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PACK theek
When your shoes are impaired you should
' hurry them to the
Electric Shoe Hospital
where their needs will be promptly and efficiently attended, at min
imum cost. This Hospital is splendidly equipped with the latest im
proved machinery for all shoe needs.
We also carry a full line' of Army Goods, on which we hare plac
ed the right prices to you. . ,j2iui&8
r Electric Shoe Hospital
. St Francois Hotel Building, '
F. A. KUHN, Manager.
WHAT you lose
" thru baking failure
must be added to baking
costs it has to be paid for.
Calumet Baking Powder
will save you all of that Be
cause when you use it there are
no failures no losses. Every bak
ing is sweet and palatableand
s'.nys mrtst, tender and delicious to
the last tasty bite.
That's a big saving but
that isn't alL You save when
you buy Calumet and you save
when you use it j -
as M
- B n
It is reasonable in cost and
possesses more than the or
dinary leavening strength. You pay
less and use less. You get the most
in puiity, dependability and whole
sameness. ,
In every way it is the
best way to keep down bak
ing costs. That's what has made it
the world's biggest selling baking
powder has kept it the favorite
of millions of housewives for more
than thirty years.
Pound can of Calumet contains full
16 os. oome baking powders come in
12 ox instead of 16 oz. cans. Be sure
you get a pound when you want it
Sunshine) Cake
Vi cup of butter,
IY2 cups granu
lated sugar, 2Vi
cups flour, 1 cup
water, 2 level
teaspoons Calu
met Baking
Powder, 1 tea-,
spoon lemon,
yolks of 9 eggs.
Then mix in the
regular way.
ax a rn
Mi.n Flovomce Aden
ss5 i. i
i fvv vi
5 '
V ( It', A.
4i l"y4
mvNii i
IMtjc blhon BvownJee
Is suffrage going to mean less marriage and more public ca-,
reerst Is it going to moin more opportunittea to unmarried women
only? Are married women with homes and families going to refuse
to sacrifice those Interests and leave the Held open to the young
women the unexperienced, unmarried women T First summary of
results would indicate that this Is so '.n the ratio of 2 to I Of
three women who have Just assumed Important public offices two
are single and one Is married The misses are Misj Florence Allen.1'
elected Judgo of common pleas court at Cleveland. O. and Miss Mary
K. Davey. elected prosecutor of Hocking county, 0 The married
woman la Mrs Lillian Brown lee of Washington. Pa. who Is mayor
Missouri's Centennial Celebration
At and With th
MiDwS!f' Missouri State Fair, Sedalia, Aug. 8-20, 1921
Hlrtorlcal Pugaantry and Dlaplaya that wilt typify a Century of Pragma by
thla Incomparable atata In which evary county, oity, town and hamlet will par
ticipate. TWO NOTEWORTHY CENTENNIAL FEATUnE8i A "Moma-Comlng" of
all living former Mleeourldna, and a Reunion of the living deecendanta of
Mlaaourl'a 55 Qovarnora. If YOU know the preaent whereaboute of former
Mlaaourlana or Qovarnora' descendants, please send this Information to CEN-,
TENNIAL COMMITTEE, Chamber of Commerce. Sedalla. Mo. . .
State of Missouri County of St. Frat
cois, ss. '
In the Circuit Court of the County
' , of St. I rancois, Missouri. In vaca
tion. To the February Term, 1921.
1 Robert Holmes, Plaintiff,
The Doe Run Lead Company, St. Jo
seph Lead Company, Charles J.
' Adami, Leonidas H. Bosson, Hugh
N. Camp, Jr., Hondon Chubb, Clin
ton H. Crane, F. H. Dearing, Po
. litte Elvins, Auguste B. Ewing, Ed
ward B. Pryor, Edward A. Rozier,
Robert Sollors and Edwards While
aker, defendants. .'
. December 27, 1920. Cause No. 5088
. It appearing to the Clerk of said
Court during the vacation thereof
from the petition herein filed 'and
' from the affidavit of the plaintiff
herein filed that the defendants Hen
don Chubb, Leonidas H. Besson, Hugh
N. Camp, Jr., and Clinton H. Crane,
are non-residents of the State of Mis
souri, so that the ordinary process of
law cannot be served upon them: v
Now, therefore, on motion of the
plaintiff, it is ordored that said de-i
: fendants bo notified that a civil action ',
has been commenced against them.
and the other defendants nerein
by petition, the general object . and
nature of which is to obtain re
lief against an election for direct
ors and other proceedings held fit
:. ' an alleged corporate meeting of
the stockholders of sr.id The Doe Rui.
Lead Company on the 6th day of No
vember, 1920, and to set aside said
election and secure an order by the
Court for a new election, and to en
join the said defendants from acting
as directors or in any manner direct
ing or controlling the affairs of said
The Doe Run Lead Company, and to
enjoin the voting of stock held and
owned by the St. Joseph Lead Com
pany, a New York corporation, and
to enjoin the defendants from voting
the-stock standing in their names on
the books of said The Doe Run Lead
Company, and for such other relief
as to the Court may seem proper.
It is further ordered that unless
said defendants appear at the term of
this Court to be begun and held at
the City of Farmington, County of
St. Francois, on the second Monday
of February next and on of before the
third day thereof answer the plain
tiff's petition the same will be taken
against them as confessed.
It is further ordered that a copy
hereof be published according to law
in the Farmington Times, a newspa
per of general circulation printed and
published in the City of Farmington,
County of St. Francois,' and State of
A true copy from the record.
Witness my hand and the seal of
the Circuit Court in the County of St.
Francois, Missouri, tiiis 27th day of
December, 1920. ?
(Seal of the Court.)
J. C. HEIFNER, Clerk, v
Jan. 7, 14, 21, 28, Feb. 4 and 11.
f 5r
I A Jr.
fix &Jm ' 'f"
UTlfY COUSIN Jnnies Is coming
IVx to spend a week," anounced the
landlady, "and I can't say I'm over
joyed. He's the most unsatisfactory
visitor I ever saw. You can hardly
get 4 word out of him. He isn't a bit
like his brother
Jeremiah, who .Is
full of fun, and
the best company
"Your remarks
show how little
true greatness Is
appreciated in a
moral family
boarding house,
where the dam
ages are collected
in advance," ob
served the star
boarder.' "In my
opinion, James is
the model visitor. If I had my own
household, with a charming bride to
pour the Imitation coffee, and a vine
and flgtree in a Jardiniere, I'd send a
special delivery letter to James, ask
ing him to come and stay for ten years
or more.
"There's something restful and
soothing. about that gifted man. He
never bothers anyoody. No one has
to waste precious moments entertain
ing him. It Isn't necessary to discuss
the weather predictions, or dig tip a
lot of ' statistics about the crops. In
order to make James have a good time.
You don't have to show him the old
plush photograph album, and describe
the ancestry of the melancholy effigies
whose pictures appear therein. Near
ly all visitors are bores, my dear Mrs.
Jiggers, because they have to be en
tertained. Somebody has to sit up
with them and thrash out last year's
gossip. They have no initiative or
referendum. They hove no resources
of their own. In order to have a pleas
ant visit, they need help.
"Your cousin James Is a man after
my own heart. I remember his last
visit quite well. He' came In the eve
ning, nnd after supper he took a chair
on the porch. Knowing lie was a
guest, I felt It my duty to entertain
him In the conventional way. I
dragged my chair close up to his and
remarked that It was a pleasant eve
ning, but the presence of a cloud bank
In the northwest almost convinced me
that there would be rain within twelve
hours, In which case, I proceeded,
there would be much jubilation among
the honest old farmers, whoso crops
were suffering for moisture.
"James listened to my remarks and
then looked at me, in a sad, reproach
ful wny, as though he thought It a
shameful thing that imbeciles should
be at large, and then he took his chair
to the opposite end of the porch with
out having said a word. I must con
fess that I felt Jike a counterfeit
kopeck for a few minutes, but the
more I considered the matter, the
more I admired and respected that
remarkable man.
"He used to go downtown every
morning and buy a paper backed
novel, or a fiction magazine, and then
he'd read it all day, and when be was
done with his literature be left It
where the bonrders could get it. I
didn't hear him say ten words during
his visit, yet you say, Mrs. Jiggers,
that he .Is an unsatisfactory guest.
Elderly landladies, whose intellects
have been warped by long years of,
parsimony, are hard to please.
"Jeremiah, whom you describe as
Jolly and agreeable, should be sup
pressed. He has collected all the old
cheesey stories ever manufactured,
and Insist upon telling them. He has
a horrible habit of making puns, and
considers himself n humorist, be
cause of It. You couldn't bribe him to
sit down with a book or magazine and
behave himself. He has to be enter
tained every .minute of his time, and
the" only wny you can entertain him
Js by letting him do the entertaining.
"He Is a genial old freak who thinks
he Is a privileged character, and every
body's pet. The last time he was here
he went Into my sumptuous apart
ment and used my razor to ebave the
southeast quarter section of his
countenance. His whiskers are full
of barbed wire, and the razor was
mined. When I spoke to him about
It he thought It funny. Yet yon refer
to such a man as an agreeable visi
tor. I blush for you, Mrs. Jiggers."
In Moderation.
"Wonld you advise a candidate to
stay on his front porch?" .
"Yes," Answered Senator Sorghum;
"but only part of the time; Just long
enough to take care of his voice and
get together a good bunch of speeches
for delivery on tour."
, Just it '
"I thought you said yon had a fine
ending to your automobile trip." ,"So
I had." "Your chauffeur told me you
were arrested for speeding.", "Well,
wouldn't you call a wlndup In the po
lice court a fine ending?"
Weighted With a Watch.
The watch of Charles V, which was
one of the earliest of these time-pieces,
weighed twenty-seven pounds.. TX was
a good deal like a clock of the present
day. , ' . .: v ,
The greatest all-around ball
player in the history of the game
Is not going to let it be said that
he ever dodged a diamond oppor
tun'ty. Ty Cobb has signed -to
manage the Detroit Tigers, this
act automatically bringing him
into direct competition with bis
greatest rival through all his ca
reer. Trls Speaker, who piloted
- "ie Cleveland team to the world
lo la 120. Cobb and Speaker,
'b great stars in the out fled and
hat -will be the only two play
managers In the American
. Such phases of the marketing prob
no lrinrt tt ni-onniKAtion. financ
ing the organization and needed
changes, livestock: ano grain mamev
ing. and co-operative buying of sup
piles will' be intensively discussed in
the Rural Life Department's Short
Course at Farmers' Week at the Col
lege of Agriculture in Columbia Jan
uary 17-21.
Allied subjects, such as "Why are
Prices Low?", "Cost of Production
and Price", "The Outlook for the
Farm Tenant", "Educational Needs of
the Farmer", "Income Tax Pointers,"
etc., will be included. .
Prof. S. D. Gromer of the Rural
Life Department, who spent last year
in Wnmne. will tell of marketine sys
tems in Denmark and other European
' Life for Babe Ruth, home-run
king of baseball, Is just one ball
after another. Now that snow is
on the ground In Now York he Is
starring at basketball-splaying
and captaining the Passaic team.
It HUNT'S S.lve falls In the
treatment of ITCH, ECZEMA,
other itchlnft- skin dfseasaa.
Try n sent boa at our risk.
w erveve- a fcaae, m r orey
Ren la your opportunity to insure
against embarrassing errors in spelling-,
pronunciation and poor choice of
words, edww the meaning of pussling
war terms. Increase your efficiency,
which results in power and success.
DICTIONARY is an aH-know.
big teacher, a universal question
. answerer, mode to meet your
needs. It is in daily use by
hundreds of thousands of suc
cessful men and women too world orer.
M.0OS Words. 2700 Page. M0 n.
lustrations. 12,000 Floftraphlcal Eo
triea, 30,000 GeographWiiubiecta.
GRAND mm, (niaheat Award)
Jfaaaina-Facino Exposition.
WRITE for Specimen Pam. FREE
Pocket Mops M you name UUa paper. .
Springfield. Maaa.. U. 8. A.
' More than fifty years of successful
business in Farmington is our guarantee
of handling nothing but thoroughly honest,
dependable goods, at prices that are al
ways worth the money. v
When you want anything in our line
we will be pleased to have you call.
Tetley Jewelry Co.
Wouldn't make much of a rich man, I guess.
Couldnt be happy in up-to-date dress;
Too fond of shirt sleeves an' slippert at night,
An' the old pipe to smake, an' the flickerin' light
Of a grate fire I've started-myself, an' the ease
Of doin' exactly the way that I please, -
Like imttin' my feet on the rungs of a chair'.; '" '
An' droppin asleep, if I want to, right there;
Too fond o' havin' folks rap at my door
An' know they are welcome to come long before
I've answered the knock, which they never would do
If somehow I'd gathered a million or two.
Kiches are fine to possess, but I vow
I'm sort o' contented with life as it's now;
-The home's not a palace, but somehow I find
It's fashioned to suit just my style of a mind;
The mother an' I can sit here by the fire
An' know we've got all that our hearts can desire;
The children around us, thoif friends droppin' in
To bank the piano and kick up a din,
An' fun goin' on an' the room's just ablaze
-With gladness an' mirth in the old-fashioned ways
An' this couldn't happen, I'm tellin' to you,
If somehow I'd gather a million or two.
Folks are scared to oe friendly with rich men and great,
They never come neighborin' up to the gate
Of a feller that wallows in silver an' gold,
An' even the fire that sits by seems coidj
Wer.lth haa too much convention an' fashion an' sham,
An' I guess I am happier juot as I am;
I need all my neighbors to drop in an' call
Without bein' invited, an' better than all,
I need nil the children contented at home,
Jus glad to be here an' not wantin' to roam.
So I rill up my pipe an' rejoice through an' through
That I'm not alone with a million or two.
Edgar A. Guest.
The best paid high school teachers
in Missouri outside of the large cities
are the teachers of Vocational Agri
culture. The salaries of such teachers
range from $2000 to $3000 a year.
These teachers must have had practi
cal experience on a farm and must
have had training in an agricultural
institution which gives course lip
proved by the federal and state au
thorities. The Missouri College of Agricul
ture has, now in attendance, more
than 100 young men preparing them
selves for teaching Vocational Agri
culture in Missouri high- schools.
There are now 73 such schools in Mis
souri. This number will' be increased
as the demand grows. Teachers in-
tending to qualify for this work
should write to the College of Agri
culture for further information.
Cafarry Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot
reach tha diseased portion ot the ear.
Catarrhal Deafness requires constitu
tional treatment. HALL'S CATARRH
MEDICINE la a conatitutionsl remedy.
Catarrhal Deafness is caused by an In
flamed condition of the, mucous lining of
the Eustachian Tube. When this tube la
Inflamed you have a rumbling eound or
Imperfect hearing, and when It Is entire
ly closed Deafness la the result Unless
the inflammation can be reduced, your
hearing may be destroyed ' forever.
through the blood on the mucous sur
faces of the system, thus reducing; the In
flammation and. restoring; normal condi
tions. Circulars free. All Druggists.
F. J. Cheney Co., Toledo, Ohio.
The New
"The oljypopular.$liaday'hoteI;lnISt.Lou,'
uompieteiy remoaeiea ana reuecoraieu .
tKwMirrViniit- fVntrnHv nrnteA in the heart f
of the shopping and theatrical district, a
Popular price cafe andnr tha manaarement of Meaars. WeWoat ,
and Whltsoo. managers far 36 years of the SUvar Moon Restau
rant and Moaer Hotel. . .
MS laraa. airy. eeerfertaMe ream away wili arhale aatla.
6th and Chestnut Street
St. Louis, Mo (
Laclede. Hotel,

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