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The Farmington times. (Farmington, St. Francois County, Mo.) 1905-1926, July 28, 1922, Image 3

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."A young man descended from the
car, handsome, trim, and well got up.
He bad been tailored by the best man's
outfitter in New lorlc Nobody on
Broadway could order a dinner better
that) he. The latest dances he could do
perfectly. He had the reputation of
knowing exactly the best thing to say
on every occasion. Now ha proceeded
to say It ' : ': ' '
"Corking bit of riding never saw
better. : I'll give you my hand on that
toy man." ..
The oowpuncher found a bunch of
manicured fingers In his rough, brown
paw. Ha found something else, for
after the pink nand had gone there
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;;;-r"'!: ," ".: V Cttt ,t ' Sin nwhwnii rni HM H HH ' --t' ... '-,
They are
'v ...'' .- 1
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The driver of the bis car throttled
down. Since he had swung away from
the dusty road to follow a wagon
track across the desert, the speedom
eter bad registered many miles. Ills
eyes searched the ground in front to
see whether the track led up the brow
of the hill or dipped into the sandy
On the: breeze there floated to him the
faint, Insistent bawl of thirsty cattle.
The car leuped forward again, climbed
the hill, and closed In upon a rami da
of horses watched by two wranglers.
The, chauffeur stopped the machine
and shouted a question at the nearest
rider, who swung his mount and cun
tered up. He was a lean, tanned youth
In overalls, Jumper, wide sombrero,
high-heeled boots, and shiny leather
chaps. A girl in the tonneau'appralsed
with quick, eager eyes this horseman
of the plains. Perhaps, she found him
less picturesque than she had hoped.
He was not there for moving-picture
purposes. Nothing on horse or man
held Its place for any reason except
utility. ,;
"Where's the round up?" asked the
driver. . . ... -
The coffee-brown youth gave a little
lift of his head to the right. He was
apparently a man of few words.
The car moved forward to the edge
of the mesa and dropped into the val
ley.' The girl in the back seat gave
a little scream of delight. Here at last;
was the West she had read about In
books and seen on the screen. 1
This was Cattlelajd's hour of hours.
The parada grounds were occupied by
two circles of cattle, each fenced by
eight or ten horsemen. . The nearer
one was the beef herd, beyond this
and closer to the moutli of the canyon
from which they had all recently been
driven was a mass of closely packed
cows and calves.
Several men were busy branding and
ipurklng. the..jalves, dragged, to. them
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m ex -m m aiiji
from the herd by the horsemen wEo
were roping the frightened little blat
ters, With a movement of her wrist the
girl opened the door and stepped down
from the car.' 1 -
A man sitting beside the chauffeur
turned in his seat "You'd better stay
where you are, honey." He had an
Idea that this was not exactly the
scene a girl of seventeen ought to see
at close range.
"I want to get the kinks out of my
muscles. Dad," the girl called back.
"I'll not go far."
She walked along a ridge that ran
from the mesa Into the valley like an
outstretched tongue, r There was a
touch of unstudied Jauntlness In the
way the tips of hr golden curls es
caped from beneath the little brown
toque she wore. A young man guard
ing the beef herd watched her curi
ously. Something in the poise of the
light, boyish figure struck ' a spark
from bis Imagination,
As she stood on the spit of the ridge,
a slim, light figure silhouetted against
the skyline, the young man guarding
the beef herd called something to her
that was lost in the bawling of the
cattle. From the motion of his hand
Bhe knew that he was telling her to
get back to the car. But the girl saw
no reason for obeying the orders of a
range-rider she bad never seen before
and never expected to see aga fn. -Nobody
had ever told ber that a rider is
fairly safe among the wildest hill cat
tle, but a man on foot is liable to at
tack at any time when a herd is ex
cited. .
A shout of warning startled ber.
Above the bellowing of the heAl she
heard another yell. ,
"Hl-yiya-al" -,'V'-'V ;
A red-eyed steer, tall up, was crash
ing through the small brush toward
the branders. There was a wild scur
ry for safety. The men dropped Iron
and ropes and fled to their saddles. De
flected by puraners, Jhe antmni turned.
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liy chance It thundered" sfruighf fc
the girl on the sand spit.
She stood paralyzed for a moment.
Out of the gathering darkness a voice
came to her sharp and clear. "Don't
move I" It rang so vibrant with crisp
command that the girl, poised for
flight, stood still and waited lu white
terror while the huge steer lumbered
toward her.
A cow pony, wheeled as on a dol
lar, Jumped to on Instant gallop. The
man riding It was the one who had
named her buck to the ear. llorae and
ladlno pounded over the ground toward
her. Each stride brought them closer
to each other as they converged toward
the sand spit. It enme to her with a
gust of panicky despnl that they
would collide on the very spot where
she stood. Yet she did not run.
The rider, lifting his bronco forward
at full speed, won by a fraction of a
second. He guided In such a way as
to bring his horse between her and the
steer. Without slackening bis pace
In the least as be swept past, the man
stooped low, caught the girl beneath
the armpits, and swung her In front
of him to the back of the horse. The
steer pounded past so close behind
that one of its horns grazed the tali of
the cow pony.
It was a superb piece of horseman
ship, perfectly timed, as perfectly exe
cuted. The girl lay breathless in the arms
of the man, her heart beating against
his, her face buried In his shoulder.
She was dazed, half fainting from the
reaction of her fear. The next she
remembered clearly was being lowered
Into the arms of ber father.
He held her tight, his face tortured
with emotion. She watthe very light
of his soul, and she bad shaved death
by a hair's breadth. A miracle bad
saved her, but he would never forget
the terror that had gripped him.
The girl snuggled closer to him, her
arms round his neck.
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after having a severe run of fever it
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He Guided In Such a Way as to Bring
His Horse Betwssn Her and the
Steer. . .
remained a ftfty-dollur bill. He looked
at It helplessly for a moment; then,
beneath the brown outdoor tan, a hush
of anger beat into bis face. Without
a word he leaned forward and pressed
the note Into the mouth of the bronco.
The buckskin knew Its master for a
very good friend. If he gave It some
thing to cat well, there was no harm
In trying It once. The buckskin
chewed placidly for a few seconds, de
cided that this was a practical Joke,
and ejected from Its mouth a slimy
green pulp that had recently been a
treasury note. ,
The father stammered his thanks to
the rescuer of the girl. "1 don't know
what I can ever do to let you know
. . . 1 don't know how I can ever
pay you for' saving . . i." ,
"Forget it I" snapped the brown man
curtly. lie was . an even-tempered
youth, as genial and friendly as a half
grown pup, but Just now the word
"pay" irritated him as a red rag does
a sulky bull.
-t "If there's anything at all 1 can do
for yon" "
"Not a thing."
The Nevr Yorker, felt that he was
not expressltg himself at all happily.
What he Wanted was to show this
young fellow that he had put him un
der a lifelong obligation he could nev
er hope to w ipe out
"If you ever come to New York"
"I'm not liable to go there. I don't
belong there any more than you do
here. 'Better drift back to Tucson,
stranger. Take a fool's advice and bit
the trail for town pronto before you
bump Into more trouble."
The tlder swung round his pony and
cantered back to the beef herd.
He left behind him a much-annoyed
clubman, a perplexed and distressed
father, and a girl both hurt, and In
dignant at his brusque rejection of her
father's friendly advances. The episode
of the fifty-dollar bill had taken place
entirely under cover. The man who
had given the note and the one who
had refused to accept it were the only
ones who knew of it The girl saw
only that this splendid horseman who
bad snatched her from under the very
feet of the Indlno bad shown a boor
ltdi discourtesy. The savor had gone
out of her udventnre. Her heart was
sick wlt.i ulsuppotntiuent and Indigna
A Street Twelve Miles Long.
T like yore outfit" Bed Holllster
grumbled. "You're nice boys, and good
to yore mothers what few "of you ain't
wore their gray hairs to the grave
with yore frolicsome ways. You know
yore business and you got a good
cook. But I'm darned If I like this
thing of two meals a day, one at a
quarter to twelve at night and the
other a quarter past twelve, also and
likewise at night" ,
Bed's grumbling was a pretense. He
would not have been anywhere else for
twice the pay. Tills was what Te lived
Johnnie Green, commonly known as
3the Bunt," helped himself to another
Farmino-ton Milling Company
flank steak. "He'was "not much of a
cow-hand, but when It came to eating
Johnnie was always conscientiously on
tha Job.
"These her New Yorkers must ba
awful hardy," he ventured, apropos of
nothing. "Seems like they're night
birds for fair. Never do go to bed, far '
as I can make out They tramp tha
streets aU day and dance at tnem cabby-rets
all night My feet would b
all wore out"
Btace Wallls grinned. "So would my
pocketbook. I've heard tell how a fel
low can pay as high as four or fiva
dollars for an eat at them places."
Clay Lindsay laughed. "You boya
know a lot about New York, Just about
as much as I do. I've read that a
guy can drop a hundred dollars a night
In a cabaret If he has a friend or two
along, and never make a ripple on
Broadway." J1
"Well, I read there's a street there '
twelve miles long. If a fellow started
at one end of that street with a thirst
he'd sure be salivated before he
reached the other end of It," Stac
said with a grin. . i, '
"Wonder if a fellow could get a Job
there. They wouldn't be no use for a
puncher, I reckon," Slim drawled.
"Betcha Clay could get a Job
all right," answered Johnnie Green
promptly. "He'd be top hand any
where, Clay would."
Johnnie was the lost dog of tha
B-ln-a-Box ranch,- It was his nature to
follow somebody and lick hi: band
whenever It was permitted. The some
body he followed was Clay Lindsay.
Johnnie was his slave, the echo of his
opinions, the booster of his merlta.
He asked no greater happiness than to
trail in the wake of his friend and get
a kind word occasionally.
The Runt bad chosen as his Admir
able Crlchton a most engaging youth.
It never had been hard for any girl '
to look at Clay Lindsay. ' His sun
tanned good looks, the warmth of bis
gay smile, the poise and the easy stride
of him, made Lindsay a marked man
even In a country where men of splen
did physique were no exception.
His eyes now were watching the leap
of the fire glow. The talk of New York
had carried him back to a night on the
round-up three years before. He was
thinking about a slim girl standing on
t sand spit with a wild steer rushing
toward her, of her warm, slender body
lying In his arms for five immortal
keconds, of her qark, shy .eyes shining
out of the dusk at him like live coals.
He remembered and It hurt him to
recall It how his wounded pride had
lashed out in resentment of the pntron
Ige of these New Yorkers, The young
er man had insulted him, but he knew
In his heart now that the girl's father
had meant nothing of the kind, Of
Course the girl had forgotten him long
llnce., .(,
"Question Is, could you land a Job
In New York If you wanted one," ex
plained Stace to the dreamer.
"If it's neck meat or nothln' a fol
low can 'most always get somethln' to
do," said Lindsay In the gentle voice
he used. The vague Impulses qf many
days crystallzed suddeuly into'a reso
lution. "Anyhow I'm goln' to try. Soon
as the rodeo is over I'm goln' to hit
the trail for the big town."
"Tucson?" interpreted Johnnie dubl-
ous,y- ,-,.!'
"New York." ' I
The bow-legged little puncher looked
at his friend and gasped.
Clay flashed on htm the warm smlla
that endeared him to all his friends.
"I'm goln' to ride down Broadway and
shoot up the town, Johnnie. Want to
come along?"
(Continued next week.)
, Travel by air has now reached the
same luxurious standards as travel
by land. Danger from fire and en
gine trouble has been reduced to a
minimum by new inventions. One
can travel through the air at a speed .
of 125 miles an hour with less dis-
' comfort than is experienced on trains,
i Hospital airplanes with operating
rooms fully equipped are a practical
1 reality. Stabilizing appliances permit
the surgeon to operate whilo the mi
j chine is flying through Bpace.
Show a Loaf of
made with our flour, and your friends
will compliment you upon your ex
pert baking. That's a reputation ev
ery woman wants and that's why ev
ery housekeeper should use our flour
exclusively. Many already . do so.
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