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Cleaned from Exchanges Made by the Shears,
the Pencil and the Paste Pot Some Origl-
nal. Some Credited, and Some Stolen,
but Nearly All Interesting Reading. jj
Kirksville.may have. an auto
mobile faotory.
New Madrid and Scott oounties
are agitating the question of a
good court house.
On Monday Centralia voted a
bond issue of $25,000 to build a
pew publio echoolhouse.
It is probable that a Y. M. C. A.
building will be built at Charles
ton during the present year.
An evangelist referred to a
danoe at Rook Port, last week as
a "gizzard squeezing affair."
New Madrid county people
seem to be in earnest about hav
ing; a new court house in 1909.
DeSoto has a. truant offioer
whose duty it is to look after the
children who do not attend school.
Rev. R
H. cooper oi ayette
AAM A-Y-V . liL .
Las collected $67,000 with which
to support superannuated minis
ters of the Methodist churoh.
More shoes were made in St,
Louis than in Boston last year!
And Boston used to thiok it
would never have a sole mate. .
The Democrat says that for a
"dry" town,, there is a big
amount of liquor drank in Gallatin.-
The eatne is true of James
port. The W. C. T- U. of Charleston
bad $73 left in their treasury last
. wock after all their expense? in
the local option campaign bad
fcuen paid.
Hon. C.A. Crow, congressman
elect, has appointod Harry Naet
er, one of the owners of the Cape
Girardeau. Republican, as his
private secretary.
A St. Clair County" man has
just emigrated to Oklahoma and
confesses he has moved forty
times in the forty-five years he
has been married.
Frank Bloomfield of Parnell
had a bottle of grasshopers that
he was showing Saturday morn
ing. Probably this is a forerun
ner of an early spring.
Congressman Russell has intro
duced a bill in congress appropri
ating $50,000 to protect the prop
erty at Bird's Point from the en
preachment of the rive;.
A Woman's club at Columbia
has notified the grocerymen of
that village that they must clean
op their stores if ihey expect
women to trade with them. ''
A Polk County man bought 1,
000 geese in 'a bunch and then
tried to drive them to Bolivar.
,The geese rambled around so
much that he gave it up and load
ed them Into wagons. . .
In Springfield two hours after
- Mrs. flora Sourlock hid been di
vorced from her husband by
. Judge Neville, she married W. A.
pummone, who was one of the
witnesses in her behalf. (
. The Carthage Press is optimis
tic enough to believe that after
all this strain on the publio's
nerves, surely 8U Louis people
will see the importance of voting
so mat one count wui oe sumoi
An Osceola firm shipped a oar
load of. 12,000 rabbits for city
consumption the other day. The
meat trusty will begin buying up
the rabbits pretty soon and the
now undervalued bunny will be
come aiuxury. , ,
. fcr-o-.-rnan J, J, Russell's till
authorizing an appropriation for
the improvement of the Little
Black river, which he has been
pushing for a longtime in Con
gress, will be complied with, ac
cording to information sent from
Washington. The committee on
rivers and harbors has promised
the Missouri congressman that
money for the betterment of the
stream will be appropriated in
the emergency river and harbor
bill, whioh will be reported short
ly. The success of the congress
man was unexpected, owing to
the financial stringency, but he
urged the matter with suoh stress
before the committee that it
promised toincorporate the meas
ure in the emergenoy bill.
Prosecuting Attorney Gossam
says this 'Vstol toting habit"
hai got to stop in this city and in
- - ' -
this county, and he says this also
applies to' these winged angels
from Arkansas who have that
foclish way of shooting out of the
car windows on their return home
in the afternoon. He says some
of '.hese times a few of them are
likely fcomiss their train and wake
up the next morning in a big juil
where they might pass a few
months. , In passing we might re
mark to a few of the rough citi
zens of this city that the judge's
remarks apply to all localities
and even if you do live hero you
are' going to be prosecuted as
hard as if you did not. Caruth
ersville Democrat.
If reports are only partly true a
condition exists about BirdsPoint
and perhaps other places in this
county that need attention. It is
said that there are forty cases of
small pox at the Point, and that
no restrictions are being used
whatever; that a man broken put
with the disease actually went
through the train there one day
this week. . The disease was
brought in from Cairo where it is
very prevalent, and a quarantine
is needed before the whole coun
ty is threatened. What is the
matter with the County Board of
Health? If we haven't one the
.Connty Court should attend to it
next week, the first thing.
Charleston Courier.
The deed of whatis probably
the largest transfer of land ever
recorded in Southeast Missouri
has been filed in the oounty re
corder's office here. The deed
was made by theHolladay-Klotz
Land and Lumber oomnanv tn tha
Wayne Iron and Lumber oom-
pany, and oalls for 100,000 acres
of land in Wayne countv at a
consideration of $400,000. This
.marks the passing of the old Hoi-
laday-Klotz Land and Lumber
company, at one time the largest
lumber company operating in
Miss6uri.-Greenxille Journal.
' Thirty-seven years ago a festi
vai in wmon the "post omce"was
an important feature was given in
Charleston. Miss Bettie Hisey
was postmistress, aesisted by
Lewis Danforth. On St: Valen
tine's evening a similar affair
will be given there, and Mrs.
Bettie Hisey Hagan will be assist
ed again by Lewis Danforth in
the distribution of letters.
Ranney has taken pos
sesion as Judge of the Court of
Cora mnn Pleas at Cape Girardeau.
His father, W. C. Ranney, was
the first judge to fin that position,
when the court was created,
Dr. Anna J. Smith, the osteo
path, who formely had an office at
Dexter, and who, with her hus
band conducts an osteopath sani
tarium at Poplar Bluff has been
indicted by a Butler oounty grand
jury for malpractice.
The wife of John Rumbouty of
Cape Girardeau died last week.
He was 70 years old and very)
deaf and could not be made to
understand that his wife was
dAAri. an ha walked In th eoffln
to see her body, and was so over
come by grief that he fell dead.
Rather than distress his mother,
who led him to believe she pre
ferred him to remain single, John
Dunn, of St. Louis, a millwright,
for seventeen years kept the faot
of his marriage from her. It was
likewise a secret to Dunn's broth
ers and sisters until the death of
his mother, despite the faot that
the woman who nursed Mrs.
Dunn with tender care during
her last illness was the wife of
her son.
As the west bound passenger
train was running between Essex
and Hunter villa last Saturday
evening some miscreant hurled a
rock at the passing train. A oaf
window in the ladies coach was
broken and Mrs. Nancy Wolf, of
I Morley, was struck on the head,
inflicting a scalp wound. A babe
she was holding in her arms bare
ly missed being struck by the
stone and the flying glass. Dex
ter Messenger,
A woman sued for a divorce on
the ground that her husband's
wages of $20.00 per week is in
sufficient to keep her from servi
tude. A couple that can't get
along on that amount roust be
fast livers, indeed. What will
ehodo if she gets a divorce? Will
that help matters any? Are there
so many p-irsuits open' to women
that she oan, if single, jump into
a $10.00 job? We have a sneak
ing suspicion that the huBband
will be better off if the divor'oe is
The Frisco railroad has been
instructed by Attorney General
Major that if they abandon part
of their track in Pemiscot county,
as they have been contemplating,
that it will invalidate their entire
oharter. The Frisco has a net;
work of lines in Pemisoot oounty,
bought from Mr. Houck and lum
ber companies, giving them two
or more lines between different
towns, and as they are not re
munerative, it has become a
problem with the company how to
operate them.
The latest graft by whioh the
hospitable farmer is separated
trora His cash is worked by a
"fake" minister and a couple of
assistants. The former ask
shelter for the night at a farm
house and later the other two a
"blushing" couple oome and
ask te be married. After con
siderable urging the minister con
sents and the groom, fuming
about the delay, presents what
purports to be a license. The
farmer as a witness, signs It hur
riedly. About a month later it
turns up in a lecal bank as a note.
Francis B. Runder, former
cashier of the St. Louis postoffioe,
was brought to Ironton Monday
evening by Deputy United States
Marshall William to serve six
months In the Iron County Jail
for embezzeling about $3,000 from
the postal funds.' The punish
ment no doubt is just, but it looks
strange to an outsider that Run
der, who is a Demoorat, should
have to 'serve six months for
stealing $8,090 while no one has
been Banished lor stealing that
$01,503 from the Bt. Louis sub
treasury, ,I lh9 the boasted
A farmer living over in Taney
County has a dwarfed pet pig
that is two or three years old and
no larger than a house cat. TheKolIowing a quarrel in a room at
other day he took his pig out with
a party of hunters. Presently up
jumped a rabbit, and it got in a
hole before any of the hunters
could get their guns to their
shoulders. "Here's where 'Foxy'
will show you what he oan do,"
says the farmer. He let the pig
down and it sniffed the ground
and went into the hole quick as a
ferret, and pretty soon oame out
with the rabbit in its mouth. The
farmer says that the pig is more
valuable than alt the bird dogs,
as it is also a good quail hunter,
and when the pig makes a stand
it is next to impossible to make
it flush the flock.
Charles A. Sumner of Kansas
City, who claims to be a repre
sentative legislative agent for the
Brotherhood of Hoboes, arrived
at Jefferson City Tuesday bear
ing a letter 'of introduction 'to
Lieutenant-Governor Gmelick
and Speaker A. A. Speer. His
purpose in ooming there is to
have a bill passed providing for
the state giving employment to
the men out of work. An appro
priation of $125,000tfor the pur
pose of carrying nut the soheme,
is one provision of the bill Sum
ner has in mind. Sumner says
he is baoked by the leaders of
organized labor in Kansas City
and St. Louis.
i i -
.rendered an opinion to the effeot
that the law passed by the last
legislature fixing the salaries of
county attorneys in counties of a
population of not less than 32,000
jnor more than 50,000 at $2,500
i per year, is unconstitutional and
void. It affects but four counties
of the state and the attorney
general holds that it is a local
and special law. The opinion
was rendered upon the request
of several county attorneys or
their assistant. - '
Whila hunting rabbits in the
Pearl Bend neighborhood, a
Benton County man found in a
hollow log a loaded and cocked
shotgun which has been identified
, as belonging to J. A. Long, who
killed Mrs. Winemuller and Felix
Crawford in October. 1906. The
finding of the gun again starts
people to guessing whether Long
made his escape or whether he
was killed by pursuers and his
body thrown in the river.
The Braun prize, awarded the
best student of the universities of
America and Europe, has been
captured by Mabel Sturtevant of
jBrookfleld, a Missouri girl, born
and reared on a farm and educat
ed almost entirely by her own
efforts. She intends making a
tour of the world with the money
her victory has given her.
Thomas M. Allen of Cassvllle,
a former postmaster," yesterday
pleaded guilty before Judge Pol'
lock of the federal court to open
ing another's mail.1 He was fin
ed $300. A decoy letter sent by
a postoffioe inspector caused his
arrest. Allen is one of the most
prominent and wealthy citizens
or Barry Uounty. , 4,
A crowd of hunters about five
miles southeast of Grant City
went out hunting one day last
week and killed 189 rabbits on
square mile of territory. At the
end of the hunt the rabbits hrdu't
given out but the hunters were
about all in. Rabbits are un
usually plentiful this season ' -
The prosecuting attorney of
Scott county made speeches for
the "dry" in the local option
campaign in Mississippi county,
and toil his hearers that hie
oourty would call a IocaI option
Mrs. Lillie Harle, a former resi
dent of Nevada, was shot and
killed by her husbsnd. Walter.
a hotel in Gage, their home for
some time
Petitions to the Legislature for
the submission of a statewide pro
hibition amendement to the con
stitution are being circulated for
signatures under the initiative
and referendum law.
John Smith, living a few miles
northeast of Bethany, brought in
and sold to Corneli9on 4 Co. 143
head of geese whioh at the pre
vailing prices brought him $107.-
31. It took three wagons to haul
Chillioothe is to have a $100,-
000 hotel, $40,000 of the stock has
been subscribed by Chicago and
St. Louis capitalists, while the
remaining $60,000 is being sub
scribed by the business men of
Mexican zino ore may be im
ported to this country free of
duty, acoording to a reoent decis
ion by Judge Burns in the federal
oourt of appeals in New" Orleans.
This deoision is considered a blow
to the Missouri zino district.
The only Demoorat postmaster
in the great state of Missouri is
Unole Diok Johnson of Cass
County, who is postmaster for the
state senate. And he wouldn't
be P. M. if anybody other than
the state senate had a say so.
Lyle F. Lelan, a prisoner in the
county jail at Mexico, who is
under indictment for forgery,
says he is the son of Lord Aber
deen. He tried to pass a bogus
oheck in January, while intoxi
cated. He will ask for a parole.
In a premature explosion at the
Bird Dog mine, north of Webb
City yesterday, Zeke Gullett of
Joplin was killed and Dan Rich
ardson, Perry Cuppler and E. T.
Norris injured. Gullett was tamp
ing the hole when the explosion
.' A curious inquirer wants to
know "What are the sister
states," and the Fairfix Forum
answers: We should judge that
they are, Miss Ouri, the Misses
Sippi, Ida Ho, Mary Land, Callie
Fornia, Allie Bama, Louisa
Anna; Delia Ware and Minnie
A Springfield girl who sold
box of love letters to a rag mart
for 50 cents, didn't know what
good tiling she lost. The man
discovered that he had purchased
something good and boiled the
letters down, selling the product
for strained honey and realized a
good profit. -
Mrs. Alonzo Swift of Spring
field by repeatedly slamming the
doors of the rooms on the, second
story of her home Saturday night,
put to flight a burglar whom she
heard ransaoking the rooms down
stairs. The burglar in his flight
left jewejry whioh he had taken
from a chiffonier drawer.
At a Columbia poultry show, a
big Langshang rooster was
weighed and he tipped the scales
at 8 3-4 pounds.. . Then they gave
him onions, corn and ground meat
until he refused to eat more, let
him drink all he wanted and be
weighed 93-4 pounds, showing
ne uaa uxen just a pound.
Eighty thousand pounds of iawf
is being shipped into the new
stateof Oklahoma from Columbia,
says the Columbia Tribune. One
carload already has been shipped
sua anotner win d ready la a
few days. The total consign
ment Will compriaelO.OOOvolumns
of the Oklahoma etatutss, printed
:. r corf.
by a CwIv.ii.Ua pub
R. C. Young, one of Dunklin
county's most praotioal, energetie
and progressive farmers, is pre
paring to tile his farm, or a per
tion of it, this spring for the pur
pose of testing this method of
underdrawing level lands with
soils of the nature of his "Syca
more Farm." The tiled land will
be scientifically .tilled in truck
stuff, with a minute detail of its
progress kept by the gentlemen.
Mr. Young Is expending the
money and time required in this
experiment for the benefit of him
self and neighbors and whoever
desires the information. Camp
bell Citizen.
Louis Gibbs was awarded $2,.
000 Wednesday by a jury for the
loss of two fingers from his left
hand. He formerly was head
sawyer in the sawmill at Sturdi
vant of A. F. Watkins; against
whom ths judgement was pro
nounoed. The plaintiff contend
ed that Watkins had promised to
repair a belt, which was defective,
but had failed to do so and Gibbs
as a result of this alleged negli
gence was badly injured. The
jury decided that, considering the
evidenoe, each of Gibb's lost
fingers was worth 11,000. Pop
lar Bluff Democrat.
Monday's Cairo papers state
that one J. W. Crawford, a well
known street fair and carnival
promoter, as well as a gambler of
local note, w6nt "bug house" a
few days ago and wasplaoedin
an asylum at Anna. Crawford is
well known in Bikes ton. He fa
the gentleman who used to parade
the streets of Sikeston, about ten
or twelve years-ago, wearing a
watch chain about three feet long .
made of five, ten, and twenty
dollar gold pieoes, and it is as
tonishing that he wasn't pro
nounced Insane then. Sikeston
New Madrid county people
waited a hundred years for some
body to oome along and drain the
wet lands, and finally beooming
tired of waiting, took hold of the
work themselves. Look at the
result. The Gods help those who
help themselves. Now that the
time is up for waiting for outsid
ers to nlBh in and build our muoh
needed 'steam and electrio rail
road lines,, our own capitalists
will take hold and do the build
ing. New Madrid Record.
During the month of Ftbruary .
a petition will bepresented to the
oounty court of New Madrid -oounty,
asking for a epeoial eleo
tion to vote on a proposition of
issuing bonds to sum of $75,000.
If the proposition carries $60,000
will be used for building a court
house and $15,000 to build a coun
ty jail. The proposition ought to
carry as . New Madrid oounty is
big enough and rioh enough to
have a' respectable court house
and county jail.
A Monett man writes home from
Mexioo that he caught a shark.'
TWe are two kinds of sharks.
the real thing and the other kind,
says the Monett Star. The other
kind is the one that eot the
Monett man to go to Mexico and
thus enabled him to catoh one of
the real ones. There's no such
oritters to be caught in this neck
o' the woods, but we'll take old
Missouri first and Mexico when
we can't get anything els. . '
During the song service pre
ceding the sermon at the First
Congregational Church in New
Cambria, fire broke -out ia the
building, which was filled with
people. The choir continued
singing and the organist remain
ed at the instrument until the
church was cleared. No ore- wa
injured. A bucket' lr!rsJ
formed and aftr htrd vork VL&

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