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- LEGISLATIVE NEWS I ffl jfiSSX rt1 A dT? Jl fn
I . .. - ..' ' I,., K:TXM MIMm-' Mlnl Bl lit. Ill" 1
r1 M.?-?
Mr. B. W. D. Btrnet, oi;
Warren County, Measures
nn to Reauirements.
Always in robust health, B. W. D. Barnes could
ride, shoot and get his man. He was 7ythinJ
a sheriff in Warren Co., Tennessee, should be until
Tax Pamphlet
Is the Issue
. i i... a-.it Vifm Hnur n
He'. Is "hi story told tit M own
words: "I had throut trouble from
hi-h no relief seemed possible. Mjr
health was gone. Finally I 4ld4
a . i - an.! wm entirely
hv four bottles. That was
three years ngo. I am "pwss well
as ever; oble to ride all the time.
Like Sheriff Barnes, thousands
. v- l- hnall h I n U.rUllJl.
For catarrh of the head, nose ana
fa larrhal lnflummatioa ol
a sneriit in vyuhcu - -- ;,,
. , u.. nl!ntinn nf pntnrrhal troubles
overumen oy .'"1''.,v,"h" or other
organs, Ir. Hnrtman'a f""!ou5
l'erna "iqiuu im uc . . r
hounehoia remeay ior ,
years. ,
If you are sick and suffering;,
write The Peruna Company, Dept..
A. Columbus, Ohio, for Dr. Hart
mans Health Book. It Is free,
your dealer has l'oruna In both
tablet and liquid form. If you want
health. Insist upon having I'eruna.
Your dealer will (five you a l'oruna
Jefferson City, Mo., Feb. 28. If the
members of the State Board of Equal
ization again attempt to reject the
full valuations made by County As
sessors, their power will be tested in
the Missouri Supreme Court, declared
Cornelius Roach, chairman of the
State Tax Commission, before the
House Ways and Means Committee
last night.
Roach appeared in behalf of the se
ries of Morgan tax bills, which pro
pose reductions in State, county, mu
nicipal and school tax levies, with
property being assessed at 100 per
cent valuation.
Whereas, Francis M. Carter, by his
certain School Fund Mortgage, dated
the 7th day of March, 1914, and re
corded in the office of the Recorder of
Deeds of St. Francois County, in
Book 37, at Pago 2ti2, conveyed to the
County of St. Francois, the follow
ing described real estate, situate, ly
ing and being in the County of St.
. X'TUIICUIB mill utauo .... v. . ....,
Fart of U. S. Survey No. 2itii9,
Townships Bo anu so jNortn, itar.go
East, lying within the corporate limits
of the City of Farmington, described
as follows, to-wit: Beginning in the
southeast boundary line of Columbia
street at the southwest corner of a
trad oi lana conveyeu uy r. in. :
ter to L. H. Williams by deed date..
Aug. 31, 1909, and recordeu i:; J!.v 1
60 at Page 425 of the land tawas
St. Francois County, Mo., auJ .in
ning thence south 4314 degrees west;
along said line 110 feet to the north
west comer of a tract .of land con
veyed by F. M. Carter to Walter L.
Morris By ueea oatea aept. i, joti,
and recorded in Book No. 83 at Page
470, and running thence south 4116
degrees east 220 feet; thence south
43 degrees west 80 feet to the
southeast corner of said Walter L.
Morris' lot; thenee south 41 degrees
,tast 102 feet; thence north 8a V4 de
grees east 63 feet to the southwest
corner of a tract of land conveyed by
F. M. Carter to Miller Cornman and
Ira F. W. Cornman by deed dated
Feh. 10, 1906, and recorded in Book
.iNO. II ttt tttgC itJU. VilCllbW isw.
depreea east (magnetic) 70 feet;
UKUbv iiuivii a m.&w-w o
jietic) J.t5 feet to tho west line of
ferrine street; thence north XVi de
.Aa 110 faf i( fha smith pomer of
the aforesaid tract of L. H. Williams;
thence soutn aegrees woav
fwn Knnn
ft- rA Virt Ktvmninn- 1 FiD.100 SCTCS
more or Less, less 60-100 of an acre
conveyed by said F. M. Carter to
Millor Cornman and Ira F. W. Corn
mM v. wDrmntv rtp.pfi dated October
24th, 1913, and recorded in Book 100
at Page 568 of the land records of St.
Franco! onnty., Missouri.
Which Kaid conveyance was made in
trust to secure the payment of a cer
tain School Fund Mortgage, which is
fully described in that instrument.
And whereas default has been made
Mortgage, jphich has become due and
remains unpaid; now, therefore, I,
Charles IL Adams, Sheriff, at the re
quest of the legal holder of said note,
and in conformity with the provisions
of said deed of trust, will, on
Saturday, Watt 15, 1919, ,
between the hours of aiae o'clock in
the forenoon and five o'clock in the
afternoon of saidi day, at the south
front door of the I Court Heuse in the
city of Farmington, St. Francois
County, Missouri, proceed to sell the
above described real estate at public
vendue to the highest bidder, for
cash, for the purpose of satisfying
said indebtedness and the cost of ex
ecuting this trust.
Sneriff of St. Francois County, Mo.
Feb. 21. 28, March 7 and 14. .
Denies Power to Assess
' "Tho Board of Equalization last
year struck down the assessments
from over $4,uuo,uou,uuu to ,uuv,
000.000." said Roach. "The Board has
the power to equalizo, and not to as
"Thorn ni a vnrv earnest and de
termined etlort last year to limit the
power oi tne tquansfauon ouuru u
strike down the assessments, but the
action was not taken.
"If members of the board attempt
to strike down the assessments again
this year their power will be tested
in the Missouri Supreme Court. We
have reason to believe, too, that the
court will docido that they do not have
power to equalize valuations, which is
tantamount to assessing.
"If the court so holds it will be the
duty of the Legislature to take action
carina of hi'ls intro
duced by Mr. Morgan, which provide
for l eduction in tne lax levies.
Cites 70 Counties Returns
t-i, ;to,i tVm rnfiirns of 70 coun
V. . . 1-"
ties which have just been marie to the
To rvimmiBjinn for 1919 taxes, show
ing a total assessed valuation of 1,
31s,000,000. He said that the same
. t., ; fLaua Aiinttnn Inst ' vear
were equalized by the State Board oi
Equalization ui tioirmuiv'
u jnin..o.l tho new assessments
hi; uwi.tu.vu . -
O 1 .- nnnl in OYrnHS OI tllOSe
uru vi ... ; ,
hxed by the board, the most of the
members oi wnicn, ne aetiuruu,
never been in the counties and do not
Know the value of land.
JLlio chairman of the Tax Commis
... riiv..ti ntr hU criticism at At
t l';u HB3
i.r-ncy Uene.al McAllister, Secretary
k-i,: nn nnrt State Treasurer
i -JdieKfunp, who, as a majority of the
Oua.Q, tl'UCK UOWIl U1K viuw... -Vear-
. . . JiU . VJKn
u-.Aota unit nnn inn t i 1 1 1 rr i nau uvwit
ikuatii v - . - ,
misrepresented on tho question at
JIJ-V iW vi .
loo vaov rptnrned their
property at Bubstantially full value in
compliance witn me ww.
Head or chest are bst
treated externally
L 1 1 l-l.k-X. A.it.A.).l
Nstional Stock Yards, March 4, 1919
Cattle 0uuv
Hogs io.ooo
SuiU 1.200
r-ATTi.v 'Mfirknt shows very snir-
ia wppV. butcher cattle.
mixed rtuff and lights remaining at
par with last week's high basis, the
t.,i,f if u hpon in a vear: stock-
ers and feeders likewise selling active
and steady; while oeei steers, wium
last week closed on a tower ouii, i
covered all of the decline, shoymg a
full advance of 25 cents per cwt. this
week. Prospects encouraging for tho
March market. .
HOGS Choice strong weight hogs
becoming scarcer from day to day,
and this has been especially apparent
the past several days. Through the
wnrcity of good native hogs weighing
, ,.n.D.nl hiivir were nar-
ticular rggres3ive operators, cleaning
op the available supply of these fnl
lv 15 t.3 25 cent3 higher than yester
day, pushing the top for the best fat
st:or.g weight hogs up to $18.25, tne
highest it has been in a month's time,
o. nmiirVitu urn oroinir to become
scarcer, because hog men have shown
too ca.ier- a disposition to uispuw
their lhvht weight holdings, and from
-it . ami likewise our oomion.
this hns been uncalled for. The trade
has been oversuppued wltn immature
hogs from pig weights up, and out
aide of tho pig market, which, of
course , has shown considerable lluc
tastions, which is a customary char-
lws than 180 pounas, nas otra j
unsatisfactory and irregular, it being
hard to negotiate sales at any regu-
SHEEP The situation in this de-
. . k.. .n hniRt.area an dv me
scant ropply, and corresponding high
prices lor catue anu nogs, mu
result, values have maintained a very
uniformly satislactory levci, mm .
pieaont are at the high notch in mon
ths. Best fat la:nbs are bringing ?19,
fat sheep 12.50. .
National Live Stock Commission Co.
.., i . 1
Bad Taste In Your Mouth ,
m.a. hovn a tinH taste in vour 1
mouth you may know that your diges-
;- .. it., & Jnu nf r.hnmber-.
biuu in ioui.i . ,
lHin's Tablets Will usually correct the
disorder. They also cause a' gentle
movement of the bowels. You will
find this to be one of the best medi
cines you have ever become acquaint
ed Wltn. UDtainauie every who. c.
riri Tallin Tjivinp. ProfesBor of Eco
nomics of the State University of
Montana, and well known in this city,
has been suspended from the Faculty
of the Montana University on a chargo
of insubordination, his friends hero
learned yesterday. His suspension
came on the day upon which he puD-
t;t.n n t.An.rt nf nn nvpRtiirfltifin h&
1IDHUU I V.. V v o
mode into the taxation of mines in
Montana, in which he arrayed lacts
intending to prove that tho mining
intaraca flint. St.fttA are not bear
ing their share of the burden of taxa
tion and especially the Anaconaa cop
per Mining Company, wnicn pays
about 8 per cent of the taxes collected
in the State and is a power politically.
Professor Lovine went to Montana
from this city in 1916. He had been
the economic expert for the New York
State Department of Labor and a lec
turer at Columbia University. Ho has
already , been seiectea to lecture at tne
University a summer school this sea
son. He is an authority on taxation
and on labor and the author of "The
Labor Movement in r ranee and otner
works. The news of his suspension
came as a surprise to some or his
friends here and one of them in speak
ing on the subject yesterday viewed
hie Bnanonainn na "tha most recent in
stance of interference with academic
Early in last year the University of
Mnninnn oiaioTiorl tn Professor Levine
the task of making a study of the tax
ation or property in Montana, ine
tax system oi tne estate nas oeen ior
..nn -o Vin anKinf- nf rrit.irinm He
completed his report and the following
is the version or suDsequent events
given by friends here:
Mnnfnna ITniversltv intended to
publish Professor Levine's report and
with this oDject m view late in lasv
year ho submitted to Chancellor El
liot his manuscript. The latter told
him that he would have typewritten
copies made and suomit tnem to ine
members of the Montana State Board
r,t tf.i,inHnn T.sity.1- thn Chnr.eellor
wrote that he thought it unwise to
submit it and upon learning tnistfnc
Professor wrote that he was willing
to publish tho essay himself.
He had a conference with the Chan
cellor at which it is alleged the latter
told him that tho University wished to
bring the pamphlet out. It was the
suggestion of the Chancellor that the
work could go into type anu oe neiu
until the Governor of the State as the
hanl nt Hio Rtnrn R.inrd of Education
should say whether it should be print
ed or not.
Following the conference rroles
lor Levine went to Washington at the
Amiaaf nf tnn Tiprmrtmpnt of Labor.
Dn his return, it is said, he was told
,f hn nnh inner! trie renorx nis use
fulness to tho University would be at
n end. He puunsnea it ana on reo,
flnu it nnnpnroH. Chancel
lor Elliott anounced that "under the
nf tha. Stnto RnnrH nf Education.
I have suspended rroiessor uevme
from.rurthcr duty ior msuDoraination
and unprofessional conduct.
Tn ,! ronnrt. "The Taxation of
Mines in Montana," Dr. Levine de
clared there has been too much politics
in linnllinc thn tflY Rit.lintion 1H that
State. He devoted a whole chapter
to tho Anconda Copper Mining Com
pany, and this sums up that chapter:
"rinrinir tho five vears. 19l.l-.'.7. the
nvAmtyn nQupflnmAnt of the Anconda
Copper Mining Company was 6.6 per
cent of the total assessment of the
State, and the company paid 6.7 per
rant nf nil tavpj collected in the State.
The company was assessed at about
25 per cent of its true value oi an its
properties in Montana, while agricul
tural lnnd in rmnrted tn have been as
sessed at 35 per cent, live stock at 45
bank stoctc at eu per cent, uuring
the Bame period the Anconda Copper
Minino- fTnmnnnv nnid about the same
number of mills on its assessment as
all other property in the btut?; out
the Anconda Copper Mining Company
nniil nnlw nhnut ft millti ATI t.hn r.nti-
matod true value of this Montana prop
erties, while all otner property paiu
on nn averago of 12 to 14 mills. And
finally, the Anconda Copper Mining
Company paid in taxes to the Stnte
about 6 per cent of its income deriv
ed from onorations in Montana while
other property, especially farming
property, paid an average of 10 of 12
per cent, inis, men, is tne compara
tive tax burden in Montana in so far
as it can be measured on the basis of
available data."
The case of Professor Levine was
to havo been taken up by tho Univer
sity authorities on Monday. What
action they took is not known here.
r;tn Mn Mnrrh 3 De
spite the fact that the House of Rep
resentatives controuea oy mu xwyuu
licans has twenty-eight assistants
-nj nn flnnrlrMinup much dlfiicilltV
was found in getting persons on each
OI tne six uours wneii an "cvun.v
sion was held to hear Dr. G. H. Rob
inson of the Sanitary. Corps of tho U.
S. Army.
When the executive session was or
dered Speaker O'Fallon asked that all
doors be guarded and the lobbies and
gallaries be cleared. When this was
done the speaker suggested that some
of the "numerous" clerks might per
form the Hutv and after considerable
delay the entrances were properly
guarded. , , . . ...
It is on tne aooriteeper s iorce mav
b 1 ! vrrn mimhai- nf t1A Tl ( C t"l (' S fitn.
ployed by the house are taken care of
at. $.ou per ciay, m aauiuon io vuuac
in the mil room. ,
"SI 1 .
- r
A bill providing for compiling and
publishing records of Missourians
who served during the war with Ger-
mnno tnorpthnr with a. historv of the
engagements in which they fojght,
nas oeen engrossea. ,
frtr thA ctate
board of health to regulate and con-
tror Veneral aiesases and proviae puD-Iic-clinics
for their treatment has
Kaon nnrrrneeoH Th ferlnrAl irovern-
ment is back of the bill and offers to
provide ?47,000 to enforce it. ine
government's interest in the matter
's occasioned by the large numbers of
men who were unnt ior military ser
vice because of such ailments.
Ij;.,lln. a that tha ThildrAnil'
Code bills by Senators Kinney and
Buioru win De iavoraDiy acteu upon.
Tho senate and house committees have
reported favorably on the following:
Relating to the albondment of chil
raising the age of consent.
Trnhit'.itinm thn omWlnvmant. nf
- ........ ...... v..v r'"
women three weeks before and three
weeks after childbirth.
Kaising the age of majority Ior
Prohibiting the marriage of feeble
minded, epileptic and insano persons.
AUOil-stnng I'uuiiiiuii-iBw uiai i luca.
F.tjiUmhinp- the Bfe of marriuere
for girls at 15.
Requiring the consent or parents lor
issuance of marriage license to min
.Providing institutional care for col
ored children.
Relating to commitments to indus
trial home3 for girls.
Relating to commitments to indus
trial homes for negro girls.
Treatment oi lncorngioie minors
under tho juvenile court age.
State supervision of maternity hospitals.
establishing a stato nome ior de
pendent children.
Empowering tne courts to c .-mmit
dependent feeble-minded persons to
the state institutions.
'Providing increased lacuiues ior
the care of the feeble-minded.
Relating to the commitment of deaf
children t the state institutions.
Establishment of special classes in
the nublic schools for defective chil
dren. ' ' .i
Age at which- children may work,
hours of work for children.
Issuance of employment certifi
cates. State superintendent of schools
shall supervise work of instruction in
certain Btate institutions. s
-t-j" - i n i ci tii u i hiv - u .v. ii -t-i .in i .. tw
Satisfaction for the
swset tooth.
Aid to appetite and
disestion benefit
and enjoyment in
And only 5 cents
a package.
) I Tfahtd WpS
M g wrapped ( "yiPir i
H. R. Walmsley, a candidate for
the Iegi;lalure from Jackson county,
is here as a Republican clerk lobby
ing for the passage of alleged pure
election laws applying to Kansas City
alone. If Walmsley were permitted
to have his way judges of election
could serve in any precinct of the city
regardless or wnere tney resiu. i
l urpose of the proposed legislation
is to try and leave the impression with
the independent voters of the stato
that Republicans are.aeieateu uy .
fraud in Jackson county. The argu-'
. - ....arl Kit ha and hlfl nn-wnrkerS
iiiviiva upcu '
could be easily transferred to a criti- j
iei.'im oi tne judges oi eiecwn in ;
Howard, Callaway, Boone, Randolph,!
PhnritnTl nr ftnv of the lareor Dem
ocratic counties as the Democratic!
plurality in each is greater in propor
tion to the vote cast than in Jackson
county. Some people move in "mys-
larinna wava thnir wnnHnrtl tn tier-
form." Those who know realize that i
nn effort is being made to create a
Republican organization in Jackson
county by legislative enactment.
A bounty on chicken hawks" and owls
of 50 cents each, to be paid by the
county, is proposed. To collect the
bounty the head must be taken to the
county court.
A bill to compel all school districts
of the state to vote a levy of (ib cents
I.-,? ...... .I.f. oil io nvaitnhln hnrt hnpn
U.lWi l n.u.G iu .a
introduced by Representatives Maxey
and Ely. The measure provides a
scale tor teacners wages as loiiuwa;
Teachers holding first grade certifi
cates, ?75; second graae, 00: inira
grade, $50. All schools are required
to proptrly heat buildings, provide
santiury toilets, pure drinking water,
and ample and sanitary grounds.
was mentioned in this letter recontly
and it is almost certain that the meas
ures will be enacted into laws. They
provide for approximately wi,uw ior
the puropse of improving 50 miles of
in avn-v cniintv A conference
called by Governor Gardner resulted
in this agreement.
The rate on county patients to state
hospitals will bo increased from $13
to $18 per month if a bill by Senator
Livesav is successful. Private pa
tients now pay $20.
Senator Buford proposes that in
stead of having a constitutional con
vention for a new constitution that
persons interested in this matter pre
sent to the legislature such amend
ments as they desire and have them
submitted to tho people of the state.
Thin, he says, has been done with suc
cess in other states.
Missourinns should be more than
proud of these words from General
Pershing: "Without disparagment of
any other division. I consider the Mis
pnti't.i nd Ifnnuna t.rnonn the ibest look
ing men I have got in France." These
words were brought to this country
by Major General Peter E. Traub,
who commanded them. "And I found
them ho." General Traub said.
All road men are agreed on the
McCullough-Morgfin road bill which
Republicans here seem very much
peeved because all the state indebted
ness has been paid in the promised
two years, reirardlcss of Auditor
Hackmann's efforts to thwart its payment.
Try This Fcr Sour Stomach.
Eat slowly, masticate your food
thoroughly. Eat but little meat and
none at all for supper. If you are
still troubled with sour stomach take
one of Chamberlain's Tablets before
going to bed. Obtainable everywhere.
A lady who had just received an in
teresting bit of news said to her lit
tle daughter: .
"Marjorio, dear, auntie has a new
baby, and now mamma is the baby's
aunt, papa ia the baby's uncle, and
you aro the oaby's cousin."
"Well, said Marjorie wonderingly,
"wasn't that arranged quick!"
I have been appointed Explosives
T ! I . A 1 Pn.mlnr.lATI tn
AJIUVIIBIIIH A(Wh Ul . ailllllllivuil vv
succeed Albert Wulfert, resigned.
Thin is for tho Information of the gen
eral public .
v County Clerk.
Farmington, Mo. v:
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