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AMif flninnmrTni
Gently cleanse your liver and
sluggish bowels while
you sleep.
Get m 10-cont box.
Stck headache, biliousness, dizzi
ness, coated tongue, foul taste and fou
breath always trace them to torpid
liver; delayed, fermenting food In the
bowels or sour, gassy stomach.
Poisonous matter clogged in the In
testines, Instead of being cast out
of the system Is re-absorbed into the
blood. When this poison reaches the
delicate brain tissue It causes con
gestion and that dull, throbbing, sick
ening headache.
Casearets immediately cleanse the
Atomach, remove the sour, undigested
food and foul gases, take the excess
bile from the liver and carry out all
the constipated waste matter and
poiKons in the bowels.
A Cascaret to-night will surely
straighten you out by morning. They
work, while you sleep a 10-cent box
from your druggist moans your head
clear, stomach sweet and your liver
and bowels regular for months. Adr.
Her Own Way.
A. F. Thorn, the representative of 83
per cent of America's railroads be
fore the Newlands committee, said at
a dinner:
"The railroads are not Utopian.
They know the kind of world it Is, and
they don't ask Impossibilities. ,
"In fact, the railroads of late years
have come to have the rather
grim outlook of the chap whose girl
"Oh, no, George, I don't see how I
could possibly marry you. You know
I always want my own way In every
thing.' "Ton could keep on wanting It,'
said George, 'after we were married.' "
The Cause of Dry, Thin and Falling
Hair and Does It Quickly Trial Free.
Anoint spots of dandruff, itching nnd
Irritation with CuUcura Ointment. Fol
low at once by a hot shampoo with
CuUcura Soap, If a man, and next
morning if a woman. When Dandruff
toes the hair comes. Use CuUcura
Soap dally for the toilet
Free sample each by mall with Book.
Address postcard, CuUcura, Dept. L,
Boston. Sold everywhere. Adv,
Squelching a Dealer.
"Can I sell you some antiques, sir?"
"What have you In stock?"
"I've got a chair George Washlng
. "ton sat In, a cradle Jenny Lin 1 was
rocked in, a mirror used by Cutlierlno
the Great of Russia, and "
"Say no more. Those things are
eoinparaUvoly modern."
"But consider, sir "
"I want some real antiques. In fact,
I am anxious to acquire the set of
tools used by Noah in building the
au-k." Brooklyn Citizen.
X well known actress gives the follow
ing: recipe for gray hair: To half pint of
water a4d 1 os. Bay Rum, a small box of
Bftrbo Compound, and oz. of glycerine.
Any druerglBt can put this up or you can
mix It at home at very lit tie cost. Full
directions for making and UBe come In
each box of Bar bo Compound. It will
eradaally darken streaked, faded gray
hair, and make It soft and glossy. It will
no color the scalp. Is not sticky or
creasy, and does not rub off. Adv.
Long Way Around.
With his three sons a Russian who
lives ordinarily just ten hours by rail
from Petrograd Is now en route to
that capital. To get Uiere he was
obliged by the German captors of VII
na to go by wny of America. He esti
mates that the ordinary ten-hour jour
ney will cost him $2:000. And Hint is
Just another instance of the old say
ing that the longest way round is the
shortest way through. Houston Post.
Whenever You Need a General Tonic
Take Grove's
The Old Standard Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic is squally valuable as a Gen
eral Tonic because it contains the well
known tonic properties of QUININE and
IRON. It acts ob the Liver, Drives out
Malaria. Enriches the Blood and Builds
op the Whole System. SO cents
So Near and Yet So Far.
"What are you cooking, mamma?"
asked four year-old Margaret.
"Cauliflower, dear," answered her
A few minutes later Margaret saw
her father approaching and, running
to him, said, "Papa, what do you flnk
we are going to have for supper?"
"I don't know; what is it V"
"Why. er, caterpillar 1"
mnd constant use will burn out the
scalp. Cleanse the scalp by shampoo
ing with "La Creole" Hair Dressing,
and darken. In the natural way, those
ogly, griszly hairs. Price, $1.00. Adv.
Dearly Bought Knowledge.
She What does It mean when the
name of a stock In the stock market
quotations has the letters "w. 1." after
He (who dldnt know himself until
be bought on a 5-point raargiu) Wast
ed Income, as far as I can discover.
wonld rather borrow than
bHi"g or stealing.
It s man finds marriage a failure ne
an pot It all in his wlfo's name.
Is Now and Will Continue to Be Real
Highway Problem of Kansas
Management Is Lacking.
Earth read maintenance now is and
win continue for Mm rears to bo the
real roml problem of Kansas, since It Is
nut likely Hint more than a very small
per cent of the highways will be paved
In tills generation.
"Practically nil the work done on an
earth road," says W. S. Ccurhnrr, pro
fessor of highway engineering in the
Kansas State Agricultural college, and
state highway engineer, "except reduc
tion of grades, correction of horizontal
alignment, halldlng of drainage struc
tures, and elimination of railway grade
crossings, Is temporary nnd should
property be considered maintenance.
"Doing permanent work Is n compar
atively easy matter, for when once It
Good Road in Kansas.
Is done correctly It will last for a num
ber of years. The maintenance of an
earth road, however, Is ti never-ending
job. It is like milking the cows
and doing other chores, for the builder
knows that the work of maintenance
will have to be done over and over
again nnd can never feel that it Is In
any sense permanent.
"For this reason the earth road has
n bad reputation. The trouble Is not
so much with the material of which
the road is composed as with our sys
tem or lack of system of management.
Oilier types of roads when treated as
we treat the earth roads are much
more expensive and serve the trnveling
public little if any belter. The vast
Improvement that can be made on our
present earth roads by Intelligent di
rection In their construction and main
tenance is little realized by the pub
lic, nnd the serviceability of a prop
erly maintained earth road Is not ap
preciated when compared with other
types of roads ns to cost of construc
tion. "Successful construction and main
tenance of any kind of a road depends
upon the recognition by the public nnd
I lie builders of a few fixed and funda
mental requirements.
"One practical, well-paid road build
er should be made responsible for the
upkeep of a certain section of road
and should be employed throughout
the year, his tenure of office being
made dependent entirely upon the
Character of N services rendered. The
graded portion of the road should be
elevated and crowned so that the wa
ter from every section of the road
surface will flow Into the side ditches."
Substantial Reasons Why Farmera
Should Get Together1 and Save
Cost of Poor Highways.
The road that connects your farm
with the nearest town has more fo do
with the cost of living, doubtless, than
you realize. Hnye you ever thought
that every product you sell and every
arUcle you buy must be hauled over
the road ; that your teams und vehicles
or your automobile must bear the
"wear and tear" caused by a rough
road to sell farm products or to bring
the necessities from the town?
The fact that your neighbor must
also pay the high cost of bad roads Is
all the better reason why you, he nnd
the rest of the neighborhood should
get together and Improve the road to
save some of this expense. What you
and your neighbors lose In hauling
farm products over bad roads would
soon build a good road and give you
quick nnd satisfactory service.
How long can you afford such loss?
Aud when shall the road be improved?
Increased Expenditures.
In 1904 the actual cash road end
bridge expenditure in the United
States averaged slightly less than $28
per mile of rural roads. In 1015 the
cash road and bridge expenditure had
Increased to an average of $109 per
mile of road.
Crop Success or Failure.
While weather is perhaps the most
Important factor in crop yield, certain
controllable conditions of soil nnd seed
often determine the success or failure
of the crop.
- , .. .... ..- . . V
They Invested Some of Their
Spare Money in Canadian
S. Joseph ft Sons, of Des Moines,
Iowa, are looked upon as being shrewd,
careful business men. Having some
spare money on hand, and looking for
a suitable investment, they decided to
purchase Canadian lands, and farm it
With the assistance of the Canadian
Government Agent, at Des Moines,
Iowa, they made selection near Cham
pion, Alberta. They put 240 acres of
land In wheat, and In writing to Mr.
Hewitt, the Canadian Government
Agent at Des Moines, one of the mem
bers of the firm says :
"I have much pleasure In advising
you that on our farm five miles cast
of Champion, In the Province of Al
berta, Canada, this year (1916 we har
vested and threshed 10,600 bushels of
wheat from 240 acres, this being an
average of 44 bushels and 10 pounds
to the acre. A considerable portion
of the wheat was No. 1 Northern,
worth at Champion approximately
$1.85 per bushel, making a total return
of $19,610, or an average of $81.70 per
acre gross yields. Needless to say, we
are extremely well pleased with our
It might not be uninteresting to read
the report of C. A. Wright of Mllo,
Iowa, who bought 160 acres at Cham
pion, Alberta, for $3,300 In December,
1915. He stubbled In the whole lot of
rt, nnd threshed 4,487 bushels Grade
No. 2 Northern.
Mr. Wright, being a thorougli busi
ness man, gives the cost of work, and
the amount realized. These figures
show thut after paying for his land
and cost of operation he hud $2,472.67
4,487 bushels, worth $1.55 at
Champion $0,954.85
Threshing bill, 11c
per bushel $ 493.57
Seed at 95c 144.00
Drilling 160.00
Cutting 100.00
Twine;' 60.00
Shocking 40.00
Hauling to town, 3c. 134.01
Total cost $1,182.18
Cost of land 3,300.00
$4,482.18 $4,482.18
Net profit after paying for
farm and all cost of opera
tion $2,472.07
Meant It All Right.
Musical Instrument Denier (to new
boy) Now, If while I am out a custo
men wnnts to look at a mandolin, llute
or piccolo, you know what to show
Boy Yes, sir.
Dealer And suppose be should want
to see a lyre?
Boy I'd ask him to wait until you
came In, sir. Boston Evening Tran
Save Your Hair! Get a 25 Cent Bottle
of Danderine Right Now Also
Stops Itching Scalp.
Thin, brittle, colorless and scraggy
hair is mute evidence of a neglected
scalp; of dandruff that awful scurf.
There Is nothing so destructive to
the hair as dandruff. It robs the hair
of Its luster. Its strength and its very
life; eventually producing a feverlsh
ness and Itching of the scalp, which
if not remedied causes the hair roots
to shrink, loosen nnd die then the
hair falls out fast A little Danderine
tonight now any time will surely
save your hair.
Get a 25 cent bottle of Knowlton's
Danderine from any store, and after
the first application your hair will
take on that life, luster and luxuriance
which is so beautiful. It will become
wavy and fluffy and have the appear
ance of abundance; an Incomparable
gloss and softness, but what will
please you most will be after just a
few weeks' use, when you will actual
ly see a lot of fine, downy hair new
hair growing all over the scalp. Adv.
Vigorous Action.
"If people in New England are going
to stop caterwauling at night by law,
how are they going to do it?"
"Well, not by any pussy-foot meth
ods." Important to Mother
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
for infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
In Use for Over SO Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Its Merit
"That piece Is a regular horse
"But you must admit It is well
You will look ten years younger if yoo
darken your ugly, grizzly, gray hairs by
using "La Creole" Hair Dressing. Adv.
"The truth lies somewhere."
"Strange conduct that, for the
Feeding Should Be Governed by AnU
mat's Capacity to Produce Milk
Good Rules for Winter.
The feeding of the dairy cow should
be governed by the cow's capacity to
produce milk. By keeping a dally
record of each cow's production, the
skillful feeder soon finds that some
cows In the herd respond to an In
creased allowance of feed and return
a good profit on It, while others are
limited in milk capacity and overfeed
ing them is unprofitable. Profitable
feeding requires a thorough knowl
edge of the individual cows as well as
of the values of feeds.
The following general rules will be
found Invaluable as a guide for win-
Mature Ayrshire Cow With Record of
11,708 Pounds of Milk and 536
Pounds of Butter.
ter feeding by the Inexperienced
1. Under most circumstances the
cow should be fed all the roughage
Unit sue will eat up clean, adjusting
the grain ration to the milk produc
tion. Only when the cow tends to be
come overfat should the quantity of
roughage be restricted.
2. A grain mixture should be fed
In the proportion of 1 pound to each
3 pints or pounds of milk pro
duced by the cow, except in the
case of the cow producing a flow of
40 pounds or more, when the ration
can be 1 pound to each 34
or 4 pounds of milk. An even
better rule is 1 pound of grain each
day for every pound of butterfat pro
duced by the cow during the week.
3. Feed nil the cow will respond to
In milk production. When she begins
to put on flesh, cut down the grain.
Don't Walt Until Animals Commence
to Die of Blackleg Before Ad
ministering Treatment
(By O. II. GLOVER. Colorado Agricul
tural College, Fort Collins.)
Calves should be vaccinated for
blackleg twice a year, making It a
regular chore, and do not wait until
they begin to die before getting ready.
The period of ordinary susceptibility
ranges from three months to two nnd
one-half years. Most of the vaccine
on the market is reliable and the un
satisfactory results are usually due
to carelessness on the part of the
farmer in not following directions in
using It.
The agricultural college distributes
the government bluckleg vaccine free
to farmers of Colorado. Orders for
vaccine will not be filled promptly,
however, unless the uppllcnnt states
that he has a vaccinating outfit, which
s very necessary to udmlnister vac
cine in tills form. A pellet injector
will not do, neither will a hypodermic
syringe, without the remainder of the
outfit, for placing the vaccine in solu
Article Made by Farmer Should Top
the Market Creamery Has Lit
tle Control of Cream.
There is no reason In the world why
the farmer cannot make butter of high
er quality than that made at the
creamery, according to N. E. Olson, In
structor in dairy husbandry in tBe
Kansas sato agriculture, college. '
"The farmer can keep his cream In
excellent condition," says Mr. Olson,
"while the creamery man has little
control over the cream he buys hence
the fanners' butter should top the
"The first step in the making of good
butter is tho production of clean milk.
If milk contains no putrefactive and
gas-forming bacteria, butter can be
produced which will be free from odors
and which will not putrefy, If proper
precautions are taken with the cream
and with the butter after it is churned
and packed."
Keystone of Herd Improvement Is in
Swatting Scrub Sires Speciali
zation Is Basis.
The keystone of herd Improvement
Is In swatting the scrub ard using a
purebred sire. The bull is more than
half the herd, for with good judgment
In mating and culling, all his progeny
will "take after father" In a few gen
erations. The purebred makes better gains for
the amount of feed consumed because
It has been developed along lines of
specialization. Specialization Is the
basis of profit In every industry. The
more highly specialized a machine or
an animal, the more efficient It Is and
the easier It meets competition and
success rests upon the ability to compete.
vnw r m rwltv w; '
Little Attention at Right Time
May Save Animal.
Teach Them to Eat Grain Early In
Life Youngster Should Be Devel
oped in First Eighteen Months
of Hi Career.
(By W. I BLIZZARD, Department of
Animal HuHbandry. Oklahoma A. and
M. College, Stillwater.)
Take good care of your calves, for
if you lose one you have lost the use
of your cow for a whole year. A
little extra care and attention at the
right time may mean the saving of
the calf.
When the calves are seven or eight
months old, wean them, for the cows
need a short vacation in which to build
up the next calves they are to drop.
The calves should be taught to eat
grain early In life, so that they will not
Young Angus Steers.
have n setback when they are weaned.
If you want your calves to develop the
way they should, it will be necessary
to keep right on feeding them after
they are weaned. Develop your calf
lu the first 18 months of his life, for
If you do not do It at this time
the chances are you never will.
The calf that los.es his "calf fnt"
at weaning time will never de
velop Into the good Individual that he
would have had he been grown prop
erly and not allowed to go back at this
Heifers that are grown properly
should be bred at twenty to twenty
two months of age, so that they will
bring their first cnlf at about thirty
months of nge.
Expensive Feed Bills Will Be Saved
and Milk Flow Kept Up Rye
and Clover Favored.
(By J. G. WATSON.)
Are you preparing for early spring
pasture? Early spring almost invari
ably finds us short of feed. How are
you planning for that shortage? Early
pasture will save expensive feed bills
and help keep up the milk yield. A
good fall and early spring pasture is
rye or a mixture of rye and crimson
clover. Early-sown rye gives con
siderable feed In the fall but should
not be grazed too closely or the plants
may be winter-killed.
The clover crop makes about half
Its growth during the last 30 days of
Its grazing period, that is under nor
mal conditions, so that It can be heav
ily grazed during thnt time. This
should allow the permanent pasture
to get a good start before turning on
it and It will be stronger and provide
more pasture than if grazed early.
Late fall and early spring pasture
means cheaper production und larger
Lack of Paint Is Worse Than Fire,
Says Expert of Ohio Station No
Best Time for Task.
"Lack of paint causes a greater an
nual loss through deterioration than
the aggregate fire loss In Ohio for the
past 12 months," asserts Virgil Over
holt of the agricultural extentlon de-
pnrtment. Ohio state university, In
urging the farmers of Ohio to apply
paint frequently and liberally. ,
There Is no best Ume to paint, as
many think, but care should be taken
that the paints are carefully mixed and
well rubbed Into the cracks in the
weather boarding.
Feed Nothing for Twenty-Four Hours
Then Give Tablespoonful of Tur
pentine and Oil.
A remedy for worms In hogs Is to
feed nothIng for one day and then to
a 100-pound hog give a tablespoonfnl
of a mixture of half turpentine and
half raw linseed oil or castor oil. The
dose for smaller pigs should be pro
portionately reduced. Always keep
where the hogs can get It, wood ashes
and salt, using abont half bushel of
ashes to five pounds of salt. Cob ashes
will do Just as well.
Give Farm Certain Good Characters
That Mark It From Other Homes
Along the Road.
Is your place distinctive? Has h
certain characters that mark It from
other homes on the road? How often
in giving directions for finding a place
along the road we locate a farm by
certain objects about the place, such
as an evergreen hedge, a row of hard
maple, an unpointed house, a dilapi
dated barn, or a well-kept yard and
well-painted house.
Neat Eaters' Backache
Meat lovers are apt to have back
aches and rheumatic attacks. Unless
you do heavy work and get lots of fresh
air, don't eat too much meat. It's rich
in nitrogen and helps to form uric acid
a solid poison that irritates the
nerves, damages the kidneys and often
causes dropsy, gravel and urinary dis
orders. Doan's Kidney Pills help
weak kidneys to throw off uric acid.
Thousands recommend them.
A Missouri Case
Henry T. Lause,
Stafford St., Wash
ington, Mo., says: "I
had dull, nagging
pains across ray back
and my kidneys
didn't act regularly.
The kidney secre
tions were, scanty
and painful In pas
sage and I also had
dizzy headaches. It
was only by sheer
will power that 1
could remain at
"Ewy t icturo
work. Finally I used Doan's Kidney
Pills and they proved to bo Just what
I needed. After using three boxes I
was cured."
Get Dosa's t A n y Store, 50c Boa
Mothers who value
the health of their chil
dren should never, be
ha ..
without MOTHER GRai
CHILDREN, for use wh
needed. They teed to
Break up Colds, Relieve
r everishuess. Worms,
Constipation, Head
ache, Teething disorders
and Stomach Troubles.
Don't accept
any Substitute. Used by Mothers for
30 years. Sold by Druggists everywhere
25 cts. Trial package FREE. Address
Some of your neighbors are per
mitted to live because It takes all
kinds of people to inuke a world.
That's the answer.
but possessed by few a beautiful
head of hair. If yours is streaked with
gray, or Is harsh and stiff, you can re
store It to its former beauty and lus
ter by using "La Creole" Hair Dress
ing. Price $1.00. Adv.
His Status.
"So your admirer Is in the umbrella
"Yes. He is a sort of rain bean."
Dr. Pierce's Pellets are best for liver,
bowels and Btomach. One little Pellet for
a laxative three for a cathartic. Adv.
New York Newspaper Man Decidedly
Not of Opinion That Man Can
Postpone Date of Death.
A well-known physician says If a
man obeys certain rules, Is temperate
In all things, doesn't eat much, exer
cises, eschews liquor and cuts out to
bacco, he will live long. Bon vlvnnts
und gourmets who nightly tarry in the
vineyards of the Great White Way
and cat their fill, who have caroused
around for many years, declare that It
makes no difference whether one lives
the gay or the silent life, one won't
kick off until one's number Is pegged.
Some of ti most careful livers, they
point out, are cut off In their prime,
while hard drinkers, live for years.
There Is "Diamond ,11m" Brady, for
instance, they sny, still under fifty, 111
and the subject of a council of physi
cians, who, it is hoped, will make him
well again. Mr. Brady never drank a
drop of liquor In his life. Believing
thnt tea and coffee had a bad effect
on the nerves, Mr. Brady did hot use
either, nnd he refrained from tobacco.
He was a good eater, perhaps ate more
than he should, nnd that was all. Now
he is paying the peunlty for what?
Is itfiossilile that abstemiousness leads
to Illness? Who can tell? Not doc
tors, certainly. New York Sun.
Where Farmer's Interest Lies.
The farmer Is especially Interested
In seeing workmen employed regularly
and at good living wnges.
You Can Snap
Your Fingers
at the ill effects
of caffeine when
you change from ' J
coffee to
"There's a Reason"

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