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Mexico Missouri Message
i' 'i
VOL. 13
Each Deliver Speeches In the In
terest of Democracy.
Three fine days recently last
Saturday, Sunday and Monday,
but Tuesday the clouds cuine up
ami rain was threatened early in
the day and that no doubt kept
many away from the Democratic
rally, liut there was a multitude
biie, just the same, and many
could not find room in the opera
house where the Rpeaking was
The following program was ob
served :
10 a. m. Open air concerts by
Moherly and McMillan bands.
10:30 Speech in Grand Opera
House by Hon. Chump Clark, I
Speaker of the National House of
2 p. m. Open air concerts by
Moberly and McMillan bands.
2:110 Speech in Grand Opera
House by Hon. A. M. Dockery,
formerly Governor of Missouri.
'i-.'Ml Speech by Congressman
Raiitey, of Illinois.
Champ Clark's speech brought
forth old-time enthusiasm. He
Ulkrd national issues and whoop
ed it up for Wilson and Marshall.
151. Dockery and Congressman
bine)', of Illinois, talked along
lie uine lines.
Minj here from different pai ls
tf thr enmity, and the cause of
Democracy was strengthened.
The Fry-Johnson Nuptials.
The wedding of Mr. W. W.
Fry, Jr., to Miss Velma Johnson
announced to take place the
irening of October 19th. Rev. J.
Handy, of Fulton, will Ray the
wemony. Mr. and Mrs. Fry will
nuke their home in Mr. Fry's
bungalo in Waddingham Place.
Not For Single Tax.
EJitor Mexico Message :
Mexico, Mo., Oet. 10. In an
ililorial appearing' in the Mcs
H of recent date, you accused
to Progressive party of being in
'vor of the " single" tax. simply
ause the "St. Louis Mirror,"
, single tax paper, was for tlie
'ogressive cause. 1 do not say
on maliciously told an untruth.
' I believe you to be a man
Jbve the petty tricks of the old
Mool Politician t .1
'ho, jou W(.rt. mislead in your
Auctions. Why, my dear sir,
could as easily, and with as
m truth, accuse the Republi-
a party of being a party of infi-
"'"' simply because Ingersoll
M Republican.
Tll's kind of politics does not
anymore with the voters. They
familiar with tii
"form, and know tli untinitid
id state platform no where de
4r in favor of the single tax.
Y Progressive, and a friend of
-t Xortoni, candidate for
Verior of Missouri. I can vouch
M his stand on this question.
' llRHillst tllP "Bind., t-r"
'J for the De01ll nt ai.v nn.I .ill
- ' ' D
against this tax all
"the state. Trusting you will
' Us Smiare deal in tliia mol.
K I Sill Vnnro 4
E. I. Crockett.
fc.aml Mm. W. H. Debo.
' Mexieo. entertained Mr
Mrs. J. v n,.n r..
- .'V.H.VM1 aim ij i-
l- Dunn, of fv.w fit.,' iuu
"id Mrs,
Frank Wales, of
5'". fian
fit! 1
are visiting relatives
i city.
Wm. Eisle Celebrates Advice to
Voters ai to Amendments 6,
7 and 8.
ine acreage oi wiieat sown in
our vicinity is cut down from last
years to the tune of about i
John F. Winn and Chas. Weav
er each losl all their hogs re
ecntly of cholera or a kindred dis
ease. A number of other neigh
bors' herds are infected and dying
by the score, we understand.
Mrs. Claude Canterbury and
children and brother, Taylor Ro-
by, are here the guests of rela
tives, (). F. Ellis' and J. W. Hollo
way s. '1 hey live in the State of
Oregon and it is their first time
back in fourteen years.
Mrs. Frank Ehret is visiting rel
atives at her old home in Iowa.
rrank Ehret purchased Kill
acres of irrigated and sub-irrigated
land about four miles north
west, of Garden City, Kansas.
Price paid, $70.00 per acre.
Russell Spurting and wife, John
Sharp and wife and John Blum
and wife attended the State Fair
last week.
Sam Lewis and Alvin Ehret will
take in the Illinois State Fair.
Wm. Styles left for New York
recently. This is his old home
and he will likely stay back there
for at least a season.
Uncle Dick Rruee is home after
a month's visit among his chil
dren in Oklahoma and Kansas
n. T. Spurling and Ron pur
chased 70 head of feeding cattle
recently, ranging in price from
$4.80 per cwt. for car load of 870
pound bulls and $6.50 per hun
dred for two ear loads of 950
pound steers.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Rruee ami
family entertained at dinner Suit;
day Mr. and Mrs. Mord Fox. Mr."
and Mrs. Richard Raker, Richard
Squires, Uncle Dick and P. P.
Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Ellis enter
tained at dinner Sunday, Judge
Baker Barnes and family, J. W.
nolloway and family, Mrs. C. Can
terbury and children, Miss Glen
Ellis and Taylor Roby. A very
enjoyable time reported.
O. P. Squires began carpenter's
work on his new' barn 52x48 feet,
Ide Squires and family enter
tained at dinner Sunday, a week,
Alex. Bruce and family, O. F.
Squires and wife, C. C. McQee and
wife., and Richard Squires. An
excellent time all had together.
As the 5th oft November ap
proaches politics warm up and
more especially upon tlie" proposed
Single Tax amendments, six and
seven. Also upon tlie eigntn
amendment, or the one that has
for its Roto purpose the purifica
tion of the ballot box more especi
ally in the big cities where corrup
tion is practiced galore. All our
people should see these amend
ments aright and vote NO on
Single Tax and YES on Purifiea
tion of ballot box.
Saturday night, Sept. 28th.
about fifty friends of Wm. Eisele
gathered at his home to make him
a birthday supper, which event
was really on Sunday. lie knew
nothing of it until after he return
ed from town late when, they al1
gathered in nearly a solid line of
about a dozen .rigs. Wm. wa?:
especially happy that night and
everybody had a good time. The
guests departed close to the wee
small hours of night, wishing him
many happy returns of the occa
sion. This made his 2!)th mile
stone. c
Mrs. Snidow and daughter. Mis?
Fay, spent week before last with
C R. Spnrting and family.
Miss Bessie McPheeters, who is
studying Domestic Science at the
State University, visited Mexico
relatives Saturday and Suuday.
Total Figure for Audrain
County Is $28,355.56.
County Clerk J. R. Graham has
sent out to the public utilities
corporations of Audrain county
the aggregate amount of their
property and the valuation as fix
ed by the State Board of Equal
ization and tlie amount of taxes
they are expected to pay on the
same for this year.
Wabash railroad, valuation,
$624,1118 j taxes, $8811.61.
Kansas City, St. Louis & Chica
go railroad (Chicago & Alton),
valuation, $381,080; taxes, $5,318.-
Louisiana & Missouri River
Railroad (Chicago & Alton) valu
ation, $.")75,188; taxes $840,".88.
Louisiana & Missouri River
Railroad (Jefferson City Branch).
valuation, $83,500; taxes, $1,174.-
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
(Old Monroe-Mexico Branch),
valuation $228,480; taxes $3204.-
Western Union Telegraph Com
pany, valuation !J.j,U14.io ; taxes
American Telcpraph and Tele
phone Company, valuation $6,-
141.52; taxes $87.06.
Buffuin Telephone Company,
valuation $0,690; taxes $1 18.15.
Missouri & Kansas Telephone
ompany, valuation $12,754.70;
taxes $178.89.
Laddonia, Rush Hill & Mexieo
Union Telephone Company, valua
tion $1,216; taxes $18.21.
Mexico Telephone Company.
valuation $7,785; taxes $118.23.
Vandalia Union Telephone
Company, valuation $1,500; taxes
Citizens (Shamrock) Telephone
V. valuation $158.44; taxes'
New Century Telephone, valua
tion. $700; taxes $9.66.
Home (Centralia) Telephone
Company, valuation $2,520; taxes,
$34.78. "
Total merchant tax amounts to
$4,865.94, distributed as follows:
Mexico, $3.022.54 ; Vandalia.
$909.12; Laddonia, $326.68; Ben
ton City, $98.70; Rush Hill. $92.
86; Martinsburg, $154.82; Farber.
$180.03; Gant, $1.91 ; Thompson.
$28.78 ; Rowena, $5.08 ; Worcester
$13.70; Mt. Carmel. $1.27; Skin
ner, $12.70; Molino. $13.70; Hot
lensville. $3.04.
no, $13.70; Hollensville. $3.04.
J. J. Wood, proprietor of the
East Liberty Street Store, is vis
iting at Owensboro, Ky.
Mr. and Mrs. II. P. Wardc:?
have moved to Mexico from their
farm southeast of town.
Mrs. Wm,
.iteration a
Doolin, of Rush Hi",
a serious surgical
few days ago.
Mrs. W. L. Reed and Mrs. S. P.
Emmons are attending a niissinn
n'y meeting at Hardin, Mo.
Mrs. R. B. Finley and stnaU
r'hild of Hannibal, are visiting
Mexieo relatives luid friends.
Rev. J. E. Ayscue, of the Mex
ieo Raptist church, preached lor
the Fulton church last Sunday.
C. A. Parks, 51 years old, died
at his home near Centralia one
day last week. A wife and sever
al children survive him.
Elwood Gasswright, colored,
accused of robbing Oscar Kent,
on the railroad bridge, plead
guilty in the Circuit Court thi
week and gets two years in the
U. G. Skelly, who lias been vis
iting his mot her, Mrs. E. H. Skel
ly, and his sister, Mrs. L. W. Rob
erts, here, started for his home at
Los Angeles, Cali., last Saturday
Box Supper at Thompson Chas
Robinson Gets Jail Sentence.
Charlelf Robinson got a sentence
in the Circuit Court to six months
in jail for cutting Mike Jordon
with a knife recently.
Miss Est tier Long of Sturgeon.
formerly of Mexico, was married
one day last week to Mr. J. II.
Turner, an energetic young farm
er of near Sturgeon.
W. E. Sharp, while driving cat
tle thru some woods and under
brush, a few days ago, was struck
in the eye and he has been suffer
ing no little pain from the hurt.
Rev. J. H. Jackson, of the
Methodist church, united in mar
riage here Wednesday morning of
last week Mr. Benjamin Smith, of
Molino, and Miss Ora Hart man, of
Georgia Abington, the negro
woman who robbed John W.
Bailey of $55 in Flat Rock re
cently, plead guilty in the Circuit
Court Monday and was sentenced
to two years in the penitentiary.
Miss Edna Gant, teacher of the
Thompson school, with her pupils.
gave a box supper last J ndav
night and the proceeds amounted
lo $21.90. The money will be
used for maps and school supplies.
Gov. Woodrow Wilson passed
thru Mexico Tuesday night from
Kansas City on his way to St.
Louis where he made a speech last
night as guest of the Missouri
Democratic Editorial Association.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wales.
Miss Maybeilu Wales and llari.v
Kartell became very ill last Satur
day night after they had drunk
some coca cola at a local restaur
ant. It is thought they contract
"i ptomaine poisoning.
The marriage of Miss Mae
Bragg, of this city, to Mr. C. W.
Brown, a sterling young fannei
of near Vandalia, took place at
the home of the bride's parents.
Dr. and Mrs. K. It. Bragg, Wed
nesday evening of last week, Rev.
!I. B. Barks officiating. It is a
most popular young couple and
the Message joins with scores of
friends in wishing them long life
nid happiness.
Twenty-seven members of the
Methodist church went over and
visited the Fulton Methodist
church last Sunday, visiting the
Wesleyan Class, of which Rev. J
C. Handy is teacher, and later li
tened to an able sermon by
Brother Handy. The Mexico vis
itors had Mr. and Mrs. Handy and
little daughter, Virginia, as their
:ues-; for dinner at the Palace
Hotel. The Fulton church re
I'ivcd the visitors with glad wel
.'onic and all had an enjoyable
and profitable day together.
S. B. Collier, of Fulton, was In
Mexico last week on business. Mr
Collier used to live just south of
Miss Fay Snidow left a few
days ago for Collinsville, Colo,
where she has a fine positijn in
the high school.
J. A. Pierce is now with the
Mexico Grocery, east side of the
Square. He wants his friends to
.all and see him.
Peter I. Pierce, of Laddonia.
who lost his wife recently, will
make his home with his son. Jumes
A. Pierce, of this city.
Mr. Johnson Woltering and
Miss Nina Ilohbs, both of this city,
were married here one day last
veek, Father J. J. Dillon officiat-
A Bootlegger's "Tea" John
Hanger '8 Apples Laddonia
P. C. Godberson: I've moved
out into the country, southeast of
Mexico. The farm's the place for
me all right.
B. F. Miller: I've a new theory
as to what causes rheumatism in
elderly people. It's having taken
so much strong medicine and
other such dope in their younger
days, lou see 1 think it's a mu-
take to take too much medicine.
John Hanger: 1 have c ha rat
ot ine old i.Jcndcnin farm near
Worcester. There is a 10 acre
orchard on the place. We havt
about 2,000 bushels of apples this
season; about 1,000 bushels of
th em are Black Twigs, a fine va
riety, as you know.
Tom Riilgeway: This single
tax agitation is already hurting
land sales in Missouri. Have vou
heard of any farms round about
finding buyers lately? Things
are unsettled. Let's bury the
single tax with an avalanche of
votes, overwhelming in number,
next month.
J. II. Kammariueyer: I am
against the single tax, but I want
the present svsteni of taxation
remedied so that I won't have to
pay any more tax than my neigh
bor, provided 1 have no more
property than my neighbor. Let's
have equal and exact justice,
nan to man.
Mrs. Geo. E. Ferris: I heard
the other day from my daughter.
Mrs. J. C. Jesse, who with her
family moved recently Irom this
county to Artesia, N. M. They
arrived there safely. It had been
raining there for three days and
the muddy roads made them
homesick and reminded them of
W. H. Adams: This single tax
agitation will accomplish one
good purpose, it will force the
Legislature to fix our present tax
laws so there will not be so much
inequality in the tax rates, the
value of one man's property com
pared with another. There is too
much double taxation under our
present system and there arc
other fellows who dodge taxes al
together. Let's fix these matters
so every man will get justice done
Porter Gregory:
here repairing my
East Liberty. My
Kansas City. They
1 have been
property on
family is in
like the city
on the Kaw but 1 would rather be
on a farm'. Russell, my son, wh.
graduated from the Mexico High
School, has been teaching in Okla
homa and is now attending the
Kansus State University. McCall,
the other boy, is at home. We al'
have good health. We never can
forget the former days when we
lived in Mexico; they were gooii
old days.
R. M. Hogan : I have the de
lightful position superintend
ent of the Laddonia school:). We
are getting along splendidly with
our work. Like you Mexieo pen
pie, we also have a band in the
High School. Like your Prof
Pryor, also, we think it does the
hoys good to stir up the music in
their souls, maybe for a day occa
sionally to play at a picnic or
other gathering. It's fine recrea-
tion, and nothing is lost by it. 1
Gene Summers takes special in
terest as leader of our band. ;
Rev. J. II. Jackson : That Col
umbia bootleggar who bought
whiskey at $1.00 per gallon ami
sold it at 75 cents a pint, and
hen fell into the hands of the
law, reminds me of a Virginia
story. A fellow came along with
a basket of bottles and winking
at unother fellow asked him if he
would like a half pint of tea for
50 cents. The fellow readily
parted with his 50 cents and then
went to a back room to sample his
"tea," and it was tea sure
enough. The Virginia bootleg
ger's game beats the Columbia
man's game several lengths.
Discusses Single Tax and the Re
publican Situation.
Hon. John C. McKinley, Re
publican candidate for Governor,
made three speeches in Audrain
county last Saturday at Mexico,
Rush Hill and Laddonia.
At Mexico he first discussed
the Single Tax. He believed that
if the tax should carry it would
bring untold hardship upon the
farming interests, and that of
course would bring like results
for all other interests. He plead
that the 6th and 7th proposed
constitutional amendments should
be overwhelmingly defeated nt
the polls.
Mr. McKinley is a pleasing
talker ami makes a good plea for
the issues he stands for in politics, j suddenly several years ago, leav
lle is a stand-pat Republican and.ing small children. He was
of course is for Taft and thinks , much affected by this last loss
more of any good Democrat than (that two physicians were atteud
he does of Teddy. ing him.
Mr. McKinley had a good hear- i
ing. He was introduced by I GANT ITEMS.
Clarence A. Barnes. A delegation
from here accompanied the speak -
er to Rush Hill and to Laddonia.!
('has. and Barb Collins of Mex
ico were down Sunday.
W. II. Coil and wife were in
Wcllsville between trains Satin
day evcniiiL'.
L. M. Oviiis and family spen'
several days in Kansas City last
Miss Edith l'urdon will attend
the lair at Springfield, III., this
Born, to Jno. Steele ami wife,
Oct. 2nd, a daughter.
Robt. Uankius and family visa
ed at A. M. Pearson 8 Sunday.
Born, to Walter Parsons an I
wife, Oct. 4lh, a daughter.
Dr. W. II. Douglass attended'
the funeral of Walter Rucker al
Sturgeon last Tuesday.
Miss Etta Johnson and mother
and Miss Anna Johnson wop.! j Perry Davis, our hustling mer
guests of Mrs. Robt. OfTutt one chant, went to St. Louis last week
day last week.
Earl Douglass and wife and
Mrs. Carter visited relatives in
Callaway county Sunday.
Mrs. M. C. Dullard and daugh
ter, Mrs. Cale houglass , were
guests at J. W. Douglass' Satur
J. J. F. Johnson and wife hav -
en . nieilaining the former's
cousin of Marietta, Ohio.
he Sunday School at the
Christian church has greatly im
proved in interest and attendance
since the recent revival meeting.
There were 94 present last Sun
day. A nun's Bible
class of 25
'.very ni:';i''er of the church
diouhl endeavor to make this
iplchdid Sunday school by coining Charley Baker visited home
uit ami bringing their children. ,-oI1.s Saturdav and Sundav.
Dr. C. C. Dicus and wife, of
Buneeton, Mo., visited Mr, Dicus'
parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. II.
Dieus, of Beaver Dam neighbor
hood, last week,
Mr. Harry Byrd and Miss May
Jennings, both of Ralls county,
were united in mariiago in Mex
ico last Saturday, Judge W. W.
Botts officiating.
eaT Ru.h Tim.
Mongler's 'aim.
C. Blum, of near
vhile at Joe
north of Mexico, last Satu'ili.y.
was thrown from l is wagon by
his team running away and Mr.
Blum suffered a broken leg.
The Fate of Mrs. Chamberlain of
Pike County.
Bowling Green, Mo., Oct. 7.
Mrs. James Chamberlain, 38
years old, died in the dental
chair in the office of Dr. A. L.
Monroe here last week. After
Dr. Monroe had extracted lfi
teeth for her she went out on the
street, but in a short time return-
i ed and said there were seven more
to take out and she wished to
have the ordeal over with.
The dentist advised delay, but
Mrs. Chamberlain insisted, and
before another was removed she
had fainted. Physicians were
called in but they could not re
vive her.
She was formerly Miss Ethel
May of Currvville. . She leaves
two small children.
Chamberlain 'h first wife died
i Tom Smith was a Centralia vis-
1 it or Saturday.
Orme MeCaminon and family
and M illy Bryan visited at J. W.
I Met 'amnion 's Sunday.
I Claude Sansberry was a Cell-,
1 1 alia visitor Sal urday.
Barton lluhhard was in Mexieo
'on business Saturday.
T. M. Broaihlus and wife visit
ed Edgar Sims and wife Sunday.
Mr. Juelfx ami family of near
Mexieo visited J. L. Hickman ami
i family Sunday.
Squire Jerman who is visiting
in this neighborhood has been
quite sick the last week.
Mrs. Fannie Smith was on the
sick list the first of the week.
Mrs. Norris has moved to the
Smith place. Cleve will work for
(i,t. Smith bovs.
(!,! old summer time is still
, here.
i,v uinti.r w .r,,iu
Mrs. Sarah Crump spent last
week in Hannibal visiting her
daughter and friends.
Mrs. Seobee and Miss Essie
were Perry visitors last Thursday.
William Dunlap's team got,
frightened Hst Thursday and
(threw Mr. Dunlap out of the wag-'
1 0Ili l.reaking his collar bone.
Miss Louise Drake visited Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Trimble from Fri
day irfitil Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Gen. McGee art;
spending the week in Moherly.
. Miss N'annie Ilanna and mother.
Aunt Easter, were guests of Mrs.
Robt. Smiley last Wednesday.
Ollie Moore hauled freight for
ail',...... iwi i,.ut sin. ....I....
Rev. A. A. Wallace has been
pastor of the M exico Preshvtcri:in
church 25 years, and next Sundav
l.(- and his eo igregation will
celebrate the anniversary.
W. W. Fry and W.
are in Jnpliti -n busine
J. Boit?
j Mexico Savings Bank
' - ;, . . ;sm, m
43rd Year fo Pusiness.
4 W. W. V'KV, FVsident.
Usam bUURfc, I'axiner. 4
f' 1 K
. j.
1 1;
r 0
'. i
) .;
' : "
: -. 1
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