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THURSDAY, FEB. 5, 1903
Terms of tiubxcription:
One y-ar CI.ijo
Sil Months 50
Tlinnt Months 25
Mocking Bird"-1 low It
Happened to be
Septimus Winner, the author of
"Listen to the Mocking Bird,"
who died the other day in Phila
delphia, passed out of the world
wellnigh penniless.
And yet, duriug his lifetime, his
poiifjs the one named and others,
earned nearly $3,0000,000.
Of this sum he received less
than one-tenth of 1 percent. Of
"Listen to the Mocking Bird"
20,000,000 copies were sold. Win
ner was paid $5 for the manu
script. Like Nicholas Crouch, the Bal
toinoream who wrote "Kathleen
Mavoureen," he won fame with
out profit.
The composer was 70 years old
when he died.
When he wrote the song that
made hiin famous he was 26. How
he came to write it was told a day
or two after his death by his wife.
"In 1832," said Mrs. Winner,
"we had a music store in Phila
delphia near the Delaware Itiver.
A young negro named Dick Mil
burn used to clean up for us oc
casionally, uud this young mau
was called Whistling Dick on ac
count of his powerful and sweet
"Mr. Winner liked Dick, liked
to hear him whistle, and liked to
hear him sing. 'If you only had a
song that you could sing and
whistle both' he would say, 'that
would be a fine combination.'
"And Dick would ask Mr. Win
ner why he did not fix up such a
song for him.
"'Well, Dick, I will"' my hus
band saidjone afternoon, and he
wrote the words and music of
"Listen to the Mocking Bird" that
evening wrote them in about
three hours, and Ehowed them to
me before we went to bed."
These are the words as Winner
wrote them:
I'm dreaming now of llally,
Sweet JIully, sweet llally:
rm'drcamliig now of llally.
For tho thought uf her In ono that nov
erdies. She's sleeping In tho valley,
The valley, tho valley:
She's .sleeping In tho valley,
And the mocking bird Is Hinging where
she lies.
Listen to the mocking bird,
Listen to tho mocking bird,
The mocking bird Is singing o'er hor
Listen to the mocking bird,
Listen to the mocking bird,
Still singing where the weeping wil
lows wave.
Ah, well, I yet remember,
RememlMT, remember:
Ah, well 1 yet remember.
When wo gathered la the cotton side
by side.
'Twas in tho mild September,
September, September;
'Twas In tho mild September,
And the mocking bird is singing far
ana wide.
Listen to tho mocking bird, etc.
The next morning Winner ran
over " Listen to the Mocking Bird"
with Whistling Dick, and the latter
soon learned both the - melody
and the words
AUU llieicuiLci was atnao
singing his new piece, and before a
week had goue by it seemed that
all Philadelphia had learned the
song from him, for, wherever one
turned the strains of'Listen to the
Mocking Bird" fell on the ear.
. Nevertheless, Winner sold las
tsong to a Boston firm for $5, be
lieving, that because he had writ
ten it with so little labor, that it
was worth little.
And the firm that profited by
this modesty so largely never gave
him any extra recompense outside
of the original $5 never shared
with him a penny out of the thous
ands that the Bong earned.
Iu its day the song surpassed
all others iu popularity
It was whistled nud Bung ad
imuwain on the blreet, at the the
ater, iu tho home.
There is talk of a new, Catholic
church building at Centralis.
' Mrs. J. B. Cropp" of Glasgow,
Mo., sold a "crop" - of - chickens,
butter and eggs daring 1902
amounting to $158.22.
Miss Elizabeth Dickinson, a wit
ness in the Hooper Young murder
iu New York, received threatening
anonymous letters, supposedly
from Mormons.
Wm. Cullen, a brother of attor
ney P. H. Cullen of this city,
who formerly resided at Vandalia,
is now foreman of the ctment
plaut at Hannibal.
Bishop Spaulding says, " We
abound in corrupt politicans, and
until we can roaster this evil ,we
can lay no claim to either civiliza
tion or Christianity."
Reuben Laudrum, lately sta
tioned at Annstroug, Mo., is the
new night operator for tho C. &
A. at Vandalia. lleube, your
many friends are glad to have you
come back to Audrain.
J. It. Moore of t his city, a book-
keepsrat Pollock Milliug Co.,
went up to Gilliam last week and
stepped out of single blesseduess.
The fortunate young lady was
Miss Birdie Daniel, the daughter
of a prominent. farmer and stock
man of that locallity.
A New York paper which pub
lishes daily a list of vessels enter
ing New York harbor from Long
Island Sound, runs the list under
the stereotyped head, "Passed thru
Hell Gate." Recently an error
occurred and the head was in
serted over the death notices.
Coal oil costs us 6 cents a gal
on more than it did twelve months
ago, yet the foreigner pays only
one eeutmore per gallon. So
when Mr. Rockefeller wants to be
good to us he gives us free libra
ries and the foreigner cheap oil.
According to the report of the
state superintendent of public
schools only ten trees were plant
ed in Audrain county ou arbor
day last year. Audrain should do
better than that, but in some dis
tricts she is doing well to take
care of the trees already planted.
An observation by the Centralia
Courier: Probate Judge Botts of
Audrain is a single man. That's
the reason when he marries a cou
ple he makes the bride promise to
"loye, cherish and sustaiu" the
groom, instead of "love, cherish
and obey." We see where the
Judge is right. "Sustain" beats
"obey" about ten these days when
wood is six dollars a cord and
every thing else pro rata.
Frances Rebeccah lodge I. O.
O. F. of Vaijdalia has installed
the following officers: Miss Ada
Long, N. G.; Miss Emma Sutton,
N. G.; Mrs. George Kaylor, sec
retary; Mrs. William Hitch, treas
urer; Mrs. M. E. Daniel, It. S. N.
G.; Miss Lizzie Rees, L. S. N. G.;
Miss Annie Morris, warden; Mrs.
L. E. Pigg, conductor; Mrs. Chas.
Butts, R. S. V. G.; Miss - Maggie
Morgau. L. S. V. G.; J. M. Ge
lier, O. G.; Chas. Leist, I. G.;
Mrs. M. 0. Martin, chaplain.
! '
A comment by the State Leader:
An elderly in an was run over and
killed by a Chicago & Alton train
near Rush Hill, this county, one
day last week. A whisky bottle
was found in his pocket nearly
empty. ' A man from Roodhouse,
111., identified the body as ; his
father, and stated that he believed
the old gentleman had been killed
during a quarrel as he was
very quarrelsome when drinking,
and had been thrown from the
traiu or killed and placed on the
track. ,
For Sale.
A good stock of general mer
chandise, will invoice about $3,
000; in a railroad town. Best
of reasons for selling. Add res
this of.See. . " '
The Olble as Literature.
From the New York Commer
cial Advertiser:
Judge Ilazen of Kansas has
ruled that the Bible is literature
which may be read in public
schools. In Topeka the teachers
of the public schools read from the
Bible as well as from the poets
or story writers in cue morning
exercises. This custom was as
sailed in the courts by an infidel
of the town who declared that he
wanted no religious instruction
for his children. The decision of
Judge Hazen waatothe effect that
reading from the Bible as a liter
ary or oratorical exercise could
not be considered as in violation
of the prohibition in the constitu
tion against religious dogmas or
creeds. The mere fact that the
Bible was a basis of a religious
system did not taboo it as a relig
ious adjunct to a liberal education.
The narrow view taken by the
prosecution would bar from our
schools and colleges much of the
best that has ever been known in
literature. Homer, for instauce,
who taught, polytheism ; or the
Latin authors who. ranged from
this to autheistn : or the works of
Budda,, Coufucious, Mohammed
and the next to endless chain of
doctrinarians whose literary pro
duct must be studied by every ea
ger scholar. The constitution
never avoided religion along edu
cational lines. It pledged the
American people, oimply, that no
religion would ever be forced upon
them by the powers of the gov
ernment, aud that belief in
dogma or creed" would never be
made a requisite to auy of the
rierhts of citizeuship.
As to Tax Dodging.
The following comes from Jef
ferson City; it might be well if
the bill mentioned should become
a law:
The bill introduced by Repre
sentative Colden, of Nodaway
county, relative to the publicatiou
by townships of the personal as
sessment lists, exclusive of the
cities of St. Louis, St. Joseph and
Kansas City, and for counties
which have less than 100,000 pop
ulation, which would probably ex
clude Greeno and Jasper counties,
is attracting renewed attention.
The plan for publishing the lists,
taking only persons whose person
al property is assessed at a valua
tion of $50 or more has been. In
vogue in Jasper county for several
years. The county court there of
its volition ordered such a publi
cation, at a cost to the county of
$300 per annum aud here is the
way the list showed up for the
years for which such publication
was made: In 1900 the personal,
property returned to the assessor
for taxation was2,367,928. In
1901 it was $2,599,035, and in 1902
it was $2,723,190. The Johnson
county man who produced these
figures to-day had them fresh from
the records, and declares the in
crease is largely, if not wholly due
to the publication of the lists. He
declares it has practically made
tax-dodging in that couuty a lost
A bill has been introduced in
the Missouri Senate providing that
jurymen who serve during the
months of April, May and Jane
shall be paid 13.50 a day; for other
mouths the pay is to be $2. At
the present rate of two dollars a
day after a juryman has paid his
board and lodging bill and set
aside something to pay some one
for doing the chores at ' home ho
has either to walk h.oineor have a
conveyance sent for him. He has
nothing for car fare. The pas
sage of the bill will iuereaso the
amount of costs in the civil cases,
but it may be thought hardly fair
for jurymen to not only give their
time but roouey out of pocket that
people may enjoy the luxury of a
law suit.
, Twochurches iu Neosho, Mo.,
have offered their bells for sale.'
The rest of the churches have none.
The church aud the pastors agree
that the bells are aa unnecessary
, Notary Public.
Ilovell ' & Viliiams,
'Successors to Moore & Howell.)
Have for sale a large lisi of Aiulrain county farms. '
Also many bargains in Mexico residence property.,.
We write all kinds of insurance. ,
All who have farms or Mexico property for sale will
please call and list the same with us at once.
Office near Southern Bank. VMEXICO, MO.
.HANNIBAL CoMMrnr.iAi r.ni i rnr
LIU Srliolnmtilp 40. To examination
mm. it o useiseour pupus in BQcurinit positions, ion can enter at anytime
Wrlto frr psitlrulan; Bddrpse, F. I..KRILY, I'roRl.lent, nntnlhnl. Mo f1
Twice Every Week
The Great
Newspaper of
the World.
One Dollar a Year.
Almost equal to a Daily ut the price of a Weekly. The latest tel- .
egraphic news from all the World every Tuesday and Friday.
Full and correct market Reports. A great variety of interesting
and instructive reading matter for every member of the family.
Unequaled as a Newspaper and Home Journal. Two papers
every week, One Dollar a Year sample copies free.
The Daily Globe-Democrat
Has no equal or rival among Western Newspapers, and ought to
be in the hands of every reader of ANY daily paper.
Price, by Mall, Postage Prepaid:
Including. Sunday
One Year.... $6.00
G Months.... $3.00
3 Months $1.50
Without Sunday
One Year $4.00
6 Months $2.00
3 Mouths ....$1.00
The Great World's Fair
Will be held at St. Louis in 1904, and the greatest
newspaper will be iudispeusable during the coming year.
Home-seekers Excursions via
the Wabash on first aud third
Tuesdays of each month. Home
seekers tickets will be sold to
many States and Territories for
one fare plus $2.00. For .further
information call on nearest ticket
I. M." Richards, ticket agent.
Homeseekers Excursions.
The Chicago & Alton Railway
will sell round trip tickets from
Mexico, Mo., to certain points in
Alabama, ' Arizoua, Arkansas,
Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indian
Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Ken
tucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Min
nesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ne
braska, New Mexico, North Caro
lina, North Dakota, Tennesee,
Oklahoma, South Dakota, South
Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia,
Wisconsin, Wyoming, at greatly
reduced rates.
Dates of sale: Dec. 2, 16, 1902;
Jan. 6, 20; Feb. 3, 17; March 3,
17; April 7, 21, 1903.
For complete particulars, call
upon or address , "
I. M, Richards, ticket agent, at
Mexico, Mo.
Circuit Court 3rd Monday in
January, 1st Monday in June,
3d Moudayiu September.
County Court 1st Mondaj
in February, 1st Monday in May,
1st Monday iu August, 1st Monday
in November.
Probate Court 2d Monday in
February, 2d Monday in May ' ?.
Monday' in August. 2d Maud a ;
required to enter. Individual Instruc-
The Great
Republican Paper
of America.
48 to 60 Pages.
One Year $2.00
6 Months.... $1.00
St. Louis
irx points rtf
Watch St. Louis.
The Greatest World's Fair the
world has ever seen will be held at
St. Louis in 1004. To' keep iu
touch with the work of prepara
tion for this, great World's Fair
and to get all the news of all the
Earth, every reading person should
at once subscribe for .the great
newspaper of St. Louis, the
pre-eminent and alone Rinong
American newspapers, and ac
knowledges no equal or rival. Its
circulation extends to every state
and territory of the Uniou, to
Catiada and Mexico and to every
part of the World where there are
readers of the En;;!!Kh language.
It ought to bo iu jour hoinii dur
ing the coming year. See edver-tiheiiR-nt.
tl;seheie iu this isne.
IS vjfi?o-
Low Cafe Excursion tc California and
Northwest v!a lliif C. & A.
February 15th to April 30th the'
Chicago & Alton will sell one way
excursion tickets to many points
in California aud tho Northwest at
very low rates. For foil particu
lars, call on or address
I. M. Richards,
. . Ticket Agent.
.madb by the. ' ,
misTfiH "nil i ?
uuu a uiii itiii.i.Ui
1st Grails, 0. K. Patent
24 Grt, Straiilt Patent
4fl Grafle, Eagle.
Special price made on 500 lbs -or
over. Highest price paid for
grain Exchange with the farm
era a specialty. Full stock of mill
feed on hand. Satisfaction guar
anteed or money refunded.
Standard Tim: " :
WEST-Bound Trains Leave
No. 7 Colo. Cal. Limited;.... 3:35 am
No. 11 Kansas City Express 0:25 a in
No. 15 Missouri State Exores9..1:48 n m
No.ll5 Way Freight........ 10:4Oa ra
EAST-Bound Traim Leave-
No. 12 St.Louis Limited Express 1:58 a m
No. 14 Missouri State Express.. 1:10 p m
No. 10 Cal. Colo. Limited.. ....11:15pm
'No. 114 Way Freight. .12:01a m
,mm mi mm,
SOUTII Bound Trains Leave
No.21l Fulton Accomodation. ...0:35 a m
No.218 Jefferson City' Mail... .. 2:10 p m
No.213 Way Freight 7:30 & m
NORTH Bound Trains Arrive
'No.210 Jofferson Citv Mall.. .... 0: 10a m
No.214 Fulton Accomodation. . . 12:53 p ra
JN0.213 Way Freight 5:40 p in
Daily Except Sunday.
Passenger and Ticket Act.
Uen. Pass'nger Agt., C.&A. R.R.,Chlcago.
Colon East.
No 4 Atlantic Exprs. 3
No 14 St. Louis " 3
05 am
52 in
05 a m
07 a m
58 p m
03 p m
45 p m
50 a m
10 p m
30 a ni
59 a m
18 pm
No 10 " Accom 7
No 20 StL&StPaulLimll
No 12 Mail. ..... 2
No 2 N- Y. Limited.. . 3
No 6 Fast Mail
No 70 W'yF'tCex Sn)
No 64 Through Fr't...
Going Wast.
No 13 Mail.
.... 11
No 3 Limited.. 11
No 9 Kansas City Mail 5
No 5 Moberly Accom. 9
No 1 Pacific Express. 10
No 7 Denver Lim 1
o,s p m
25 p m
30 am
No 71 vVavF't (ex Sun) 2
No 19 St Paul Lim . , 5
:05p m
05 p in
: i-n
- ' r
" Tfs(ri Mark
' CotVflSHT &.G.
"'r oi'uihm fr wiiMimr u
Anyone wrti
qmi-H Meui
invention o i
lloiu At riot
f V' U.n.lai.la. ',
Bvnl rrt.t I
MtU. ItlLlllllHWlk III. 1'.. . .V
lm.l'l. for ,I.:U1IMU
IJWI.U twin., Hh..uw
nntl klm.ii 4 to. rouulV.
.i...;U U r Bt, Hatmif;, xJ.t.'

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