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Published Every Thursday.
JOHN Beal, Editor and Proprietor
Terms of Subscription:
OwYf... $1.00,
, Sis) Months , to cenu,
Three Mootht 5 cents
THURSDAY, NOV. 30, 1899.
McKlnley, the Gold Standard
and the Trusts.
Next Monday Congress convenes
and the people will hear a message
from McKinley. It will deal with
the issues confronting the country
b? circumlocution and dodging
But one question will be squarely
met; and that too, in a measure
mav be dealt with by a play of
. words.'
No difference what the President
may say in his message, he is ex
pected before his administration
closes to help fasten forever the
gold standard upon this country.
Hear a word from Henry Clews
the Wall Street banker, member of
the New York Stock Exchange
New York Produce Exchange
New York Cotton Exchange, Ch
cago Board of Trade and what else
W know not. Should not a man in
nch a position know what ho was
talking about T We believe he was
peaking for the President the
other day when he said:
President McKinley is expected
to come out clearly for the cntab
liahment of the gold standard
his annual message."
Mr. Clews was not the leant so
lioitous upon this point, and
once branched off with these words
The only other question having
an important bearing upon busi
nesawillbe the trust problem.'
He thought congress would not
rash into any rash and hasty con
elusions regarding trusts, for" whole
. sale repression would as serious
ly injure labor as capital," and as
"fortunately prosperity prevails
everywhere. Congress need not be
forced into injurious extremes."
So there you have it McKinley
the gold standard and tho trusts
ttcjumey is expected ' to come
ont squarely for the one and to
play with the other like he talked
"international agreement" for sil
ver in 1896; when in 1897 he soft
soaped tho people by forcing them
to pay a costly commission to goto
Europe to help us to get rid of the
gold standard I
' No, McKinley wants the gold
standard. He wants a law to
make gold the legal tender for the
payment of debts, public and pri
vate; a law which will create
greater demand for gold; and thus
hall we continue aiding the money-making
class and injuring the
wealth-producing class.
He must deal lightly with the
trust question, for "fortunately
prosperity prevails every where,"
and there should be no hasty or
rash conclusions.
McKinley, the gold standard and
the trusts; that will be the Repub
lican platform in 1900 if not
elearly spoken, you can always
read it plainly between the lines.
Yxs wi said it That new rail
road from the north to Mexico
will be a fact in due time. v
Tex Democratic Central Commit
tee of Saline county passed resolu
tions favoring a state primary.
RlXXXBRB, neighbor, that the
UxatAQi li only one dollar per
year. All the news, too, condensed
and to the point.
. , Poo Diwxt I He is at lost be
ginning to hare his troubles. He
disappointed to think that it the
paopla could give him a bouse, he
coalin't give it again if he chose.
Tn Missouri Pacific railroad
kaa no use for those it employs
who frequent saloouB or disobey
order. The road has employed
potters ' to kodak these fellows.
trust ;
roBCiQN , alliance; no
no imperialism for the
United States," with 16 to 1 added
and an income tax would indeed
make a good Democratic platform
for 1900.
Thi Messaoi has engnged to
carry out the unexpired and
pledged subscription of the Santa
Fe Advertiser. We trust the Mes
e age will be enabled to fo conduct
Itself as that all who get our paper
under the arrangement with the
Advertise will be resolved to stay
with us
Th Illinois ting law has been
declar. d at variance with the slate
constitution. The idea too senti
mental and quixotic; that seems to
hAve been the only ground of ob
jection, Maybe the conrt had in
mind too that the flag manufactur
ers are about to form a trust.
A staunch friend of the Mes
sage at Laddonia writes us: "I
am much pleased with the Message.
A paper advocating the people's
side of Democracy and not the self
appointed leaders' side was much
needed and I earnestly hope you
will abundantly succeed, both for
your own sake and that of hu
William A. Clark, of Montana,
the mining king, is charged with
having purcbas -d his seat in the
United States Senate. Another
argument for popular elections
from constable up to the Presiden
cy. Let the people nettle these
matter; you can't buy all the peo
pie even in a Slate Democratic
primary. .
A Message representative talked
with two men on the streets of
Mexico last Saturday who recently
moved from Illinois and have made
real estate purchases in this county.
They wt re discussing taxe. One
suid that he had about the same
amount of land he had in Illinois,
but in that state he paid more than
double the taxes. The men are
both delighted with Missouri, and
especially are they phased with
Audrain county.
Representatives of the Ameri
can-English syndicate have been in
the State of Montana all summer
and fall traveling all over the large
sheep raising sections, securing op
tions or. the best sheep ranches and
best watered land for the purpose
oi consolidating tnem into one
large company. Already options
on nearly 500,000 head of sheep
and 500,000 acres of the finest and
most fertile sheep raising land
Montana have been obtained. Qoin
into the trust.
Estate Oaks Art Garland Base Burners
Buck's Oaks Peoria Wood Heaters
Garland Oaks "Wilson" Heaters
Peoria Oaks Majestic Ranges
Peninsula Oaks Buck's Cooks
Cole's Hot Blast Darling Cooks
Century Steel Cooks
Why buy a poor stove when you can
get a good one at the same price?
V. 1. P. K
...Can Be Bought at The
La Crosse
Co's Yards.
At a Cheap Price. They Carry
Large Stocks, Bright and Dry
tinder Sheds.
All Ready For Business.
The Central Market
Everything New !
Everytning Fresh !
Burned In his Bed.
Palmyra, Mo., Nov. 29,
Uncle May Scott, an aged negro,
was burned to dath in his cabin
at an early hour this morninc
tU Bupposed he overturned ;
amp, winch set tire to the bed
cbthmg, and being ill and feeble
was unable to help himself. The
Fire Department responded prompt
ly to the alarm, but it whs Rome
time before tha flames could be
checked and the cabin entered. The
old tuau's arms and legs were burn
ed completely from his body and
hi head was only a fleshless
grinning skull.
Kansan's Preaching.
Topeka, Kan., Nov. 26. The
people of Lebanon, Kan., and pas
sengersof the Rock Island Railroad
to-day saw a practical illustration
of the proclaiming of Qod's word
from the housetops. The big grain
levator owned by the E. D. IIov
iv mar . .
o, a uevoui rree Juctnouist, was
esterday decorated by a sign pain
ter with this Bible quotation:
Eternity in hell he lilted up his
eyes, being in torment. Be not
deceived, God is not mocked.
leaven auu earth snail pass
away, bnt my word shall not pass
uway. Fear God and keep his
commandments. For the son of
man is come to seek and save that
which was lost."
These texts are in bright let
ters, and may be read for miles
over the level 'plains. Mr. IIov
e is one of the wealthest citizens
Lebanon, and is a member of
Council, and prominent
and temperance work.
Mr. Hoy Jennys a positive gospel
tells, and he believes in dissemina
ting it in every possible way.
Cigarette Smoking.
To the editor of the Message.
A little Mexico Sunday school
girl two or three davs since
found it necessary to step off the
sidewalk to give room for several
small boys who were indulging in
the smoking of cigarettes. They
made several remarks concerning
their bravado practice, amoug
them this "The best preacher in
tie world smokes cigarettes, so I
can too."
We do not know in the boy's es-
the Town
in church
The nDy Clothing!
(n 0)
Call in and compare prices. A Guarantee
with every purchase.
timation who was the best preacher
in the world. Of course he only used
the excuse that many older and
more hardened people use in at
tempting to extenuate a wrong,
but it behooves those who liuve in
fluence to mould public opinion to
be careful of the example they set
before the young. Not only avoid
evil but every appearance of evil.
"If meat make my brother to of
fend, I will eat no flesh while the
world stands." XXX.
Cabbaga Rom for lb Table.
A "eabbege roue" Is a novel table
decoration. A small, perfect cabbage
with rather loose and curling leave.
Is chosen. This Is placed in the cen
ter ot the table surrounded wuh One
greens. Roeet are then put in every
opening of the cabbage leaves, which
are close enough to hold the flowers
prlght. It may be necessary to cut
a hole In the center of the top for
a final cluster ot buds and rosea. The
cabbage Is mainly concealed, but
where It appears Its pale green is in
pleasing contrast to the roses.
floras In C'hauvnr' Tliuo.
Many clocks with weights and
wheels were In use lu England during
Chaucer's time, und most of the
monasteries ot the fourteenth century
possessed clocks, though these were
used to show the astronomical move
ment, as well as the passage of hours.
Throughout the fifteenth century.
clocks were made mostly by armorers
and blacksmiths, as they were con'
structed of Iron and steel.
In Kruptlon Since 17HK.
The most active volcano In the
world Is Mt. Bungay, 17,190 feet, situat
ed on the eaatem chain of tho Andes,
Bouth America. It baa been In con
stant eruption since 1723
llldn't Car to Ha Known.
New BnRlnnd churchyards nre a fer
tile field for those In s:ir h of curious
epitaphs A tombstone In ritowe bears
this line. Indicative of a r licence car
ried beyond the grave: "I was some
body who. Is no busluesa of yours."
Tha Soap Mln In Aihrrnrt.
The so-called soap mine at Ashcroft,
British Columbia, Is really a lake con
taining water strongly impregnated
with borax and soda. These have so
lidified on the bottom and Rides, where
the substance can Im sawed out In
blocks as if It were Ice.
Eiplowlve Porte of I.tiul Air.
It Is asserted that liquid air has
twenty times the explosive force of
dynamite. During experiments at
Vienna, In the firing of caunon, the
liquid air was exploded by an electrlo
spark, and the results were extremely
satisfactory. No heat was developed
In the guns, and the ran re ot the
projectiles wns n.u"ij Increased.
Archato flare of Orduauee.
One ot the oldest cannon In existence
has just been fished out of the bottom
of the river Thames, near Twicken
ham. This archaic cannon Is twenty-
eight Inches In length and about tour
and a half Inches In diameter, being
made ot bars of Iron, strengthened
with hoops of the same metal welded
Hlgiaat Railroad Bulldar.
Perhaps the greatest railroad builder
la the world la David C. Bhepard, St
Paul, Minn. Since 1862 he has built
railroads la thirteen slate, and terri
tories and Id Canada. His greatest
mileage for any state is 1.4G2 In Min
nesota. The total number of miles laid
by Mr. Shepard Is 7.026.
8t(iiaoii'a ltvhnka to IToclttttt.
In the September installment of
Robert Louis Stevenson's letters In
8crlbner's Magazine, the author of
"The Master of Ballantrae" adminis
ters a Just and vigorous '-ebuke to
Samuel Rutherford Crockett for re
ferring to Scotland as v H." It Is
In a postscript to a letter d&tetl Sara
nac Lake, Spring, 1888, and runs as
follows: "Don't put N. II. In your
paper, put Scotland, and be done with
it. Alas that I should be thus stabbed
In the home of my friends! The name
of my native land Is not North Brlt
ain, whatever may bo the name of
yours. R. L. S."
Pope's a utomohlle.
The pope has received from an Eng
lish Catholic a present of a beautifully
constructed motor car. This automo
bile Is si-ated for two. As hi. holiness
has not for three years taken a car
riage exercise. It is Improbable that he
will ever use the motor car.
A VitiliiK Toaat.
Lord Clyde, one day after dinner.
asked a ch.iplaiu of one of the regl
ments lu India for a toast, who, after
considering for some time, at length
exclaimed with great simplicity:
"Alas! and alack-a-day! What can I
give?" "Nothing better," replied his
lordship. "Come, gentlemen, we'll give
a bumper to the parson's toast. A lass
and a lac a day-" A lac means 100,000
rupees, or $25,000. which la certainly
an Income to make one happy.
A Surgical Majimt.
The Manhattan Eye and Eur hos
pital in New York pesscsses a novel
surgical Instrument intended to ex
tract particles of Iron and steel from
tho eye. It consists of a powerful
electro-magnet mounted on a stand
running on castors. When an opera
tion Is to be performed oue eud of the
magnet Is cautiously brought near the
patient's eye. If a piece of Bteel or
Iron Is embedded In the eyeball, the
patient experiences a sharp pain as the
metallic sliver forces lu way through
tho tlsues and 11 las to the magnet.
The injury to the eye Is said to be less
than that caused by using a knife.
Tha Popa aad the Powder.
Last year, when the pope was suf
fering from hoarseness, Dr. Lapponl
proscribed a powder, and advised the
patient to curtail a discourse he was to
deliver during the day. Leo XIII. pock
eted the powder. As to the discourse,
he did not omit a word of It. In vain
did the doctor repeatedly clear his
throat as a reminder to the pope to
economise his strength. His holiness
kept on, and even purposely raised his
voice. After finishing bis address he
sent for Dr. Lapponl, handed him the
powder, and said, laughing: "Here,
my dear doctor, take your powder
yourself; you evidently need it more
than I."
oath Aaoetrtean Saddle U
The saddle horses In South America
have a mincsng pace, which Is very
easy to the aider, and Is said to have
been acquired In the time of the eon
quesUdors. During the early days In
the colonies the caballaro. decorated
their horses with a great many trap
pings and often had sharp nails hang
ing to tne seal a lea and the net. with
which the nndiuals wore covered. To
avoid contact with these the horse.
took short steps, which Anally devel
oped into the arable that 1. now so
Florida fhuapnate SMMia.
rernandlna, Fla., Is the largest
hipping point In the world for phos
phate rock. The rock, which 1. used
as a fertiliser, was discovered In Flori
da tn 188. In 1890 the shipment,
from Fernandlna amounted to 10,438
tons. Each year It has Increased, un
til last year 195,000 tons were shipped
from that port. Thi year It Is expect
ed that the shipments will reach 288,
000 tons. All the phosphate rook
hipped from Fernandlna goes to for
eign countries. The harbor of Fer
nandlna Is unsurpassed by that of any
Florida port., the depth of water over
the bar being twenty-two and one-half
Old Laws Asalaat Poothall.
People who are beginning to protest
that roughness and brutality la toot
ball game, should be prohibited, by
legal enactment if necessary, can Bad
plenty of encouragement In English
hlBtory. A. far back as the sixteenth.
century King James Issued a royal
mandate forbidding all "rough and
violent exercises such as football,
meeter for laming than making able
the users of It." Football In England
Is now In as bad a condition as base
ball In this country. Ev.ry big town
has its professional team, and the ama
teur Interest In the sport has almost
died out. it I. no longer a atnletlo
port, but a gladiatorial con last on a
purely financial basis. Consequently
there la talk of reviving the old law ot
King James, or, at lea.t, passing some
modern modification ot It
Daily arrivals of Fruits, Vegetables,
Oysters, Celery, etc. Our aim is to give
the people of Mexico the latest and best
the market affords at St. Louis prices.
Our motto is: "Nothing too good for
the people and prices to suit the times."
A fresh and complete line of Choco
lates and Bon lions. Our specialty:
Try our home-made Candies that are
made daily.
Restaurant !
Meals at all hours. Oysters served
as you like them. Give me a call and
see for yourself.
Goods Delivered Free
If you don't find it at the Central
Market, it is not to be found anywhere.
Opposite Ringo Hotel
. H. Wioans, I D,
Ortuad Flttr
W. L. Fowlxs,
Fire and Lightning In
surance Co.
Premium Notes $ 12 488 Co.
Uash J 820 MS
Total $ 35 309 18
We furnish you good Fire Insurance st
half the usual cost.
Gather Up All The Old
Iron Going to Waste
....And Sell It to Me For
Boots, Shoes, Stoves,
Tinware, Hardware, etc.
I will pay for old stoves. . . . 20 cts per 100 lbs
Heavy Casting Iron 40 cts per loo lbs
Wrought Iron 50 cts per 100 pounds
Old Rags..
Copper. , . .
. . 50 cts per 100 pounds
....... 1 5 cts per pound
...... .8 cts per pound
10 cts per pound
Market Price Paid For Country
G. D. Ferris.
Tucker Hotel,
Under new management. Ser
vice tirst-elass. Conveniently lo
cated on West Promenade Street.
Rates 11.00 per day.
- Iwlo.
..DR. J. R. MCHOLlS, Osteopath,....
Fowels Bldg., One Block East of Public
rniuare, Jackson Street.
Mexico, - - - Mo.
Examination and Consultation Fats.
Two and three-story tables hare been
devise to simplify service. The nrst
story In, at coarse, the usual table; tho
ond la six laehea his her and con
siderably smaller than the first. This
revolves and makes it possible (or
Mh sweet io help himself to the vari
ous dishes. Whoa a course la finished
the empty plates caa be slipped under
ssod story out of sight. A third
story may be added for light or deo-oratlon.
Order of Publication.
County of Audrain,
In tho Circuit Court, January
Term, 1900.
J. H.Jennings, Plaintiff,
Lucy Jennings, Defendant.
Now, on this dayf November 1st, 1899,
comes the plaintiff by his attorney, and 61cs
with the clerk of this court, in vacation, his
petition verefied by affidavit, stating among
other things, that the Defendant, Lucy Jen
nings, is a non-resident of the State of Mis
souri, and tits absconded herself from her us
ual place of abode, so that the ordinary pro
cess of law cannot be served upon her.
It Is therefore ordered by the Clerk of this
Court in vacation, that publication be made
notifying her, the said defendant, that aa ac
tion has been commenced against her by pe
tition, in the Audrain County, Missouri, Cir
cuit court, the object and general nature of
which is to obtain a Decree of Divorce from
the bcu4s of matrimony heretofore contract
ed between the Plaintiff and Defendant, and
for such other and further orders as may be
just and proper.
Now, therefore, you, said eon resident De
fendant, are hereby notified of the filing of
this suit, and unless you be and appeal at
the next regular term of this Court, to be be
gun and held at the Court House in the city
of Mexico, county and state aforesaid, on the
third Monday of January, 1 900, and on or
before the third day thereof Answer or
otherwise plead to Plaintiff's petition the
same will be taken as confessed and judg
ment rendered accordingly.
And it is fulher ordered that a copy here
ofbe published In the Mexico Mi tsouri Mas
JaCS, a weekly new spader published in the
said county of Audrain and Slate of Mis
souri, for four weeks successively, the last
insertion to be at least fifteen days before
the commencement of the said next term of
this court.
County of Audrain f
I, J. C. Buckner, Clerk of the Circuit
Court within aed for the County and State
aforesaid, do hereby certify that the forego
ing is a full, true and complete copy ef the
order of publication in the aforesaid cause as
full as the same now remains of record in my
Witness my hand and official seal. Done at
office in the city of Mexico, county and state
aforesaid, this 1st day of November, A. D.,
By W, H. Morris, D. C,
Deed of Trust.
WHEREAS; Geo. Ana Wbaley and
her husband. Ennis W. Whalev. liv
tbeir certain deed of trust dated Sept
ember 24, 1892. and filed for record in
the office of the'Recorded of Deeds of
Audrain county, Missouri, at the city of
Mexico, on the 7th day of October, 1892.
and recorded in Book 10, at page 520,
of said records, conveyed to Joseph '
Offutt, trustee, the following described
real estate situated in the county of
Audrain and state of Missouri, to-wit:
Lot two(2), situated in Block five(6).
in the County Addition of Mexico, in
trust to secure payment of a certain
promissory note in said deed of trust
described, and whereas said note is due
and remains unpaid, now, therefore, un
der the turms and by authority of said
deed of trust, and at the request of the
legal bolder of said note; I hereby give
uotice that! will, on
between the hours of 9 o'clock In the
forenoon and 5 o'clock in the afternoon
of said day, at the least front door of
tho Court House, in Mexico, Mo., sell
said property at public vendue to tha
highest bidder, for cash in hand, to pay
allexpensesof executing this trust, also
the note, interest, insurance premium
or other charges, as provided by said
deed of trust.
Nov. 9, 1899.
PbysJclao iod Dniflst
Mexico, Mo.
Full Line of Staple Drugs aud
Druggist's Sundries, Patent Medi
cines, Dye Stuffs, etc.
of Homeopathic Medicines
These Remedies
when desired.
seut by mail
Striclly ai OOce PraclicB.

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