerv
ous and disappointed, I had chosen to
walk il'iwn to my rooms, believing
that th" exerefss in the clear, fi sty
air would serve to counteract, In a
measure at least, all thre,, ,,r thaaa I
To the limit rf sight there strel lied
away a double, converging dinii, of
twin lights marking the curb line for
endless blocks, and lllumioatlns the
nearer sidewalk and roadway, If not
to effulgei certainly with a clearly
defining radiance. Now and -hen I
met a quick-stepping pedestrian, usu
ally In evening dress with Cigar alight;
and at more or less brief Intervals
llmoualned motors and taxlcabi with
gleaming lamps sped by me b.1 top
Speed. Once a hansom pass. , the
hoof-beata or the bard-driven horse re
sounding Jarringly against the night
At Fifty fourth street I cut dlnaonal-
y across the avenue to the wesl side, I
and, continuing my way southward,
absorbed in the problems eonf rontttag I
me, hud been for a little quite lost to I
encompassing objects. Then, sudden
ly, fearing lest In my BbBtrSction 1
should pass the street on whit ii my I
rooms were located, I aroused '::yself
to get an idea of my location
Arross the way the grim facade of
the Cathedral rising dark and sullen :
as a fortress mado all clear But, on 1
my own side of the avenue th. had
been no such distinguishing mark The
brown stone gweuinga, monotonously
ugly, with their high stoops ami babu I
j traded areas, were no more enlighten
' lug iban the stone flagging of tin. side- ,
! walk or the asphalt of the roadway.
Scores of blocks presented prai leally
the mime aspect as this. But as with
critical gaze I measured one afier an- I
other of theae combinations I was all !
I at onoo arrested by sight of a tall, )
bent figure clutching the high iron rail- i
lugs which guarded the avenue front
j age of the house on the corner tbe
only really Individual houo In the
j row.
My first rough concept was that I
' had come upon tnoajablllt resulting
mporahro. At clob.-r vlCW,
I tempered my ju d g mc n t. I the morning, greeted me with bccom
iblllty of Illness or injury in tag Imperturballllty. I reeogntaed hira
and I paused Samaritan r.kejiis on,. f j). ,. from Cragholt, Slid
linear The Wayfarer was ovt-1 called him by aana.
man of middle ag If 1 might "Stephen," 1 side, with tin effort to
it hi! wan trust
i f, et by sheer m
th railing's Iron
w re 1m nt tlirt ;
" I
aad i
not until
his In tiii
time, I
try to set d
tollowed mud
to my fir
I WW floi
ipinetess manikin; and
him eagerly with a flood
e might have been a deaf
he answers he accorded I
thought be shook his
lion, but 1 was luter
I ml- that this was Invol-
tuntered a
is of pros
loo of the
i return,
Ming than
e it was
depression In the roadway
Y'ct In spite of his sorriiK
ence and demeanor In spite
tormenting mystery of hi
which wa
the mysti
at least a
alive and
that were
y of his de
relief lo kno
out of the l
bent upon his harm Coo, I
lupled with skilful medical
on, bad Just worked wonders
'. and I was confident that it
do t lie same for him: and then
for t
we should have facts ami not theories
to aid us In our quest ror the culprits,
and, eventually, in the administration
or Justice to th' guilty.
1 iiail given the cabman th,? number
of Hie Cumeron house and admonished
him to make all possible speed; so,
wllh the long lash of tbe whip snap
ping sharply at brief intervals and the
jaded horse, thus urged, bounding nl a
clumsy, lumbering gallop, we rolled
noisily northward. Having given over
the effort to obtain from my follow
passenger even u gestured answer to
my must pertinent Inquiries. I turned
my mind to what lny before us. The
Cameron establishment would doubt
less lie fast locked In slumber ns well
as otherwise, hut I made small ques
tion of mj ability to rouse soma of Hie
Servants, My hope, however, was not
to awaken ICvelyn It could mean only
a night's reBt lost for her, for she
could gain nothing by seeing her uiMle
at this hour, considering his condition
I was Mil busy planning when a
mighty band on the lines brought our
horse to his haunches, and ourselvu
nearly out through the suddenly part
ed apron; and the Cameron residence
loomed massive and dark ::n our right.
As 1 stepped to the sidewalk the
driver descended, too, but , motioned
him back.
"Never mind, thank you." I said
"I'll get some ono from Inside to help
carry him." And In a moment my
thumb was on the pushbutton and
faintly there came back to mo through
heavy double doors the fnr-off echo of
tbo bell, Jarring against the silenco of
the great house.
The promptness with which chains
fell and bolts were drawn surprised
me. And yet, 1 suppose, it was mere
ly an evidence of the perfect man
agement of an establishment wherein
every contingency Is provided against.
A footman, as Irreproachably liveried
and groomed as though tbe time ware
midday instead of after two o'clock fa
nt wit
aaotMr man i
twakaa Mr. c
i. but I
shea." 1
tier, ne Bao i luted t nmeroB
ie haaaon aad carried i t m up
Kill flight of granite itepi, bo
the massive guarding lions, and
bim in a great chair in the
'foto the whic, sculptured Bra-
vnd though this would probably
the mom exciting topic or Hie
I' hi; II for weeks to coma, he
pan In other than tho usual,
kabeedy, the hath r, however,
no 1, n perfect a aervltor, wag
irlvlleged; and Louis, volatile
most characferlatlQ of bis coun
. collapsed utterly, without tt
parently, ai any restraint what
Tbe former'i laleraat was eri
in a oommlseratingly luguhri
age ai d ;i few blunt questions,
Frenchman wept and sobbed
3 leas sympathy. And I bad it
ine m
. ruddy and roM
11 tbe world llki
r he wort' a bat!
fcnd bis crown an
ven tonsure, star
ill Silence, Then,
d for a
moment in
nit baa happened to Mr Cam-
I could toll you. Checks
is my unguarded reply "I
uld teii us himself."
Is so wasted, sir! And his
clotbea. I never saw Mr. Cameron In
such clothes."
It was quite true
what Is ended. I bell
They wero oi
, a p, pper-nnd
Salt mixture, coarse of texture and Ill
cut, yet not much worn.
"He does not recognize us," Checks
needy went on, "and at 111 he Is con
si Inns. May I ask you, Blr, where you
bim from?"
e to lgnoro the question, in
sudden r
at Ion of the necessity of
"And lie has boon missing a month,
they say. sir. Ib that true. Mr. Clyde?"
"Ml BOing!" I repeated "Who Bays
he lias been missing?"
"The servants all say so, sir."
"Than tbo servants must get rbl of
he Idea, at once," I said, sharply. "Mr.
Cameron hns merely been out of town
for n while. He went awny ror hli
health, and new he has returned, bene
fited. Do you understand. Checks
beedy? He has returned, benefited.
And now, you and Louis will get him
'o his room, while I telephone for Dr.
Chockebesdy bowed, assenting, and
LouiB, still whimpering, willed ill!
It was nearly four o'c lock when the
physician left his patient and Joined
mo In the library downstairs Hlj face
was very grave.
"I have examined Mr Cameron thor
oughly," he said, "and I can assure
sou that he la not seriously Injured."
Tbo phrase oienod up a new line of
tbajught to me.
'Seriously Injured?" I repeated. "I
don't understand, Doctor Do you
mi an that "
"I mean," be Interrupted,
blow on the back of the he
t:o fracture."
"Then lie was struck?"
"Undoubtedly. Probably
"that the
nd caiibod
sandbag. Hence his present dazed -wn-ditlon.
Had the blow been delivered
With mora force, it might have result
ed in complete loss of memory, You
have henrd, of course, of Instances
where nun have forgotten even their
own names?"
I nodded.
"Mr. Cameron will regain his mem
ory. It's merely a temporary matter. 1
have telephoned for a man nurse foi
him one who understands auch canee,
He will be here In twenty minutes. At
present Mr. Csmeron Is sleeping, j
am In hopes that when he awakens his
mind will be comparatively riser."
j A n inwiUti'in tg nit ndil by Doctor fldrw eje
sssf to every gjrk nrl ti;'n m.11 or wtimnn to am
2 oorwjlt ttxi Faculty or tli! dr Hot! "J
j- f JIufTal i, N. Y Irr UUr. Wn it your eg
imnpti'fr fully ami frankly. rrt rvrrv S3
J2 litttcr will I xi careful' y ronaidurvl, fully
H anmrrriI and ita gfat.-mnnLi IW.I at jj
BlTicllj priyaloeud aMMUf conlkluaUh). m
Dr. Plerce'a
I 1 eca Discovery j
mntira for rirti, frur ' and thaa In- 5
vtgdraf tho uyntem K-ir a ittrpid liver jj
t Ft-v Its atlrriiiant indignation, tlyeMa, S
fi I'-adache-, ixrhai ditxtm " , mil Eareath, S5
SJ IWaty t'OilU tl tot i"ic wi ll liltUT lrit, eaa
mm I ijm of atpetlt with dintrn r fiftcr oat- S
C Ins, r.TvomtujiHj aad tk'UsiLf, luiUting w S3
2 til fcJwO.
U NTi:i(i-NI'S, i-lt her a. ID Knritll
"t.t-ullnr," id.' h Arm ((, bland, licver falllo
m.ih i nre mi i tiinplKxIun nVgiiitirlfr. WrH
1 It VN HViUKNIt O.. It.-niltnu. Pa.
Tor lllnntmt.-il lllmi llnnk rt.'t' rinlnil
l,;.T-k lurin l.ciil- ..f ,.:,l.-tn N I Hik ttk
WM M Ul.llKlUU l.u.l.ili. Nn Oak.
I BBS you have u new rook. ' trnld
Mrs. Keen, uh sbe smiled ut tbo host
tH across the table
"Yes," replied tbe hostess, "How
did you know .'"
"I've been studylni tbe thumb
prints on the plates," replied Mrs.
r, BettevB 'ii.' ruin ,r n Barn Enounitv
tAk, . .ill nil uctitiiiiiiiiiliin in on,. Snv, ni)i.ljr itlfl
.li.rful. .ml rrilabl OH- PUUTSUH AKTiHUP
IIKAi.lM; 'II. HoliaTM I'.i'n anil Inula 01
iaaM iimn. He, fiSs. li.ui.
I)'iif mutes in
Hons speak lo
lot It
rich in cub ati va Qtiaunaa
fbo antlaritii kflWdll 10 lo ihakt-n Into Mm kl''aV
If ? : wittit rot nud eoaiforl fof ' : atinnu,
' : . RiTnallriK ff t, af f Allcn'fi Kint-K-nw ll m
li.v ctmi and bunions of nil . n nnd pWMll
t-. to ntid IMlHoM sniiia. iwti XI. ttuntf fur
l : lnnlcs. PMMl LeMleMf ttwm ii nd (f
BrMkt9g in Nowriho-v l ti teMsnMaii mfirt
e.-. tivt ry vt tl a.'. Try If t id.iv. rtll i-yiTywh'-m,
et- t-. lon"f 'W. t iuu"lWute. For FKUK trial
. add ruaa AUi ur. UluuUid, Im Hoy, N. Y.
A It in,; - Inflrmltltrt, auch oh allicslsh
iiiwfl, weak kl.lm vf und tnrpltl llvrr.
Tuft's Pills
lime n ppcclflc rtlect on thewp orran,
ftllmuLttlne thsbawSlB, Klvm nuturnl Action,
und tmpurtfi vlgnr tu the whole syt jcm.
Very Plain Criticism.
Children arc not always grateful bi
Injts, and they arc notably hard to on-
tertaln. At a birthday party a kimiiy
natured adult had tolled hard in tin
effort to amuse the Children by mi nun
of parlor magic, vi(nl riloriuhin, nur-
lesqae dancing and the like Thi
other adults proecnt were high!)
aroused, und soma of the children
deigned to chuckle mildly. Tbe mothei
or the hoHtess, bower or, fell that full
Justice hud not been rendered, ro bv
fore announcing refreebnentB siie tool
paiim to thank the entertalnor, mid to
call tim attention of the youngsters ta
in girts.
"Mr. Illank Is very funny, 1st 't ho,
children?" She concluded.
Krom the rear of th, room came a
Eiuiall, dhrlll voice:
"Yi-Bsum. but not so funny ,is he
he thliiks hS in!"
Young Financier.
Kri ddle came into the house ont
day and said that the woman next
door liad offered him a penny If hi!
would tell what his mother hud said
about her.
"I'm so Rind you didn't toll," re
marked li Im tnotlipr. "I wouldn't
have her know lor anything that I
even DtentlOB her. You're u wiao lit
tie boy, my dear."
"You bet. I BU," returned Froddli
"When she offered me the penny 1
told her that what yon said was some
thing awful und It WM worth half a
dollar "
Pale by Compariton.
"You have a large library'- Do you
read much?"
"Not much. I have never yet been
able to llud a set of books that was so
Interesting as the talk of the ageui
who SOld It to mo."
Queer Trouble.
"Wc nro having B hard time with
that smoke."
"A hard timet That's odd. It s
from soft coal."
Pro,icr Food Put the Troubles Away.
Our own troubles always seem motg
severe than any othc-rB. Hut a hen a
man is unable to eat even a light
breakfast, for years. Without severe
distress, he has trouble enough.
It la small wonder he likes lo tell ot
food which cleared away the troubles.
"I am glad of the opiirlunity to
tell of the good (Irape Nuts has done
for me," writes a N. II. man. ' For
many years I was unable to eat even
a light breakfast without great Buffer
ing. "After sating I would suddenly bo
seized with an attack of colic and
vomiting. This would be followed by
headache and misery that would somiv
times last u week or more, leaving me
so weak 1 could hardly sit up or walk.
"Since I began to eat Crape Nuts 1
have been free from the old troubles
I usually eat drape-Nuts one or mora
times a day. taking it at the beginning
of tlie meal. Now I can eat almost
anything I want without trouble.
"When I began to usu Grape NutB I
was way under my usual weight, now I
welsh 30 pounds more than 1 ever
Weighed In my life, and I am glad tf
speak of the food that haB worked the
Change." Name given by PoBtum Co,
Battle Oreek, Mich. Read the little
booklet, "Tho Uoad to Wellville," in
page. "There's u Reason."
Breer rcml Hie nl.ow- lettrrf A w
M epailNSe from (lm to Mm.-. TBc?
rr ...ii.. . true, and fall of hujuae

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